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International Baccalaureate (IB)


IB students around the globe fear writing the Extended Essay, but it doesn't have to be a source of stress! In this article, I'll get you excited about writing your Extended Essay and provide you with the resources you need to get an A on it.

If you're reading this article, I'm going to assume you're an IB student getting ready to write your Extended Essay. If you're looking at this as a potential future IB student, I recommend reading our introductory IB articles first, including our guide to what the IB program is and our full coverage of the IB curriculum .

IB Extended Essay: Why Should You Trust My Advice?

I myself am a recipient of an IB Diploma, and I happened to receive an A on my IB Extended Essay. Don't believe me? The proof is in the IBO pudding:


If you're confused by what this report means, EE is short for Extended Essay , and English A1 is the subject that my Extended Essay topic coordinated with. In layman's terms, my IB Diploma was graded in May 2010, I wrote my Extended Essay in the English A1 category, and I received an A grade on it.

What Is the Extended Essay in the IB Diploma Programme?

The IB Extended Essay, or EE , is a mini-thesis you write under the supervision of an IB advisor (an IB teacher at your school), which counts toward your IB Diploma (learn more about the major IB Diploma requirements in our guide) . I will explain exactly how the EE affects your Diploma later in this article.

For the Extended Essay, you will choose a research question as a topic, conduct the research independently, then write an essay on your findings . The essay itself is a long one—although there's a cap of 4,000 words, most successful essays get very close to this limit.

Keep in mind that the IB requires this essay to be a "formal piece of academic writing," meaning you'll have to do outside research and cite additional sources.

The IB Extended Essay must include the following:

  • A title page
  • Contents page
  • Introduction
  • Body of the essay
  • References and bibliography

Additionally, your research topic must fall into one of the six approved DP categories , or IB subject groups, which are as follows:

  • Group 1: Studies in Language and Literature
  • Group 2: Language Acquisition
  • Group 3: Individuals and Societies
  • Group 4: Sciences
  • Group 5: Mathematics
  • Group 6: The Arts

Once you figure out your category and have identified a potential research topic, it's time to pick your advisor, who is normally an IB teacher at your school (though you can also find one online ). This person will help direct your research, and they'll conduct the reflection sessions you'll have to do as part of your Extended Essay.

As of 2018, the IB requires a "reflection process" as part of your EE supervision process. To fulfill this requirement, you have to meet at least three times with your supervisor in what the IB calls "reflection sessions." These meetings are not only mandatory but are also part of the formal assessment of the EE and your research methods.

According to the IB, the purpose of these meetings is to "provide an opportunity for students to reflect on their engagement with the research process." Basically, these meetings give your supervisor the opportunity to offer feedback, push you to think differently, and encourage you to evaluate your research process.

The final reflection session is called the viva voce, and it's a short 10- to 15-minute interview between you and your advisor. This happens at the very end of the EE process, and it's designed to help your advisor write their report, which factors into your EE grade.

Here are the topics covered in your viva voce :

  • A check on plagiarism and malpractice
  • Your reflection on your project's successes and difficulties
  • Your reflection on what you've learned during the EE process

Your completed Extended Essay, along with your supervisor's report, will then be sent to the IB to be graded. We'll cover the assessment criteria in just a moment.


We'll help you learn how to have those "lightbulb" moments...even on test day!  

What Should You Write About in Your IB Extended Essay?

You can technically write about anything, so long as it falls within one of the approved categories listed above.

It's best to choose a topic that matches one of the IB courses , (such as Theatre, Film, Spanish, French, Math, Biology, etc.), which shouldn't be difficult because there are so many class subjects.

Here is a range of sample topics with the attached extended essay:

  • Biology: The Effect of Age and Gender on the Photoreceptor Cells in the Human Retina
  • Chemistry: How Does Reflux Time Affect the Yield and Purity of Ethyl Aminobenzoate (Benzocaine), and How Effective is Recrystallisation as a Purification Technique for This Compound?
  • English: An Exploration of Jane Austen's Use of the Outdoors in Emma
  • Geography: The Effect of Location on the Educational Attainment of Indigenous Secondary Students in Queensland, Australia
  • Math: Alhazen's Billiard Problem
  • Visual Arts: Can Luc Tuymans Be Classified as a Political Painter?

You can see from how varied the topics are that you have a lot of freedom when it comes to picking a topic . So how do you pick when the options are limitless?


How to Write a Stellar IB Extended Essay: 6 Essential Tips

Below are six key tips to keep in mind as you work on your Extended Essay for the IB DP. Follow these and you're sure to get an A!

#1: Write About Something You Enjoy

You can't expect to write a compelling essay if you're not a fan of the topic on which you're writing. For example, I just love British theatre and ended up writing my Extended Essay on a revolution in post-WWII British theatre. (Yes, I'm definitely a #TheatreNerd.)

I really encourage anyone who pursues an IB Diploma to take the Extended Essay seriously. I was fortunate enough to receive a full-tuition merit scholarship to USC's School of Dramatic Arts program. In my interview for the scholarship, I spoke passionately about my Extended Essay; thus, I genuinely think my Extended Essay helped me get my scholarship.

But how do you find a topic you're passionate about? Start by thinking about which classes you enjoy the most and why . Do you like math classes because you like to solve problems? Or do you enjoy English because you like to analyze literary texts?

Keep in mind that there's no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing your Extended Essay topic. You're not more likely to get high marks because you're writing about science, just like you're not doomed to failure because you've chosen to tackle the social sciences. The quality of what you produce—not the field you choose to research within—will determine your grade.

Once you've figured out your category, you should brainstorm more specific topics by putting pen to paper . What was your favorite chapter you learned in that class? Was it astrophysics or mechanics? What did you like about that specific chapter? Is there something you want to learn more about? I recommend spending a few hours on this type of brainstorming.

One last note: if you're truly stumped on what to research, pick a topic that will help you in your future major or career . That way you can use your Extended Essay as a talking point in your college essays (and it will prepare you for your studies to come too!).

#2: Select a Topic That Is Neither Too Broad nor Too Narrow

There's a fine line between broad and narrow. You need to write about something specific, but not so specific that you can't write 4,000 words on it.

You can't write about WWII because that would be a book's worth of material. You also don't want to write about what type of soup prisoners of war received behind enemy lines, because you probably won’t be able to come up with 4,000 words of material about it. However, you could possibly write about how the conditions in German POW camps—and the rations provided—were directly affected by the Nazis' successes and failures on the front, including the use of captured factories and prison labor in Eastern Europe to increase production. WWII military history might be a little overdone, but you get my point.

If you're really stuck trying to pinpoint a not-too-broad-or-too-narrow topic, I suggest trying to brainstorm a topic that uses a comparison. Once you begin looking through the list of sample essays below, you'll notice that many use comparisons to formulate their main arguments.

I also used a comparison in my EE, contrasting Harold Pinter's Party Time with John Osborne's Look Back in Anger in order to show a transition in British theatre. Topics with comparisons of two to three plays, books, and so on tend to be the sweet spot. You can analyze each item and then compare them with one another after doing some in-depth analysis of each individually. The ways these items compare and contrast will end up forming the thesis of your essay!

When choosing a comparative topic, the key is that the comparison should be significant. I compared two plays to illustrate the transition in British theatre, but you could compare the ways different regional dialects affect people's job prospects or how different temperatures may or may not affect the mating patterns of lightning bugs. The point here is that comparisons not only help you limit your topic, but they also help you build your argument.

Comparisons are not the only way to get a grade-A EE, though. If after brainstorming, you pick a non-comparison-based topic and are still unsure whether your topic is too broad or narrow, spend about 30 minutes doing some basic research and see how much material is out there.

If there are more than 1,000 books, articles, or documentaries out there on that exact topic, it may be too broad. But if there are only two books that have any connection to your topic, it may be too narrow. If you're still unsure, ask your advisor—it's what they're there for! Speaking of advisors...


Don't get stuck with a narrow topic!

#3: Choose an Advisor Who Is Familiar With Your Topic

If you're not certain of who you would like to be your advisor, create a list of your top three choices. Next, write down the pros and cons of each possibility (I know this sounds tedious, but it really helps!).

For example, Mr. Green is my favorite teacher and we get along really well, but he teaches English. For my EE, I want to conduct an experiment that compares the efficiency of American electric cars with foreign electric cars.

I had Ms. White a year ago. She teaches physics and enjoyed having me in her class. Unlike Mr. Green, Ms. White could help me design my experiment.

Based on my topic and what I need from my advisor, Ms. White would be a better fit for me than would Mr. Green (even though I like him a lot).

The moral of my story is this: do not just ask your favorite teacher to be your advisor . They might be a hindrance to you if they teach another subject. For example, I would not recommend asking your biology teacher to guide you in writing an English literature-based EE.

There can, of course, be exceptions to this rule. If you have a teacher who's passionate and knowledgeable about your topic (as my English teacher was about my theatre topic), you could ask that instructor. Consider all your options before you do this. There was no theatre teacher at my high school, so I couldn't find a theatre-specific advisor, but I chose the next best thing.

Before you approach a teacher to serve as your advisor, check with your high school to see what requirements they have for this process. Some IB high schools require your IB Extended Essay advisor to sign an Agreement Form , for instance.

Make sure that you ask your IB coordinator whether there is any required paperwork to fill out. If your school needs a specific form signed, bring it with you when you ask your teacher to be your EE advisor.

#4: Pick an Advisor Who Will Push You to Be Your Best

Some teachers might just take on students because they have to and aren't very passionate about reading drafts, only giving you minimal feedback. Choose a teacher who will take the time to read several drafts of your essay and give you extensive notes. I would not have gotten my A without being pushed to make my Extended Essay draft better.

Ask a teacher that you have experience with through class or an extracurricular activity. Do not ask a teacher that you have absolutely no connection to. If a teacher already knows you, that means they already know your strengths and weaknesses, so they know what to look for, where you need to improve, and how to encourage your best work.

Also, don't forget that your supervisor's assessment is part of your overall EE score . If you're meeting with someone who pushes you to do better—and you actually take their advice—they'll have more impressive things to say about you than a supervisor who doesn't know you well and isn't heavily involved in your research process.

Be aware that the IB only allows advisors to make suggestions and give constructive criticism. Your teacher cannot actually help you write your EE. The IB recommends that the supervisor spends approximately two to three hours in total with the candidate discussing the EE.

#5: Make Sure Your Essay Has a Clear Structure and Flow

The IB likes structure. Your EE needs a clear introduction (which should be one to two double-spaced pages), research question/focus (i.e., what you're investigating), a body, and a conclusion (about one double-spaced page). An essay with unclear organization will be graded poorly.

The body of your EE should make up the bulk of the essay. It should be about eight to 18 pages long (again, depending on your topic). Your body can be split into multiple parts. For example, if you were doing a comparison, you might have one third of your body as Novel A Analysis, another third as Novel B Analysis, and the final third as your comparison of Novels A and B.

If you're conducting an experiment or analyzing data, such as in this EE , your EE body should have a clear structure that aligns with the scientific method ; you should state the research question, discuss your method, present the data, analyze the data, explain any uncertainties, and draw a conclusion and/or evaluate the success of the experiment.

#6: Start Writing Sooner Rather Than Later!

You will not be able to crank out a 4,000-word essay in just a week and get an A on it. You'll be reading many, many articles (and, depending on your topic, possibly books and plays as well!). As such, it's imperative that you start your research as soon as possible.

Each school has a slightly different deadline for the Extended Essay. Some schools want them as soon as November of your senior year; others will take them as late as February. Your school will tell you what your deadline is. If they haven't mentioned it by February of your junior year, ask your IB coordinator about it.

Some high schools will provide you with a timeline of when you need to come up with a topic, when you need to meet with your advisor, and when certain drafts are due. Not all schools do this. Ask your IB coordinator if you are unsure whether you are on a specific timeline.

Below is my recommended EE timeline. While it's earlier than most schools, it'll save you a ton of heartache (trust me, I remember how hard this process was!):

  • January/February of Junior Year: Come up with your final research topic (or at least your top three options).
  • February of Junior Year: Approach a teacher about being your EE advisor. If they decline, keep asking others until you find one. See my notes above on how to pick an EE advisor.
  • April/May of Junior Year: Submit an outline of your EE and a bibliography of potential research sources (I recommend at least seven to 10) to your EE advisor. Meet with your EE advisor to discuss your outline.
  • Summer Between Junior and Senior Year: Complete your first full draft over the summer between your junior and senior year. I know, I know—no one wants to work during the summer, but trust me—this will save you so much stress come fall when you are busy with college applications and other internal assessments for your IB classes. You will want to have this first full draft done because you will want to complete a couple of draft cycles as you likely won't be able to get everything you want to say into 4,000 articulate words on the first attempt. Try to get this first draft into the best possible shape so you don't have to work on too many revisions during the school year on top of your homework, college applications, and extracurriculars.
  • August/September of Senior Year: Turn in your first draft of your EE to your advisor and receive feedback. Work on incorporating their feedback into your essay. If they have a lot of suggestions for improvement, ask if they will read one more draft before the final draft.
  • September/October of Senior Year: Submit the second draft of your EE to your advisor (if necessary) and look at their feedback. Work on creating the best possible final draft.
  • November-February of Senior Year: Schedule your viva voce. Submit two copies of your final draft to your school to be sent off to the IB. You likely will not get your grade until after you graduate.

Remember that in the middle of these milestones, you'll need to schedule two other reflection sessions with your advisor . (Your teachers will actually take notes on these sessions on a form like this one , which then gets submitted to the IB.)

I recommend doing them when you get feedback on your drafts, but these meetings will ultimately be up to your supervisor. Just don't forget to do them!


The early bird DOES get the worm!

How Is the IB Extended Essay Graded?

Extended Essays are graded by examiners appointed by the IB on a scale of 0 to 34 . You'll be graded on five criteria, each with its own set of points. You can learn more about how EE scoring works by reading the IB guide to extended essays .

  • Criterion A: Focus and Method (6 points maximum)
  • Criterion B: Knowledge and Understanding (6 points maximum)
  • Criterion C: Critical Thinking (12 points maximum)
  • Criterion D: Presentation (4 points maximum)
  • Criterion E: Engagement (6 points maximum)

How well you do on each of these criteria will determine the final letter grade you get for your EE. You must earn at least a D to be eligible to receive your IB Diploma.

Although each criterion has a point value, the IB explicitly states that graders are not converting point totals into grades; instead, they're using qualitative grade descriptors to determine the final grade of your Extended Essay . Grade descriptors are on pages 102-103 of this document .

Here's a rough estimate of how these different point values translate to letter grades based on previous scoring methods for the EE. This is just an estimate —you should read and understand the grade descriptors so you know exactly what the scorers are looking for.

Here is the breakdown of EE scores (from the May 2021 bulletin):

How Does the Extended Essay Grade Affect Your IB Diploma?

The Extended Essay grade is combined with your TOK (Theory of Knowledge) grade to determine how many points you get toward your IB Diploma.

To learn about Theory of Knowledge or how many points you need to receive an IB Diploma, read our complete guide to the IB program and our guide to the IB Diploma requirements .

This diagram shows how the two scores are combined to determine how many points you receive for your IB diploma (3 being the most, 0 being the least). In order to get your IB Diploma, you have to earn 24 points across both categories (the TOK and EE). The highest score anyone can earn is 45 points.


Let's say you get an A on your EE and a B on TOK. You will get 3 points toward your Diploma. As of 2014, a student who scores an E on either the extended essay or TOK essay will not be eligible to receive an IB Diploma .

Prior to the class of 2010, a Diploma candidate could receive a failing grade in either the Extended Essay or Theory of Knowledge and still be awarded a Diploma, but this is no longer true.

Figuring out how you're assessed can be a little tricky. Luckily, the IB breaks everything down here in this document . (The assessment information begins on page 219.)

40+ Sample Extended Essays for the IB Diploma Programme

In case you want a little more guidance on how to get an A on your EE, here are over 40 excellent (grade A) sample extended essays for your reading pleasure. Essays are grouped by IB subject.

  • Business Management 1
  • Chemistry 1
  • Chemistry 2
  • Chemistry 3
  • Chemistry 4
  • Chemistry 5
  • Chemistry 6
  • Chemistry 7
  • Computer Science 1
  • Economics 1
  • Design Technology 1
  • Design Technology 2
  • Environmental Systems and Societies 1
  • Geography 1
  • Geography 2
  • Geography 3
  • Geography 4
  • Geography 5
  • Geography 6
  • Literature and Performance 1
  • Mathematics 1
  • Mathematics 2
  • Mathematics 3
  • Mathematics 4
  • Mathematics 5
  • Philosophy 1
  • Philosophy 2
  • Philosophy 3
  • Philosophy 4
  • Philosophy 5
  • Psychology 1
  • Psychology 2
  • Psychology 3
  • Psychology 4
  • Psychology 5
  • Social and Cultural Anthropology 1
  • Social and Cultural Anthropology 2
  • Social and Cultural Anthropology 3
  • Sports, Exercise and Health Science 1
  • Sports, Exercise and Health Science 2
  • Visual Arts 1
  • Visual Arts 2
  • Visual Arts 3
  • Visual Arts 4
  • Visual Arts 5
  • World Religion 1
  • World Religion 2
  • World Religion 3


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IB Business Management Extended Essay: The Complete Guide

Author Image

by  Antony W

October 28, 2023

IB Business Management Extended Essay

The IB Business Management Extended Essay is an assessment designed to assess your ability to analyze and understand business activities at the different levels of the economy.

In this assignment, you have to:

  • Choose an interesting topic to explore.
  • Develop a research question .
  • Do in-depth research on the issue.
  • Write a critically analyzed argument.
  • Present credible data and evidence for your work. 

Help for Assessment offers professional EE writing service for all approved subjects, including Business Management. So if you have limited time, hire our service and get more flexibility to complete the paper on time.

IB Business Management Extended Essay Research Question

The research question is important in IB Business Management Extended Essay because the entire assignment hinges on it.

You want to make sure you EE in Business and Management meets the following conditions:

The term scope refers to how wide the topic you selected is. Don’t focus on a research question that lacks sufficient research material for the 4,000 words limit.

Instead, choose a topic that’s highly specific, one to which you can find sufficient information to cover more comprehensively.

2. Ability to Apply Concepts and Techniques Learned

Choose a research question that lets you apply business analysis methods, terminologies, and techniques that you’ve learned.

Not only should the question have a tight link to the syllabus, but also it should allow you to draw direct links to the theoretical concepts taught in the business management coursework.

Keep in mind the goal of the EE in business isn’t to show off your knowledge but to prove that you understand and can apply what you’ve already learned.

3. Availability of Research Material

A research question may look great, but it isn’t going to be worth focusing on if it lacks the depth of material and knowledge base to warrant the 4,000-word treatment.

If you can’t access records or useful research data for the research question, drop it.

4. Usefulness and Application

Your research question should be relevant and applicable to the current business environment.

You may draw your inspiration from journals and newspapers for current ideas.

5. Engaging

Don’t just develop an EE research question simply because you find it interesting. It has to be something that you’ve actually investigated or have always want to research.

That way, you’ll have an easy time pulling off the engagement part of the assessment criteria.

Check out our post on IB Business & Management EE Topics   for some ideas that might be interesting to explore.

IB Business Management EE Outline to Use

The following is the structure of an IB Extended Essay for Business Management:

ee structure

It’s the first page of your IB Business Management Extended essay. While it’s not included in your word count, it’s an important part of the assignment that includes the following information:

  • Your Business Management EE Title:  Should not be a question but a clear, summarized statement of your research question
  • Your Research Question:  Write your question in this section
  • The Subject:  The subject should be “Business Management”
  • Word Count:  This part should be your word count

You should not write your name, candidate name, date, or school name on the page title of the Extended Essay.

Table of Content

This part is also not included in your word count, but you must include it because it’s part of the assignment.

Include all parts of your IB Business Management Extended essay in this section. Don’t forget to include the page numbers.

Introduction (About 250 Words)

The introduction is a section where you provide a clear context for your research question.

Use this space to describe why your research is interesting and why it’s important to your audience.

Make sure your audience knows what you’ll be exploring, how you intend to explore your research question, and how valuable your research is to your audience.

Methodology (About 350 Words)

Have two parts for the methodology, one explaining your sources and the other one explaining your tools – with the limitations and drawbacks of each.

Methodology Part 1: Sources

State and explain  primary and secondary sources  for your research. Make sure to include the benefit and weaknesses of each source.

Some insightful sources include news articles, encyclopedias, company annual reports, and magazine articles.

These make good secondary sources, which is where majority of your research should come from.

Methodology Part 2: Tools

Here, state the tools you will use and make sure to include a brief description explaining why you’re going to use them in IB Business Management EE.

If you change your tools as you write your EE, mention those changes here.

Main Body (About 2800 Words)

The main body is the largest part of you IB Business Management Extended Essay.

In this section, you will share your research, analysis, discussion, and evaluation .  You can divide the section into two, the first part for your tools and the second for your research.

In the first part, show your teacher that you know how to do what you’ve learned in the IB Business Management class.

The second part is where you make an impression with your research, which sometimes can go beyond what you’ve learned in the classroom.

As you work on the body part of the essay, make sure each paragraph relates to the research question. So make sure you include only the tools and research that answers the questions properly.

Tie everything together to show that what you’ve done so far fully answers your research question. You can also mention the limitations of your research.

Also, you can try to explain other unresolved questions, but don’t introduce any new idea in the essay.


This isn’t included in your word count, but aiming for at most 3 or 4 pages of sources should be fine for the assignment.

IB Business Management Extended Essay Rubric and Assessment Criteria

extended essay rubric

IB Business Management EE Rubric (Assessment Criteria)

IB evaluates business management extended essays based on the following 5 criteria:

  • Focus and method 
  • Knowledge and understanding
  • Critical thinking
  • Presentation

The grades range from A to E, with the top grade having a maximum of 34 points and anything worse than a C being a fail.

While the professional judgment of selected instructors can affect your grades, these descriptors used to determine the actual grade that you get in the end.

Criterion A: Focus and Method 

Criterion A examines how unique, focused, intelligent, and analytical you’re when using techniques learned in the course and outside the classroom.

Evaluators expect you to demonstrate your scholastic ability to apply theories in practical situations, come up with answers to you research issue, and offer a possible solution to the problem at hand.

To score a 6 for focus and method:

  • Develop a clear, focused research question.
  • Use secondary sources for topic research.
  • Support your arguments with relevant, recent, and credible evidence or data.
  • Develop a well-organized, logical methodology leading up to your conclusions. 

Criteria B: Knowledge and Understanding

Knowledge and understanding focuses on not only how much you’ve learned in the course but also how well you can apply the concepts taught in class to the real world.

To show a business-oriented thinking, use business terminologies.

You can use abstract concepts in the paper, but you should also add thorough explanation your process using a simple language that readers can understand.

Diagrams and charts can help explain concepts that would be hard to explain in words, but it’s important to explain each so that your ideas are clear.

As you explain business trends linked to your research topic, ensure your ideas follow an analytical process while remaining grounded in the case you’re exploring.

Criteria C: Critical Thinking

To score high on this criterion, show a unique application of business concepts, technique, theories, and methods to analyze the problem under investigation.

  • Back your argument with in-depth, credible research.
  • Be self-critical, making sure you evaluate the accuracy and reliability of your sources.
  • Comment on the gaps or weaknesses your arguments don’t solve and suggest what you think researchers can do to solve these issues.
  • Use the analytical techniques learned in the course to follow up every point you make in your business management extended essay.

Criterion D: Presentation

The presentation criterion looks at how well you organize and communicate your ideas. The common academic standards evaluated include:

  • A clear and easy to understand language
  • Clearly labeled charts, graphs, figures, and images
  • A well-structured essay with headings and subheadings

Criterion E: Engagement

Criterion E evaluates how you engage with the research topic based on the subject’s intersection in your life.

Avoid using a third-person perspective because doing so will earn you few points.

Quite instances of personal interactions instead, and show that the research question you choose is relevant to you and others.

IB Business Management Extended Essay Grade Descriptors

Grade Descriptors in IB EE

The following are the grade descriptors used for IB Business Management Extended Essay:

Descriptor A

To get an A, you must have a clear research question, conduct relevant research, and demonstrate expert knowledge and understanding of the materials taught in the classroom.

Also, show a comprehensive engagement to and explanation of the problem.

Your extended essay in business management should feature a logical, structural layout, include key reflections, and have relevant, accurate conclusions.

Descriptor B

To score a B, you need to demonstrate good knowledge of research, appropriate research skill, and a reasonable application of the business concepts and techniques learned in the classroom.

Also, offer a synthesis of an effective research question, a satisfactory presentation, and conclusion supported by evidence presented in the IB business management extended essay.

Descriptor C

Students who score a C for their extended essay in business management are those who display some knowledge and understanding of the key concepts involved, including reasonable application of the topic.

However, the essay fails to synthesize the research question, it offers descriptive instead of an evaluative discussion, there are errors in the arguments use, and structure used is poor.

Descriptor D

Business management extended essays that score a D reflect poor research that lead to a general focus.

Although the essay shows some relevant knowledge of the topic, the content is full of discrepancies and inaccuracies.

In addition to the lack of a logical structure and coherent readability, the essay lacks a critical evaluation of the topic and the conclusions are inconsistent.

Descriptor E

An E is the grade awarded to an unclear essay with an unsystematic approach. The essay lacks a clear focus because it portrays limited knowledge of key concept, not to mention it has an inconsistent analysis and an inaccurate conclusion.

Tips to Write a Compelling IB Business Management Extended Essay

how to write IB business management EE

1.  Choose Your Research Question

The research question for your IB Business Management Extended essay should not be practical or actionable.

This is applicable only in the Internal Assessment.

Also, make your research question focused, not too broad and not to narrow. While you should be asking relatively simple questions, make sure they aren’t too obvious.

2.  Formatting Your Work

Your IB teacher will also look into how you format your work. So it’s important to make sure you get this right from the start.

Use the Times New Roman font type and 12-point font size. Double space your work and make sure every page has a number.

3.  Citing Sources

You need to cite all the sources you use in writing your IB Business Management Extended Essay. You can use any citation format, but it’s preferable to MLA.

And don’t worry if you find citing sources somewhat confusing. Our  guide on sources and citation   should be enough to point you in the right direction.

4. Sticking to the Word Count

Your piece of research should not exceed  4,000 words.

Even if you feel like you have a lot to write to  make your ideas clear ,  you should trim down during revision if your work is more than 4,000 words already.

5. Write a Great Reflection

The   reflection   for your IB Business Management Extended essay is not only important as the other parts of the assignment.

It’s also about 18% of the total grade. So you should give it your best shot.

6. Edit Your Work Thoroughly

Reading a 4,000-word IB Business Management Extended Essay after spending so many hours writing it can be rather boring and much less time consuming.

But doing so is the only way to make sure your essay is good enough for submission and ready for marking.

  • Look out for grammar and spelling mistakes and fix them. Use a tool such as Grammarly to make your work easier
  • Rewrite longer sentences, making them short and concise.
  • Don’t hesitate to trim down word count in a sentence if you can say the same thing but in fewer words
  • Do parts of your essay sound redundant? Delete them, regardless of where they appear in the essay
  • Have you used a source you haven’t cited? Go back and fix the error

Editing your work thoroughly isn’t the fun part of working on an IB Business Management Extended Essay. However, it goes a long way to make your essay read better.

About the author 

Antony W is a professional writer and coach at Help for Assessment. He spends countless hours every day researching and writing great content filled with expert advice on how to write engaging essays, research papers, and assignments.

extended essay examples business

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Excellent extended essays - business & management, find example excellent essays, click on the subjects to browse the list of excellent extended essays..

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IB Extended Essay - Class of 2024: Business Management

  • Introduction
  • Scholarly Sources
  • Books & eBooks
  • World Studies
  • Global Politics

Business Management

  • Subject Guidelines
  • Contact a Librarian

Business Summary:

  • In-depth research in a topic in business management.  Apply business management theories, tools and techniques in an analytical essay addressing the research question. 
  • Should NOT duplicate the Internal Assessment.  
  • Review business theories, concepts, principles
  • critically analyze their use and application in the business world and their impact on business activity
  • ***more sources, more academic research, more in-depth than the IA

Analytical tools and data:

Analytical tools (refer to the business management syllabus):

  • Ansoff Matrix
  • Break-even analysis
  • Decision tree
  • Financial statements and ratio analysis
  • Fishbone diagram
  • Force field analysis
  • position maps
  • stakeholder analysis
  • STEEPLE analysis
  • SWOT analysis

Conceptual perspective can add to the essay; consider:

  • the effect of new technology on organizational innovation
  • the cultural and ethical implications of business decisions

Business theories and analysis:

  • Integrate the discussion of theories and analytical tools throughout the essay; do not write about them separately.  Theories and analytical tools should be supported by evidence from secondary sources.
  • Conclusions should be derived from evidence, rather than personal opinion.

Questions and Research Approach

Example Question & Approach:

Topic: An evaluation of the introduction of Total Quality Management (TQM) at ABC Company.

Research Question: To what extent has the introduction of total quality management (TQM) improved quality at ABC Company?

Approach to the research: 

  • A literature review of how quality management techniques have changed with the introduction of TQM in the industry of ABC company.
  • Selection of relevant indicators measuring quality and collection of the corresponding data for ABC Company
  • Analysis of the ways ABC company has adapted its approach to managing quality, and the impact of this on the selected indicators..

Subject Specific Sources

  • EE - Primary and Secondary Sources
  • Open the PDF note the types of sources for each IB Subject.
  • Find the subject you are considering. 
  • Read the " subject-specific source lists " and the " types of sources ". Guidance for each subject will appear two times in this document; be sure to read both sections. 
  • What are the recommended types of  primary sources for your subject? What are the types of  secondary sources  for your subject? What is the treatment of primary and secondary source material in your subject?
  • Take notes on your handout : What did you learn by reading this document? Where might you begin your research? 

Business Databases

Library of Congress Research Guide for conducting company research

  • Private, Public, American and Global companies
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  • The BM Extended Essay

The Business Management Extended EssayThe popularity of Business Management for the Extended Essay is highlighted in the line graph above, which illustrates an impressive growth rate of 493.2% during the period shown above. Business Management is now the fifth most popular EE subject (after History, English A, Psychology, and Biology).The Extended Essay aims to provide students with the opportunity to:

To access the entire contents of this site, you need to log in or subscribe to it.

Alternatively, you can request a one month free trial .

Example essays

The International Baccalaureate® (IB)  programme resource centre,  a key resource for educators at IB World Schools, includes several examples of  extended essay titles .

These highlight the diverse range of topics covered by International Baccalaureate® (IB) Diploma Programme (DP) students during their extended essays.

Some examples are:

  • “An analysis of costume as a source for understanding the inner life of the character”
  • “A study of malnourished children in Indonesia and the extent of their recovery after a period of supervised improved nutrition.”
  • “Doing  versus  being: language and reality in the Mimamsa school of Indian philosophy.” 
  • “The effects of sugar-free chewing gum on the pH of saliva in the mouth after a meal.”
  • “To what extent has the fall in the exchange rate of the US dollar affected the tourist industry in Carmel, California?”
  •  “What level of data compression in music files is acceptable to the human ear?”

Also available in the programma resource centre , the Diploma Programme Assessment Procedures has guidance on choosing a subject for the extended essay.

The PRC is only available to existing IB World Schools.

You can also purchase examples of essays in the IB Store . These essays fulfil the requirements for an ‘A’ grade in the extended essay.

If your school is not one already, learn how to become an IB World School  in order to implement the DP.

extended essay examples business

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100 IB Extended Essay Topic Ideas!

extended essay examples business

One of the biggest keys to the Extended Essay is choosing which subject you want to write your work in and developing that crucial research question. Read on to find inspiration for topics across a wide range of subjects.

Extended Essay: The Love/Hate aspect of the IB

One of the biggest keys to the Extended Essay is choosing which subject you want to write your work in and developing that crucial research question. Annoyingly, coming up with that idea and research question can be the toughest part of the entire process. Writing 4,000 words about something you are interested in is a big ask and it often feels impossible to narrow down your thoughts. To make everything super clear, here are 100 Extended Essay Topics for you to draw inspiration from! Use these as a springboard to create your own research question !

Get Support from A Top Tutor Today

At Lanterna we have over 300 tutors who smashed their Extended Essay. They know exactly how to get an A in your EE and can give you tips and tricks on how you can do the same. What are you waiting for? Get your own tutor today !

How to Begin Your IB Extended Essay

To make everything super clear, here are 100 Extended Essay Topics for you to draw inspiration from! Use these as a springboard to  create your own research question !

Get Support from a Top Tutor Today

At Lanterna, we have over 300 tutors who smashed their Extended Essay. They know exactly how to get an A in your EE and can give you tips and tricks on how you can do the same. What are you waiting for? Get your own tutor today!

10 Steps to Writing an Extended Essay

Before we look at specific topics for your essay, let’s recap the 10-steps you’ll need to follow to complete your extended essay.

1. Define the Topic and Draft the Research Question

2. Create a Timeline

3. Identify and gather Sources

4. Set Deadlines

5. Plan the structure according to the total word count

6. Evaluate

7. independent Research

8. Write the extended essay draft

10. Present

By following the steps above, you should be able to produce a logical and coherent rationale to follow when writing the extended essay for your IB diploma programme.

By starting with a solid research question, you’ll be able to put an extended essay of global significance together, from the research and writing process all the way through to your final submission with a favourable extended essay grade.

Below, we’re sharing 10 topics across 10 subjects to inspire your next IB extended essay.

1. How the change of habitat affects an X organism?

2. How does climate affect the growth of X plant?

3. Can photosynthesis take place without sunlight?

4. What is the effect of age and gender on the photoreceptor cells in the human retina?

5. How is climate change impacting the appearance of coral reefs?

6. An evaluation of how  antioxidants  work in our bodies?

7. Does hand sanitizer, hand soap or antibacterial wipes have the greatest ability to inhibit the growth of E. Coli?

8. To what extent do live cultures in yogurts/milk/other dairy products reduce the concentration of lactose present over the course of a 2 hour incubation period at x°C?

9. What is the relationship between  population density  between X and population size of X?

10. What is the relationship between indoleacetic acid, a growth hormone, and the growth of X (a crop)?

11. How does human influence impact an aquatic ecosystem?

12. How can one organize a pollution check along a X canal in X?

13. What is the effect of the increased ecological footprint in the  Amazon ?

14. What are the forest and woodland restoration in Siberia, Russia and which one is most effective?

15. How does human interference cause ecological imbalances in an X city/country/continent?

16. What is the impact of urban development on the  bee population  in X city?

17. What are the differences in the conversation efforts in Yosemite National Park (California, USA) and the Lake District National Park (UK)?

18. To what extent have healthcare policies in X country influenced their human population curve?

19. How have changes in environmental systems influenced the value system of X country?

20. How has X landfill site affected the surrounding terrestrial ecosystem?

21. What is the profitability of  airline companies ?

22. How does unemployment affect the market?

23. Why did X recession occur?

24. How did the financial Policy affect the economy in X?

25. How effective are government policies in reducing overconsumption of alcohol (specifically hard liquor)?

26. To what extent are public buses and subways substitute goods in a country?

27. How did the tax reform in country x affect its growth and development? (many countries to choose from)

28. To what extent was weak government policy responsible for the Latin American financial crisis of 1997?

29. How effective is the  Big Mac Index  in measuring purchasing power parity?

30. To what extent would the UK suffer from leaving the European Customs Union if Brexit happens?

31. Is there an association between viewing violence on television and the display of violent acts?

32. What motivational climate should a coach employ in order to achieve optimal performance in athletes?

33. How does  X hormone affect human behavior ?

34. Compare theories explaining altruism in human behaviour

35. Discuss short-term and long-term consequences of exposure to violence

36. Why do relationships change or end?

37. Discuss how  social variables (poverty, parenting, educational environment) may the affect cognitive environment.

38. To what extent do mirror neurons play a role in empathy? (2014)

39. To what extent does Mindfulness help people cope with General Anxiety Disorder (GAD)?

40. To what extent is drug therapy effective in the treatment of bipolar disorder?

41. Does the British Parliamentary reforms act of 1832 deserve its title as the great reform act?

42. To what extent are there similarities in Hitler and Mussolini’s Rise to Power?

43. To what extent did Mao’s tackle the problems which he faced?

44. Was Tsar Alexander II of Russia reforms a success or failure?

45. To what extent was the bombing of Dresden in 1945 justifiable?

46. To what extent can  Sweden be considered neutral during WWII ?

47. The impact of structural economic weakness on the collapse of the Soviet Union.

48. How were women treated differently in 1920s and 1950s Great Britain?

49. Why did Israel win the  Six Day War  of 1967?

50. What role did economics play in the unification of Germany from 1834 to 1871?

English Literature

51. What are the Compare and Contrast Jane Austen Books?

52. How does Joseph Conrad’s portray Racism in A Heart of Darkness?

53. How does Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman critique today’s capitalist society? The American Dream?

54. To what extent does Chris McCandless in Jon Krakauer’s Into the Wild escape familial influence?

55. What are the similarities and differences between J.K. Rowling’s characterization of Severus Snape in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?

56. How does Yaa Gyasi use structure in her novel Homegoing to portray the evolution of time?

57. What is the impact of the social context on Holden Caufield and Huckleberry Finn?

58. How does Sylvia Path’s use of Inanimate objects in Bell Jar?

59. How is the empowerment of Feminine portrayed in the Lord of the Rings?

60. Compare the political rhetoric as used in the inaugural addresses of George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump.

61. The design, construction and calibration of an apparatus for measuring lipid concentration in milk.

62. What is the effect of a change in the optimal lift on the horizontal gliding distance of an aircraft?

63. How does the sugar concentration affect the refractive index of water?

64. How does temperature affect the viscosity of X juice/soda?

65. Is the relationship between temperature and conductivity and insulators and conductors?

66. What is the Oberth Effect?

67. What is the temperature dependence of work performed on an AA battery?

68. How can the rotational frequency of a fan driven by a flame measure distance?

69. Do wine bottles of different shapes behave as Helmholtz resonators?

70. How does the diameter of a wheel affect stability in different weather conditions?

71. What factors influence the location of industries in country/city X?

72. An investigation into the significance of preserving the quality of water in a continent/country/city?

73. An investigation into the degree to which City X can be considered a Sustainable City/Community.

74. To what extent is Biodiversity being managed successfully in city X?

75. To what extent does the education and employment of women affect Country x’s fertility rate?

76. To what extent do gender, educational attainment, and working parameters influence obesity risk?

77. To what extent has urban development affected human thermal comfort levels in Country/city x (a country/city that has developed in a rapid rate over the past decades)?

78. To what extent is the Company x corporate waste management program effective, demonstrating environmental sustainability?

79. To what extent is biodiversity being managed successfully at National Park X?

80. What types of urban design encourage high rates of vandalism in X neighbourhoods?

81. The kinetics of Enzymatic Reactions.

82. How do Iron Intake Diets differ in X country?

83. What are the different factors that affect the iodine values in cooking oils?

84. What is the effect of standing time and temperate on the acid content in X juice or soda?

85. Can caffeine in tea or coffee be reduced?

86. What is the effect of temperature on the souring of milk?

87. What are the sources of error in calorimetry?

88. Does brushing your teeth affect the pH in your mouth after eating?

89. How does changing the concentration of the reagents affect the formation and spacing between Liesehang rings in the reaction between X chloride and X when conducted in a test tube?

90. What effect does the coating of aspirin tablets have on the hydrolysis of aspirin?

Social and Cultural Anthropology

91. How clothing relates to the cultural anthropology of X culture.

92. The extent to which social media networks affect different societies.

93. The relationship between ritual, myths and faith in an X society.

94. The history of rituals in X culture.

95. How different marriage rituals inform the cultural anthropology of X culture.

96. Climate change and its impact on the evolution of different creatures on the planet.

97. Understanding the social and cultural anthropology of the supernatural in X culture.

98. An analysis of body modification in relation to social and cultural anthropology.

100. Chaste systems and social ranks in societies.

There are so many class subjects that can form the basis of your extended essay, including these popular six subjects:

– Information technology

– Computer science

– Health science

– World studies

– Visual arts

– Business management

Extended essays are a great way to improve your writing skills in academic writing. Essays of a high standard that demonstrate critical thinking and in depth analysis can be submitted to academic journals. These have the potential to reach the global society.

Start Writing Your Extended Essay Topic

We hope this gave you some great inspiration for the variation of topics available for your Extended Essay . The research question you select is what will carry you through the entire process, so be sure to choose wisely!

Remember, if you are looking for more help with your Extended Essay, make sure to check out our guide which will tell you exactly how to plan, structure, research and write your Extended Essay!

Grab Free Extended Essay Resources!

No matter the subject groups in your diploma program, we’re here to help all of our IB students. Whether you’re writing about social and cultural anthropology, business management, design technology, or scientific methods for your IB diploma, Lanterna has you covered.

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Table of contents


Use our free Readability checker

The IB extended essay is a paper of up to 4,000 words that is required for students enrolled in the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma program. The extended essay allows students to engage in independent research on a topic within one of the available subject areas.

The extended essay should be an original piece of academic writing that demonstrates the following student's abilities:

  • Formulating a research question
  • Conductig independent investigation
  • Presenting key findings in a scholarly format.

Check out this article by StudyCrumb to discover how to write an IB extendend essay properly. We will give you a complete writing guide and critical tips you need for this essay type.

IB Extended Essay: What Is It?

An extended essay is independent research. Usually students choose a topic in consultation with a mentor. It is an integral part of the International Baccalaureate (IB) degree program. This means that you won't receive a degree without a successfully written paper. It requires 4,000-word study on a chosen narrow topic. To get a high score, you should meet all required structure and formatting standards. This is the result of approximately 40 working hours. Its purpose is giving you the opportunity to try independent research writing. It's approved that these skills are critical for student success at university. The following sections explain how to write an extended article with examples. So keep reading!  

Choosing a Mentor for Extended Essay

IB extended essay guidelines require supervisor meetings, totaling 3-5 hours. They include three critical reflections. A mentor won't write a paper instead of you but can help adjust it. So it is important to consult with them, but no one will proofread or correct actual research for you. In general, initially treat an essay as an exclusively individual work. So your role and contribution are maximal.

Extended Essay Outline

Let's take a look at how to write an extended essay outline. In this part, you organize yourself so that your work develops your idea. So we especially recommend you work out this step with your teacher. You can also find any outline example for essay . In your short sketch, plan a roadmap for your thoughts. Think through and prepare a summary of each paragraph. Then, expand annotation of each section with a couple more supporting evidence. Explain how specific examples illustrate key points. Make it more significant by using different opinions on general issues.  

Extended Essay: Getting Started

After you chose an extended essay topic and made an outline, it's time to start your research. Start with a complete Table of Contents and make a choice of a research question. Select the subject in which you feel most confident and which is most interesting for you. For example, if at school you are interested in natural science, focus on that. If you have difficulties choosing a research question, rely on our essay topic generator .

Extended Essay Introduction

In the introduction of an extended essay, present a thesis statement. But do it in such a way that your readers understand the importance of your research. State research question clearly. That is the central question that you are trying to answer while writing. Even your score depends on how you develop your particular research question. Therefore, it is essential to draw it up correctly. Gather all relevant information from relevant sources. Explain why this is worth exploring. Then provide a research plan, which you will disclose further.  

Extended Essay Methodology

In accordance with extended essay guidelines, it's mandatory to choose and clearly state a methodological approach. So, it will be apparent to your examiner how you answered your research question. Include your collection methods and tools you use for collection and analysis. Your strategies can be experimental or descriptive, quantitative or qualitative. Research collection tools include observations, questionnaires, interviews, or background knowledge.

Extended Essay Main Body

Well, here we come to the most voluminous part of the extended essay for IB! In every essay body paragraph , you reveal your research question and discuss your topic. Provide all details of your academic study. But stay focused and do it without dubious ideas. Use different sources of information to provide supporting arguments and substantial evidence. This will impress professors. For this section, 3 main paragraphs are enough. Discuss each idea or argument in a separate paragraph. You can even use supporting quotes where appropriate. But don't overcomplicate. Make your extended essay easy to read and logical. It's critical to stay concise, so if you aren't sure how to make your text readable, use our tool to get a readbility test . Following the plan you outlined earlier is very important. Analyze each fact before including it in your writing. And don't write unnecessary information.

Extended Essay Conclusion

Now let's move on to the final part of IB extended essay guidelines. In conclusion, focus on summarizing the main points you have made. No new ideas or information can be introduced in this part. Use conclusion as your last chance to impress your readers. Reframe your own strong thesis. Here you must show all key points. Do not repeat absolutely every argument. Better try to make this part unique. This will show that you have a clear understanding of the topic you have chosen. And even more professional will be recommendations of new areas for future research. One good paragraph may be enough here. Although in some cases, two or three paragraphs may be required.

Extended Essay Bibliography & Appendices

To write an impressive extended essay, you should focus on appropriate information. You must create a separate page for bibliography with all sources you used. Tip from us: start writing this page with the first quote you use. Don't write this part last or postpone. In turn, appendices are not an essential section. Examiners will not pay much attention to this part. Therefore, include all information directly related to analysis and argumentation in the main body. Include raw data in the appendix only if it is really urgently needed. Moreover, it is better not to refer to appendices in text itself. This can disrupt the narrative of the essay.  

Extended Essay Examples

We have prepared a good example of an extended essay. You can check it by downloading it for free. You can use it as a template. However, pay attention that your paper is required to be unique. Don't be afraid to present all the skills you gained during your IB.


Final Thoughts on IB Extended Essay

In this article, we presented detailed IB extended essay guidelines. An extended essay is a daunting academic challenge to write. It is a research paper with a deep thematic analysis of information. But we have described several practical and straightforward tips. Therefore, we are sure that you will succeed!


If topics seem too complex, turn to our top essay writers. They will accomplish any IB assignment in the best way your professor can evaluate it!  


Daniel Howard is an Essay Writing guru. He helps students create essays that will strike a chord with the readers.


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US - Extended Essay Guide: Examples of Extended Essays

  • Class of '25 EE Deadline Calendar
  • 2024 EE Deadline Calendar
  • Examples of Extended Essays
  • Computer Science
  • Design Technology
  • Global Politics
  • Studies in Lang. and Lit. (Group 1)
  • Studies in Lang. and Lit. (Group 2)
  • Mathematics
  • Sports, Exercise, and Health Science
  • World Studies
  • Print and eBooks
  • Web Resources
  • Searching Tips
  • Referencing and citing
  • Notetaking Advice
  • Tools and Strategies to Narrow Your Topic
  • Supervisor Support

ZIS Sample Essays 2018

  • Sample ZIS Extended Essays 2018 These ZIS student essays from 2018 scored either an A or B. Access is only given to anyone with the link at Zurich International School. Use them to analyse style and formatting as well to brainstorm ideas for topics. However, be aware that these are not research questions to be reused.

Extended Essay & RPPF Exemplars

  • (Language B) Studies in language and literature: Punk music in the UK How did the punk movement influence certain aspects of the British culture did in the 20th century?
  • (Language B) Language acquisition: Linguistic Strategies in the United States Presidential Election Debates 2016 How did the language used by Clinton and Trump in the first, the second and the third presidential debate influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential election in the United States?
  • (Business management) To what extent is it a good idea for Escan ltd to end a strategic alliance with Qupid? To what extent is it a good idea for Escan ltd to end a strategic alliance with Qupid?
  • (Information technology in a global society) The growing digital divide in financial markets To what extent has algorithmic trading led to an increased digital divide in financial markets?
  • (Philosophy) Accidents in driverless cars What is the most appropriate ethical framework for the programming of driverless cars?
  • (Social and cultural anthropology) An investigation of secondary education having an impact on divorce rates: a comparison between Caribbean-born women and African-American women Does secondary education have an impact on divorce rates: a comparison between Caribbean-born women and African-American women.
  • (World religions) Christian and Islamic eschatology What do Islamic and Christian followers believe about the endtimes and how does each belief influence the religion?
  • (Design Technology) Plants in modern architecture. The future of sustainability. To what extent could the implementation of plants in modern building design be a feasible method for future construction, to fight pollution and improve well-being in and around the building environment?
  • (Literature and performance) The Perks of Being a Wallflower: A moving novel and a stigmatized film Why might Charlie's mental illness be portrayed differently in the movie adaptation of the Perks of Being a Wallflower than it is in the book?
  • (Economics) The impact of demonetization on agriculture and farmers in Sultanganj To what extent has India's 2016 demonetization act impacted farmers, Kharif sale and Rabi sowing in Sultanganj?
  • (Environmental systems and societies) Developing a model to evaluate the sustainability of marine turtle conservation organisations What are the criteria that may be used to evaluate the sustainability of marine turtle conservation projects and why?
  • (Geography) The effects of transnational corporations on urban areas To what extent has the influx of technological and financial transnational corporations in the Grand Canal Dock area given rise to disparities between this and the Irishtown-Ringsend area?
  • (Global politics) Violation of human rights: incompatibility of harmful traditional practices and human rights What are the major hindrances in Tanzania and Pakistan to the achievement of human rights and how can they be tackled?
  • (History) Battle of Stalingrad To what extent did German tactical mistakes affect the outcome of the Battle of Stalingrad?
  • (Philosophy) Artificial General Intelligence: a modern pursuit of the Platonic “good life” No stated research question
  • (Psychology) The copycat effect: An analysis of suicides emulated from non-fictional and fictional media To what extent does the “copycat effect” explain similar suicide occurrences subsequent to mass media coverage on non-fictional and fictional suicides?
  • (Biology) Effects of different calcium salts in growth solutions on the growth of the stems of basil (Ocimum basilicum) plants grown hydroponically What effects do different calcium salts in growth solutions have on the growth of the stems of basil (Ocimum basilicum) plants grown hydroponically?
  • (Chemistry) An investigation into the synthesis of Aspirin in accordance with the principles of green chemistry To what extent can the industrial method of synthesis of aspirin be altered to best comply with the principles of green chemistry?
  • (Computer science) An evaluation of malware How does the ILOVEYOU virus compare to the Koobface worm in terms of damage infliction and methods of duplication?
  • (Physics) Aerodynamics What is the relationship between frequency and surface area against lift of the propeller of a toy helicopter?
  • (Sports, exercise and health science) What can influence a better reaction time in martial artists? Does the warm-up of martial artists influence their reaction time in contrast to not warming up?
  • (Mathematics) The use of hyperbolic cosine function in catenary bridge structure The analysis of the relationship between force and other variables in different bridge supporting scenarios.
  • (Dance) Ballet Dance: The influence of choreographer George Balanchine on the style worldwide How has George Balanchine's creativity influenced the style of ballet dance worldwide?
  • (Film) In depth study of Francis Ford Coppola’s The Outsiders (1983) and Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange (1971) Sympathy in film: To what extent does the portrayal of graphic violence in film impart the ability to sympathize with real world situations?
  • (Music) Sibelius' Seventh To what extent did Sibelius write his Seventh Symphony as a one movement compression of traditional symphonic form?
  • (Theatre) Character Development Within Jason Robert Brown's The Last Five Years How do motifs, patterns and tones in Jason Robert Brown's The Last Five Years contribute to the character development and subtext throughout the musical?
  • (Visual arts) Parallels in fashion To what extent did Japanese aesthetics and fashion have an influence on contemporary Danish fashion?
  • (World Studies) Analyse the effects and impacts of the 2003 invasion of Iraq How and to what extent did the Iraq invasion and occupation between the years 2003 and 2005 impact the rise of radical Islamic terrorism?
  • (Language and literature) Criticism towards expectations of masculinity and the idea of patriotism used in the Great War How does All Quiet on the Western Front reveal the expectations of masculinity and patriotism during the early 20th century?
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7+ Extended Essay Templates

Looking for extended essay templates? You’re on the right page. Extended essays may require a degree of technicality. It can be a hassle and stressful for some. To have a glimpse of such essays, we have an array of templates for you.

extended essay templates

Sample Psychology Extended Essay

sample psychology extended essay

Business & Management Extended Essay

business management extended essay

Sample Abstract Extended Essay

sample abstract extended essay

Extended Essay Recommendations

extended essay recommendations

Extended Essay Student Packet

extended essay student packet

Sample Film Extended Essay

sample film extended essay

Extended Essay Checklist

extended essay checklist

Extended Essay Mentor Proposal

extended essay mentor proposal

Recommended Topics for Extended Essay

  • Business and management extended essays. In here, the students are given the opportunity to write potential business plans and tips on how to be effective managers.
  • Film extended essays. For students who fancy the film industry or for those who are film enthusiasts, this can be a great topic to dwell on. You can freely explore the bounds and horizon of filmmaking.
  • Psychology extended essays. In here the primordial focus is the human mind and behavior. In here, students who are curious and interested on the inner machinations of the human mind can delve more and share their experiences and expertise as well as their thoughts.

What’s the Purpose Behind an Extended Essay?

  • Enables the students to pursue a systematic process of research. In order to excel in an extended essay, the student must strategize in order to comprehensively write a topic.
  • Excitement of intellectual growth. In the course of conducting an investigation and thorough research, the student can discover a lot of things and must have varied realizations and insights.
  • Development of one’s critical and creative thinking. The student’s critical minds will be sharpened because they are not just describing a topic but also laying out evidence and proof to support their claims.

More in Essay Templates

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Extended Essay Guide: Criteria, Format, Sample EEs

  • EE Workshops
  • Criteria, Format, Sample EEs
  • Annotated Bibliographies
  • DP Research Process
  • Databases & Academic Journals
  • Evaluate Sources
  • Academic Integrity
  • MLA Citation Format
  • CSE Citation Format (Science & Math)
  • Video Tutorials

The Assessment Crtiteria in Detail!

  • Criterion A: Focus and method
  • Criterion B: Knowledge and understanding
  • Criterion C: Critical Thinking
  • Criterion D: Presentation
  • Criterion E: Engagement
  • EE_How to maximize marks for different subjects?

extended essay examples business

  • Criterion C: Critical thinking

Notes from the IB

RE: Research Question and Title of Extended Essay

Please note the statement below from the EE curriculum manager regarding the need to have both a title and a RQ for all subjects. Previous versions of the EE Guide indicated that the title and the RQ should be the same for History, Business Management and Mathematics. This is no longer the case.  All essays, regardless of the subject, need to have both a RQ and a title.

Hi Kathy, 

To answer your question, I am going to quote directly from a response John Royce provided, on this forum, in October in response to a very similar question: (it was a question about using Spanish sources - hence the mention of Spanish)

It is certainly  permissible to use sources which are not in the language of the essay, but translation into the target language is required , one cannot assume that the reader understands the original language.

It is usual to quote the original as well as presenting the translation.  [Do not put quotation marks around your translation, just around the original]

Umberto Eco argues ("in Mouse or rat?") that direct translation may lose meaning, paraphrase or use of different idioms may be required to get the ideas across. Paul Bellos ("Is that a fish in your ear?") makes a similar argument - direct translation may confound meaning... Direct translation may not be ideal - meaning and understanding are preferred - so, not to worry that your student with her good Spanish cannot present a direct translation.

What  must be made clear is that the translations are those of the student;  these are her understandings. Readers can make of that what they will - and if unsure, are presented with the original - they can seek another translation.  A note in the acknowledgements and/or in the introduction to the effect that all translations are those of the writer is ... essential.

In response to the question about the  Bibliography/Works cited, my preference would be to list the source in its original Thai version, but perhaps with the English in brackets, to help the examiner.

Your bibliography will have the entries in Thai characters first in the document. Any in-text citation to Thai sources will be in (Thai characters [English translation]).

Citation in Thai [English translation]

Works Cited Example:

วงษ์ปัญญา, ธนกร [Wongpunya, Thanakorn]. “โรงงานยาสูบรวยแค่ไหน และเอาเงินไปทำอะไรบ้าง.”  [How rich is the Thailand Tobacco Monopoly and where does the money go?] (candidate translation). The Standard, The Standard, 30 Aug. 2018,

Format of the Extended Essay

Required Formatting

The extended essay should be written in a clear, correct and formal academic style, appropriate to the subject from which the topic is drawn. Given that the extended essay is a formally written research paper, it should strive to maintain a professional, academic look. 

To help achieve this, the following formatting is  required:

  • 12-point, readable font (Calibri or Times New Roman);
  • double spacing throughout entire Essay;
  • page numbering - top right corner;
  • no candidate or school name or supervisor name on the title page or page headers.

Submitting the extended essay in the required format will help set the tone of the essay and will aid readability for on-screen assessment by examiners.

Required S tructure

The structure of the essay is very important. It helps students to organize the argument, making the best use of the evidence collected. 

There are six required elements of the final work to be submitted. More details about each element are given in the  “Presentation”  section. Please note that the order in which these elements are presented here is not necessarily the order in which they should be written. 

Six required elements of the extended essay:

  • Contents page
  • Introduction
  • Body of the essay
  • References and bibliography -- if MLA "Works Cited" if CSE "References"

1. Required Title Page  

The title page should include  only  the following information: 

  • the title of the essay
  • the research question
  • the subject the essay is registered in (if it is a language essay also state which category it falls into; if a world studies essay also state the theme and the two subjects utilized) 

The upper limit is 4,000 words for all extended essays. 

extended essay examples business

2. Required Contents Page

A contents page must be provided at the beginning of the extended essay and all pages should be numbered. Please note that an index page is not required and if included will be treated as if it is not present.

3. Required Introduction

The introduction should tell the reader what to expect in the essay. The introduction should make clear to the reader the focus of the essay, the scope of the research, in particular an indication of the sources to be used, and an insight into the line of argument to be taken. 

While students should have a sense of the direction and key focus of their essay, it is sometimes advisable to finalize the introduction once the body of the essay is complete.

4. Required Body of the Essay  (research, analysis, discussion, and evaluation)

The main task is writing the body of the essay, which should be presented in the form of a reasoned argument. The form of this varies with the subject of the essay but as the argument develops it should be clear to the reader what relevant evidence has been discovered, where/how it has been discovered and how it supports the argument. In some subjects, for example, the sciences, sub-headings within the main body of the essay will help the reader to understand the argument (and will also help the student to keep on track). In structuring their extended essay, students must take into consideration the expected conventions of the subject in which their extended essay is registered. 

Once the main body of the essay is complete, it is possible to finalize the introduction (which tells the reader what to expect) and the conclusion (which says what has been achieved, including notes of any limitations and any questions that have not been resolved). 

Any information that is important to the argument  must not  be included in appendices or footnotes/endnotes. The examiner  will not  read notes or appendices, so an essay that is not complete in itself will be compromised across the assessment criteria.

5. Required Conclusion

The conclusion says what has been achieved, including notes of any limitations and any questions that have not been resolved. While students might draw conclusions throughout the essay based on their findings, it is important that there is a final, summative conclusion at the end. This conclusion(s) must relate to the research question posed.

6.  Required References & Bibliography

Students should use their chosen style of academic referencing as soon as they start writing. That way they are less likely to forget to include a citation. It is also easier than trying to add references at a later stage. For more information on this, refer to the guidelines in the IB document  Effective citing and referencing.

Writing the essay takes time but if students have used their Researcher's reflection space and reflection sessions in a meaningful way they should be well prepared to develop their arguments.

Extended Essay - Examples & Exemplars

  • Essays from May 2018 with IB marks and commentaries
  • Assessed Student Work & Commentary IB-provided. "Student sample extended essays, corresponding marks and comments from senior examiners are available for the following Diploma Programme disciplines. Please note that in light of not having authentic RPPFs to accompany these essays, they are marked against criteria A – D only, for a total of 28 possible marks. Following the first assessment session in 2018, exemplars will be refreshed with authentic sample material." more... less... Biology English Economics History Studies in language and literature Language acquisition Mathematics Psychology Visual arts World studies extended essay (WSEE)
  • Excellenet Extended Essays Concordian GoogleDoc
  • EngA1_Othello EE Othello 2018 From Click the link to see the score and evaluation.
  • Fifty (50) More Excellent Extended Essays DVD by International Baccalaureate Call Number: HS DVD 808.4 ISBN: 9781906345600 Publication Date: 2011 1 DVD-ROM (1:33 min.)

Past CIS Extended Essays

Available in the library behind the desk are file folders of past Extended Essays by Concordian students and IB EE Exemplars. Feel free to browse the papers which must be kept in the library.

extended essay examples business

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Extended Essay

Extended Essay Examples

Cathy A.

26 Best Extended Essay Examples for Inspiration

Published on: May 3, 2023

Last updated on: Jul 21, 2023

Extended essay examples

People also read

A Step-by-Step Guide For Writing an Extended Essay

Extended Essay Outline Made Easy: Components, Writing Steps, & Tips

Get Inspired: 110 Unique Extended Essay Topics and Ideas

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Are you struggling to choose a topic or develop a research question for your Extended Essay? Or are you looking for examples to help guide your writing process? 

Look no further! 

In this blog, we will provide you with a variety of extended essay examples across different subject areas. By examining these examples, you can gain a better understanding of what a well-written extended essay looks like. 

So, without further ado, let's start the blog!

On This Page On This Page -->

What is an Extended Essay?

An extended essay is a research paper that students write as part of the International Baccalaureate (IB) program . This type of essay aims to allow students to dig deeply into a topic, and develop their writing skills.

The Extended Essay must be between 3,500 and 4,000 words. It is typically written in one of the six subject areas: 

  • Language and Literature
  • Language Acquisition
  • Individuals and Societies
  • Mathematics

Want to learn more about Extended essay writing? Check out his video!

Let's explore extended essay examples categorized by subject to better understand various topics and research questions within each discipline.

IB Extended Essay Examples

Here are some IB Extended Essay Examples:

IB Extended Essay Example Biology

IB Extended Essay Example World Religions

English Extended Essay Examples

English Extended Essay Example 1

English Extended Essay Example 2

History Extended Essay Examples

History Extended Essay Example 1

History Extended Essay Example 2

Psychology Extended Essay Examples

Psychology Extended Essay Example 1

Psychology Extended Essay Example 2

Economics Extended Essay Examples 

Economics Extended Essay Example 1

Economics Extended Essay Example 2

Physics Extended Essay Examples -H3

Physics Extended Essay Example 1

Physics Extended Essay Example 2

Math Extended Essay Examples -H3

Math Extended Essay Example 1

Math Extended Essay Example 2

Business Extended Essay Examples -H3

Business Extended Essay Example 1

Business Extended Essay Example 2

Chemistry Extended Essay Examples

Chemistry Extended Essay Example 1

Chemistry Extended Essay Example 2

Global Politics Extended Essay Examples

Global Politics Extended Essay Example 1

Global Politics Extended Essay Example 2

Music Extended Essay Examples

Music Extended Essay Example 1

Music Extended Essay Example 2

Visual Arts Extended Essay Examples

Visual Arts Extended Essay Example 1

Visual Arts Extended Essay Example 2

World Studies Extended Essay Examples -H3

World Studies Extended Essay Example 1

World Studies Extended Essay Example 2

Order Essay

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Tips for Writing Extended Essays

Here are some tips for writing extended essays:

  • Choose a topic that interests you and aligns with your strengths.
  • Create a research question that is specific, manageable, and has enough depth to explore in detail.
  • Develop a clear outline and structure for your essay, including an introduction, main body, and conclusion.
  • Use a variety of sources, including academic journals, books, and primary sources, to support your arguments.
  • Maintain a critical and analytical approach throughout your essay, examining various perspectives and evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of different arguments.
  • Avoid plagiarism by citing your sources correctly and using your own words to explain your ideas.
  • Revise and edit your essay thoroughly, ensuring that it is coherent, logical, and well-written.
  • Seek feedback from your supervisor or teacher, as well as peers or family members, to improve your essay further.

In conclusion, extended essay writing is an essential part of academic life, and it requires a lot of dedication and practice. However, with the right guidance and inspiration, anyone can excel in writing a compelling extended essay. 

The examples we have explored in this blog have provided valuable insights into the process. We hope they have inspired you to start your own journey toward excellence.

But if you need any additional assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to Our extended essay writing service consists of professional writers who are always ready to help you with your writing assignments.

We provide customized essay writing service to meet your specific needs and requirements.

So, get in touch with us today, and let our essay writer help you achieve your academic goals!

Cathy A. (Literature, Life Sciences)

For more than five years now, Cathy has been one of our most hardworking authors on the platform. With a Masters degree in mass communication, she knows the ins and outs of professional writing. Clients often leave her glowing reviews for being an amazing writer who takes her work very seriously.

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Extended essay examples

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Extended Essay Writers

extended essay blog

Business Management Extended Essay Topics

Business Management Extended Essay Topics

Luke MacQuoid

The IB Business Management Extended Essay is an independent research paper that is a required component of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme in Business Management. The Extended Essay is an opportunity for students to conduct in-depth research on a topic of interest within the field of business management. The research process provides students with the opportunity to develop critical thinking, research, and writing skills, as well as an understanding of the research process.

The Extended Essay requires students to choose a research question, conduct a literature review, and collect and analyze data. The essay should be approximately 4000 words in length and must include a research question, an abstract, an introduction, a methodology section, a conclusion, and a bibliography. The essay should be written in a formal academic style and should be based on primary and/or secondary research.

The Extended Essay is graded on a scale of 0-36, and students must achieve a grade of at least 24 to pass. The grade awarded is based on the student’s ability to conduct in-depth research, analyze and interpret data, and communicate their findings effectively.

Overall, the Business Management Extended Essay is an excellent opportunity for students to gain a deeper understanding of a topic within the field of business management and to develop important research and writing skills that will be useful in their future studies and careers.

extended essay examples business

Need help with your Business Management extended essay?

From research and analysis to structuring and editing, our skilled mentors will be by your side, helping you craft an exceptional extended essay that not only meets the stringent IB criteria but also reflects your passion for Business Management studies.

How to choose a good theme for an extended essay on business management?

Choosing a good theme for an extended essay on business management requires careful consideration of several factors. Here are a few tips to help you choose a theme that is well-suited to your interests and abilities:

Identify your interests : The theme you choose should be something that interests you and that you are passionate about. Consider your hobbies, interests, and experiences, and think about how they might relate to the field of business management.

Consider the scope of the theme : The theme you choose should be narrow enough to be manageable within the 4000-word limit of the extended essay but broad enough to allow for a meaningful analysis.

Check availability of resources : Your research will be much more manageable if you choose a topic that is well-covered in the literature and for which data is readily available.

Think about the relevance of the theme : It is important to choose a theme that is relevant to the current business environment. This will make your research more interesting and valuable.

Consult with your supervisor : Your supervisor can help you refine your theme and guide you in your research. They will be able to help you choose a theme that is well-suited to your abilities, and that aligns with the goals of the extended essay.

Think about the feasibility of the theme : Consider the time and resources you have available to complete your research and make sure that the theme you choose is feasible within those constraints.

Overall, choosing a good theme for your extended essay on business management requires careful consideration of your interests, the scope of the theme, the availability of resources, the relevance of the theme, the feasibility of the theme, and consulting with your supervisor.

Here you can find examples of extended essay topics on business management

  • The impact of technology on business management practices
  • The role of leadership in creating a positive corporate culture
  • The use of data analytics in decision-making processes
  • The effectiveness of different motivation strategies in the workplace
  • The impact of globalization on business management practices
  • The role of corporate social responsibility in building a sustainable business model
  • The effectiveness of different marketing strategies for small businesses
  • The impact of digitalization on the supply chain management
  • The role of diversity and inclusion in improving organizational performance
  • The effectiveness of different approaches to change management in organizations.
  • The role of emotional intelligence in effective business management
  • The impact of artificial intelligence on the future of business management
  • The effectiveness of performance management systems in organizations
  • The impact of the sharing economy on traditional business models
  • The role of strategic management in the success of a company
  • The impact of social media on business management and communication
  • The effectiveness of different conflict resolution strategies in the workplace
  • The role of innovation in business management and growth
  • The impact of sustainable development on business management
  • The effectiveness of different approaches to crisis management in organizations.

Each of the topics I provided above can be used as the basis for an extended essay on business management. Here are a few examples of how a student might approach each topic:

The impact of technology on business management practices: A student might research the ways in which technology is changing the way businesses operate and manage their resources. This could include an examination of the impact of automation, artificial intelligence, and data analytics on various functional areas of business management, such as finance, human resources, and operations.

  • The role of leadership in creating a positive corporate culture: A student might research the importance of effective leadership in creating a positive and productive corporate culture. This could include an examination of the different leadership styles and their impact on employee motivation, satisfaction, and engagement.
  • The use of data analytics in decision-making processes: A student might research the ways in which data analytics is used in decision-making processes within businesses. This could include an examination of the different types of data analytics, their benefits and limitations, and the impact of data analytics on the decision-making processes of different functional areas of business management.
  • The effectiveness of different motivation strategies in the workplace: A student might research the different strategies that businesses use to motivate their employees and evaluate their effectiveness. This could include an examination of different theories of motivation and the ways in which they are applied in the workplace.
  • The impact of globalization on business management practices: A student might research the impact of globalization on business management practices, including an examination of the opportunities and challenges that globalization presents for businesses. This could include research on the impact of globalization on international trade, cross-cultural management, and the global economy.

These are just a few examples of how a student might approach each topic. Each topic can be approached and researched in different ways, depending on the student’s interests and abilities.

It is important to remember that an extended essay is an independent research project, thus, the student should be able to conduct research using various research methodologies, collect and analyze data, and draw a conclusion based on the findings. The essay should be well structured, formatted, and written in an academic style.

Writing an extended essay on business management or any other subject can be a challenging task. It requires a significant amount of research, analysis, and writing, and it can be difficult to ensure that the essay meets academic standards. Additionally, students often have to balance writing an extended essay with other academic and personal responsibilities, which can make the task even more difficult.

In this situation, seeking help from a writing service can be a good option. Writing services can provide expertise, time-saving, customization, quality and originality, feedback and guidance, meeting deadlines, proofreading, and editing. A writing service can help to take some of the pressure off the student by providing support and guidance throughout the research and writing process.

It is important to note that while hiring a writing service can be helpful, students should always ensure that they are hiring a reputable and trustworthy service.

Choose IB Business management EE Topic Wisely

In conclusion , business management is a complex and multi-faceted field that encompasses a wide range of responsibilities, including strategic planning, budgeting, marketing, human resources, and operations management.

The International Baccalaureate Business Management Extended Essay is an independent research paper that is an important component of the Diploma Program and provides students with an opportunity to conduct in-depth research on a topic of interest within the field of business management.

Choosing a good theme for an extended essay on business management requires careful consideration of several factors such as interests, scope, availability of resources, relevance, feasibility, and consulting with the supervisor.

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Essays on Business

A business essay should reflect your knowledge and understanding of the business world, its tendencies, terminology, and development. The business has been around since even before the invention of money – it existed in a form of trade. Business is also one of the main reasons why people left their native countries and ventured out into the world. Modern-day business is also not commonly contained within a single country, but shifts towards a more global scale, making the writing of Business essays ever so complex and demanding. Our Business essay samples will surely help you with an understanding of contemporary business. However, when essays on Business consume more time than you can spare, we are here to lighten the load.

The Future and Economic Situations The future has always been associated with better life and progress. Unfortunately, the twenty-first century seems to be a repeat of economic situations of the nineteenth century. The nineteenth century was marked by a concentration of wealth to particular few while many lived on low wages....

Words: 1932

As the world keeps on changing, that is; socially, economically and environmentally, concerns are being raised over the changes and in particular, on their sustainability. As a result of that, scholars have come up with the idea of sustainable development as a solution to the probable risk of which the...

Words: 1656

1. The Challenge of Terrorism At any given time, the world is grappling with a particular issue, especially those that severe stability and internal relations. One of the challenges that require urgent redress is the issue of terrorism. The increase in terror-related activities that are propagated by different groups across the...

Words: 1025

Israel is the only Jewish state, whose location is found on the eastern side of the Mediterranean Sea. Palestinians, on the other hand, is Arab population that also claims ownership of the land Israelis currently occupy as they refer to it as Palestine. Their hope would be fulfilled when they...

Words: 4421

Populism is quickly gaining track with modern politics. At the very basic, populism can be described as the tendency to advocate for political policies that delineate the public against the established political entities. It creates the furor about "us the normal folks" against "them who subjugate and control us (Schuster...

Words: 1623

A great power in the discipline of international relations is one that excels in competence, size of population, political stability, size of territory, military strength, resource endowment and economic stability. These characteristics collectively referred to as power capabilities are a source of assurance for such a power the ability to...

Words: 1481

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The manufacturing industry in the US has been declining over the past few decades due to a number of factors which has seen investors put their resources elsewhere. The decline has been attributed to a number of factors which include the high corporate tax rates, the high cost of operation...

Words: 2889

Narcissism refers to a well-defined trait that groups together a set of build-ups which contain an individual’s beliefs about oneself and others, intellectual mannerisms and the guiding principles that direct an individual’s actions. Therefore, it would be incorrect to think that narcissism only means increased belief in one’s self importance...

Words: 1483

Part 1:             Orthodox liberalism as presented by Adam Smith was developed to present an argument against the theory of mercantilist as well as the theory of colonialism. The classical liberalism theory is an IPE theory; it provided a different approach on how the economy and the importance of the state...

Words: 2329

Inter-state relations are the relationships between various nations in the union. The connections require a prosperous administration state and harmonious cooperation among the member countries.  The principal role of inter-state diplomacy is to build alliances, networks, and coalitions with other countries to accomplish common goals such as attracting investments or...

Words: 2127

Immigration Policies and the DREAM Act Immigration policies have been used to define the social and political stability of many countries. In the US, several immigrants are undocumented. Over 1.3 % of the US population are illegal immigrants (Pang et al., 185).The DREAM Act policy introduced in 2001 to cover those...

Words: 2438

Al-Shabaab started as an equipped wing of the Islamic Court Union that later split to smaller divisions when it was defeated by the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia and Ethiopian army in the year 2006. The group defines itself as conducting jihad against the enemies of the Islam religion, and...

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Best Ever Business Essay Example for Beginners In 2023

Business Essay Example

Naturally, money is the first thought that crosses an individual’s mind when they hear the word ‘business’. Business is the art of making money. It tends to grow with production, buying and selling. Businesses can be conducted on a small or a large scale. A strong-headed business has the capacity to provide a better standard of living. The rate of employment opportunities can also increase because of these factors. Are you curious enough to know more about what business is and how to write a business essay example?

Well, this blog make it easier to its readers to understand the importance of business in our society. It will also give away tips on how to build a strong business essay example as one scrolls downs.

What Is Business Essay?

Table of Contents

A business essay is a written form of work that focuses on a particular topic related to business, such as management, marketing, finance, or accounting. 

Moreover, it is a type of academic writing that aims to analyze, interpret, and evaluate different aspects of business operations, strategies, and practices. 

Business essays can take various forms, such as descriptive, argumentative, or analytical, and can cover various topics, from business ethics to globalization to entrepreneurship. 

In other words, a business essay is a way to express ideas, opinions, and research findings about business-related topics in writing.

Types Of Business Essays

Here are 7  types of business essays that we cover: 

1. Descriptive Essays

The purpose of descriptive essays is to portray a broad and detailed picture of a particular person, place, thing, or experience. The purpose of a descriptive essay is to convey the message in detail and descriptive language.

2. Expository Essays

Expository essays are a type of writing that aims to explain or describe a particular topic  clearly. The purpose of an expository essay is to provide information, clarify concepts, or explore ideas without the writer’s personal opinion.

3. Persuasive Essays

Persuasive essays are essay that aims to convince the reader of a particular point of view or idea. The purpose of a persuasive essay is to persuade the reader to agree with the writer’s opinion or take action based on the writer’s argument.

4. Narrative Essays

Narrative essays tell a story related to a business event or experience. In this, you can take an example related to business and add it to the essay. The purpose of a narrative essay is to entertain or engage the reader by constructing an attractive narrative that catches their attention and draws them into the story.

5. Comparative Essays

In this type of essay, you must compare and contrast two or more business-related concepts, products, services, or companies. The purpose of a comparative essay is to provide a deeper understanding of the subjects being compared and to draw meaningful conclusions based on those comparisons.

6. Cause and Effect Essays

Cause and effect essays analyze the causes and effects of a specific business-related event or phenomenon. The purpose of a cause and effect essay is to examine the causes of an event or situation and explain the effects that result from those causes.

7. Analytical Essays

An argument or evaluation is presented based on the analysis in analytical essays that examine a business-related issue, concept, or problem. The objective of an analytical essay is to investigate the meaning and significance of a topic and to identify its basic concepts

Purpose of a Business Essay Example

Business is an economic activity. This activity is coupled with the process of buying and selling different types of products in the market. The main objective is to earn an income, that is, profit and thus accumulate wealth as well as to satisfy consumers. The process should be regular and continuous.

The main purpose of writing a business essay example is to make the viewers (the consumers) gain a better perspective of how that particular business works. An organization’s ethical conduct and the products and services they provide become clear to identify.

Business essays either aim to inform its readers or to persuade them for a certain task. An effective business essay example is the key tool for communication for business students. An essay on business also shows your communication and writing skills in that field.

Tips On How To Write A Strong Business Essay Example 

Whether an individual is writing an essay for Marketing, Management, Finance, or any other related business topic. The following steps will make certain that piece of work at well structured, professional and compelling at the same time.

The most important things to consider while writing a business essay is that it shows relevant content. And that the arguments are supported by enough applicable references and examples. Other critical points consist of the layout, presentation and the use of appropriate and professional language.

It is equally important to think about the purpose and targeted audience before you write a business essay because it will provoke you to pay undivided attention to the most relevant features in your main topic.

An essay on business has some important methods and techniques that one must quickly learn and apply in their writing. Once one gets acquainted with the steps given below. And the basic structure of writing a business essay, he or she will soon be able to write them with ease.

7 Steps On How To Write A Business Essay Example

Here are some steps to write a business essay example:

1. Create A Plan

The first step is to develop an outline plan. It will help to better their organization skills. It is rightly said that a good project. In this context, a good business essay, must be arranged thoughtfully before the task is executed. Just write down the key points you wish to include in your introduction, main body, and conclusion. Determining the correct questions that need to be addressed is of utmost importance here.

2. Introduction

The opening or the introductory paragraph must jot down the reason for writing a business essay. This very paragraph will decide the fate of the essay and whether the reader wishes to continue reading further. Its length should be around 70 to 100 words. Insertion and explanation of certain business terms is necessary for better understanding of the reader and also for the standard of the essay.

A detailed analysis of the main business topic must be formed. This section of the essay is the most important part. The business ideas must flow in a logical and sequent manner. Use adequate examples and references to prove your main point.

4. Conclusion

Arrive at the conclusion via logical reasoning. You can state your opinion/ point of view as the final result obtained. No new argument or discussion must be mentioned in this section of the business essay.

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  • Hidden MBA Essay Tips
  • How to write analysis essay

5. Formal Tone

It is very true that the business language is different from our everyday language in many ways. The tone used for writing a business essay must be formal, dignified and of course professional. One must avoid the use of slangs and casual expressions. One example is the use of “will not” instead of “won’t”.

6. Cite Sources

It is essential to acknowledge all your sources either as footnotes or in a bibliography at the end of the essay. One can find plenty of citations and bibliography styles across the internet.

7. Proofreading

After having finished writing the business essay, one last job before sending it across is going through the process of proofreading. This process involves the deep checking of punctuation and grammatical mistakes. Language and tone must be checked thoroughly. An example checklist of the same could comprise of the following questions:

  • Is the essay question answered?
  • Is your written content presented in a logical order?
  • Are the spellings and punctuations correct?
  • Is the content matter accurate and relevant?
  • Have you supported your main points with enough arguments and examples?
  • Have you considered all the citations?
  • Is the language simple and clear to understand?

An individual must be able to answer all the above questions while going through the process of proofreading.

15+ Business Essay Topics That A Student Choose For Their Essay

Here are some business essay topics that students can choose:

  • The impact of technology on business productivity.
  • The importance of effective communication in business.
  • The role of leadership in organizational success.
  • The effects of globalization on business strategy.
  • The ethical implications of business decision making.
  • The impact of social media on modern marketing practices.
  • The challenges of managing a diverse workforce.
  • The future of e-commerce and its implications for traditional retail.
  • The role of corporate social responsibility in modern business.
  • The impact of climate change on business operations.
  • The influence of culture on international business practices.
  • The effects of government regulations on business operations.
  • The importance of innovation in modern business strategy.
  • The role of entrepreneurship in economic growth .
  • The impact of consumer behavior on marketing strategy.
  • The challenges and opportunities of implementing a sustainable business model.
  • The impact of artificial intelligence on business operations.

From the final analysis, the concept of business and how to construct a strong business essay example have been clearly stated. For this very purpose, the application of all the above mentioned steps should be considered.

Business is a continuous process of the buying and selling of products. They are mainly classified as small or large. No doubt, it plays a vital role in shaping a society as well as an economy. While writing the essay, major highlights should be on the written and business communication skills. If you still have doubts about business essay. Then take business essay writing services to clear all your doubts at once.

Q1. How can a business essay example be helpful?

A business essay example can be helpful in several ways:  1. It can provide a clear understanding of the structure and format of a business essay, including the introduction, body, and conclusion. 2. It can be a source of inspiration for generating ideas for your essay.  3. By analyzing a well-written business essay example, you can identify the techniques and strategies used by the writer to effectively communicate their message, which can be applied to your writing.

Q2. What is the ideal length for a business essay?

The ideal length for a business essay can depend on the purpose and audience of the essay. Moreover, a business essay should be long enough to convey its message clearly and effectively but not so long that the reader loses interest in the topic. In most cases, 1000-1500 words are considered appropriate for a business essay.

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Cheap Business Essay Writing Services

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