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  2. Ancient Civilization Tour Of Lothal

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  4. History of Harappa Civilization

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  1. Lothal

    Lothal has yielded 213 seals, third in importance amongst all Indus sites, considered masterpieces of glyptic art and calligraphy. Seal-cutters preferred short-horned bulls, mountain goats, tigers and composite animals like the elephant-bull for engravings. A short inscription of intaglio appears in almost every seal.

  2. Lothal : India’s Oldest Port City

    Ancient Indian History. (This news analysis is based on the article “In one of India’s oldest port cities” by art historian Rana Safvi which appeared in The Hindu on 20th January 2019.) The word Lothal, like Mohenjo-daro, means the mound of the dead. Lothal is located between the Bhogavo and Sabarmati rivers near the Gulf of Khambhat in ...

  3. Lothal

    Lothal is situated between the Sabarmati and its tributary, the Bhogavo. Exploration of the Sabarmati Valley in the mid-1950s resulted in the discovery of Lothal and many additional Harappan sites, adding a new region to the Indus civilization's scope.This article will explain to you the Lothal which will be helpful in Ancient History ...