Essay on Gendered Self

The term gender means belonging to the two sexes. It is the state of being either male or female. It confirms that an inquiry into one’s gender is purely a question regarding the sex of the person in question. Gendered self, on the other hand, refers to the incremental understanding or the extra construct in knowledge about a specific gender. It is the additional knowledge and understanding of masculinity and femininity. The binding characteristics of being male or female constitute the complete understanding of the gendered self. The understanding ranges from men to women based on acceptance and the pride attributed to one’s gender. The societal description of specific gender roles is part of the definition of the gendered self.

Masculinity is associated with a high number of responsibilities. Society has different expectations of each gender (Gerbner, 1998). Being a gendered self as a man describes a good role as a pacesetter in society. It gives no chance of failure. With this, my daily life reflects what a little boy in society would desire to be. Actions and daily activities have to be in praise of masculinity. Being a male, in simple terms, concerning daily activities, is a full-time responsibility.

Impact on daily life

Society has certain expectations tied to each gender. The male gender has many expectations from society. Being a male pushes one to be outstanding in almost all his actions. The societal expectations, along with the stereotypes attached to masculinity, make every man in society to be exceptional. It is a critical role as a man to make ends meet regardless of the hardships involved. The assertion has restricted social life in that being serious has taken the better part. Being productive in all endeavors has taken the better part of life.

What it means to be a male

Being a male is not merely possessing the biological characteristics of a man. To be a man in society is associated with a high sense of leadership. It constitutes being responsible and accountable for everything. To be part of this gender is also an icon of security to self and the female gender. The female gender depends on and appreciates the masculine gender as a confinement of the responsibility attributed to the male gender. Society has high regard and expectation for the male gender (Gerbner, 1998). As an individual, the role of masculinity has to be imparted by societal influence. It is a clear understanding that society expects so much of men. Any achievement I do is a confirmation of what society expects. Significant achievements as a male are more of the fulfillment of societal expectations than appreciation for hard work. In summary, to be a man means to be outstanding and successful.

Confinement to societal expectation

Masculinity in the societal meaning of gender is a result of social actions. The expressions of the male gender have to fit certain notions in society. The behavior has to align with what society expects of the male gender. The hard work portrayed in personal endeavors as a man has met societal expectations. So far, education success has not attracted any societal victimization. Though not fully realized, previous actions and behavior have always been geared toward achieving personal dreams. In this way have met the societal expectation of being an achiever. Through achieving success, no societal criticism regarding gender expectations has befallen me.

Impact on life choices

Society has some constructs for each gender (Gerbner, 1998). These constructs have a significant role in the determination of life choices. One of the impacts is the choice of profession. Some professions are deemed to diminish masculinity. For instance, secretarial is associated with femininity and more of a masculinity disgrace. Such construct has impacted professional choice in that I have avoided the choice of professions attributed to disgraceful masculinity. The societal construct of gender has hence influenced the personal choice of the profession through avoidance of masculinity disgrace, which would otherwise be possible.

Impact of socializing agents on gender

There are four essential socializing agents: family, media, peer groups, and schools. The aim of these agents is mainly to reinforce different gender roles and maintain some gender-specific behaviors (Gerbner, 1998). The media has continuously strengthened individual pride in masculinity. The applicability of cultivation theory has dawned in trying to adopt what I consume from the media. It has accredited the importance and uniqueness of being male. The sports displayed in the media for males are more than for females. Peer groups and schools have mainly headed by males. The societal construct of being leaders as the socializing agents confirm males. Getting married assumes the male father is the head of the family. The socializing agents, therefore, reinstate their own thoughts on the importance of the male gender in society.

Influence of gender

Gender has a significant role to play in the events of decision-making. Due to their masculine nature, men tend to believe in themselves a great deal. Through this, men have low social sensitivity. The notion has landed me in several non-beneficial decisions. High self-belief and failure to seek public opinion have contributed to this. Personal interactions have been influenced by gender in befriending people. Those with similar dreams find a better chance than those aiming for mutual benefit. It would be possible to befriend a business partner than a supplier.

Gendered self-issues

The male gender is attributed to the success and more achievement, which is also a societal expectation. Like in superhero programs, masculinity holds to the desire to achieve (Goffman, 1979). The male gender has made social life minimal due to interaction with those who can add value to my individual personality. This has reduced daily interactions with people and friends in society. It is also a societal expectation that the male gender is characterized by hugeness to portray a sense of security. The expectation impacts a challenge to personal experience as a male. I have to visit the gym often to enhance my personal masculine appearance and fully meet society’s expectations.

The form in which various gender performances relate ranges from one race to another (Goffman, 1979). The notion of a real man or woman will range depending on the societal backing of each race. The idea of a real man in American society may not be the same for Native Americans. The class of the people involved also determines the extent to which a particular gender is appreciated. Gender performances will therefore vary depending on race, sexuality, and class. The reward I get from acting in line with societal expectations is a public appreciation of the lack of societal critics. Societal gender expectations show that men are not equals. In a publication by fox news, to be happy, we must admit women and men are not ‘equal’ | Fox News, accepting this notion is a way to be happy. The source explains that each gender should advocate and appreciate its role in smooth living.

Gerbner, G. (1998). Cultivation analysis: An overview.  Mass communication and society ,  1 (3-4), pp. 175–194.

Goffman, E. (1979). Gender advertisements.

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