A restaurant review

A restaurant review

Learn how to write a restaurant review.

Do the preparation task first. Then read the text and tips and do the exercises.



Vega, New York

Reviewed yesterday

Great mains, pity about the chips

Came for lunch with my sister. We loved our Thai-style mains which were amazing with lots of flavour, very impressive for a vegetarian restaurant.

But the service was below average and the chips were too terrible to finish.

When we arrived at 1.40, we had to wait 20 minutes while they got our table ready. OK, so we didn't have a reservation, but the restaurant was only half full. There was no reason to make us wait at all.

We ordered the chips as a side dish and they looked delicious. But, when we tasted them, they were overcooked and swimming in oil so we left most of them. We expected a lot more for $10!

When the waiter asked if everything was ok, we said we really didn't like the chips and he said 'That's funny, I love them' and that was it. He didn't offer us anything else or take them off our bill. Also, when we didn't leave a tip, he looked annoyed.

I was really excited about visiting Vega, and the mains were just fantastic, but the rest of the experience was really disappointing.

  • Use an informal or semi-formal style.
  • In the title, give the main idea or opinion.
  • Write about the important parts of the experience, not every detail.
  • Organise your ideas into paragraphs.
  • Write about the good and the bad.

Have you ever had a bad meal in a restaurant?

Language level

The last week I tried a cute coffee shop near my house. I think is my favorite place to get a coffee and peace time. First, the place was very nice with fall decorations. Second, the service was kind and fast, they explained me so clear somethings about the menu. Also, the food arrived really fast and the Chef walked to my table to give my food (I felt so special). Finally when I check the bill, I was in shock because was cheap. It was best bacon Sandwich I have ever eaten!

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A good recommendation doesn't become a good meal! I can't say I have had a bad meal in any restaurant but I had a bad experience in a one Michelin Star Restaurant recommended by a good friend. That day, enjoying a walk around where the restaurant were located, my husband and I decided to ask for a reservation that night, but the chef told us it where all fully booked. Well, hours later, when we where going home, we saw the restaurant almost empty and we came in to ask why he told us they were all booked. The chef, invited us very annoyingly to leave the restaurant without any explanation. Next day in restaurant's web we leave a review saying what happend. The chef answered us in the same arrogant attitude, without any acceptable explanation.

I went with my sister, my mom, and my uncle to an ice cream place; it was great inside, Mario and Luigi drew and a lot of decorations, so we sat, but we needed to wait for 30 minutes there without any attention, so we decided to left the site, the person that was working there asked us why we were leaving the place, but we didn´t say anything and we went off that place without a word.

Mexico restaurant, Fukuoka

The interior design is great, the food and service are terrible. When I visited Fukuoka city with my girlfriend for the first time, we tried Mexican food for the first time in our lives. We both thought the restaurant looked great and its dishes must be delicious. So we ordered 4 dishes, and all looked so cheap even though they were expensive. I think they use instant food, instead of cooking real dishes. They also took table fees and service fees too. I don't think it is reasonable to take such a fee.

Yes,I had a very bad meal when I and my family went to a near restaurant and we ordered pizza and fajita, unfortunately the meal was too bad ,so we couldn't complete the meal.

Yes, I had a horrible meal one of the restaurants. I have never encountered like that before since I am a kind of person who enjoys every foods. Even though the service is good, the meals were not delicious at all so I am afraid to recommend you.

Have you ever had a bad meal in a restaurant? That was well, But pay attention ingredients :) I usually invite myself to the restaurant as a reward when I have advanced my to-do list according to my schedule in 1 to 2 months. Since I love pizza, I usually order pizza. Also, I love hot green pepper and add it to all of my food. two weeks ago, I dined out and I ordered pizza as usual. of course, one which I hadn't eaten before( with the name of shicago). It was well but when I ordered, I didn't pay enough attention that there weren't any vegetables as ingredients and It was an experience that proved me I really preferred to have vegetables in my food. the environment was calm with light music with a view to the highway.

Sumathi Restaurant - Belize City This restaurant has bad customer service. Owners allow in-laws to disrespect and mistreat customers while consumption. In-laws go as far as verbally abusing you and threathening you and calling police while spending your money there. These are very crazy scenarios you may want to avoid.

Sarku, Bogotá ★★★★★ Delectable mains, excellent sushi and delicious dessert

I went to this restaurant whit my girlfriend, I had something like Peruvian food in mind but Asian food sounds fine to me, I am open to new dishes.

I have seen a sort of burrito in a large menu at the entrance, but when we were already inside the normal menu didn’t have neither this “burrito” nor another type of hamburger but with rice instead of bread.

We ordered as a main one order of Ikigai which was new for us, a kind of ball shaped crab palm tempura very juicy and overall delicious. Then the main dish arrives we order ceviche sushi and sushi with crab palm and coconut milk, we interchange half of each dish to try both. It was a great idea because both tasted very well, but for me a little better the ceviche sushi.

In the end we ordered a chocolate volcano that was like a chocolate cake with liquid chocolate inside accompanied by ice cream for dessert. I am really a chocolate lover, so the taste was perfect for me.

We will definitely return to this restaurant.

I loved the food, the service was great, the dishes were just delicious, I'll recommend it.

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Restaurant Essay: Review & Evaluation of a Restaurant, Topics, Prompts

The picture provides introductory information about a restaurant essay.

It might be quite an unusual topic to write about. Don’t worry, we will explain how to outline your work and advise what you should and shouldn’t do.

In this article, we will tell you how to write a restaurant review essay. We have prepared some tips, a list of topics, writing prompts, and three essay samples. You will also find the FAQ section at the end of the article. Let’s begin!

  • 🍽️ Restaurant Essay Writing Tips
  • 🥗 85 Restaurant Essay Topics
  • 📊 Restaurant Evaluation Samples

🍽️ Restaurant Essay. Writing Tips

Here are some valuable tips on restaurant essay writing. Use these hacks to save your time and nerves and make a perfect writing piece.

Start a Restaurant Essay with Research

Research essays of other scholars and professional critics’ reviews. Based on the discovered information, decide what kind of essay suits you the best. Also, research the restaurant that you will describe in the paper.

Here are the things you need to consider:

  • Vocabulary. Notice the specific language that appears in this type of writing. Make a small glossary and search for the meaning of frequently used words.
  • Structure. Probably, you need to write a descriptive paper. Research its structure and observe how others implement it in long and short essays.
  • Critical thinking. Everything you have found needs evaluation . Not all of the information is relevant. And more importantly, not all of the sources are worth your attention.
  • Your notes. Make sure you include all the ideas you’ve found for your restaurants essay.       

The picture provides tips on how to research for a restaurant essay properly.

Be Objective in Any Kind of Essay about Restaurant

Sure, the paper should reflect your opinion. But don’t make it a Google review. You need to support your thoughts with solid argumentation and evidence.

Follow these tips to be more objective:

  • Use exact numbers. For example, instead of “many,” write the number or percentage.
  • Write in the third person. Unless you have other instructions, avoid using the word “I” and such statements as “I believe,” “I think,” or “in my opinion.” But if your topic is “My favorite restaurant,” or you do a review based on your experience , it is okay to make it first-person.
  • Don’t use words that can exaggerate your writing. Such terms as “very,” “really,” “never” are better to avoid.
  • Support your statements with facts. If you express a thought, prove it with credible sources.

Outline Your Restaurant Essay

You need an outline to create a roadmap to your restaurant essay. It is also useful when it comes to planning your time and the content of the paper.

  • Introduction. Explain the focus of the paper and provide background. Introduce the questions that you will answer in the following paragraphs. Don’t forget to make the last sentence your thesis statement. It will be a summary of what you will describe in the body of your essay.
  • Body . The content of body paragraphs depends on the type of paper. For example, in an argumentative essay, each passage presents a separate argument. Let’s suppose you write an essay about your favorite restaurant. Describe these aspects separately: cuisine, interior, and service . Add details and analyze them.
  • Conclusion. Summarize the main points of your essay and synthesize the information. Restate your thesis and don’t introduce any new information.

The picture provides information about the three major components of a restaurant essay.

🥗 85 Food & Restaurant Essay Topics

Here we will suggest some titles for your restaurant evaluation essay. You can pick one of those or use it as a starting point.

Restaurant Review Essay

  • How do restaurants and cafes use social media for their benefit?
  • Describe a business plan to enhance a restaurant’s revenue.
  • What is the best time to visit a restaurant?
  • Describe your most unpleasant experience in a restaurant.
  • Review a popular restaurant in your town .
  • Restaurant takeaway food review: Does it feel the same to eat restaurant food at home?
  • Tell a story about visiting a restaurant as a child.
  • What restaurant would you recommend to people who visit your town?
  • Fast food restaurants: Review .
  • Describe a restaurant you would never visit again .
  • Review a restaurant that is the nearest to your home.
  • Best Food Superstores’ negative customer experience .

Restaurant Evaluation Essay

  • Evaluation of the main course in a restaurant.
  • Evaluation of the service provided in a restaurant .
  • Pizza Hut Restaurant’s evaluation using Porter’s Five Forces model .
  • Evaluation of entertainment in a restaurant.
  • Evaluation of the interior in a restaurant.
  • Evaluation of the quality of food in a restaurant.
  • Evaluation of the concept of a restaurant.
  • Evaluation of a popular chain of restaurants .
  • The Penang Mutiara Restaurant operations management .
  • How can you define that the restaurant you visit is a good one?
  • Evaluation of Highlands Restaurant .
  • What three criteria would you use to evaluate any restaurant ?
  • Legal Seafood Company’s mission, culture and philosophy .
  • Compare your expectations and an authentic experience visiting a restaurant.
  • Frank’s All-American BarBeQue restaurant analysis .

My Favorite Restaurant Essay

  • Describe an imaginary ideal restaurant you would like to visit.
  • Describe your favorite fast-food restaurant chain .
  • How many favorite restaurants did you have in your life?
  • Describe your favorite restaurant that you visited while traveling .
  • What was your favorite restaurant in childhood?
  • What are the things that your favorite restaurant lacks?
  • Tell your readers about the first experience visiting your favorite restaurant .
  • Describe your favorite dish served in a restaurant.
  • The reasons why you like your favorite restaurant .
  • How do people choose their favorite restaurants?

Home Cooking vs. Restaurant Cooking Essay

  • The advantages and disadvantages of eating in a restaurant .
  • Restaurant training: Country cooking program .
  • Is it possible for a regular person to cook like restaurant chefs?
  • Describe your favorite meal that you can cook at home.
  • Mexican cuisine: restaurant vs. home food.
  • Tell about a dish that is traditional in your family.
  • Is there something that you can cook better than in a restaurant?
  • Restaurant business model : How much should the dishes cost?
  • Do you prefer eating at home or in restaurants?
  • Is there a restaurant dish that you would like to learn to cook?
  • Why do people visit restaurants instead of eating at home?

Other Restaurant Essay Topics

  • Restaurant services and competitive advantage .
  • Operations management and productivity at Hard Rock Cafe .
  • Strategic marketing of Oishi Gourmet Restaurant .
  • Mega sport events impact on London’s restaurant market .
  • Novikov Group: Internationalization of the Russian restaurant business .
  • Cafe Coffee Day: Business plan .
  • Briefing for restaurant employees .
  • Restaurant outsourcing: Case study .
  • Managers’ motivation in the US restaurant business .
  • Effective management of a restaurant .
  • Motivating the Nectar Restaurant waitresses .
  • “Angliss Restaurant”: Angliss Entertainment Complex’s code of conduct .

Food Essay Topics

  • Fresh food for low income families and individuals .
  • Genetically modified food overview .
  • History of sustainable global food economy .
  • Ben Foods Pte.: Online ERP integration sales catalogue .
  • Youngsters’ and television: Impact of food advertisements on an increase in obesity rates .
  • Loving Organic Foods: Case report .
  • Effects of climate change on agriculture and food .
  • Whole Foods Market Inc.’s finance and capital .
  • McDonald’s fast food company: Operations management .
  • Kudler Fine Foods Company’s marketing research .
  • Technology transfer in global food management .
  • The Whole Foods Company’s opportunities and threats .
  • Kudler Fine Foods Store’s marketing analysis .
  • Whole Foods Market company analysis .
  • Foodstuffs Company’s strategic human resource management .
  • Kraft Food Group’s integrative analysis .
  • Bay Health Foods Company’s environments .
  • Sainsbury’s Supermarket: The UK food retail industry .
  • Indian ethnic food in the UK: The new product development .
  • Multinational company in the fast food industry: McDonald’s .
  • McDonald’s leadership role in the fast-food industry .
  • An evaluation of the Prospects for Sainsbury’s Supermarkets in the UK food retail industry .
  • Fast food industry: Service quality and customer retention .
  • The triple bottom line in a snack food company .
  • Working conditions in the seafood industry .

📊 Restaurant Evaluation Essay Sample

Here are a few samples of essays on restaurants and cuisine. Use them as references for your future writing. You can also find some inspiration or ideas in the passages.

Restaurant Review Essay: Modernity in the Heart of Brooklyn

Modernity is a contemporary experimental restaurant located in the heart of Brooklyn. A blue neon sign which blinks from time to time attracts your attention immediately. This restaurant is a good place for people who look for the unusual interior, interesting food, and fast service . The restaurant looks like a futuristic mix of bright colors, unusual furniture, and futurism. There are two floors, a bar on the first floor and tables of different sizes and shapes on the second floor. The walls are decorated with abstract paintings, pictures of aliens and UFOs, and small neon signs like the one above the entrance. The staff wears uniforms that remind space suits. Light techno music and static sounds are playing. The restaurant is consistent with its name. The menu might seem confusing when you first open it. Such dishes as “Martian’s brain” or “Unicorn’s milk” turn out to be pumpkin soup served with colorful bread and a milkshake. I ordered a dish called “Jupiter on vacation” and a “Weightlessness” drink. They brought me a chicken bowl with blue seasoning that reminded Jupiter and a dark cherry drink with zero calories. Modernity is a place where you can try amazing food, but it is pretty simple in taste. As soon as I arrived and chose a table, a smiling waiter gave me the menu. I just had to press the “Emergency evacuation” button to see him again and place my order. They brought it in five minutes, which is quite fast for a restaurant full of visitors. The waiters and waitresses seem busy and going from one part of the restaurant to another. I recommend visiting Modernity at least once to see the way it looks and enjoy the service. It is a place where every detail is conceptual and exciting. If you are looking for a restaurant where you can take some photos and enjoy a creative atmosphere, Modernity is a good choice.
A cafe called Cliff is not far from where I live. You might not even notice it in the surrounding trees; however, this is what makes Cliff worth visiting. I love this place because of its qualitative coffee and meals, beautiful location, and service. They serve specialty coffee, which made me their regular customer. Its taste is a perfect mix of bitterness, chocolate flavor, and a bit of sour aftertaste. I am a big coffee lover, so this café impressed me. Cliff also offers twenty different deserts that are an excellent match to a cup of coffee. Some of them are vegan options; that is why anyone can choose a treat for themselves. You can also order a sandwich or a salad here, and the food is always fresh. Their approach to nature deserves respect. The café’s outside area looks like a small park with tiny chairs, tables, and benches. If you ask for a blanket or bring your own, you can enjoy your meal sitting on the lawn in a comfortable position. Cliff is a ten-minute walk from my apartment, so I often go there to study surrounded by these beautiful trees. The interior combines brown and grey colors; most of the objects are made of concrete and wood. The waiters and baristas are cheerful and always ready for a small chat. They help me with my choice and complete the orders fast. Cliff also has quite a fast Internet connection. That is the reason why I regularly see at least ten freelancers working there constantly. The music that plays there is not too loud, but you can still hear it from any spot. Cliff looks clean and neat, that is why I enjoy every minute I spend there. There are many good coffee shops in the area, and this one is worth your attention. Try this place if you enjoy nature, polite service, and a peaceful atmosphere. Choose your favorite coffee drink and a small dessert to dine in the garden.
I don’t visit restaurants so often because my father is a chef. He has been in the culinary sphere for more than 20 years, working in an Italian restaurant. I prefer eating at home to eat as delicious food as in restaurants, hone my culinary skills, and spend more time with my family. Every meal my father cooks at home is a product of his professional approach and good taste. He even creates his dishes and invites us to try them. He changes recipes, experiments with flavors and seasonings, and describes everything he did while we were testing the dish. I feel like a famous food critic each time I try to guess the ingredients and the way of cooking. The next thing I love about eating at home is cooking. I enjoy spending time in the kitchen, even though I know I will not do it professionally one day. My dream is to become a software engineer, but good cooking skills are always a benefit. Having such a teacher as my father, I am sure my culinary skills become better each time. We buy groceries, cook, eat, and clean up together. It is like a small ritual that became a tradition in our family. That is far more than just visiting a restaurant to me. We don’t wear fancy clothes, stand in a queue or make reservations, and spend as much time as we want together. We find it more convenient since we have fun and don’t have to go anywhere. Eating at home can be a better experience than eating in a restaurant if you enjoy cooking. There are so many things to explore. You can try different cuisines, experiment with recipes, and teach each other. If you haven’t tried such time spending, I highly recommend it!

How to Structure a Restaurant Essay?

Most academic essays consist of five paragraphs. In your restaurant essay, include an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. You can also make a small glossary before the introduction or in it.

How to Write a Restaurant Review Essay?

Share your experience through making a narrative. Provide some background information about a restaurant and describe your general opinion. Explain your point in the following paragraphs, support it with evidence. Conclude your essay with a summary of the evaluation and state whether you recommend it or not.

How to Write the Name of a Restaurant in an Essay?

If you want to avoid mistakes, visit the restaurant’s website. You can find the exact spelling there. In your essay, start it with a capital letter. Don’t use quotation marks unless they appear in the official name of the restaurant. If the restaurant doesn’t have a website, try to find their social media accounts.

review essay for restaurant

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review essay for restaurant

Vera is a Senior Content Writer at a Singaporean lifestyle publication, ConfirmGood where she covers stories on all things food, lifestyle, and perspectives.

Throughout my career as a content writer at various lifestyle publications in Singapore , many a time have I been tasked to write a review for a restaurant .

A review of a restaurant is incredibly important to the business. Given that 94% of diners refer to reviews before making a decision to eat somewhere, the power reviews have to sway the consumer’s decision is immense.

Having been in this profession for a while now, I can safely say that I’ve seen my fair share of good and bad examples of restaurant reviews. And boy, do I have something to say!

But before I go into the details, let’s start with the basics. How should you structure your restaurant review article?

Restaurant review format

1) lay the table.

Just as how you’d set up the table in preparation for every meal, you need to set up your article in preparation for your readers’ eyes.

Provide some background information about the restaurant, its owner(s), and what it specializes in. Check out the opening paragraph of our Carne Burgers Singapore Review : 

The introduction of a restaurant review of carne burgers singapore.

The reader is immediately hit with some key facts that establishes the restaurant as a reputable business. If a sustainability-focused restaurant run by a Michelin star chef doesn’t entice you, I don’t know what does.

A well-written introduction is essential as a hook to capture your reader’s attention right from the being and keep them engaged til the end of your review.

2) Start serving your mains

Now that you’ve invited your readers to the table, it’s time to show them what the restaurant has to offer.

A majority of the body of your restaurant review should showcase the best dishes the establishment has to offer. Check out what we showcased in our Seoul Garden a la carte menu review .

We featured the best dishes in our seoul garden restaurant review.

As a buffet restaurant, Seoul Garden has a wide selection of cooked and uncooked food items on its menu. But we only featured the most popular and best-looking items. And these are the Wagyu Picanha and Salmon slices.

You should always feature the best items that the owner wants to feature and take good pictures of them ot feature in your restaurant review. The first impression always counts 👀

Some things that should be in in this part of your review include what the dishes are, why you ordered them, and what makes them great. Describe the sight , smell , flavours , and texture of the dishes you’re reviewing. You’ll be surprised by how effective these descriptive paragraphs can be in selling the restaurant.

Example of how you describe food in a restaurant review.

Quick tip 💡 Prepare an arsenal of words you can use to describe food so you can easily pull them out to use in your article.

3) Wrapping things up

End off by summarizing why you enjoyed (or did not enjoy) the food. I’d strongly recommend adding some quirky final thoughts to leave your readers with a cute aftertaste. 

You can look at what I wrote for my review on Restaurant Salt.

review essay for restaurant

Tips on writing great restaurant reviews

1) learn from the best restaurant review sites.

As with learning any new skill, look at what others have already done. 

A great source of restaurant reviews are lifestyle publications. They are generally divided into different sections like travel, finance, and food. ConfirmGood’s food blog showcases some of the best places to it in Singapore.

Check out the various articles we’ve put out to learn how to write great restaurant reviews. Learn the vocabulary, structure, and writing style.

2) Look at Tripadvisor and Google restaurant reviews

This one may come as a surprise to some of you. Why would you want to refer to reviews left behind by random people? After all, these aren’t professional food writers . What’s there to learn from?

If you take a look at the list of reviews you see on such sites, you’ll notice that some of these reviews are exceptionally well written. You can pick up pretty useful vocabulary from them. I guess some people really take writing reviews on Google really seriously 🤣

A tripadvisor restaurant review example.

Another reason why you should look at restaurant reviews is because you get to learn about what is important to a customer. Perhaps being led to the table properly is important to some. To others, it’s really just the quality of the food. See what pops up most often and take note of it.

If a restaurant hires you to write a review about them, you should include these factors in your article when promoting the business.

3) Take the best photos

A photo of carne burger used in our restaurant review article.

Taking great pictures of the food you are reviewing is absolutely necessary. Words alone cannot do the job of convincing your readers to eat at a particular restaurant. 

Humans are visual creatures and well-taken shots of the restaurants’ best dishes can help sway your readers’ decision.


Expand your food vocabulary.

If you want to write great restaurant reviews, you can’t describe that flaky pastry that oozes creamy custard fulling as delicious.

You aren’t doing the melt-in-your-mouth tender steak any justice by calling it amazing.

So just stop ❌

Again, refer to the article I listed above for some good examples of words and phrases you can use to describe food.

5) Include the restaurant’s story

A restaurant is more than its menu.

It’s also about its history, its owners’ histories, culture, and even purpose.

Establishing the restaurant’s story in the introduction of your review can help pique your readers’ interest in the place.

6) Pay attention to cultural nuances

To add to my previous point, you should always be mindful when writing about food.

Do not refer to dishes as ‘ethnic’, ‘exotic’, or worse, ‘oriental’.

Food carries with them the long history of struggle and achievements of the culture which they are from. You need to be respectful of that.

7) It’s ok to not like the food

You don’t have to lie when writing restaurant reviews.

This may even cause the restaurant to receive harsher negative reviews as they were overhyped by your article. So don’t be afraid to be honest about how you find their food. Just don’t trash them unnecessarily. 

You’re all set to start writing an awesome restaurant review !

Those are my top 7 restaurant review writing tips. I hope you’ve found them useful. Becoming a food writer is not going to be easy. But this article is a great start for you!

To get more writing tips to help improve your writing, check out Writing Wildly’s amazing writing blog !

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How to Write a Restaurant Review Essay

You’ve probably been to a restaurant, whether it was for dinner with family or friends or just because you were craving some delicious food. But have you ever stopped to think about what makes a great restaurant?

There are so many different things that can make or break your experience at a restaurant. It could be the ambiance, the food taste, or even how quickly it arrived at your table. And sometimes, you cannot know all these unless you read a restaurant review.

But even if you do not know how to write one, this article covers all you need to know about writing a restaurant review. Further, you will learn what makes a restaurant review stand out, be valuable, and score a high grade if asked to write one by your professor.

Generally, a restaurant review essay consists of three major parts; the introduction, body, and conclusion. Each section can be one or more paragraphs and has a distinctive role and information. Let’s see how these three parts play out and make the entire essay.

Major parts of a restaurant review essay

The introduction.

This is the first part of the review essay and gives a brief background on the spot. The information includes the name of the restaurant, location, and contact details in case you need to make reservations or get more information about the place before visiting it.

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Ideally, this is one paragraph, although sometimes it may be longer. However, aim for a concise section because it is a pacesetter to the review.

The body section is where you talk about what makes this place unique. You can start with an overview of the food served here by describing each item on their menu, followed by its price range.

Further, you can mention how good their service is compared to other restaurants in the city or state. You can also mention some interesting facts about this establishment, like whether they have won any awards from local authorities or not.

The Conclusion

The conclusion is the last part and sums up the entire review. It is also the section you restate your opinion and verdict about the joint.

How to Write an Effective Review

Even if it is your first time writing, or you have not perfected your art, these tips will help you to write an effective restaurant review essay

Choose a Restaurant

It is common knowledge the first step in writing an effective restaurant review essay is choosing a restaurant. However, your choice should be meticulous so that you do not find yourself lacking material to write about.

Ideally, you should choose one that has been around for some time, has received good reviews from others, or has received several awards from local newspapers or magazines. Further, look for an establishment offering different cuisines such as Chinese or Mexican. This way, you won’t be limited by only having one type of food to write on.

To find a restaurant, you can research the restaurant by visiting it, checking its website, or asking your friends if they have ever been there. You can also read online reviews from other customers who have visited this place. In addition, make sure that you check out each review carefully before deciding whether or not they are credible enough for you to use in your paper.

Start with a Draft

Now that you’ve chosen a restaurant, it’s time to write your review. You may be tempted to jump straight into it, but before writing anything down, take a few minutes to think about what you want to say.

What did you like and dislike about the food? How was their service? Did they have a great ambiance? Was it expensive or cheap? Write down these thoughts to be fresh in mind when writing your final draft.

If you’re unsure how many stars out of five this place deserves, just guess for now. Later, you can go over each section individually and decide exactly how many stars each rating should be worth.

Give background information about the restaurant

Spot reviews must have crucial details which help readers know where to find the place and what to expect.

Thus when writing a restaurant review, you’ll want to give your readers some background information about the restaurant. This includes;

  • The name of the restaurant
  • The location of the restaurant
  • What kind of food do they serve (e.g., Asian fusion)
  • How long they’ve been open and how popular they are

Clearly state your stand and view about the restaurant

If you have had a personal experience with the restaurant, it is recommended to express your viewpoint. But even if you have not, state it but be objective and professional by quoting other credible reviews.

To be perfect in this area, follow the following tips.

  • Be honest with your review.
  • Be fair with your review.
  • Be specific about what you liked and disliked.

Avoid Using the “I” Pronoun Constantly

Despite a review being about your experience, excessive use of “I” makes it appear subjective. This is because when writing a restaurant review essay, the goal is to focus on the restaurant itself, not necessarily your personal experience with it.

However, you can include brief comments on your personal feelings, but they should be limited and used only when relevant and helpful to the reader. Your primary focus should be on describing what happened at the restaurant and how it affected you rather than focusing on yourself as an individual.

Include pros and cons

Your review must be objective and not subjective, which is achieved if you give both sides of the story. If you don’t like something about the restaurant, don’t be afraid to say But if there are some things that are great about the restaurant, make sure you mention them too.

Furthermore, ensure your paragraphs are well-structured and easy for readers to understand. For example, if there are three reasons why people should visit this restaurant, explain them one by one instead of all at once.

This separation helps readers understand each reason clearly without confusion or distraction from other points made in the paragraph before or after.

Restate your Stance in the Conclusion

The final paragraph of a restaurant review essay should restate your opinion and provide readers with a summary of the strengths and weaknesses you have identified. The last sentence of this paragraph should clearly state whether or not you would recommend this restaurant to friends and family.

Further, restating your stance is helpful because it helps you to reinforce your point. The reader will likely be able to recall what you have said in the beginning and then apply it to what you have said later on in this paragraph.

We hope this article has given you a better understanding of how to write a restaurant review essay. Remember that it’s always important to have an open mind when reviewing any business to give accurate information about your experience.

However, remember you can always revise your essay after you have completed it to add any other information or opinions that may have come up since you wrote the first draft. That way, by turning in your paper, your essay will read as though a restaurant connoisseur and chief critic wrote it.

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How to Write A Restaurant Review

Table of Contents

Restaurant Review Essay

The Internet has impacted many sectors in the world and changed the way people approach their daily chores. It has also led to the inception of many industries, for example, the review websites which unsurprisingly keep growing each and every day. Every day, millions of people around the world stream to review websites before they visit a certain dentist, visit a particular city, buy some shoes from a renowned seller, or book a table at an exotic restaurant. The influence of this budding industry cannot be ignored or downplayed because the wave is indeed felt all over the globe. One of the biggest sectors in the review business involves restaurants. A significant percentage of review website visitors frequent the restaurant`s section. Reviews targeting restaurants often seek to help consumers or visitors to locate or discover the best spots or joints near them. These sites also help people avoid some joints. Review writing can be a challenge, but when given such an essay it is essential to focus on the fundamentals and ignore the non-essentials. This article will provide you with some tips to help you understand how to approach this type of review essay.

How to start a restaurant review essay

To write a restaurant review , first of all, you need to gather some background information about the restaurant you wish to review. It would be improper to start writing the pros and cons of a restaurant without first telling the readers where the restaurant is located or what the opening hours of the restaurant are. Therefore, research is essential and must be done before writing the review. The audience needs to be taken through the restaurant’s details slowly before they are given information regarding the best cuisine or the mood or the ambiance of the joint.

Here are some tips to help you write a review essay :

  • Offer some background information about the restaurant – it is important for the readers to have information such as the location of the restaurant, the cuisine offered, the phone number of the restaurant, the opening days as well as hours. This information is indeed essential because it makes it easy for potential clients to access the joint faster or to avoid it in case they happen to find themselves within the vicinity.
  • Make your stance/view or opinion about the restaurant known from the start – do not make the readers wait for you to finish the essay for them to find out whether you like or dislike the restaurant. Declare your stance or opinion of the restaurant in the introduction and then focus your energy on explaining why you took that position.
  • Avoid the use of the pronoun I in every sentence – even though a restaurant review is about your eating experience at a certain restaurant, the use of first-person could give the review a subjective look. The use of the second-person, on the other hand, gives the review immediacy and often makes the readers feel represented in the review.
  • Be more creative and avoid superlatives, for example, awesome, incredible, best, etc. – these words often mislead readers and do not provide them with a conclusive representation or evaluation of the restaurant.

How to write the body of a restaurant review essay

The body of an essay often develops from the introduction. Here, the writer mainly supports their assertions in the introduction and builds on the thesis statement. The body section is often bigger and has more paragraphs than the introduction and the conclusion unless you have been asked to write a three-paragraph essay.

In a restaurant review, the fundamentals primarily include food, the service or staff, and finally, the mood or ambiance or atmosphere in the restaurant. These three are often described in greater detail here, a body section, and the writer is expected to be as objective as possible and avoid comparing their experience with another.

Here are tips on how to write the body section:

  • Capture the restaurant’s ambiance or mood – the first paragraph of the body section should capture the atmosphere of the restaurant. Here, the writer should focus on how the sound within the restaurant, the sights inside the restaurant, and the smells within the restaurant. A detailed description of the decorations in the restaurant should be provided. Through such information, readers will find it easy to decide whether the restaurant fits their night out, official date, or official duties.
  • Provide a detailed evaluation of the staff and the service – regardless of the ambiance and the delicious nature of the food, customer service is always among the top most things people consider before they visit a restaurant. Dedicate an entire paragraph or two and describe how the staff treats people as well as how they handle emergencies. Focus primarily on their politeness, as well as courtesy.
  • Review the cuisines offered – for a restaurant review to be termed comprehensive, it is necessary to have a full meal and then offer your view of the same. Mention things like the prices, the texture, the spiciness of the food, as well as the presentation.

How to conclude a restaurant review essay

In essay writing, a conclusion is the second most difficult part of writing. Like the introduction, it should leave a lasting impression on the readers.

Below are tips to help you write a conclusion:

  • Reiterate your general stance or opinion of the restaurant.
  • Provide a summary of the main points emphasizing the most important ones.
  • A majority of reviews also include a section where the writer asks the readers to either visit or not visit the restaurant for review.

review essay for restaurant

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‘The Dish’ Review: I’ll Have What He’s Having

A supply-chain investigation reveals how a plate of dry-aged strip loin ends up on a table in a chicago restaurant..

Nov. 16, 2023 6:59 pm ET


Midway through Andrew Friedman’s “The Dish,” the author visits the packing facility of Nichols Farm in Marengo, Ill., at 3:30 a.m. “The sky above may be dark as squid ink,” he tells us, “but here the business day is well underway.” On the loading dock, he watches as restaurant delivery specialist Marc Hoffmeister loads the refrigerated 16-foot cargo box of a Chevy Express 4500—peaches, corn, delicate greens, cherry tomatoes. This is an odd place for a stranger, with or without a notebook, and an employee asks him what he’s doing there. He tells her who he’s there to write about. “She nods, smiles kindly, gestures around at the co-workers buzzing about: ‘All the people nobody sees.’ ”

Even those of us who work behind desks have, of late, become intimately familiar with the words “supply chain”—shortages during Covid sparked a much greater awareness of the strange linkages that put paper towels on shelves, tires on cars, and cheese on sandwiches. All around us, myriad figures coordinate to bring together the elements needed for commerce. Nowhere is this process more fascinating than in a restaurant.

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How to write a good restaurant review in literature?​


Run a Background Search. Find out how the restaurant market itself to the targeted customers. ...Build a Structure. Write the review in chronological structure. ...Start with Restaurant Information. ...Set Evaluation Criteria. ...Be a Customer, Not a Reviewer. ...Include Both Pros and Cons. ...Discuss Limited Cuisines. ...Be clear, fair and honest

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Choose the focus: Effects or Causes?

Try to find an example of a similar essay and analyze it.

Select a topic (if you aren't given one).

Gather and process all the relevant information about your topic.

Write down your thesis statement.

Thoroughly prepare a well-structured outline of the essay.

Think about the hook you'll use in the introduction.

Go for logically organized central body paragraphs.

Double check your timeline for a proper causal relationship.

Emphasize that your explanations are the most important ones.

Build up a definite conclusion (shouldn't longer than your introduction).

Make a break to clear your head (from a few hours to a day).

Revise it and ask somebody to check it for vagueness or mistakes.

Double check it for coherence and smooth transitions.

Before writing a cause and effect essay/writing, you must take into account the following steps:

1. Make a list of topics (Just write down any topic that comes to mind or if you already have one just start with it).

2. Choose your topic (the best topic to choose is the one you already know something about).

3. Brainstorm to choose cause or effect (make two lists, one for causes and one for effects, write down all the possible causes and effects).

4. Conduct the research (when researching, choose credible sources (sources written by experts on the topic, not personal blogs or unverifiable sources)).

5. Craft your thesis (the thesis statement should answer the question: why should I care about this topic?).

6. Write an outline (the outline for a cause and effect essay depends on the additional instructions your teachers assign but often you have to write a five-paragraph paper in which you include:

  • Introduction paragraph - where you introduce your topic and state your thesis.
  • Supporting paragraph 1 - where you discuss one idea that supports your thesis .
  • Supporting paragraph 2 - where you discuss a second idea that supports your thesis.
  • Antithesis paragraph - where you entertain the opposing side’s argument (ex: if you chose global warming, you might write about how some deny its existence).
  • Conclusion - here you may restate your thesis and present any ideas or thoughts for future research on this topic.

7. Write your first draft (once you’ve done all your research and outline, the first draft should be relatively easy to write).

Read this excerpt from The Great Fire. "Schaffer's first signal went out at 9:30. Several minutes later, Schaffer realized his mistake and ordered Box 319 struck. This was still seven blocks away from the O'Learys', but close enough that firefighters could see the flames and alter their course. Unfortunately, Schaffer's young assistant, William J. Brown, stubbornly refused to strike Box 319, saying he was afraid it would confuse the situation. Brown was so stubborn about his decision that even after the fire he was able to write arrogantly in a letter that "I am still standing the watch that burned Chicago." These errors had two fatal consequences. The most obvious was that a number of engines and dozens of firefighters were sent on a wild-goose chase and did not get to the fire for many minutes. More critical is that it kept fire companies located near De Koven Street in their stations. Several had seen the eerie, dancing glow beyond the rooftops near them and, even without official notice from Schaffer, prepared to respond. When they heard Box 342 rung, however, they assumed the fire was out of their territory and unhitched the horses. Only two fire companies were not fooled by the misleading alarm." How does the structure of this excerpt illustrate the central idea that a series of individual mistakes contributed to the spread of the blaze? A. by comparing and contrasting different people’s decisions and abilities B. by comparing and contrasting the most effective firefighting techniques C. by clearly explaining the reasons for the misleading alarm and its impact D. by clearly explaining the reasons the fire started and the way it was put out

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This excerpt of "The Great Fire" has a cause-and-effect structure which helps readers understand why there was an ineffective response by firefighters. We are told that one man, Schaffer, made the first mistake by striking a different box than would be best. He, however, realized that was not the proper one, and finally ordered box 319 to be struck. The second mistake, then, comes from Schaffer's assistant, William. He chooses not to do as he is told, even though the order came from his superior. His arrogance confuses firefighters, since he strikes the wrong box. The consequence was that the fire was not properly fought, burning on for several deadly minutes since companies didn't know what to do.

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The umbrella dates back more than 3,000 years to Mesopotamia. (2) That ancient land was located in the Middle East. (3) The Middle East is a hot and sunny part of the world. (4) Royalty there demanded protection from the sun. (5) People developed the umbrella for this purpose. (6) Use of the umbrella as a sunshade then spread to ancient Europe. (7) In fact, if you analyze the origin of the word umbrella,you will see that it reflects the umbrella’s original purpose. (8) Umbrella comes from the Latin word umbra. (9) Umbra means “shade.” (10) Eventually, the Romans used the umbrella to protect themselves from the rain. (11) They used the umbrella to protect themselves from the sun as well. (12) Today, umbrellas are used mainly as raingear. Which is the most effective way to combine sentences 2 and 3? A. That ancient land was located in the Middle East, a hot and sunny part of the world. B. That ancient land was located in the Middle East, and the Middle East is a hot and sunny part of the world. C. A hot and sunny part of the world is the ancient land the Middle East. D. Located in the Middle East, a hot and sunny part of the world, that ancient land.

A. That ancient land was located in the Middle East, a hot and sunny part of the world.

Options B through D simply do not make any sense. They overuse words, and are far too long. Sentence 2 starts off with "That ancient land was located in the Middle East." So it would make sense to start the revised sentence that way. Add "The Middle East" to sentence 1, and there you go.

It is grammatically correct and gets rid of the wordiness of two sentences.

Why the other choices are not as good:

B. That ancient land was located in the Middle East, and the Middle East is a hot and sunny part of the world.

This is basically the same as the original: there is nothing grammatically incorrect, but it is just too wordy.

C. A hot and sunny part of the world is the ancient land the Middle East.

This sentence changes it such that the focus is no longer on the ancient land or Middle East and rather on the "hot and sunny part".

D. Located in the Middle East, a hot and sunny part of the world, that ancient land.

This sentence is grammatically incorrect, because it has only a dependent clause.

Hunter wants to measure the weight of a dumbbell. He should use a beaker with water and record the weight in N. use a scale and record the weight in cm³. use a beaker with water and record the weight in cm³. use a scale and record the weight in N.

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B. Ignoring the wisdom and experience of others can lead to terrible consequences.

This is one of the themes that is expressed in the story "The Monkey's Paw." In this story, we learn that the family is warned about the dangers of using the magic paw. However, their desire and ambition motivates them to use it anyway. This leads to catastrophic consequences for all the members, showing that it is not a good idea to ignore the wisdom and experience of others.

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Sample Essay About Restaurant Review

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Our Principles

We work in two directions – to show the original taste of fish and seafood with minimal processing. And in combination with different sauces, products and recipes from different cuisines of the world. The main and indisputable principle of the restaurant is to maintain impeccable quality for each product.

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If you got interested in this article, you probably face problems with essay writing, and it’s okay. Don’t worry; you belong to the 80% of school and college students who consider essays too complicated papers. However, they can’t change the curriculum and avoid essay writing, no matter how hard they want it. If we look at essay writing in detail, we’ll define there’s nothing difficult in it. You choose a topic, decide what type of paper you’ll write, find a recommended structure on the Internet and write a paper. Unfortunately, it looks easy only at first sight. But when you sit down and try to start the process, you face numerous problems and difficulties, making you hate this activity.

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One may argue and say that it’s possible to find the necessary information on the Internet and use it to write an essay, but an essay about restaurant review is a very specific type of paper, and it’s rather difficult to find something about it online.

How To Craft An Outstanding Restaurant Review Essay?

This paper may seem unusual even for those students who used to write essays and do it well because it doesn’t belong to any existing type of essay. We can classify it as a descriptive essay, but there still are some aspects that make it different. Well, you opened this page to see a sample essay about restaurant review. We’ll describe each step of writing a restaurant review essay, and you may be sure that this paper will be graded high. If you’re ready to become an expert of essay writing, read the article till the end:

  • Make sure you understand the assignment. 90% of students who don’t know what to write just fail to understand the assignment. Professors usually send a document with all requirements, but if something seems vague, don’t be afraid to ask the professor to explain it once more. You may move on to the next step only if you know the topic, the structure, and the information you should include in your paper.
  • Define the subject of your review. Since you plan to review a cafe or a restaurant, you’d better check with your professor. Should this restaurant be local, or you’re free to choose a world-famous place located in another country? We strongly recommend you to consult even if the information doesn’t seem to be very important.
  • Visit the place you’ll review. It’s better to choose a local restaurant because it lets you craft an honest review based on your impression after you visit this place. Book a table, invite your friend or someone you know and pay attention to all details. Assess the quality of dishes, the attitude of staff towards visitors, the interior and atmosphere, the name of the restaurant, pricing, etc. Don’t rely on your memory and write notes while sitting in the restaurant.
  • Create a draft. If you think that this type of essay presupposes you should use the traditional paper structure, consisting of the introduction, main body, and conclusion, you’re wrong. It’ll hardly look like a review. We recommend you start with a few introductory sentences and then move on to discuss all features of this restaurant, starting with its name, decor, menu, and so on.
  • Edit your draft. If you think that your first draft will be your final paper, you probably are new to essay writing or too sure of yourself. Don’t start editing and proofreading immediately after you finish writing — let your brain and eyes rest and forget about what you’ve written. It’s okay to start it the next day. The first thing you should do is to read the paper carefully and see what you’ve missed. Perhaps there’s a piece of important information about the restaurant you found later, so be ready to rewrite some paragraphs. Then you need to check and correct mistakes: grammatical, vocabulary, etc. You can use online checkers to assist yourself.
  • Ask for assistance. Sometimes our eyes get used to what we are writing and don’t see mistakes even when they are. That’s why you can ask your friend to read the paper and say what’s wrong. If you don’t want to bother friends, you can visit a custom writing service and hire a professional proofreader for this purpose. CustomWriting.com offers such services to students.

As you see, writing a restaurant review is not that complicated. You can find some successful examples on the Internet to understand what a good paper should look like. The secret of success is to follow our recommendations and ask for professional advice. If you see there’s almost no free time left, don’t waste your nerves: hire a professional writer from a reliable custom writing service and get your essay done. These services are anonymous, so no one will find out about it.

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Restaurant Review: At the Noortwyck, an Eleven Madison Park Chef Gets Neighborly

In his Greenwich Village kitchen, Andrew Quinn finds the middle ground between grandeur and informality.

Brown sauce drizzles from a spoon on to a plate on which sliced duck and chard are waiting.

By Pete Wells

For years, one of Eleven Madison Park’s favorite party tricks has been inviting diners midway through the meal to have a drink in the kitchen. If you accept, you will be led to a spot against the back wall behind a shallow ledge that looks something like a communion rail. There you stand as an elaborate cocktail is mixed, narrated and poured. You get to check out the cooks at their stations, and they get to check you out.

Given that Eleven Madison Park is the equivalent of Harvard for ambitious young cooks and servers, the checking out always seemed especially intense when I walked into the kitchen during a review meal. Dozens of workers from the garde-manger station to the glassware pantry would size me up and, no doubt, commit my features to memory for the day when I would slink into some new place where they were trying to make their own fame and fortune.

Those viewing parties come to mind each time I drop in to see a new restaurant with a chef who once worked at Eleven Madison Park. There is James Kent at Crown Shy , Austin Johnson at One White Street , and Christian Rowan of Marian’s , among others. And last year, the space on Bleecker Street that used to hold John Fraser’s the Loyal was taken over by a pair of Eleven Madison Park alumni. Andrew Quinn runs the kitchen and Cedric Nicaise is in charge of the dining room and wine. They call their place the Noortwyck .

Like those other chefs, Mr. Quinn is exacting and precise, with a whole arsenal of skills and a minimalist sensibility that calls for most of the technical stuff to be tucked quietly into dishes that look simple and straightforward, even when they’re not.

Those chefs must know that it would be pointless to compete directly with Eleven Madison Park, so they’ve all planted their flags somewhere on the middle ground between its Michelin-bait grandeur and the come-as-you-are informality of a local tavern. They invite the neighborhood inside.

At the Noortwyck, you don’t take a field trip to the kitchen for a cocktail. You can, though, slip from Bleecker Street into the bar up front, which is usually buzzing with regulars by 6 p.m., and order something from a list of not-too-show-offy drinks. Though the full-strength cocktails are skillfully made, I kept coming back to a nonalcoholic one, the Shift Drink, a grapefruit-and-ginger-beer cooler in a tumbler filled with ice pebbles.

Traffic at the bar and the small cafe tables around it seems to thin out after 8 p.m. As for the dining room, a clean and elegantly unadorned space anchored by long banquettes in Cognac-toned velvet and leather, it will probably be busy whenever you go.

You will probably want to start with raw seafood, which Mr. Quinn handles with some imagination. Fluke ceviche is arresting in its bath of green leche de tigre that is extracted from celery, cucumber, limes and herbs. Shucked oysters are dressed with a bright-red and garden-fresh hot sauce under slivers of pickled green tomatoes.

A one-ounce tin of caviar comes to the table with crème fraîche and steaming-hot scones flecked with chives. This is $70, more than anything else on the menu except a roast chicken for two, which is $10 more. If you find sturgeon roe a little too rich but like the sound of the scones, consider one of the other baked goods on the appetizer menu. The braided Parker House rolls are wonderful, topped with flax and sunflower seeds; to eat the rolls you pull them apart like monkey bread.

I would also order the beignets again, partly just to see the ribbons of shaved tête de Moine cheese wilting over their tops — even though I’d probably call them gougères. The baked milk buns filled with duck char siu are delicious, too — good enough to stand on their own without the whipped foie gras butter on the side, which gets a little messy when you slather it on.

Mr. Quinn has a keen sense of what makes a good salad. Pink, green and white leaves of chicory are arrayed over a bed of fromage blanc, to soften their bitterness. And the Noortwyck’s kale salad is not quite like other kale salads; shaved Gouda adds its crystalline, caramel sweetness to the greens, which are showered with toasted pine nuts and garnished, unexpectedly, with slices of pickled apples.

The pastas I tried have been overcomplicated. My luck was better with the main courses, which show off Mr. Quinn’s ability to keep multiple ideas singing in tune. There is a creamy steamed halibut fillet cloaked in a buttery parsley-vermouth sauce, served over chanterelles and tiny saffron-scented gnocchi. More forcefully, there is the charcoal-grilled duck breast, meaty and bittersweet under its rub of molasses and other barbecue-sauce flavors (not ketchup, though).

Does the tender belly of porcelet still attached to a crisp and expertly rendered tan lid of skin remind anyone else of the brick of fat-basted suckling pig that Daniel Humm used to cook, before he gave up meat? There are similarities, even if it does not make my head spin quite as fast. It is still very good, and pairing it with a tart tamarind spread is a terrific idea.

Once you open the wine list and see that it runs to more than 30 pages, you quickly realize that it was put together by somebody with passion for the subject. That somebody is the Noortwyck’s other owner, Mr. Nicaise. There are not as many bottles as there are at Eleven Madison Park, but there are many more than we are used to finding across the street from Caliente Cab Co.’s giant sloshing margarita . What I like best about the list is not its length so much as its attention to different winemaking styles and budgets. (Nice to meet you, $55 soave classico. Come here often?)

Ileene Cho handles the pastry kitchen. The crunchy Parker House rolls are hers, and she is just as adept at squeezing new sparks out of familiar desserts. Even her apple pie à la mode comes across as fresh. And I haven’t taken anybody to the Noortwyck who didn’t love her mille feuille — bananas and caramel darkened with stout layered between papery tuiles stacked up in a Jenga tower.

It seems to be overreaching, too ambitious not to topple. In fact, it’s quite solidly built.

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Pete Wells has served as restaurant critic since 2012. He joined The Times as dining editor in 2006. More about Pete Wells

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Eating in New York City

How did a signature item at the Red Hook Lobster Pound, a lobster roll and fries, come to cost $32? Blame the pandemic .

At Noortwyck in Greenwich Village, the chef Andrew Quinn, who once worked at Eleven Madison Park, finds the middle ground between grandeur and informality, Pete Wells writes .

Scoring a reservation in New York can seem impossible, but it may be easier than you think. Here’s how the competition played out for one dinner .

Here are the 18 New York City restaurant openings  to keep an eye on this fall, including a subway-station tasting counter, a Louisiana-style oyster bar and the return of Café Boulud.

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