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Fashion is a non-verbal way of communication that conveys a lot about the person’s personality, background and style. Earlier it was exclusively the world of the affluent, celebrities and royalty. However, fashion is now within the reach of the common man, especially the youth. Besides, dress fashion is an evolution of ideas, which begins as a fad, but in course of time gets accepted in society as a style, which could be in attire, behaviour or lifestyle. Fashion is mostly associated with glamour. It makes people feel confident and bold. People can express themselves openly. Today fashion is not limited to western countries; now, every country has come out with their fashion sense, not only the clothing but the accent of that country, the living style.

Vedantu experts have crafted an essay on fashion that covers its significance and how it reflects in your personality. This essay has promoted the thought perfectly that fashion is also about carrying yourself in society without having an attractive or trendy attire.  It is about being comfortable with yourself and not being a doppelganger of another person.

Why is Fashion Important?

Fashion is important because it reflects the culture of a country. It makes our life colourful and changes our life with time. In a way it also adds variety to life, providing an opportunity in trying out something new. Fashion is not only limited to clothing or makeup but in a much broader sense includes accessories like shoes, perfume, hairstyle, mannerism, etiquette and attitude towards life. Fashion is not restricted to self-expression only but also a means of self-empowerment and confidence. It encompasses the total spectrum of human activity, which relates to a specific period. It is an outlook of life.

Fashion is how you carry yourself in society without wearing anything trendy. It is how you attempt to make yourself look flawless even without any make-up. It helps you in revealing your true identity.


Evolution of Fashion

The world of fashion is always evolving.  It is amazing to see how the different events in history have influenced and changed the way people dressed and looked throughout time. Thus long dresses, veiled headgear that was trends of the Victorian era, have been replaced with micro and mini dresses and the jeans culture associated with the modern era. 

From the 1920s to the 1990s fashion just not changed in clothing but also in accessories, footwear and hairstyles. The trends of wearing hats, carrying purses, shoes and men wearing long ties and bows have been continuously changing with periods, occasions and culture.

Hairstyles also have been changing throughout time. Short boyish haircuts were popular during the 1920s to 1940s. Wigs were more popular in the 1960s and thereafter hairstyles kept changing from short to bob cut then to mid-back cut and now maintaining long hair.

Fashion Industry

As fashion evolved, the industry was formulated to manage the process for the consumers. The fashion world has given shape to a new industry, the ‘Fashion Industry’.

The fashion industry was created to design, manufacture and market clothes, footwear and accessories. Before creating the apparel industry, people made clothes for themselves. The mass production of clothing began in the mid-nineties when some creators began to make garments that did not require any fitting session with the tailors. The fashion industry in its true sense was established in the twentieth century when the neighbourhood tailors decided to become the manufacturing business.

Fashion impacting the Youth

The positive side of fashion is it enhances your life. It not only allows you to dress fashionably but also allows being independent in thinking and maintaining self-esteem. At the same time, fashion is negatively impacting the youth. It has taken up the life of the youth so much that the youngsters are highly obsessed with creating style statements at an age where they need to focus on their studies and other important aspects of life. The fashion trend has become a cult with today’s generation. They blindly try to imitate the models and celebrities without understanding the true essence of fashion.

Advantages of Vedantu Essay on Fashion

Vedantu gives you ideas about the necessary things to include in an essay on fashion. The experts available on the Vedantu have included moral based thoughts in this particular essay that help students connect with the meaning of the phrases. 

Vedantu has uploaded essays on subjects relevant to the students or trending in the world platform, which have more chances of occurring in the examination.

Content of Fashion Essay

Vedantu has provided you with a piece of detailed information on the essential points to include in the essay on fashion. After a thorough study, experts have added the following points.

While writing about fashion, you have to put some extra effort to explain evolution in both positive and negative ways.

The fashion world has given a new face to the clothing market. It has turned into a fashion industry.

Impact of fashion on teenagers

Teenagers are more cautious about their attire; they are aware of only one prevalent face of fashion.

What is the importance of fashion?

The need is therefore to strike a balance between being fashionable and wearing what suits you. The young generation needs to understand that fashion in the true sense is the attitude that you carry and just not fashionable clothes and accessories.


FAQs on Fashion Essay

1. What is the core of fashion?

Fashion is not only about wearing trendy clothes or footwear. The core of fashion lies inside the person. Fashionable core comes active when you wear something with confidence to show your choices to the world. And that is the only thing to make fashion a trend from time to time. Vedantu experts, after a detailed study, have explained this stuff, and that’s what makes an essay on fashion a complete package to deliver to the audience.

2. How is fashion impacting today’s generation?

Fashion affects today’s generation with its useless and dented influence that fashion is limited to costly clothes and gadgets. Teenagers are easy targets for those who consider themselves influential personalities under the name of fashion. Many of the time, the child gets intrigued by looking at the lifestyle of another person. They fall into the eye-pleasing trap and try to copy the same. It leads them to lose their own identity and wear fake costly attire to please their hunger for recognition among their friends.

3. How does Vedantu help in essay writing?

Vedantu offers you essays on different topics that have a chance of coming in the exams or already had in the exams. Experts of Vedantu have explained the requirement of the essay and suggested the points to include in a good essay. Also, with Vedantu, you learn various facts about various topics that can help you retain the process of making an excellent essay. Go to to explore more topics, and start writing essays of your own to express your understanding of the topics.

4. Does fashion help in your growth?

Yes, fashion does help you grow if you understand the right meaning of it. Following any person and famishing for recognition is not a fashion that can help you grow. It helps you when you understand fashion is more about being right with your choices regarding the dressing, accent, or culture of your community or country. Fashion is nothing more than a term for the things that makes you comfortable and enhance your confidence in being you.

5. Are fashion and trends different?

Yes, fashion and trends are different. The trend follows the fashion; fashion never leaves the frame, it gets highlighted from time to time, and at some particular time, it becomes a trend that everybody follows. Trends have a short life, but fashion stays for life. It gets older with time, like the dhoti kurta culture of India has become old, but it gets rejuvenated with the new look, and it becomes a trend for a while. Fashion is more real than trends.

6. What is Fashion?

Fashion is self-expression in the form of clothing, accessories, footwear, hairstyle, perfume, etiquettes and attitude.

7. Who is known as the Father of Fashion?

Charles Frederick Worth is known as the father of fashion.

8. How is Fashion impacting Today’s Generation?

Fashion has become a cult in this modern era. Youngsters especially blindly want to imitate celebrities and models. They are forgetting the true essence of fashion. They think that fashion is confined to only clothing, footwear and accessories.

9. Why is Fashion Important?

Fashion is important because it is the reflection of our society and culture.

Essay on Role of Fashion in Our Daily Life

Essay on Role of Fashion in Our Daily Life

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Fashion appears to satisfy two cores human demands, that of novelty and that of conformity. So, determining the role of fashion in our daily life will probably revolve around those truths. While humanity often claims to aspire to distinction, people are rarely comfortable alone. This is why they will conform to the socially accepted fashions of the day.

The Goods and Bads of Fashion While fashion may facilitate social change, it generally only modifies the accepted customs and beliefs. Its influence is never as invasive and intense as people seem to think. It mostly just provides a transition from one belief or custom to another and because it is a surface level representation, it can be readily revised.

We see this happen whenever someone who has achieved fame steps out wearing something no one else seems to be donning. Then suddenly, everyone wants to be emo, hipster, or goth. People who look like that individual briefly experience an enhanced level of prestige. Of course, that wears off as soon as someone else makes a different fashion statement that is readily embraced.

Fashion’s need for novelty is certainly one of its least attractive aspects.

People purchase an outfit, usually spending a good deal of money on it, because it is trendy at the moment. Sadly, within a very short period of time that trend can evaporate and now wearing that snapback hat is no longer the cool thing to do. The poodle skirt is out and the mini is in, but the money has already been spent. This leaves people with a deep sense of loss and a void in their pockets as they are ever striving to keep up with the fashion of the day.

Modern Youth Fashion Youth of today are most readily affected by the ever changing influence of fashion. There is a deep desire within young people to be autonomous and yet fit in. This may seem like a bit of an oxymoron, but it is the nature of young people to want to express their individuality in the way they dress while simultaneously being accepted by those who are like-minded. This is why we mentioned the need for conformity in fashion.

It is not surprising that young people are completely dependent upon the trends of the day to determine what they wear. Clothes protect the body in more than one way. Obviously, one’s attire will offer protection from the elements, but proper fashion sense will also provide a barrier to the judgmental nature young people often reveal. And, since clothing is frequently representative of one’s socio-economic stature, it is important to adhere to those norms to be seen as someone who has the means to be respected.

Recall the adage that a man is judged by his clothes. Beautiful clothes, those that are deemed in style, are often indicative of an upper level status in society. People will treat that person with a larger degree of respect and care. Therefore, it is no surprise that teenagers, and other members of the modern youth culture, are eager to make all their fashion purchases from stores found in the mall. Brand recognition is incredibly important to one’s acceptance in the upper echelon of human status.

This is Why Fashion Matters Fashion is a cultural sector that has the ability to deeply affect lives. The fashion industry is a highly visible, yet frequently overlooked, entity. People are constantly attempting to make a fashion statement. All one need do is look at magazines, malls, and other places that display ads. And, though many of the designers and celebrities who push these fashions on young people think that the kids understand the impact, the truth is, they do not.

Fashion trends and fads can often be quite detrimental to the general populace despite the innocence portrayed by those who force feed the concept to young people. It is time that we realized that these statements are philosophical and influential. And thereby, deserve the time invested to analyze, challenge, and consider what these fashions and fads are truly trying to convey. Music and fashion are the latest areas of life to become all the more intertwined. Even the big music magazines are beginning to offer fashion spreads while they profile fashion conscious performers and musicians. MTV got a special award for its influence on fashion back in the 80s. So, it’s no wonder that fashion has become a big part of what is cool and entertaining in the eyes of young people. Every teen clique has its own “ tribal markings ” based on the fashions they employ.

Sadly, children are now more actively involved in this emerging market. The market revenue has tripled in the last 20 years. And, because kids are easier to manipulate and influence, and more readily victimized by peer pressure, this is a very sensitive target market indeed. The fashion industry sees its newest audience and is certainly investing more money to market toward their young minds.

As if that isn’t dangerous enough, celebrities and their personal agendas are being given more access to the political arena. And, as people consider celebrities their idols, it is no surprise that they become easily swayed by a celebrity’s personal agenda. When super models are being beckoned by the likes of Castro for private meetings, one has to wonder just where the lines are drawn between the lure of fashion and the need for political sanctity.

In summation, fashion stands to represent what the individual wearing it believes. It shows the industry he/she is associated with and what his/culture embraces as attractive and worthy of emulation. So, a piece of attire often speaks louder than the fact that it is simply a t-shirt.

What someone wears, will often define them in the eyes of those they meet. Therefore, being certain you understand all the underlying messages within your fashion sphere is imperative prior to choosing to add those items to your wardrobe. You don’t want to give off a mixed or wrong message about what you think and believe. That’s the role of fashion in daily life and should be considered.

All images shot exclusively for DESIGN SCENE Magazine by Benoit Auguste, backstage at Jourden Fall Winter 2017 Fashion show in Paris.

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Essay on Is Fashion Important

The way of living that includes you dressing, accessories, arranging your home, owning things, etc, all are different branches of fashion. It is an important part of life and one should never neglect it. I have brought some essays on the importance of fashion below and hope it will be helpful for you.

Short and Long Essays on Is Fashion Important in English

Essay on Is Fashion Important for students of class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and class 12 in English in 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 500 words. Also find short Is Fashion Important essay 10 lines.

Is Fashion Important Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) The trendy style at a particular time is referred to as fashion.

2) We need to accommodate with the changing fashion.

3) Following the trend gives you a new look.

4) Fashion is important to improve our living standards.

5) Tuning with fashion help us to show off.

6) It shows that you are updated with the time.

7) Following the trend attracts people’s attention towards us.

8) Good fashion gives you confidence.

9) Fashion really matters because it is the first thing people notice.

10) Fashion is important to reflect our personality.

Essay 1 (250 Words) – Is Fashion Important?


All of us are born to live on this earth but our way of living makes a difference. We prefer to look at the best and dress according to fashion. Fashion is something that adds meaning to life. Many of us go for shopping when we feel bored and it makes us happy just because of the colourful and fashionable things. Fashion is an important part of life and you cannot neglect it.

Meaning of Fashion

Nowadays people only include clothing in fashion, but the real meaning of fashion is a bit vast. It also includes your way of carrying accessories, way of talking, footwear, education, etc.

Actually, fashion teaches us to live and improves our standard of living. The way we behave, the gadgets we carry, all we choose as per the current fashion.

All of us earn but have you ever thought where we spend most of our money? We spend most of our money in fashion, like shopping, having good things, having food in a restaurant. Most of us will not consider eating outside is a part of fashion, but it is. We enjoy outside and post pictures which become a trend and finally, others start following us.

Fashion is something that inspires us to earn more so that we could spend it on our commodities. Fashion helps us to hide our physical flaws and helps us to look attractive. Suppose a girl has lots of spots on her face, then with the help of fashion using makeup she can look beautiful. I can confidently say fashion adds confidence.

Fashion is a trend and people follow it to look their best. Nice clothes, decent hairstyle, good makeup, and some trendy accessories can definitely help you to look fashionable. It is really important nowadays and one should accept it.

Essay 2 (400 Words) – What Really Fashion is?

Yes, fashion is an important part of life and all of us want to look good, want to be praised for our looks. We look the same every time but sometimes we are noticed, whereas sometimes we are not. It is all because of our sense of fashion. Fashion helps us to look different. You would have seen old pictures of your parent as well as of grandparents. All of them use to look totally different, their sense of dressing, their hairstyle, choice of colours, all were different just because of the fashion in that era.

Fashion Brings Difference

  • It is our choice of what we like to wear or how we want to represent ourselves. Fashion is something that adds a wow fact in your looks. Nowadays especially youth is very concern about fashion and they never fail to follow the trend.
  • When we wear something good it automatically adds confidence in us and we start feeling good. The beautiful colours of different dress attract us and also change our mood.
  • All of us get bored with the same stuff and things but fashion is something that keeps on changing. It helps us to try new colours as well as styles. Change is good and we like changing our wardrobe, interior decors, etc as per fashion, and we feel refreshed.
  • In the old days, people use to wear the same dress everywhere either they have to attend a wedding or a normal function. Because they had very fewer options and there was no internet or other medium to know the latest trend. Nowadays it does not matter where you live; the quick access to the internet had made things easy.
  • The textile industries were not very developed and very few designs were available in the market but nowadays there are various designers and the textile industry has reached a different level. The growth in the textile industry also developed the other sectors of fashion.
  • The fashion industry has changed a lot and also developed simultaneously in terms of accessories, footwear, etc.
  • The development of fashion also gathers lots of interest and as a result, many fashion designing colleges came into existence, and nowadays Fashion designing is one of the most popular carrier options.

There is nothing bad in following a trend or fashion; in fact, it is a part of life. All of us want to live a wonderful life and fashion is something that adds interest in our life. Many of us prefer looking simple but if you choose a retro style in the modern era, you will definitely be a matter of mockery. Fashion is something that binds you with society.

Essay on Is Fashion Important

Essay 3 (500 – 600 Words) – Fashion: an Important Part of Life

There are different traditions and cultures in the entire world. All of them have their own food, dressing, and many other things that make them different. When people came into contact with each other, they started adopting other cultures, ways of dressing, etc. This bought some change in society and the term fashion came into existence.

What basically Fashion is?

‘Bill Cunningham’ a famous fashion photographer once stated that “Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life”.

  • We can say that fashion is something that keeps us updated with our surroundings and one should really know it.
  • You would have noticed a certain pattern in trend sometimes and most of the dresses follow the same pattern. This is a fashion and not only a dress, but nowadays we also get curtains or cushion covers following the same pattern and this is something called a trending fashion.
  • It is not necessary that every time we get something new in fashion, sometimes it repeats like a season.
  • Fashion develops a sense of self-esteem, when we look good, we automatically feel good and happy. So, I can say that there is nothing wrong in flowing fashion.
  • Fashion and clothing are two different things; fashion can be a pattern, a colour, a way of stitching a cloth, etc. But cloth is simply a piece of cloth of any fabric.
  • Fashion is something that helps you to know the difference between how and when to wear a dress. Suppose you can wear the same salwar kurta in your collage and can also wear it in a function just by adding some accessories like bangles, earrings, etc.

Importance of Fashion

  • Fashion helps us to choose our comfort and dress accordingly. For example, the traditional dress of India is Sari, but it is very tough to wear. So, some fashion experts made saree as a dress which comes in a stitched form, with a pallo as well as plits. Fashion experts made it easy and now people can easily wear a sari. And I can also say that fashion helped people to know others culture.
  • All of us want to look good and decent and it is fashion that makes us look glamorous. Sometimes we don’t have to say more because our outfit speaks a lot about us.
  • It is the fashion industry which bought various categories of dressing, like party wear, ethnic, casuals, formals, etc. It looks quite awkward if you wear a shiny dress in an interview. So, dressing is discriminated into different categories. This got only possible because of the growth of the fashion industry.
  • Nowadays it really matters what fabrics you wear, what colour you choose and what accessories you carry. All these show your status and also make you look attractive. People can’t see your bank balance they can only see your belongings or what you wear.
  • The growth in the fashion industry has developed new employment options and different colleges facilitating fashion studies has been developed, which opens new career opportunities.

Life is a package of happiness and sorrow and we can’t choose happiness or pains. But if we can do something then it is choosing the right stuff like entertainment, adventure, fashion, etc. All these things can make us happy and are also an important part of life. Fashion always attracts and it is available for all, either you are a child or an old one. Don’t stop whatever your age is; just live your life fullest up to the last breath.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Ans . The word fashion came into existence around the 14th century.

Ans . Fashion is the style of dressing or behavior that keeps on changing with time.

Ans . Fashion is important as it makes us look different and instills confidence in us.

Ans . No, it is also about our behavior, education, way of speaking, and carrying accessories.

Ans . Charles Frederick worth an English fashion designer is known as the father of fashion.

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             Clothing in My Life Essay.                           In the life of every teenager all over the world, clothing plays an important role in its social class, ranking, confidence and appeal. Clothes define who we are more or less and we all tend to be identified by others with a certain social group/class because of our clothing. Clothes protect us from the weather and provide us with warmth and cover. They also make us desirable in others' eyes, make us wanted and even disliked. Clothing makes us stand out as individuals, being original or not and it also makes us blend in with the crowds. A person's choice of colors represents his personality and is maybe the one trait that is entirely original, even though some are wearing whatever is trendy. In my life, clothing has an enormous impact on how others perceive me and how I perceive others. I identify with a certain social group based on how I dress and also it reflects my taste of music. .              I believe that music and clothes go together most of the time. I do not like generalizing, because there are always exceptions to everything, however usually your clothing reflects your music taste. In my case, I listen to r & b, soul, hip-hop, salsa, and oldies (Marvin Gaye, Al Green, Nina Simone, etc.) so my style is urban. I dress casually, always with denim, usually Nike sneakers or Timberland boots and a tank top or shirt. Sweat suits and hooded shirts are part of my closet as well. Whenever I walk on the street usually I am automatically put in that certain "urban" category, which is true. I love wearing the clothes I wear because to me they are very comfortable as well as trendy (at least in my age group). Fabrics play an important role as well. Velour, cotton and silk are very comfortable so I would definitely make a choice based on the fabric and the cut of the clothing.              My clothing style, however is very versatile. I do dress on an everyday basis relaxed and casual, but I do like to get dressed up every once in awhile.

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To set up the shop, golf equipment such as clubs, balls, shoes, bags and clothing must be ordered by the pro or manager. ... The ordering of clothing is done in the same manner. The more of one piece of clothing, such as a specific shirt, ordered, the cheaper they are for the golf course. ... Golf is my life time dream. ... This is why I have Chosen this for my life. ...

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It has been said that clothing defines who you are. ... This quote explains the personal attachment we seem to have to our clothing. ... Personally, I would say that my clothes can reflect who I am as a person, but not all of the time. Like Pamela Anderson once said, "There's no way I set out to be a certain kind of symbol - the way I dress is the way I am, the way I live my life." ... There is a deeper meaning to the clothing we put on our backs. ...

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My Secret Life As a Snob . . . ... I judge them because their clothing is over-priced and identical. ... From the expensive clothing to the constant cloning of each other, I make a snap judgment that I do not like these human advertisements. ... And because I feel, these people are judging me along with others, because of clothing and outer appearances; I conclude that they are low, superficial and a waste of time. ... I fear that this syndrome of mine will never dissinigrate, following me into adult hood, plaguing my social life. ...

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4. Clothing Used to Explain Character

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Starched clothing is known for making clothing look more formal, which is interesting to note because Santiago is the one who wears unstarched white linen clothing and José Dias, a dependant, is the one who wears starched white trousers. ... Here José Dias tries to get a taste of what his life would be like if he were to be a doctor, a situation that causes some confusion between him and Bento's father. ... Dona Gloria and Bayardo San Roman are two individuals who accessorize themselves during a time of their life when they have self-assurance. ... At one point in the book...

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6. Clothing Symbolksm in A Doll's House

fashion in our lives essay

Torvald controls what Nora does by limiting many aspects of her life. ... Torvald replies to her statement: "Does my little Nora acknowledge that at last?... The poisonous marriage, like clothing, restricts her freedoms. ... "(In everyday dress) Yes, Torvald, I have changed my things now". ... Nora's entire life changes through the change of a dress. ...

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7. Diversity Interview - Navajo Indian

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Kathy said "It's a feeling I have never experienced until my babies came along.... Before sunrise she is dressed in traditional clothing such as, moccasins, hair in bun and turquoise jewelry. ... On the seventh day she can shower and wear regular clothing while she gathers with everyone and enjoys the cake. ... Kathy stated "I want my kids to be respectful to others and successful.... " "I know my son is learning because he asks questions about God....

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fashion in our lives essay

The music industry influences clothing, attitude, and surrounding. ... For example when I want to leave my daily chores and relax I tend to listen to music, which allows me to think, relax, and keep my mind busy while doing virtually nothing. This trend has helped many kids see different aspects of life. ...

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9. Day in the Life of a Person in the Past

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I have been working for a factory that makes fine clothing since 1917. ... This is not even enough to pay for once piece of clothing that is made in the factory. ... In my section of the factory alone, I have noticed 200 of my co-workers get laid-off. I feel so sorry for them and wonder if they are putting enough on their table for their families because I still have my job, and my family still struggles to have even two meals a day. ... While the less-fortunate are working hard in the poor conditions of life in the depression, the wealthy are managing their businesses and are getting by w...

  • Word Count: 451

Essay: Why Fashion is Important

The Fashionisto

Published October 18, 2017

Updated November 3, 2022

Louis Vuitton 2016 Spring Summer Backstage

Fashion is one of the most critical industries in our world today. Style has become one of the primary ways in which people express their personality and distinguish themselves from those around them. With every New Year which comes and goes, new fashions arrive on the scene, and they all endeavor to be more colorful and fashionable than those which saw last year. There’s inspiration everywhere, from online retailers like Roden Gray to printed magazines. The desire to express one was present throughout human history.

People of all ages are addicted to new trends in fashion. There is a tremendous amount of competition within the industry and also among consumers. The style is also different among different cultures and nationalities, which is why it’s so exciting when one travels to various parts of the planet to observe firsthand how people dress in those countries. Our clothes have become more than merely a way to cover our nakedness. Instead, it has also become one of the primary ways in which people express themselves.

Garments which may fit one person may not necessarily be equally suitable for someone else. And even if those clothes are fantastic designer efforts, it does not mean everyone would be equally comfortable wearing them. Different people will need different styles and designs, which will be an expression of their uniqueness and personality before they will not be comfortable wearing that specific fashion design. Human beings are complicated creatures; everyone has different desires, dreams, and objectives that they deem essential to success in their life. Fashion trends are a critical aspect of that success.

There is a lot of discrimination among human beings and also a lot of criticism. People will do everything possible to avoid such criticism. Peer pressure continues to affect people throughout their lives, and it is a powerful motivator when it comes to crucial fashion decisions. It is also true that fashion design has reached a very sophisticated level, and therefore some of the most popular models can be very costly.

It has the result that such fashion may only be accessible to affluent people. It can make it very difficult for people of average income to compete in fashion designs. Fortunately, there has been a lot of progress by fashion designers to cater to middle-income consumers. It is why there are a lot of fashion designs available, which can make it possible for less fortunate people to own still fashion designs that will be of very high quality and attractive.

There are fashion items for every season and every occasion, making it possible for people to express themselves differently depending on the specific season or time of the year. Looking at all the consumer needs that have emerged in modern times, it becomes easy to see why fashion design has become such a specialized industry.

Another aspect that deserves contemplation is the fact that there is a measure of similarity in those fashion trends which aim at the low-income person. It is going a long way in avoiding discrimination or unnecessary competition because there is a lot of similarity in the designs which aim at this consumer market. Therefore, less affluent people can avoid unwarranted discrimination and criticism because, they are dressed very similarly in many ways to their friends, colleagues, or family members.

Care should be taken to avoid fashion designs of poor quality, especially in cases where failed fashion experiments are nevertheless mass-produced and then dumped on the low-income consumer. On the other hand, some poor people cannot afford anything better, leaving her with no choice but to purchase low-quality products.

Nevertheless, an eye for detail can be a blessing because this can help a person who may only have access to low-quality fashion items to mix and match those things very efficiently so that the overall result is nonetheless beautiful. There is some truth to the statement that it’s not what you wear but how you wear it, which is the most critical issue.

Unfortunately, many people never seem to learn how to combine different fashion items correctly and adequately. Knowing which colors go together is a rare gift that some people never master. Therefore, even affluent people with access to very costly fashion items often fail to do those things justice because of a lack of understanding regarding color matching.

Many people seem to think tight clothing is more attractive than a loose-fitting dress, and then they make fools of themselves by wearing unnecessarily close-fitting clothes. It is why it is essential to have at least a basic understanding of choosing your fashion items and mixing and matching those things for the best results. Access to the most expensive fashion trends on the market is undoubtedly a benefit. Still, it’s even more important to have a basic sense of how to maximize how the wearer will display those clothes and other articles.

Clothes are also known to impact people’s moods substantially; likewise, some colors are more effective than others in putting people in a better place as far as their mindset and emotions are concerned. Every person should do at least an introductory modeling course to understand how to make the best of their free clothes and accessories. Like we said earlier, it is not so much what you are wearing but rather how you are wearing it, which will ultimately provide proof of your competence as far as fashion and personal appearance is concerned.

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Love, Life, and Blessings

The Role of Fashion in Our Life

December 2, 2016


Reflective Essay: The Role of Fashion in Our Life

Fashion is definitely an integral part of our society. People have always paid much attention to clothes and their appearance. Firstly, clothes served to protect our bodies from the effect of the natural environment whereas people can hardly resist cold and heat. With the run of time, clothes began fulfilling other functions. The social function is the most important one. People of different social classes began wearing different types of clothes. It became easy to notice an external difference between a nobleman and a peasant or merchant. Of course, the difference depended on the price of the clothes. Rich people or aristocracy could afford high-quality and expensive fabrics while the poor could only dream about such products. Very soon, people began thinking about the beauty of their clothes. Doubtless, this idea existed in the circles of the rich. Honorable men and women paid much money to the designers who created fancy dresses, trousers, coats, shoes and hats. The image of a fashionable person became emphasized with the help of numerous accessories, like scarves and handkerchiefs. Frankly speaking, the general idea of charming and alluring clothes has not disappeared. Fashion still plays a very considerable role in our life.

Let us focus on the oldest and the primary function of fashion. People have always tried to differ from one another. No wonder, the representatives of different occupations wear different clothes. For example, it is easy to recognize a doctor, a sailor, a butcher, a carpenter, a judge, a policeman, etc. Clothes determines our social status. When one wears beautiful clothes, he is treated more positively than the ordinary person. It is not a secret that people use good suits and dresses for their benefit. For instance, if you decide to find a job, you had better come in a quality and neat suit. In this case, you will be accepted better. There is a proverb – A man is judged by his clothes. If an applicant wears good clothes, he will probably receive the job. Unluckily, you will not get the workplace if your clothes is shabby and dirty. Finally, our clothes emphasizes our social status. Rich people try to wear expensive suits in order to maintain their image. As they say – A true gentleman would rather have his clothes torn than mended. It means that rich people will give all money to obtain fashionable and quality clothes that emphasizes their richness and status.

It is possible to say that fashion is a kind of art. Designers create admirable and uncommon clothes that can emphasize one’s social position and value accurately. Very often, fashionable clothes can be worn in the exclusive situations. You will hardly wear a designer’s suit to go to the nearest supermarket or office. Moreover, designers often produce such items that become very popular among common people. We should admit that every item of your wardrobe was fashionable in its time.

Fashion is a very dynamic phenomenon. Designers change the dominant colors and cuts every year. Sometimes, the innovations and changes are so radical and unexpected that it is hard to evaluate a new item positively. In fact, from the psychological point of view, people who wear ‘challenging’ fashionable clothes do not suffer from the opinion of the third people. They wear extraordinary dresses because they can and they do not care about the point of view of others. They are self-sufficient and confident.

On the other hand, there are several disadvantages of fashion. The initial problem is the need for novelty. When one buys trousers or hat, he thinks that these items are great until they become ‘unfashionable’. Some people have got used to the rapid tempo of fashion. They know that an item can be fashionable for several months. Then, it becomes out-of-date and weird. When you depend on fashion and its laws, you have to change your wardrobe frequently. Without question, it consumes much money. In addition, people purchase many unnecessary items that obstruct and overload your home. The need for new clothes without reason looks like a psychological disorder.

Another weak side of fashion is the state of conformity. Very often, designers release very specific items, the quality and beauty of which can be easily questioned. However, when a celebrity or any other reputed person approves this item, it becomes fashionable. People do not believe to their own feelings and eyes but follow the subjective characteristic of a notable personality. Thus, people decide to conform to the opinions of others and buy expensive fashionable clothes eagerly.

Fashion is a specific phenomenon that has its strong and weak sides. In fact, if you want to look perfectly, you should find your own style. It is not necessary to be modish. Common jeans and a shirt can suit you better than a fancy dress.

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Essay on Fashion for Students and Children


500+ Words Essay on Fashion

Fashion refers to anything that becomes a rage among the masses. Fashion is a popular aesthetic expression. Most Noteworthy, it is something that is in vogue. Fashion appears in clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, hairstyles, lifestyle, and body proportions. Furthermore, Fashion is an industry-supported expression. In the contemporary world, people take fashion very seriously. Fashion is something that has permeated every aspect of human culture.

Essay on Fashion

History of Fashion

The origin of Fashion is from the year 1826. Probably everyone believes Charles Frederick to be the first fashion designer of the world. He also established the first Fashion house in Paris. Consequently, he began the tradition of Fashion houses. Furthermore, he gave advice to customers on what clothing would suit them. He was prominent form 1826 to 1895.

During this period, many design houses hired artists. Furthermore, the job of these artists was to develop innovative designs for garments. The clients would examine many different patterns. Then they would pick the one they like. Consequently, a tradition began of presenting patterns to customers and then stitching them.

At the beginning of the 20th century, new developments in Fashion took place. These developments certainly began in Paris first. Then they spread in other parts of the world. Consequently, new designs first came into existence in France. From Paris, they went to other parts of the world. Hence, Paris became the Fashion capital of the world. Also, Fashion in this era was ‘haute couture’. This Fashion design was exclusively for individuals.

In the mid-20th century, a change took place. Now Fashion garments underwent mass production. There was a significant increase in the rate of production of Fashion garments. As a result, more and more people became involved with Fashion garments. By the end of the 20th century, a sense of Fashion awareness was very strong. Now people began to choose clothes based on their own style preference. Hence, people began to create their own trends instead of relying on existing trends.

Get the huge list of more than 500 Essay Topics and Ideas

Fashion Trend

Political influences certainly play a major role in influencing Fashion. Many politicians become fashion symbols. Notable examples are First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy and Princess Diana. Also, political revolutions make a huge impact on the Fashion trend. For example, in 1960’s America, liberal clothing styles became popular among the younger generation. This was due to the Liberal revolution.

Another significant factor which influences Fashion trend is technology. There certainly has been a rapid growth of technology in the Fashion industry. For example, wearable technology has become a popular Fashion trend. Furthermore, 3D printing technology and the internet have also made an impact on Fashion.

Social influences are probably the strongest influences on the Fashion trend. Many music stars strongly influence Fashion choice. For example, wearing hoodies became famous due to rap musicians. Furthermore, movie and television actors create a big impact on Fashion. Many youngsters love to emulate the Fashion sense of their favourite celebrity.

To sum it up, Fashion certainly has become a part and parcel of human life. It certainly is a force that is here to stay. Most noteworthy, Fashion has immersed every place on Earth.


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Lesson Plans and Ideas

B2 – Writing Part 1 (Essay) – The effects of fashion on people’s lives

Love it or hate it, we all follow trends and fashion. It’s also one of the evergreen topics that can be approached in many different ways. You can deal with fast fashion and sustainability, the newest trends during the fashion week, or do what I did and talk about its effects on our lives.

My inspiration to create Cambridge lesson plans comes in waves, depending on the students and their upcoming exams. One of my B2 students is taking her FCE exam at the beginning of March, which motivates me to craft lessons for her and ensure that she gets the highest score possible. I thought that this week we could review and tackle Writing Part 1. As this part is obligatory, it is essential to be well-prepared and ready to write the best essay possible while following and having a deep understanding of the writing assessment criteria.

Scroll until the end of the post to get the worksheet with the teacher’s notes, and the presentation in case you teach online (like I do!). This lesson material can also be found in  B2 Sample Paper 2 , and all the example essays are taken from  B2 First Handbook .

fashion in our lives essay

The other week in one of the podcasts that I listen to regularly, I heard about a fashion rule that we should all follow. Before you get dressed, think about three adjectives that best describe your style, and dress accordingly. I immediately thought that this activity could work well as a warm-up before the heavier part of the class, which is all about analysing the exam task and understanding the writing criteria. If you have a bigger group, you could ask them to write the three adjectives anonymously on sticky notes and then match the style descriptions with the students.

Once you match everyone with their style descriptions, present students with five  stylish  women. Students may work in pairs (or individually) and rank them from 1-5, 1 being the most fashionable and 5 being the least. Students present their order and justify their choices.

fashion in our lives essay

Introduce the writing task by showing the thesis of the essay –  Some people say the fashion industry has a bad effect on people’s lives . Divide students into two groups. Group A thinks about reasons that support this statement. The other group thinks of reasons against this point. Once groups have a few ideas, put one student A with one student B, so they can debate each other’s points and reach a final decision.

Now, show students an example essay which relates to the previous statement. Students read for gist and check if any of the ideas mentioned in the previous activity appeared in the text. Read it again and identify three main points that the text deals with. Are they positive or negative?  (There are one positive and two negative points) . Show the exam task and explain the rules of FCE Writing Part 1. Say that in this part, students always have to write an essay. They need to include two points mentioned in the task and one extra idea of their own. Read the text again and underline the parts of the text that mention all three points. Point out the structure of the essay and the purpose of each paragraph.

  • Paragraph 1: Introduction
  • Paragraph 2: Points supporting the thesis (job creation)
  • Paragraph 3: Points against the thesis (judging appearance and the price of clothes)
  • Paragraph 4: Conclusion

Now that everyone read the example answer at least three times, analyse the examiner’s notes. Explain the criteria used in the writing assessment – content, communicative achievement, organisation and language. I think that students must understand what they are being assessed on to perform well in this part. It will help them see that even though grammar and vocabulary are important, they are not critical, and it’s possible to get a good score, even with some mistakes.

Once they understand the criteria, it’s time to put on the examiner’s hat. Show two essays answering the same task as before. Give some time to read the answers and discuss which of the two is better and why. It’s obvious that the second one is way better, but students may already start justifying their decisions using the writing assessment criteria. Put students into pairs and ask them to score the two answers. Look at everyone’s answers and compare them with the actual scores and explanations. Discuss if any of the scores surprised them.

If you have some spare time, you can give 5 minutes to plan the answers to the same task as before. Explain the importance of planning and thinking before jumping into writing. If you can afford it and make sure that everyone hands in their essay, give them about 40 minutes to write their answers. You can even shorten this time, as there was plenty of time to think about the answers, and most likely students already know what they want to write about. If you don’t have that much time, you can set it as homework.

Since the lesson was quite heavy with a lot of reading and analysis, finish by discussing four short questions on fashion and style. Think about the importance of getting dressed well and people who decide what’s fashionable or not.

Hope you enjoyed this instalment of FCE practice! Click the files below to get the presentation and the worksheet with the teacher’s notes.

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