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Requirement Documents

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paper requirements philippines

Requirement Documents philippines

1. Applicant's Signature on School's Forms

For security and legal reason, schools require writing down student's signature. If the name of applicant and financial sponsor are different, sponsor must write down signatures on documents which school requires. Once documents are all signed, student can return those documents to the school. Some schools ask students to send a copy of passport, so it's recommended to signing the same signature on documents same as the passport signature. Also, if documents are about additional personal information which was not on online application, student can fill it out after read the direction carefully.

2. Non-Refundable Application Fee

or cancel the admission. If application fee is not paid, the school will not process the admission procedure. For online application, there's a payment sections with credit card information (Visa, Master Card, philippinesn Express) and application fee must be paid once student is finishing the application. If schools are not accepting credit card as a payment method, follow the school's payment direction. To transfer money, student can go to a bank where is available to exchange. ※ To transfer foreign exchange In general, people use open check (Bank Check, Banker's draft) or bank transfer. To send money as check, issue a check with currency of the country to send and send it via international post. Check usually issues during the day in general and can be charged with some fees. Bank transfer is available in a bank which has international transfer service. Transfer to the school's bank account works after fill out an international transfer request form. Highly recommended to get a photo copy of request form or receipt and send it to the school. For wire transfer, it usually take 3-5 business days and can be charged some fees.

3. Financial Statement / Official Bank Statement

Financial statement is a verification document that the student is able to afford all the expense to study abroad (tuition, residence and living cost). The amount of money can be different depends on the country, school, program to attend. This document is submitted to the school and embassy for visa, and it is one of the most important documents for admission procedure. It needs to be issued from a bank account which has enough balance and it costs some fees to be issued. Usually it issues by banks or financial institution but some schools require filling out a specific form. In that case, student can bring the form to the financial institution to be filled in English. If applicant and sponsor (family, or someone else) are different, the sponsor needs a proof of the relationship between applicant and bank statement. If applicant is using sponsor's account, applicant needs to get an agreement letter with sponsor's signature.

4. Tuition Deposit

While student is processing the admission progress, some schools are asking for tuition deposit. Deposit is different with application fee and its part of tuition to save a spot as an accepted student. Once student is paying for tuition, student will pay rest of the money after paying deposit. Please note that some schools' deposit is not refundable as canceling the admission progress. If it's refundable, it'll return as following the policy of canceling admission.

5.Transcript / Official Grade Report

Transcript is a document which has all the information about subject, semester hour, grades with principal of the school's signature. This is a document which will be submitted to the school where student is applying and also one of the required documents for admission process and student visa. High school or college or any institution of the most recent education will issue this. If English transcript is not available, student may receive a copy of english transcript and ask a third-person for translation then send a copy of english and English script together with a signature of the principal. Sometimes schools require sending a transcript directly from the institution which issuing a transcript and for this step, student needs to pay a close attention. If student is sending a transcript with other documents, it must be sealed and if there's any opened mark, the transcript will be no longer valid.

6. Certificate of Degree / Diploma

Diploma is a document of the proof of student's graduation from affiliated schools now or in the past with the signature of the institution's principal. This document will be submitted with transcript for visa and admission process. In general, it needs to be issued from the school of recent education progress. If this document can't be issued in English, it can be requested for translation. This document also needs to be sealed and once it opens before the school receives, it will be no longer valid document anymore.

7. Medical Report

Medical Report is an official document from a doctor which includes with the student's information of medical history, shot records, record of eyesight test, and other conditions with prescription. If school is sending an established form, student can bring it to a hospital for an assistant. If there's no specific form, student needs to ask if a hospital is available with medical certificate.

8. Official Test Score Report

Generally, student can write down his/her capability of languages based on student's decision but some schools require sending documents of language proficiency.

9. Essay / Statement of Purpose

Schools are requiring an essay about the reason of choosing the school when student is applying for admission. Essays usually covered on what student's ultimate goal and subjects have studied and sometimes needs to write a specific topic as a requirement. The amount is usually 1 to 2 pages of letter-sized paper.

10. Recommendation Letter

Schools regard recommendation as one of the most important documents to see the student's creativity and personality. Not that many schools are requiring this but usually, professional diploma and business schools are requiring recommendation letters. Person to write a letter can be a professor, former teacher, or a supervisor and the amount of recommendation is 1 to 2 pages of letter-sized paper.


  • General Information
  • Application Process
  • Requirements
  • Appointment
  • Verification
  • Verify Foreign Apostille
  • Report of Birth
  • Report of Marriage
  • Report of Death
  • Report of Birth (For Japanese-Born Applicants)
  • Report of Marriage (For Marriages solemnized in Japan / contracted between a Filipino and a Japanese national
  • Book an Appointment
  • Renewal ePassport
  • Renewal non-ePassport
  • Valid IDs for Passport Application
  • Certification
  • Courtesy Lane Eligibility
  • Courtesy Lane – Online Appointment System (CL-OAS)
  • Online Passport Application System (OPAS)
  • Government entities requesting visa assistance for foreign nationals
  • Private entities endorsing visa application for foreign nationals
  • Foreign government entities requesting visa assistance for foreign nationals
  • Accredited International Organization (IO) Entities endorsing visa application for foreign nationals
  • APEC Business Travel Card
  • Online Verification for 9(a) Endorsements
  • Online Verification for 9(e) Endorsements
  • Philippine e-Visa Verification Portal
  • Directory of Office of Consular Affairs’ Officials (OCA)
  • Directory of Consular Offices (CO)
  • Directory of Foreign Service Posts (FSP)
  • Directory of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA)
  • DFA Citizen’s Charter
  • Directory of Temporary Off-site Passport Service (TOPS)
  • Directory of Passport Courier Service Providers

paper requirements philippines

Philippine Standard Time

Core requirements for adult new applications.

  • Confirmed Online Appointment ( click here )
  • Personal Appearance
  • Accomplished Application Form
  • Married Females (who are using their spouse’s last name) must also present Original and submit photocopy of PSA Authenticated Marriage Contract on Security Paper or Report of Marriage
  • Local Civil Registrar Copy is required if PSA Birth Certificate is not clear or cannot be read
  • Any of the following acceptable IDs with one (1) photocopy ( click here  for the List of Acceptable IDs for Passport Processing)

NOTE: If woman opts to retain maiden name, a Marriage Contract is not required. Additional requirements may be required, please refer to the section below.

Supporting Documents for Adult New Applications

In addition to the core requirements, the following supporting documents will be further required in the following cases:

In case of Late Registered Birth Certificate

  • If Birth Certificate was registered at least ten (10) years ago, application will be treated as a regular application, and no additional supporting documents will be required
  • If Birth Certificate was registered less than ten (10) years ago, applicant must submit IDs that pre-date the late registration or current IDs with NBI Clearance

In case applicant has NO Birth Certificate or Report of Birth:

  • If applicant is born AFTER 1950 – applicant must first file for late registration with Local Civil Registrar (LCR) or Consular Office with jurisdiction over the place where applicant was born. Applicant will then submit the original copy of the PSA authenticated late registered Birth Certificate and IDs that pre-date the late registration or current IDs with NBI Clearance.
  • If applicant is born ON OR BEFORE 1950 – applicant must submit original and photocopy of PSA Authenticated Certificate of No Birth Record and Affidavit of Two Disinterested Persons attesting to the identity of the applicant (Affidavit should include photocopy of IDs of the Two Disinterested Persons indicated in the presented document)

If an Applicant’s marriage has been dissolved and wants to revert to her maiden surname

  • Applicant must submit original and photocopy of PSA Birth Certificate and acceptable IDs.
  • Applicant must submit original and photocopy of the annotated PSA Marriage Certificate (MC) or Report of Marriage (ROM) stating that the marriage has been dissolved; OR

If applicant has lacking data in Birth Certificate or Report of Birth

  • Applicant must present original and submit photocopy of proof of filing of supplemental report from the Local Civil Registrar (LCR)

If applicant has discrepancy in data in Birth Certificate / Report of Birth and other documents

  • If the discrepant data is in the BC, the applicant must submit annotated birth certificate authenticated by PSA reflecting the corrected entry. If the discrepant data is in the other documents, the BC will be followed.
  • Discrepancy in first name – Applicant must submit the original and photocopy of the petition and supporting documents for correction of first name filed with Local Civil Registrar (LCR) or consulate
  • Discrepancy in other data – Applicant must submit annotated birth certificate authenticated by PSA reflecting the corrected entry

If applicant is a Dual Citizen

  • Confirmed Online Appointment( click here )
  • Government Issued IDs (Refer to the list of valid Philippine Government Issued IDs or their secondary citizenship/residence counterparts)
  • If the applicant possesses dual citizenship from birth (i.e. one parent is a Filipino while the other parent is a citizen from which the applicant’s other citizenship is derived; or, have both Filipino parents but was born in a country which applies jus soli citizenship; etc.) – Original and photocopy PSA-authenticated Birth Certificate/Report of Birth
  • If the Filipino citizenship was reacquired or retained as specified in RA 9225: – Original and photocopy of identification certificate issued by a Philippine Foreign Service Post (FSP) or by the Bureau of Immigration (BI)

If applicant is a Naturalized Filipino Citizen

  • Original and photocopy of Identification Certificate of Naturalization from BI

If applicant obtained Filipino citizenship by Election

  • Original and photocopy of Affidavit of Election of Philippine Citizenship
  • Original and photocopy of Identification Certificate of Election from BI

If applicant has been granted citizenship by Act of Legislation

  • Certified true copy of the law granting citizenship
  • Foreign Birth Certificate authenticated by Philippine FSP

paper requirements philippines

  • Open Data Portal
  • Official Gazette
  • Office of the President
  • Sandiganbayan
  • Senate of the Philippines
  • House of Representatives
  • Department of Health
  • Department of Finance
  • Supreme Court
  • Court of Appeals
  • Court of Tax Appeals
  • Judicial Bar and Council
  • Bureau of Immigration (BI)
  • Bureau of Customs
  • Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA)
  • National Bureau of Investigation (NBI)

paper requirements philippines

paper requirements philippines

Paper industry -- Laws and regulations

Logo of the Philippine Embassy in Washington DC

Travel Document

A travel document is a certification or identifying document containing the description and other personal circumstances of the bearer, which is issued in lieu of a passport and valid for one-way, direct travel to the Philippines. A travel document is issued to a Filipino citizen being sent back to the Philippines or who needs to urgently travel home but is unable to fully comply with the requirements for the issuance of a regular passport, at the time of emergency. Proof of urgency/emergency is needed.


Embassyreqs Dual 50

Duly accomplished Travel Document application form . Form must be notarized if applying by mail.

Embassyreqs Dual 51

Any document stating proof of urgency

Embassyreqs Dual 54

Four (4) 2″ x 2″ colored photos taken within 6 months, showing a clear front view of applicant’s face, with a white background (sleeveless attire not accepted)

Embassyreqs Traveldoc 68

Original and/or photocopy of expired/lost passport.

If expired/lost passport is not available, Notarized affidavit of Loss & Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) Birth Certificate and Marriage Certificate

Embassyreqs Dual 44

Original or notarized copy of proof that the applicant is still a Filipino   and  two (2) photocopies. Such proof may be, but not limited to, a green card, visa, notice of action, work permit, or dual IC. (Note: absence of any such aforementioned documents will not automatically result in denial of a passport application and an applicant possessing other evidence that proves that he/she has retained Filipino citizenship may still proceed with his/her application subject to the assessment of the Consular Officer.)

Embassyreqs Dual 45

Self-Addressed USPS Priority/Priority Express Return Envelope ( (with  $9.90 Stamp  and  Tracking Number ) or other pre-paid mailing envelope from courier of choice (except FedEx) , if travel document is to be mailed back.

Embassyreqs Dual 46

Processing fee $30.00 payable in cash or money order made payable to “Embassy of the Philippines”. (Personal checks and credit cards are not accepted)

Please note that the validity of travel document is only one (1) month and it is being issued due to emergency reason(s). Hence, its immediate usage is necessary.

The Consular Officer reserves the right to require additional documents from an applicant, to prove his/ her identity and/or citizenship, and ensure accurate and complete personal data entries, pursuant to the Philippine Passport Law (R.A. 8239) and the Foreign Service Act (R.A. 7157).

Click here to download a checklist for all the requirements.

[email protected]

Citizen's Charter

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Document Size Requirements For Philippine Bureau Of Immigration Forms


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bidrod said: Mark everything I have found on the BI checklist states the folder needs to be 8½ x 14 in., nothing stating the size of the correspondence included in the folder. Chuck Click to expand...


bigpearl said: We secured a ream legal/14 inch 70 gsm paper from National book store in Manila some 8 + years ago, believing it was the norm here, it went back to Australia and yes back here in the Philippines. personally 80 gsm is much better and honestly it was only a few docs that we needed for that sized paper and probably not. Scanning or photocopying 14 inch legal docs? Who has such a scanner? Even our registered land title is on A4 and that suits the printer/scanner we have and is a legal document. All the paperwork required through our immigration agent for PH. immi and Oz immi for Ben to emigrate to Australia was on A4, some 600 plus pages. While I haven't read Chuck's post in that topic he is correct with what is stated on many government sites with regards to the folder size, we have accomplished applications and supplied a manila folder (correct size from National book store) as requested but all the docs within were A4. and never slapped including the manila folder being returned after the application/s were submitted. So the legal sized paper we purchased all those years ago is now scratch and plan paper but I'll make sure we hold 50 or so sheets just in case. Only an opinion but I think that perhaps it looks really cool if you work for a government institution, putting together a proposal for requirements noting legal size paper,,,,,,,, looks really good on your resume when applying for your next job. If it was the norm here I'm sure printers/scanners would be sold to accommodate wishful thinking. OMO and an interesting topic. Cheers, Steve. Click to expand...

What's the Size of Long Bond Paper in Philippines?

Hey_Joe said: A4-sized paper according to ADVISORY: Visa Requirements For Foreign Nationals Allowed To Enter The Philippines While Under Community Quarantine | Philippine Embassy – Tokyo, Japan Click to expand...

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paper requirements philippines

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paper requirements philippines


Fresh Graduate Checklist Philippines: Pre-Employment Requirements

paper requirements philippines

By   Global Strategic

May 12, 2022

The Ultimate Checklist A Fresh Graduate From The Philippines Needs To Know

Congratulations on graduating! You’re now one step closer to your dream career. However, the unfortunate reality is that adulting involves A LOT of paperwork, documents, and other requirements.

But, don’t you worry because, in this article, we’re going to go through a detailed list of things you’ll need before applying for your next job!

Fresh Graduate Checklist Philippines: Pre-Employment Requirements

Naturally, each company that you apply for is different. Thus, you can expect that each of these companies might require different documents. Luckily, most companies in the Philippines would generally require you to present basic government-mandated forms.

With that, here is the list of pre-employment requirements for Filipino fresh graduates:

Birth Certificate

This is one of the most basic requirements every company is going to ask of you. So, before applying it’s recommended that you already have copies of your birth certificate ready.

There are different ways for you to secure your birth certificate if you don’t have an original copy. For starters, you can go directly to your nearest NSO office. Additionally, going to malls that have Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) booths is another option.

Meanwhile, if you don’t have the time to go out and get your birth certificate yourself, you can definitely apply for it online.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get your birth certificate online:

In order to secure a birth certificate online, go to the PSA website . Afterward, click on the “ Order Now ” button.

Then, the website is going to prompt you to choose which type of certificate you wish to order. Find “Birth” and click on it. Usually, this would be the first option to appear.

Next, click on “My Own Birth Certificate” if you want to get your own, or “For Someone else” if it’s for another.

To proceed, you’d need to present the following information:

  • Your name, sex, birthday, and valid government-issued ID
  • Your name as it appears on your birth certificate
  • Your father’s name
  • Your mother’s name
  • Your birthplace
  • Late registration (if applicable)
  • The purpose of your request
  • Legal proceedings (if applicable)
  • Your delivery address and contact information

Finally, just fill out the extra information required until you get to the “order summary page”. Once there you can review the information you’ve put in as well as the payment options.

There are over-the-counter payment options through stores like 7/11 and online payment options such as Gcash.

All employees in the Philippines need to get registered in the Social Security System. This form is needed for insurance, retirement, and even sick leave benefits.

As a fresh graduate, chances are that you’ll be a first-time applicant. Thus, you need to fill out the SSS E1 form. Click this link to find the form online.

How do you get an SSS E1 form for fresh graduates?

Simply follow these steps to secure yourself an SSS E1 form:

  • Go to the SSS website and fill out the information boxes and click on submit. Be sure to review the information before you continue.
  • After filling out the form, a link should be sent to the email address you provided. Check your email and fill out the next form.
  • Following this, an SSS number should be generated for you. After you click the “Generate SS number” button, you will receive an option to have your form printed along with your SS Number Slip.
  • Print the Personal Record Form, SS Number Slip, and SSS Number Application Confirmation email body that was sent to you by the number. Bring these to the nearest SSS branch along with the required documents.


Another requirement for fresh graduate applicants is the NBI Clearance. Luckily, getting this document is simple to do. You can get the application form online and check the date for a schedule or go to your local NBI branch.

Pro-tip, much like most government offices, it’s better to come earlier. In most cases, offices such as the NBI have a limited number of slots available for walk-in applicants each day.

Pag-IBIG membership is another necessary membership for all Filipino employees. Your employer is required by law to remit your Pag-IBIG installments every month, in addition to SSS and PhilHealth obligations.

PhilHealth provides health aid to qualified beneficiaries and dependents, allowing them to access low-cost healthcare. PhilHealth provides universal health coverage as well as hospital charge reductions.

New members of the workforce are required to get their TIN number. Not only will this be important when applying, but you’ll also need this as a requirement for things such as loans, credit or debit card applications, and many more.

Diploma & Transcript Of Records

Applicants need to secure their diploma or transcript records to prove that they did attend and graduate from the school listed on their resume.

So, now that you’ve prepared all the necessary documents and want to take the next step in your career journey, Global Strategic wants to hear from you.  Apply today  and become part of the team!

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