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How To Write An Essay On My Country For Classes 1, 2 And 3

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Key Points to Remember When Writing an Essay on My Country for Classes 1, 2 and 3

10-line essay on ‘my country’ in english, short essay on my country for classes 1 & 2, long paragraph on my country for class 3, what will your 1st, 2nd, or 3rd grader learn from ‘my country’ essay.

Our country has a rich history, diverse culture, valuable heritage and many unique aspects. Learning about these aspects lays the foundation of patriotism in children. The pride in their country motivates them to be good citizens and think about themselves as part of a larger community. In school, students are asked to write an essay on their country to increase their general knowledge and improve their writing skills. This can be a fairly difficult topic to write about, as students will need lots of guidance on how to weave the facts with their thoughts. Here are some sample essays on ‘My Country’ for classes 1, 2 and 3.

Writing an essay about their country requires students to balance some facts about the country with their own perspectives. Here are some tips on how to compose an essay on ‘my country’:

  • For short essays in simple lines, stick to essential facts that define the country.
  • For short paragraph essays, children will have to express their thoughts about different aspects of their country.
  • For long essays on the country, students will be required to memorise important facts about the country, balanced with their perspectives.

A short essay for class 1 and class 2 can include facts about the country, and its important accomplishments. Here is an example for a simple one-line essay on our country:

  • India is my motherland, and I am a proud citizen of my country.
  • India has a large population with diverse people.
  • India is peninsular, forming the southern tip of Asia.
  • My country is vast and beautiful, surrounded by great seas to the south and the tallest mountain peaks to the north.
  • India got its independence from the British in 1947. It is now the largest democracy in the world.
  • India is popular worldwide for farming and agriculture as many different varieties of fruits and vegetables are cultivated here.
  • India has the Taj Mahal, which is one of the wonders of the world.
  • India is a popular tourist destination for people around the world.
  • India has a rich and diverse culture with various cuisines that are loved by people across the globe.
  • Our country is considered a holy land as many spiritual seekers come to find inspiration here.

A short essay in the form of a paragraph on our country can talk about various aspects such as the culture, history, geography or anything else your child wishes to write. Here is an example:

My country, India, is an ancient country with a history that goes back thousands of years. We have a rich cultural heritage which is respected all over the world. India has also made remarkable contributions to science and technology.

India is part of the Asian continent. It is peninsular, surrounded by the Bay of Bengal to the east, the Arabian Sea to the west, and the great Indian Ocean to the south. Towards the north, the country is surrounded by great mountain ranges with the tallest peaks in the world called the Himalayas.

India has a vast and diverse population, making it the second-most populous country and the largest democracy in the world. India has various cultures, traditions, faiths, languages and even cuisines. I am proud of my country’s rich heritage and all its achievements.

To write a long paragraph on ‘my country’ for class 3, students will have to remember important facts about India. The essay can start with an introductory paragraph on modern India and its ancient roots. It can then go on to talk about various geographical features and cultures. Here is an example:

India is my country. It is a land of diverse cultures, languages, and religions living in unity and harmony. India is also called ‘Bharat’ or ‘Hindustan’ in its native languages. The Indian flag is tricoloured with stripes of saffron at the top, white in the middle, and green at the bottom with the Ashoka Chakra in the centre. India is an ancient country with a culture that spans thousands of years.

India is the world’s largest democracy, having the second-largest population. It has 28 states and eight union territories. It is the seventh-largest country by landmass. It is surrounded by the great Himalayas in the North and vast oceans to the South. India shares its borders with neighbouring countries such as China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, and Myanmar.

Historically the name India can be traced back to the river Indus, derived from the word ‘Sindhu.’ The country’s national animal is the tiger, and the national bird is the peacock.

India is also known as the land of spirituality and philosophy. People from different countries come to India to seek spiritual guidance. Even the practice of Yoga, now globally popular, originated in ancient India.

I am a proud Indian. If we strive for it, we can make India prosper and become a world leader in the future.

Writing an essay on their country encourages children to learn about their motherland and pick up some facts and general knowledge about their heritage. The essay also teaches children how to assimilate these facts and put them together in a coherent written format for their writing assignments. The essay can touch upon various aspects of the country, such as history, geographical and demographic facts, and noteworthy accomplishments. Students can then weave a good narrative around the facts and express their perspectives.

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  • Essays for Class 2
  • Essays for Class 3

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india essay for class 2

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Essay on India For Students and Children


500+ Words Essay on India

India is a great country where people speak different languages but the national language is Hindi. India is full of different castes, creeds, religion, and cultures but they live together. That’s the reasons India is famous for the common saying of “ unity in diversity “. India is the seventh-largest country in the whole world.

Geography and Culture

India has the second-largest population in the world. India is also knowns as Bharat, Hindustan and sometimes Aryavart. It is surrounded by oceans from three sides which are Bay Of Bengal in the east, the Arabian Sea in the west and Indian oceans in the south. Tiger is the national animal of India. Peacock is the national bird of India. Mango is the national fruit of India. “ Jana Gana Mana ” is the national anthem of India . “Vande Mataram” is the national song of India. Hockey is the national sport of India. People of different religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism , Jainism, Sikhism, Islam, Christianity and Judaism lives together from ancient times. India is also rich in monuments, tombs, churches, historical buildings, temples, museums, scenic beauty, wildlife sanctuaries , places of architecture and many more. The great leaders and freedom fighters are from India.

F lag of India

The indian flag has tricolors.

The first color that is uppermost color in the flag which is the saffron color, stands for purity. The second color i.e. the middle color in the flag is the white color and it stands for peace. The third color that is the lowest color in the flag is the green color and it stands for fertility. The white color has an Ashoka Chakra of blue color on it. Ashoka Chakra contains twenty-four spokes which are equally divided. India has 29 states and 7 union territories.

essay on india map

Follow this link to get a Physical and state-wise Map of India

My Favorite States from India are as follows –

Rajasthan itself has a glorious history. It is famous for many brave kings, their deeds, and their art and architecture. It has a sandy track that’s why the nuclear test was held here. Rajasthan is full of desert, mountain range, lakes, dense forest, attractive oases, and temples, etc. Rajasthan is also known as “Land Of Sacrifice”. In Rajasthan, you can see heritage things of all the kings who ruled over there and for that, you can visit Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Chittaurgarh, etc.

Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is bigger than a foreign (Italy) country and smaller than Oman. It also has tourists attractions for its places. In Madhya Pradesh, you can see temples, lakes, fort, art and architecture, rivers, jungles, and many things. You can visit in Indore, Jabalpur, Ujjain, Bhopal, Gwalior and many cities. Khajuraho, Sanchi Stupa, Pachmarhi, Kanha national park, Mandu, etc. are the places must visit.

Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir are known as heaven on earth . We can also call Jammu and Kashmir as Tourists Paradise. There are many places to visit Jammu and Kashmir because they have an undisturbed landscape, motorable road, beauty, lying on the banks of river Jhelum, harmony, romance, sceneries, temples and many more.

In Jammu and Kashmir, u can enjoy boating, skiing, skating, mountaineering, horse riding, fishing, snowfall, etc. In Jammu and Kashmir, you can see a variety of places such as Srinagar, Vaishnav Devi, Gulmarg, Amarnath, Patnitop, Pahalgam, Sonamarg, Lamayuru, Nubra Valley, Hemis, Sanasar,  Anantnag,  Kargil, Dachigam National Park, Pulwama, Khilanmarg, Dras, Baltal, Bhaderwah, Pangong Lake, Magnetic Hill, Tso Moriri, Khardung La, Aru Valley, Suru Basin,Chadar Trek, Zanskar Valley, Alchi Monastery, Darcha Padum Trek, Kishtwar National Park, Changthang Wildlife Sanctuary, Nyoma, Dha Hanu, Uleytokpo, Yusmarg, Tarsar Marsar Trek and many more.

It is known as the ‘God’s Own Country’, Kerala is a state in India, situated in the southwest region, it is bordered by a number of beaches; covered by hills of Western Ghats and filled with backwaters, it is a tourist destination attracting people by its natural beauty. The most important destinations which you can see in Kerela are the museum, sanctuary, temples, backwaters, and beaches. Munnar, Kovalam, Kumarakom, and Alappad.

India is a great country having different cultures, castes, creed, religions but still, they live together. India is known for its heritage, spices, and of course, for people who live here. That’s the reasons India is famous for the common saying of “unity in diversity”. India is also well known as the land of spirituality , philosophy, science, and technology.


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10 Lines on India

India is a vast country with second largest population in the world. Despite of different cultures, traditions, religions and languages, people still live together which showcases the Indian culture of ‘Unity in Diversity’. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari whole India is united and believes in the culture of peace, unity and prosperity. India got independence on 15 th August 1947 and every year we celebrate the occasion with great pride by remembering the sacrifices of our great leaders. The progress and development in these years has been tremendous. India is competing with the world and on the path to achieve many more milestones.

Ten Lines on India in English

We have provided ten lines on India in English. After reading these lines you will know that in which continent does India lies and which countries are its neighbours, what is the position of India in size, where India stands in terms of population, what lies in the south, east and west of India, what lies in India’s north, which are the popular rivers in India, what is the national flag of India, what is the national emblem of India, what is the national anthem of India, what is the national song of India etc.

You can add these lines in your essay and paragraph writing competition in your exam and in school competitions. You can also use these lines in your speech during various occasions in your schools and impress your audience:

1) India or ‘Republic of India’ is a peninsular country in Asia i.e. it is surrounded by water from three sides.

2) India is the 7th largest country in the world in terms of total area (land and water).

3) India has 1st largest population in the world with 1.4286 billion population against 1.4257 billion of China.

4) In the western part there lies ‘Arabian Sea’, in the southern part there is ‘Indian Ocean’ and in the east there is ‘Bay of Bengal’.

5) The northern part of India is covered with mountains and one of the famous mountain range is ‘The Himalayas’.

6) There are a number of small and big rivers which flow in India, namely, Ganga, Yamuna, Brahmaputra, Narmada, Godavari, Cauvery etc.

7) The national flag of India is a rectangular tri-coloured flag having saffron on the top, white in the middle and green at the bottom having ‘Ashoka Chakra’ in the centre.

8) The national emblem of India is ‘Lion Capital of Ashoka’ at ‘Sarnath’ and at bottom it is written “Satyamev Jayate” meaning truth alone triumphs.

9) National anthem of India is “Jana Gana Mana” which was composed by Rabindranath Tagore.

10) National song of India is “Vande Mataram” which was composed by Bankim Chandra Chatterjee.

10 Lines and Sentences on India

1) India is a country having different religions, languages, cultural patterns.

2) India is a collection of 29 states and 7 union territories.

3) The national capital of India is New Delhi and metropolitan cities namely are Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai.

4) The largest state of India in terms of area is Rajasthan and the smallest state is Goa.

5) The state of India having largest population is Uttar Pradesh and Sikkim is the lowest populated state.

6) Hindi is the official language of India although Indian constitution recognizes 21 other languages also and there are 1652 dialects in India.

7) The major religions of India are Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, Christianity, Buddhism and Jainism.

8) The major festivals are Holi, Diwali, Durga puja, Eid, Guru Nanak Jayanti, Christmas etc.

9) Indian government is divided into 3 parts viz. Legislative is the parliament, Executive is the government and Judiciary is the court of law.

10) Administration of India is run through the centre by the Prime Minister and the states government by Chief Ministers.

10 Lines on India

5 Lines on India

1) India is a developing country.

2) It is a democratic country.

3) People follow different religions.

4) Hindi is the official language of India.

5) India celebrates different fairs and festivals.

20 Lines on India

1) India is the world’s largest democracy with huge cultural and religious diversity.

2) India is a single unitary country with a union of 29 states and seven Union Territories.

3) India also has huge geographical variations – mountain ranges to arid deserts and evergreen forests.

4) Rich in wildlife India is home to Asiatic lions, Bengal tigers, elephants and various other species.

5) Cherrapunji in the north eastern state of Meghalaya receives highest annual rainfall in India.

6) The deserts of Jaisalmer in the north western state of Rajasthan receive little or no rainfall at all.

7) Every state in India has its own ethnicity as well as cultural and linguistic heritage.

8) Despite witnessing invasions for centuries, India doesn’t lose its culture and values.

9) The Bandra-Worli sea link in Mumbai has steel wire measuring up to the circumference of the earth.

10) India had been home to Indus valley civilization, one of the world’s oldest civilizations.

11) The name of the country ‘India’ is derived from very ancient river Indus.

12) India is the land of villages where more than 60 percent of population live in rural area.

13) India has the second largest agricultural land after United States and majority of people are employed in agriculture.

14) It is the country where great scientists, spiritual gurus, mathematicians took birth and did the great work.

15) India is the nation of diversified cultures, customs, traditions and languages.

16) India is the country which taught the entire world about the philosophy of life popularly known as Sanatan Dharma.

17) India’s ISRO is fifth largest space organization after the space organization of America, Russia, China and Europe.

18) India has the third largest army after United States and China.

19) It has around 600 wild life sanctuaries and is home to 1400 species of birds.

20) India has many famous and ancient historical buildings, heritages and monuments which attract millions of tourists around the world.

India became a democratic republic nation by adopting its own constitution and every year 26 th January is celebrated in India as ‘Republic Day’. India is though a developing country but recently it has surpassed France and became 6 th largest economy of the world.

India is the land of brave hearts that’s why we are world’s third largest military. India is facing some issues of poverty, corruption and other problems but in spite of these issues India is still vibrant and progressing to achieve overall growth and development.

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  • Paragraph On India

Paragraph on India - Check Samples for 100, 150, 200, 250 Words

India is a rich, diverse land of various cultures, languages, religions, food, etc. As citizens of India, everyone must have learnt about the history of India and all its features that make the country incredible.  In addition to all that you know about the country, here are a few sample paragraphs on India to help you understand how to structure and write one on your own.

Table of Contents

Paragraph on india in 100 words, paragraph on india in 150 words, paragraph on india in 200 words, paragraph on india in 250 words, frequently asked questions on india.

India is a land of various cultures and a rich heritage. It is the seventh-largest country by area and the second-most populous country globally. The peacock is India’s national bird, and the Bengal tiger is the country’s national animal. The national song is named Vande Matram (written by Bankimchandra Chatterji). The Indian national song was first performed at the Indian National Congress in 1896. ‘Jana Gana Mana,’ India’s national anthem, is sung in 52 seconds. The national flag of India is named Tiranga, which is made up of three colours: saffron, white, and green, with the Ashoka Chakra in navy blue in the centre.

India is a beautiful land with a variety of wildlife and rich cultural diversity. The Bengal Tiger is considered the national animal of India. India celebrates its Independence Day on 15th August every year. It is observed to commemorate the freedom of India from the British. The tri-coloured national flag is called Tiranga, designed with saffron, white and green with the Ashok Chakra in navy blue at the centre of the flag. ‘Lion Capital of Ashoka’ is the country’s national emblem. The national motto is ‘Satyameva Jayate,’ which means truth alone wins.

In order to run the country smoothly, and make it an independent country, there was a need for a constitution which came into force on 26th January 1950. We observe this day as Republic Day every year.

India is a land of many different languages and many different religions such as Buddhism, Jainism, Islam, Hinduism, etc. There are various food styles and dressing styles depending on the regions of the country, setting the perfect example of Unity in Diversity.

India is one of the strongest countries in the world. It is the seventh-largest country in the world area-wise and the second-most populous country in the world. India shares its borders with countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar and Bangladesh. It also shares its borders with Sri Lanka and the Maldives. It is a secular and democratic country that respects all religions and the people of India have the liberty to practise any religion they want.

India believes in nonviolence and therefore, Mahatma Gandhi is known as the father of the Nation because of his non-violent contribution to the freedom movement of the country. The tri-coloured national flag is known as Tiranga which has the Ashoka Chakra at the centre. The national emblem of the country is the ‘Lion Capital of Ashoka’.

The Param Vir Chakra is India’s highest military decoration, given to those who have shown courage. Soldiers who put their lives on the line to safeguard residents are India’s heroes. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, often known as Pandit Nehru or Chacha Nehru, was India’s first prime minister. India is a land of many festivals, different dressing styles, and different food styles. People of different castes, creeds, and colours also live peacefully in India, and this is how it sets a perfect example of ‘Unity in Diversity’.

India is a land with a vast variety of wildlife and a large variety of cultures. Situated in South Asia’s heartland, India is a densely populated country. It is a vastly diverse country in terms of culture, climate, religion, and language. India has chosen a number of emblems to represent our country’s image. Saffron, white, and green make up the Indian national flag. The Ashok chakra in the centre has a navy blue 24-spoke wheel that represents virtue.

India is well-known for possessing the world’s greatest cultural diversity. Even for Indians, visiting and exploring every culture in India is quite difficult. India’s various cultures attract visitors from all over the world who want to come here at least once in their lives to experience India’s rich diversity.

India is a secular and democratic country that gives the liberty to practise any religion. Along with that, every individual in India has the liberty to read any religious book of their choice. Every individual has the liberty to move to any part of the country and adapt to the culture of that region. Every state of India has its own official language.

Jana Gana Mana is our national anthem, while Vande Matram is our national song. In the ‘Lion Capital of Asoka’, India’s national emblem, four lions sit back to back on a cylindrical base with four Ashok chakras on each side, only one of which is visible in the front. There are three lions visible and one concealed. It is a sign of sovereignty that also represents strength and bravery. It is a beautiful country that excels in art, culture, architecture, education, etc.

What can I write in the paragraph on India?

Which state of india is known as god’s own country, leave a comment cancel reply.

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india essay for class 2

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Oct 17, 2011

india essay for class 2

My Country Essay India For Kids for Class 1, 2

india essay for class 2

  • The name of my country is India.
  • It is a beautiful country in the continent of Asia.
  • There is the great Himalayas in the North of India.
  • In the South there is the Indian ocean.
  • The Bay of Bengal is to the East of our country.

India Map image

  • To the west there is the Arabian Sea.
  • Great patriots were born in this land , who fought for their mother land and gave us freedom.
  • On 15th of August 1947 India become independent.
  • Our country is ancient land of knowledge and culture.
  • I love my country and I am proud of country.

My country Essay for class 2:

  • The name India derived from the world Indus; which is indirectly derived from the Sanskrit word Sindhu.
  • Bharat is the official name of India.
  • Sometimes it is also designated by Hindustan.
  • Hindustan is the Persian word that means land of Hindus
  • India is the 7th largest country by area.
  • It is the second most populated country in the world with 1.21 billion population.
  • It is the most populous democratic country with parliamentary system.
  • There are 29 states and 7 union territories (latest 2014 report).
  • Madhya Pradesh is the largest states by area.
  • Goa is the smallest states by area.
  • Hindi is the national language of India. 
  • Indian economy is the tenth largest one by GDP.
  • It shares it land with Nepal, ,Bhutan, Bangla Desh, Pakistan , China and Burma.
  • It has the highest mountain peak Everest in the world.
  • India is a penisula surrounded by Arabian sea, Indian ocean and Bay of Bengal .
  • It is the only country in the world to be named after an ocean; Indian ocean.
  • India has two island Andaman and Nicobar island and Lakshadeep island.
  • It is one of the fastest growing economy in the world.


india essay for class 2

Which option is correct? 'great patriots were born in/on this land'

india essay for class 2

In this land is correct. It is because ON is used where something is on the other thing in contact. AT is used for small particular area. IN is used for a large city or country. Here for country.

My Country India The name of my country is India. It is also known by Bharat, Hindustan etc. It is a country of various beautiful rivers like Ganga, Yamuna, Brahmaputra, Indus, Narmada, Krishna, Cauvery etc. It is a very beautiful country with peoples of diverse religion and culture living with peace and brotherly feelings for each other on a single landmass. Great Himalayas lies in its North, Indian ocean in the south, Bay of Bengal in the East and the Arabian Sea to the west. Great patriots were born in this land , who fought for their mother land and gave us freedom. On 15th of August 1947 India become independent. It have 29 states and 7 union territorities. Its national language is Hindi. Its neighbouring countries are Nepal, ,Bhutan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, China and Myanmar. It is one of the fastest growing economy in the world. I love my country and I am proud to be a daughter of this country.

Hi there to all, the contents existing at this site are truly remarkable for people knowledge, well, keep up the good work fellows.

Hello, i think that i saw you visited my website so i came to “return the favor”.I am attempting to find things to enhance my website!I suppose its ok to use some of your ideas!!

Hi there everyone, it's my first pay a quick visit at this site, and paragraph is actually fruitful designed for me, keep up posting such articles.

Right here is the right site for anybody who would like to understand this topic. You understand so much its almost tough to argue with you (not that I actually will need to…HaHa). You definitely put a brand new spin on a subject which has been written about for years. Excellent stuff, just wonderful!

Hi there! I'm at work browsing your blog from my new apple iphone! Just wanted to say I love reading through your blog and look forward to all your posts! Keep up the great work!

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My Country Essay in English for Class 3 Students

Essay on my country for class 3 students.

Essay writing is very important for all school children. It helps in various skill development. The word ‘essay’ is basically a Latin word ‘exagium’, which means representing one side of an argument or thoughts or experience in writing. So, an essay is basically a short piece of writing from one’s perspective. For the students of Class 3, essay writing helps to gain them a perspective and improve their critical thinking ability.

My Beautiful Country: India

The name of my country is India. Citizens of India are known as Indians. Situated in the Asian continent, India is also known in the names of ‘Bharat’ and ‘Hindustan’. Therefore, the Indian citizens are also referred to as ‘Bharatiya’ and ‘Hindustani’ respectively. Our country is the second-most populous country in the world. India’s national flag is tri-coloured horizontally - deep saffron at the top, white in the middle, and green at the bottom. At the centre of the flag, there is Ashoka Chakra which is a navy blue wheel with white bands.

India, which is the seventh-largest country in the world, is situated in a beautiful geographical location. Surrounded by the Himalayas in the north, the country tapers off towards the south falling into the Indian Ocean in between the Bay of Bengal on the east and the Arabian Sea on the west. India shares its borders with Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, China, and Myanmar.

India is a democratic country. On August 15, 1947, our country gained independence. 

There are a total number of 28 states and 8 Union Territories. The President of India is the Head of the State and the commander-in-chief of the Indian army as well. The Prime Minister is the Head of the Government and runs the office with the support of the Council of Ministers who form the Cabinet Ministry. The Indian constitution is the supreme foundation of the Indian legal system. 

The names of Indian states are - Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Goa, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Odisha, Punjab, Rajasthan, Sikkim, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Tripura, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal. Among all of these, Madhya Pradesh is the largest state and Goa is the smallest state. Delhi is the capital of our country.

And, here are the names of eight Union Territories -   Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Chandigarh, Dadra & Nagar Haveli & Daman & Diu, National Capital Territory of Delhi, Jammu and Kashmir, Lakshadweep, Ladakh, and Puducherry.

The name ‘India’ originates from the word ‘Indus’, which also indirectly derives from the word ‘Sindhus’. ‘Jana Gana Mana’ is the national anthem while ‘Vande Mataram’ is referred to as the national song of India. Peacock is the national bird of India while Tiger is known as the national animal.

India is known for its rich and diverse culture. The country is filled with people of various religions, caste, creed, language and they live in harmony. India is home to many major religions such as Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Sikhism, Parsis, and Jainism. Apart from these, religions like Zoroastrianism, Judaism are also practised here. With such diverse cultures, religions, traditions, foods, India truly depicts the definition of ‘Unity in Diversity’. Hindi is the most commonly spoken and also the official language of India. Last but not least, I am proud to be an Indian and I love my country.

My Country, My Homeland 

It's known from archaeological substantiation that a largely sophisticated citified culture; the Indus civilization dominated the northwestern part of the key from about 2600 to 2000 BCE. From that period on, India worked as a near tone, containing political and cultural arena, which gave rise to a particular tradition that was associated primarily with Hinduism, the roots of which may largely be traced to the Indus civilization. Buddhism and Jainism began in India, though their presence there's now relatively small and throughout the centuries residents of the civilization have been developing a rich intellectual life in similar fields as mathematics, astronomy, armature, literature, music, and the fine trades. 

Some Facts about India

The largest democracy in the world

India is the 7th largest country in the world, measuring a total area of 3.29 mn sq km. According to UN estimates, the country is home to 18 percent of the world’s population. 

India is famed as the most vibrant republic in the world. The number of registered choosers in the 2019 general election stood at about 911 million. 

World’s Largest Postal Network 

India has a postal network of post services, as per India Post’s periodic report 2018-19. Over 80 per cent of the branches are located in pastoral areas. 

Statue of Unity             

India is notorious for hosting the world’s altitudinous statue, referred to as the Statue of Unity. The 597 ft (182 m) high statue is that of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, a insurgent and therefore the first Home Minister of independent India. 

The Statue of Unity is twice the dimensions of the latest York’s Statue of Liberty. It was unveiled on October 31, 2018, to commemorate the birth anniversary of Sardar Patel. 

The monument is found on a swash islet named Sadhu Bet in Gujarat, roughly 200 km from Ahmedabad. 

Chess was invented in India during the 6 th century AD in the Makuhari Kingdom.

The studies of Algebra, Trigonometry, and Calculus originated in india.

India is a diverse country with many different cultural values. To live and know about this Country is one of the most unmatched joys of life. An Essay on India comprises a lot of distinctive features that can be looked upon. Look for more Essay samples on Vedantu’s website and download the PDFs for free.

FAQs on My Country Essay in English for Class 3 Students

1. How does essay writing help in skill development for a Class 3 kid?

Writing essays for Class 3 improves the writing skills of kids. It also enhances vocabulary and sparks their creativity.  

2. How can the students of Class 3 get help from an online e-learning portal?

Yes, there are so many e-learning portals and ed-tech portals available, who provide top-notch quality study materials for the Class 3 students. If you are a parent, you can refer to one of these sites such as Vedantu to get the best study materials for your kids

3. Why is India a unique country?

The shampoo is said to have begun in India in 1800 Bulletin “ Champo”, which was first discovered by early social dealers visiting India, together with body massage, and it was brought back to Europe under the name, “ champing.” 

 Notorious British actress Vivien Leigh, known for playing Scarlett O’Hara in the classic “ Gone With the Wind” was born Vivian Mary Hartley on Nov. 5, 1913, in Darjeeling, India. She returned to England when Vivian was 6 times old. 

Most Indians do not watch Bollywood pictures, according to the BBC. The country said to be obsessed with their grandiose musical products has veritably many cinema defences-- compared with defences in the United States. 

4. Why were the British reluctant to lose India?

India was maybe the most important to Britain of the homes in the conglomerate. It was run in a different way from the utmost other corridors of the conglomerate because it had been different from other corridors of the conglomerate. India was largely populated. It had been economically developed. There have been countries with governments that were even as complex as Britain. As a result, Britain couldn't march by and take over. British rule developed through a mixture of military units and alliances with Indian autocrats.

By the 1800s, British rule in India was strong. Still, there were only a bitsy number of British dogfaces and directors in India. Indian civil retainers did the maturity of the day-to-day work that allowed British rule to operate. By the 1800s, there were numerous thousands of middle-class Indians who worked in the administration, who spoke English and who had an English education ( frequently entered in India). 

5. Is India a good place to live in?

A check reflecting perceptions about 73 countries has thrown up both good and bad news for India. The check says India is among the stylish 25 countries to live in 2020. There are only four other Asian countries; China, Singapore, South Korea, and the United Arab Emirates in the list.

India has moved two places up within the check, conducted by the US News and therefore the World Report in association with the Wharton School of the US, over its 2019 ranking. It was ranked 27 last time.

But the check also showed that people don't have a truly good perception about India in the matters of raising children in the country or the status of women also.

In the list of stylish countries to raise children, India stands at 59th position. A disciplinarian nation like Singapore is ranked 22, and indeed countries facing internal strife analogous to Kenya and Egypt are placed above India in the list of stylish countries to raise children.

6. Why did the British give freedom to India?

World War II had a profound effect on the social powers because it completely destroyed their husbandry. Hitler destroyed the husbandry of Britain and France to such an extent that they were no longer suitable to financially maintain their military forces, and were hence unfit to contain the burgeoning freedom movements in their colonies. It's worth noting that Britain was in such bad shape that it entered about one-fourth of the total aid given under the Marshall Plan. 

Anyhow, Gandhi or any other leader, Britain would have left India in 1947 purely for financial reasons, due to its wholly collapsed economy. After WWII, Britain left not only India but nearly all its other goods, including Jordan in 1946, Palestine in 1947, Sri Lanka in 1948, Myanmar in 1948, Egypt in 1952 and Malaysia in 1957. 

For the same reason, France also had to grant independence to Laos in 1949 and Cambodia in 1953, and had to leave Vietnam in 1954; the Netherlands also left the ultimate of its colonies called Dutch East Indies, mainly Indonesia in 1949. Had there been no Hitler and no World War II, it most presumably would have taken another 30 or farther times for India and some of the other colonies to achieve independence. 

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Essay on Make in India in English for Children and Students

Table of Contents

Essay on Make in India: “Make in India” was launched by the Government of India on 25 th September 2014. As the name suggests, it calls on industries, entrepreneurs, and small business houses to set up manufacturing facilities within India. Within a year after the launch of the program, India surpassed USA and China in terms of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) with $60.1 Billion. Make in India campaign primarily covers 25 sectors of the economy like automobiles, biotechnology, aviation, chemicals, defence exports, etc.

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Inspired by the Make in India initiative, many state governments have also launched their own programs like “Vibrant Gujarat”, “Happening Haryana,” “Make in Odisha,” “Magnetic Maharashtra,” and “Tamil Nadu Global Investors Meet,” etc. Since the Make in India campaign launch, India has moved up in the ranks of ease of doing business. The campaign is expected to bring more investments to Indian soil resulting in unprecedented economic growth.

Long and Short Essay on Make in India in English

We have provided a variety of essays on make in India in order to help students as they generally get assigned to write essays in their classrooms, during exams, or in any competition.

All the Make in India essays are written using very simple words under various word limits according to the needs and requirements of the students of different class standards.

Essay or paragraph writing competitions are generally held in schools or colleges to improve students’ skill levels on various topics.

Make in India Essay 1 (100 words)

Make in India campaign is a new plan launched by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, to give foreign investors a chance to invest in India in a number of businesses. It is an initiative campaign run by the Government of India to cheer up multinational and domestic companies at the national and international levels to manufacture products in India. It is the effort made by the PM to bring employment in India. This campaign was launched by the Prime Minister on the 25 th of September 2014 at the Vigyan Bhawan in New Delhi.

Make in India Essay 2 (150 words)

Make in India is a campaign launched by the PM, Narendra Modi, which facilitates all the big business investors worldwide who want to do business in India. This programme was launched in 2014 on the 25 th of September by the PM at the Vigyan Bhawan in New Delhi. It is a big step taken by the government of India to reduce the level of unemployment faced by the youths of the country. This campaign was launched a day after the Mars mission when PM was to go on his first visit to the USA as prime minister of India.

The aim of launching this campaign in India is to make India a world-level manufacturing powerhouse which will definitely help in solving the biggest issue of the Indian economy. This initiative was launched with new deals for foreign investors successfully in New Delhi with the top industrialists of India, including Mukesh Ambani (Reliance Industries chairman), Azim Premji (Wipro chairman), etc.

Make in India Essay 3 (200 words)

The Make in India campaign was launched on 25 th September 2014 in New Delhi at Vigyan Bhawan. This campaign is to lead India towards an effective destination as well as grow the Indian economy ahead. It provides a successful track of employment to the youths of the country, which will surely help in reducing the poverty level and other social issues in India.

Make in India is a call to the top investors all across the world by the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, to come to India and grow their business by manufacturing products here. The PM of India said to investors that no matter in which country you sell your products, you should manufacture in India. Youths of India have enough talent, skill, discipline, and determination to get the goal.

Make in India campaign provides all the top investors a favorable opportunity to come to India and invest in businesses from electrical to electronics, from automobiles to agro value addition, from satellite to submarine, etc. At the Vigyan Bhawan in New Delhi, PM made an announcement regarding made in India’s plan to boost the economy in the presence of top businessmen such as Mukesh Ambani, Kumar Mangalam Birla, Cyrus Mistry, Azim Premji, etc.

Make in India Essay 4 (250 words)

Make in India is an ambitious campaign launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the 25 th of September 2014 in New Delhi. The purpose of launching this campaign is to make India a destination of a global manufacturing hub. In order to make this campaign a successful one, the PM of India met with the top 40 CEOs of several Fortune 500 companies. This plan was launched in the presence of top CEOs from India Inc, ambassadors, international industry leaders, ministers, government officials, etc.

This campaign has targeted making a call to top companies of well-identified countries. Some selected domestic companies who are leading in the field of innovation and new technologies have also been invited. A special unit in the Commerce Ministry named “Invest India” helps guide all the top foreign investors in regulatory and policy issues and assists in obtaining regulatory clearances.

The government of India is making a huge effort in order to reduce any type of burden on the investors. There is an arrangement of a dedicated team ready to answer all the queries from business entities through the web portal (makeinindia.com). There is a back-end support team also in order to respond to specific queries within 72 hours of duration. Almost 25 key sectors (such as aviation, chemicals, IT, automobiles, textiles, ports, pharmaceuticals, leather, hospitality, tourism, wellness, railways, etc.) have been identified by the government to work for the investors and become a world leaders.

Make in India Essay 5 (300 words)

The Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, launched an initiative named Make in India on the 25 th of September, 2014 in New Delhi. The aim of this campaign is to provide India an economic global recognition. While launching the programme, PM said that investors should take it as an opportunity, not as India’s market. This campaign aimed to renew the Indian economy from a services-driven growth model to labour-intensive manufacturing-driven growth. Successful implementation of the programme will be the reason for employment for more than 10 million people in India. It is an effective plan which will attract top foreign companies to set up their business here in India.

In order to attract foreign capital, there have been made huge changes in the defense manufacturing and insurance sectors. However, according to the analyst, it needs to be more effective. More employment in the country will boost the purchasing power of the common man. India is a country with a unique combination of demography, democracy, and demand which can benefit the investors.

Because of the lack of resources and clarity on policy issues, Indian businessmen were also planning to quit India and set up their businesses elsewhere. If this happens, it will cause a more poor economy. The Make in India campaign with various effective resources will attract top businessmen worldwide to invest in India for any related business. In order to avoid the compulsion of Indian businesses to another country, PM has launched this attractive plan. PM Narendra Modi’s dream is to free this country from unemployment by bringing development and growth-oriented employment through his effective governance. Poverty in India can be reduced to a great level by solving the unemployment issue for youths which in turn may solve various social issues.

Make in India Essay 6 (400 words)

The Make in India campaign was launched in New Delhi by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the 25 th of September, 2014. It is an initiative to make a call to the top business investors all across the world (national or international) to invest in India. It is a big opportunity for all the investors to set up their business (manufacturing, textiles, automobiles, production, retail, chemicals, IT, ports, pharmaceuticals, hospitality, tourism, wellness, railways, leather, etc.) in any field in the country. This attractive plan has resourceful proposals for foreign companies to set up manufacturing powerhouses in India.

Make in India campaign launched by the Indian government focuses on building an effective physical infrastructure as well as improving the market of digital networks in the country to make it a global hub for business (ranging from satellites to submarines, cars to software, pharmaceuticals to ports, paper to power, etc.). The symbol (derived from the national emblem of India) of this initiative is a giant lion having many wheels (indicates peaceful progress and a way to a vibrant future). A giant walking lion with many wheels indicates courage, strength, tenacity, and wisdom. The page of Make In India on Facebook has crossed more than 120K likes, and its twitter followers are more than 13K within a few months of its launching date.

This national program is designed to transform the country into a global business hub as it contains attractive proposals for top local and foreign companies. This campaign focuses on creating a number of valuable and honored jobs and skill enhancement in almost 25 sectors to improve the status of the youth of the country. The sectors involved are automobiles, chemicals, IT & BPM, aviation, pharmaceuticals, construction, electrical machinery, food processing, defense manufacturing, space, textiles, garments, ports, leather, media and entertainment, wellness, mining, tourism and hospitality, railways, automobile components, renewable energy, mining, bio-technology, roads and highways, electronics systems and thermal power.

The successful implementation of this plan will help in the 100 smart cities project and affordable housing in India. The main objective is to ensure solid growth and valuable employment creation in the country with the help of top investors. It will benefit both parties, the investors and our country. The government of India has created a dedicated help team and an online portal (makeinindia.com) for investors’ easy and effective communication. A dedicated cell is committed to answering all the queries from business entities anytime.

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