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  • Global Inequality: Gender, Racial and Ethnic Inequality This article addresses the issue of gender inequality in employment which comes as a result of the creation of the sex segregated jobs.
  • Debate on Gender and Sex Inequalities The main aim of this paper was to analyze the distinction between gender and sex. The impacts of the two on social structures were highlighted.
  • How Wealth Inequality Affects Democracy in America? The purpose of this study is to explore how wealth inequality affects democracy in America and what the perceptions of that influence are.
  • International Development, Colonialism, Social Inequality and Class Stratification A social inequality exists because of inadequate wealth in certain places which hinders these people from accessing goods, housing, and health care.
  • Effects of Social Inequality: Essay Example This paper is the reflection of the social inequality exemplified by the experiences of mine and two other people whom I interview.
  • Inequalities in the Health Care Arena Research has revealed that there is not enough access to healthcare and insurance coverage amongst various races, gender, and locations.
  • Social Problem of Inequality Studies of social inequality included non-urban areas and social inequality factors that had not been included in previous studies.
  • Social Problem Analysis: Social Inequality in Education This paper encompasses the persistent issue of social inequality that we can witness as a routine practice every day. This topic analysis social inequality in educational institutions.
  • Gender Inequality in India and Iran Politics This paper explores the role of women in politics in India and Iran as the two countries have different nature of political gender inequalities.
  • Sex, Gender, and Inequalities In this paper, gender binarism, sexism, institutionalized gender, and sex patterns in the society are assessed. It is important in reviewing the differences between gender and sex.
  • Inequality in Australia: Poverty Rates and Globalism The Australian government will have to take a range of specific measures to address the inequality issue in the realm of the Australian economic and financial environment.
  • Income Inequality Based on Gender Income inequality based on gender is the dissimilarity between male and female earnings usually expressed in part by male earnings.
  • Social Inequalities’ Influences on Health There is a strong relationship between the contribution that society makes to the health of an individual and just how much social inequalities affect the health of an individual.
  • Income Inequality and Discrimination in the US Income inequality and discrimination affect people from colored races more than the native white Americans who have more privileges than the rest of the population.
  • Racial Gender Inequality in the United States Racial gender inequality is among the issues that have been dominant in the United States for a long period. Racism has especially been a major problem of concern for years.
  • Wealth Inequality Effects on American Democracy There are indications that the legislators are quite unresponsive to the needs of the poor Americans. The impacts of wealth inequality on democracy are discussed in this paper.
  • Inequality in Wealth Distribution in the US In the speech Perspectives on Inequality and Opportunity from the Survey of Consumer Finances, J. Yellen talks about the income inequality and wealth distribution in the US.
  • Men’s Superiority Theory and Inequality Issues This paper critically explores the claims to develop a conclusion regarding the validity of the school of thought that supports men’s superiority.
  • Economy Studying: Income Inequality Most governments across the world have applied some of the remedies prescribed by the 19th century economists. These remedies appear inadequate in preventing the prevalence of income inequality.
  • Disparity or Inequality in Health Care The knowledge of cultural peculiarities and racial or ethnic health disparities is a powerful resource for the implementation of culturally competent nursing care.
  • Income Inequality: Changes and Causes in the US The evaluation of the changes promotes an understanding of the relationships between inequality of individuals and the economic growth of the country.
  • US Racial Inequality, Legislation and Immigration Society can be described as a mosaic of races with different people living together as one society. This situation is diverse from the times when they were pure in terms of race.
  • Wealth Inequality in the United States’ Society People are deprived of a possibility to benefit from the usage of giant sums of money and suffer from the lack of opportunities for their personal and professional growth.
  • Economic Inequality in Australia Australian low-income earners have experienced a 3% annual growth in their earnings on labor. However the country has expanding income inequality since 1995.
  • Gender Inequality as an International Issue The presentation is devoted to an issue: gender inequality. The inequality in career progression that is still characteristic of several societies all over the world.
  • Racism and Inequality in the United States The capitalist ideology and gender inequality has promoted the subject of economic, political and social discrimination in the American context.
  • Brazil’ Poverty and Inequality Poverty in Brazil has been unresponsive to growth due to the challenges of eliminating inequality. The poverty eradication programs reduced the poverty rate.
  • Racial Minorities and European Immigrants Inequality The paper describes how racial minorities’ opportunities differed from those of European immigrants and how this growth depicts the role of race as a barrier to social mobility.
  • Trust and Inequality as Economic Influences Increased trust allows a higher experimental growth of an economy. The study is set to find out how the relationship between inequality and trust affects economic growth.
  • Criminal Behavior, Structural and Social Inequality Forms of structural inequalities that can be seen take the form of community marginalization wherein particular types of races are concentrated in certain communities.
  • Gendered Society, Inequality and Violence Society tends to view the gender battle as an issue mainly for women. Gender equality is not all about wanting to be like the other gender.
  • Racial Inequality: African-American Males Experience In the recent years since the murder of Michael Brown, most US citizens have turned their attention on the cruel treatment of African American at every phase of the criminal justice system.
  • Social Inequality and Stratification in the US One of the factors of social inequality in the US is social stratification. There is a specialization of people that defines more and less valuable types of activities.
  • Inequality in Developing States and Its Measures Inequality in developing countries is a temporal phenomenon. As the economy develops, a country experiences an increase in inequality followed by its decrease.
  • American Welfare State and Income Inequality The creation and the growth of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s welfare state had a significant effect on the development of American society, including the economy, health, etc.
  • Education and Inequality in Various Countries McIntyre’s claim that the UK is one of the nations whose high inequality levels are attributable to their minimal educational investments and low tax rates can be disputed.
  • Low Wages and Inequality Solutions in the USA The high-paying end of the labor market enjoys reasonable yearly growth where a good portion of the U.S. population currently resides, experiences stagnation.
  • Social Institutions Maintaining Inequality Systems The paper investigates the aspects of influence that social institutions have on oppression and privilege as well on access to resources.
  • Labor and Income Inequality in the U.S. The purpose of this paper is to explore the causes of growing income inequality in the United States by comparing Western and Rosenfeld and Bertrand and Mullainathan readings.
  • Poverty and Inequality Reducing Policies in China China has used several instruments to shape its culture and economy. The essay proposes several policy options that can be used in China to reduce inequality and poverty.
  • Inequality in Russia: Causes and Consequences This paper argues that corruption regional inequalities and bias policy framework are the causes of inequality in Russia.
  • Educational Policy for Income Inequality in India This paper considers the ways in which external causes influence income inequality in India and the country’s overall state of the economy with the focus on future changes.
  • India’s Policies to Tackle Poverty and Inequality This paper aims to identify potential policies in infrastructure and education and develop new options to deal with poverty and inequality in India.
  • Global Poverty, Inequality, and Mass Migration Such global issues as poverty and inequality and mass migration are significant today since many people are involved in them.
  • Gender Inequality in Democratic Welfare States This paper is claimed to evaluate the strategies of Liberal and Social Democratic political forces aimed at the alleviation of gender inequalities.
  • Income Inequality in the Workplace: Feminist Responses The work discusses the issue of income inequality in the workplace as one of the main problems caused by the low social position of women and their historical perception as a weak gender.
  • Continuing Inequalities in America America see itself as a society of equality. The reality is that it is a system of continuing inequalities, of race, gender, and sexual orientation.
  • Women: Gender Inequality and Discrimination This paper explains whether innate gender differences exist and how they determine the abilities, choices, and aptitudes that differentiate men from women.
  • “Globalization, Poverty and Inequality” by Kaplinsky Global trade is likely to offer benefits to the partaking countries; mainly trade presumptions are anchored in the supposition of full employment.
  • Economic Crisis and Inequality Low-wage workers have to face a wide range of difficulties; the greatest of them is the fear of losing their jobs.
  • Confidentiality and Inequality as Human Resource Management Issues The article raises questions about the need to maintain confidentiality in the team and prevent discrimination against people with disabilities.
  • The Unfairness and Inequalities Present in the World To this end, the focus will be on the unfairness and inequalities present in the world and how they affect the victims.
  • ‘Racial’ and Ethnic Inequality in Western Europe and North America Media has been found to play a major role in the production of ethnic as well as racial inequality in the various structures of the contemporary societies.
  • Democracy in America: Effects of Wealth Inequality The purpose of this study is to explore how wealth inequality affects democracy in America and what the perceptions of that influence are.
  • Women and Inequality in Aboriginal Society Aboriginal women have never had the same rights like Aboriginal men, who have respect to pass on “Indian status” to their children.
  • Racial Inequality in the Job Market of the U.S. Inequalities in the labor market in the United States can cause a major breakdown of the economy. Guarding the labor market is the most important responsibility of the leaders.
  • Social Inequality at School The aim of this project is to contribute to the development of tailored solutions for the problems of Canadian school education.
  • Marriage and Inequalities With Gender The issue of bridging gender equality has been the center of debate in the 21 century. The role of women in society could no longer be underestimated.
  • Discrimination and Inequality in the Education System Despite the fact that the war against various types of discrimination recently became rather successful, a significant number of people still face inequality.
  • “Coming of Age in Mississippi”: Inequality in a Society In the book “Coming of Age in Mississippi” The NAACP movement encouraged its members to participate in activities that protest against racial injustice in society.
  • The Issue of Inequality in the United States The current situation in the USA proves that the growing level of inequality is relevant as long as there are people who consider it normal.
  • The Problem of Inequality of Criminal Justice Pregnancy and maternity in correctional facilities are some of the controversial problems in criminal justice.
  • Determinants in Oral Health Inequalities The paper seeks to look at the existing inequalities in dental health. The paper also proposes ways that can be used to reduce these inequalities.
  • Ethnic Inequality: Black Lives Matter The question of ethnic inequality is rather pronounced in the USA, where occurrences of unfair treatment against African American individuals are recorded more and more often.
  • Determinants of Oral Health Inequalities The aim of the paper is to get all the players in the dental field to appreciate the role played by good oral health and hence stay committed to promoting it.
  • Inequality of Digital Divide in Education Students’ ability to learn is hindered by their impaired access to technology devices because they cannot keep up with integrating technology into teaching.
  • Gender Inequality in the Workplace The global fight against gender inequality in the workplace can be successful if appropriate initiatives and interventions are taken at the organizational level.
  • Gender Inequality in Modern Societies and Its Reasons The essay is devoted to gender inequality in modern societies and its reasons. A short history of society’s development that shows the reasons for inequality.
  • Globalization and Economic Inequality The debate on the issue of economic inequality mitigation has been one of the central aspects of global discussion for decades.
  • Activism and Social Theory: Inequality The issues of equality became central to the U. S. social, political, and economic agendas. This paper dwells upon the coloniality of power, knowledge, and gender in American society.
  • Inequality in Public Schools The history course was changed in 1954 when the US Supreme Court ruled unanimously that racial segregation in public schools violated the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution.
  • Racial and Ethnic Inequality Perception The paper stresses the essence of exploring the roots of racial and ethnic inequality in the United States to obtain a better sense of the people who are trying to stir this issue.
  • Black Lives Matter: Fight Against the Inequality The Black Lives Matter reflected attitudes of black people of the country towards the killings caused by white cops. It implied the need to fight against the existing inequality.
  • Income Inequality in Developed Countries This article describes the problem of income inequality in developed countries such as China, Germany, France, and the United States, and the reasons for this problem.
  • Racial Inequality in Education: Remaining Problems In the essay, it will be argued that in education, the manifestations of racial inequality are still observed, although they often remain implicit and indirect.
  • Why It Is Important to Fight Social Inequality Seems vital to take action and do something about this problem. The following paper will discuss why it is important to deal with social inequalities.
  • Health Care Inequality: The Socio-Economic Factors This paper aims at outlining the socio-economic factors, particularly economic inequality, as the most significant cause for healthcare inequality in the USA.
  • The Problem of Social Inequality at Schools in Canada Social inequality at schools is a issue that undermines the effectiveness of secondary education and leads to long-term and short-term problems of individual and group nature.
  • Effects of the Income Inequality After watching the CNBC video, that described how the middle-skill workers share has shrunk over time, I thought of my uncle, who was laid off from a steel company in the early 2000s.
  • The Attitude to Inequality of Two People The purpose of this paper is to analyze the experience, beliefs, ideas, and attitudes to inequality of two people who are not seen as normal by conservative society members.
  • Social Inequality: “The Notebook” by Nick Cassavetes The purpose of this paper is to illustrate social inequalities in American society through The Notebook movie by Nick Cassavetes.
  • Economic Inequality as a Social Welfare Challenge Economic inequality as a notion stands for the disparities in the individuals’ incomes and wealth caused by various social, geographical, and financial aspects.
  • McGuffey’s Justification of Inequality McGuffey’s references to morality imply that ideology is needed to assure the peaceful coexistence of unequal groups.
  • Poverty in America: Socio-Economic Inequality The primary cause of poverty in the United States is socio-economic inequality since such ethnic minorities as Native Americans are among the poorest social groups in the US.
  • Social Inequality, Discrimination, and Solution Social inequality is one of the primary drivers of racial discrimination. At the micro-level, unequal distribution of wealth contributes to racial segregation.
  • Linking Income, Wealth, and Inequality The main reasons for inequality are unequal distribution of property, differences in educational level, skills, work experience, and other essential factors.
  • The Race, Crime, and Urban Inequality Theory The theory of race, crime, and urban inequality is based on the paradigm of social disorganization theory formulated by the Chicago School.
  • Inequalities and Police Brutality Against the Black This paper aims to research racial inequality and hostile police attitudes towards the black population in the United States.
  • Vulnerable Populations: Homeless People and Health Inequalities This paper focuses on vulnerable populations, including changing students’ perceptions of the homeless and the immense health inequalities associated with the homeless population.
  • Gender Inequality in Ohio’s Education and Labor Market This paper provides an insight into the problems, solutions, and barriers to gender equality in the education and the labor market in Ohio state.
  • Health Inequality in the United States Hospitals in the US should employ more health professionals from diverse ethnic backgrounds to overcome rising hindrances such as language barriers and promote equality.
  • Inequality in “The Lesson” by Toni Cade Bambara Toni Cade Bambara’s “The Lesson” is about the social and economic injustices experienced in many societies. The story highlights the oppression and unfairness faced in the US.
  • The PBS Interview on Income Inequality: Main Ideas The PBS interview on income inequality emphasizes the role of social class in the widening gap between the rich and the poor.
  • Gender Inequality Articles by Beaumont vs. Eigenberg The purpose of this article is to analyze and compare two articles on gender inequality and gender bias as a cause of its prevalence.
  • “Racial Inequality, at College and in the Workplace” by Johnson Despite the intentions to create an equal and unbiased society, many modern Americans still experience serious challenges based on racial or gender inequalities.
  • Racial Inequalities in the Context of Pandemic Vaccination To concretize the study, a current journalistic article in The New York Times was chosen to highlight racial inequalities in the context of pandemic vaccination.
  • How Does Racial Inequality Play a Role in the US Culture? The topic of race is one of the most discussed in contemporary society. The paper explains how racial inequality plays a role in the United States culture.
  • Concept of Educational Inequality The paper discusses the case of educational inequality. People share information with others by retweeting the post, taking a screenshot, or commenting on it.
  • Postapartheid South Africa: Understanding Inequality The abolition of the apartheid policy took place in harsh conditions, sometimes bordering on a civil war. This event was preceded by the radicalization of the black population.
  • “Inequality for All”: Arguments’ Study The film “Inequality for All” presents an idea that abolishing inequality is impossible in capitalism, and forcing such a system is strict socialism.
  • Negative Consequences of Social Inequality This paper aims to prove social inequality has always led to negative consequences, analyze the injustice of the superiority of one gender, nation, or social group over another.
  • Social Inequality and Juvenile Delinquency There is a high crime rate among adolescents. At the same time, as it is commonly believed, young people are considered to be the future of the country.
  • The Problems of Gender Inequality This paper tells that gender inequality is a serious issue, which affects everyone. It starts with the stereotype of males’ superiority and turns into numerous problems.
  • Inequality Disparities in Georgia State The paper states that implementing evidence-based policymaking in the state of Georgia has the potential to eliminate equality disparities.
  • “Measuring Inequality in Community Resilience to Natural Disasters” by Hong et al. This paper analyzes the scientific study “Measuring inequality in community resilience to natural disasters using large-scale mobility data” and the content of the article.
  • Inequalities in China and India The paper states that inequalities in China and India are a big issue after looking at the drastic economic differences within the countries.
  • Role of Ideology and Institutions in Gender Inequality This paper aims to present the current status of the issue while evaluating the importance of ideologies and institutions, masculine and feminine norms, the racialization of gender.
  • Legal Issues of Racial Inequality The most serious consequences of discrimination on the basis of race are associated with violence and impairment of rights.
  • Misconceptions About Income Inequality Since the views on the current state of income inequality are diametrically opposite, it is essential to examine the exact situation on a global scale.
  • Racial and Ethnic Inequality: Annotated Bibliography An annotated bibliography on racial and ethnic inequality, exploring the topic in aspects of education and occupation, crimes, healthcare, and socioeconomic status.
  • Marketing and Interaction Through Social Media Platforms and Gender Inequalities The photos posted by individuals on their social media accounts reproduce gender inequalities and reinforce harmful gender identity norms.
  • The Hunger Games Book One: Inequality Problem Relation The first part of the trilogy Hunger Games tells about the despotic government, which organizes an annual demonstration game of survival, watched from the air by the whole world.
  • Invisible Inequality: Childrearing in Black Families and White Families Social inequality but not racial differences affect the range of activities in which children may be involved and their future lives.
  • Financial Inclusion and Income Inequality The effect of financial inclusion in overcoming income inequality depends on the government’s ability to create an enabling environment.
  • Characteristics of Feminism: Inequality in the Aging Experience The purpose of feminism revealed through literature is to convey the idea of the importance of equalizing women in rights with men.
  • Sociable Letters: Inequality in Social and Economic Status The paper discusses “Sociable Letters” which demonstrates the true happiness gap between the upper and lower classes, demonstrating that nobles are jealous of each other.
  • Inequality in the Texas Legislature Over the years, the constitution of the Texas Senate and state legislative chamber has always been discriminative against certain groups.
  • Sexism and Gender Inequality in Sport The paper reviews an example of sexism and gender inequality and academic scholarship on the topic. Women athletes have faced gender inequality and sexism.
  • Gender Inequality in French Hospitality Industry The study scrutinizes the French hotel and tourism sector and the concerns and challenges women encounter in management roles and compares them to the trends.
  • Racial Inequality in the USA: Problem & Solution In the current world, the USA still has challenges in overcoming racial inequality, for example, people practice racial inequality for job promotions or payments.
  • Education and Income Inequality Relationship Income inequality is a great problem of every society since it widens the chasm between the richest and the most deprived people and negatively affects economic growth.
  • Income Inequality: A Historical Review The problem of income inequality is of high social importance: it negatively affects the country’s economy and society.
  • Measuring Economic Inequality The measurement of economic inequality is challenged by the evidence of a wide partisan gap in whether inequality is a problem that needs addressing.
  • Rising Crime and Ethnic Inequality in the United States The article raises the up-to-date topic of the sharp increase in the crime rate in the United States. The numbers are exceptionally high among African Americans and Latinos.
  • Racial and Ethnicity Inequality Racial and ethnic inequality is a national problem in the US. Non-dominant racial and ethnic groups have lower incomes and less access to medical services.
  • Gender Inequality in Social Inequality This topic was chosen because the problem of gender inequality has existed for a long time and is being solved with varying success.
  • Gender Inequality Issue and Solutions Gender equality is a key human right that should be enjoyed by everyone. All people – regardless of their gender – should be able to enjoy the same rights and opportunities.
  • Social Inequality and Discrimination in the US The problem of social inequality in the country has continued to widen the gap between the rich and the poor over the years.
  • Economic Class Inequality in America The growing income inequality in America can no longer be neglected because it affects millions of people of different races and classes.
  • Globalization Impact on Socioeconomic Inequality This paper analyzes the link between globalization and socioeconomic inequality, and how the inequality problem can be mitigated.
  • Poverty and Inequality: Income and Wealth Inequality The Stanford Center of Poverty and Inequality does an in-depth job of finding causes and capturing statistics on poverty and inequality.
  • Racial Inequality in the Judicial System This essay will expound while offering some critiques and counter-arguments on why the justice offered by the justice system highly depends on the race of the convict.
  • The State of Women Inequality Worldwide Regardless of advancement toward gender impartiality in education, girls still represent a greater proportion of dropout children than boys.
  • Education and Income Inequality in the United States The education-based income gap is one of the areas of major concern for policymakers as education is one of the influential factors leading to the increase in the gap.
  • Racial Inequality, Immigration, and Healthcare in the US This essay discusses racial inequality, immigration, and healthcare in America, focusing on the preferential treatment of different races in the U.S.
  • Gender Inequality at Google Inc. Some percentage of women employed in Google shows that it is possible and both genders should work hard to get a job there.
  • Social Inequality: Challenges and Benefits Social inequality can be eliminated by massively investing in public finances to provide free education to everyone.
  • Approaches to the Study of Social Inequality The paper states that class inequality inherently implies different opportunities and unequal access to available public and material goods.
  • Gender Inequality in Security Sector The assumption of gender composition in the security sector has been linked with the apparent norm that women cannot work in the military.
  • Inequality: The Lesson About Privilege There are several factors used to divide society into groups, and they can be based on age, nationality, poverty or wealth, skin color, and sexual orientation.
  • Pandemic Challenge and Economic Inequality
  • Historical Review of Gender Inequality in the USA
  • Inspiration for Women to Address Inequality
  • Social Inequality and Human Rights in the Modern World
  • Racial Inequality in “Recitatif” by Morrison
  • Inequality and Poverty in the United States
  • Economic Inequality Between Genders
  • Economic Inequality and Pandemic Challenge
  • Addressing Economic Inequality: The Pandemic Challenge
  • Tax Inequality in America
  • The Concept of Social Inequality
  • Gender Inequality and Feminism in a TV Series
  • History and Effects of Racial Inequality in the United States
  • The Racial Inequality Problem in the US
  • Gender Roles and Inequalities in Advertisement
  • Inequality in American Society: Myths and Realities
  • Social Inequality in the United States
  • The Issue of Gender Inequality in Kenya
  • Capitalism as a Means of Promoting Inequality
  • Wealth Inequality and Redistribution: Robert Nozick’s Perspective
  • The Pink Tax: Inequality Should Be Outlawed
  • Inequality Within the Australian Labour Market
  • Racial Inequality in Hiring and Workplace
  • Racial Inequality Under the Law in Canada
  • Social Inequality Depicted in Art Works
  • Ethics in Social Work: Addressing Economic Inequality
  • Gender Inequality Among Women in Canada
  • Social Stratification and Inequality
  • Maintaining Hierarchical Interactions with Concealed Inequality in Language
  • Social Inequalities for People With Disabilities
  • Racial Inequality in Modern Society
  • Inequality in the Mayan Civilization
  • Gender Inequality for Men and Women
  • Injustice, Inequality, and the Quest for Inclusivity: Synthesis and Reflection
  • Social Inequality in Poems, Songs, and Films
  • Life of Humanity: Inequality, Poverty, and Tolerance
  • Economic Inequality and Its Relationship to Poverty
  • Pay Inequality and Its Impact on Women and Other Groups
  • Global Gender Inequality and Its Main Trends
  • What Are Some Examples of Inequality?
  • Are Earnings Inequality and Mobility Overstated?
  • What Is Human Inequality?
  • What Are the Five Types of Inequality?
  • Are People Inequality Averse, and Do They Prefer Redistribution by the State?
  • Why Is Inequality Important in Society?
  • Are Private Transfers Poverty and Inequality Reducing?
  • What Is the Impact of Inequality in Our Society?
  • How Does Inequality Threaten All Human Rights?
  • Can Educational Expansion Improve Income Inequality?
  • Where Does Inequality Occur?
  • Can Growth Compensate Inequality and Risk?
  • Does Inequality Cause Civil War in the US?
  • Can Higher Education Reduce Inequality in Developing Countries?
  • Does Inequality Lead to Social Unrest?
  • What Is the Major Cause of Social Inequality and Conflict in Societies?
  • What Is the Difference Between Poverty and Inequality?
  • Can Income Inequality Contribute to Understanding Inequalities in Health?
  • How Does Inequality Affect the Economy?
  • Has Inequality Risen or Fallen Around the World?
  • Did Partial Globalization Increase Inequality?
  • What Are the Two Main Approaches to Explaining Inequality?
  • Does Agriculture Help Poverty and Inequality Reduction?
  • What Are the Indicators of Inequality?
  • Does Consumption Inequality Track Income Inequality in Italy?
  • What Are the Three Ways to Measure Inequality?
  • Does Economic Inequality Affect Child Malnutrition?
  • Does Financial Development Increase Rural-Urban Income Inequality?
  • Does Gender Inequality Hinder Development and Economic Growth?
  • What Determines Gender Inequality in Household Food Security in Kenya?
  • Gender-based violence and its societal impact.
  • The effects of media portrayals of women on gender inequality.
  • Challenges and progress in women’s political representation.
  • Transgender inequality in the workplace.
  • Addressing gender inequalities in healthcare.
  • The glass ceiling: women’s underrepresentation in corporate leadership.
  • The role of language in perpetuating inequality.
  • The impact of masculine societal norms on men’s mental health.
  • The gender gap in financial literacy.
  • Gender bias in AI algorithms and ways to address them.
  • The link between income inequality and economic growth.
  • Racial disparities in wealth accumulation.
  • Is universal basic income a solution to economic inequality?
  • The role of taxation and wealth redistribution in addressing income inequality.
  • The link between income inequality and access to healthcare and education.
  • The likelihood of escaping poverty in the US.
  • The connection between income inequality and social unrest.
  • How does the gig economy promote economic inequality?
  • The role of trade and global supply chains in income inequality.
  • The impact of the housing market on wealth inequality.
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Topics related to poverty and inequality might seem too broad. There are so many facts, factors, and aspects you should take into consideration. However, we all know that narrowing down a topic is one of the crucial steps when working on an outline and thesis statement. You should be specific enough to select the right arguments for your argumentative essay or dissertation. Below, you will find some aspects to include in your poverty essay.

Poverty Statistics

First of all, it would be beneficial to include some background information on the issue. Statistics on poverty in your country or state can help you to paint a picture of the problem. Look for official reports on poverty and socioeconomic welfare, which can be found on government websites. While you are writing this section, consider the following:

  • What is the overall level of poverty in your country or state?
  • Has the prevalence of poverty changed over time? If yes, how and why?
  • Are there any groups or communities where poverty is more prevalent than in the general population? What are they?

Causes of Poverty

If you look at poverty essay titles, the causes of poverty are a popular theme among students. While some people may think that poverty occurs because people are lazy and don’t want to work hard, the problem is much more important than that. Research books and scholarly journal articles on the subject with these questions in mind:

  • Why do some groups of people experience poverty more often than others?
  • What are the historical causes of poverty in your country?
  • How is poverty related to other social issues, such as discrimination, immigration, and crime?
  • How do businesses promote or reduce poverty in the community?

Consequences of Poverty

Many poverty essay examples also consider the consequences of poverty for individuals and communities. This theme is particularly important if you study social sciences or politics. Here are some questions that may give you ideas for this section:

  • How is the psychological well-being of individuals affected by poverty?
  • How is poverty connected to crime and substance abuse?
  • How does poverty affect individuals’ access to high-quality medical care and education?
  • What is the relationship between poverty and world hunger?

Government Policies

Governments of most countries have policies in place to reduce poverty and help those in need. In your essay, you may address the policies used in your state or country or compare several different governments in terms of their approaches to poverty. Here is what you should think about:

  • What are some examples of legislation aimed at reducing poverty?
  • Do laws on minimum wage help to prevent and decrease poverty? Why or why not?
  • How do governments help people who are poor to achieve higher levels of social welfare?
  • Should governments provide financial assistance to those in need? Why or why not?

Solutions to Poverty

Solutions to poverty are among the most popular poverty essay topics, and you will surely find many sample papers and articles on this subject. This is because poverty is a global issue that must be solved to facilitate social development. Considering these questions in your poverty essay conclusion or main body will help you in getting an A:

  • What programs or policies proved to be effective in reducing poverty locally?
  • Is there a global solution to poverty that would be equally effective in all countries?
  • How can society facilitate the reduction of poverty?
  • What solutions would you recommend to decrease and prevent poverty?

Covering a few of these aspects in your essay will help you demonstrate the in-depth understanding and analysis required to earn a high mark. Before you start writing, have a look around our website for more essay titles, tips, and interesting topics!

  • UN Summit in New York: Ending Global Poverty He challenges the international community to enact laws that categorizes the misuse of power ‘which leads to poverty’ as a crime against humanity. The persistence of poverty can be attributed to poor governance and ignorance.
  • Poverty and the Environment The human population affects the environment negatively due to poverty resulting to environmental degradation and a cycle of poverty. Poverty and the environment are interlinked as poverty leads to degradation of the environment.
  • Concepts of Prenatal Drug Exposure vs Poverty on Infants In conclusion parents are of great influence to the development of their children character. Drugs use and poverty are all parents fault, and has nothing to do with the child but they are a major […]
  • Aspects of Global Poverty There are arguments that have been put forth in regard to the causes of poverty in various nations with some people saying that the governments in various nations are there to be blamed for their […]
  • Peter Singer on Resolving the World Poverty Everyone in this world has different perception about luxury for example many people consider Television as the basic need of life in order to get information and current situation of the world where as some […]
  • Poverty and Wealth in “The Lesson” by Toni Cade Bambara This theme contributes to the meaning of “The Lesson” because the narrator illustrates the differences that exist amid the prosperous and poor kids in the fictitious story.
  • Literature Study on the Modern Poverty Concerns Although the author does not expound on the various factor that enhance the growth and development of poverty, it is vivid that the world population in the modern society is facing a common economic threat.
  • Poverty Concerns in Today’s Society In the contemporary world, the definition of poverty is often made international by bodies such as the World Bank and the United Nations bodies with a hypothetical line being described for the various regions of […]
  • Poverty and Its Impact on Global Health: Research Methodologies Little progress has been shown to exist if one is to compare the late nineties and into the twenty first century but a lot still needs to be done to avert this catastrophe.
  • Poverty in Urban Areas The main reason for escalation of the problem of poverty is urban areas is because the intricate problems of urban poverty are considered too small to attract big policies.
  • Why Poverty Rates are Higher among Single Black Mothers Lack of assets, loan facilities and poor savings have played a role in contributing to the growth of poverty among single black women.
  • The Problem of Immigrants Poverty in the US Alternative Hypothesis The level of poverty is significantly higher among immigrants than in general population, or Immigrant’s poverty is the root cause of social factors within their families and in society as well.
  • Poverty in Brazil The primary aim of the exploration was to relate and construe the experimental findings arising from the application of the FGT poverty standards reformulation to Brazilian domestic examination data.
  • What Causes Poverty in the World One of the major factors that have contributed to poverty in given areas of the world is overpopulation. Environmental degradation in many parts of the world has led to the increase of poverty in the […]
  • Poverty in the Bronx: Negative Effects of Poverty South Bronx is strictly the southwestern part of the borough of Bronx and Bronx is the only borough in New York city in the mainland.
  • Effects of Poverty on Immigrant Children As research studies show, although there is a group of immigrants who belong to higher social classes, mostly because of their formal education levels, most of immigrants belong to the low socioeconomic class, as most […]
  • Immigrant Status and Poverty: How Are They Linked? It has been shown that native status of the immigrant family does affect the amount of income earned by a family by Chapman and Berstein.
  • Social Welfare Policy That Facilitates Reduction of Poverty and Inequality in the US In spite of the scale of the increase in the inequality, the political class in the US rarely discusses this subject in the public.
  • Banker to the Poor: Micro-Lending and the Battle against World Poverty: Advantages of Microcredit The main features of the Grameen project are the availability to the poor people who have no credit history and are not able to borrow a loan from a bank because of the lack of […]
  • Poverty in Russia during the Late Nineteenth Century Most importantly, Pytor Pertovich Semyonova role was instrumental in the life of the peasants living before the revolution since he championed the passing of rules that were intended to guarantee the Russian peasants of their […]
  • Poverty and its Effects on Childhood Education The foremost strength of Guo’s study is that in it, author succeeded with substantiating the full soundness of an idea that children’s exposure to poverty cannot possibly be thought of as only the factor that […]
  • What is the Relationship between Race, Poverty and Prison? The inherent problem with this is that it becomes a “self fulfilling prophecy” in that a higher predilection to suspect minorities for crimes does indeed result in minorities being arrested for crimes but this leaves […]
  • The Singer Solution to World Poverty: Arguments Against The article compares the lives of people in the developed world represented by America and that of developing world represented by Brazil; It is about a school teacher who sells a young boy for adoption […]
  • Poverty in America Rural and Urban Difference (Education) The understanding of the needs of the poverty American rural and urban schools is the first step on the way to reforming the system of elementary and secondary education.
  • Poverty and Inequality in Jacksonian America One of the reactions of the leaders and most especially the presidents under this period was to impose a policy of non-intervention by the federal government.
  • The Singer Solution to World Poverty In his work, “The Singer solution to the world poverty” he tried to sell his idea of how the world poverty could be eradicated through sacrifice.
  • On (Not) Getting by in America: Economic Order and Poverty in the U.S. In fact, according to her, these conditions are unlivable and can be referred to as another form of servant class. To this extent, it is possible to concur with Ehrenreich that these conditions are unlivable […]
  • Poverty among Women and Aboriginals The following are the factors that contribute to the poverty of women: First is the gender related roles; this is whereby women are only restricted to household roles.
  • The Problems of Poverty in the Modern World It is interesting to note that practically, all the problems that are linked to poverty, are either directly or indirectly caused by lack of or inadequacy of money, thus, it can confidently be said that […]
  • Capitalism and Poverty While the president’s statement after the release of the report agreed that 2009 was tough especially to the working class people, two of the richest men in the world, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, live […]
  • Poverty as a Peculiarity of the Economical Development I think that poverty is not only financial, economic problem, therefore, the economic model of “rich” developed countries cannot be appropriate for all societies in the worlds due to the different aspect such as mentality, […]
  • The End of Poverty Philippe Diaz’s documentary, The End of Poverty, is a piece that attempts to dissect the causes of the huge economic inequalities that exist between countries in the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere.
  • Poverty in Africa These pictures have been published online to show the world the gravity of the poverty situation in the African continent. The pictures represent the suffering of majority of the African people as a result of […]
  • Poverty as Capability Deprivation In this paper, the importance of social justice manifests through the understanding of social deprivation, as opposed to the understanding of income levels in the achievement of social justice.
  • Poverty in Saudi Arabia It is expected that through the various facts and arguments presented in this paper.the reason behind the high poverty rate within Saudi Arabia despite its oil wealth as compared to its neighbors will become clear […]
  • The Causes of Poverty Concentration in the Modern World Even though the average income of people living in developed countries is above the poverty line, the nations still experience concentrations of poverty especially when it comes to income inequality.
  • The Myth of the Culture of Poverty Unfortunately, rather all of the stereotypes regarding poor people are widespread in many societies and this has served to further increase the problem of generational poverty. Poor people are regarded to be in the state […]
  • War on Poverty in US The term war on poverty officially came into being in 1964 and referred to concerted government efforts to eradicate assiduous poverty in the United States of America.
  • Consumerism: Affecting Families Living in Poverty in the United States Hence, leading to the arising of consumerism protection acts and policies designed to protect consumers from dishonest sellers and producers, which indicates the high degree of consumer’s ignorance, and hence failure to make decisions of […]
  • Freedom From Poverty as a Human Right and the Un Declaration of Human Rights This reveals the nature of the interrelatedness of the whole boy of human rights and the need to address human rights in that context.
  • Environmental Degradation and Poverty It is however important to understand the causes of the environmental degradation and the ways to reduce them, which will promote the improvement of the environmental quality.
  • War on Poverty: Poverty Problem in US Apart from the two initiatives discussed above, another important initiative that can be used in the war against poverty is to engage the poor in programs of fighting poverty.
  • Sweatshops and Third World Poverty When discussing about the role of multinationals in developing countries and the way they treat the economies, the writers are of the opinion that to avoid negative outcomes and promote the spirit of international corporation, […]
  • Effect of Poverty on Children Cognitive and Learning Ability The majority of the conducted researches have reveals a positive relationship between the achievement and SES in all ages of children. Poverty and low socioeconomic status are closely related to cognitive development of children.
  • The Mothers Who Are Not Single: Striving to Avoid Poverty in Single-Parent Families In the present-day world, single-parent families are under a considerable threat due to the lack of support and the feeling of uncertainty that arises once one of the spouses leaves, whether it is due to […]
  • Poverty in the United States Inadequate fundamental learning, a wide gap between the incomes of the o-level learners and the professionals, among others, are some of the cited causes of the poverty, but lack of employment is the root cause.
  • Reducing Poverty: Unilever and Oxfam From the case, it is clear that most MNC’s conduct their businesses in Least Developed Countries with no regard to the communities and environmental concerns of their areas of operations.
  • Impacts of global poverty resistance Though global economy has raised the world productivity and living standards of the humans due to increased income, it has led to greater inequality within countries as evidenced among the less developed economies in Africa […]
  • Microcredit: A Tool for Poverty Alleviation In recognition of the role that microfinance’s can play in the eradication of poverty and hence the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals, The UN duped 2005 as the “year of microcredit”.
  • Third World Countries and the Barriers Stopping them to Escape Poverty The phrase Third World was initially used in the Cold War period to represent those countries that were neither on the West NATO nations referred to as the first world countries, nor on the East-Communist […]
  • Poverty in India and China India’s slow rate of poverty reduction compared to China is due to the differences in their approach to the economy. Improving the living conditions and general well being of the people is not only the […]
  • We Can Stop Poverty in Ghana Today One of the main disadvantages of the document is that the problem of poverty is not considered separately, but only as a part of other economic and social problems.
  • MDG Poverty Goals May be Achieved, but Child Mortality is not Improving The progress in achieving the first goal- to cut the number of people living in poverty by half- is evidenced by the high growth rates in China and India.
  • Social Issues; Crime and Poverty in Camden This has threatened the social security and peaceful coexistence of the people in the community. The larger the differences between the poor and the rich, the high are the chances of crime.
  • Susceptibility of women and Aboriginal people to poverty in Canada The prevalence of poverty among women and the Aboriginal people in Canada is an issue that requires urgent concern. This is a clear indication that eradication of poverty among the women and Aboriginal people in […]
  • Africa’s Poverty: The Influence of Western States These people are the ones who are in a better position to accelerate the development of Africa because they have the skills that are required to take African states to another level.
  • Social Business Scope in Alleviating Poverty Instead of charity work, social business aims at creating a mechanism in which the poor may be helped in a sustainable manner in that the social business makes profits just like conventional businesses, but the […]
  • Cause and Effect of Poverty For example, the disparities in income and wealth are considered as a sign of poverty since the state is related to issues of scarcity and allocation of resources and influence.
  • Poverty, Homelessness and Discrimination in Australia: The case of the Aboriginal He described the various aspects of the ownership of the means of production in the form of factories, machines and technology and emerging system of relations of production as an important determinants of classes.
  • Poverty Indicators in Developing Countries It was chosen by the World Bank for use in determining the poverty rates of poor countries. Poor countries are given first considerations in programming and implementing of the World Bank’s projects.
  • Analytical Research: Poverty in Thailand: Peculiarities and Perspectives Therefore, the government has enacted the various measures that have to improve the level of life and the image of the country.
  • The Problem of Poverty in Bob Marley’s “No Woman, No Cry” To see the situation from the perspective of its social significance, it is necessary to refer to Mills’ concept of sociological imagination and to the division of problems and issues into personal and social ones.
  • Civil War and Poverty: “The Bottom Billion” by Paul Collier He uses it when referring to the countries in the world, which make up the majority of the billion population of the world that unfortunately sits at the bottom of the world in terms of […]
  • Fight Poverty, Fight Illiteracy in Mississippi Initiative What is required is a commitment of the members to voice the concerns of the population to the US government to take actions that are aimed at ensuring that policies are put in place to […]
  • Correlation between Poverty and Obesity The present research seeks to achieve this through assessing the suggestion that today in the Western nations; the poor are now, for the first time in history, proportionately the most obese in the population groups.
  • Poverty and Gender Violence in Congo In the 1990s, the country witnessed a brutal civil conflict that was attributed to struggle for power and the interest of the foreign powers.
  • Is Poverty Of Poor Countries In Anyway Due To Wealth Of The Rich? There is the class of the rich elites and the class of the illiterate poor. This paper seeks to ascertain the argument that poverty of poor countries is due to the wealth of the rich.
  • Poverty Effects on Child Development and Schooling To help children from low-income families cope with poverty, interventions touching in the child’s development and educational outcomes are essential. Those programs campaign against the effects of poverty among children by providing basic nutritional, academic, […]
  • Rural Poverty in Indonesia As on one hand a larger number of people living in poverty are found in the rural areas, on the other hand, there exists “a division in which the pace of poverty reduction slows down […]
  • Property, Urban Poverty and Spatial marginalization Blomley observes that the working of the property market also makes a significant contribution to the urban poverty and consequently leads to spatial marginalization.
  • Social Dynamics: The Southern Poverty Law Centre To appreciate the need for equality and equity in any given society, the author will rely on the activities of an organization championing the same in compiling the report.
  • Poverty and Development into the 21st Century The choices of citizens in the west influence the consumer, as well as political behaviors of the consumers and voters in the developing regions.
  • Technological development in trade and its impacts on poverty On the same note, Cypher and Dietz claim that due to the expenses incurred in updating the technology to international standards, many business organizations have over the years been increasing the prices of their commodities […]
  • Poverty fighting in Saudi Arabia and in USA This report discuses some of the poverty prevention programs that have been adopted by Saudi Arabia and the United States in dealing with a global problem, threatening the lives of billions of people around the […]
  • African Poverty: To Aid, or Not to Aid In my opinion, granting educational aid to Africa is one of the best strategies required by African economies and eradicates poverty.
  • Does Parental Involvement and Poverty Affect Children’s Education and Their Overall Performance? The discussion will look at the various ways in which parents are involved in the academic performance of children and also whether poverty affects the involvement of parents in the academic performance of their children.
  • The Connection Between Poverty and Mental Health Problems The daily struggle to earn a daily bread takes a toll on an individual mental health and contributes to mental health problem.
  • Poverty Reduction in Africa, Central America and Asia In spite of the growing attention into the subject, poverty threatens majority of the communities and societies in the developing countries, particularly in Africa.
  • Global Poverty, Social Policy, and Education Defining, compare and contrasting modernization and dependency theories in relation to development and global poverty stating suggestions and causes of poverty globally Modernization theory as the name suggests, refers to modernizing or venturing to new […]
  • Global Poverty, Social Poverty and Education It is therefore quite important that new forms of education systems and development theories are introduced based on situations in developing countries.
  • How World Vision International Contributes to Poverty Reduction It is with the understanding of the root causes of poverty that World Vision International, it enacts programs that address the root causes so that they remain sustainable in the future even after the withdraw […]
  • Critical Analyses of the Climate of Fear Report from Southern Poverty Law Center Following the murder of Marcelo Lucero in the Suffolk County, the federal government initiated an investigation to establish the foundations of the practice and pattern of hate crimes against the undocumented immigrants.
  • Global poverty and education This paper will discuss the criticisms of the development theories, the historical context of development efforts, the role of international and non-governmental organizations in multilateral education and solutions offered by contemporary scholars to enhance the […]
  • Terrorism, poverty and financial instability Terrorist activities are perpetrated to compel the affected parties to comply with the demands of the terrorists. Some of the conflicts in the developing countries caused by the instability and poverty in the third world […]
  • Poverty Prevalence in the United States In order to meet the American Dream, the issue of poverty needs to be addressed in the US in order to pave the way for the realization of these goals. The higher is the gap […]
  • Films Comparison: “The Fields” by Roland Joffe and “Hotel Rwanda” by Terry George In the killing fields, three journalists Schanberg, Swain and Pran who witnessed the Cambodian genocide under the regimes of Pol Pot and Rouge recount the stories and events of the genocide.
  • Issues underlying global poverty and provision of aid The argument Barrientos, Hulme and Hanlon holds is indeed strong, but it is very important to note that even with the massive achievements that aid programs have achieved in the setting up of individuals and […]
  • Development is No Longer the Solution to poverty Thus, the so-called development throughout the world has led to the creation of additional dependence of the poor nations to the rich nations.
  • Millennium Development Goals in Kenya, Ivory Coast, Haiti, and Chad Relationship between poverty and education As has been observed above, low income countries that experience extreme famine tend to have the lowest rates of education.
  • Why is poverty important in contemporary security studies? In addition, the essay will explore the evolution of global security studies and evaluate the significance of poverty in the modern security studies.
  • How Poverty Affects Children Development? The fact is that as much as it is the responsibility of parents and guardians to ensure that children get their needs, the inability of the parents and guardians to provide these basic needs to […]
  • Social Entrepreneurship and Successful Entrepreneur To access it easily, one has to design the program in a way that compels the legions of imitators and replicators.
  • Hispanic Childhood Poverty in the United States Importance of the Problem The problem of childhood poverty in Hispanic groups in America is important to this study and to the social studies in America.
  • Wordsworth’s Vision of Childhood in His Poems “We Are Seven” and “Alice Fell or Poverty” Specifically, the joint publication he released in 1798 known as “Lyrical Ballads” are considered the most important publications in the rise of the Romantic literature in the UK and Europe.
  • Importance of Foreign Aid in Poverty Reducing Foreign aid is one of the methods used by wealthy nations to help reduce poverty in the least developed countries. Such countries as the US and Canada have provided financial aid to a number of […]
  • “Urban and Rural Estimates of Poverty: Recent Advances in Spatial Microsimulation in Australia” by Tanton, R, Harding, A, and McNamara, J The purpose of this article was to use “a spatial microsimulation model to calculate the rates of poverty for small areas in Australia”.
  • Does Poverty Lead to Terrorism? While there are conflicting arguments regarding the factors that influence terrorism, scholars agree on the need to evaluate evidence on the causes of terrorism and develop concrete strategies and approaches to tackle a vice that […]
  • Concept of Poverty The main difference between this definition and other definitions of poverty highlighted in this paper is the broad understanding of the concept.
  • Measuring Poverty and Social Exclusion in Australia The topic, measuring poverty and social exclusion was chosen to broaden the understanding of poverty and elements of social exclusion. Therefore, it is imperative for policymakers to recognise the role of diverse indicators that measure […]
  • The Rise of Extremist Groups, Disparity and Poverty Despite the negative consequences that terrorists have posed to the society, the fight against the vice has become more difficult with time, especially in the light of the increasing support for the violent actions against […]
  • Poverty and Domestic Violence It is based on this that in the next section, I have utilized my educational experience in order to create a method to address the issue of domestic violence from the perspective of a social […]
  • How do Migration and Urbanization Bring About Urban Poverty in Developing Countries? When there is a high rate of rural to urban migration, there is pressure on the limited resources in the urban centers.
  • Energy and Poverty Solutions – World Bank Ultimately, bank team confirms eligibility of all aspects of the project and their consistency with World Bank requirements and at the same time the potential of intended government to efficiently implement the projects.
  • Energy and Poverty Solutions – Non-traditional Cookstoves The assessment paper which is based on a survey of women in rural Bangladesh explores the most valued attribute of a non-traditional stove, the significance of downward sloping curve, factors that influence household decisions to […]
  • Sociological Indicators of Energy Poverty Access to energy has been viewed as one of the ways of uplifting the living standards of people. The lack of enough energy supplies is perceived to be a major contributor to poverty in this […]
  • Millennium Development Goals – Energy and Poverty Solutions It is in the family of access to assert. It is in the family of inequity.
  • Tourism Contribution to Poverty Reduction Managers usually make targeting errors such as poor delivery of tourism benefits to the poor and accruing tourism benefit to the rich in the society.
  • Causes of Poverty Traps in an Economy, its Results and Ways of Avoiding them Unemployment in an economy results to low incomes to the workers since their services are readily available in the market which in turn leads to reduction in the disposable income of the workers.
  • What Should You Do? Poverty Issue The only way to stop that would be to sacrifice his car, to stop the train by pushing it on the track but he does not.
  • “Facing Poverty With a Rich Girl’s Habits” by Suki Kim Finally, revealing the problems of adapting to a new social status, the story turns remarkably complex, which also lends it a certain charm.
  • Business and Pollution Inequality in Poor States Pollution in the third world countries leads to the degradation of the environment reducing the quality of life for the people.
  • The Economic Effect of Issuing Food Stamps to Those in Poverty This method would be the most suitable because of the large number of participants to be involved in collection of data. The interviewer will have to be highly responsive to individual differences of participants and […]
  • Globalization and the Issue of Poverty: Making the World a Better Place The aforementioned definitions of globalization and poverty can help define the potential changes that the globalization will have on the rates of the former in the nearest future.
  • Challenges of Social Integration: Poverty The government of Romania uses two measures of poverty to estimate the level of poverty in the country: absolute and relative poverty measures.
  • The World Bank and the Poverty of Reform However, with the various leadership scandals that have been observed in the bank, experts now doubt whether the World Bank has the capacity to address the various development challenges that are facing the developing nations.
  • Poverty Research Proposal To justify this, the recent and most current statistics from the Census Bureau shows that the level and rate of poverty in USA is increasing, with minority ethnic groups being the most disadvantaged.
  • Global Poverty Studies and their Importance The most difficult thing in discussing and scientifically explaining the phenomenon of poverty is that there is no macroeconomic approach to it.
  • Human Capital and Poverty in Scottsdale According to Lang and LeFurgy, over 52% of the residents of this city have a degree or higher education attainments, because of the education policies and the attractiveness of the city to foreigners.
  • “The Singer Solution to World Poverty” by Peter Singer The article “The Singer Solution to World Poverty” by author Peter Singer attempts to provide a workable solution to the world poverty problem.
  • Catholic Dealing with Poverty and Homelessness The idea of “common good” will support many people in the world. The practice will support many people in the world.
  • How Racial Segregation Contributes to Minority’s Poverty? In the conclusion section, the paper argues that racial segregation though a contributor to concentrated poverty in minority communities, is a social issue that arguably cannot be legislated.
  • The Poverty Across the US Culture This paper argues that the prevalence of poverty in most parts of the US is a result of poor strategizing, the lack of education, mistakes in choosing courses, the disappearance of low-skill jobs and a […]
  • The Solution to World Poverty by Peter Singer Therefore, in the worst case scenario, the implementation of the plan proposed by Singer will lead to the financial instability for not only the beneficiaries, but also for the people donating for the wellbeing of […]
  • Suburbanisation of Poverty in the USA In particular, it is necessary to focus on the transformation of American economy and changing attitudes of people who previously wanted to settle in suburban areas.
  • Max Weber’s Thoughts on Poverty Weber has contributed to the exploration of the origins of poverty and the impact of religions on the attitude to it.
  • Poverty as the Deprivation of Capabilities Nussbaum supports Sen’s argument that efforts in poverty eradication should be focused on capability deprivation, which is the taking away of the abilities bestowed on someone, rather than raising the income of the poor.
  • Poverty Controversy in the USA The essay provides a consistent discussion of poverty in the USA as well as verifies the standards of socioeconomic life in America against those, which exist in the developing countries.
  • Detroit Poverty and “Focus Hope” Organization There is a great number of factors and issues that lead to a certain part of the population to live in poverty.”Focus Hope” is an organization that tries to alleviate the suffering of those in […]
  • Poverty: $2.00 a Day in America When conversations about the poor occur in the city of Washington, they usually discuss the struggles of the working poor, forgetting about the issues that the non-working poor face day by day.
  • Social Issues of Families in Poverty With the tightened budget, parents of the families living in poverty struggle to make ends meet, and in the course of their struggles, they experience many stresses and depressions.
  • Profit from Organizing Tours to Poverty Areas The tour operators are in the business of selling services that are beneficial to both the tourist and the people in the destination country.
  • The Rise of Poverty in the US The main issue that is portrayed in the article is the presence of the invisible poor and the homeless poor in the US.
  • Poverty in the Novel “Snow” by Orhan Pamuk All through, the author creatively captures the attention of the reader without watering down the content and flow of the storyline. The reality of poverty is undeniable in this book.
  • Global Conflict and Poverty Crisis The contemporary issue of global conflict and poverty crisis requires the attention of international communities and governments. The study of international conflicts and poverty crisis is important for individuals, communities, and nations across the world.
  • Global Poverty Reduction: Economic Policy Recommendation Relative poverty is the unforgivable level of poverty ranging between average and absolute poverty. In accordance with the capabilities approach, poverty and dispossession are as a result of lack of individual capacity and competencies.
  • Global Poverty and the Endeavors of Addressing It Despite the attempts of modern economists to reconsider the financial options for the poor, the latter will always exist unless the very structure of economy is replaced with an entirely new principle of distributive justice.
  • Poverty and Education: School Funding Reinforces Inequality The government supplied the highest amount of funds in New York City Schools, but the inadequacy made them to achieve the poorest results.
  • Poverty Effect on Children 1 million children, aged between 5 to 17 years old, were noted to be from low income families which, as explained by George Stokes, & Wilkinson, can result in a lack of access to a […]
  • African Poverty at the Millennium: Causes and Challenges The book “African Poverty at the Millennium: Causes, Complexities, and Challenges” explores the issue of poverty in Africa. In the second part of the book, the authors discuss the social, political, and economic causes of […]
  • Divorce Outcomes: Poverty and Instability Divorce is not the solution to challenges in marriage since it results in poverty, instability and unstable environment for children. Personal analysis shows that due to this situation, some children are usually left to the […]
  • The Relationship between Poverty and Education My research paper tends to provide investigation towards the amount of characteristics that alter the degree of registration into institutions of higher education of scholars from inferior social groups; to define the relative importance of […]
  • Poverty Reduction Among American Single Mothers The typical causes of the single-mothers’ unemployment and poverty are the lack of education to receive the well-paid job and the absence of the social support to provide the adequate care for children.
  • Poverty in “A Theology of Liberation” by Gutierrez The most critical aspect in which this state deviates from the former two is that a poor person perfectly understands the necessity to abide with God and, simultaneously, the debilitating effect of poverty.
  • Poverty and Social Welfare in the United States Nevertheless, unemployment is not the only source of poverty, and the New World was hardly the land of wealth and prosperity.
  • Poverty in Orwell’s “Down and Out in Paris and London” The fact that the structure of society is discussed is especially interesting, and it is suggested that opinions of people that live in poverty are not acknowledged most of the time.
  • Children and Poverty in “Born into Brothels” Documentary The desire to cognize the meaning of life involves the quest for the internal integrity and constancy of the personality. The fact of belonging to a particular cultural group, in which there are standards and […]
  • Poverty and Challenges in Finding Solutions It is obvious, that an ideal solution to the issue of poverty is distribution of these funds between people in need and improvement of current situation.
  • American War on Poverty Throughout US History It was the beginning of the issue of poverty. However, there is an opinion that it was the question of policy and his way to increase the level of popularity.
  • Poverty Reasons in Ancient Times and Nowadays It is possible to suggest that there are some main reasons for poverty, which are the ineffective political system, discrimination, and mistakes of the rulers of different states.
  • Do Poverty Traps Exist? Assessing the Evidence They believe unless there is a proper policy in place that can change the fundamentals of the economy, simple investment with the assistance of foreign aid will not help the country to come out of […]
  • “Halving Global Poverty” by Besley and Burges Tim Besley and Robin Burges note in their paper “Halving Global Poverty” that, depending on the average real per capita income of a country, high inequality of income is positively correlated to the high degree […]
  • Poverty as a Cause of the Sudanese Civil War The connection between poverty and conflict has been analyzed in the West African region where “11 of the world’s 25 poorest countries are contained and is currently one of the most unstable regions of the […]
  • Poor Economics and Global Poverty In the given paper, we will discuss and analyze the factors contributing to the increase in poverty rates, review the consequences and effects of poverty on individuals and the society as a whole, and outline […]
  • Poverty in the US The United States of America is one of the most diverse countries in the world. The question here is what are the possible causes of poverty in a country like the United States.
  • Culture of Poverty in the “Park Avenue” Documentary In contrast, the uncaring and greedy attitudes of the people in the movie could be characterized as a “culture of wealth”.
  • Poverty Rates Among Whites and Blacks Americans To support the evidence provided by the new report, the author of the article cites the data of the American Community Survey from 2009-2013 that demonstrate that in Chicago, more than 30% of poor black […]
  • Global Health Governance and Poverty The aim of this paper is to outline the importance of health in global governance and discuss the issue of poverty in less-developed nations as a significant challenge to the global health system.
  • Vietnamese Poverty and Productivity Increase There was also a change in the percentage of the population that lived on or below the poverty line. In1993, 60% of the population was living on or below the poverty line through this reduced […]
  • Why Nations Fail: The Origins of Power, Prosperity and Poverty The hypothesis presented by the authors is a difference in the economies: while the former shows the signs of the inclusive economy, which does not restrict the wealth from being distributed among the population for […]
  • Energy Poverty Elimination in Developing Countries Responding to the article by Sagar, I would like to emphasize that the establishment of a special fund to assist the mentioned countries in alleviating energy poverty is a feasible idea.
  • Poverty Impact on Life Perception
  • Poverty and Child Health in the US and the UK
  • Inequality and Poverty Relationship
  • Urban and Suburban Poverty in the United States
  • Breastfeeding Impact on Canadian Poverty Gaps
  • Poverty, Inequality and Social Policy Understanding
  • Poverty: An Echo of Capitalism
  • Poverty Areas and Effects on Juvenile Delinquency
  • Poverty Solution as a Political Issue in Australia
  • Poverty as a Factor of Terrorist Recruitment
  • Poverty and Global Food Crisis: Food and Agriculture Model
  • Child Poverty and Academic Achievement Association
  • Poverty in America: An Ethical Dilemma
  • Poverty and Its Relative Definitions
  • Economic Development: Prosperity and Poverty
  • Poverty and Its Aspects in Historical Documents
  • Single-Mother Poverty and Policies in the United States
  • Poverty in American Single-Parent Families
  • Video Volunteers’ Interventions Against Poverty
  • Social Study: Mamelodi Residents Living in Poverty
  • International Financial Institutions’ Poverty Reduction Strategy
  • “Poverty and Joy: The Franciscan Tradition” by Short
  • The Impact of Poverty in African American Communities
  • Poverty and Politics in “The Bottom Billion” by Collier
  • Canada and the Imposition of Poverty
  • The Relation Between Poverty and Justice
  • Relationship Between Crime Rates and Poverty
  • Poverty and Inequality in “Rich and Poor” by Peter Singer
  • Religious Quotes on Poverty and Their Interpretations
  • Econometrics: Poverty, Unemployment, Household Income
  • Poverty in the US: Essentials of Sociology
  • “Rethinking the Sociological Measurement of Poverty” by Brady
  • Poverty in Los Angeles
  • Poverty around the World
  • Teen Pregnancy Can Lead to Suicide and Poverty
  • Poverty, Stratification and Gender Discrimination
  • Anthropology: Culture of Poverty
  • Globalization Issues and Impact on Poverty and Free Trade
  • Poverty and Hip-Hop: Notorious B.I.G.’s “Juicy”
  • Social Problem of Poverty in the United States
  • Poverty in Bambara’s The Lesson and Danticat’s A Wall of Fire Rising
  • Healthcare Development. Poverty in the 1800s
  • Development Economics: Poverty Traps in Africa
  • Phenomena of Poverty Review
  • “Old Age Poverty” Study by Kwan & Walsh
  • Community Work: Helping People in Poverty
  • Poverty Rates Issue in Alberta Analysis
  • The Philippines’ Unemployment, Inequality, Poverty
  • Poverty in the US: Causes and Measures
  • The Cultural Construction of Poverty
  • Theories of Fertility. Economics Aspect and Poverty.
  • Poverty Level in any Country
  • Global Poverty Dimensions and Alleviating Approaches
  • Feminization of Poverty – A Grave Social Concern
  • Poverty As A General Problem
  • Poverty of America: Economic Assumptions
  • Poverty and Its Effects on Women
  • Poverty and Its Effects on Females
  • Poverty and Inequality in Modern World
  • Microeconomics. Poverty in America
  • Poverty Issue in America Review
  • Children’s Brain Function Affected by Poverty
  • Child Poverty in Toronto, Ontario
  • The Underclass Poverty and Associated Social Problems
  • Poverty. “How the Other Half Lives” by Jacob Riis
  • Pockets of Poverty Mar the Great Promise of Canada
  • Marginalization and Poverty of Rural Women
  • Management Issues: The Poverty Business
  • Environmental Deterioration and Poverty in Kenya
  • Poverty as a Great Social Problem and Its Causes
  • Colonial Economy of America: Poverty, Slavery and Rich Plantations
  • Poverty by Anarchism and Marxism Approaches
  • How Gender and Race Structure Poverty and Inequality Connected?
  • Is Poverty From Developing Countries Imagined?
  • Social and Economic Policy Program: Globalization, Growth, and Poverty
  • Poverty, Suburban Public School Violence and Solution
  • The End of Poverty Possibility
  • Urban Relationship Between Poverty and Crime
  • Poverty in the World
  • Poverty and Criminal Behavoiur Relation
  • Cultures and Prejudice: Poverty Factors
  • Poverty in United States. Facts and Causes
  • War and Poverty Connection in Developing Countries
  • Values and Ethics: Poverty in Canada
  • Poverty in America: A Paradox
  • The Poverty Rates in the USA
  • The Effects of Poverty Within Criminal Justice
  • Poverty, Government and Unequal Distribution of Wealth in Philippines
  • “The End of Poverty” by Phillipe Diaz
  • Poverty Sustainability in Sub-Saharan Countries: The Role of NGOs
  • The Problem of Poverty in Africa
  • The Notion of “Poverty” is a Key Word of a Modern Society
  • Intro to Sociology: Poverty
  • Poverty and Disasters in the United States
  • Vietnam’s Economic Growth and Poverty & Inequality
  • Poverty Alleviation and Sustainable Development
  • Poverty and Disrespect in “Coming of Age in Mississippi” by Anne Moody
  • Poverty in Africa: Impact of the Economy Growth Rate
  • The Internet and Poverty in Society
  • Poverty: Causes and Effects on the Population and Country
  • Poverty and Diseases
  • Poor Kids: The Impact of Poverty on Youth
  • Individualistic Concepts and Structural Views on Poverty in American Society
  • The Problem of Childhood Poverty
  • Health, Poverty, and Social Equity: Indigenous Peoples of Canada
  • Health, Poverty, and Social Equity: The Global Response to the Ebola Outbreak
  • Children in Poverty in Kampong Ayer, Brunei
  • Corporate Social Responsibility & Poverty Alleviation
  • Poverty Reduction and Natural Assets
  • Poverty Policy Recommendations
  • Dependency Theory and “The End of Poverty?”
  • The Impact of Poverty on Children Under the Age of 11
  • Microeconomic Perspective on Poverty Evolution in Pakistan
  • Poverty: A Sociological Imagination Perspective
  • Reflective Analysis of Poverty
  • Couple Aims to Fight Poverty, One Village at a Time
  • “Poverty, Race, and the Contexts of Achievement” by Maryah Stella Fram et al.
  • Community Health Needs: Poverty
  • The Issue of Vicious Circle of Poverty in Brazil
  • The Criminalization of Poverty in Canada
  • Poverty’s Effects on Delinquency
  • Guns Do Not Kill, Poverty Does
  • Children Living in Poverty and Education
  • Wealth and Poverty: The Christian Teaching on Wealth and Poverty
  • Poverty, Social Class, and Intersectionality
  • Researching the Problem of Poverty
  • Poverty as a Global Social Problem
  • Poverty and Unemployment Due to Increased Taxation
  • The Problem of Poverty in the United States
  • Poverty and Inequality in the US
  • End of Extreme Poverty
  • Political Economy: Relationship Between Poverty, Inequality, and Nationalism
  • Poverty and Sex Trafficking: Qualitative Systematic Review
  • Analysis of Theodore Dalrymple’s “What Is Poverty?”
  • Social Work at Acacia Network: Poverty and Inequality
  • Global Poverty and Ways to Overcome It
  • America’s Shame: How Can Education Eradicate Poverty
  • Poverty, Partner Abuse, and Women’s Mental Health
  • Global Education as the Key Tool for Addressing the Third World Poverty Issue
  • Vicious Circle of Poverty in Brazil
  • Progress and Poverty Book by Henry George
  • Poverty Effects on American Children and Adolescents
  • International Aid – Poverty Inc
  • Analysis of a Social Problem: Poverty
  • Poverty and Inequality Reduction Strategies
  • Poverty and Risks Associated With Poverty
  • Free-Trade Policies and Poverty Level in Bangladesh
  • Feminization of Poverty and Governments’ Role in Solving the Problem
  • Poverty Effects and How They Are Handled
  • Discussion of the Problem of the Poverty
  • Poverty and Homelessness as Social Problem
  • Juvenile Violent Crime and Children Below Poverty
  • “The Hidden Reason for Poverty…” by Haugen
  • Poverty in New York City, and Its Reasons
  • Child Poverty in the United States
  • Poverty and Its Effect on Adult Health
  • Aspects of Social Work and Poverty
  • The Relationship Between Single-Parent Households and Poverty
  • Life Below the Poverty Line in the US
  • Poverty in “A Modest Proposal” by Swift
  • Poverty Simulation Reflection and Its Influence on Life
  • Is Poverty a Choice or a Generational Curse?
  • “Poverty, Toxic Stress, and Education…” Study by Kelly & Li
  • The Problem of Poverty in Chad
  • Is Globalization Reducing Poverty and Inequality? & How to Judge Globalism
  • Poverty: Subsidizing Programs
  • Poverty as a Social Problem in Burundi
  • Food Banks Board Members and Cycle of Poverty
  • Reducing Poverty in the North Miami Beach Community
  • Poverty in Rural and Urban Areas
  • Decreasing Poverty With College Enrollment Program
  • “Life on a Shoestring – American Kids Living in Poverty” by Claycomb
  • The Problems of Poverty and Hunger
  • The Poverty and Education Quality Relationship
  • Global Poverty: Famine, Affluence, and Morality
  • Explosive Growth of Poverty in America
  • Discussion: Poverty and Healthcare
  • Global Poverty: The Ethical Dilemma
  • Early Childhood Financial Support and Poverty
  • The Opportunity for All Program: Poverty Reduction
  • Connection of Poverty and Education
  • Private Sector’s Role in Poverty Alleviation in Asia
  • Poverty and Homelessness in American Society
  • How to Overcome Poverty and Discrimination
  • Poverty: The Main Causes and Factors
  • The Caribbean Culture: Energy Security and Poverty Issues
  • What Is Poverty in the United States?
  • Poverty: Aspects of Needs Assessment
  • Poverty and Homelessness as a Global Social Problem
  • Global Poverty: Ways of Combating
  • Rural Development, Economic Inequality and Poverty
  • Anti-Poverty Programs From the Federal Government
  • Saving the Planet by Solving Poverty
  • Why Has Poverty Increased in Zimbabwe?
  • Should Private Donations Help Eliminate Child Poverty?
  • Why Was Poverty Re-discovered in Britain in the late 1950s and Early 1960?
  • Why Does Child Labour Persist With Declining Poverty?
  • Why Are Child Poverty Rates Higher in Britain Than in Germany?
  • What Are the Principles and Practices for Measuring Child Poverty in Rich Countries?
  • Why Did Poverty Drop for the Elderly?
  • What Is the Relationship Between Income Distribution and Poverty Reduction in the UK?
  • What Are the Pros and Cons of Poverty in Latin America?
  • Should Poverty Researchers Worry About Inequality?
  • What Helps Households With Children in Leaving Poverty?
  • What Is the Connection Between Poverty and Crime?
  • Why Have Some Indian States Done Better Than Others at Reducing Rural Poverty?
  • What Is the Relationship Between Lack of Education and Poverty?
  • Why Are Child Poverty Rates So Persistently High in Spain?
  • Trade Liberalisation and Poverty: What Are the Links?
  • What Are Academic Programs Available for Youth in Poverty?
  • What Are the Main Factors Contributing to the Rise in Poverty in Canada?
  • Single-mother Poverty: How Much Do Educational Differences in Single Motherhood Matter?
  • What Are the Causes and Effects of Poverty in the United?
  • Why Are Some Countries Poor?
  • What Is the Link Between Globalization and Poverty?
  • What Are the Factors That Influence Poverty Sociology?
  • What Causes Poverty Within the United States Economy?
  • What Is the Relationship Between Poverty and Obesity?
  • Why Were Poverty Rates So High in the 1980s?
  • With Exhaustible Resources, Can a Developing Country Escape From the Poverty Trap?
  • Why Does Poverty Persist in Rural Ethiopia?
  • Who Became Poor, Who Escaped Poverty, and Why?
  • Chicago (A-D)
  • Chicago (N-B)

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Essays on Income Inequality

Income inequality essay, types of ... read more income inequality essay, types of income inequality essays:.

  • Solutions: This type of essay presents solutions to address income inequality. The essay can suggest policies, programs, and interventions that can help reduce income inequality. It can also analyze the effectiveness of existing policies and provide recommendations for improvement.
  • Comparative: This type of essay compares income inequality between different countries or regions. The essay can analyze the causes, effects, and solutions to income inequality in various countries and compare the effectiveness of different policies and programs.

Solutions Essay on Income Inequality

  • Research and gather data: Before you start writing, it's crucial to research and gather data on income inequality and the solutions that have been proposed. Use reputable sources and statistics to back up your arguments.
  • Focus on specific solutions: Income inequality is a complex issue with no easy solution. Focus on specific solutions, such as minimum wage increases, tax reforms, or social welfare programs. Analyze the pros and cons of each solution and provide evidence to support your arguments.
  • Consider the economic impact: Any solution proposed must take into account the potential economic impact. Analyze the short and long-term economic effects of the proposed solution and how it could impact both businesses and individuals.
  • Address potential objections: Anticipate potential objections to the solutions proposed and address them in your essay. This shows that you have considered both sides of the argument and strengthens your argument.
  • Provide actionable steps: End your essay by providing actionable steps that can be taken to implement the proposed solutions. This encourages readers to take action and advocate for change.

Comparative Essay

  • Choose a specific aspect of income inequality to compare: To make your essay focused and meaningful, you should choose a specific aspect of income inequality to compare. For example, you can compare the income inequality between different countries, regions, or social groups.
  • Research your chosen topic: Once you have chosen your topic, you should conduct thorough research to gather data, statistics, and other relevant information to support your arguments. You can use various sources such as academic journals, government reports, and news articles to gather information.
  • Develop a clear thesis statement: Your thesis statement should clearly state the purpose of your essay and the main argument you want to make. It should also highlight the specific aspects of income inequality that you will compare and contrast.
  • Use a comparative approach: In your essay, you should use a comparative approach to highlight the similarities and differences between income inequality issues in different contexts. You can use tables, charts, or other visual aids to present your findings.
  • Use evidence to support your arguments: To make your arguments compelling, you should use evidence to support them. You can use statistical data, case studies, and other relevant examples to illustrate your points.
  • Provide possible solutions: To make your essay impactful, you should provide possible solutions to address income inequality. You can draw on best practices and policies from different countries or regions to suggest ways to reduce income disparities.

Tips for Choosing Income Inequality Essay Topics

  • Choose a specific aspect of income inequality that interests you and conduct research to gather relevant data and evidence.
  • Consider the scope of your essay and choose a topic that you can cover in-depth within the given word count.
  • Choose a topic that is relevant and timely to current events or debates on income inequality.
  • Identify a knowledge gap or controversy in the literature on income inequality and write an essay that contributes to the ongoing debate.
  • Choose a topic that you are passionate about, and your interest will reflect in your writing, making it engaging for the reader.

The Case for Increasing Teacher Salaries

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Teachers Should Be Paid More

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The Issue of Income Inequality in Europe

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Payment Discrimination in Workplace in Canada

My understanding of the reasons of poverty in the world, growing up in poverty determines the person's fate, how laziness and dependence on the government contribute to a wage gap, the legal dilemma behind equal pay for equal work in india, the call to increase minimum wage, overview of the issue of poverty in uganda, reasons why minimum wage should be raised, a study on scarcity as a worldwide issue and resolutions to combat it, how the irs income tax data fails as a method for measuring income inequality and poverty, analysis of negative impact of economic inequality, inequality as a wicked problem in australia, economic inequality vs economic growth, research of public views on government policies regarding income inequality, personal reflection on the topic of economic inequality, policy solution to income inequality in the uk, poverty and economic inequality: current american issues, income inequality in china: causes and prevalence, reflection on positive and negative aspects of economic inequality in america, the status of economic inequality in america, relevant topics.

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income inequality topics for essays

Inequality - Essay Samples And Topic Ideas For Free

Inequality can manifest in various forms, such as economic, social, or gender-based disparities. Essays on inequality could delve into the structural and systemic factors contributing to inequality, its impact on individuals and societies, and historical and contemporary examples of inequality. Further, discussions might explore policy initiatives and societal movements aimed at addressing and reducing inequality. A vast selection of complimentary essay illustrations pertaining to Inequality you can find in Papersowl database. You can use our samples for inspiration to write your own essay, research paper, or just to explore a new topic for yourself.

Gender Inequality in the Workplace

Gender inequality in the workplace has been an ongoing issue for decades now. Men and women have never been on the same page when it comes to work. Women have always been known to be more of caregivers and men have been given the tougher tasks. Gender stereotypes have always played a major role in assigning women to lower paying and lower status jobs in comparison to men. Discrimination against women can occur in many ways throughout the workplace, such […]

Racial Inequality in America

The United States has been struggling with racial inequality for decades, and the media has been paying more attention to this issue. Race can impact the likelihood of graduating high school, attending college, or even maintaining a livable income as an adult (Back and Solomos, 2020). An individual's racial ethnicity is a factor when determining these outcomes and is worth noting. If you are skeptical of your race's role in the number of options you have, look no further than […]

What is Racism?

Racism is prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior and the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races. the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or […]

Economic Inequality and Governmental Responsibility

Ever since the emergence of civilization several hundreds of years ago, social inequality has been a prevalent aspect of many societies across the world. This social structure developed as a result of several factors, amongst them political and economic status in the society. During the early stages of civilization, social and political status was closely related whereby the few powerful political leaders tended to be wealthier than the lesser politically influential majority. Although this dynamic is still prevalent in developing […]

The Dilemma of Affirmative Action

According to Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, "Affirmative action means positive steps taken to increase the representation of women and minorities in areas of employment, education, and culture from which they have been historically excluded. When those steps involve preferential selection?”selection on the basis of race, gender, or ethnicity affirmative action generates intense controversy(Fullinwinder,2009). With this being said, incorporation of ethics plays a crucial role in ensuring achievement of a fair and just community where everyone is perceived as equals which […]

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Gender Inequality and Feminism

Gender inequality is a concept which has been occurring over a number of years and due to gender differences it fuels up gender inequality, which gave rise to gender socialization. Gender socialization is the process of learning gender roles which emerge from society and nowadays social media, throughout this process men and women learn their roles in society. The most common attribute we ascribe to women is that they can be vulnerable and sensitive, on the other hand, men hear […]

What is Racial Inequality?

Racial inequality is systematically different from racial discrimination and racism. Racial discrimination involves the treatment of racial inequality while racial inequality involves the consequences of inequality such as, income, education, health, etc. Racism often involves these two processes, but modern forms of racial inequality and discrimination are not necessarily the direct consequences of modern racism (Pager and Shepherd, 2008). Racist sociology studies that relationships between these three phenomena when, how, why and to what extent? In the post-civil rights era […]

History of Affirmative Action Creation

Affirmative Action Affirmative Action was created by President John F. Kennedy through an executive order in 1961, continued through Lyndon B. Johnson's presidency, and so forth. The rationale behind affirmative action was to promote diversity and end job discrimination. It sought to even the playing field, giving minorities the opportunity to pursue higher education or a career field. The objective was to rectify the social inequality faced by many oppressed minority groups at a certain point in United States history. […]

The Problems on Income Inequality

In this part, we continue to briefly summarize our empirical analyses based on the ARDL model techniques adopted. The findings of this study are summarized below. Firstly, the objectives of the study were analyzed using cointegration analysis tests and the ARDL bound test on the national level data, covering the period of 2004-2016. The first step taken in the cointegration test involved carrying out a unit root test for each variable and determining their order of integration. The results indicated […]

U.S. Income Inequality

Throughout the history of capitalism, income inequalities between the upper and lower classes have caused many debates even revolutions in Russia, France, China, and others. The mass workers are subjected to the dominant ideology of elites, so the top ten percent earn a large amount of money while the lower class barely survives. The middle class came about which filled some of the disparity in income between the two classes. However, the middle-class today is losing some ground as job […]

A Majority of Americans

A majority of Americans today would agree that "institutional racism has existed since the colonization of the Americas"; slavery and segregation in the form of Jim Crow laws are prime examples. However, many Americans today believe that we live in a "post-racial society," especially following the election of our first black president. The biggest questions to ask these people are, when did it end? What policy was completely effective in doing away with white supremacy in America? In order to […]

Income Inequality and Economic Growth in Pakistan

In time series data, which indicates that increasing income inequality is likely to spur higher levels of GDP, certain examples become apparent. For instance, Shahbaz (2010) employed a time series data on Pakistan for the period 1971-2005, using the ARDL bound test approach, to determine the relationship between income inequality and economic growth in Pakistan. The results show that income inequality is positively and significantly related in both long-run and short-run with economic growth in Pakistan. Gelan and Price (2003) […]

Spatial Aspects of Poverty and Inequality

Spatial analysis of poverty and inequality requires powerful technology, serving as the only means to accurately classify places based on the wealth they possess. The utility of technology spans various activities, with climate analysis as an exemplar. The evaluation of disasters related to climate change or weather shifts and natural events like earthquakes demands advanced technology. Tools such as Remote Sensors are instrumental in discovering intricate details about different places. As proposed by Herold et al., hidden aspects about regions […]

Martin Luther King and Racial Inequality

Racial inequality has been a problem in America for many decades. In the 1950s and 1960s, the American Civil Rights Movement, led by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., became the largest deterrent to this dilemma. It brought more equal opportunity for African Americans, in terms of employment, housing, education and voting rights. This made an immense impact to the future of America, bringing a close unity for American citizens. But lately there has been a burgeoning conflict within the country's […]

Debates Around Affirmative Action Issues

Affirmative action is a largely debated topic in the political world. It is a policy that was formed in 1961 and favors people who are often discriminated against, such as African Americans, Asians, and more, especially in employment or education. It is often used to help disadvantaged citizens of the United States to gain an advantage in certain scenarios. Affirmative action doesn't simply prefer one race over another, it just takes race out of the decision process. I believe that […]

Sexual Harassment in the Work Place and Gender Inequality

Abbas, Sammar. "All Males Are the Same: Exploring Workplace Harassment of Female Employees." Pakistan Journal of Women's Studies, vol. 24, no. 24, 2017, pp. 47-65. EBSCOhost, http://eds.a.ebscohost.com.libproxy.ung.edu/eds/detail/detail?vid=6&sid=735b46f2-7f65-434d-8b37-4967f7b3929f%40sessionmgr4009&bdata=JnNpdGU9ZWRzLWxpdmUmc2NvcGU9c2l0ZQ%3d%3d#db=sih&AN=127020504 Abbas, in "All Males Are the Same: Exploring Workplace Harassment of Female Employees," addresses the issue of workplace sexual harassment towards females, which is common in many countries, specifically the Middle East. The article explores how workplace sexual harassment towards women contributes to the cause of gender inequality. Abbas supports his claim with […]

Crime and Social Justice on Gender Inequality

I'm using these five sources to talk about crime and social justice on gender inequality. Gender inequality is more of a social injustice because gender inequality is an unfair practice between men and women being carried out in the society. Within discussing this topic, I talk about racism and sexism. My topic is towards African Americans and women in the workplace. How come African American women or women, in general, are not seen as an equal to men? Cheeks, Maura. […]

Societies where Inequality is Dominant

A study revealed that in societies where inequality is dominant, people from lower classes behave more prosocially than people from higher classes, especially when that behavior does not occur in public, with others to observe it (Manstead, 2018). Another study found various mixed results concerning whether family income and socioeconomic status affect a child's gender role attitude. This main study conducted numerous surveys and found some surveys revealed that this factor is not significant in predicting gender egalitarianism in children. […]

Gender Equality in the Workforce

Our world has progressed over time in many aspects such as technologically, politically, and socially. The right to vote, equality in public areas, and freedom of speech and press common protected civil rights that exist today. However, there are still many subconscious aspects of inequality in society that often times go unnoticed or aren’t protested against as much. Men and women, though created equal at birth, are put into different spectrums based on society’s norms. So no matter how far […]

The Issue of Gender Inequality Within Society

According to the International Labour Organization, “equality in pay has improved in the US since 1979 when women earned about 62% as much as men. In 2010, American women on average earned 81% of what their male counterparts earned. Women’s participation in the U.S. labor force climbed during the 1970s and 1980s, reaching 60 percent in 2000. However, in 2010 this figure has declined to 46.7 percent and is not expected to increase by 2018.” (“Gender Inequality and Women in […]

Gender Inequality in Broadcast Journalism

The news media is one of thea most powerful institution whichs that exerts a tremendous amount of influence on society. Although more women females are entering the male dominated newsroom, women are still underrepresented and excluded in many differentmultiple ways. It is evident that females hold a strong interest in journalism; in fact, sixty- five percent of journalism school graduates are female However, women only represent thirty percent of jobs in journalism. , Tand this gender disparity is evident in […]

Inequality and Social Stratification

Inequality and social stratification is global. Gender stratification, in economic situations, places men, even when doing a more feminine job, more important. In the work environment, universities and places of learning, organizations, even home life, men are perceived to be more important, have more power and authority and more respect simply because of gender. Even though, with more gender-neutral attitudes and reversal of roles, masculinity and femininity are still based on social interpretations based on culture, economics and status, or […]

Gender Inequality in the Medical Field

Introduction The medical field is consistently one of the best job fields to enter because of the positive job outlook and high salary. This may not be true for women, however. The large amount of gender discrimination and harassment may be enough to keep women away from the medical field, specifically female doctors. In this day and age there is no reason why women cannot become doctors and they are not lesser than their male peers, especially in the 21st […]

The Suffering of Black Women

Black women have suffered through the tyranny of patriarchy and cultural degradation because of their gender, mental health challenges, and a multiplicity of social challenges in their personal lives and the environment where they live, work, and play. Such tyranny terrorizes black bodies, especially black female bodies. The terror emerges out of fear based on many differences and life choices, resulting in systemic oppression and confusion. That dominant culture ranks one group as superior over another, and that that group […]

Inequality of Pay in Sports

"In the quest for women to receive adequate resources, sponsorships and financial compensation you will always find yourself touching the very controversial topic of “inequality of pay in sports”. Sports has brought inequality of pay to an even more heighten level (Hutt, Pgf 4). Even though women in sports has been evolving around the world, the disparity of the financial pay gap has been present since women were introduced to sports (Clark, Section 13). Women have faced all the trials […]

Gender Inequality in Education

Culturally, there is a belief that every individual has the same chance to succeed in society. Even in our constitution, it states that all men are created equal. What is underlying in this belief is that a failure to succeed is the fault of the gender or race of the individual. Inequalities in educational institutions affect students in various ways; providing greater impact on children from lower socio-economic backgrounds and maintaining advantages of those with money, which are then passed […]

Gender Inequality in China

"Mao Zedong once said, “women hold up half the sky.” This famous quote has been interpreted by people for nearly one-hundred years. All interpretations tying back to one basic core idea that women hold just as much priority in the world as men do. However, in present-day China, social standards are far from equal between the two genders. Men still earn more money than their female counterparts, the gender ratio of the country is still out of balance, and boys […]

Gender Wage Gap and Gender Equality

Although men and women have made great strides for gender equality in recent years, the economic pay gap between men and women still persists. The Gender Wage Gap refers to the general gap between what similarly qualified men and women are paid for the same job. It is most commonly measured in the median annual pay of all women who work full time compared to a similar group of men. However, whichever way it is measured, the gender pay gap […]

Discrimination in Workplace

Discrimination in workplace is when an employee experiences harsh or unfair because of his or her race, skin color, National origin, gender, disability, religion, or age. Discrimination is one of the biggest problems a lot of people face in a workplace, people gets judged based off their appearance and who they are. There are different ways of discrimination that occurs often in a workplace. One way is denying his/her a job cause of their race and gender all employers have […]

Gender Inequality: Causes and Impacts

Gender Equality is “A state of having same rights, status and opportunities like others, regardless of one’s gender.” Gender inequality is “unequal treatment or perception of an individual based on their gender.” In the United States of America Gender Equality has progressed through the past decades. Due to different Cultural context, countries around the world lack Gender Equality. Gender inequality remains a issue worldwide, mainly in the Middle East and North Africa. Equality of Gender is normalized in the United […]

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Additional example essays.

  • Gender Roles in Disney Movies: From Damsels in Distress to Independ Princesses
  • Positive Effects of Immigration
  • Functionalism, Conflict Theory, and Symbolic Interactionism in the Movie A River Runs Through It - Immigrations Social Theories
  • Benefits of Immigration Essay
  • The Impact of Globalization in Italy
  • Why is Medical Ethics Important? A Critical Analysis of End-of-Life Policies
  • Discrimination against blacks in A Raisin in the sun
  • Should Birth Control be Over the Counter: Exploring the Controversy
  • Inequality in the Criminal Justice System
  • Socratic Seminar Questions: Brave New World
  • Marijuana should be legalized?
  • Gender and crime

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Writing About Income Inequality

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income inequality topics for essays

As former students, we know perfectly well that sometimes, you need a gentle push and a little help when it comes to successfully coping with writing tasks. If you need to write a research paper or essay on income inequality, this article is our “gentle push” for you. Here, you will not only find a variety of topics to choose from but also get useful writing tips that will allow you to finish your assignment pretty quickly. Without further ado, let’s dive in! 

Income inequality essay topics

Here is our top pick of ideas for essays on income inequality:

  • Effects of income inequality essay
  • How to solve the problem of income inequality in the country of your choice?
  • Income inequality in the household essay
  • Income inequality is too big to ignore essay
  • Essay on income inequality and happiness
  • The upside of income inequality essay
  • History of income inequality essay
  • Essay on wealth and poverty in the US
  • Effects of income inequality in America essay
  • Income inequality exploratory essay
  • “How income inequality affects the American dream?” Essay
  • My solutions to income inequality
  • Essay on economic growth and income inequality in America in the 90’s vs now
  • Student essay about US income inequality affecting educational opportunities
  • Income inequality and poverty essay
  • Argumentative essay on income inequality is rooted in discrimination
  • “How income inequality is affecting the poor?” essay
  • Income inequality in education essay
  • Poverty vs wealth essay: Why company’s CEOs make so much more than regular workers?
  • Gender income inequality essay
  • Immigration, poverty and inequality essay
  • Health effects of economic inequality essay
  • Global elite and income inequality essay
  • “Cause of income inequality in the United States” essay
  • Political reasons for income inequality essay
  • Essay on inequality in society and how it changed throughout the years
  • Disability and income inequality in America essay
  • Rich vs poor essay: Why is there such a gap?
  • Income inequality cause and effect essay
  • High income inequality essay: The case of South Africa
  • Wealth and income inequality essay
  • No matter how much we try, we cannot fight income inequality argumentative essay
  • Effects of income inequality essay in America vs Canada
  • Essay on economic inequality in developed countries
  • Crime rates and wealth inequality essay

reasons for income inequality essay

Income inequality essay outline

Here is a brief example of a good outline:

  • How to start an essay on income inequality? You can write some shocking fact or statistics which will hook your readers and encourage them to keep reading.
  • Next, provide your audience with the necessary background information to understand the topic under review. Make sure it is brief and justifies your choice of the topic.
  • Finish with a thesis statement, which is a sentence that conveys the main idea of the whole paper. It may state what it is in general or include certain points that you are going to discuss in the next sections.

The main section of the essay typically includes 3-5 paragraphs with the arguments and examples supporting the thesis. This is the part where you need to present the results of your research on economic inequality. All the information you find will serve as evidence to your claims, so make sure that it is taken from trustworthy sources.

  • Economic inequality essay conclusion.

In this final section, you have to briefly restate your thesis and main ideas. Make sure to rephrase them instead of just copying them from the previous parts of your work. Your main in your income inequality essay conclusion is not only to synthesize the information but also leave your readers with something to think about further. Therefore, finish with a reinforcing statement, a rhetorical question, or a call to action.

How to write income inequality essay? 

  • Stay original. An original idea is a real key to success. Your professor will read a lot of essays throughout the year, and the easiest way to stand out would be choosing a non-cliché topic and doing a good research on it.
  • Be clear. Your paper should be easy to read. Sentences should be logical and understandable and, of course, spelling and grammar must be impeccable.
  • Do not be afraid to express your opinion. It will show that you are not hiding behind the ideas of other people and have your own point of view that can be supported by information from reputable sources.
  • Show your competence by using citations and references properly. This will demonstrate not only your organization skills but also the number of works that were reviewed when you were working on the assignment.
  • Find some good income inequality essay examples for inspiration. They might give you a few ideas on how to structure the paper, what to discuss, and what kind of arguments to use. For example, a sample cause and effect essay on income inequality will help you understand how to discuss causality, where to use factual information, and when to add your own analysis to it. However, make sure you do not copy anything from an example as it will raise the plagiarism levels in your work.

income inequality in America essay

Income inequality research paper topics

  • What are the ways of measuring income inequality?
  • Which immigrant policies lead to wage disparity?
  • The influence globalization has on income inequality
  • Fiscal policy and inequality
  • What explains the divide between rich and poor?
  • Pros and cons of universal basic income
  • How did Iceland lower the pay gap?
  • How does the wage gap influence homelessness?
  • Income inequality in any country of choice
  • Human capital inequality
  • Affordable housing and income inequality
  • How do employment trends influence wage disparity?
  • What are the causes of discrimination that leads to wage inequality?

Income inequality research paper outline

  • Introductory (hook) phrase
  • Relevant background
  • Justification of the topic choice
  • Thesis statement
  • Methodology
  • Literature review
  • Results and discussion of findings
  • Limitations and ethical considerations if any
  • Restated thesis
  • Overview of main points
  • Ideas for further research

How to write income inequality research paper?

  • Choose the topic. The topic that you pick should be relevant to your course and match your academic level. The more advanced you are in your studies, the more complex the issue you are reviewing should be. And, of course, it should be interesting and exciting for you to research.
  • Work in Google Docs. If you do not want to lose your paper due to technical issues with your computer or a failed attempt to save the work, it is best to store it on your Google Disk. Besides, you will be able to see the history of changes and move back if you changed your mind about deleting certain sections.
  • Be clear and precise. Avoid unnecessary explanations, redundant statements, as well as jargon and slang words. While vague statements might help you hit the necessary word count, your work will look unprofessional if you use them.
  • Avoid plagiarism. Research paper writing requires using a lot of sources and referring to the ideas of scholars, but it doesn’t mean that you can just copy the information. Rewrite every fact or idea with your own words, cite them properly, and build your arguments and conclusions on them.
  • Do not forget about formatting. Always carefully read the guidelines for formatting style because the requirements of each style are completely different. Pay special attention to formatting references for journals and books, things that should be capitalized, bolded, italicized, centered, left-aligned, etc.
  • Revise your paper. Reread it several times and, if possible, ask someone else to do it and comments on your text. Once you receive the feedback or review the work yourself, make the necessary corrections and rewrite the parts that you believe do not look good.

Facts for income inequality paper

Income inequality is perhaps one of the most topical issues nowadays. That is why it is important to raise awareness of it, referring to shocking facts and statistics. We have collected the most interesting ones for you to use in your paper;

  • Over the last 30 years, wage inequality in the US has increased dramatically. The rate is the highest since the Great Depression.
  • The presence in the family of at least one person with higher education reduces the risk of poverty by 2.3. However, the problem is that families with low incomes invest less in education, and thus have even fewer chances in the labor market, which requires highly qualified personnel.
  • French economist Tomas Piquetti claims that income inequality has increased in almost all regions of the world in recent decades.
  • The world’s richest 1% have more than twice as much wealth as 6.9 billion people.
  • 1 out 5 children cannot go to school because of low-income level of their families.
  • 735 million people live in extreme poverty.
  • Men own 50% more of the world’s wealth than women.

income inequality topics for essays

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income inequality topics for essays

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income inequality topics for essays

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income inequality topics for essays

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Income Inequality Essay Examples and Topics

Homeless people need help: solutions of homelessness.

Homelessness is a problem that many people around the world experience. While there are many reasons a person or family can become homeless, a majority of those problems come from a lack of income. Many homeless people are either retired veterans, students attending college, people…

Gap Between Rich and Poor: Good Impacts and Bad Influences

Disparity problem affects a variety of things and people, sometimes to the world and there will be good impacts and bad influences as well; about gap between rich and poor. I would like to write about the influences they have on this time. First of…

Inequality Between Rich and Poor: Wealth Inequality

“A nation will not serve morally or economically when so few have so much, while so many have so little.” Bernie Sanders. Wealth Inequality is defined as the unequal distribution of assets among residents of the United States. Wealth is considered to be the value…

Man and Woman Should Have Equal Rights: Equality for Everyone

Starting from the 1830s there were a lot of religious people that wanted America to be perfect. Lots of things had to be done for that to happen, though. There had to be a social reform and there was the abolitionist movement as well as…

Gold Coast Can Be Without Its Coasts

The Gold coast is a coastal city in the Australian state of Queenslanda and is located in South-east Queensland, stretching along 57 kilometres of coastline. The Gold Coast is just one hour, or 66 kilometres, south from Brisbane and immediately north of the border with…

World Gold Council: Income Wealth Gap in Society

As per the reports from the World Gold Council, physical gold funds grew by 2.9 per cent around the world and demand for the bars and coins increased 4 per cent in 2018. Investors compelled by market volatility are reconsidering their strategies in the yellow…

Moral Obligation to Help Poor and Needy

I believe that we as individuals are all morally obliged to help the poor, particularly like myself you are a somewhat privileged citizen of a developed country. Every week more than a quarter of a million children die from malnutrition and diseases. Many of these…

Racial Wealth Gap in America

Country she does not believe that our economic system is to blame. Instead she believes that because the overall standard of living in America has improved this is proof that the system has successfully filtered out corruption and because of this economic mobility has become…

Difference in Income and Problem of Income Inequality

The problem of Income Inequality Inequality is bad and getting worse every time. Income inequality is an extreme concentration of wealth and money of a small percentage of a population, explaining the gap between the richest and the rest of the people. The problem is…

Income Inequality Problem in Malaysia

There are a few systems to accomplish destitution decrease which are by concurring on the definition and estimation of neediness, expanding efficiency and enhancing wellsprings of pay, focusing on the bad-to-the-bone poor through a unique program concentrated on their necessities and conveying other suitable help…

Maximizing Revenue While Minimizing Costs

Maximizing revenue while minimizing costs are the word’s all businesses’ attempt to accomplish with regards to trying to obtain as much profit as doable. Henry Ford too had this ideology, which allowed him to think outside the box to obtain the greatest possible outcome from…

Why Nurses Should Be Paid More

Introduction It’s crazy how mixed-up our society is when doctors, nurses, and teachers are paid their current wages, while football and basketball players are making millions of dollars playing a sport that they enjoy. Sure, sports are a big part of our society, but the…

The Influence of Education and Work Experience on Salary of Pro

Abstract In 1965, already independent from Malaysia, Singapore started building its foundational groundings from scratch and after the long strive and struggle for success, it has now become a technological leader. This journey of Singapore to reinvent itself accredits the country’s human capital who proved…

Economic Issues and How Islamic Economics Can Provide Solution to Income Inequality in Malaysia

Malaysia was known as a multi-racial society when it gained its independence from the British in 1957. During these early years in the Malaysian economy, they had several economic issues like riots and unagreements between the Malays (Bumiputera) and non-Malay (non-Bumiputera) and also led to…

The Effect of Income Inequality on Pricing of Food Items in Quetta

Income inequality has no necessary connection with poverty, the lack of material resources for a decent life, such as adequate food, shelter, and clothing. A society with great income inequality may have no poor people, and a society with no income inequality may have nothing…

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income inequality topics for essays

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132 Inequality Essay Topics & Examples

📝 inequality essay examples, 💡 inequality research topics, 🎓 simple research topics about inequality, ❓ questions & topics on inequality, 💰 income inequality essay topics, ⚧️ gender inequality essay topics, 👨🏿 racial inequality essay topics.

Inequality is a persistent issue that continues to affect individuals and communities all over the world. It takes numerous forms: income inequality, gender inequality, racial inequality, poverty, and inequality of opportunity. In this collection, we will explore a range of inequality essay topics, ideas, and titles. There are also A+ inequality essay examples to inspire you even more. Through a deeper understanding of these issues, we can work towards creating a more equitable and just society for all.

  • Wars in the USA after the World War II The end of the World War II saw the beginning of other wars in the USA such as the war against racial inequality, male dominance, and the Cold War.
  • Discrimination of African-Americans To preserve the rights of people in a democratic nation, the United States can resolve to enhance the affirmative action as a set of policies that help redress racial discrimination and prejudice.
  • Justice and Gender: Sex Discrimination and the Law This essay will seek to explore topic of sex-based disadvantage by taking an analytical look at how the law reflects, reinforces or challenges this constant pattern of inequality.
  • Gender Inequality: Cultural or Psychological Issue This paper explores whether gender inequality is a cultural issue or it is problem that is psychologically created by people such that it influences their view of one another.
  • Gender Inequality and Physical Health Problems One of the consequences of gender discrimination is that women account for nearly half of all HIV infections in the world because of the subordinate position in life spheres.
  • Gender and Equality in the Society Media content sways the manner in which people perceive gender and equality. There is a mismatch between how women are portrayed in the media and how they appear in real life.
  • Chinese Population: Future Growth and Wellbeing The paper discusses the possible implications of relaxing the one-child policy with respect to the socio-economic wellbeing of the future Chinese population.
  • Gender Inequality in the Workplace Gender equality has been a matter of many disputes for centuries. At present, despite active steps to its elimination, gender inequality exists in diverse spheres of life.
  • Gender Stratification and Inequality This paper reviews and evaluates the opposing views on gender stratification's functions and its links to gender inequality analyzing of various opinions.
  • Gender Inequality and Stereotypes in the Society Gender inequality will persist since men have no reason to relent on their roles. It is upon the women to work against this backdrop of gender inequality and stereotypes.
  • Women's Roles Shift in Japanese Society Japan is one of the countries, with women being relegated to a second-class population with a significantly restricted number of rights in the workplace and social interactions.
  • Racism in Coming of Age in Mississippi This Coming of Age in Mississippi essay focuses on the issue of discrimination. In Anne Moody’s memoir, Coming of Age in Mississippi, racism was a key theme.
  • Gender Inequality and Concept of Public Policy The problem of inequality has affected different societies for many centuries. This paper discusses addressing gender inequality using the concept of public policy.
  • Gender Discrimination and Peace Gender discrimination is a socially constructed concept that has prevailed in contemporary society despite efforts to treat everyone equally.
  • Global Gender Equality Issues In this paper, global gender equality issues will be explored, with a particular focus on the rights of women and representatives of gender minorities.
  • Social Inequality of Children in Foster Care In this paper, the researcher endeavors to probe the classic theories and perspectives of social inequalities faced by children in the foster care system.
  • Women’s Work: Social and Gender Inequalities Women’s work was considered less valuable because of social and gender inequalities that assigned women secondary roles and subordinate positions.
  • Women in the Middle East: Problems and Inequality Women in the Middle East are faced with a number of social problems resulting from the patriarchal nature of the family system and culture which imposes limitation on full self realization and growth.
  • Education, Inequality, and Politics Education results in the development of social classes in society and education levels are associated with social status.
  • Social Inequality and Minorities in the United States The nation that is today referred to as the United States of America has a varied population made up of different groups and individuals.
  • Gender Inequality in Workplace This essay will examine a conflict perspective as one way of interpreting gender stratification in society and how the job category noted above affects occupational prestige.
  • Discrimination in the 21st Century for African Americans and Minorities USA as a country has made great steps in addressing the disparity and inequality among the various groups since the period of Civil Rights movements.
  • Socioeconomic Status and Access to Therapy In healthcare, the evidence shows that people with low socioeconomic status (SES) are likely to encounter challenges in accessing the necessary services and improper treatment.
  • Racism: Black Lives Matter Movement The Black Lives Matter (BLM) activist movement is gaining its popularity as it fights against color-blind racism, tries to change the criminal justice system in society.
  • Gender Health Inequalities - Gender and Health Some people think gender is the major reason for health inequality, others think there are many other reasons for health inequality.
  • Problems of Being Black in America This study investigates and presents the current struggles and mistreatment of the Black part of American society because the reality of being a Black person is not changing fast.
  • Racism and Policies Behind It: Racial Inequality Racism has been a major social issue in the world due to the adverse effects on the victims. It is triggered by the ethnic profiles defined by people in modern society.
  • Domestic Violence Against Women The purpose of this article is to demonstrate the seriousness of the problem of domestic violence against women, as well as to find out how the adverse effects can be reduced.
  • “The Lesson” by Toni Cade Bambara: Diverse Social Classes "The Lesson" by Toni Cade Bambara powerfully portrays the inherent presence of diverse social classes and income distribution.
  • Canadian Aboriginals' Social and Economic Inequality Many people face social and economic inequalities in Canada, but the Aboriginals have been subjected to more discrimination.
  • Decentralization, Economic Inequality, and Insurgency
  • Brain Drain and Inequality Across Nations
  • Equity, Efficiency, and Inequality Traps
  • Healthcare and Poverty at the Global Level Poor people often do not have access to proper treatment. This issue is becoming global and needs to be addressed not only at the national but also at the international level.
  • Debt Shift, Financial Development and Income Inequality
  • Addressing Discrimination and Inequality Among Groups
  • Bridging the Gender Inequality Gap
  • Lobbying, Lawmakers, and Their Contribution to Inequality This essay will discuss economic inequality, the effects of the government policies on it, how lawmakers can affect it, and what role lobbying plays in this situation.
  • Affordable Housing and Income Inequality
  • Inequality Affecting the Canadian Public
  • Finding Solutions for Women’s Inequality
  • Health Policy Development in Germany Germany’s development strategy prioritizes human rights, hunger and poverty reduction, environmental protection, universal health and education, gender equality, etc.
  • Factors Influencing Income Inequality in Transition Economies
  • Gender Inequality During the Nineteenth Century
  • Addressing Inequality and Poverty With Tax Instruments
  • Education Inequality in the United States This paper addresses the issue of education inequality in the United States. The main obstacle to improving the equality of US education is the level of education funding.
  • Accounting For Wage Inequality in India
  • Inequality and Racial Disparities in Education Children are exposed to inequality and racial disparities early in their community; therefore, it is necessary to model them positively.
  • Gender Inequality for Working Women
  • Gender Inequality Between Males and Females in India
  • Firm Dynamics and Residual Inequality in Open Economies
  • College Tuition Costs as Another Social Inequality This paper discusses the issue of high education being another reproduction of social inequalities rather than a source of great opportunities.
  • Inequality of Men and Women in the Workplace
  • Fighting Discrimination and Inequality of Women
  • Inequality Measured Do Causal Relationships Class Inequality
  • Eliminating Inequality Among Students College management and instructors must take measures to eliminate inequality among students, listen to students’ opinions on specific issues, argue their position, etc.
  • Financial Services and Household Inequality in Mexico
  • Banking Regulation, Regulatory Capture, and Inequality
  • Fading Hope and the Rise in Inequality in the United States
  • Effects of Educational Inequality on Native American Communities This paper discusses the effects of educational inequality on Native American communities, explains the historical origins of this problem and previous solutions.
  • Capitalism Promotes Gender Inequality
  • Equilibrium Income Inequality Among Identical Agents
  • Canadian Sport and Class Inequality
  • Life Course Theory and Intergenerational Relationships in Families The life course theory assists in identifying the factors affecting the development of individuals, families, and relationships within families.
  • Inequality Adjustment Criteria for the Human Development Index
  • Gender Inequality Since the Beginning of Time Mankind
  • China’s Income Distribution and Inequality
  • Psychology of Hatred and Its Factors The theories that offer the best explanations for why people hate certain groups are normative conformity, heuristics, and in-group and out-group theory.
  • Analytical Dive Into the Factors That Contribute to Income Inequality
  • Factors That Impact Economic Inequality
  • Inequalities in the Society and Effect on Labor Mobility
  • AFGE and Workplace Inequality This paper discusses a case of workplace inequality that was reported in the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE).
  • Factors That Affect Inequality and Stratification
  • Affirmative Action and Structural Inequality
  • Earnings’ Inequality Based Upon Gender
  • Inequality in Business Organizations Reducing inequality in business organizations is possible, but it requires much work on the part of managers, and also cooperation from the groups that are subjected to the effects of inequality.
  • Financial Sector Policies, Poverty and Inequality
  • Educational Inequality Among the Poor
  • Charitable Giving Under Inequality Aversion
  • Educational Inequality in Australia Education is single-handedly the key to a healthy stable society where individuals have the potential to succeed while having the knowledge to be good citizens.
  • Female Gender Bias Inequality
  • Alternative Distributions for Inequality and Poverty Comparisons
  • Absolute Income Inequality and Rising House Prices
  • Does Capitalism Promote Social Inequality?
  • Does Agriculture Help Poverty and Inequality Reduction?
  • Can Redistributive State Taxes Reduce Inequality?
  • Can Foreign Aid Reduce Income Inequality and Poverty?
  • Does Clientelism Affect Income Inequality?
  • Can Education Expenditures Reduce Income Inequality?
  • Are Victims Still Being Blamed for Social Inequality?
  • Why Does Gender Pay Inequality Persist?
  • Are Elitism and Inequality the Biggest Threat to Democracy?
  • Are Teams Less Inequality Averse Than Individuals?
  • Why the Income Inequality Affects the Health of People?
  • Why Does Inequality Exist?
  • Does Competition Justify Inequality?
  • Can High-Inequality Developing Countries Escape Absolute Poverty?
  • Why Hasn’t Democracy Slowed Rising Inequality?
  • Why Do Race and Gender Inequality Still Exist?
  • Can Female Non-farm Labor Income Reduce Income Inequality?
  • Can Religion Explain Cross-Country Differences in Inequality?
  • Are There Ethnic Inequality Traps in Education?
  • Does Aggregation Hide the Harmful Effects of Inequality on Growth?
  • Can Social Spending Cushion the Inequality Effect of Globalization?
  • Can Higher Education Reduce Inequality in Developing Countries?
  • The causes and consequences of income inequality in the United States.
  • The impact of wealth inequality on social mobility and opportunity.
  • Diversity, Inclusion and Income Inequality at the Workplace Modern industries still oppose diversity and inclusion, frequently neglecting to draw in mixed abilities because of inclusivity issues in the work environment.
  • The relationship between income inequality and poverty.
  • The role of government policies in addressing income inequality.
  • Income Inequality and Food Security in the US This paper attempts to investigate the situation of income distribution in the US, with a focus on income inequality, causes of inequality, and its impact on food security.
  • The effect of globalization on income inequality in developed and developing countries.
  • The impact of technology on income inequality and the future of work.
  • Global Inequality and Less Developed Countries Global inequality has had many impacts on developing countries. With inequality, you find that the rich countries benefit at the expense of the poor countries.
  • The role of education in reducing income inequality and promoting social mobility.
  • The impact of gender inequality on women’s access to education and employment opportunities.
  • The role of cultural and societal expectations in perpetuating gender inequality.
  • The intersectionality of gender inequality with other forms of discrimination, such as racial or economic inequality.
  • The impact of gender inequality on reproductive rights and healthcare access.
  • The ways in which gender inequality is perpetuated through language and media representation.
  • The role of government policies in addressing gender inequality.
  • The impact of gender inequality on mental health and well-being.
  • The causes of racial inequality in the United States.
  • The ways in which racial inequality affects access to education and employment.
  • The Criminal Justice System: Racial Inequalities This research paper will discuss causes and impacts of racial inequalities in the Criminal Justice System to the society.
  • The intersection of racial inequality with other forms of discrimination.
  • The role of bias and racism in perpetuating racial inequality.
  • Criminal Justice System: Racial Disparities and Inequality The paper shows that racism and discrimination are acute problems of the American criminal justice system. It is certainly inhumane to make people suffer because of their race or ethnicity.
  • The impact of racial inequality on healthcare.
  • Government policies addressing racial inequality.
  • Racial Inequality and Rehabilitation in Criminal Justice Studies of victimization and offending patterns and societal factors that underpin and explain race/ethnic variations in statistics on major violent crimes have received much attention.
  • The effect of racial inequality on mental health.

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Why We are Against Income Inequality

Updated 18 October 2023

Downloads 50

Category Economics ,  Social Issues

Topic Income Inequality

The gap between the rich and the poor has lingered to the broad levels since the time Memorial. The economic inequality is also referred to as the gap between the rich, and the poor, the wealth inequality or the income inequality contains dissimilarities in the distribution of the income and wealth (Oishi, Kesebir " Diener, 2011). In general, the term Inequality refers to the gap between the rich and the poor and the rising taxes on the individuals and different groups in the society. Even though a bit of income equality can be a source of motivation for people to do better, however, looking closely we can see that the income and wealth inequality is ruining not just our society but our country as well. Every single person who is trying very hard for the ends to meet in his house is against income inequality, and those who work so hard to be in favor of the unequal distribution of wealth are the ones who are earning more money than they can ever spend. 

In the paper, we will be discussing and assessing how the high inequality and the unequal distribution of wealth have negatively impacted and affected the society and not just a specific country. We will be discussing some very strong point of inequality and how it had adversely affected the people mostly the poor and the middle class. Some of the points against a high level of inequality include the health, politics, education, jobs, as well as the overall quality of life and the living standards of the people. These points will be explained in details and how the poor end up in not only in slums but also in jail due to an increase in crimes rates because of the uneven distribution of wealth and inequality.

Impact of Inequality and Why We are Against it?

Sometimes inequality can be advantageous for not only the society but also the government. Notwithstanding, some market researchers found observational proof of an unconstructive relationship between the unequal distribution of wealth and the society (Oishi, Kesebir " Diener, 2011). A high gap in income inequality shows a high level of poverty. With an expensive rate of living and a small number of earnings, it becomes challenging to survive in such societies. The loaded and prosperous people keep getting richer, and the poor people are unable to do much as they are the ones who are slaves to rich people and work day and night like beggars in return for a small amount salary (Oishi, Kesebir " Diener, 2011).

Harvard philosopher T. M. Scanlon wrote in one of his articles that there are four reasons why he is against income inequality (Scanlon, 2014) and those are pretty much why everyone else including me is against the unequal distribution of wealth as well. One of the very first point that he mentioned was that the uneven distribution of wealth and inequality gives the more affluent people too much power in their hands to exploit the poor people. Since the wealthy people are the ones hiring the poor and the ones belonging from the middle class, they get to decide what work will be given and they will dictate how their life will be like while working for them (Scanlon, 2014).

Another reason he mentioned in his article (Scanlon, 2014) was that the income inequality could weaken and destabilize the political institutions and organizations as the parties depend on wealth for their campaigns and promotions. Since the rich people would be sponsoring and giving the parties money, they would have an advantage over the poor parties as well as the people, and the rich would undoubtedly win, hence weakening and negatively impacting the entire political system.

Unequal distribution of wealth can ruin the lives of people as well as the entire society we live in as the poor in our society will always be at a disadvantage since birth and rich would always have an advantage over us (Solt, 2008). The advantage rich would have over us would be in relation to the jobs, clothes, education as well as their living conditions. The rich would always be preferred over the poor, even if the poor have a lot more skills and is more honest and has integrity way more than the rich, the poor will be rejected in most cases. This would eventually lead to rich people getting the best jobs, living the glamorous life as well as getting the best of everything, whereas the poor would still be in slums working at minimum wage unable to properly pay for his rent or educate his children (Solt, 2008).

Sociologists focus more on the feelings of the society more than the economic and statistics of the country as a whole. So according to the sociologists, they claim that higher inequality leads to feelings of envy, depression, high level of distrust in people leading to crimes like murder and robbery (Castells-Quintana " Royuela, 2014). The disparity creates strong competition between the rich and the poor trying to overcome their poorness and moving to higher social class, which might lead to a poor man using illegal means and methods to climb the social ladder looking for success.

According to researchers, it was seen that a society of high inequality leads to an increase in the levels of health. For example, the life expectancy rate of rich is longer than those of the poor people in a society. Mental illness, as well as mortality rate, is very high in poor than it is in rich leading to a conclusion that society with a high inequality leads to a difference in health-related issues. It is also noticed that people with the highly unequal distribution of wealth are more likely to be depressed and a higher possibility of schizophrenia. This can also be seen that poor have a high level of diseases than the rich as the rich have money for medicines and poor people do not have such option. As a result, the chances of diseases increase and the mortality rate as well (Castells-Quintana " Royuela, 2014).

Another point of inequality and how it has affected our society is the amount of debt and success factor. It can be seen due to higher inequality, the rich gets richer and poor gets poor unless there is something left of them. For a poor or middle-class man to start a business, it the formalities and process are quite lengthy, and there are high chances that he might not even get the loan he signed up for to start a business or increase his living standards(Coibion, Gorodnichenko, Kudlyak, " Mondragon, 2014). However, it is very easy for a rich man to apply for a loan as he has a lot of things to place in exchange for money for starting a business. This creates a sense of discrimination as well as envy and increases depression, lowers the living standards of the poor as well as gives the rich person a chance to become richer and powerful (Coibion, Gorodnichenko, Kudlyak, " Mondragon, 2014).

Income inequality is the uneven distribution of wealth and income, and they are way too high amongst the rich and very low in poor. In the paper, we discussed the negative impacts of inequality and on the society. According to me, I think to keep other factors constant, it can be seen, and it is researched as well that inequality does have a negative impact on the society. The negative impact is not only fixed to one area or part of the society, but it covers a lot of other elements as well. High uneven distribution of wealth impacts the society regarding education, wealth and income, health, jobs, living standards as well as regarding politics and debts and mortgages (Lopez, 2011). The high level of income inequality just negatively impact the society, it destroys the society.

However, there is only one solution to overcome the problem, and that is to reduce the income difference and inequality between the rich and the poor and bring at least if not the exact equal distribution of wealth. Reducing the inequality is not a simple day to day task, it can take years or even decades to overcome the problem as there are so many other factors associated and related to income inequality as well as the entire government and the country.

The researchers noticed that for the society and the entire country to be much more successful and for it to prosper, a direct method or solution of reducing the distribution of wealth gap should be used (Lopez, 2011). It makes more sense to use and apply a direct approach which can make this happen even if it takes a little longer than necessary. A direct approach is better and more appropriate because of the problems with the society. Education, health, politics, living standards of the people as well as the mortality rate and debt rate as well as jobs, all these outcomes cannot be easily corrected and improved individually. This is why it is more suitable and fitting for a government to consider a direct as well as a proper method to reduce the gap and make the society a better and happier place.

Castells-Quintana, D., " Royuela, V. (2014). Tracking positive and negative effects of inequality on long-run growth. Regional Quantitative Analysis Research Group, 14(1), 1-29

Coibion, O., Gorodnichenko, Y., Kudlyak, M., " Mondragon, J. (2014). Greater inequality and household borrowing? New evidence from household data. Retrieved from VOX CEPR's Policy Portal: https://voxeu.org/article/inequality-and-household-debt-new-evidence

Lopez, L. (2011). This Is How Income Inequality Destroys Societies. Business Insider,

Retrieved from http://www.businessinsider.com/the-negative-effects-of-income-inequality-on-society-2011-11

Oishi, S., Kesebir, S., " Diener, E. (2011). Income inequality and happiness. Psychological

science, 22(9), 1095-1100.

Scanlon, T. M. (2014). The 4 biggest reasons why inequality is bad for society. IDEAS.TED.COM, Retrieved from https://ideas.ted.com/the-4-biggest-reasons-why-inequality-is-bad-for-society/

Solt, F. (2008). Economic inequality and democratic political engagement. American Journal of

Political Science, 52(1), 48-60.

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“Most of us agree that inequality is a problem — even if we can’t agree on what that actually means and what to do about it.”

Critic’s Notebook

Economists Ignored Inequality for Years. Now They Can’t Stop Talking About It.

A flurry of new books highlights broad disagreements over how to address the problem.

“Most of us agree that inequality is a problem — even if we can’t agree on what that actually means and what to do about it.” Credit... Ellen Hansen for The New York Times

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Jennifer Szalai

By Jennifer Szalai

  • Nov. 3, 2023

When the economist Angus Deaton moved to the United States in 1983, he was “in awe,” as he puts it in his new book, “ Economics in America .” Born in Scotland and educated at the University of Cambridge, he remembers the swell of optimism he felt upon arriving at Princeton University. It was a “splendid place to work,” especially for someone who had been poor enough as a child to appreciate the measure of security provided by an “American salary.”

But Deaton was immediately struck by the dark side of the American dream. Outside campus, the land of opportunity also turned out to be “the land of inequality.” The American safety net was meager to nonexistent. Having grown up in the early days of Britain’s welfare state, Deaton “saw the government as my friend.” He recoiled when one of his new colleagues declared that “government is theft.”

Deaton’s arrival in the United States happened to coincide with what the British economist Anthony B. Atkinson called the “Inequality Turn.” The “ great compression ” of wages during the previous decades was coming to an end, buffeted in the 1970s by oil shocks and stagflation. By 1983, the Thatcher and Reagan governments were pursuing a neoliberal agenda of tax-cutting and deregulation. For the middle classes, consumer debt fueled a mirage of continued prosperity, but inequality was widening. The economics profession had yet to catch up.

And catch up it has. A spate of books detail a new understanding of inequality, showing how this intellectual transformation is a rich story in its own right. In “ Visions of Inequality ,” a history of the changing ways economists have broached the subject since the French Revolution, Branko Milanovic notes a “long eclipse of inequality studies” from the mid-1960s to around 1990. With some exceptions, including work by Latin American economists, declining inequality had lulled the discipline into a smug sense of complacency. Both sides in the Cold War wanted to pretend that their systems had solved the problem once and for all.

Milanovic, formerly the lead economist in the World Bank’s research department and the author of several book about global inequality, describes how Western economists were in thrall to an unholy combination of extremely simplistic assumptions and extremely complex mathematical models: “It was almost as if they wanted their model world to look as different as possible from the world where people lived.”

This idealized approach was eventually overwhelmed by the unruly reality, with the neoclassical economist cloistered in his ivory tower, contemplating his quaint abstractions, becoming the stuff of caricature. The financial crisis of 2008, Occupy Wall Street, the 2014 publication in English of “ Capital in the 21st Century ,” the 700-page best seller by the French economist Thomas Piketty: Milanovic shows how inequality went from a subject “hovering in the background” to a pressing issue at “the forefront of people’s consciousness.”

Deaton notes a similar turn. Among the bubbles that popped in the collapse of 2008 was the “reckless enthusiasm for markets” in his profession. Along with his wife, the economist Anne Case, he has written about the rise in “deaths of despair” — increasing mortality rates among white American men without a college degree. When Deaton first arrived at Princeton 40 years ago, his interest in tax reform and resource redistribution made him a professional outlier; in 2015, he was awarded a Nobel Prize.

This image shows the covers of five books on inequality and related themes arrayed in two rows on a black background — two covers in the top row, three on the bottom.

“Economics in America” is an inviting and readable book, though it’s perhaps a measure of how much inequality has permeated our cultural consciousness in the last decade that there’s little in it that comes across as provocative or surprising. The ambivalence and estrangement that Deaton expresses about his adopted country (he identifies himself in his subtitle as “an immigrant economist”) is not, I would wager, all that rare as Americans struggle to find common ground.

Yes, most of us agree that inequality is a problem — even if we can’t agree on what that actually means and what to do about it. Incomes have stagnated , except for the very rich, whose incomes have more than quadrupled since 1980. The left calls for higher taxes and solidarity; the right calls for slashed taxes and closed borders. Centrists try to tiptoe their way between the two poles, to nobody else’s satisfaction. The epidemiologists Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett consider inequality a “social poison” that erodes the very things we need — empathy, a sense of security, trust in one another — to combat inequality in the first place.

Even the response to Deaton’s own research has fractured along ideological lines. He notes how officials in the Trump administration used deaths of despair as an argument against lockdowns during the pandemic, suggesting that suicides would increase if people were forced to stay at home. Deaton says that the data doesn’t support this contention, just as he rejects claims by conservatives like Charles Murray, who insist that the problem isn’t a surfeit of despair but a lack of industriousness. Deaton, perhaps in a nod to some of his critics , also pulls back from his original focus on white men. In his new book, he speaks more generally about despair among the less educated, pointedly discussing the persistence of economic disparities between Black and white Americans.

As I was reading “Economics in America,” I recalled the argument briefly fashionable around the time of the 2016 election that “economic anxiety” among white Americans was driving support for Donald Trump. A year later, “The Broken Ladder,” by the psychologist Keith Payne, conceded that white Americans with a high-school degree continued to fare better economically than similarly educated Black Americans, but a “history of privilege” meant that working-class white people were “dying of violated expectations.” Such observations emphasized our shared vulnerabilities, though like so much in our zero-sum political discourse, the subject of inequality also got warped and weaponized. Trump spoke the language of populism, promising to deliver for the little guy while pushing through policies that favored the richest .

But inequality hurts the richest, too — at least that’s what the philosopher Ingrid Robeyns argues in “Limitarianism,” a book coming out early next year. She talks to wealthy people who are exhausted by “the unending rat race provoked by status goods.” Extreme wealth isn’t just socially and ecologically destructive; it can be psychologically corrosive, as those who have it try to rationalize disparities to themselves.

Some become “class traitors,” giving away their riches and demanding to be taxed; others double down, insisting that they are merely reaping their just rewards. Robeyns allows that worrying about the emotional health of the 1 percent might be a hard sell, but, she points out, more money means more power, so whatever depletes the stores of empathy and compassion of the most powerful has implications for us all.

It’s this notion of “us all” that some writers are trying to revive, including Piketty, in “A Brief History of Equality,” which was published in English last year. In “Capital in the 21st Century,” Piketty showed how the rate of return to capital historically exceeded economic growth, allowing the wealthiest to pull ever further away from the rest of the population. His latest book shifts the emphasis by widening the lens. Piketty states that while “different inequalities have persisted at considerable and unjustified levels,” we shouldn’t get mired in pessimism: “Since the end of the 18th century, there has been a real, long-term tendency toward equality, but it is nonetheless limited in scope.”

That “but” gives you a sense of the needle that Piketty is trying to thread, avoiding the twin seductions of triumphalism and hopelessness. He treats the concept of equality more expansively here, including not only income and property but also gender and race. By moving the focus from inequality to equality, he suggests that what’s needed isn’t only the harsh light of critique but also the remedy of repair.

The historian Darrin M. McMahon lauds Piketty for this ambition, even if he is more circumspect about its prospects in his fascinating new book, “ Equality: The History of an Elusive Idea .” In a sweeping account that starts with cave paintings in the Spanish Levant and ends with “cyborg-pharaohs” made possible by A.I., McMahon explains how ideas about equality have been anything but consistent and straightforward. An equality that is universal, applicable to all humans, isn’t the only kind. His surprising discussion of the far right conveys how the concept of equality has been used to bolster inequality. Even fascist movements promised to “satisfy the egalitarian aspirations of the masses” while also venerating hierarchy and domination.

The forces of right-wing reaction have specialized in this perverse approach, emphasizing “equality in inequality,” McMahon writes, drawing connections between nativist movements of the past and the “populist-plutocrats” of today. Which is why, he says, recognizing the reality of inequality is such “vital work in a highly unequal age.”

If the public no longer clings to a blithe belief in the system, the trick is to keep such hard-won skepticism from sliding into easy cynicism. McMahon’s book is less a call to action than a goad to thinking: “Human beings often long to relate to one another more equally than they do, especially when the gaps between them are achingly apparent.”

Jennifer Szalai is the nonfiction book critic for The Times. More about Jennifer Szalai

Explore More in Books

Want to know about the best books to read and the latest news start here..

Barbra Streisand’s 970-page memoir, “My Name is Barbra,” is a victory lap past all who ever doubted or diminished her, our critic writes .

Rebecca Yarros drew on her experience with chronic illness and life in a military family to write “Fourth Wing,” a huge best seller that spawned a spicy fantasy series .

Dann McDorman, the executive producer of “The Beat With Ari Melber,” gave up writing fiction in his 20s. Now, he’s publishing his first novel at age 47 .

Do you want to be a better reader?   Here’s some helpful advice to show you how to get the most out of your literary endeavor .

Each week, top authors and critics join the Book Review’s podcast to talk about the latest news in the literary world. Listen here .


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Our essay writing service presents to you an open-access database of free Income Inequality essay samples. We'd like to underline that the showcased papers were crafted by experienced writers with proper academic backgrounds and cover most various Income Inequality essay topics. Remarkably, any Income Inequality paper you'd find here could serve as a great source of inspiration, valuable insights, and content structuring practices.

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American Public University

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Austerity Policy Measures in the UK

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Income Inequality in America

Theory And Hypotheses: A Top-Quality Research Paper For Your Inspiration

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In this paper, Bob Meister conducts an in-depth look at the public university situation in the US at the moment considering its major issues and the conditions that led to the current situation. The exploration is conducted with a special emphasis on California State as it provides a perfect historical overview of the education system as it changed from a model system to the where it is currently.

Privatization is the Problem, Not the Solution

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Economic and political structure term paper, this research paper was prepared for english comp ii course research papers example.

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Re: Payroll tax policy and Income inequality

Current situation Recommendations The United States economy is the largest economy in the world, making the country powerful and respectable. In such an economy, there should be policies that promote income equality among the people to reduce the poverty levels. The tax system of the United States will require a proper revision to incorporate equality among the different wage group categories. The recommended reforms look at ways of reducing income inequality through adjustments on the payroll tax policy.

Cuts on payroll tax and increasing the scope of the tax to encourage savings

Free Essay On Governments And Markets

Government and markets

Income Inequality In Turkey Essay

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Rising UK minimum wage helps reduce income inequality

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For those of us constantly tethered to our devices, it is hard to imagine not being constantly connected, but the book shows that a significant number of people struggle with the needed access and skills to take advantage of all that digital media have to offer.”

Eszter Hargittai IPR faculty adjunct


Edited by Jacques de Maillard and Wesley G. Skogan   

Presses de Science Po, 2023  

In France, the security management system is centralized and state controlled. However, many other actors are involved in what is now known as "the coproduction of security" alongside the police nationale and gendarmerie , the two French national police forces.  

In their book Police et Société en France (Presses de Science Po, 2023) which also appeared in English , political scientists IPR fellow emeritus Wesley Skogan and Jacques de Maillard of the University of Versailles-Saint-Quentin unveil a collection of 20 original essays that provide a compelling examination of the French police system and its role in the 21st century.   

Over the last 30 years, France has undergone a social and political sea change—immigration and a more diverse population, for example, have brought new opportunities and challenges. Administrative and political decentralization has reemphasized the role of local authorities in public security policies. The private security industry has grown significantly, and new kinds of governing models, based on arrangements such as contracts for service provision, have emerged. Additionally, police organizations are increasingly driven by performance indicators and must grapple with change and consolidation. These include integrating the gendarmerie , a force with military connections operating in smaller cities, exurbs, and more rural areas, into the Ministry of Interior, under which the police nationale, a civil force operating mainly in France’s urban centers, already operates administratively.  

Written by many of the world’s leading and emerging scholars who focus on French policing, the collection examines the security challenges posed by terrorist threats and the scope of community policing initiatives required to address public security needs. The essays address the policing of urban slums and illustrate the merging of contradictory police goals, police violence, the concentration of poverty, and entrenched opposition to the states’ representatives, among others. They also question policing strategies such as the use of identity checks.   

Race in the Machine: A Novel Account  

By Quincy Thomas Stewart   

Stanford University Press/Redwood Press, 2023  

What is race and how do we explain it? These fundamental social questions are at the heart of a new work of “social science fiction” by sociologist and IPR associate Quincy Thomas Stewart . Race in the Machine: A Novel Account (Stanford University Press/Redwood Press, 2023) is both a novel and a truly novel account of racial inequality, the origins of bias, and more.  

The nameless protagonist of the story is a “social mechanic” or scientist who lives in a world of intelligent machines connected in large networks. The protagonist is also a machine who explores the question, “What is race?” The protagonist confronts this question in the context of an encounter with visitors. Using a mix of computational models and creative riffs reviewing social psychological and structural theory, the social mechanic conducts simulated experiments to learn about racism and similar systems of inequality.  

The social mechanic encounters scholarly antagonists and allies, but the journey also entails stories including monks, saints, and vampires. The narrative suggests that prevailing scientific methodology is inadequate to understand race.   

The novel draws on multiple sources—documented in extensive endnotes—such as classic texts like W.E.B. Du Bois’ The Souls of Black Folk to science fiction classics like Isaac Asimov’s Foundation , to lyrics by the rapper the Notorious B.I.G. and recent scholarship on race across all social science disciplines.  

Race in the Machine ends with an author’s Q&A that is missing the questions; readers only see the answers. In Stewart’s answers, he compares social scientists’ analyses of “real” data to two-dimensional paintings that portray a multidimensional world. His work “attempts to add depth, artistically filling in the empty space of our theoretical models.”   

Connected in Isolation: Digital Privilege in Unsettled Times   

By Eszter Hargittai  

The MIT Press, 2022  

In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, lockdowns sent millions into isolation in their homes, and the internet became a lifeline that kept people informed, connected, and able to continue working remotely. Yet being online did not mean everyone was equally connected.   

In her book Connected in Isolation: Digital Privilege in Unsettled Times (The MIT Press, 2022), University of Zurich media scholar and IPR faculty adjunct Eszter Hargittai examines Internet use at the beginning of the pandemic and discrepancies in digital access in three Western countries. Between April and May 2020, Hargittai and a team of researchers conducted online surveys of 4,518 American, 983 Italian, and 1,350 Swiss adults about their worries, home life experiences, knowledge about COVID-19, digital skills, social media use, and Internet use, among other topics.    

Across the three countries, Hargittai reveals that those who earned more, owned more devices and had more freedom to access the internet, while those with fewer resources had less predictable internet access. Those with higher income and education also possessed more internet and social media skills. Overall, she discovers a link between having digital skills and understanding the risk of COVID-19 and how to prevent it in all three countries.     

Additionally, the surveys show that this “digital inequality”—a term Hargittai coined two decades ago with Paul DiMaggio —had real-life consequences: Those with better information about how to stay safe from the coronavirus were more likely to avoid any unessential activities outside their homes. Hargittai argues that ensuring that people of all backgrounds have the necessary skills to use digital platforms effectively, efficiently, and to their benefit is critical to leveling the digital playing field.   

“For those of us constantly tethered to our devices, it is hard to imagine not being constantly connected, but the book shows that a significant number of people struggle with the needed access and skills to take advantage of all that digital media have to offer,” Hargittai said.   

Wesley G. Skogan is professor of political science and IPR fellow emeritus. Quincy Thomas Stewart  is associate professor of sociology and an IPR associate. Eszter Hargittai is an IPR faculty adjunct.

Published: November 6, 2023.

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