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When choosing a title about depression, you have to remain mindful since this is a sensitive subject. This is why our experts have listed 177 depression essay topics to help you get started.

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Depression is a disorder characterized by prolonged periods of sadness and loss of interest in life. The symptoms include irritability, insomnia, anxiety, and trouble concentrating. This disorder can produce physical problems, self-esteem issues, and general stress in a person’s life. Difficult life events and trauma are typical causes of depression. Want to find out more? Check out our compilation below.

A depression essay is an important assignment that will help you to explore the subject and its impact on people. Writing this type of paper may seem challenging at first, but there are some secrets that will make achieving a high grade much easier. Check below for a list of do’s and don’ts to get started!

DO select a narrow topic. Before starting writing, define the subject of the paper, and write down some possible titles. This will help you to focus your thoughts instead of offering generic information that can easily be found on Wikipedia. Consider writing about a particular population or about the consequences of depression. For example, a teenage depression essay could earn you excellent marks! If you find this step challenging, try searching for depression essay topics online. This will surely give you some inspiration.

DON’T copy from peers or other students. Today, tutors are usually aware of the power of the Internet and will check your paper for plagiarism. Hence, if you copy information from other depression essays, you could lose a lot of marks. You could search for depression essay titles or sample papers online, but avoid copying any details from these sources.

DO your research before starting. High-quality research is crucial when you write essays on mental health issues. There are plenty of online resources that could help you, including Google Scholar, PubMed, and others. To find relevant scientific articles, search for your primary and secondary topics of interest. Then filter results by relevance, publication date, and access type. This will help you to identify sources that you can view online and use to support your ideas.

DON’T rely on unverified sources. This is a crucial mistake many students make that usually results in failing the paper. Sources that are not academic, such as websites, blogs, and Wiki pages, may contain false or outdated information. Some exceptions are official publications and web pages of medical organizations, such as the CDC, APA, and the World Health Organization.

DO consider related health issues. Depression is often associated with other mental or physical health issues, so you should reflect on this in your paper. Some examples of problems related to depression are suicide, self-harm, eating disorders, and panic attack disorder. To show your in-depth understanding of the issue, you could write a depression and anxiety essay that shows the relationship between the two. Alternatively, you can devote one or two paragraphs to examining the prevalence of other mental health problems in people with depression.

DON’T include personal opinions and experiences unless required. A good essay on the subject of depression should be focused and objective. Hence, you should rely on research rather than on your understanding of the theme. For example, if you have to answer the question “What is depression?” look for scientific articles or official publications that contain the definition rather than trying to explain it in your own words.

DON’T forget about structure. The structure of your essay helps to present arguments or points logically, thus assisting the reader in making sense of the information. A good thing to do is to write a depression essay outline before you start the paper. You should list your key points supported by relevant depression quotes from academic publications. Follow the outline carefully to avoid gaps and inconsistencies.

Use these do’s and don’ts, and you will be able to write an excellent paper on depression! If you want to see more tips and tricks that will help you elevate your writing, look around our website!

  • Oral versus Written Administration of the Geriatric Depression Scale The authors conducted a survey in a nursing home with the aim of assessing the applicability of oral administration over the written administration of the Geriatric Depression Scale in a nursing home population.
  • Does Divorce Have a Greater Impact on Men than on Women in Terms of Depression? The provides an adequate background of these researches that suggest that the concept of adjustment is a theory of divorce that conceives the disruption of a marriage as a crisis which at eh beginning leads […]
  • Concept of Depression Disorder Ethnographic approach seeks an in-depth understanding of a particular culture and uses it to examine the conceptions of that particular culture in relation to similar ones in other defined environments.
  • Depression Treatment: Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy The objective of this study is to prove that Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy is an effective method of treating depression among new college students.
  • Depression Levels and Development Hypothesis If the human depression state is as a result of the mind set and individuals can determine their state then an alteration of the mind frame can be established.
  • Depression: A Cross-Cultural Perspective This research paper seeks to explore depression from a cross-cultural perspective with key focus on the conceptions of depression, its epidemiological aspects, different manifestations of depression, the evaluation of depression as a disorder, and the […]
  • Understanding Teen Depression Impacts of depression on teenagers Depression is characterized by several effects; however, most of them impact negatively to the teens. For instance, a considerable percentage of teens use extra-curriculum activities such as sports and games, […]
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Treating Depression CBT works on the principle that positive thoughts and behaviour heralds positive moods and this is something that can be learned; therefore, by learning to think and behave positively, someone may substitute negative thoughts with […]
  • The Children’s Depression Inventory (CDI) Measure The author of the article on “Depression in Children: Children’s Depression Inventory” has used both the classical test score and generalizability theories.
  • Catatonic Depression: Etiology and Management The major cause of catatonic depression is negativity of a person or in the way he or she perceives different aspects of life. However most disorders share most of the symptoms and characteristics and it […]
  • Depression and its effects on participants’ performance in the workplace We shall then design a matrix showing the proposed effects of the depression and the preventive measures that need to be taken.
  • Correlation Between Multiple Pregnancies and Postpartum Depression or Psychosis In recognition of the paucity of information on the relationship between multiple pregnancies and postpartum depression, the paper reviews the likely relationship by understanding the two variables, multiple pregnancies and postpartum depression, in terms of […]
  • Concept of Childhood Depression The affliction of children by depression involves much more than the general attitude that most of us assume in considering childhood depression as a result of the child’s disappointment experiencing a challenging encounter within the […]
  • Depression Psychological Evaluation The first step to managing the condition is to seek help from a medical doctor or preferably a mental health specialist. He should expect the depressive mood to improve gradually and not immediately.
  • Childhood Depression & Bi-polar Disorder There are various medications that are used in treatment of bipolar disorder and it is important to note that since research is still ongoing, children are treated with drugs that are used to treat the […]
  • Depression Experiences in Law Enforcement The traumatic experiences that the police officers encounter and endure during the course of their duties make them susceptible to depression.
  • Social Networking and Depression The findings of the study confirmed that once an individual engages in social networking, his or her feeling of safety goes down and depression mood emerges meaning that a correlation between depression and social networking […]
  • Depression in Older Adults The understanding and modification of the contributions of these factors is the ultimate goal of the clinicians who engage in the treatment of depression.
  • Social Influences on Behavior: Towards Understanding Depression and Alcoholism based on Social Situations According to Smith & Mackie, dispositional variables entails the personalities, values, worldviews, and attitudes of the people that are interacting in a group, while situational variables comprise of the particular characteristics of the situation that […]
  • Depression: Law Enforcement Officers and Stress The traumatic experiences that the police officers encounter and endure during the course of their duties make them susceptible to depression.
  • Interpersonal Communication Strategies Regarding Depression When one of the individuals in a couple is depressed, there is lack of effective communication, more conflicts and hostility. Rather there has to be understanding and proper communication between the couple so that each […]
  • Depression in female adolescents This technique differentiates between those characteristics that are considered normal by the society in relation to female adolescent and those that are peculiar which are symptoms of depression. However, there are side effects related to […]
  • “Breadwinning Daughters: Young Working Women in a Depression-Era City” by Katrina Srigley Srigley argues that the great depression caused economic vulnerability to the populations in Toronto, which led to her desire to examine the plight of the young women during that era since most researchers were concerned […]
  • Psychopharmacological Treatment for Depression The summarized study, titled “Revised Psychopharmacological Algorithms for the Treatment of Mood Disorders in Japan”, was therefore informed by the need to develop new algorithms for the psychopharmacological treatment of depression and related disorders, particularly […]
  • Depression: A Critical Evaluation In spite of the fact that governments and agencies across the world have made significant steps in the fight against depression, there is compelling evidence that we are yet to be fully effective in translating, […]
  • Book Review: “Breadwinning Daughters: Young Women Working in a Depression- Era City, 1929-1939” by Katrina Srigley In an attempt to seal the gap that these researchers have created in the Canadian history, Srigley focuses on the lives of young women during the Great Depression era. Men’s reaction to the phenomenon was […]
  • Cognitive Treatment of Depression It describes the rationale for the therapy, some of the therapeutic techniques used to treat this disorder, and provide a brief overview of the empirical evidence on the effectiveness of this treatment method.
  • Depression and Cognitive Therapy The other type of medication that is widely used to treat depression condition is the healing process that helps in reverse or eliminates the fundamental process that results to the continuation of depression.
  • How Do Genetic and Environmental Factors Contribute To The Expression of Depression? It is believed that people’s reactions to stress that they encounter in life is one of the factors that leads to changes in the levels of the chemicals that are involved in bodily changes such […]
  • How Does Peer Pressure Contribute to Adolescent Depression? Therefore, it is possible to note that peer pressure is one of the most significant factors contributing to the development of adolescent depression.
  • Poly-Substance Abuse in Adolescent Males with Depression The proposal gives some of the articles that would be critical in understanding the relationship between poly-substance abuse and depression in adolescent males.
  • Depression in the Elderly Depression in the elderly differs from depression in the young in a number of ways. Older people with depression are twice as likely to develop cardiac diseases, and the consequent increase in the risk of […]
  • Effect of Social Media on Depression The number of friends that the participants of the mock study had in their social sites was also related to the degree of depression that they experienced.
  • Report Writing About Depression There is concrete evidence that many people in Australia tend to believe that depression is the cause of all suicide deaths in the world, but this not true.
  • Evolutionary Psychology: Depression As such, using the ideas formulated by evolutionary psychologists, it makes sense to argue that human behaviors are as a result of psychological adaptations that evolve in a bid to cope with the environment, social […]
  • The Impact of Exercise on Women Who Suffer From Depression As high levels of depression in women depend on ovarian function, estrogen has been observed to be the cause of depression in women, and is, thus, a possible agent for the management of depression.
  • Depression Diagnosis and Theoretical Models In this study, the researcher seeks to discuss a diagnosis done on a patient, and some of the theoretical models of psychology that can be used to address the problem once it is detected in […]
  • The Effects of Forgiveness Therapy on Depression, Anxiety and Posttraumatic Stress for Women after Spousal Emotional Abuse Enright forgiveness model applied in the study proved effective since it systematically addressed the forgiveness process identified the negative attributes caused by the abuse, and prepared the women for positive responses.
  • Depression and Workplace Violence Examples of these techniques include methods of reporting and the formal and informal announcements that violence and other forms of verbal abuse and aggression are not tolerated in the work environment, or even outside of […]
  • Psychological Disorder: Depression To answer the research question “What is the rate of depression in adults, ages 40-60 years, caring for loved ones with Alzheimer’s disease compared to adults of the same age group in the general population?”, […]
  • The Effects of Depression on Physical Activity The findings of the study show that future increases in depression incidences among the participants of the study would be significantly decreased by physical activity.
  • Relationship between Sleep and Depression in Adolescence Using SPSS for data analysis, the results indicate the presence of a correlation between elements of depression and sleep duration and quality.
  • Methodological Bias Associated with Sex Depression However, depression is more common in women than men and statistics shows that in the united state in every three reported cases of depression one is a man while the ratio increases to worldwide statistics […]
  • Depression Measurements – Psychology To achieve the goal of making proper estimations on the effects of depression in the society, the authors assert that it is critical to making accurate measurements.
  • Job’ Stress and Depression It also investigates the various approaches that have been applied by many employees in managing job stress and depression, and the identification of the most appropriate approach to be used. The method that is to […]
  • Managing Stress and Depression at Work Places – Psychology It investigates the various approaches that have been applied by many employees in managing the job stress and depression and the identification of the most appropriate approach to be used.
  • Parents’ Depression and Toddler Behaviors The article “Longitudinal Contribution of Maternal and Paternal Depression to Toddler Behaviors: Interparental Conflict and Later Depression as Mediators” by Sheehan, Rebecca, Michael, Robin, and Stuart tested the effects of paternal depression on toddler behaviors.
  • Child’s Mental Health and Depression in Adulthood The objective of the proposed research is to provide a comprehensive study focusing on the impact of mental health in childhood on depressions in the adult age.
  • Relationship Between Depression and Sleep Disturbance It was emphasized that persistent disturbance, its severity, and the intermittent nature of the sleep were not associated with depression and its recurrence in the following years. The sleeping disturbance is a risk factor that […]
  • Organizational Behaviour: Depression in the Workplace This paper will examine the impacts of depression on the employees’ work performance and attendance and look at how managers can deal with hidden depression in such employees. The particular factors that bring about such […]
  • Arab-Americans’ Acculturation and Depression In particular, this study will determine the aspects of acculturation that cause depression and mental health disorders in this ethnic group.
  • Postpartum Depression and Comorbid Disorders For example, at a public hospital in Sydney, Australia, the psychiatrists used a Routine Comprehensive Psychosocial Assessment tool to study the chances of ‘low risk’ women developing the postpartum symptoms.
  • Depression in Late Life: Interpersonal Psychotherapy The authors of the article carried out an experiment in a bid to determine the effect of interpersonal psychotherapy on the elderly subjects.
  • Sleep Disturbance, Depression, Anxiety Correlation The above imply that many questions are still unanswered with respect to the kinds of sleep complaints affecting undergraduates and the impact on their psychological health.
  • Yoga for Depression and Anxiety A simple definition of yoga will lead people to generalize it as a system of exercise and a kind of mindset that would result in the union of mind and body.
  • Psychological Measures: The Beck Depression Inventory The BDI is used to evaluate levels of depression in patients and to observe the efficacy of other interventions such as antidepressants and electroconvulsive therapy.
  • Hamilton Depression Rating Scale Application In both cases, the researchers clearly indicated that the higher the level of rating, the higher the depression. This is worsened by the fact that the professional administering the question is not allowed to influence […]
  • Depression and Its Causes in the Modern Society The higher instances of depression among women can be explained using a number of reasons including the lifestyle of the modern woman and her role in the society.
  • Supporting the Health Needs of Patients With Parkinson’s, Preeclampsia, and Postpartum Depression The medical history of the patient will help the doctor to offer the best drug therapy. Members of the family might also be unable to cope with the disorder.
  • Problem of the Depression in Teenagers Despite the lack of sufficient data on the variation of depression among young adults over the last 10 to 20 years in the US, from the literature review, the research identifies an increasing trend of […]
  • Beck Depression Inventory in Psychological Practice Beck in the 1990s, the theory disrupted the traditional flow of Freudian theories development and introduced the audience to the concept of cognitive development, therefore, inviting psychologists to interpret the changes in the patient’s emotional […]
  • Depression and Melancholia Expressed by Hamlet The paper will not attempt and sketch the way the signs or symptoms of depression/melancholia play a part in the way Shakespeare’s period or culture concerning depression/melancholia, but in its place portrays the way particular […]
  • Stress, Depression, and Responses to Them A great number of people are not able or willing to find meaning in stressful experiences that they get through; for example, they often cannot understand the cause of their difficulties or the strengths that […]
  • Depression: Pathophysiology and Treatment The approach implying the identification and assessment of the stress response circuits is also viewed as a possible tool for determining the development of major depression in a patient.
  • Depression: Patients With a Difficult Psychological State It is necessary to determine physiological indicators that will provide insights into the health of the patient and collect the information about a woman’s medication regime to be able to determine the appropriate course of […]
  • Depression in the Future Public Health Further, the attention is drawn to the current measures aimed at the improvement of the public mental health, and the economic and social matters associated with depression management are considered.
  • Fast Food, Obesity, Depression, and Other Issues However, in busy communities, fast foods are increasingly being the preferred choice of food because of their price and convenience and that is why they are commonly served in many hotels, cafes and even some […]
  • Obesity and Major Depression Association In the article, not much information is given about the team, just brief facts that they are a part of the Johns Hopkins University team from the departments of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Mental Health, […]
  • Bipolar Expeditions: Mania and Depression Everyone always seems to focus on one side of the disorder, forgetting that there may be another aspect to depression that contributes to the individual’s mental state, and to the same extent.
  • Teen Website: Fish Will Keep Depression Away Remember that adolescence is one of the most important periods of your life as you build the body you will be using for the next 100 years.
  • Widowhood Effects on Men’s and Women’s Depression Considering the peculiarities of the marriage concept, the paper is aimed at exploring the similarity of the widowhood effects on men’s and women’s depression, explaining why men have more benefits from marriage than women do […]
  • The Canadian Depression Causes This ascent in their economy proceeded to the 1920s and depended on the fare of crude materials and sustenance to the USA and the British Empire.
  • Postpartum Depression Analysis in “Yellow Wallpaper” In reality, postpartum depression is the disease that has to be treated with the help of specific medications and therapies that are appropriate for a patient.
  • False Memories in Patients with Depression The focus will be made on the research of false memory reconstruction mechanisms, i.e, suggestion-induced false memories and spontaneous false memories; associative activation in memory reconstruction; and the way those mechanisms are performed in people […]
  • Depression Among High School Students The specific problem surrounding the issue of depression among adolescents is the absence of timely diagnosis as the first step to depression management.
  • Depression in Elders: Social Factors This paper is dedicated to the research and analysis of social factors that commonly affect depression in the elderly, such as cultural backgrounds, the inability to participate in social activities, disconnection from family, general loneliness, […]
  • Depression Treatment Changes in 2006-2017 Over the past ten years, some of the approaches to the treatment of depression remained the same whereas many new methods replaced the old ones.
  • Exercises as a Treatment for Depression A study published in the Journal of Affective Disorders on this subject stated that the dropout rate for people with depression is more than 18% and that people with more severe cases of depression have […]
  • Postpartum Depression and Its Peculiarities The major peculiarity of PPD in terms of its adverse effects is that it is detrimental to both the mother and the newborn child.
  • Women with Heart Disease: Risk of Depression The presence of heart disease can often lead to depression, as the person has to worry about his life and health every day, knowing that their heart is not as reliable as it used to […]
  • Postpartum Depression and Acute Depressive Symptoms It is hypothesized that the authors of the study wished to establish, with certainty, the effect of the proposed predictors for the development of PPD.
  • Depression and Psychosis: 32-Year-Old Female Patient This paper aims at analyzing the client’s personality assessment, the use of related instruments, and test interpretations to determine their relevance to the presented case.
  • Depression After Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Treatment Concerning the reoccurrence of depression after the use of TMS, in 2015, Levkovitz et al.found that in individuals receiving the 4-week TMS therapy preventing the relapse of acute depressive episodes, about one-third of patients achieved […]
  • Depression in Patients with Comorbidity The purpose of this paper is to describe depression as a mental health disease, including its etiology, prevalence, signs and symptoms, and assessment instruments that facilitate the diagnosis of the disease.
  • Depression and Cancer in Caucasian Female Patient HEENT/neurology: no eyesight problems, tension headache from time to time, no nose/ear pain, mild tooth pain, slow speech, no significant changes related to senses Cardiovascular/respiratory: no chest pain, PND, SOB, or abnormal cough.
  • Health Promotion: Depression Awareness in Teenagers In addition to community sensitization and promoting the expression of melancholic emotions by adolescents, the DAP program will include depression screening days in schools.
  • Suicide and Depression: Connection, Signs and Age Since the symptoms and signs of depression vary for individuals of different ages, it is possible to state that age can influence the course and treatment of depression.
  • Depression Patients’ Needs and Treatment Issues The mechanisms of depression are not fully understood, but common symptoms of the disease are sadness, loneliness, and a loss of interest in life and daily activities.
  • Depression Patients and Psychiatrist’s Work It is also necessary to pay attention to the physical state of the patient, so some tests and the discussion of health history are critical.
  • Beck Depression Inventory, Its History and Benefits Therefore, the detection of depression at its early stage, the evaluation of the risks, and the definition of the level of depression are the main goals.
  • Depression in Iranian Women and Health Policies Historically, this approach can be said to be a hindrance to early screening for depressive symptoms and preventive interventions, resulting in the current high prevalence of depression among women.
  • Beck Depression Inventory: Evaluation Plan Reliability test Pretest and posttest scores from a nonclinical sample of respondents screened a week apart will be compared to determine the reliability of the tool for use in a longitudinal study.
  • Diagnosing Depression: Implementation and Evaluation Plan The application of BDI will be considered in the study to create a framework for diagnosing the presence of depression in adolescents.
  • Depression and Grief in the “Ordinary People” Film At the end of the film, he is healed and ready to forgive his mother and stop blaming himself. I believe that the relationship between Conrad and his therapist, Dr.
  • Depression in Adolescents and Cognitive Therapy According to Bhatia and Bhatia, up to 15 percent of children and adolescents display symptoms of depression, five percent of adolescents qualify for the major depressive disorder, and three percent suffer from the dysthymic disorder. […]
  • Depression Assessment Using Intake Notes The outcomes of the analysis point to the presence of a mental health concern, and the selected tool leads to the identification of the health issue in question.
  • Depression, Grief, Loss in “Ordinary People” Film The coach is curious to know Conrad’s experiences at the hospital and the use of ECT. Towards the end of the film, Conrad reveals to the therapist that he feels guilty about his brother’s death.
  • Alcohol Abuse, Depression and Human Trafficking Patterson and Jeste point out that the high prevalence of alcohol abuse will increase in the future. Besides, Hanna indicates that domestic trafficking of girls in the US is a complex phenomenon to understand because […]
  • Peer Popularity and Depression Among Adolescents The relevance of the article is also justified by the article it is published in and the article provides articles on a wide range of issues in the sphere of child psychology.
  • Food Insecurity and Depression in Poor Families According to studies conducted in the period between 2001 and 2006, there was a significant increase in the rate of national poverty, particularly in the rural areas, where it was found to be more than […]
  • Depression Explanation in Psychological Theories After all, it has been brought about by the state of disintegration, between Kenny’s ‘external’ projection of himself, on the one hand, and his realization of the fact that he is not in a position […]
  • Drug Abuse and Depression Treatment She states that her father was the main person who was able to give the right pieces of advice and she was not afraid of making the wrong decision.
  • Depression Studies and Online Research Sources This is one of the issues that should not be overlooked. This argument is particularly relevant if one speaks about the precautions that should be taken by patients to overcome the effects of this disorder.
  • Anxiety and Depression in Children and Adolescents The effects of anxiety in children and adolescents are detrimental both to individuals and society. It is also said to contain a summary of the current research and theory that have been done by other […]
  • Social Media Impact on Depression and Eating Disorder When they turn to the social media, they are bombarded with a lot of information that they cannot properly comprehend. In the social media, they get to understand that beauty is associated with one’s body […]
  • Traditional Symptoms of Depression By the end of a three-month period of regular attendance to sessions, Susan should change her perceptions and desires pertaining to her relationships with others.
  • Patients’ Depression and Practitioners’ Suggestions A questionnaire with 20 survey questions was designed to measure the degree of depression among patients with depression in two treatment groups with a view of establishing the influence of practitioners’ suggestions on the level […]
  • Major Depression Treatment During Pregnancy Based on the personal and medical history of the patient, the first line of treatment would be to introduce fluoxetine at a starting dose of 10mg po each am and may increase to 20 mg […]
  • Postpartum Depression: Understanding the Needs of Women This article also emphasizes the need to consider and assess the needs of the mother, infant as well as family members during the treatment of PPD.
  • Bipolar Disorder: Reoccurring Hypomania & Depression Admission Date: 9/10/2018 Name J.D. DOB: 4/5/1990 Sex: Female Allergies: None Language: English VS: BP 130/98, HR 74, Respirations 19, Pulse Ox 98% Chief Complaint: The patient is concerned with reoccurring hypomania episodes and […]
  • Depression in Adolescents and Interventions The problem is defined as a mood disorder that affects the daily life of a person due to unexplained sadness and lack of interest in general activities. This paper aims to examine the causes of […]
  • Great Depression in “A Worn Path” by Eudora Welty The first few paragraphs of the story are dedicated specifically to painting the image of the old Afro-American woman in the mind of the reader by providing details on her appearance, closing, her manners of […]
  • Depression as a Psychological Disorder Summarizing and evaluating the information that trusted journals have published on the topic of depression might help create a well-rounded review of the condition and the scientific community’s understanding of it.
  • Optimal Mental Health Approaches: Depression & Anxiety The work of a counselor implies the necessity to understand and recognize the signs and symptoms of mental health problems, as well as find “the missing pieces of reality” that impact innermost lives.
  • Freud’s Depression: Cognitive-Behavioral Interventions In the example of Sigmund Freud, the symptoms of depression including a sense of guilt, apathy, periodic anxiety attacks, and fatigue.
  • Depression Screening in Primary Care for Adolescents Moreover, the authors question the effectiveness of some specialized therapies in primary care, which, in their opinion, are of a preventive nature and do not have the desired effect on the psyche of adolescents.
  • Psychodynamic Therapy for Depression The journal article under consideration presents the procedure and findings of the study investigating significant change events in psychodynamic psychotherapy, which attempts to discover the importance of cognition and emotion in this process. The issue […]
  • A Review of Postpartum Depression and Continued Post Birth Support In the first chapter – the introduction – the problem statement, background, purpose, and nature of the project are mentioned. The purpose of the project is to explain the significance of managing postpartum depression by […]
  • Mindfulness Meditation Therapy in Depression Cases The paper discusses the issue of the importance of new approaches to depression treatment due to the prevailing rate of the disorder in the sphere of mental problems.
  • Depression & Patient Safety: Speak Up Program The brochure is well-organized, and the information is presented logically. The format of the brochure makes it easy to spread information among patients and caregivers.
  • Dementia, Delirium, and Depression in Frail Elders The patient’s daughter should be educated about the necessity of contact with the patient and possible mobility and other aids to help her with ADL.
  • Atypical Depression Symptoms and Treatment The patient’s absence of negative thoughts, however, is replaced by confusion and increased sensitivity which also led to unstable relationships with her family.
  • Postpartum Depression: Treatment and Therapy It outlines the possible treatment and therapy methods, as well as the implications of the condition. A 28-year-old patient presented in the office three weeks after giving birth to her first son with the symptoms […]
  • Depression and Psychotherapy in Adolescence Society needs to acknowledge that depression is a major medical problem among adolescents in the United States and measures need to be taken to address it.
  • Experimental Psychology. Bouldering for Treating Depression As a result, this group of students is faced with the challenges of meeting the academic requirements, in addition to their work and family responsibilities.
  • Creating a Comprehensive Psychological Treatment Plan: Depression The symptoms, both cognitive and behavioral, include the compensatory mechanisms, binge eating, violated self-perception associated with the unwillingness to maintain normal body weight, as well as the presence of underweight and the inability to recognize […]
  • Depression and Anxiety Due to School and Work-Related Stress Many young students are not aware of the roots of their psychological problems and continue suffering from depression or anxiety, which results in low productivity, poor achievements, and a decreased quality of life.
  • Depression in People with Alcohol Dependence Alcoholic depression in the presence of alcohol dependence is a mood disorder that occurs quite often in the structure of the course of alcohol dependence syndrome during the period of withdrawal syndrome and alcoholic psychoses.
  • Dealing with Depression in the Workplace The basic purpose of a study is to examine the depression in workplace, the causes of it and finally produce remedies to address the problem.
  • Dementia, Delirium, and Depression in Older Adults The comparison is no pharmacological treatment or placebo to exclude the use of other medications, and the outcome is the reduction of delirium severity.
  • Geriatric Dementia, Delirium, and Depression I talked to the patient’s daughter to get additional information about the patient’s medical history and symptoms. In the future, I will consider more therapies and lifestyle changes to offer to the patient.
  • The Correlation Between Perfectionism and Depression A biological model explains this higher incidence by stating that gender differences in depression are due to the hormones estrogen and progesterone. Women are more likely to ruminate than men and as such have a […]
  • Depression and Diabetes Association in Adults The primary goal of their research was to study the association of depression and diabetes with some risk factors, including smoking and obesity in adults in the following racial and ethnic groups: American Indians and […]
  • Teen Suicide and Depression In a recent national survey of teenagers concerning their information level and attitudes toward youth suicide, Marcenko et al revealed that 60 percent of the adolescents in the survey knew another teen who had attempted […]
  • Concept Analysis of Loneliness, Depression, Self-esteem The purpose of this direct study was to look at levels of depression, self-esteem, loneliness, and communal support, and the relationships stuck between these variables, in the middle of teenage mothers participating in the New […]
  • Depression Diagnostics Methods Name:Ben Age:47 years Sex:Male Name of informant: Police Reason for referral: the client’s wife who reported that Ben had taken an overdose of paracetamol, sertraline and diazepam and wanted to die Recent Treatment history: […]
  • Depression: Risk Factors, Incidence, Preventive Measures & Prognostic Factors When in the depressed phase of the cycle, one can have any or all of the symptoms of a depressive disorder.
  • Cannabis Abuse Increases the Risk of Depression The youths who are the backbone of society are going to be wiped out by this killer drug, the students’ performance in schools which the government spends a lot is going to decline seriously, the […]
  • Beck’s Cognitive Therapy Approach to Depression Treatment The principle underlying Aaron Beck’s cognitive therapy model of approach to the treatment of depression capitalizes on the reality-supported interpretation of a situation and seeks to eliminate any doubts that often torment most stressed persons.
  • Anxiety and Depression Disorders The cognitive-behavioral model is different from the biological model in that anxiety and depression are seen as a manifestation of intense emotional distress and/or fear. The states of fear, anxiety, and panic are triggered in […]
  • “Gender Differences in Depression” by Nolen-Hoeksema They have poor biological responses to stress, and this increases the number of female victims of depression and such disorders. Reactivity to stress and stress factors both affect the greater incidences of depression in women […]
  • Rumination, Perfectionism and Depression in Young People Depression in the psychological sense displays the overall depression of the normal behavior of a person, and a depression in the ability of that person to respond normally to various circumstances in one’s life.
  • Depression and Alzheimer’s Disease Moretti et al have studied the relationship between depression and Alzheimer’s disease and explored whether depression is a symptom of AD or comorbidity.
  • Adverse Childhood Experiences Cause Depression However the numbers of females who are affected are far more than the numbers of males. It is also more probable that a girl would experience it as compared to boys at some point in […]
  • Family Therapy for Treating Major Depression One reason why this is so is that, given the onion-layered nature of their problems, family members, individually or as a group, lack the ability to “diagnose” the difficulties they face and to identify their […]
  • Major Depression: Treating Depression in the Context of Marital Discord Major depression could also be a result of family problems and difficulties leading to an aggravation of the patient’s mental state, which in turn could lead to further intensification of the depression in the person.
  • Depression: Helping Students in the Classroom With sufflcient information, teachers can detect depression and are in a good position to identify it and seek help for the student.
  • Adult Depression Sufferer’s and Withdrawal From Family and Friends Counseling through a recognized counselor is required and the use of reality therapy is considered as one of the most effective ways to cure adult depression. Depression or depressive disorder is an illness that involves […]
  • Depression, Substance Abuse and Suicide in Elderly While significant body of research has been devoted to the study of depression in elderly, little attention has been paid to the investigation of substance abuse, emotional instability, burden feelings, and depression.
  • A Critical Evaluation of Major Depression This paper has actively shown how factors such as financial insecurity, job loss, income, and educational inequalities, lifestyle diseases, and breakdown of the social fabric have acted to propel the mental disorder by making use […]
  • Stress, Depression and Psychoneuroimmunology The causes and symptoms of stress may vary from person to person and the symptoms can be mental as well as physical.
  • Depression: A Cognitive Perspective Therefore, the cause of depression on this line may be a real shortage of skills, accompanied by negative self-evaluation because the individual is more likely to see the negative aspects or the skills he lacks […]
  • Reducing Anxiety and Depression With Exercise Regardless of the type of results achieved, it is recommendable for people undergoing mental problems like depression and anxiety to exercise regularly.
  • Poor Body Image, Anxiety, and Depression: Women Who Undergo Breast Implants H02: There is no difference in overt attractiveness to, and frequency of intimacy initiated by, the husband or cohabitating partner of a breast implant patient both before and after the procedure.
  • Depression and the Media Other components of the cognitive triad of depression are the aspect of seeing the environment as overwhelming and that one is too small to make an impact and also seeing the future as bleak and […]
  • The Theory of Personality Psychology During Depression The study concerns personality pathology, and the results of the treatment given to patients who are under depression, and how personalities may have adverse effects on the consequences of the cure.
  • Daily Living, Depression, and Social Support Activities of Elderly Turkish People Navigating the delicate and often convoluted maze of the current issues affecting the elderly has continued to present challenges to the professionals in the field especially with the realization that these issues and needs are […]
  • Depression, Its Perspective and Management Therefore this paper seeks to point out that stress is a major ingredient of depression; show the causes, symptoms, highlight how stresses is manifested in different kinds of people, show how to manage stress that […]
  • Depression, Hallucination, and Suicide: Mental Cases How they handle the process determines the kind of aftermath they will experience for instance it can take the route of hallucinations which is treatable or suicide which is irreversible thus how each case is […]
  • How Did the Great Depression Affect Americans? The Great Depression can be fairly supposed to have been the harshest time in the history of the United States after The Civil War.
  • Depression Effects of School Children
  • Depression Disorder: Key Factors
  • Suicide and Depression in Students
  • Adolescent Grief and Depression
  • Depression and Anxiety in Dialysis Patients
  • Teenage Depression: Psychology-Based Treatment
  • Management of Treatment-Resistant Depression
  • Changes in Approaches to the Treatment of Depression Over the Past Decade
  • Hallucinations and Geriatric Depression Intervention
  • Depression Among University Students
  • Comorbidity of Depression and Pain
  • Postpartum Depression: Statistics and Methods of Diagnosis
  • Postpartum Depression and Its Impact on Infants
  • Depression Treatment: Biopsychosocial Theory
  • “Relationships of Problematic Internet Use With Depression”: Study Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Teenage Depression and Alcoholism
  • The Relationship of Type 2 Diabetes and Depression
  • Antidepressant Drugs for Depression or Dysthymia
  • Depression and Paranoid Personality Disorder
  • Dual Illness – Depression And Alcohol Abuse
  • Aspects and Definition of Depression: Psychiatry
  • Depression Among Minority Groups
  • Steroid Use and Teen Depression
  • Depression in Australia, How Treat This Disorder
  • Ante-Partum & Postpartum Exposure to Maternal Depression
  • The Two Hit Model of Cytokine-Induced-Depression
  • Mental Health Paper: Depression
  • Depression in Australia. Evaluation of Different Factors
  • Depression: Screening and Diagnosis
  • In-Vitro Fertilization and Postpartum Depression
  • Depression in Older People in Australia
  • The Discussion about Depression in Older Patients
  • Depression in Adults: Community Health Needs
  • Medical Evaluation: 82-Year-Old Patient With Depression
  • The Older Women With Depression Living in Long-Term Care
  • Researching Postnatal Depression
  • Expression Symptoms of Depression
  • Depression: The Implications and Challenges in Managing the Illness
  • Interventions for Treating Depression after Stroke
  • PICO Analysis of Depression
  • Clinical Case Report: Depression
  • Anxiety Disorders and Depression
  • Anxiety and Depression in Hispanic Youth in Monmouth County
  • VEGA Medical Center: The Quality of Depression Management
  • Psychedelic Drugs and Their Effects on Anxiety and Depression
  • Depression: Description, Symptoms and Diagnosis, Prognosis and Treatment
  • The Beck Depression Contrast (BDI)
  • Postpartum Depression Among the Low-Income U.S. Mothers
  • The Use of Psychedelic Drugs in Treating Depression
  • Depression and Generalized Anxiety Disorder Therapy
  • Depression and Anxiety Intervention Plan
  • Depression: Diagnostics, Prevention and Treatment
  • NICE Guidelines for Depression Management: Project Proposal
  • Depression Among High School Students
  • The Potential of Psilocybin in Treating Depression
  • Einstepam: The Treatment of Depression
  • Effective Ways to Address Anxiety and Depression
  • Depression as a Major Health Issue
  • Depression – Psychotherapeutic Treatment
  • “Disclosure of Symptoms of Postnatal Depression, …” by Carolyn Chew-Graham Critique
  • A Description on the Topic Screening Depression
  • Biological and Social-Cognitive Perspectives on Depression
  • Depression in the Black and Minority Ethnic Groups
  • Obesity Co-Occurring With Depression
  • Economic Inequality During COVID-19: Correlation With Depression and Addiction
  • “What the Depression Did to People” by Edward Robb Ellis
  • Depression among Homosexual Males
  • Depression in Diabetes Patients
  • Stress and Depression Among Nursing Students
  • The Effects of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) on Depression in Adults
  • The Depression Construct and Instrument Analysis
  • Postpartum Depression in African American Women
  • The Difference Between Art Deco and Depression Modern Design
  • Depression and Anxiety Among Chronic Pain Patients
  • Treadmill Exercise Ameliorates Social Isolation-Induced Depression
  • Treating Obesity Co-Occurring With Depression
  • Ketamine for Treatment-Resistant Depression: Neurobiology and Applications
  • Depression Screening in the Acute Setting
  • Loneliness and Depression During COVID-19
  • Depression in the Black Community
  • Depression in the Lens of History and Humanities
  • The Treatment of Adolescents With Depression
  • Emotional Wellness: The Issue of Depression Through Different Lenses
  • Depression in the Field of a Healthcare Administrator
  • Social Media Use and the Risk of Depression
  • The Problem of Childhood Depression
  • Screening for Depression in Acute Care
  • Nursing Intervention in Case of Severe Depression
  • Breastfeeding and Risk of Postpartum Depression
  • Anxiety and Depression: The Case Study
  • Anxiety and Depression Among College Students
  • Childhood Depression in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Emotional Encounter With a Patient With Major Depression Disorder
  • Depression in Adolescence and Treatment Approaches
  • Online Peer Support Groups for Depression and Anxiety Disorder
  • Antidepressant Treatment of Adolescent Depression
  • Aspects of Depression and Obesity
  • Managing Mental Health Medications for Depression and its Ethical Contradiction
  • Depression as Public Health Population-Based Issue
  • Depression Among the Medicare Population in Maryland
  • Case Study of Depression and Mental Pressure
  • The Postpartum Depression in Afro-Americans Policy
  • Outcomes Exercise Has on Depression for People Between 45-55 Years
  • Social Determinants of Health and Depression Among African American Adults
  • Complementary Therapy in Treatment of Depression
  • Technology to Fight Postpartum Depression in African American Women
  • Uncontrolled Type 2 Diabetes and Depression Treatment
  • Depression and Anxiety Clinical Case
  • Complementary Therapy for Postpartum Depression in Primary Care
  • Aspects and Manifestation of Depression
  • Depression in a 25-Year-Old Male Patient
  • Depression Associated With Sleep Disorders
  • Depression Among Nurses in COVID-19 Wards
  • Aspects of Working With Depression
  • Clinical Depression: Causes and Development
  • Activity During Pregnancy and Postpartum Depression
  • Financial Difficulties in Childhood and Adult Depression in Europe

❓Research Questions for a Depression Essay

  • Does Poverty Impact Depression in African American Adolescents and the Development of Suicidal Ideations?
  • Does Neighborhood Violence Lead to Depression Among Caregivers of Children With Asthma?
  • Does Parent Depression Correspond With Child Depression?
  • How Depression Affects Our Lives?
  • Does Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor Have an Effect Depression Levels in Elderly Women?
  • How Can Overcome Depression Through 6 Lifestyle Changes?
  • Does Maternal Depression Have a Negative Effect on Parent-Child Attachment?
  • Can Providers’ Education About Postpartum Depression?
  • Can Vacation Help With Depression?
  • How Children Deal With Depression?
  • Can Diet Help Stop Depression and Violence?
  • Does Depression Assist Eating Disorders?
  • Does Depression Lead to Suicide and Decreased Life Expectancy?
  • Can Obesity Cause Depression?
  • Can Exercise Increase Fitness and Reduce Weight in Patients With Depression?
  • Does Fruit and Vegetable Consumption During Adolescence Predict Adult Depression?
  • Does Depression Cause Cancer?
  • Does Money Relieve Depression?
  • Does the Average Person Experience Depression Throughout Their Life?
  • Are Vaccines Cause Depression?
  • Does Social Anxiety Lead to Depression?
  • Does Stress Cause Depression?
  • How Bipolar and Depression Are Linked?
  • Does Postpartum Depression Affect Employment?
  • Does Postpartum Depression Predict Emotional and Cognitive Difficulties in 11-Year-Olds?
  • Does Regular Exercise Reduce Stress Levels, and Thus Reduce Symptoms of Depression?
  • Does the Natural Light During Winters Really Create Depression?
  • How Can Art Overcome Depression?
  • How Anxiety and Depression Are Connected?
  • Does Positive Psychology Ease Symptoms of Depression?
  • Chicago (A-D)
  • Chicago (N-B)

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IvyPanda . "307 Depression Essay Titles & Examples." October 26, 2023. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/depression-essay-examples/.

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7 Depression Research Paper Topic Ideas

Nancy Schimelpfening, MS is the administrator for the non-profit depression support group Depression Sanctuary. Nancy has a lifetime of experience with depression, experiencing firsthand how devastating this illness can be.

Cara Lustik is a fact-checker and copywriter.

good titles for depression essays

In psychology classes, it's common for students to write a depression research paper. Researching depression may be beneficial if you have a personal interest in this topic and want to learn more, or if you're simply passionate about this mental health issue. However, since depression is a very complex subject, it offers many possible topics to focus on, which may leave you wondering where to begin.

If this is how you feel, here are a few research titles about depression to help inspire your topic choice. You can use these suggestions as actual research titles about depression, or you can use them to lead you to other more in-depth topics that you can look into further for your depression research paper.

What Is Depression?

Everyone experiences times when they feel a little bit blue or sad. This is a normal part of being human. Depression, however, is a medical condition that is quite different from everyday moodiness.

Your depression research paper may explore the basics, or it might delve deeper into the  definition of clinical depression  or the  difference between clinical depression and sadness .

What Research Says About the Psychology of Depression

Studies suggest that there are biological, psychological, and social aspects to depression, giving you many different areas to consider for your research title about depression.

Types of Depression

There are several different types of depression  that are dependent on how an individual's depression symptoms manifest themselves. Depression symptoms may vary in severity or in what is causing them. For instance, major depressive disorder (MDD) may have no identifiable cause, while postpartum depression is typically linked to pregnancy and childbirth.

Depressive symptoms may also be part of an illness called bipolar disorder. This includes fluctuations between depressive episodes and a state of extreme elation called mania. Bipolar disorder is a topic that offers many research opportunities, from its definition and its causes to associated risks, symptoms, and treatment.

Causes of Depression

The possible causes of depression are many and not yet well understood. However, it most likely results from an interplay of genetic vulnerability  and environmental factors. Your depression research paper could explore one or more of these causes and reference the latest research on the topic.

For instance, how does an imbalance in brain chemistry or poor nutrition relate to depression? Is there a relationship between the stressful, busier lives of today's society and the rise of depression? How can grief or a major medical condition lead to overwhelming sadness and depression?

Who Is at Risk for Depression?

This is a good research question about depression as certain risk factors may make a person more prone to developing this mental health condition, such as a family history of depression, adverse childhood experiences, stress , illness, and gender . This is not a complete list of all risk factors, however, it's a good place to start.

The growing rate of depression in children, teenagers, and young adults is an interesting subtopic you can focus on as well. Whether you dive into the reasons behind the increase in rates of depression or discuss the treatment options that are safe for young people, there is a lot of research available in this area and many unanswered questions to consider.

Depression Signs and Symptoms

The signs of depression are those outward manifestations of the illness that a doctor can observe when they examine a patient. For example, a lack of emotional responsiveness is a visible sign. On the other hand, symptoms are subjective things about the illness that only the patient can observe, such as feelings of guilt or sadness.

An illness such as depression is often invisible to the outside observer. That is why it is very important for patients to make an accurate accounting of all of their symptoms so their doctor can diagnose them properly. In your depression research paper, you may explore these "invisible" symptoms of depression in adults or explore how depression symptoms can be different in children .

How Is Depression Diagnosed?

This is another good depression research topic because, in some ways, the diagnosis of depression is more of an art than a science. Doctors must generally rely upon the patient's set of symptoms and what they can observe about them during their examination to make a diagnosis. 

While there are certain  laboratory tests that can be performed to rule out other medical illnesses as a cause of depression, there is not yet a definitive test for depression itself.

If you'd like to pursue this topic, you may want to start with the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). The fifth edition, known as DSM-5, offers a very detailed explanation that guides doctors to a diagnosis. You can also compare the current model of diagnosing depression to historical methods of diagnosis—how have these updates improved the way depression is treated?

Treatment Options for Depression

The first choice for depression treatment is generally an antidepressant medication. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are the most popular choice because they can be quite effective and tend to have fewer side effects than other types of antidepressants.

Psychotherapy, or talk therapy, is another effective and common choice. It is especially efficacious when combined with antidepressant therapy. Certain other treatments, such as electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) or vagus nerve stimulation (VNS), are most commonly used for patients who do not respond to more common forms of treatment.

Focusing on one of these treatments is an option for your depression research paper. Comparing and contrasting several different types of treatment can also make a good research title about depression.

A Word From Verywell

The topic of depression really can take you down many different roads. When making your final decision on which to pursue in your depression research paper, it's often helpful to start by listing a few areas that pique your interest.

From there, consider doing a little preliminary research. You may come across something that grabs your attention like a new study, a controversial topic you didn't know about, or something that hits a personal note. This will help you narrow your focus, giving you your final research title about depression.

Remes O, Mendes JF, Templeton P. Biological, psychological, and social determinants of depression: A review of recent literature . Brain Sci . 2021;11(12):1633. doi:10.3390/brainsci11121633

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American Psychiatric Association. Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition . American Psychiatric Association.

National Institute of Mental Health. Mental health medications .

Ferri, F. F. (2019). Ferri's Clinical Advisor 2020 E-Book: 5 Books in 1 . Netherlands: Elsevier Health Sciences.

By Nancy Schimelpfening Nancy Schimelpfening, MS is the administrator for the non-profit depression support group Depression Sanctuary. Nancy has a lifetime of experience with depression, experiencing firsthand how devastating this illness can be.  

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12 Good Titles for Essays on Mental Health or illness Topics

Mental Health Titles

Mental Health Titles

Our psychological, emotional, and social well-being define our mental health. Mental health is very crucial in all stages of life. It determines how we relate to each other in society.

It also determines how we make choices and handle stress. Your behaviour, mood, and thinking can be affected whenever you experience mental health problems. Mental health problems can be caused by biological factors, family history, and life experiences such as abuse and trauma.

Mental health problems are very common in our society today, but help is available. Being affected by mental health problems is not the end of the world. People suffering from mental health can be treated, get better, and recover completely.

good titles for depression essays

Need Help with your Homework or Essays?

Importance of writing about mental health, providing more information on mental health.

In the world we live in today people may be mentally unwell but they don’t see it. Some don’t know what to do to solve mental health problems.

Mental health essay

Writing about mental health can help people understand and know when they have mental health problems and what to do to treat them.

Removing Stigma

The more and more mental health is written about the more likely the society is to forget about all false notions that surround the topic of mental health.

Debunking myths surrounding mental health help remove the stigma surrounding it.

The Increase in Mental Health Disorders

Mental health problems are on the rise. All people, young and old, are facing a lot of challenges that lead to mental health disorders. Writing about mental health will help reach these growing numbers and make them aware of what they are facing and how they can beat it.

Promote Treatment and Reduce Mental Health-Related Suicides

Writing about ways in which mental health can be tackled helps many people emerge victorious in the fight against it. This can massively help reduce suicides that are committed by people suffering from mental disorders.

How to Write a Mental Health Essay?

If you are given a task on writing about mental health, it is important to follow these guidelines:

Writing mental health essay

Using Words That End Stigma

Words, even when not intended to be disparaging, carry a lot of weight on particular groups.

Psycho, crazy, lunatic , and deranged and examples of words that reinforce stereotypes about mental illness.

These words can discourage the affected from taking treatment. 

Respect The Difference Between a Mental Disorder and an Emotion

When football teams lose cup finals, the fans are disappointed and not depressed. Disappointment is a temporary feeling which will go away. It is different from depression.

People who are depressed don’t even know the reason or the symptoms they are having.

Watching a team lose is nervous and anxious, but the agitation cannot prevent the fans from keeping up with their normal routines, unlike victims of anxiety disorder. 

Putting People First

It is correct to say: a person with depression. It is not correct to say: a depressed person. The use of person-first language is important. Avoid the phrasing that could be perceived as describing someone by the illness they are suffering. 

Not Conflicting Mental Illness to Violence or Crime

Mental health writers should not fall into the trap of news reporting that wrongly links mental illness and violent crimes.  Mental health issues should be purely about mental health.

Contrary to what the news show, people suffering from mental health are more likely to be crime victims.

Being Precise, Using Value-Neutral Terminologies, and Avoiding Euphemisms

Phrases like battling and suffer from should be avoided. Suffer from indicates pity and can make one mismanage their illness.

Battling creates a conscious understanding of winners versus losers and simplifies a person’s experience more. People may feel they are not fighting well if they don’t get well.

Generalizations Should Be Avoided

The term mentally ill should not be used. Mental illness is okay as a general term but specific conditions should be used whenever possible. 

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12 Good Titles for Essays About Mental Health

In this section, we list 12 examples of titles you can adopt for an essay on mental health or mental illness. These are just a few of the many ideas.

We also explain how you can approach it and a short guide on the direction your essay should take. You can read how to structure an essay for more guidance on the best way to approach essays.

1. Contemporary Practical Management Approach to Treating Personality Disorders

Personality disorder treatments in mental health patients in the previous days were based on drugs and medicine.

This research will look to address contemporary practical ways in which the extent of personality disorder affecting the mental state of individuals who have the disease can be managed. 

2. The Impact of Social Media Products On the Wellbeing of Adults

Social media impact studies have only been carried out on teenagers. Adults also use social media platforms and this study will investigate how the platforms can affect their wellbeing.  Is the impact mostly positive or negative?

Mental health titles

3. Are Women Likely to Suffer from Mental Disorders Compared to Men? 

This is a comparative analysis of whether women are indeed likely to suffer from mental disorders compared to men.

The role that biological and societal actors play in determining the trend will be provided.

The validity of arguments that show women are likely to suffer mental disorders will be evaluated. 

4. Theoretical Analysis of the Impact of Emotional Attachment on Mental Health

Theories that have been developed around emotional attachment to show how emotional attachment can play a role in harming individual mental health will be analyzed. A lot of theories show how emotional attachment can negatively impact the mental well-being of an individual. 

5. Roles Parents Play in Determining the Mental Wellbeing of Their Children

It is assumed that when children reach a certain age, parents stop playing their roles in ensuring the mental health and well-being of their children.

This essay will show that even when children become adults their relationships with their parents will always a role in how their mental wellbeing is transformed. 

6. How Social Media Friendships Contribute to Poor Mental Health

This essay will seek to explain the different mindsets of people in the world today. It will further address how social media networking and friendships can lead to poor mental health.

It will assess how social media lead to a lack of self-acceptance, self-comparison, self-pity, self-loathing, and depression. 

7. How Poor Mental Health Can Impact Your Physical Health

This study will seek to know all the side effects of poor mental health on the body of the affected. Many people in society believe that physical ailments are caused by deteriorating mental health in individuals.

The study will also suggest treatments for many physical ailments that are caused by poor mental wellbeing. 

8. Impact of Television Adverts On the Mental Health O Children

How can television advertising affect the mental development of young children? Many children watch television. It has been established that television advertising can harm the mental health of children.

9. The Relationship Between Mental Health and Unemployment

This topic aims to address problems that are faced by individuals after mental blocks develop due to unemployment. It will play a part in reducing the number of people depressed due to unemployment in the future.

10. The Impact of Coronavirus On the Mental Health of People

Death, isolations, and quarantines caused by the spread of coronavirus have hurt the mental health of the victims, their families and, health workers. All the impacts the virus has had on the mental health o people will be addressed.

11. Mental Health Problems That the Minority in The Society Are Likely to Ace

This essay seeks to investigate mental problems on minority groups of people that are caused by discrimination, physical abuse, societal abuse, and unfair acts at their workplaces. The study seeks to address these issues to promote harmony, equality, and diversity. 

12. Effectiveness of The Provision of Mental Health Care Services. 

Have mental health care services helped control the rates of mental health? Are people aware of these services? Is the importance of the services being felt in society?

Josh Jasen working

Josh Jasen or JJ as we fondly call him, is a senior academic editor at Grade Bees in charge of the writing department. When not managing complex essays and academic writing tasks, Josh is busy advising students on how to pass assignments. In his spare time, he loves playing football or walking with his dog around the park.

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Essays About Depression: Top 8 Examples Plus Prompts

Many people deal with mental health issues throughout their lives; if you are writing essays about depression, you can read essay examples to get started.

An occasional feeling of sadness is something that everyone experiences from time to time. Still, a persistent loss of interest, depressed mood, changes in energy levels, and sleeping problems can indicate mental illness. Thankfully, antidepressant medications, therapy, and other types of treatment can be largely helpful for people living with depression.

People suffering from depression or other mood disorders must work closely with a mental health professional to get the support they need to recover. While family members and other loved ones can help move forward after a depressive episode, it’s also important that people who have suffered from major depressive disorder work with a medical professional to get treatment for both the mental and physical problems that can accompany depression.

If you are writing an essay about depression, here are 8 essay examples to help you write an insightful essay. For help with your essays, check out our round-up of the best essay checkers .

  • 1. My Best Friend Saved Me When I Attempted Suicide, But I Didn’t Save Her by Drusilla Moorhouse
  • 2. How can I complain? by James Blake
  • 3. What it’s like living with depression: A personal essay by Nadine Dirks
  • 4. I Have Depression, and I’m Proof that You Never Know the Battle Someone is Waging Inside by Jac Gochoco
  • 5. Essay: How I Survived Depression by Cameron Stout
  • 6. I Can’t Get Out of My Sweat Pants: An Essay on Depression by Marisa McPeck-Stringham
  • 7. This is what depression feels like by Courtenay Harris Bond

8. Opening Up About My Struggle with Recurring Depression by Nora Super

1. what is depression, 2. how is depression diagnosed, 3. causes of depression, 4. different types of depression, 5. who is at risk of depression, 6. can social media cause depression, 7. can anyone experience depression, the final word on essays about depression, is depression common, what are the most effective treatments for depression, top 8 examples, 1.  my best friend saved me when i attempted suicide, but i didn’t save her  by drusilla moorhouse.

“Just three months earlier, I had been a patient in another medical facility: a mental hospital. My best friend, Denise, had killed herself on Christmas, and days after the funeral, I told my mom that I wanted to die. I couldn’t forgive myself for the role I’d played in Denise’s death: Not only did I fail to save her, but I’m fairly certain I gave her the idea.”

Moorhouse makes painstaking personal confessions throughout this essay on depression, taking the reader along on the roller coaster of ups and downs that come with suicide attempts, dealing with the death of a loved one, and the difficulty of making it through major depressive disorder.

2.  How can I complain?  by James Blake

“I wanted people to know how I felt, but I didn’t have the vocabulary to tell them. I have gone into a bit of detail here not to make anyone feel sorry for me but to show how a privileged, relatively rich-and-famous-enough-for-zero-pity white man could become depressed against all societal expectations and allowances. If I can be writing this, clearly it isn’t only oppression that causes depression; for me it was largely repression.”

Musician James Blake shares his experience with depression and talks about his struggles with trying to grow up while dealing with existential crises just as he began to hit the peak of his fame. Blake talks about how he experienced guilt and shame around the idea that he had it all on the outside—and so many people deal with issues that he felt were larger than his.

3.  What it’s like living with depression: A personal essay   by Nadine Dirks

“In my early adulthood, I started to feel withdrawn, down, unmotivated, and constantly sad. What initially seemed like an off-day turned into weeks of painful feelings that seemed they would never let up. It was difficult to enjoy life with other people my age. Depression made typical, everyday tasks—like brushing my teeth—seem monumental. It felt like an invisible chain, keeping me in bed.”

Dirks shares her experience with depression and the struggle she faced to find treatment for mental health issues as a Black woman. Dirks discusses how even though she knew something about her mental health wasn’t quite right, she still struggled to get the diagnosis she needed to move forward and receive proper medical and psychological care.

4.  I Have Depression, and I’m Proof that You Never Know the Battle Someone is Waging Inside  by Jac Gochoco

“A few years later, at the age of 20, my smile had fallen, and I had given up. The thought of waking up the next morning was too much for me to handle. I was no longer anxious or sad; instead, I felt numb, and that’s when things took a turn for the worse. I called my dad, who lived across the country, and for the first time in my life, I told him everything. It was too late, though. I was not calling for help. I was calling to say goodbye.”

Gochoco describes the war that so many people with depression go through—trying to put on a brave face and a positive public persona while battling demons on the inside. The Olympic weightlifting coach and yoga instructor now work to share the importance of mental health with others.

5.  Essay: How I Survived Depression   by Cameron Stout

“In 1993, I saw a psychiatrist who prescribed an antidepressant. Within two months, the medication slowly gained traction. As the gray sludge of sadness and apathy washed away, I emerged from a spiral of impending tragedy. I helped raise two wonderful children, built a successful securities-litigation practice, and became an accomplished cyclist. I began to take my mental wellness for granted. “

Princeton alum Cameron Stout shared his experience with depression with his fellow Tigers in Princeton’s alumni magazine, proving that even the most brilliant and successful among us can be rendered powerless by a chemical imbalance. Stout shares his experience with treatment and how working with mental health professionals helped him to come out on the other side of depression.

6.  I Can’t Get Out of My Sweat Pants: An Essay on Depression  by Marisa McPeck-Stringham

“Sometimes, when the depression got really bad in junior high, I would come straight home from school and change into my pajamas. My dad caught on, and he said something to me at dinner time about being in my pajamas several days in a row way before bedtime. I learned it was better not to change into my pajamas until bedtime. People who are depressed like to hide their problematic behaviors because they are so ashamed of the way they feel. I was very ashamed and yet I didn’t have the words or life experience to voice what I was going through.”

McPeck-Stringham discusses her experience with depression and an eating disorder at a young age; both brought on by struggles to adjust to major life changes. The author experienced depression again in her adult life, and thankfully, she was able to fight through the illness using tried-and-true methods until she regained her mental health.

7.  This is what depression feels like  by Courtenay Harris Bond

“The smallest tasks seem insurmountable: paying a cell phone bill, lining up a household repair. Sometimes just taking a shower or arranging a play date feels like more than I can manage. My children’s squabbles make me want to scratch the walls. I want to claw out of my own skin. I feel like the light at the end of the tunnel is a solitary candle about to blow out at any moment. At the same time, I feel like the pain will never end.”

Bond does an excellent job of helping readers understand just how difficult depression can be, even for people who have never been through the difficulty of mental illness. Bond states that no matter what people believe the cause to be—chemical imbalance, childhood issues, a combination of the two—depression can make it nearly impossible to function.

“Once again, I spiraled downward. I couldn’t get out of bed. I couldn’t work. I had thoughts of harming myself. This time, my husband urged me to start ECT much sooner in the cycle, and once again, it worked. Within a matter of weeks I was back at work, pretending nothing had happened. I kept pushing myself harder to show everyone that I was “normal.” I thought I had a pattern: I would function at a high level for many years, and then my depression would be triggered by a significant event. I thought I’d be healthy for another ten years.”

Super shares her experience with electroconvulsive therapy and how her depression recurred with a major life event despite several years of solid mental health. Thankfully, Super was able to recognize her symptoms and get help sooner rather than later.

7 Writing Prompts on Essays About Depression

When writing essays on depression, it can be challenging to think of essay ideas and questions. Here are six essay topics about depression that you can use in your essay.

What is Depression?

Depression can be difficult to define and understand. Discuss the definition of depression, and delve into the signs, symptoms, and possible causes of this mental illness. Depression can result from trauma or personal circumstances, but it can also be a health condition due to genetics. In your essay, look at how depression can be spotted and how it can affect your day-to-day life. 

Depression diagnosis can be complicated; this essay topic will be interesting as you can look at the different aspects considered in a diagnosis. While a certain lab test can be conducted, depression can also be diagnosed by a psychiatrist. Research the different ways depression can be diagnosed and discuss the benefits of receiving a diagnosis in this essay.

There are many possible causes of depression; this essay discusses how depression can occur. Possible causes of depression can include trauma, grief, anxiety disorders, and some physical health conditions. Look at each cause and discuss how they can manifest as depression.

Different types of depression

There are many different types of depression. This essay topic will investigate each type of depression and its symptoms and causes. Depression symptoms can vary in severity, depending on what is causing it. For example, depression can be linked to medical conditions such as bipolar disorder. This is a different type of depression than depression caused by grief. Discuss the details of the different types of depression and draw comparisons and similarities between them.

Certain genetic traits, socio-economic circumstances, or age can make people more prone to experiencing symptoms of depression. Depression is becoming more and more common amongst young adults and teenagers. Discuss the different groups at risk of experiencing depression and how their circumstances contribute to this risk.

Social media poses many challenges to today’s youth, such as unrealistic beauty standards, cyber-bullying, and only seeing the “highlights” of someone’s life. Can social media cause depression in teens? Delve into the negative impacts of social media when writing this essay. You could compare the positive and negative sides of social media and discuss whether social media causes mental health issues amongst young adults and teenagers.

This essay question poses the question, “can anyone experience depression?” Although those in lower-income households may be prone to experiencing depression, can the rich and famous also experience depression? This essay discusses whether the privileged and wealthy can experience their possible causes. This is a great argumentative essay topic, discuss both sides of this question and draw a conclusion with your final thoughts.

When writing about depression, it is important to study examples of essays to make a compelling essay. You can also use your own research by conducting interviews or pulling information from other sources. As this is a sensitive topic, it is important to approach it with care; you can also write about your own experiences with mental health issues.

Tip: If writing an essay sounds like a lot of work, simplify it. Write a simple 5 paragraph essay instead.

FAQs On Essays About Depression

According to the World Health Organization, about 5% of people under 60 live with depression. The rate is slightly higher—around 6%—for people over 60. Depression can strike at any age, and it’s important that people who are experiencing symptoms of depression receive treatment, no matter their age. 

Suppose you’re living with depression or are experiencing some of the symptoms of depression. In that case, it’s important to work closely with your doctor or another healthcare professional to develop a treatment plan that works for you. A combination of antidepressant medication and cognitive behavioral therapy is a good fit for many people, but this isn’t necessarily the case for everyone who suffers from depression. Be sure to check in with your doctor regularly to ensure that you’re making progress toward improving your mental health.

If you’re still stuck, check out our general resource of essay writing topics .

good titles for depression essays

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How To Write A Strong Essay On Depression?

Jared Houdi

Table of Contents

good titles for depression essays

Looking for useful information that will help you write a powerful essay on depression? You’ve come to the right place, then!

Depression is a worldwide spread disease that negatively affects how people feel, the way they think, and how they act. It is also the leading cause of disability. There are estimates that more than 300 million people are affected by depression globally, and this condition is also one of the most common mental disorders in the USA.

No wonder depression essay is a typical assignment for high school and college students. The goal of writing about this mental condition is to increase awareness among young people about mental health and help them find solutions to this problem.

In this guide, you will find all the necessary information for writing the best essays on this topic.

Depression essay: what’s the deal?

At some point in our lives, we all may experience symptoms like sadness, loss of interest, lack of pleasure from performing daily activities, etc.

For most people, these symptoms are a completely normal response to unpleasant or stressful events that they experience, for example, romantic relationships failures or financial issues.

Negative feelings are usually painful and overwhelming, but as time goes by, they become less intense and disappear.

But if these feelings persist, they may affect people’s life substantially and result in depression.

In recent decades, clinical depression has reached epidemic proportions and is widespread in the suburbs inner cities, farms, refugee camps, boardrooms, and classrooms, and women are more likely to be depressed than man.

Recent research reveals that the United States is the most depressed country in the world.

When writing an essay about this mental illness, you need to examine different aspects. For example, you may write a postpartum depression essay or explore how this mental condition affects the brain, personality, and physical health.

The choice of topics is endless, but you should follow standard writing requirements when working on your projects. Let’s discuss some important steps of writing an essay about mental disorders in detail.

Depression research paper outline: a brief how-to

Many students skip this stage in the writing process and as a result, may waste a lot of time when doing research and actually writing.

Creating a working outline for your project is an essential step that will help you stay focused and increase your overall productivity. Never skip this crucial step if you want to succeed.

Here are some tips on how you can do it right.

  • Choose a topic for your research and do some preliminary reading. Search for some interesting facts and try to think about new ways to address your topic. Scan some articles and look for knowledge gaps.
  • Take notes when you see an interesting quote and create a list of your sources. You can use them as references in your essay. Keep all the information you have gathered in one place.
  • Write down the objective of your essay in one sentence. Think about the outcome you want to achieve when other people read your essay.
  • Look through your notes and make a list of all the important points you want to make. Use brainstorming techniques and write down all ideas that pop into your head.
  • Review the points and create a thesis statement for depression research paper or essay.
  • Organize the list of points to create a structure of your essay . Put the points in a logical order. Check all aspects to make sure that each of them is relevant to your objective.
  • Revise all your points and try to put your outline in a standard format: numbered or bulleted list.

Depression essay introduction: how to start?

The introduction of your essay should provide some context and prepare your readers for the arguments you would present next.

Start your introduction with an attention grabber to engage your audience. It can be a provocative question, statistics, an anecdote, an interesting fact, etc.

Introduce your specific topic and provide some context to help your readers understand your paper. For example, you can define some key terms.

Finish your introduction with a strong thesis statement that clearly and concisely states the central argument or the purpose of your paper.

e.g., Students who drop out of a high school before graduation are more susceptible to depression and anxiety and have a higher risk of facing mental and physical health problems later in life.

You may also briefly outline the major points of your paper to help your audience follow your argument.

Depression essay conclusion: what should be included?

The conclusion is the last chance to impress your readers so it can be the most challenging part of an essay to write.

It should give your paper a sense of completeness and answer the question, “so what?”

You need to restate your main claim and tie that claim to a larger discussion. Don’t introduce any new ideas or subtopics here.

You can conclude your paper using one of the following strategies:

  • Call for a specific action.
  • Outline next steps for other researchers.
  • Speak about future implications.
  • Compare different situations or issues.
  • Use a quotation.
  • Ask a provocative question.

The use of depression essay example

A good essay example may help you understand how your project must be written. You can find a lot of essay examples online or order a well-written example from a professional writer.

You should read it and analyze what strategies and techniques are used to convey the main ideas and make an impression on readers.

Besides, you can get a better understanding of how you can structure your paper and what transitions you can use to ensure a logical flow of ideas.

Essay on depression: what to cover?

Writing about depression in college essay can involve a lot of different topics, especially those connected with the epidemic of mental disorders in teens.

For example, you may write causes of teenage depression essay and discuss multiple factors that create chemical imbalances in the human brain which may result in mental disorders and lead to such symptoms like anger, irritability, and agitation:

  • Biological factors – family history of mental disorders.
  • Social factors – loneliness and isolation, lack of meaningful relationships with family or peers.
  • Behavioral factors – alcohol or drug abuse.
  • Psychological factors – early childhood trauma, recent stressful experiences like a death in the family.

TOP-10 depression essay topics

  • Effects of mood disorders on physical health.
  • Causes of depression among teens.
  • Compare depression and bipolar disorder.
  • Neurodegenerative effects of long-term depression.
  • Mental disorders and personality changes in adults.
  • Impact of psychological stress on mental disorders.
  • Teen depression and suicide.
  • Depression symptoms in children and adults.
  • Are we witnessing an epidemic of serious mood disorders?
  • Digital media and mental disorders in children.

Argumentative essay on depression: how to prove you’re right?

Argumentative essay on depression is a more complex task because you need to take a stance and create a convincing argument to persuade your readers and make them accept your point of view or take a specific action.

You need compelling evidence to support your claims and main points.

Consult credible online sources, for example, a website of the American Psychiatric Association, to find some facts or statistics about mental disorders or news about current research on the topic.

Review some statistics which you can use to support your argument.

  • According to estimates, about 15% of adults experience depressive episodes in their lifetime.
  • About 5% of the US population experience seasonal depression every year.
  • The most “depressed” countries in the world are the USA, France, the Netherlands, Ukraine, and Colombia.
  • Japan has one of the lowest depression rates in the world, but it has one of the highest suicide rates, which is one of the leading causes of death among Japanese teens.
  • 4.8% of men and 8.5% of women suffer from depression in the USA.
  • The median age of people experiencing a major depressive episode is 32.
  • More than 44,000 American commit suicide each year and it’s the 2nd leading cause of death for young people aged from 15 to 24.

Argumentative essay topics about depression

  • Is there any correlation between burnout, depression, and anxiety?
  • How to deal with a crisis when living with mental disorders?
  • Is it common to have both anxiety and depression at the same time?
  • Can sleep deprivation cause mental disorders?
  • Is there any relationship between the consumption of certain food and mental disorders?
  • Can food help with overcoming anxiety?
  • Social media obsession and mental health issues.
  • Why do a lot of teens struggle with mental disorders?
  • Can exercise treat mental health issues?
  • How can we tell the difference between grief and depression?

Feel free to choose any of these interesting topics and write your own depression essay.

Although mental disorders are a complicated thing to write about, you are much likely to successfully cope with this challenging task if you follow our easy guidelines.

Depressed with the task to write depression? Forget the anxiety! Order your paper within three clicks and enjoy the bright side of life!

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How To Write A Vivid Euthanasia Argumentative Essay?

good titles for depression essays

Structuring of an argumentative essay on euthanasia

good titles for depression essays

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222 Depression Research Topics & Essay Examples

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  • The Correlation Between Discrimination/Prejudice and Depression/Anxiety Psychology essay sample: The purpose of this research proposal is to identify the components of the study about the correlation between discrimination/prejudice and depression/anxiety.
  • Depression in Children: Symptoms and Treatments Psychology essay sample: Depression can make children not perform the duties they are assigned to do well. A caregiver can easily discover a small child’s depression by change of bowel habit.
  • Depression and Postpartum Depression Relationship Psychology essay sample: This article discusses the relationship between depression and postpartum depression, the possible causes, and forms of the disease, its consequences for the woman's psyche.
  • Depression as Bad a Clinical Condition Psychology essay sample: Specialists in mental health state that depression is the most common disorder they encounter on the daily basis. The following paper aims to provide evidence of the existence of it.
  • Different Types of Training in Managing the Symptoms of Depression Psychology essay sample: The proposed study will compare the effectiveness of different types of training in managing the symptoms of depression. It will be considered by people with moderate depression.
  • Postpartum Depression (PPD) and Its Identification Psychology essay sample: Katon, Russo, and Gavin focused on the problem of postpartum depression and its identification, because it is a common issue that leads to adverse health outcomes.
  • Diseases of Modern Life Psychology essay sample: Bipolar disorder and major depression are two very similar mood disorders that are often confused and misdiagnosed.
  • Mental Illness: Treatment Approaches and Challenges Psychology essay sample: The treatment of forensic populations, as with any clinical population, must be tailored to the individuals as well as to their mental illness.
  • Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder and Antidepressants Psychology essay sample: The variety of mental disorders may often confuse terms of disease differentiation due to the lack of proper education. Schizophrenia and bipolar disorder are examples of such confusion.
  • Adult Depression and Anxiety as a Complex Problem Psychology essay sample: The presence of a physical disability is a major factor in developing a mental health condition due to the increase in dissatisfaction and the presence of multiple irritants.
  • Abnormal Psychology: Anxiety and Depression Case Psychology essay sample: Abnormal psychology has many theories that emerged to describe the concept. It has components like biological, cognitive, behavioral as well as social-cultural models.
  • American Adolescence. Teenage Problems Psychology essay sample: There are those psychological problems that youngsters cannot omit simply because of the society they currently live in.
  • Treatment for Depressive and Bipolar Disorders Psychology essay sample: The study shows that an online intervention can be a part of treatment for people with BD, providing support not only for mania but also for depression.
  • Psychology: Mental Health Issues Psychology essay sample: This paper contains a review of primary causes leading to mental illnesses along with available social and individual measures intended to cope with them.
  • Depression Caused by Hormonal Imbalance, Socialisation of Children Psychology essay sample: Social life is utterly important for the mental health and socialization of children. They need parents to care about them and help to become a part of society.
  • Divorce Effect on Children's Mental Health Psychology essay sample: The family dissolution process, a conflict between parents, custody issues, and negative post-divorce relationships adversely influence the mental health of children.
  • Psychological Assessment Report Psychology essay sample: The client, Kyle Jones, is a 45-year-old professor working full-time at the Catholic University. The client’s cognitive functioning was impaired after a car accident.
  • What You Need to Know About Depression Psychology essay sample: The article is devoted to depression: a definition is given, the causes, signs, types, and methods of therapy are considered.
  • Personality Psychology and Depression Psychology essay sample: This paper presents an analysis of the connection between personality psychology and depression. Today, many attempts are made to investigate depressive symptoms.
  • Interacting in the Workplace: Depression Psychology essay sample: Depression is a menace that affects a number of people in different ways. In the workplace, there are a number of ways used to tell whether a person is undergoing mental stress.
  • Postpartum Depression. Consequences Psychology essay sample: These days more and more women approach the decision to have a baby very consciously, choosing the time when they are physically and emotionally prepared.
  • Cognitive Behavior and Depression in Adolescents Psychology essay sample: People of different ages are prone to various psychological and emotional issues, especially in the current world that is transforming at a high pace.
  • Social Problems Associated With Mental Illness and Health Promotion Psychology essay sample: Troubles with psychological health can create barriers to being employed, partially because mental illnesses are commonly stigmatized.
  • Females’ Instagram Use and Psychological Well-Being Psychology essay sample: Sherlock and Wagstaff tested the hypothesis that the time spent by women on Instagram was positively correlated with body dissatisfaction, depression, and social comparison.
  • Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy Psychology essay sample: Rational emotive behavior therapy is a therapy approach that involves the identification and replacement of negative behaviors with positive ones.
  • Lack of Sleep at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals Psychology essay sample: This paper aims to explore the detrimental effects of sleep deprivation among KFUPM students and techniques for how they can manage time and stress to get adequate sleep.
  • Aggression in Psychology Psychology essay sample: This emotion is difficult to define, and psychologists, judges, and lawyers have been trying to determine what actions should and should not be considered aggressive for a long time.
  • Childhood Trauma: Disorders and Risky Behavior Psychology essay sample: Young people with a history of childhood abuse have a higher likelihood of participating in HIV risk behaviors such as having sex with multiple partners and having unprotected sex.
  • Personality Psychology and Depression Psychology essay sample: The depression study in the personality psychology scope assesses the psychology models connection with personality traits, analyzing the depression propagation among adolescents.
  • Depression in Young People: Articles Review Psychology essay sample: Depression is one of the mental health disorders progressively observed among the world population. The articles included in the annotated bibliography research this disease.
  • Bipolar Type II Diagnosis and Treatment Psychology essay sample: The article examines the clinical differences between bipolar disorder type I and bipolar disorder type II since the difficulty in choosing a correct diagnosis.
  • Concepts of Clinical Psychology Psychology essay sample: This paper revises three scholarly articles about mental disorders. Psychological disorders are a list of ailments with behavioral symptoms and can affect different areas of life.
  • “Living With Depression” by Karp Psychology essay sample: In the article “Living with Depression: Illness and Identity Turning Points”, the author tries to investigate how different patients tend to interpret this incoherent illness.
  • Resource Listing on Depression and Anxiety Psychology essay sample: This paper aims at creating a list of resources, including private agencies, counselors, websites, and publications that can help individuals.
  • Two Sides of Depression Disease Psychology essay sample: Depression is a widespread disease in the modern world, and that is why people often do not fully understand how it works.
  • Assessment of Counseling Methods: The Case Study Psychology essay sample: This paper explores the fallacies that emerge during the therapy of John, a young man indulging in substance abuse.
  • Depression Among Minority Groups Psychology essay sample: Mental disorders stem from the existing or non-existence of internal emotional and psychological threats from which the individual lacks the mechanisms for control.
  • Community of Single Mothers in California Psychology essay sample: This study is focused on the community of single mothers in San Bernardino County, California. The primary focus is on those single moms that have been diagnosed with depression.
  • Causes and of Treatment Mood Disorders Psychology essay sample: Mood disorders are a group of mental diseases caused by chemical imbalances in the brain which causes the patient to have irregular changes in their moods.
  • Early Separation and Suicide Psychology essay sample: When early separation occurs, a child who is not well taken care of can potentially succumb to mental problems, which can, in turn, act as a motivation for suicide.
  • Mood Disorder: Depression and Bipolar Psychology essay sample: This discourse explores the link between depression and bipolar disorder, insofar as their etiology, assessment, diagnosis, and treatment are concerned.
  • Postpartum Depression in the Twenty- First Century Psychology essay sample: A major assumption posited by researchers is that ‘social support’ is a key determinant in the prevention of postpartum depression.
  • Differents Forms to Stress, Pandemic of Stress Psychology essay sample: In this paper, stress is a major problem in the world today. Many countries and many individuals and families are victims of stress-related problems.
  • Depression: A Serious Mental and Behavioral Problem Psychology essay sample: Depression is a health problem that is difficult to diagnose. One way to help improve the detection of diagnosis is to use a genogram.
  • Grief Response of Patients Diagnosed With Cancer Psychology essay sample: The beginning of anticipatory grief begins when as children, we realize that we will all die or lose a loved one at some point in life. This should prepare us for the loss.
  • Depression Management in Adolescent Psychology essay sample: Adolescents are men and women in their transitional age from childhood to youth. Their age bracket is from ten to twenty-two.
  • Depression and Physical Exercise Psychology essay sample: Physical activity and cognitive health are two inseparable concepts. Physical activity is a great way to reduce stress and cure depression.
  • Psychological Disorder Analysis - Marla`S Diagnosis Psychology essay sample: In this case, the social cultural model is highly recommended as a form of treatment. This is because individuals from minority groups abandon therapy earlier than those from other groups.
  • Depression in Older Person Psychology essay sample: The rising incidence of depression in older person has a correlation with age, gender, genetics, lifestyle, interpersonal relationship and the level of education.
  • Maternal Mood Symptoms in Pregnancy and Postpartum Depression Psychology essay sample: As a woman, it is essential to understand postpartum depression and the fact that it can happen to any woman during or after pregnancy.
  • Childhood Trauma Etiology Associated With Social and Mental Disorders Psychology essay sample: This paper will showcase the five themes that were revealed during the review process to better understand the associations between childhood trauma and various disorders.
  • Stress and Anxiety Sources Amongst Students Psychology essay sample: This paper discusses some of the major sources of physiological, social, and psychological stress and anxiety in students.
  • Group Therapy in Psychology: Strengths and Limitations Psychology essay sample: This paper aims to gather relevant data on group therapy in psychology, present its strengths and limitations, and outline the differences between group and individual approaches.
  • Suicide in Adolescence Psychology essay sample: In the paper psychoeducational intervention for adolescents is developed and evaluated to improve suicide-related outcomes for high-risk students.
  • Counselling Clients with Depression and Addiction Psychology essay sample: Clinicians should "understand that depression is associated with the racism or sexism that marginalized groups experience in their daily lives".
  • Measurement of an Individual’s Level of Depression Psychology essay sample: Beck Depression Inventory is a systematic measurement of an individual's level of depression. Individuals who fall in the age group of 15 to 19 are the most vulnerable.
  • Postpartum Depression Among Low-Income U.S. Mothers Psychology essay sample: Postpartum depression is a major issue, which takes place after a woman gives birth. The problem is more prominent and prevalent among mothers who have a low-socioeconomic status.
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD): Case Study Psychology essay sample: The case study about the patient with ASD will involve the identification of specific problems, the assessment of risk factors, and a review of models of abnormality.
  • Psychological and Emotional Conditions of Suicide and Depression Psychology essay sample: Art and literature have been the niches that have allowed dissecting the issue of suicide without significant social reprimand toward the authors.
  • Joan’s Case Conceptualization Psychology essay sample: The paper discusses Joan’s case. She is a 48-year-old woman who reports stress and depression. She has lost interest in relationships, exercise, and things she enjoys.
  • Postpartum Depression: Symptoms, Role of Cultural Factors, and Ways To Support Psychology essay sample: Symptoms of postpartum depression differ from one woman to another and often range from mild to severe, they include intense irritability coupled with anger, insomnia, etc.
  • Researching: Illness and Mental Health Psychology essay sample: The following paper will explain how mental health can be considered in ill patients and focused on a particular population
  • Psychological Complications of Illness and Injuries Psychology essay sample: Depression associated with illness is a serious concern for patients, families, and healthcare professionals, as it might affect health outcomes
  • Psychology of Depression Among College Students Psychology essay sample: Depression has serious effects among college students: poor academic performance, the development of suicidal thoughts, failed relationships, and loss of zeal for goal achievement.
  • Military Resiliency Counseling and Care-Giving Psychology essay sample: This course aims to identify the key fears of people who have the problem of adapting to real life after participating in hostilities.
  • Depression Associated with Cognitive Dysfunction Psychology essay sample: Low episodic memory performance precedes depression, which demonstrates that depression is associated with cognitive dysfunctions.
  • Childhood Traumatic Experience Psychology essay sample: This paper examines the effect of childhood traumas on adulthood, including cognitive abilities, social behavior, and mental health, through the prism of scientific evidence.
  • Depression and Anxiety Among College Students Psychology essay sample: The research question this paper tries to answer whether depression and anxiety are common in college students, and if so, what are the causes and possible consequences.
  • Anxiety Disorder and Its Characteristics Psychology essay sample: This paper focuses on the fundamental characteristics of anxiety and its theories and treatment options imperially supported.
  • People with Asperger's Syndrome: The Effects of Group Trainings Psychology essay sample: To effectively determine how group training affects adults and children with Asperger's syndrome, many researchers do use experimental research design.
  • Resilience and Exposure to Trauma Relationship Psychology essay sample: This essay will discuss the relationship between stress, psychological stability, and mental health outcomes after distressing events.
  • Emotion Regulation Therapy for Generalized Anxiety Disorder Psychology essay sample: Emotional Regulation Therapy demonstrates significant improvement in treating anxiety, depression, life satisfaction, ruminating, worrying, and being unable to manage feelings.
  • Depression and Impact of Human Services Worker Psychology essay sample: Depression is a feeling of constant sadness and loss of interest, affecting how a person performs their day-to-day activities, it can stay for long without being recognized.
  • DSM-5 Anxiety Disorders: Causes and Treatment Psychology essay sample: This research paper discusses the DSM-5 anxiety disorders reviewing the diagnosis, a case conceptualization, and a treatment plan.
  • Cell Phones and Mental Health Psychology essay sample: Limited use of smartphones, current human companions, makes life easier and enjoyable, while excessive screen time may bring severe mental health consequences.
  • Literature Review on Depression Psychology essay sample: The paper summarizes other researchers' work addressing the issue of depression using several databases and carries out a curative study on depression in full text.
  • The Role of Family in Depression Treatment Psychology essay sample: Psychologists do a great job of helping people deal with their worries and fears because sometimes the patients have no one who could be trusted apart from the counselor.
  • Stress Among Ethnic Minority Adolescents and Mindfulness Intervention Psychology essay sample: The purpose of the proposed research is to investigate the effect of a school-based mindfulness-based intervention on stress among ethnic minority adolescents.
  • Professional Psychology: Obtaining a Counselor License Psychology essay sample: The paper is dedicated to the analysis of the profession of a psychologist. The aim is to create an algorithm, adherence to which will help obtain a license of a counselor.
  • Couple Separation and Family Counseling Techniques Psychology essay sample: This paper aims to discuss advisory deliberations, expected effects due to separation, and the most effective family counseling techniques.
  • Depression Disassembling and Treating Psychology essay sample: Depression is a pathology in its neglected form when the individual begins to have more severe symptoms - persistent nervous system disorders.
  • Depressive Symptoms Statistics in the 1990s and Now Psychology essay sample: Between 1990 and 2010, the incidence of mental health problems and depression diagnoses in patients declined modestly.
  • Anxiety and Decision Making: Literature Review Psychology essay sample: It is important to continue collecting the evidence to establish connections between levels of anxiety and computations that support decision-making.
  • Psychology: Pluralism, Counselling Psychology Psychology essay sample: The reviewed articles were chosen for several reasons. First, they explore different topics in the field of counseling psychology.
  • Experience of Childhood Trauma from Child Abuse/Maltreatment Psychology essay sample: This paper aims to analyze the experience of childhood trauma from child abuse/maltreatment, outcomes included, and relevant literature search results and annotated bibliography.
  • Child Abuse and Depression Psychology essay sample: This essay argues that neglect, emotional distress, and limited access to psychological treatment during childhood alleviate depression and other mental conditions.
  • Polysubstance Abuse Among Adolescent Males With Depression Psychology essay sample: Substance abuse among adolescents can be caused by depression. In this case, the adolescents down ply the idea of seeking psychological support
  • Depression in Adolescents and Suitable Interventions Psychology essay sample: Critically, the issue of depression is pronounced in the age bracket due to confusion brought on by the changes happening and also peer pressure.
  • Early-Life Stress and Behavioral Outcomes Psychology essay sample: The study aims to understand the mechanisms behind the long-lasting consequences of early-life stress exposure. It is accomplished by comparing the results of tests.
  • Reducing Depressive Symptoms and Suicidal Tendencies in Adolescents Psychology essay sample: Cognitive-behavioral therapy addresses children, teenagers, adult survivors overcoming the harmful repercussions of early trauma for their unique mental and emotional needs.
  • Aspects of Abnormal Psychology Psychology essay sample: Abnormal psychology studies psychological disorders and ways to improve the lives of those affected by them. There are several perspectives on the pathology.
  • Depression: Symptoms and Treatment Psychology essay sample: Depression symptoms may be divided into three categories. The three categories are psychological, physical and social symptoms.
  • Preventing Child Suicide: The Role of Family Therapy Psychology essay sample: Due to the increasing number of child suicide cases, more studies need to be done on various types of family therapy and other psychotherapies in preventing suicide.
  • Experience of Trauma from Child Maltreatment Psychology essay sample: Summing up the findings of various researchers as well as using databases, studies confirm an undeniable influence of maltreatment on the later development and life of a child.
  • Approaches for Treating Depression Psychology essay sample: Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) is a type of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and one of the most effective approaches for treating depression.
  • Managing Anxiety in Evidence-Based Practice Psychology essay sample: This EBP project proposal focuses on nonpharmacological treatment that does not involve the administration of drugs. It tries to effectively manage anxiety.
  • Andrew Solomon: Why We Can't Talk About Depression Psychology essay sample: The main difficulty of depression lies in communicating the patient's condition to those around him. Many people use the word "depression" to describe a bad mood.
  • Mental Health Disorders Most Commonly Found in Teenagers Psychology essay sample: The present essay focuses on anxiety, depression, and behavioral disorders because these mental health disorders are the most widely spread among teenagers.
  • Approaches a Therapist Could Use to Help Lawrence Psychology essay sample: Lawrence thought he would never come out from underneath the hiding spot while he was despondent. Even some of the most severe depression, nonetheless, can be treated.
  • The Link Between the Birth Experience and Postnatal Depression Psychology essay sample: This study offers an overview of the latest scholarly research surrounding postnatal depression to determine whether the birth experience contributes to postpartum depression.
  • Evidence-Based Screening for Depression in Acute Care Psychology essay sample: EB analysis for the topic of depression to identify the need for an appropriate screening tool in addition to the PHQ-9 in the assessment evaluation process.
  • Beck’s Postpartum Depression Theory: Purpose, Concepts, and Significance Psychology essay sample: This paper aims to describe, analyze and evaluate Beck's Postpartum Depression Theory, and discuss its purpose, concepts, and significance.
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Depression Psychology essay sample: Treatment of psychological disorders requires the application of additional methods that might help with the physical state of people and their mental well-being.
  • Teen Depression and Suicide in Soto “The Afterlife” Psychology essay sample: In “The Afterlife,” Gary Soto scrutinizes the challenges to teen mental health by portraying the protagonist observing from a side perspective the challenges faced by teenagers.
  • Depression and Anxiety Run in the Family Psychology essay sample: This paper examines the possibilities of depression and anxiety in one family through the study of literature and applying one of the family theories.
  • Humanistic Therapy of Depression Psychology essay sample: The mental health of the population is becoming a topical concern for numerous countries around the world, and, the need for effective and holistic treatments arises.
  • Treating Mood Disorders and Depression Psychology essay sample: This paper discusses treating mood disorders. Medications, which are used to cure people with such diseases, always include a combination of various drugs.
  • Major Depressive Disorder: Symptoms and Treatment Psychology essay sample: In the case described in the paper, symptoms can be observed that stand out in Major Depressive Disorder, which is characterized by losing interest in activities.
  • Depression in Older Adults: Causes and Treatment Psychology essay sample: The main factors in the progression of depressive disorder in old age are traumatic life events, lifestyle, and chronic illness.
  • Bullying: Collaborating with Parents to Increase Proactive Bystander Message Psychology essay sample: Bullying could potentially lead to anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress. These symptoms could be typical also to the bystanders.
  • Mental Illness, Depression, and Wellness Issues Psychology essay sample: Mental illness and depression are a silent plague and a sleeper problem that has slipped into millions' brains, hence being highlighted in various forms of media.
  • Anxiety and Depression During Childhood and Adolescence Psychology essay sample: Attachment can be defined as the bond shared between two or more persons. People may have emotional closeness with one another.
  • Depression as a Widespread Mental Condition Psychology essay sample: The paper investigates depression among individuals as it is a widespread mental condition. It focuses on the effects of depression that result from this condition.
  • Teenagers’ Depression Experiment Psychology essay sample: There are many reasons why teenagers become depressed. All of these traumatize the child's psyche and prevent him or her from feeling like a full member of society.
  • The Best Solution to Predict Depression Because of Bullying Psychology essay sample: This paper examines interventions to prove that the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program is the most effective solution for predicting depression provoked by bullying.
  • Depression Among Students at Elon University Psychology essay sample: This paper entails an analysis of the problem of depression in colleges, specifically, at Elon University, and it includes its causes and suggested remedies.
  • Effects of Depression Among Adolescents Psychology essay sample: Depression is a problem that affects all demographics, but this paper focuses on adolescents as its main point of discussion. Depression is a major cause of mental health.
  • Social Aspects of Depression and Anxiety Psychology essay sample: Depression and anxiety disorders are problems that bring the mental state out of balance and significantly complicate normal life.
  • Discussion Board-Anxiety and Depression Psychology essay sample: The article addresses the urgent need for early intervention and support to prevent suicide in individuals suffering from severe depression.
  • Exercise Therapy for Patients With Depression and Anxiety
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Depression
  • Yoga Therapy and Depression Symptom in Adult Patients
  • Dysthymic Disorder Depression Therapy Symptoms
  • Depression in Later Life Overview Older populations have significantly high rates of depression due to life contexts or underlying medical conditions leading to poor quality of life and other health risks.
  • Childhood Mistreatment and Adolescent and Young Adult Depression
  • Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation as an Add-on Treatment to Cognitive-Behavior Therapy in First Episode Drug-Nave Major Depression Patients
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and the Application for Psychotic Depression
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Depression and Anxiety Attacks
  • Herbal and Complementary Therapies for Depression The paper dwells on the pharmacological effects of herbal and complementary therapies used for depression and nursing implications.
  • Metacognitive Therapy for Depression in Adults
  • Relationship Between Depression and Subtypes of Early Life Stress in Adult Psychiatric Patients
  • Family Therapy and Chronic Depression
  • Cognitive Group Therapy for Depression in Adults
  • Social Media: The Rise of Depression and Anxiety The increased use of social media in contemporary society adversely affects individuals resulting in depression and anxiety, particularly in those who use it regularly.
  • Depression and Anxiety Among Adult Children of Alcoholics
  • Managing Postpartum Depression Through Medications and Therapy
  • Electroconvulsive Therapy for Severe Depression
  • Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy and Its Effects on Depression
  • Depression and Workplace Violence Workplace violence is a growing problem and is recognized as “a critical safety and health hazard” in the United States.
  • Flowers Therapy and Easiest Ways to Deal With Depression
  • Risk Factors for Adult Depression: Adverse Childhood Experiences and Personality Functioning
  • Depression: Medication Versus Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Adolescents
  • Approaching Depression Through the Solution Focused Brief Therapy Approach
  • Depression in the Elderly Depression normally makes the elderly not to take pleasure in life as fully as they would wish. Normally, depression poses a serious threat on vigor.
  • Adjunctive Bright Light Therapy for Bipolar Depression
  • Depression and Anxiety Prevention Based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for At-Risk Adolescents
  • Resting-State Functional Connectivity of Brain With Electroconvulsive Therapy in Depression
  • Depression: Major Depressive Disorder and Major Life Changes
  • Depression in the Elderly Male The research is dedicated to the problems and dangers that may be caused by depression and how it can be avoided or resolved.
  • Multimodal Psychotherapeutic Inpatient Therapy of Depression in Patients With High Cytokine Production
  • Music Therapy Improve Depression Among Older Adults
  • Talk Therapy for Depression or Bipolar Disorder
  • Clinical Improvement and Neural Reactivity in Adolescents Treated With Behavioral Therapy for Anxiety and Depression
  • How Depression and Physical Issues Are Connected Depression is commonly associated with various symptoms, such as guilt, sadness, hopelessness, and irritability.
  • Life After Depression With Hypno Psychotherapy
  • Antidepressant Treatment for Depression: Total Therapy Duration
  • Cognitive Group Therapy for Adult Depression
  • The Relationship Between Adult Attachment Classification and Symptoms of Depression
  • Anxiety and Depression in the Workplace This paper looks at the issues of anxiety and depression in the workplace with the focus on causes and ways of dealing with it as part of daily management exercise.
  • Adolescent Depression and Cognitive Behavior Therapy
  • Virtual Reality Group Therapy for the Treatment of Depression
  • The New Therapy Technique for Depression
  • Group Therapy for Heart Patients With Depression
  • Depression Screening & Treatment in the Workplace The current paper states that depression and treatment have the potential of changing the financial position of employees and employers.
  • Oriental Therapy: Alternative Treatment for Depression
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Treatment for Adult Severe Depression
  • Aaron Becks and Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Depression
  • Massage Therapy Reducing Pain, Depression, and Anxiety in Hand Osteoarthritis Patients
  • How Does Depression Affect an Individual’s Overall Quality of Life?
  • Why Is Depression Hard to Overcome?
  • How Does Depression Affect an Individual’s Overall Quality of Life?
  • What Are the Major Types of Depression, and How Do They Differ?
  • Why Is Early Diagnosis and Treatment Crucial in Managing Depression?
  • Is Meditation a Good Way to Help People in Depression?
  • Who Is More Susceptible to Depression, and Are There Specific Risk Factors?
  • What Are the More Inconspicuous Symptoms of Depression?
  • Can Depression Be a Chronic Condition, and How Is It Managed Over Time?
  • What Is the Difference Between Clinical Depression and Normal Depression?
  • Is Overthinking One of the Main Causes of Depression?
  • How Does Depression Impact the Brain’s Functioning and Chemistry?
  • Are There Physical Health Complications Associated with Long-Term Depression?
  • What Role Do Genetics Play in the Development of Depression?
  • Can Marijuana Help with Depression?
  • What Is the Relationship Between Depression and Other Mental Health Disorders?
  • Are There Good Habits That Help Overcome Depression?
  • How Does Depression Affect Different Age Groups, From Children to Seniors?
  • What Are Some Common Misconceptions About Depression? Why Is It Essential to Seek Professional Help for Depression?
  • Is There an Evolutionary Explanation for Depression?
  • Can Depression Be Managed Without Medication, Using Therapy Alone?
  • How Does Depression Affect Our Daily Life?
  • What Is the Difference Between Depression and Laziness?
  • Are There Lifestyle Changes That Can Help Alleviate the Symptoms of Depression?
  • What Is the Relationship Between Anxiety and Depression?
  • Can Antidepressants Really Help Ease or Cure Depression?
  • Who Are the Key Figures in the History of Depression Research and Treatment?
  • Do Certain Life Events or Traumas Trigger Episodes of Depression?
  • How Is Major Depression Different from Bipolar Depression?
  • Can Depression in Children Manifest Differently Than in Adults?
  • Does Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor Have an Effect in Depression Level?
  • How Does Depression Affect the Teenage Generation?
  • Does Working Past Age 65 Protect Against Depression?
  • Does Regular Exercise Reduce Stress Levels and Thus Reduce Symptoms of Depression?
  • How Medication and Therapy Combat Depression?
  • Does Depression Lead to Suicide and Decreased Life Expectancy?
  • How Does Diabetes Not Cause Depression?
  • Does Emotional Intelligence Mediate the Relation Between Mindfulness and Anxiety and Depression in Adolescents?
  • How Does the Cognitive Theory Explain the Etiology of Depression?
  • Does Parent Depression Correspond With Child Depression?
  • Does Social Anxiety and Stress Lead to Depression?
  • Does Positive Psychology Ease Symptoms of Depression?
  • How Does Depression Affect Productivity?
  • Does Depression Cause Cancer?
  • Does Poverty Impact Depression in African American Adolescents and the Development of Suicidal Ideations?
  • How Cognitive Reserves Does Moderates Effects of White Matter Hyperintensity on Depressive Symptoms and Cognitive Function in Late-Life Depression?
  • How Cognitive Therapy for Depression Reduces Interpersonal Problems?
  • How Does Self-Esteem Interact With Adolescent Depression?
  • Does Maternal Depression Hurt Parent-Child Attachment?
  • Does Fruit and Vegetable Consumption During Adolescence Predict Adult Depression?
  • How Can Depression Take Over Someone’s Life?
  • How Has Depression Changed My Life Essay?
  • Does the Average Person Experience Depression Throughout Their Life?
  • Can Experiencing Depression Throughout All Life?

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Essays About Depression

Depression essay topic examples.

Explore topics like the impact of stigma on depression, compare it across age groups or in literature and media, describe the emotional journey of depression, discuss how education can help, and share personal stories related to it. These essay ideas offer a broad perspective on depression, making it easier to understand and engage with this important subject.

Argumentative Essays

Argumentative essays require you to analyze and present arguments related to depression. Here are some topic examples:

  • 1. Argue whether mental health stigma contributes to the prevalence of depression in society.
  • 2. Analyze the effectiveness of different treatment approaches for depression, such as therapy versus medication.

Example Introduction Paragraph for an Argumentative Essay: Depression is a pervasive mental health issue that affects millions of individuals worldwide. This essay delves into the complex relationship between mental health stigma and the prevalence of depression in society, examining the barriers to seeking help and the consequences of this stigma.

Example Conclusion Paragraph for an Argumentative Essay: In conclusion, the analysis of mental health stigma's impact on depression underscores the urgent need to challenge and dismantle the stereotypes surrounding mental health. As we reflect on the far-reaching consequences of stigma, we are called to create a society that fosters empathy, understanding, and open dialogue about mental health.

Compare and Contrast Essays

Compare and contrast essays enable you to examine similarities and differences within the context of depression. Consider these topics:

  • 1. Compare and contrast the symptoms and risk factors of depression in adolescents and adults.
  • 2. Analyze the similarities and differences between the portrayal of depression in literature and its depiction in modern media.

Example Introduction Paragraph for a Compare and Contrast Essay: Depression manifests differently in various age groups and mediums of expression. This essay embarks on a journey to compare and contrast the symptoms and risk factors of depression in adolescents and adults, shedding light on the unique challenges faced by each demographic.

Example Conclusion Paragraph for a Compare and Contrast Essay: In conclusion, the comparison and contrast of depression in adolescents and adults highlight the importance of tailored interventions and support systems. As we contemplate the distinct challenges faced by these age groups, we are reminded of the need for age-appropriate mental health resources and strategies.

Descriptive Essays

Descriptive essays allow you to vividly depict aspects of depression, whether it's the experience of the individual or the societal impact. Here are some topic ideas:

  • 1. Describe the emotional rollercoaster of living with depression, highlighting the highs and lows of the experience.
  • 2. Paint a detailed portrait of the consequences of untreated depression on an individual's personal and professional life.

Example Introduction Paragraph for a Descriptive Essay: Depression is a complex emotional journey that defies easy characterization. This essay embarks on a descriptive exploration of the emotional rollercoaster that individuals with depression experience, delving into the profound impact it has on their daily lives.

Example Conclusion Paragraph for a Descriptive Essay: In conclusion, the descriptive portrayal of the emotional rollercoaster of depression underscores the need for empathy and support for those grappling with this condition. Through this exploration, we are reminded of the resilience of the human spirit and the importance of compassionate understanding.

Persuasive Essays

Persuasive essays involve arguing a point of view related to depression. Consider these persuasive topics:

  • 1. Persuade your readers that incorporating mental health education into the school curriculum can reduce the prevalence of depression among students.
  • 2. Argue for or against the idea that employers should prioritize the mental well-being of their employees to combat workplace depression.

Example Introduction Paragraph for a Persuasive Essay: The prevalence of depression underscores the urgent need for proactive measures to address mental health. This persuasive essay asserts that integrating mental health education into the school curriculum can significantly reduce the prevalence of depression among students, offering them the tools to navigate emotional challenges.

Example Conclusion Paragraph for a Persuasive Essay: In conclusion, the persuasive argument for mental health education in schools highlights the potential for early intervention and prevention. As we consider the well-being of future generations, we are called to prioritize mental health education as an essential component of a holistic education system.

Narrative Essays

Narrative essays offer you the opportunity to tell a story or share personal experiences related to depression. Explore these narrative essay topics:

  • 1. Narrate a personal experience of overcoming depression or supporting a loved one through their journey.
  • 2. Imagine yourself in a fictional scenario where you advocate for mental health awareness and destigmatization on a global scale.

Example Introduction Paragraph for a Narrative Essay: Personal experiences with depression can be transformative and enlightening. This narrative essay delves into a personal journey of overcoming depression, highlighting the challenges faced, the support received, and the lessons learned along the way.

Example Conclusion Paragraph for a Narrative Essay: In conclusion, the narrative of my personal journey through depression reminds us of the resilience of the human spirit and the power of compassion and understanding. As we reflect on our own experiences, we are encouraged to share our stories and contribute to the ongoing conversation about mental health.

Understanding Depression: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

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Child Abuse: Forms, Causes, Consequences, Prevention

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Overview of Biological Predispositions and Risk Factors Associated with Depression

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The Issue of Depression: Mental Battle

What is a depression, living in depression: a firsthand account, teen depression - symptoms and causes, adolescent depression and its contribution to teenage suicides, the issue of depression and its affect in an emerging adulthood, depression: definition and ways of resolving caused problems, depression in teenagers: causes and ways to overcome, depression and its main causes, genetic disorder report: clinical depression, the way teachers can help their students to overcome anxiety and depression, depression and its effects of mind and body, the effectiveness of cognitive behavioural therapy (cbt) for treating individuals with depression and anxiety, how to overcome teenage depression, depression as the reason of serious health problems and suicide, a depressing world with different obstacles, the link between self-esteem and adolescent depression, darwinian psychology and depression: the gender differential hypothesis, prevention of depression, anxiety and burnout in resident doctors – a systematic review, dysregulated processing of negative and positive responses in depression.

Depression, known as major depressive disorder or clinical depression, is a psychological condition characterized by enduring feelings of sadness and a significant loss of interest in activities. It is a mood disorder that affects a person's emotional state, thoughts, behaviors, and overall well-being.

Its origin can be traced back to ancient civilizations, where melancholia was described as a state of sadness and melancholy. In the 19th century, depression began to be studied more systematically, and terms such as "melancholic depression" and "nervous breakdown" emerged. The understanding and classification of depression have evolved over time. In the early 20th century, Sigmund Freud and other psychoanalysts explored the role of unconscious conflicts in the development of depression. In the mid-20th century, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) was established, providing a standardized criteria for diagnosing depressive disorders.

Biological Factors: Genetic predisposition plays a role in depression, as individuals with a family history of the disorder are at a higher risk. Psychological Factors: These may include a history of trauma or abuse, low self-esteem, pessimistic thinking patterns, and a tendency to ruminate on negative thoughts. Environmental Factors: Adverse life events, such as the loss of a loved one, financial difficulties, relationship problems, or chronic stress, can increase the risk of depression. Additionally, living in a socioeconomically disadvantaged area or lacking access to social support can be contributing factors. Health-related Factors: Chronic illnesses, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and chronic pain, are associated with a higher risk of depression. Substance abuse and certain medications can also increase vulnerability to depression. Developmental Factors: Certain life stages, including adolescence and the postpartum period, bring about unique challenges and changes that can contribute to the development of depression.

Depression is characterized by a range of symptoms that affect an individual's emotional, cognitive, and physical well-being. These characteristics can vary in intensity and duration but generally include persistent feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and a loss of interest or pleasure in activities once enjoyed. One prominent characteristic of depression is a noticeable change in mood, which can manifest as a constant feeling of sadness or emptiness. Individuals may also experience a significant decrease or increase in appetite, leading to weight loss or gain. Sleep disturbances, such as insomnia or excessive sleepiness, are common as well. Depression can impact cognitive functioning, causing difficulties in concentration, decision-making, and memory recall. Negative thoughts, self-criticism, and feelings of guilt or worthlessness are also common cognitive symptoms. Furthermore, physical symptoms may arise, including fatigue, low energy levels, and a general lack of motivation. Physical aches and pains, without an apparent medical cause, may also be present.

The treatment of depression typically involves a comprehensive approach that addresses both the physical and psychological aspects of the condition. It is important to note that the most effective treatment may vary for each individual, and a personalized approach is often necessary. One common form of treatment is psychotherapy, which involves talking to a mental health professional to explore and address the underlying causes and triggers of depression. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is a widely used approach that helps individuals identify and change negative thought patterns and behaviors associated with depression. In some cases, medication may be prescribed to help manage depressive symptoms. Antidepressant medications work by balancing neurotransmitters in the brain that are associated with mood regulation. It is crucial to work closely with a healthcare provider to find the right medication and dosage that suits an individual's needs. Additionally, lifestyle changes can play a significant role in managing depression. Regular exercise, a balanced diet, sufficient sleep, and stress reduction techniques can all contribute to improving mood and overall well-being. In severe cases of depression, when other treatments have not been effective, electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) may be considered. ECT involves administering controlled electric currents to the brain to induce a brief seizure, which can have a positive impact on depressive symptoms.

1. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), over 264 million people worldwide suffer from depression, making it one of the leading causes of disability globally. 2. Depression can affect people of all ages, including children and adolescents. In fact, the prevalence of depression in young people is increasing, with an estimated 3.3 million adolescents in the United States experiencing at least one major depressive episode in a year. 3. Research has shown that there is a strong link between depression and other physical health conditions. People with depression are more likely to experience chronic pain, cardiovascular diseases, and autoimmune disorders, among other medical conditions.

The topic of depression holds immense significance and should be explored through essays due to its widespread impact on individuals and society as a whole. Understanding and raising awareness about depression is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, depression affects a significant portion of the global population, making it a pressing public health issue. Exploring its causes, symptoms, and treatment options can contribute to better mental health outcomes and improved quality of life for individuals affected by this condition. Additionally, writing an essay about depression can help combat the stigma surrounding mental health. By promoting open discussions and providing accurate information, essays can challenge misconceptions and foster empathy and support for those experiencing depression. Furthermore, studying depression allows for a deeper examination of its complex nature, including its psychological, biological, and sociocultural factors. Lastly, essays on depression can highlight the importance of early detection and intervention, promoting timely help-seeking behaviors and reducing the burden of the condition on individuals and healthcare systems. By shedding light on this critical topic, essays have the potential to educate, inspire action, and contribute to the overall well-being of individuals and society.

1. American Psychiatric Association. (2013). Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders (5th ed.). American Psychiatric Publishing. 2. World Health Organization. (2017). Depression and other common mental disorders: Global health estimates. World Health Organization. 3. Kessler, R. C., Bromet, E. J., & Quinlan, J. (2013). The burden of mental disorders: Global perspectives from the WHO World Mental Health Surveys. Cambridge University Press. 4. Beck, A. T., Rush, A. J., Shaw, B. F., & Emery, G. (1979). Cognitive therapy of depression. Guilford Press. 5. Nierenberg, A. A., & DeCecco, L. M. (2001). Definitions and diagnosis of depression. The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, 62(Suppl 22), 5-9. 6. Greenberg, P. E., Fournier, A. A., Sisitsky, T., Pike, C. T., & Kessler, R. C. (2015). The economic burden of adults with major depressive disorder in the United States (2005 and 2010). Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, 76(2), 155-162. 7. Cuijpers, P., Berking, M., Andersson, G., Quigley, L., Kleiboer, A., & Dobson, K. S. (2013). A meta-analysis of cognitive-behavioural therapy for adult depression, alone and in comparison with other treatments. Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, 58(7), 376-385. 8. Hirschfeld, R. M. A. (2014). The comorbidity of major depression and anxiety disorders: Recognition and management in primary care. Primary Care Companion for CNS Disorders, 16(2), PCC.13r01611. 9. Rush, A. J., Trivedi, M. H., Wisniewski, S. R., Nierenberg, A. A., Stewart, J. W., Warden, D., ... & Fava, M. (2006). Acute and longer-term outcomes in depressed outpatients requiring one or several treatment steps: A STAR*D report. American Journal of Psychiatry, 163(11), 1905-1917. 10. Kendler, K. S., Kessler, R. C., Walters, E. E., MacLean, C., Neale, M. C., Heath, A. C., & Eaves, L. J. (1995). Stressful life events, genetic liability, and onset of an episode of major depression in women. American Journal of Psychiatry, 152(6), 833-842.

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351 Anxiety Research Topics & Essay Titles (Argumentative, Informative, and More)

According to statistics, approximately 40 million people in the United States struggle with anxiety disorders, constituting 19.1% of the population. Generalized anxiety disorder is a condition that is characterized by an excessive and constant feeling of worry about everyday things. Open conversations about anxiety help reduce the stigma associated with mental health issues. Moreover, it is a good way to educate people about the condition, its causes, symptoms, impact, and available treatments.

In this article, we’ll introduce 351 anxiety topics you can use for your essay or research paper ! Keep reading to find out more.

  • 🔝 Top 12 Anxiety Essay Topics

📝 Anxiety Essay Prompts

🔍 anxiety research topics, 🤓 anxiety essay titles.

  • 📕 Essays on Anxiety: Guide

🔗 References

🔝 top 12 anxiety topics to write about.

  • Types of anxiety disorders.
  • Anxiety: Causes and treatment.
  • How to deal with anxiety?
  • Is there a connection between anxiety and depression?
  • What are treatments for anxiety?
  • Anxiety disorders in children.
  • Physical symptoms of anxiety.
  • Antidepressants as a way to overcome anxiety.
  • Risk factors of anxiety.
  • Symptoms of anxiety in teenagers.
  • How do you prevent anxiety?
  • Social anxiety disorder: My experience.

The picture provides ideas for a research paper about anxiety.

Have trouble writing a paper about anxiety disorder and related topics? Don’t worry—we’ve prepared some essay prompts to help you get an A for your writing assignment!

Social Anxiety Essay Prompt

Social anxiety disorder, formerly known as social phobia, is characterized by a persistent fear of being in unfamiliar social settings. It usually begins in youth and influences an individual’s adult life. In your essay on social anxiety, you may touch on the following aspects:

  • Causes and risks of social anxiety.
  • The main symptoms of social anxiety.
  • Social anxiety in children and teenagers.
  • Ways to prevent or overcome social anxiety.
  • Available treatments for social anxiety.

Speech Anxiety Essay Prompt

Most people feel anxious when they have to present a speech in front of an audience. Even trained public speakers may experience anxiety before delivering a speech. People who look confident and relaxed while talking to an audience have mastered managing their feelings and using them to their advantage. While discussing speech anxiety, try finding answers to the following questions:

  • What are the symptoms of speech anxiety?
  • Why do people get nervous in front of an audience?
  • What can help to overcome speech anxiety?
  • Why does exercising help in reducing stress and anxiety?

Test Anxiety: Essay Prompt

It’s common for college students to feel anxious before exams. Yet, significant anxiety and stress before and during an important exam might have negative consequences. In your essay on test anxiety, you can provide detailed information on how to deal with it based on the tips listed below:

  • Prepare for the test.
  • Use study strategies to understand and remember your course material better.
  • Take care of your physical health.
  • Surround yourself with things that calm you.
  • Talk with your teacher to know what to expect from the exam.

Overcoming Anxiety: Essay Prompt

Anxiety can stem from factors such as genetics, personality traits, and life experiences. Although psychotherapy and medication are often necessary for individuals with anxiety disorders to manage their emotional well-being, incorporating lifestyle adjustments and daily routines can also be beneficial. Consider centering your essay on practical daily actions that can help alleviate stress:

  • Set goals to accomplish.
  • Communicate with people.
  • Stop smoking and reduce your consumption of caffeinated beverages.
  • Solve any of your financial issues.
  • Dedicate more time to your hobbies.
  • Have some relaxation time .
  • Identify and try to avoid your anxiety triggers.
  • How is daily yoga effective for reducing anxiety?
  • Does ethnicity and socioeconomic status have an effect on anxiety prevalence?
  • Anxiety and acute pain related to the loss of vision .
  • Divorce is the leading cause of children’s anxiety.
  • The relation between the COVID-19 pandemic and increased anxiety rates.
  • The impact of immigration on the growth of anxiety cases in society.
  • The efficiency of open communication in overcoming anxious well-being.
  • The efficacy of iron supplementation to reduce vulnerability to anxiety in women with heavy menses .
  • Emotional issues anxiety causes and ways to cope with them.
  • How does anxiety contribute to drug, alcohol, and nicotine consumption?
  • The factors that provoke anxious states in college students.
  • Generalized anxiety disorder in college students and potential treatment .
  • Children and adolescents: age’s impact on increasing anxiety risks.
  • The connection between anxiety disorder and fear.
  • Stress at the workplace is a key provoker of anxiety in the 21st century.
  • Frontline nurses’ burnout, anxiety, depression, and fear statuses .
  • Triggers : the importance of finding causes of anxiety.
  • The impact of anxiety on social relations with friends and relatives.
  • The peculiarities of anxiety states in teenagers in high school.
  • Anxiety as a result of perfectionism and fear of failure.
  • Symptoms of anxiety, depression, and peritraumatic dissociation .
  • The influence of anxiety on public speaking skills.
  • Cultural differences in the expression and perception of anxiety.
  • Psychological aspects of anxiety in situations of crisis.
  • Digital detox is an effective method of anxiety reduction.
  • The correlation between discrimination/prejudice and depression/anxiety .
  • The relationship between social isolation and the development of anxiety disorders.
  • Death anxiety: methods and strategies how to cope with the disorder.
  • Quantitative properties of anxiety: magnitude and tone.
  • The impact of economic instability on the level of anxiety in society.
  • Evidence-based interventions for anxiety disorders .
  • The types of anxiety disorder and their peculiarities.
  • The key characteristics of anxiety disorder.
  • The role of family relationships in the development of anxiety disorders.
  • The symptoms of anxiety and ways to identify them at an early stage.
  • Anxiety disorder treatment in an Afro-American boy .
  • Psychological aspects of anxiety in adapting to a new culture or society.
  • The relationship between the quality of sleep and the level of anxiety.
  • Social media is a trigger of anxiety in the digital world.
  • The role of gender stereotypes in the formation of anxiety in men and women.
  • Depression and anxiety among college students .
  • Anxiety is a result of the rapidly changing information society.
  • The influence of literature on the perception of anxiety.
  • Psychological fitness and its effectiveness in reducing anxiety.
  • The use of therapy platforms in decreasing anxiety.
  • Anxiety of musicians in music performance .
  • Cyberbullying as a reason for emotional distress and anxiety.
  • The role of childhood experiences in the development of anxiety later in life.
  • Introversion and its contribution to a constant state of anxiety.
  • The influence of religious and cult practices on reducing anxiety.
  • Case studies of patients with anxiety and mood disturbances .
  • The risk factors of anxiety in children with disabilities.
  • Videogames are a key trigger of anxiety development.
  • Mindful breathing strategy and its importance for reducing anxiety.
  • The impact of psychological trauma on the development of chronic anxiety.
  • Abnormal psychology: anxiety and depression case .
  • Government support for mental health policy to reduce anxiety in the UK.
  • The influence of ambition and high expectations on the level of anxiety.
  • Managing anxiety in evidence-based practice .
  • Political conflicts and their impact on the level of anxiety in society.
  • The role of social support in managing and reducing anxiety.
  • Anxiety and decision-making: literature review .
  • Anxiety as a result of low self-esteem and problems with self-acceptance.
  • The role of meditation and mental practices in anxiety management.

Social Anxiety Research Paper Topics

  • Genetics is a leading cause of social phobia .
  • The effects of social anxiety on professional and career development.
  • Social anxiety disorder: diagnosis and treatment .
  • Empathy and social anxiety: how understanding the feelings of others affects one’s own anxiety.
  • The evidence-based pharmacotherapy of social anxiety disorder.
  • The physical symptoms of social anxiety disorder.
  • Prevalence rates of social anxiety disorder across different cultures.
  • The impact of cultural factors on the development of social anxiety disorder.
  • The public speaking anxiety analysis .
  • Neural mechanisms that contribute to the resistance of social anxiety disorder.
  • The potential of utilizing biomarkers to improve social anxiety treatments.
  • The effective methods of anxiety disorder prevention.
  • Cultural and social aspects of social anxiety: peculiarities and coping methods.
  • The negative social experience is a trigger to social phobia.
  • High anxieties: the social construction of anxiety disorders .
  • Brain areas involved in the development of social anxiety.
  • The peculiarities of treatment of social anxiety at an early age.
  • Social anxiety at school or workplace: a way to overcome the phobia.
  • Inclusive school environments as a way to support students with social anxiety.
  • The role of self-esteem in the experience of social anxiety.
  • School phobia: the anxiety disorder .
  • The impact of social anxiety disorder on romantic relationships .
  • The efficiency of technology-based interventions in the treatment of social anxiety.
  • Social anxiety: Is there a way to overcome the fear of public speaking?
  • The connection between social anxiety and fear of evaluation by others.
  • Social anxiety and its consequences on cognitive processes .
  • Social anxiety disorder and alcohol abuse in adolescents .
  • The criteria for diagnosing social anxiety disorder.
  • The role of parental expectations and pressure in the formation of social anxiety.
  • Why do females more often experience social anxiety disorder than males?
  • Social anxiety disorder is one of the most common anxiety disorders worldwide.
  • Social aspects of depression and anxiety .
  • Avoidance of social situations is a key symptom of social phobia.
  • The influence of social anxiety on the expression of creativity and creative potential.
  • Social anxiety and its consequences on the quality of life in adolescents.
  • Metacognitive processes in the maintenance of chronic social anxiety.

Research Questions about Anxiety

  • How does anxiety affect the body’s immune system ?
  • What are the peculiarities of the treatment of anxiety at a young age?
  • Is acceptance and commitment therapy effective in fighting anxiety ?
  • How are inflammatory processes in the body related to anxiety disorders?
  • What is the relationship between anxiety and gastrointestinal disorders?
  • What effect does anxiety have on the cardiovascular system?
  • What role do neurotransmitters like serotonin and GABA play in regulating anxiety?
  • What are the stress and anxiety sources amongst students?
  • How does genetics influence the likelihood of gaining medical anxiety disorders?
  • What is the effectiveness of cannabis in treating anxiety disorders?
  • How do gastrointestinal microbiota imbalances affect anxiety levels?
  • How can specific allergies or sensitivities lead to increased anxiety?
  • How does chronic anxiety disorder affect cortisol levels?
  • How is emotion regulation therapy used for generalized anxiety disorder ?
  • What role may neuroimaging play in understanding communicative anxiety disorders?
  • How is anxiety diagnosed in people with disabilities?
  • How does anxiety disorder depend on a person’s eating habits ?
  • What are the effects of nootropics in treating anxiety disorders?
  • What are the ways of managing general anxiety disorder in primary care ?
  • Why is family support an important part of the anxiety treatment?
  • How do gender differences affect the manifestation of anxiety disorders?
  • What are the effective methods of preventing anxiety disorder?
  • How does post-traumatic stress disorder contribute to the development of anxiety?
  • How do doctors differentiate anxiety symptoms from signs of other medical conditions?
  • How does standardized testing affect an individual with test anxiety ?
  • What is the impact of chronic illnesses on the development of anxiety?
  • How does alcohol impact an increasing level of anxiety?
  • What methods of diagnosing anxiety disorders exist in medicine?
  • Why certain medical conditions can trigger symptoms of anxiety?
  • What is the role of emotional intelligence in overcoming social anxiety?
  • What is the relationship between child maltreatment and anxiety ?
  • How did COVID-19 contribute to increased anxiety among people in the US?
  • How effective is psychopharmacology in treating social anxiety?
  • What are the most common physical symptoms of anxiety in children?
  • How do sleep disorders provoke social anxiety?
  • What are the long-term effects of chronic anxiety on human health?
  • How can parents and teachers release anxiety in children ?
  • How can medical surgery affect anxiety levels in patients?
  • How do hormonal imbalances contribute to heightened anxiety?
  • What is the best way of treating adults with anxiety?
  • Why benzodiazepines and SSRIs are often used in anxiety treatment?
  • What brain areas are involved in the development of anxiety disorder?
  • What is the holistic approach to anxiety disorder ?
  • How can virtual reality simulation treatment help with medical anxiety?
  • Anxiety disorder and its risk factors.
  • Why does physical exercise positively impact social anxiety treatment?
  • What advice are most often given by psychologists for the prevention of anxiety?
  • Is depression and anxiety run in the family ?
  • How can targeted medication improve the effect of psychotherapy in anxiety disorders?

Argumentative Essay Topics about Anxiety

  • Social anxiety disorder is highly comorbid with other psychiatric disorders.
  • Is anger the side effect of anxiety?
  • Social media: the rise of depression and anxiety .
  • Women are twice as likely as men to develop anxiety disorder.
  • Breathing into a brown paper bag decreases the level of anxiety.
  • Educational institutions should support students with anxiety symptoms.
  • Social networks contribute to the development of anxiety.
  • Summarizing and evaluating the concept of anxiety .
  • Is virtual reality exposure therapy effective in treating anxiety-related conditions?
  • Dismissing someone’s anxiety exacerbates the problem.
  • Negative thinking is a serious anxiety trigger.
  • Do certain cultural customs impact how anxiety is expressed and handled?
  • Social support plays a vital role in treating anxiety disorders.
  • Overcoming separation anxiety in children .
  • People with anxiety disorder should seek professional help.
  • Employers should provide flexible work schedules for workers with anxiety disorders.
  • Anxiety disorder increases the risk of health complications.
  • Does anxiety create problems in relationships?
  • Anxiety often causes or triggers depression .
  • Adult depression and anxiety as a complex problem .
  • Academic pressures can contribute to anxiety in young individuals.
  • Parents should control the social media usage of their children to protect them from anxiety.
  • Is social isolation a contributing factor to the development of anxiety in older adults?
  • Perfectionism is a personality trait that often correlates with increased anxiety levels.
  • Overcoming anxiety leads to personal growth and increased resilience.
  • The anxiety related to the COVID-19 virus uncertainty: strategy .
  • Anxiety hinders an individual’s ability to concentrate and make decisions.
  • Are anxiety disorders the most common mental disorders in the modern world?
  • The constant state of alertness in anxiety leads to mental exhaustion and burnout.
  • Anxiety disorder is a leading cause of tension headaches.
  • Political upheavals increase collective anxiety on a societal level.
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy for generalized anxiety disorder and depression .
  • A family history of mental health issues is a spread cause of anxiety.
  • Do smartphone notifications contribute to technology-induced anxiety?
  • Regular exercising helps decrease symptoms of anxiety.
  • Workplace support is critical for persons dealing with anxiety at work.
  • Excessive use of social media contributes to heightened anxiety levels.
  • Effective art therapies to manage anxiety .
  • Should workplaces implement mental health programs to reduce employee anxiety?
  • People with anxiety disorder should do regular follow-up sessions to monitor their condition.
  • Do financial concerns trigger the development of anxiety?
  • Stigma prevents individuals with anxiety from seeking help.
  • Is social anxiety more spread with a strong emphasis on individual achievements?
  • General anxiety disorder treatment plan .
  • Do genetic factors play a role in predisposing individuals to anxiety disorders?
  • Love from friends and family is the best treatment for anxiety disorder.
  • Telling other people about your anxiety is one of the most uncomfortable things.
  • Caffeine use increases the severity of anxiety symptoms.

Anxiety Essay Topics for Informative Papers

  • The major symptoms and signs of social anxiety disorder.
  • What is generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)?
  • Anxiety disorders, their definition, and treatment .
  • The effective methods of coping with separation anxiety disorder.
  • The important takeaways about pathological anxiety.
  • Dos and don’ts for overcoming post-argument anxiety.
  • Coping with anxiety in romantic relationships.
  • Anxiety: advanced assessment of a patient .
  • What are the peculiarities of social anxiety disorder?
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy is effective in treating people who feel anxious.
  • The strategies for alleviating anxiety in your pets.
  • Seven things you can do to help your friend cope with anxiety.
  • Anxiety disorders: diagnoses and treatment .
  • What are the risk factors for anxiety in children and adults?
  • The characteristics of high-functioning anxiety.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for anxiety disorders: How it works.
  • The main causes of generalized anxiety disorder (GAD).
  • “Depression, Anxiety, and Stress in Diabetes” by Chlebowy .
  • What are the methods of treating anxiety in old age?
  • The importance of early intervention: how to prevent anxiety in children.
  • What does anxiety disorder feel like?
  • The value of stress management skills in preventing anxiety.
  • Generalized anxiety disorder and its prevalence .
  • The benefits anxiety disorder can bring.
  • How can antidepressants aid in coping with anxiety disorder?
  • Self-guidance: how to prevent an anxiety attack.
  • The genetic and hereditary factors that contribute to anxiety disorders.
  • Dual diagnosis: anxiety disorders & developmental disabilities .
  • How small acts of kindness can help with anxiety?
  • Psychological strategies to reduce general anxiety and stress.
  • How do you understand that you need assistance in coping with anxiety?
  • Foods that can help reduce anxiety.
  • Anxiety disorders: cognitive behavioral therapy .
  • The effective methods of coping with anxiety in learning a new language.
  • Top 12 ways to reduce the risk of anxiety disorders.
  • The power of yoga and meditation in managing anxiety.
  • How friends and family can provide support to someone with anxiety?
  • What is the anxiety?
  • The troubling link between domestic violence and anxiety .
  • Finding a good anxiety therapist: methods and strategies.
  • How does anxiety affect teenagers in high school?
  • The main types of anxiety and their peculiarities.
  • Anxiety disorder and its characteristics .
  • How do you prepare yourself to better handle anxiety-provoking situations?
  • The power of positive thinking in overcoming anxiety.
  • The effective ways of dealing with an anxious mindset at work.
  • Coping with anxiety on your own: The possible consequences.
  • Fight-or-flight response in anxiety disorders .
  • Famous people with high-functioning anxiety.
  • How can a regular sleep pattern protect you from anxiety development?

Anxiety Title Ideas for Cause-and-Effect Essays

  • Muscle aches and breathing problems are the short-term effects of anxiety.
  • Why does anxiety provoke memory issues?
  • Effects of anxiety and ways to conquer it .
  • Increased risk of developing migraines and headaches in people with anxiety.
  • The role of chronic stress and traumatic events in the development of anxiety.
  • Genetic links that increase a person’s risk of developing an anxiety disorder.
  • What are psychosomatic manifestations of anxiety and their impact on the body?
  • Substance abuse is a leading cause of anxiety.
  • Generalized anxiety disorder’s impact on youth .
  • The problems in interpersonal relationships are due to anxiety.
  • Loss of a loved one and its impact on the development of anxiety.
  • Are nail biting or skin picking the first signs of anxiety?
  • Childhood experiences can cause the onset of anxiety disorders.
  • What is the effect of anxiety on the nervous system and its functioning?
  • DSM-5 anxiety disorders: causes and treatment .
  • The key triggers of anxiety and their impact on a person’s overall well-being.
  • The butterfly effect of anxiety: how small symptoms can become a disaster.
  • Does a family history of anxiety disorder make you more prone to this disease?
  • The physical consequences of anxiety: nausea, muscle tension, and fatigue.
  • Reaction to stress: anxiety and yoga .
  • How do the causes of anxiety change depending on the person’s age?
  • Persistent and uncontrollable thoughts: how does anxiety impact people?
  • The causes of anxiety among teachers giving face-to-face lessons.
  • Chest and back pain are physical symptoms of anxiety.
  • Relationship issues are the leading causes of anxiety disorder.
  • The effects of marijuana on people with anxiety .
  • Neurochemical imbalance and its connection with anxiety.
  • What are the genetic causes of anxiety?
  • The role of social media in triggering anxiety disorder.
  • Migraines and headaches are concomitant manifestations of anxiety.
  • How can daily tasks become the cause of anxiety?
  • Anxiety disorders and their influence on daily life .
  • Substance abuse and its impact on the development of anxious states.
  • Decreased quality of life in people with anxiety disorders.
  • The chain reaction of anxiety: From triggers to panic attacks.
  • Hormonal changes in anxiety states and their impact.
  • Trouble focusing on tasks due to racing thoughts in people with anxiety disorder.
  • Causes and effects of anxiety in children .
  • Procrastination and overthinking as behavioral effects of anxiety.
  • Suicidal thoughts and their connection with high levels of anxiety.
  • How does anxiety impact communication and collaboration at work?
  • Social isolation as a result of anxiety disorders.
  • Chronic stress is a factor contributing to anxiety disorder.
  • Anxiety disorder: symptoms, causes, and treatment .
  • Which social factors contribute to the appearance of anxiety?
  • The fear of the unknown or unpredictable outcomes is a cause of anxiety.
  • Why do people with anxiety disorder have problems with concentration and attention?
  • Sociocultural factors that have an impact on the level of anxiety.

Titles for Anxiety Essays: Compare and Contrast

  • How are anxiety disorders related to eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia?
  • Psychotherapy or medication: what works better in treating anxiety?
  • The behavioral, humanistic, and cognitive approaches to anxiety .
  • The differences in how anxiety impacts children and adults.
  • Stigma and shame of anxiety in different cultures.
  • How do you differentiate anxiety from regular stress?
  • What is the relationship between anxiety and anger?
  • Panic attack vs. anxiety attack: key differences.
  • George Kelly’s personal constructs: threat, fear, anxiety, and guilt .
  • The peculiarities of anxiety disorder depend on the sexual orientation of the person.
  • How is panic disorder related to anxiety?
  • Meditation, prayer, traditional rituals: comparison of spiritual ways of anxiety treatment.
  • How does the perception of anxiety differ in the US and Japan?
  • Anxiety vs. post-traumatic stress disorder: main common features.
  • The relationship between anxiety and sleep disorders .
  • How does anxiety differ from stress in terms of physiological responses?
  • The differences in anxiety symptoms in people of different ages.
  • Developmental perceptions of death anxiety .
  • How can gender-related cultural norms influence how anxiety is expressed?
  • Aspects of anxiety: psychological and physiological sides.
  • How does anxiety differ from schizophrenia ?
  • The comparison of social and generalized anxiety.
  • Historical views on anxiety: antique and modern times.
  • The difference in how anxiety affects females and males.
  • What do anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder have in common?
  • Anxiety and depression during childhood and adolescence .
  • Anxiety treatment: self-help resources or support groups.
  • The comparison of biological mechanisms activated during fear and anxiety states.
  • The cultural differences of anxiety perception: Nigeria vs. Sweden.
  • Anxiety and bipolar disorder and their main differences.
  • The effective methods of coping with anxiety: yoga or antidepressants.
  • What are the cultural differences in anxiety expression?
  • Anxiety in first-world countries or developing nations.
  • The differences in help-seeking behavior in people of different religions.
  • The peculiarities of treatment anxiety in Australia and the United Kingdom.
  • How is anxiety connected to eating disorders?
  • Anxiety in veterans vs. civilians: key differences.
  • How does anxiety management differ from anxiety prevention?
  • Physical and mental anxiety consequences and their comparison.
  • How is anxiety described in different academic disciplines?
  • The manifestation of anxiety in different mental health disorders.
  • How does anxiety in parents are similar to the one that children have?
  • Anxiety in urban and rural environments: Key triggers.
  • The comparison of genetic and environmental factors of anxiety.

📕 How to Write Essays on Anxiety

Need to write an essay on anxiety but don’t know where to start? Let us help you! We’ve prepared detailed instructions that will help you structure your paper.

Anxiety Essay Introduction

An essay’s introduction aims to provide the reader with a clear idea of the essay’s topic, purpose, and structure. It serves as a roadmap for what the paper will cover. To write an introduction, follow these steps:

  • Grab readers’ attention with a hook .
  • Introduce the theme or issue you will be discussing.
  • Provide some background information.
  • Create a thesis statement.

Hook: According to the National Institute of Mental Health, public speaking anxiety, or glossophobia, affects approximately 40% of the population.

Background information: A fear of public speaking is classified as a social anxiety disorder characterized by shaking, sweating, dry mouth, rapid heartbeat, and squeaky voice.

Anxiety Essay Thesis

A thesis statement is often a sentence in the first paragraph of an essay that summarizes the paper’s main idea. Several tips can assist you in creating a strong thesis statement :

  • Be specific.
  • Build a strong argument.
  • Make your thesis statement arguable.
  • Provide evidence.
  • Be clear and concise.

Thesis statement: Although fully overcoming speech anxiety may be impossible, employing various strategies can help manage and harness it for personal growth and success.

Essay about Anxiety: Body Paragraphs

Body paragraphs in an essay develop, support, and elaborate on the thesis statement or argument presented in the introduction, offering evidence, examples, and explanations. They provide the substance and structure that make the essay’s ideas clear and convincing to the reader.

There are several components that each paragraph of the main body needs to include:

  • Topic sentence.
  • Supporting evidence.
  • Detailed explanation of the main points.
  • Transition to the next paragraph.

Topic sentence: Deep breathing techniques can effectively alleviate pre-performance anxiety, particularly before public speaking engagements.

Supporting evidence: Practicing slow, deep diaphragmatic breathing helps activate the relaxation response. Additionally, deep breathing increases oxygen supply to the cerebral cortex, responsible for cognitive functions and conscious thought processes.

Anxiety Essay Conclusion

The conclusion is an essential component of your essay. It allows you to encourage your readers to consider the implications and solutions to an issue. A strong essay conclusion should do the following:

  • Restate the thesis.
  • Summarize the main points.
  • Provide a clear context for your argument.

Rephrased thesis: Though completely overcoming speech anxiety is challenging, using different strategies can help control it and benefit personal growth and success.

Summary : In conclusion, nobody is perfect, and even seasoned speakers make errors in public speaking. Instead of pressuring yourself to deliver a flawless speech, it’s essential to remember that minor mistakes won’t detract from your overall presentation.

We hope that you’ve found our article helpful! If so, feel free to share it with your friends and leave a comment below.

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  • The Great Depression and Contributing Reasons Several post-World War I events triggered the 1930s Great Depression. Wall Street went into a panic after the October 1929 stock market crash.
  • The Great Depression and the New Deal It is important to note that the New Deal was effective at catalyzing the overall recovery of the nation from the Great Depression due to its aggressiveness and promptness
  • Great Depression and Its True Causes The causes of the Great Depression are the subject of ongoing discussions about the role of government policies and private business activity.
  • Great Depression and the New Deal The depression caused colossal unemployment, loss of output, and a high deflation rate. Its cultural and social effects were more felt in the US than in any other country.
  • Establishing Scene: A Movie About the Great Depression The paper discusses the image that shows the panicking crowds of Wall Street during the market crash that led the United States to the Great Depression.
  • American Economy: 1920s and the Great Depression The 1920s laid the foundation for evolving from an industrial economy to a post-industrial economy based on the service and sale sectors.
  • The Major Causes of the Great Depression Some of the major causes of the Great Depression include the stock market collapse, the failure of the banking system, the economic downturn in many countries.
  • Great Depression and New Deal Impact on Minorities The period of the Great Depression had a significant impact on the United States and largely changed not only the economy but also the social situation in the country.
  • Historical Events Which Prolonged the Great Depression The purpose of this article is to review the historical events that directly led to prolonged depressive conditions, such as those of the 1930s.
  • The Great Depression and The United States’ Future Today the United States of America is on the eve of the presidential elections, and it is the right time to assess what the country was in in the last few years.
  • The Great Depression in the United States The Great Depression that occurred in the 1930s was a severe economic depression capturing countries worldwide, beginning in the United States.
  • Causes of the Great Depression Various factors are speculated to have caused the Great Depression: stock markets crash, federal reserve miscalculation and federal insiders greediness.
  • The Great Depression and the New Deal Farm Policies The years of the great depression were characterized by poverty, high unemployment, deflation, low profits and plunging farm incomes.
  • The US Great Depression History Many dynamics factored into instigating the Great Depression but the central reasons were twofold. One was that the wealth of the nation was unevenly distributed.
  • History: Great Depression and New Deal for Society The Great Depression and the New Deal were challenging for the United States, especially for women, racial and ethnic minorities.
  • Great Depression and World War II Impact on the United States Economy Both the Great Depression and World War II heavily impacted the US economy in the first half of the previous century.
  • Great Depression and World War II for Americans The Americans encountered numerous problems during the period of the Great Depression. The Second World War also led to many problems in the United States.
  • The Great Depression: Limitations and Effects Despite common assumptions, the Great Depression did not touch every socio-economic group. In fact, the very rich felt almost no impact, continuing to live a lavish lifestyle.
  • The Great Depression and Military Spending The Great Depression had a devastating impact on the US economy. But military spending could be consider the main tool of it ended and promoting the growth of the industrial sector.
  • The Great Depression and Its Effects on Minorities This paper discusses the effects of the Great Depression on the American minorities. It describes the groups and individuals involved and the efforts made to resolve the calamity.
  • Roosevelt’s “New Deal” in Great Depression The new deal plan by Franklin Roosevelt was not a viable recovery tool of the Great Depression since it delayed the recovery of the natural economic systems in the United States.
  • Great Depression in the United States of America In the decade between 1920 and 1930, the United States of America experienced success in their overall national economy performance.
  • Canadian Government’s Support Toward Its People During the Great Depression
  • Pressure-Group Influence and Institutional Change: Branch-Banking Legislation During the Great Depression
  • American Culture and Lifestyle During the Great Depression
  • Economic Recovery From the Argentine Great Depression: The Change of Macroeconomic Regime
  • Banking Crises and the International Monetary System in the Great Depression and Now
  • Labor Market Policies: Lessons From Hoover Policies During the U.S Great Depression
  • How “Cinderella Man” Depicts Life During the Great Depression
  • Organized Labor’s Growth and Consolidation: The Great Depression and World War II
  • Flight-To-Safety and the Credit Crunch: A New History of the Banking Crisis in France During the Great Depression
  • Shattered Rails, Ruined Credit: Financial Fragility and Railroad Operations in the Great Depression
  • The Stock Market Crash, Bank Failures, and the Dust Bowl as the Causes of the Great Depression in America
  • Employment, Relief and the Breadwinner Ideal: A Historiography of the Great Depression in Canada
  • The Banking Sector and the Great Depression in Bulgaria, 1924 – 1938
  • Decomposing the U.S. Great Depression: How Important Were Loan Supply Shocks
  • Intensified Regulatory Scrutiny and Bank Distress in New York City During the Great Depression
  • The Demand for Money in the U.S. During the Great Depression
  • The History and Effects of the Great Depression in the United States and the Government’s Solution to the Economic Problem
  • Changing the Rules: State Mortgage Foreclosure Moratoria During the Great Depression
  • Bank Leverage and Regulatory Regimes: Evidence From the Great Depression and Great Recession
  • How the Great Depression Ended by United States Entry Into the Second World War
  • The Shoe That Didn’t Drop: Explaining Banking Stability During the Great Depression
  • Corporate Governance and the Plight of Minority Shareholders in the United States Before the Great Depression
  • Work‐sharing During the Great Depression: Did the ‘President’s Reemployment Agreement’ Promote Reemployment?
  • The 1930s and 1940s: The Great Depression and Its Aftermath
  • African American Life During the Great Depression
  • The Canadian Government’s Economic Policies in Response to the Great Depression
  • How Great Britain, France, and the United States Responded to the Great Depression
  • Reparations, Deficits, and Debt Default: The Great Depression in Germany
  • The Great Depression: America’s Biggest Financial Collapse in Economic History
  • Economic Events That Lead up to the Great Depression
  • The Development of the Mining Industry in Cyprus During the Great Depression
  • Progressive Era Through the Great Depression
  • Nazi Persecution During the Great Depression and World War I
  • Financial Collapse and Active Monetary Policy: A Lesson From the Great Depression
  • Births, Deaths, and New Deal Relief During the Great Depression
  • How the Two World Wars and the Great Depression Affected the Lives of Americans
  • Poor Living Conditions and Poor Health Greeted Americans in the Great Depression
  • Employment, Politics, and Economic Recovery During the Great Depression
  • Credit Relationships and Business Bankruptcy During the Great Depression
  • Money and Interest Rates in the United States During the Great Depression
  • Hopeless and Homeless: The Despair of the Great Depression
  • Agricultural Crises and the International Transmission of the Great Depression
  • Europe’s Great Depression: Coordination Failure After the First World War
  • How President Roosevelt Combated the Great Depression
  • Can Great Depression Theories Explain the Great Recession?
  • Did American Welfare Capitalists Breach Their Implicit Contracts During the Great Depression?
  • Could the FED Have Prevented the Great Depression?
  • Did Bank Distress Stifle Innovation During the Great Depression?
  • Was Debt Deflation Operative During the Great Depression?
  • Could the Great Depression Be Described as a Time of Desperation?
  • Did France Cause the Great Depression?
  • How Did America Recover From the Great Depression?
  • Was the Great Depression a Watershed for American Monetary Policy?
  • Did Hayek and Robbins Deepen the Great Depression?
  • How Did Demographics Cause the Great Depression?
  • Was the Great Depression to Blame for the Success of the Nazi Party?
  • Did International Economic Forces Cause the Great Depression?
  • How Did Governments Deal With Problems Caused by the Great Depression?
  • What Are the Differences Between the Causes of the Great Depression and the 2008 Financial Crisis?
  • Did Korekiyo Takahashi Rescue Japan From the Great Depression?
  • How Did the Great Depression Completely Destroy America?
  • What Are the Real Reasons Behind the Great Depression in America?
  • Did the Canadian Government Do Enough During the Great Depression?
  • How Did the Great Depression Weaken Western Democracies?
  • Did the Great Depression Affect Educational Attainment in the US?
  • What Was America Like During the Great Depression?
  • How Does the Current Global Economic Recession Compare to the Great Depression?
  • Did the New Deal Prolong or Worsen the Great Depression?
  • How Did the Great Depression Affect African Americans?

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