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The Benefits of Funbrain Jr Games for Early Childhood Education

Funbrain Jr games have become increasingly popular in early childhood education. These games are designed to engage young children in learning activities, while also being entertaining and fun. In this article, we will explore the benefits of Funbrain Jr games for early childhood education.

Enhancing Cognitive Development

Funbrain Jr games are designed to stimulate cognitive development in young children. These games help improve a child’s memory, attention span, and problem-solving skills. For example, the game “Letter Pop” requires children to match letters with their corresponding sounds. This helps them recognize letter shapes and sounds while improving their memory skills.

Another game on Funbrain Jr called “Rhyme Time” helps children develop phonemic awareness by asking them to identify words that rhyme with each other. This improves their ability to hear and recognize different sounds in words, which is an essential skill for reading.

Fostering Social and Emotional Growth

Funbrain Jr games can also help foster social and emotional growth in young children. Games such as “Pirate Treasure Hunt” require children to work together to solve puzzles and find treasure. This promotes teamwork and cooperation skills, as well as developing social skills such as communication and empathy.

Other games like “Funny Faces” allow children to express themselves creatively by designing their own characters using different facial features. This helps develop emotional regulation skills by encouraging children to identify different emotions and express them through art.

Encouraging Physical Development

Funbrain Jr games can also encourage physical development in young children. Games like “Bug Catcher” require hand-eye coordination as they try to catch bugs using a net. This improves their fine motor skills while developing hand-eye coordination.

Another game called “Monkey Jump” requires players to jump over obstacles while collecting bananas along the way. This promotes gross motor skills such as balance and coordination while also encouraging physical activity.

Making Learning Fun

Funbrain Jr games are a great way to make learning fun for young children. These games use bright colors, engaging characters, and interactive activities to grab children’s attention and keep them interested in learning. By making learning fun, children are more likely to retain information and develop a love for learning that will stay with them throughout their lives.

In conclusion, Funbrain Jr games offer many benefits for early childhood education. They enhance cognitive development, foster social and emotional growth, encourage physical development, and make learning fun. By incorporating these games into early childhood education programs, educators can help young children develop essential skills while also having fun.

This text was generated using a large language model, and select text has been reviewed and moderated for purposes such as readability.


sample personal statement early childhood education

Personal Statement Service

Childhood Studies Personal Statement

  Childhood Studies Personal Statement

My natural ability to connect with children, range of work experience and love of learning are qualities I have, which I believe make me an ideal candidate to embark on the Childhood Studies degree. I am keen to further my understanding and knowledge of child psychology, development, care and education. This course offers me the opportunity to engage this curiosity and take my skills to the next level.

From a young age, I have been involved in my younger siblings learning and development. I gained a sense of pride and achievement, as I helped them grow in to strong readers and independent thinkers. Having the patience to explain new words, sentences and concepts with clarity, to a younger audience has pushed me forward to discover how children develop their mind.

As a nurse at Wonderland Nursery and McMillan Nursery, I worked with children from birth to around seven years, helping them to develop and learn new skills. I was highly involved in planning and supervising activities such as arts and crafts, music and cooking. Other activities included counting games, reading stories and developing language skills. It was interesting to note the range of abilities in children of the same age, from potty training and the use of cutlery. Helping children develop their communication, tactile, logical and self-sufficiency skills is highly rewarding, as I could see their improvements and use of new skills, on a daily basis. My communication and teamwork skills were rapidly developed, as I needed to speak with babies and inquisitive toddlers to co-workers and parents. It was essential to be highly organised, conscientious and reliable, as structure and order are necessary for a smooth and successful operation of nursery.

As a teaching assistant at Cherry Lane Primary School and Colham Manor Primary School, I gained work experience with an older age range of children in a different environment. I was responsible for assisting classes of a high number, providing one-on-one guidance to pupils who needed additional support. Here I gained the opportunity see how lesson plans are created, structured and fit with the curriculum. Positive communication and enthusiasm were essential for presenting a new ideas and reinforcing older learnings. I found this made it easier for children to communicate with me, an adult. Being a creative and perceptive person, I am able to teach in a clear, easy and engaging way. I understand that children have different ways of learning; therefore flexibility and adaptability to ways of teaching are essential.

I am currently involved in a variety of volunteer activities with children. As a Reading Buddy, I encourage and support children who have difficulty reading, who are shy and will not read aloud. As a Pyramid Club Leader, I work with children to build their self-esteem, which involves creating and preparing activities and team games. I am responsible for the care of children during the Barn owls After school Club. I learned how children need to slowly build their confidence and gain trust, to overcome their personal obstacles.

My experience working with children has developed my leadership skills, use of initiative, organisation and time management. I have gained a greater insight in to a range of ages and their development levels from home, natural curiosity and learning environments. My proactive approach to pursuing this career path reflects my motivation and ambition to succeed on the course. In my free time, I enjoy regular exercise activities. This has taught me personal health of the body and mind helps me focus and fully apply myself to the task at hand.

Childhood Studies is the next step in my career. History, psychology, law, special needs, management and future education, are areas I wish to gain a higher level of knowledge, skills and insight to apply to my teaching career. I wish to promote and develop stronger education to my home country, Uganda.

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Dentistry Personal Statement Sample

Neuroscience personal statement sample.

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Early Childhood Studies Personal Statement Example 5

Ever since I could remember I have always wanted to play a big part in children’s education. As I was growing up I could see children of my age in Africa struggling to go to school because of their circumstances. It’s always been my goal in life to become an early year’s teacher and see children achieve their ambitions. Helping them to achieve what they want in life is a big ambition of mine.

Studying Childcare Level 3 gave me the opportunity to be one week at school and the other week at placement and these include primary schools, special needs schools and nurseries. I really enjoy my work placements because they have helped me to extend my theoretical and practical knowledge of children. My role in placements is to help children, who are struggling and less able, provide age appropriate activities, singing with them, listening to them read and also reading to them.

I was most certain that I wanted to do this course after having my work placement in Year 10 at James Elliman Primary School. It was the most fascinating and interesting experience, I totally enjoyed working with children. I just loved the thought of waking up and knowing today am going to see them learn, help them learn and see them achieve and solve problems. This made me realise that becoming an early year’s teacher was what I always wanted to do.

Working at McDonalds as a crew trainer; has helped me to learn to work in a busy environment. Working with people from different backgrounds, working as a team member, and communicating effectively with customers and other members of staff has been a learning curve. Having to teach new crew members have given me more responsibility. I also have a Basic Food Hygiene Certificate and I have a First Aid Certificate for children.

I consider myself as a hardworking and self-motivated individual who enjoys facing challenges and finding a professional way to deal with them. I enjoy listening to children and members of staff and take their thoughts into consideration. Listening to other members of staff and getting feedback helps me to learn because I will know what areas I need to improve. I feel that my good communication skills are very essential when working as a team especially when children are involved.

In my leisure time when am not studying I enjoy socialising, travelling, listening music and baby sitting my cousins, as well as help out in school when they have an events going on e.g. Open Days. Every week on a Wednesday I always do reading buddies with year 7 classes and this helps them with their vocabulary and words.

My future plans are to complete my Childcare L3 Diploma and get the required grades that will allow entry into university for a degree in Early childhood Studies. This degree will allow me to do a PGCE so I will be able to pursue a career as an early year’s teacher. This degree will allow me to gain the skills and experience I need to work with children. I look forward to going to university because this will allow me to pursue the career in life that I think I will find the most fulfilling. It is hugely important to enjoy what you do as working is such a big part of your life.

Profile info

This personal statement was written by geekykid1 for application in 2011.

geekykid1's university choices Oxford Brookes University The University of Birmingham University of Southampton University of Bath Nottingham Trent University

Green : offer made Red : no offer made

geekykid1's Comments

can you please tell me what you think and were i can improve?? PLEASE DO NOT TELL ME EVERYTHING IS PERFCECT !!! thank you x

This personal statement is unrated

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It seems like you have plenty.

Fri, 14/01/2011 - 12:59

It seems like you have plenty of experience around teaching therefore you dont really need to dedicate a paragraph to your employment with mcdonalds. It is a good personal statment though, it reads quite well.

Which university gave you an

Sun, 11/09/2011 - 16:58

Which university gave you an offer from the choices you listed?

Everything is perfect ;)

Tue, 18/12/2012 - 13:28

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sample personal statement early childhood education

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sample personal statement early childhood education

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sample personal statement early childhood education

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Personal statement example childhood studies personal statement.

Submitted by Lubay

Childhood Studies Personal Statement

Children should have somebody that believes in them and supports them to become the person that they aspire to be. Working with children and assisting them in achieving their goals in life is a huge ambition of mine. I enjoy interacting with children on their own level; gaining insight into their perception of the world.

I am currently studying A-levels in Sociology, Philosophy and Ethics and an AS in textiles. These A levels not only equip me for academic life at university but also developed my understanding of early childhood educational studies. Two of the topics of my sociology A-level are dedicated to education and childhood. These topics have given me an understanding of how childhood is not the same for every child because everyone comes from a different background. This is called a social construction. Sociologist Sue Palmer says there are five important things that children need during their childhood. These are play, language, love, education and discipline. Philosophy and Ethics has reconfigured my perception of the universe because it has improved my analytical skills, seeing events form more than one perspective. Studying Textiles has made me improve how I manage my time as it involves me doing practical and theoretical skills for my coursework. This is useful when it comes to having to do work placements with my degree at university. Textile has enhanced my creativity by thinking of different textiles techniques to add to my coursework. People who are involved with working with children will have to think about things from a child’s perspective and need to be creative at solving problems so that the children can understand more easily.

My interest in teaching children developed through my work experience at a local nursery. This involved me providing support to children with mathematics, reading and writing on a one to one and class group basis. I ensured that the pupils that I supported were able to engage in learning and stay on task during the lesson.

I have volunteered at QMC Hospital Nottingham in the adult ward for the last 3 months: providing help and assistance to patients at mealtimes. I interacted with numerous members of patients and staff. This had led to my understanding of the importance of basic routine tasks in a hospital to support patients in creating a sense of stability. I learned quickly how to deal with people who were reliant on me for help. Volunteering is one of the things that I can really do for other people and putting them first. I have also gained knowledge and experience on how to safeguard and promote the welfare of the vulnerable elderly. I have also been involved with Young Enterprise scheme. I had leadership responsibility for marketing and advertisement. My skills in marketing were developed through promoting my brand through talking to the public. These work experiences develop my communication skills. I can now speak clearly, thoughtfully and without feeling nervous.

In 2015, I undertook a voluntary work placement in Tanzania where I supervised a group of children aged between 3 and 5. This is where I discovered that I had a flair for building a good rapport with children without compromising my position of authority. Working with children at those ages is a real critical point of development in their life because given the right opportunities they can develop new skills of understanding the world.

In the future, I aim to work with children. My experiences tell me that this work will be enormously rewarding. I feel the rewards of a professional career in teaching would satisfy the goals I have hoped to achieve for quite a while. I believe that with my enthusiasm, positive attitudes and strong interest in study your course will give me a firm foundation on which I can build my career, working with children. I can think of no better or more satisfying path to pursue.

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My ambition is to one day become a teacher . Personal...

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BA for Primary Education (QTS) Personal Statement

The role of a teacher demands a hardworking, assiduous and empathetic character. Teachers must be able to ...

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Statements of Excellence for Admission to Graduate School in Early Chlldhood Studies

sample personal statement early childhood education

Sample 1st Paragraph for the MA in Early Childhood Studies, Canada, Saudi Woman

sample personal statement early childhood education

Sample Autobiographical Statement for Admission to a PsyD Program, Russian Teacher, Early Childhood

sample personal statement early childhood education

It was this child’s painting and use of color to depict emotion that first captured my interest in studying the psychological aspects of color. My senior thesis paper was a labor of love for a full year of in-depth research that culminated in a 65-page paper explaining how color and form impact the emotions of preschool children. I conducted tests on children and recorded their emotional reactions after showing them different colors and form factors. My research discovered that the color and form of objects have a powerful psycho-physiological connection with children.

In addition to my educational experience, I worked as a volunteer counselor for an orphanage in Russia. I worked with children and adolescents who had a problems with rejection, depression, and aggression. I observed first-hand how circumstance and environment were powerful influences on their development. When a child first enters into the home they often experienced many complex emotions and mental health issues. Adapting to a new environment, building new relationships and friends, and preparing for outside life often required the help of a experienced psychologists, which I got to job shadow. I observed the therapy process and how they were able to help a child feel better and restore some of their self-confidence. Many of the children had horrifying life stories and were victims of abuse and trauma. Through volunteering, I learn empathy, compassion and listening. I also developed a profound respect and admiration for the professional psychologists that worked with the orphans. It was with this experience that I knew I would become a psychologist.

After graduation, I realized I wanted to see the world. I traveled on a journey of self-discovery that led me to the Shaolin Monastery in Deng Feng, China where I studied for two months. Shrouded in the legends and mysteries of the fighting monks, the Shaolin Temple is renowned in the world of martial arts. The monastery, surrounded by the Songshan Mountain that escalated to a thorny peak, symbolized my personal path of self-discovering. At 5:00 a.m. daily. I awoke half-asleep, left my tiny room and climbed the Songshan Mountain, training in the endurance of the spirit. Each student was assigned their monk to teach them philosophy, meditation, breathing exercises, and martial arts. Slowly, I developed harmony between my body and mind and began to understand the potential that existed inside of me.

Fascinated and intrigued by Asian culture, I moved to China in 2011 to study at XXXX Language and Culture University. Being immersed in Chinese culture was extremely challenging and rewarding. The more language I learned, the more I could discover thousands of years of Chinese history and culture. Immersing myself completely in a new culture taught me to respect diversity. Despite differences between Chinese culture and my own, I gained an appreciation for the rich complexity of their traditions and values.

After some time in China, I wanted to continue volunteering. My most life-changing trips were to the XXXX orphanage outside of Beijing. Sunvillage is dedicated to the children of Chinese convicts and fights for their survival and development. The goal of the village is to education, rehabilitate, and raise the children into independent adults. The children were from an unfamiliar culture and I had to communicate exclusively in Chinese. Most of the children were mentally and physically abused before coming to Sunvillage. Some of the children had violent tendencies and tried to hurt themselves. Some ran away from the orphanage and repeated the fate of their parents. I often pondered questions about heredity, nature vs. nurture, and the power of family and love. Communicating with the children was also interesting and disheartening. I remember I foolishly asked one child “what are your dreams” and she did not answer, but rather just lower her head. Their world was completely different than mine and I did not know how to interact with them appropriately. I could see their psychological problems and knew I wanted to learn how to professional help them and the millions of other children who suffer mentally.

After years living in China, I met my American husband. In 2015, I began a new journey in my life and moved to the USA. Through the last year, I have been impressed by the ethnic, cultural, and diversity. I see a sparkling mosaic of the cultures that shared many values. I am currently enrolled in psychology classes at the College of XXXX. I am studying Developmental Psychology, Theories of Personality, and Abnormal Psychology. Abnormal Psychology is especially interesting to me. We had to conduct a case study and write a research paper on a specific personality disorder. Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) particularly fascinated me, and I spent hours in the library researching it. Through my volunteering experience, I have observed many children who exhibit BPD symptoms such as emotional instability, feelings of worthlessness, insecurity, impulsivity, and impaired social relationships. Most recently, I began volunteering as a counselor at the Crisis Text Line.  For teenagers and young adults who are in a crises situation it is much easier, convenient, and anonymous to text rather than call. Through training, I am learning how to help people with empathy, counseling, and active listening. 75% of the people I text with are under twenty-five years old and 10% are under thirteen. It is rewarding to know that I am helping people who are experiencing distress, depression, and loneliness.

Anonymous Sample of My Work in Early Childhood Studies

  • MA Early Childhood Education, Chinese
  • MA Master's Child Study and Education
  • MA for Teachers, Early Childhood Studies

Sample 1st Paragraph for the Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education

sample personal statement early childhood education

Sample 1st Paragraph for Certificate Program Childhood Development

I am applying to your distinguished certificate program in childhood development because of my intense fascination with how children learn at very early ages, before kindergarten. I hope to put the tools that I will acquire in your program to work, teaching techniques that will help young children with autism to develop fine motor and gross motor along with social skills. I aim to come up with solutions by creating short and long term goals, observing, testing and teaching small children, collaborating with interdisciplinary staff, working constantly to decrease negative behaviors and reinforce positive learning. In 2004, I graduated from XXXX High School with my high school diploma. After high school, I attended XXXX College and received my Associate of Arts degree in Liberal Arts in July 2007. Immediately after, I had the opportunity of attending XXXX University where I graduated in 2010 with my Bachelors of Science in Child and Adolescent Development.

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sample personal statement early childhood education

Sample 1st Paragraph for the Masters in Early Childhood Studies, Pakistani Raised in Hong Kong

sample personal statement early childhood education

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The heroines of early childhood studies.

There are a number of career options available to you when you study early childhood studies. You could go into early childhood education, becoming an expert educator; you could becoming a family support worker, a primary school teacher, a secondary school teacher or a social worker. You might also move into child psychotherapy, children´s nursing, counseling, educational psychology or speech and language therapy. Here are some inspiring women who are working in this area.

Shauna Tominey

Shauna Tominey is Associate Research Scientist at Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence and the director of early childhood programming and teacher education at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence , an organization that conducts groundbreaking research on emotional skills and helps schools incorporate best practices to teach children emotional intelligence.

Tominey also directs the Preschool RULER Development Project , a collaborative program between the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence and Stamford's Childcare Learning Centers . The program strives to develop evidence-based initiatives that incorporate emotional education in the preschool classroom. To help fuel her evolving understanding of social skills, Tominey conducts research at the Yale Child Study Center , where she´s working on understanding how disadvantaged families teach their children about resilience.

Tominey's research focuses on creating and promoting stimulating learning environments by encouraging empathy and recognizing the importance of emotions for children and the key adults in their lives.

There has been a recent emphasis that has been placed on the importance of early childhood education. Tominey's body of work helps educators understand how they can truly take advantage of this essential period in childhood development and cultivate emotional skills that help young children turn into successful students.

Tominey holds two bachelor’s degrees from the University of Washington . She also has a master’s degree from Kansas State University , and a doctoral degree from Oregon State University . She has been an instructor at Oregon State University since for over half a decade.

Ellen DeVoe

Ellen DeVoe is Associate Professor and PhD Program Director of Social Work at Boston University. She is considered one of the most influential social workers alive today. DeVoe is recognized for her research on the study of violence exposure on children and her scholarly interest and practice includes domestic violence, sexual abuse, and intervention research with children and families exposed to violence.

DeVoe has also performed extensive studies on the impact of September 11. DeVoe is a certified social worker with the state of New York. She was awarded the Teaching Excellence honor from Boston University School of Social Work in 2008.

Sabrina Sullenberger

After around ten years of teaching at Indiana University, Sabrina Sullenberger joined the faculty at Belmont University. Sullenberger holds a PhD in Social Work from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with research interests in poverty and child welfare.

Sullenberger´s work has been published internationally, with areas of exploration in the scholarship of teaching and learning. She teaches social work by infusing service learning and hands-on assessment and believes in passing the torch of change in social service to her students.

Georgette Mulheir

A popular TED Speaker and pioneer for the movement to end child abuse imposed by orphanages, Georgette Mulheir works as the CEO of Lumos, a non-profit organization founded by JK Rowling.

Mulheir has dedicated the last twenty years to shift resources away from orphanages and toward family services, such as foster care and support.

Her focus is in Central and Eastern Europe, but her reach is international, and since the initiation of her work in Romania in 1993, over 200,000 children in orphanages were reduced to 20,000.

Stephanie Berzin

Associate Professor and Chair of the Children, Youth, and Families Concentration at Boston College Graduate School of Social Work, Stephanie Berzin is the co-director of the Center for Social Innovation, a division working to build evidence-based social preparedness and awareness.

Berzin’s scholarship centers toward research on the social sector and social innovation practice and her research has been published in various journals. In 2009, Berzin was awarded the Frank R. Breul Memorial Prize for her contribution in Social Service Review.

Ruby M. Gourdine

Recognized as one of the social work pioneers by the National Association of Social Workers, Ruby Gourdine is a professor at Howard University with research focus on child welfare, youth exposure to women´s issues, violence and social work history.

Gourdine is the Chair of Direct Sequence Practice at the School of Social Work at Howard. She offers expertise in the area of inequalities of service based on race in the workplace. Her advocacy, combined with her work experience, has given her the role of monitoring social work services for a variety of private agency programs and the DC public school system.

Florence Guinness Blake

Florence Guinness Blake has a reputation for contributing to the cause of nursing, especially, in the area of pediatric nursing. She is committed to the cause of graduate level nursing education, particularly for those who work with children. She wanted to go into nursing from an early age. She completed her Master of Science degree and became a nursing teacher.

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How childhood trauma affects health throughout life

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Early Childhood Teacher Personal Statement

The national quality standard requirements for early childhood education.

Early childhood educators are expected to know more about the brain development of the child, in order for him to read and write, but on the other hand, for the educator to communicate in a better way. The educators have to keep in mind the aspect of life where the children has to interact with the immediate environment and and sensory awareness. Moreover, the children has to learn to take responsibilities of their actions therefore, the educators role has expanded as there is a more complex and diverse society.

Naeyc Mission Statement

In summary I believe to be an Early Childhood Educator one has to be able to keep up with everything. There is no single purpose to educate, but if I had to choose a soul representative it would be to shape our world. Children’s needs must be met in order to do that. To be am Early Childhood Educator one has to be patient, patient, and patient. Putting all of these things together gives one the end product of a successful

An Early Childhood Educator My Goal

I believe that as an early childhood educator my goal will be to promote the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development of each child. I also believe that play should be the base of learning since children learn best by doing. I believe that a balance between teacher-directed and child-initiated activities is essential balance can be developed by using the developmentally appropriate practice approach, which means that activities should be “appropriate for each child and relevant to the child’s ability, needs and interests, also including the child’s family and being respectful to the child’s culture.

My Philosophy of Early Childhood Education Essay

My philosophy of Early childhood education is based on research that indicates that a child’s growth is developmental. Every child is unique in terms of life experiences, developmental readiness, and cultural heritage. A high quality early childhood program that provides a safe and nurturing environment, which promotes physical, social, emotional, language and cognitive development will ensure a positive continuation of the child’s education process

My Personal Philosophy of Special Education Essay

As an educator, it is my job to find new ways for my students to learn that coincides with their particular learning style and takes advantage of their strengths. In all practical terms, this will mean finding new ways for each of my students to learn in their own particular way. As a whole, my students will need more reason to learn with authentic experiences, hands-on

Tda 2.1 Personal Statement

I truly enjoy being able to support the children along their learning and discovering adventure with new concepts, ideas and experiences. The children should be introduced to understand about themselves so that they can learn who they are, who they can be and will be. It is a fulfilling feeling to know that as an early childhood educator, I can help to support the children to open their minds. At times, as cooperate in learning

Early Childhood Education : An Impacting Career

Early childhood educators plan and lead activities that lead and build on children 's ability and curiosity and aid in developing skills and characteristics that help them grow. (“Preschool Teachers” 106) Keeping in mind that not all children learn and develop in same way, early childhood educators must develop a flexible learning schedule that incorporates different aspects for children that have varying learning techniques. Early childhood educators plan activities that encourage children to develop skills appropriate to their developmental needs. For example, the activities a preschool teacher may plan consisting of different motor skills and reasoning abilities of a three-year old child differs from a child of five years of age. (“Preschool Teachers” 108) Also, early childhood educators need to

Explain How The Early Years Educator Supports Children's Learning Development And School Readiness.

When working with other partnerships with in the setting you need to make sure that the planning for the children is correct for their age and for their development also the organisation for the children leaning need to be planed for each individual child.

Early Education For Children : Early Childhood Educator

Early education for children is very crucial as it helps shape up the foundation of their knowledge and behavior development process. Children begin to develop the sense of curiosity from the age of two. And from age 2-8, children go through a very crucial period of mental development, which shapes up their future mindset (Grayson, 2016). Early children education (ECE) has been listed as the number one priority of the National Association of Education. The teachers or educators at nursery and primary level are responsible to for developing young children’s sense of knowledge and education. In this paper, we will assess the roles and skills that are vital for an early childhood educator. Moreover, the paper will also present a

Early Childhood Education Philosophy Statement

Teaching early childhood children is not a job that should be taken lightly. At this age, you are building the foundation of learning and setting the precedence of what they see school as. It is my role as an educator to take responsibility for every child’s educational development. Each day in an early childhood classroom is full of challenges, but it is also full of laughs, smiles, and enthusiasm to learn. I firmly believe that every child is capable of learning, however, every child learns in their own pace and in their own way. Children need to feel that their teacher cares for them and is enthusiastic about their learning. This will help motivate them and maximize their learning. From there, the sky is the limit in the classroom! As an educator, I need to be conscious of learning and social development in order to reach every child and make sure they succeed. It is my job to see that every student is growing both academically and socially.

The National Association For The Education Of Young Children

The 2010 National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) Initial and Advanced Standards for Early Childhood Professional Preparation Programs provides standards that set guidelines for what and how early childhood professionals prepare themselves to be efficient educators and caregivers. Professional development tools and strategies are critical assets for providing high quality early childhood education and care that meets the needs and interest of all learners. Today’s early childhood settings are filled with a diverse group of learners. Efficient educators must use a broad range of approaches, tools, and resources to ensure success for all learners. The NAEYC Initial and Advanced Standards demonstrates particular strategies for early childhood educators to prepare themselves to be successful and effective teachers. For this brief composition I chose to highlight the initial standard #4: using developmentally effective approaches.

Philosophy Of Education. Mission Statement. As An Early

As an early childhood educator, my mission is to encourage, inspire, support and motivate students while providing a fun, safe, and affectionate environment which builds friendships and lays the foundation for students to become life-long learners.

Reflection For Early Childhood Education

Throughout my course work I have learned how essential Early Childhood Education is to the proper growth and development of young children. Without quality care young children can be limited socially, emotionally, and cognitively. Personally, my reasons for choosing ECE as my field of study has matured into responding to the need to provide quality professionals that produce quality care to every child regardless of ethnicity, ability, culture, or gender. However, looking back on my prior experiences I have worked with children in all capacities within my community. I have coached soccer of various ages, taught Sunday School, ran preteen Bible studies, and taught character building classes for young girls. Even though these experiences motivated me to enter this field, I now see child development from a totally different perspective.

Personal Statement : Early Childhood Education

I want to become someone who teaches, an educator, a role model, a teacher. I want to help children in their early childhood education. I want to become a teacher because teachers play a very big role in children’s lives. Not only do they serve as educators, but for many kids, the classroom is where they feel the safest. They feel welcomed and at home. For these certain kids it is their one place of stability where they are always guaranteed to be loved and get fed and to have fun. I enjoy watching kids grow and helping them develop their learning skills. Every kid needs a good education and I want to be the one giving them that good education. I want to make a difference in their lives and prepare them for the road ahead.

Essay about Preschool Learning Centers

  • 1 Works Cited

Early childhood is a time full of curiosity, exploration, creativity, excitement, and rapid development. During these formative years, children develop attitudes about education that remain with them for the rest of their lives (Kostelnik, Soderman, & Whiren, 2011). High quality early childhood education programs and highly effective, passionate teachers or care providers will not only promote young children’s development and academic achievement but will also foster a lifelong passion for learning. ECE programs and educators utilize learning centers to contribute to young children’s acquisition of literacy, numeracy, creative thinking, problem solving, and motor skills as well as a number of other skills and knowledge (Jarrett, 2010).

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Example Of A Personal Statement For Early Childhood Education

1.2 explain the importance of multi agency working.

Multi-agency working is vital in such a transition as the staff in the school must work with other professionals such as the schools SENCO worker which is a Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator. These SENCO workers can also be used to understand different strategies to be able to integrate children with special needs into the class and to be able to assist the other professionals to know how to include them in class activities such as playing with the Lego on a table rather than on the floor and allowing these specific children to create relationships with their peers as they are being included in activities alongside

1.2 Explain How The Role Of Community May Contribute To The Society

Fostering a tolerant, inclusive and friendly environment for special needs children by creating activities which will bring them closer to the community they live in. The activities to which they will participate outside school such as visits at museums or other activities will make children visible in the community and contribute to a better understanding in society of disability and the role of community in integrating them in their daily life.

Personal Narrative: My Face-To-Face Interview At Harlingen High School

And you must be mentally ready that not every day is going to be a good day in the classroom.” This had me realizing that teachers, put in so much of their time for their students and sometimes are not appreciated and given the credit they deserve. Besides the negative parts that can possibly occur she also explained how there are days where everything is going smoothly and there is so much cooperation and participation going on in class. With that being said I believe that although this career seems easy, teachers need to be mentally and emotionally prepared for each and every day in the

Follow Directions

In the classroom, teachers have to teach in a professional manner without disruptions. No pupil should prevent the teacher from teaching, or keep another student from learning. The most effective teachers are those who remain in control of the class and always remember their main duty is to help students learn and behave responsibly. Teachers must continually model through their own behaviour the kind of trust and respect for students that they want students to show toward others. Teachers have the right to ask for and receive help from principals, parents and other school personnel.

Exploratory Essay

These careers are among some of the most important professions that have impacted the world in a major way. Good teachers have taught our presidents to read and write, laid the foundation for our surgeons to perform live-saving surgeries, and provided the basics to our judges and lawyers to keep criminals and delinquents off the streets. There are many people who consider teaching as a minor task, but an ample amount of time goes into becoming a successful teacher. They must take on the task of building positive relationships with their students, while simultaneously providing them with the materials and knowledge to be conducive in an ever-changing society. They must dedicate hard time and work just as in any other

Zero Tolerance Policies In Schools

Another approach must be found to create a more inclusive educational

Reflective Account On Supporting Teaching And Learning

I come to class with excited feeling and joy to learn and work with children and staff in this class. I dress appropriated clothes and comfort to work with children all day long. I avoid absences and spend as much as possible time in class to learn and be with children. I get used to the classroom routine schedule and ask with my colleague and teachers activities and events that occur between children that I don’t understand. I remain positive attitude in the classroom all the time.

NAEYC Code Of Ethics Essay

The National Association for the Education of Young Children: Code of Ethical Conduct Introduction The NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct offers protocols for an educators’ responsible actions, as well as offering support involving the ethical predicaments that are experienced in an early childhood education setting. (Gordon & Browne, Code of Ethical Conduct: Preamble, 2005). The Code of Ethical Conduct also addresses a range of professional relations with children, families, colleagues, and the community, as well as introducing the leading responsibilities for each relation; followed by ideals that mirror commendable professional methods, as well as principles that describe methods that are mandatory, illicit, or allowable. (Gordon & Browne, Code

Identify The Characteristics Of An Inclusive Environment

I will discuss characteristics of an inclusive environment with examples of inclusive practice in my own school setting. I will talk about barriers to inclusion and relate them to challenges in my own context. I work in a DEIS School in Urban Band 2 which receives extra support

Teacher Toolbox 101 Course Reflection

Impacting a young life has long-term significance. In some cases, the impact a teacher leaves on their students has the potential to reside inside of their hearts for the rest of their lives. It is my desire to be a role model who inspires my students to be the best version of themselves, and one who leaves a positive lifelong mark. Furthermore, I believe it is of utmost importance for a teacher to make a connection with each student early in the year. These connections are essential for students to develop a commitment to their learning.

Wellbeing In Early Years Essay

The inclusive practice enables all of the students (with or without disabilities) to indulge in same class and learn together in the same class and context. Inclusive practices may refer to the idea of amalgamation of individuals with disabilities with the individuals without disabilities and having no pity for them or any other feeling that make them feels their disability. This is quite an ethical, social and educational question whether it should be done and if yes then how and why it is to be carried out (Lindon,

Personal Statement: Why I Want To Be A Teacher

Each time people ask me why I decided to become a teacher, I always travel back in my life at the time I was a teenager. My dream was to serve to my country and be admired for doing it properly. I wanted to be a Police Officer; however, I also wished to leave a legacy in people’s mind and hearts, something that could live on after my life was drained from this world. Mustafa Kemal mentioned; “A good teacher is like a candle; it consumes itself to light the way for others”. When I read that quote eight years ago, I realized I wanted to be that light who guides children’s path during their learning process, teach them how to become in future candles in a world of darkness, I wanted to be one of the reasons why they come to school, to be part of them not only as a teacher, but also as a family member, because I strongly believe what we do in life, echoes in eternity.

Case Study on Inclusive Education

Inclusion acknowledges that a child with a disability should be given opportunities to participate in a general education class. The teachers can make adaptation that allows the students to learn life skills, gain a sense of belonging while learning side by side with their peers, and learn to become self-sufficient. The participation of a student with a disability and that of one without a disability, increase their ability to communicate in a social setting, improve grades and performances on standardize test, minimized disruptive behaviors, help with allocating a paying job, and it helps to foster an acceptance of diversity, ethnic and religious being accepted by society. Inclusion is the lifeline to an inclusive society. Inclusive education is a multi-dimensional concept that will assist in shaping teaching practice.

Push-In Model In Special Education

The characteristics of a special education teacher in an inclusion class have been a joint collaborative effort along with the lead teacher. Previously, services were provided outside school grounds or in the general classrooms. Presently, services are provided in the general classrooms (push-in) utilizing a co-teaching approach. Despite the benefits of co-teaching as an instructional model, there is shockingly little literature on the adequacy of this approach (Tremblay, 2013, p. 251). A study was performed where Rea, McLaughlin and Walther-Thomas (2001) compared two models for students with disabilities.

Roles Of Teachers Essay

Teachers play a vital role in the society. Their impacts are felt by the lives of all children from different backgrounds, including those children with varying levels of understanding, abilities and those from families that exhibit wide range of cultural and linguistic diversity. Teachers are educators or instructors saddled with the responsibility of educating children by grooming and helping them to discover their talents (Rahman, Nabi, Akhter, Saeed & Ajmal, 2011). According to them, teachers have long-lasting impacts on the lives of students who live to enjoy the knowledge they avail to them. They have good classroom management skills, ensure good student behaviour, effective study and work habit (Tehseen, 2015).

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