essay on value of discipline for class 7

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essay on value of discipline for class 7

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essay on value of discipline for class 7

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Essay on Discipline: Sample Essays of 100, 200 & 300 Words

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Essay on Discipline

Discipline is something that assists in keeping a person in control According to Merriam-Webster ‘discipline is controlled gained by enforcing order or obedience. It also refers to orderly conduct or pattern of behaviour. Discipline motivates a person to progress and eventually achieve success. Hence, it is important. There are two types of discipline- induced discipline and self-discipline. An essay on discipline is usually given as a task in a school. Hence, we have provided sample essays on discipline in 200 words, 300 words, and 400 words. Keep reading to know more about the same.

essay on value of discipline for class 7

This Blog Includes:

Essay on discipline (100 words), essay on discipline (200 words), essay on discipline (400 words), quotes on discipline in students life.

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While writing the essay on disciple a student can include popular quotes. It can make their essays stand out. Moreover, reading quotes on discipline can inspire a student to be disciplined in their life, 

  • What lies in our power to do, lies in our power not to do.”– Aristotle
  • Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.”– Jim Rohn
  • “There is no magic wand that can resolve our problems. The solution rests with our work and discipline. ”Jose Eduardo dos Santos
  • “Self-respect is the fruit of discipline; the sense of dignity grows with the ability to say no to oneself.”– Abraham Joshua Heschel
  • “For a man to conquer himself is the first and noblest of all victories. ” Plato

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An essay on discipline talks about the importance of discipline in a person’s life. A disciple is something that keeps each person in control. It motivates a person to achieve success in their life.

Discipline means being consistent, and following the set rules or order. AA disciplined person will follow the written and unwritten rules. There are several unwritten rules in schools. A disciplined student will follow the written and unwritten rules.

A school discipline essay contains the introduction, body, and conclusion, A student needs to include the importance of discipline while writing the essay.

Discipline refers to an orderly conduct or pattern of behaviour. It involves following the rules in a school or an organization. Self-discipline is also important for success in life. To discover more articles like this one, consult the study abroad experts at Leverage Edu.

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essay on value of discipline for class 7

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essay on value of discipline for class 7

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essay on value of discipline for class 7

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essay on value of discipline for class 7

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essay on value of discipline for class 7

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essay on value of discipline for class 7

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  • Importance of Discipline Essay


Essay on Importance of Discipline

Essay writing is an important aspect of developing the language. Essay helps you to harness and discipline your thinking ability. Every time you see a topic, your mind will be filled with ideas and points for you to work on it. However, it will take a lot of patience to compile these ideas to produce a beautiful write-up. You can obtain the ability to write a good essay through consistent persistence and practice.  To aid students in their journey to write good essays, Vedantu has provided an essay on the importance of discipline for the benefit of the students. You can go through the same to understand the art of writing essays better.

Importance of Discipline

“The cost of Discipline is always less than the price of regrets, so self-discipline is always the biggest investment to success in life” who will forget such inspiring breath-stopping inspiring words of 11th president of India- Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. He was the most disciplined person in the world. Countless qualities the man had but it was not of any use if he wasn't disciplined. Frequently he addresses the disciplined quality in the successful people in his speeches. If such an inspirational legendary person described discipline as a key to success, then there must be something in that.

The first thing that every school teacher teaches, every college follows and on which every organization setup runs is Discipline. The school evolved the student in such a way that the student will complete the task within or before the time. This helps him to be a punctual person and without being delayed he will rush towards success. The large multinational companies are set up with certain targets set by their clients. Clients may be the third-party for any project, so he needs to submit the project towards the owner. So, organizations develop their employees with timely submission skills. So that the delays are avoided and the bank charges from the clients are forfeited.

If you want a great example to study discipline, it is soldiers. Soldiers are the most disciplined people in all professions. If they are late the country has to pay the debts to enemies. So, in such a critical job profile they need to maintain their physical and mental strength for fighting in unpredictable times. The high commanders taught them the importance and the techniques to discipline one. So, from the waking time to the good night sleep and from hairstyle to the clothing sense, they all have a disciplined structure.

If the company employees delay every day, the work starts on a delayed time. And this will create a bad impact on the other disciplined mates and the job too. Even the negative vibes will start roaming around the job area. If he is late by an hour, the output of his one hour is deducted from the day and targets are not fulfilled. The next is his dressing sense too. If a person comes to the office with negative casual wearing, this will neither look good nor feel good.

The importance of discipline shows us its effects throughout the day. Even the housewives are disciplined in the handling of home. Waking up too early for tiffins for the kids is the starting task for her and night lullaby is the end of the day. His delay and poor efforts will have an adverse impact on the child and her husband’s day. Discipline is one of the keys to success, and if this key is missing then it's difficult to unlock the door of success. Even if God gives very few chances to open it, we need to be disciplined in presence at the correct time to open it.

How to improve discipline as a student?

Discipline is of utmost importance when you are a student. If you are looking forward to becoming a more disciplined student, follow the tips and tricks below. Applying these habits into your daily life will help you become a more disciplined student and thereby perform well in your studies. Self-discipline is one of the most valuable skills that will help you throughout your life. 

Plan and Organize- Planning and organizing your day is one of the best ways in which you can bring about a study routine in your life. But it is also important to plan and organize your study materials. This will help you in learning and understanding your lessons better. When you become more systematic, it will save a lot of your time and energy.

Know your Strengths and Weaknesses- One of the major benefits of being self-disciplined is that you get better power and control over yourself and your actions. So it is important to understand what you usually struggle through and what is easier for you. You can even reward yourself for getting through the hard tasks.

Accept your Downfalls- It is natural to make mistakes in life and studies but you should never hold on to them or be stuck in your past. It is important to accept the mistakes that you make and move forward. This will enable you to focus on the present which will help you learn and manage your lessons efficiently. In fact, you should use these mistakes as stepping stones for your future and learn your lessons from them. 

Know when you are Most Motivated- Some people tend to learn better in the early morning while some are night owls. There is no one-size-fits-all in such situations. It is important to recognize when you feel the most motivated and plan your study timings accordingly. This does not mean that you should skip sleep altogether. Make sure to give yourself at least seven hours of sleep every day for a healthy body and mind.

Recognize and Fight your Unproductive Habits- One of the most important steps towards self-discipline is to have the ability to control yourself. It is very common to have the urge to check your phone or doodle on your books but you have to understand that these activities are costing you a lot of time and energy. So you should adopt habits that will make sure that you do not fall prey to such distractions. For example, you can simply switch off your phone, turn the notifications off or even leave it in the next room to remove the distraction. 


FAQs on Importance of Discipline Essay

1. What are a few disciplined actions we can follow to become more productive in life?

Becoming disciplined is not very difficult if you follow a few basic activities. Having a healthy lifestyle like getting up early in the morning, going out for a refreshing walk or jog, eating a healthy breakfast, having a light lunch, coffee with a snack( preferably less oily) and a light dinner. These are the few activities done at a specified time every day will make your life more disciplined and productive. 

2. How to be disciplined in studies?

Education is a very important and essential aspect of every student’s life. With the growing competition, beating the heat is not that easy. It is important for you to be disciplined in order to be on the top. Studies can be made easy with the following steps:

Have a study time table and follow it religiously.

Study and revise simultaneously.

Practice multiple times.

Study every day for better results.

Discipline usually starts from school. A Student should learn to obey the rules and regulations set up by their school which is of course, for their good. This also shows the respect that the students have for the institution. The school needs to follow proper discipline since it is important for the student to learn about it. Although it might be a little difficult to follow initially, it helps in shaping the personality of the student and he/she learns self-control in the process.

3. Mention a Famous Quote on Discipline by a Famous Personality.

“Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most.” by Abraham Lincoln is a very famous quote on discipline. Self-discipline is important for a student because it gives you numerous benefits. Firstly it helps in achieving your goals quickly, whether it is your long-term goals or short-term goals. It also gives you better control over yourself and your mind which helps in focusing better on your lessons. Being disciplined also makes you mentally strong which is very important in life. 

4. Is Regular Writing Important to Write Essays?

Writing an essay is a primary step towards better writing in higher classes and generally in life. To develop good writing skills, it is important for you to practise writing regularly. It would be better if you make it an everyday activity. Writing regularly will discipline your thoughts and improve your language making the overall writing better with time. 

5. Why is discipline so valuable in life?

Discipline is one of the most important values that you can learn in your life because it is not only beneficial for your school life but also for your future. Discipline is one of the most important factors for ensuring success in your future so it is something that everyone should possess. 

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Value of Discipline in a student's life

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essay on value of discipline for class 7

What is Discipline? This term has been often heard by our parents and teachers. Discipline is a habit and a manner that is inculcated among individuals right from childhood. This habit is inculcated among the students while they are in school or college. Students learn to obey rules and follow a certain code of conduct. 

Discipline and Punctuality are the major traits that must be present in an individual. Students understand the value of discipline in life at a much later stage when they go for further education or a job. Well, the job requires a person to be fully dedicated to the company and work with discipline and punctuality.

In the corporate sector, it is the responsibility of the people working at a seniority level to maintain discipline among the employees and make the environment worthwhile. Now, talking about the student’s life, it is also important to know the value of discipline.

Discipline helps the students in being selective, punctual, focused and independent. Discipline means to exercise control over the students so that they can achieve their objectives. Students will know the right thing to do if they have inculcated discipline in them. 

In a student’s life, discipline becomes the guiding light that helps the students in being focused to achieve their goals. Both long–term and short–term goals will be attained by the students if they work hard with discipline. This is the value of discipline in a student’s life .

What is the importance of discipline in school ? As we have already discussed above that the habit of discipline is inculcated among students right from childhood when they enter school. Students are taught to be disciplined in order to have a safe learning environment. 

essay on value of discipline for class 7

Discipline includes skills, sensitivity, knowledge and self-confidence. When students practice discipline, they acquire these traits naturally. But if students are not disciplined, they will not be able to achieve their goals. For example, in the school premises, students are disciplined by their teachers. When students become disciplined and punctual, they efficiently carry out their exams and further studies which ultimately helps them score good marks in their exams. 

Discipline is an important trait that parents wish to inculcate in their children. So, parents try to exercise control over their children to make them disciplined. But one has to note that excessive exercise of power can result in bad rather than good. Let us understand the importance of discipline in points given below. 

  • Discipline is one of the first lessons that we learn from our parents and then in school.
  • Discipline helps us in achieving our short–term and long–term goals. 
  • Discipline means living your life with proper rules.
  • Our overall personality improves when we practice the habit of discipline.
  • Discipline helps us in changing our conscience and mind. 
  • People must practice self – discipline which includes acceptance, willpower, hard work and persistence. 
  • When we practice discipline, several traits are automatically acquired by us. 
  • With self–discipline we have the ability to control ourselves.

These are some of the important points on discipline that students need to know. Now, what if you are asked to write an essay on value of discipline for class 7th ? Well, this topic can come in your English exam for 5 – 7 marks. It is not difficult to write an essay on this topic.

Students can refer to the above – mentioned key points for writing the essay. You can memorize this article to know about discipline and write an essay on this. In order to score good marks, understand and practice whatever is written above in daily life as well. Once you understand what discipline means; you will be able to write about it. 

You can undertake the same method for the value of discipline essay for Class 10th . It is important to practice discipline before you write about it. You will know the positive and negative effects of discipline. Then, you can write accordingly. 

In this article, we have seen the value of discipline in everyone’s life. Not only children or students but all of us need to inculcate the habit of discipline so that we can achieve our goals. But one has to note that excessive control is not good for anyone. Thus, discipline is an important trait that must be inculcated among people in a positive way.        

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essay on value of discipline for class 7

Essay on Value of Discipline For Students & Children

We are Sharing an Essay on Value of Discipline in English for students. In this article, we have tried our best to provide a Short The Value of Discipline Essay for Class 6,7,8,9,10,11,12 in 100, 250, 300, 400, 500 words.

Short Value of Discipline Essay in 100 words

In the rapidly increasing chaos of the world, the only thing that guides us towards development is discipline. Besides being the law of nature, it is also one of the most indispensable qualities of life itself. Let us for a second take a look around us. We will notice that everything from sunrise to sunset, changing of the seasons, flowering, leaves and plants, wind, rain, birth, and deaths… in fact, everything follows a disciplined cycle of regeneration and degeneration. At the social level, discipline brings order to our lives. It encourages us to co-operate and mutually help each other. We should not mistake discipline for bondage. Because freedom does not mean ‘free for all’.It means responsibility and regulation of one’s desires and impulses.

Essay on Value of Discipline ( 300 words )

There is no life without discipline. It is a discipline that fortifies the man with strong character, enlightens the mind with useful knowledge. Discipline instills in man the virtuous principles of life which lead to real happiness. Indeed, discipline is the sanity of mind and is the outcome of wisdom. It grants neatness and orderliness to life. Thus it is a kind of mental and moral training that directs us on the right path of life and ensures happiness.

Discipline is necessary for every walk of life from the management of a humble household to the governing of a large state. Discipline is the most essential in games, sports, and other walks of life. The whole structure and the success of the army depended upon discipline. All educational institutions for their proper functioning and improvement must establish a code of conduct and demand its strict adherence. In all government affairs and in the organization of political parties, discipline is a great force.

Discipline again is an absolute necessity in business organizations. No business can prosper unless all its partners abide by the laws that are framed for their guidance. Above all the strength of a nation lies in discipline. Disciplined people are united and strong. They work in cooperation for collective good. They subordinate their personal interests to national interests.

Discipline is imperative for the individual as well as for society. On the one hand, it is the basis of life and on the other way to gain progress. Even nature teaches us the lesson of discipline. Animals and birds are subjected to it. Animals move in herds, birds fly in an orderly formation, honey bees move in a swarm. There is a particular discipline in the movement of stars, the rotation of the earth, and the motion of the heavenly bodies. Therefore, we must learn that though discipline is difficult yet it is indispensable for great achievements, peace, harmony, and a civilized way of Life.

# composition | Paragraph on Value of Discipline in Life

Dear viewers, Hope you like this article Essay on Value of Discipline in English  and Please let us know by commenting below.

Essay on Students and Discipline

10 Lines Essay on Discipline

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value of discipline essay

Value of Discipline Essay

Are you also searching for the value of discipline essay ? If yes, then you have fallen on the world’s best website Here we will give you value of discipline essay for class 10, value of discipline essay in 300 words , value of discipline essay for class 5, value of discipline essay for class 12 , value of discipline essay for class 11, The value of discipline essay is providing 250 words, etc. If you are a student of class 4, 5, 6, 7 8, 9, 10, 11, or 12 and are looking for value of discipline essay, then your search ends here.

value of discipline essay (100 words)

Discipline is a skill that maintains one’s sense of command over oneself and one’s environment. It instills a sense of motivation and will within a person to move on in life and reach their goals. Everyone maintains some sort of discipline in their lives, even if it takes on a different form for each person. Aside from that, every individual is responsible for developing his or her own methods of self-control. Many think of it as an important part of their lives, while others do not feel the same way. Availability serves as the map that shows a person the way to go when they are looking for something.

value of discipline essay for class 5 (150words)

In almost every aspect of life, we need to exercise self-control and self-discipline. Therefore, we should make it a goal to develop a sense of self-control as early on in our lives as possible. Self-discipline is a term that can refer to a variety of things, depending on whom you ask.  For students, it has a different connotation; for employees, it has a different meaning; and for kids, it has an entirely new meaning.

In addition, the concept of discipline shifts as one goes through the many periods of life and as their goals change. Because it takes a lot of effort and dedication on a daily basis, not everyone is capable of developing their own sense of self-control. In addition to that, it requires a sound body as well as a happy state of mind. In order for someone to be successful and finish the path that leads to success, he or she needs to have a very disciplined approach.

value of discipline essay

value of discipline essay 200 words

A person’s life will become boring and pointless if they do not practice self-control and discipline. In addition, a person who is self-disciplined has a greater capacity to take control over their lives and deal with the challenges that they face in a more mature manner than those individuals who lack this feature. In addition, if you have a strategy and you want to put it into action in your life, you require the discipline to do it. It makes things simpler for you to manage and ultimately contributes to success in your life.

If we want to talk about the many forms of discipline, then we can generally divide them into two categories. The first type of discipline is one that is taken from the outside, and the second type is one that is applied from within.

Discipline that is forced on us is something that is either taught to us by others or noticed in the actions of others and adopted. Self-discipline, on the other hand, is something that develops within us, and it is something that we discover for ourselves. A good number of self-motivation and the help of others are both necessary components of successful self-discipline. Above all else, being disciplined means sticking to the plan you’ve laid out for each day without making any changes.

value of discipline essay for class 10 (300words)

The disciple acts as a stepping stone on the path to achievement for the individual. It makes it easier for a person to concentrate on the things they want to do in life. In addition to this, it prevents him or her from straying away from the intended purpose.

In addition to this, it makes a person’s life perfect by teaching and instructing the mind and body of the individual to respond to the rules and regulations, which in turn will assist the individual in becoming an ideal member of the community.

When it comes to one’s work life, the individual who is disciplined is going to have more opportunities available to them than the person who is not disciplined. Additionally, it adds a unique element to the individual’s personality, making that person more interesting to know. In addition to this, the individual provides a positive impression in the minds of the individuals she or he meets wherever she or he travels.

One of the most important aspects of the life of any person is having discipline. The only way for an individual to achieve success is for them to stick to a strict lifestyle that is both healthy and disciplined. On top of that, the practice benefits us in a variety of different ways and inspires the people around us to develop their own sense of self-control. But first, having self-control is one of the most important factors in determining whether or not a person is successful in life.

value of discipline essay for class 11 & 12 (500 words)


The practice of self-control and self-discipline must be one’s primary life goal. Consistent act of consistently matching one’s behavior to established norms is the essence of the term “discipline.” People’s levels of self-control and identity in themselves will increase as a result. At home, in school, and in the workplace, we are taught the importance of maintaining order. Everything that we do, from the way that we present ourselves to others to the way that we order the items on our shelves, from being on time to behaving in an acceptable way, is connected to the concept of discipline.


There are three forms of disciplinary measures that are based on the change of behavior. The purpose of these many forms of discipline is to address inappropriate behavior. Any behavior that is considered inappropriate in accordance with the behavioral standards that have been defined for a certain place is seen to be misbehavior.

The first form of discipline is one that is protective in nature. This form of discipline puts focus on keeping the individuals from displaying a specific kind of behavior by using various methods. The other kind of discipline is one that is supportive. The goal of this form of discipline is to strengthen positive qualities in an individual, such as self-control, and it makes it easier for the individual to get back on track.

The third and last form of discipline is known as corrective discipline. This academic field deals with the issue at hand and finds direct solutions to the situation. Because of its reputation for being unpleasant and threatening, most people strive to keep away from being exposed to it when they can.


Discipline training starts when a person is young. Kids are taught to follow rules of behavior both at school as well as at home. Parents and teachers play important roles in the early years of a child’s life. From the time they start school, students are learning.  As pupils, we discover to be honest, committed, confident, on time, respectful of our elders, and to follow the rules. Discipline is an important part of student life because it helps shape a people’s character and traits. The habits and morals that people have today are based on the discipline they learned as students.


Getting disciplined early on in life has a lot of benefits. For example, it can help you keep your mind on what you want to do. Disciplined individuals are more concentrated and get their work done on time in their everyday lives. Disciplined people typically don’t have bad habits, and they can keep their minds on their work or goals and stay away from things that make them feel uneasy.


In the end, we can say that discipline is the art of building up behavior. For discipline to work well, it needs to be managed with specific rules based on principles. The problems that come up with managing discipline depend on the circumstances and can be prevented. As a leader, you should always be in charge of discipline if you want to earn the respect of those under you.

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Essay on Self Discipline for Students and Children


500+ Words Essay on Self Discipline

Self-discipline means self-control, which gives you inner strength and a way to control yourself, actions, and reactions. It is one of the most important and useful skills to achieve success and everyone should possess this quality. Self-discipline comes naturally to some people. And some people can achieve it with some effort. The effort made is worth it as it changes life for the better. It just means exercising self- control. A person who stays in control has the ability to take charge of his/her actions and reactions.

success essay

Tips to Achieve Self-discipline

  • Set your goals: – The first step towards leading a disciplined life is to set goals. Goals give you a clear idea about what needs to be achieved. One must always set a timeline for your goals. This serves as a driving force and motivates you to work hard. It is a good idea to set both short term and long term goals and create a well thought out plan to achieve them.
  • Do meditation:- Meditation is one of the best ways to channel our energy in the right direction. It helps maintain focus, acquaints us with our inner self and furthers better self- control. It is the stepping stone for a disciplined life. Meditating for half an hour every day can help in inculcating self-discipline.
  • Set a Routine:- Those who set a routine and follow it daily lead a more disciplined life. It is suggested to list all the tasks that you require accomplishing in a given day. Write them in the order of their priority, set a timeline for each and act accordingly. This is a good way to lead an organized and disciplined life.
  • Stay away from distractions :- In this technology-driven world, there are numerous things that can distract us and take charge of our lives. Our mobile phones, television, and chatting apps are some of the new age things that are a big hindrance in practicing self-discipline. No matter how determined we are to study, work or sleep on time, we tend to get distracted at the beep of our phone. Social media platforms, chatting apps and web series are extremely addictive and hamper work. In order to practice self-discipline, it is important to stay away from these distractions. Put your phone on silent or keep it at a distance when you sit to study or work. Similarly, just put your phone away at bedtime and instead pick a book to read.
  • Reward yourself :- Reward yourself for every goal you achieve. This will motivate you to work harder to achieve more. This is a good way to trick your brain to inculcate self-discipline.
  • Take proper sleep :- You can inculcate self-discipline only when you are well-rested. So, it is essential to sleep for eight hours each night. Maintaining a good sleep cycle is also essential. This means that you should try sleeping and waking up at the same time each day. A power nap during the afternoon can help further.
  • Stay Positive : – Many people want to inculcate self-discipline but are unable to because they somehow believe that it is difficult to achieve. They feel that it is too much to ask for and that they shall not be able to practice it. This is the wrong approach. You can achieve anything in life if you stay positive and believe in yourself. So, you should stay positive. It is a pre-requisite for inculcating self-discipline.

Get the huge list of more than 500 Essay Topics and Ideas

Self Discipline Benefits and Importance

Self-discipline helps you to overcome the bad habits by meditating regularly. It gives you the ability not to give up after failure and setbacks, develop self-control, provide the ability to resist distractions, helps you to motivate yourself until you accomplish your goals.

Achieving self-discipline may be difficult but in order to lead a healthy personal and professional life, it is very important. A self-disciplined person makes optimum use of the time. Hence, he can achieve more and do more work as compared to a person who is not self-disciplined. We should, therefore, make some efforts to achieve it.


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Essay on Value of Discipline

Essay on Value of Discipline

Introduction : Discipline is very important for everyone in this world.  It helps people to progress both in personal life and career life.  Discipline has to be followed both at the house and at work.  Let us understand the value of discipline in daily walks of life.

Meaning of Discipline : Discipline is obedience to certain rules of behavior.  It has some control over one’s freedom.  A man with discipline behaves with restrictions.  Discipline helps a man to live in an orderly manner.  Only a disciplined person can achieve success in all aspects of life.  It is necessary for the progress of an individual as well as a nation.  Every child should inculcate this quality from the beginning. The two important places for teaching children about discipline is the school and the home. Discipline means self-control. 

“Confidence comes from Discipline and training” – Robert Kiyosaki

Discipline in School : To say, Discipline is the most important quality that shapes a student. The school plays a very important role in teaching the children the value of discipline.  It is good that every School should conduct a moral science class which teaches them the value of honesty and discipline.  Discipline includes punctuality, respect, good actions, good words, and good character.  One’s action or one’s words should not disturb others in any way.  Schools conduct extra activities like NCC to impart the value of discipline.

“Discipline is just doing the same thing, the right way whether anyone’s watching or not” – Michael J.Fox

Discipline at home : In fact, Children should follow discipline at home.  They follow their parents and parents themselves should have discipline.  Getting up early in the morning, brushing, doing exercises like walking, preparing one’s own food, studying, going to school on time, doing home works promptly are examples of discipline.

Indiscipline Problems : If the children are not disciplined, there are a lot of problems like lack of respect for elders, dishonesty in exams, unaware of the importance of education, no control over anger, not understanding the value of friends, lack of patriotism towards the country’s progress and so on.  The list goes on and this leads to failure in personal life and the nation as a whole.

Importance of discipline :

“By constant self-discipline and self-control, you can develop greatness of character” – Grenville Kleise

Generally in schools, there is a saying, “Discipline first, education next.”  Education is next to Discipline.  Here we can understand the importance of discipline.  Every individual person should have self-discipline.  Others will respect a disciplined man. But if there is no discipline, it leads to confusion everywhere. Noninterference in others matters, helping others instead of giving trouble, Obedience to parents and teachers are all important aspects of the discipline.  Moreover, the habits that we acquire in the following discipline will last with us our life long.

Conclusion: To sum up, Discipline helps the students to be good at studies, good behavior at home and at school.  Parents and teachers help in teaching the value of discipline to the children and guide them.  The students of today are the citizens of tomorrow.  Hence it is important to guide them in the right way so that they can be responsible when they grow up.  This helps the nation to grow and prosper well.  Following discipline from a young age, helps the growth of our nation.  Hard work, perseverance, and discipline are three pillars of a man to achieve success.

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Discipline Essay

Discipline constitutes a set of rules and regulations that are imposed upon us for all the good reasons. Either we like or not, discipline is important in life and much essential quality for becoming a good student or a good professional. Even a certain amount of discipline in personal life is also necessary. In the below essays we will go through various essays on the discipline of varying word length.

Short and Long Essays on Discipline

I have given below short and long essays on discipline in English. The essays have been written in simple and effective English language and will be easy for you to understand. In the essays provided below you will realize the importance of discipline in life; whether, you are a student or a professional. The essays will make you a better person and improve your self-confidence and other qualities.

Discipline Essay 1 (100 Words)

A majority of us don’t like discipline and have a particular dislike for the word. We don’t want to hear the word “discipline” in our schools, colleges, homes or even offices. That is because we prefer to be free willing and dislike following any rules or regulations. But we must understand that a certain amount of discipline is good for our own benefit. With no discipline at all, in life and conduct, we will be like a misguided missile, with loads of ammunition but no clue about the target. In other words – we all have the potential to succeed and do good in life but without discipline we can’t chart out a path to success, finally ending up in failure.


Discipline Essay 2 (150 Words)

Most of the children understand discipline as a set of rules that have been imposed upon by their elders. Many children think that discipline is unnecessary and they should be given a free hand in whatever they want to do. This is because the children don’t realize the intentions with which the elders have drafted those rules. Elders and guardians always have the benefit of children in their mind and so many rules and regulations that they impose are only for the safety and benefit of the children.

There are also some simple acts of discipline that you could practice in your daily life. For example – you must have heard the phrase “early to bed and early to rise, make a man healthy and wise”. If you discipline yourself in going to bed early and getting up early the next morning, it will probably have a good outcome on your health and personality.  Similarly, washing hands before eating, not talking while eating, always behaving properly are some simple acts that will change your life if only you follow them every day in a disciplined way.

Discipline Essay 3 (200 Words)

I know that you already have an idea of discipline, more so if you are a student. How often were you asked by your teacher to pay attention to otherwise leave the class? Or how often did your parents stopped you from playing or going outside because you didn’t perform well in the exams. These are some of the examples of discipline, which were supposedly brought to bring positive development in you. In this case, the discipline imposed is necessary and you too must develop a habit to follow it. There is no harm in the discipline that your teachers, elders or parents have imposed on you, for what they have in their mind is primarily your own welfare and improvement.

Discipline is good as long as the objective with which it has been implemented is good. Such discipline brings positive changes in you and changes the perception of people about you. It brings you admiration from teachers, friends, and family. You will set an example for juniors and younger to follow and be looked upon with respect and admiration. You will be more composed collected and successful in career and life. Not only in student life but also in personal and professional life, discipline is a must.

 Discipline Essay 4 (250 Words)

The word “Discipline” is explained in the dictionary as – “the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behaviour, using punishment to correct disobedience.” It is evident from the explanation that the main objective of discipline is to train people so that they obey definite rules and regulations promptly. To make sure that the rules are obeyed and the discipline maintained, there is also a provision for punishment or penalty.

Discipline is imposed by a person upon himself or herself or onto others, often for good reasons and to get desirable results. Like, if you have disciplined yourself in studies and decided that you will self-study for 4-5 hours at home every day, under any circumstances; the decision is likely to improve your grades and make your career stable. In another example, if a prompt policeman fines a person for driving recklessly or without wearing a helmet; it is only to ensure the safety of the person and in consideration of the general good of the society.

However, some caution must be exercised while setting rules and regulations and any inconvenience caused to the followers of the rules must also be considered. For example, if the policeman in the above example not only fines the person but also puts him in prison for a minor offense, then it would be a case of discipline gone beyond the limit. Similarly, if your school management dismisses you for a week for not completing an assignment; such harsh punishment for an act of minor negligence can’t be justified as disciplinary action.

Discipline Essay 5 (300 Words)


In the general perception, discipline is a way of keeping yourself and your acts composed, often it also means to timely complying with all your deadlines and responsibilities. Though discipline is good for improvements and development, when it is forced upon by someone else, it could generate problems as well. In this essay, I will tell you about good discipline and bad discipline.

Good Discipline

Good discipline is imposed for all good reasons and to get desirable results. For example, when your class teacher strictly asks you to not talk during the lecture, his or her intention is only to make you concentrate on the lecture so that you can improve your grades. Another example of good discipline is when your father asks you to return home early at any cost, it is only for your own safety and benefit. Similarly, there could be hundreds of examples of discipline that are placed for the betterment of things.

Bad Discipline

Any disciplinary act that has been imposed without any valid reason or with false intent comes under the category of bad discipline. Even the good discipline when carried out too forcefully so that it gets stressful and mentally disturbing for someone could be categorized as a bad discipline. For instance, let us just suppose that your friend’s parents are too protective about him/her, so much so that they don’t let him/her attend your birthday celebration or any other similar event for that matter. In this case, there is no apparent reason for the discipline imposed; moreover, it could be kind of depressing for your friend.

Discipline is only good up to an extent when the imposer has the welfare of the subject in mind. Also, any discipline requires a rational and unbiased approach and any unwanted outcome also must be avoided.

Discipline Essay 6 (350 Words)

Discipline is very important in one’s life, especially students, who have their whole future in front of them. It could mean all the difference between success and failure. A student who follows discipline is admired by his/her friends and teachers, while the other who leads an undisciplined and unorganized life, is looked upon with pity and ignorance.

Discipline in Student Life – Importance and Benefits

Discipline in student life is very important and a deciding factor behind the academic grades. Anyone can enroll himself/herself in a school, but how good a student he/she is, is proved by the fact that how much discipline he/she follows in studies.

Discipline is the first thing that you need to practice if you want to excel in studies. Without discipline in your student life, you won’t be able to set objectives and study well. It also improves your self-confidence, which is a must for student life.

It has many benefits when practiced in student life. Discipline makes you concentrate and remove your deviations, making your mind composed and concentrated. It helps you realize goals and gives you the guts to follow a well-planned path to achieve the very goals, with confidence.

Practicing discipline in student life will make you popular among your teachers and friends, making them admire you. You will be looked upon as an ideal student and set an example for others to follow.

Any a student who never skips his/her class unless there is a genuine reason to do so; who always listens promptly to the lectures; who completes all his/her assignments on time or before time; who never misbehave with classmates or with any other person for that matter; who always studies for the speculated time for what he/she has decided; is always loved and admired by the teachers and is sure to make success one day.

In the life of a student discipline plays a significant role. It is only through discipline that he/she can achieve academic excellence and be successful in a career. The modus operandi is to start early during your junior school years and keep up the habit of discipline in every level of your student, professional or personal life.

Discipline Essay 7 (400 Words)

Discipline in life makes you more confident by keeping you calm, composed and in full control of your life. Everyone has dreams yet some achieve them while others just are not able to make it. Why? The answer lies in the discipline they adapt their lives for achieving the goals.

How to Stay Disciplined?

It’s not easy to stay disciplined neither is easy to achieve your dreams. Realizing a dream and setting your life on a path of progress comes with a price. Some of the ways by which you can lead a disciplined life are given below.

1) Remove your Weaknesses

The first step towards leading a disciplined life is to identify your weaknesses and remove them one by one. With your weaknesses surrounding you, it will be difficult for you to set goals and follow rules. The first job you should be doing is to recognize the situations or acts that constitute your weaknesses and overpower them wisely and confidently.

2) Overpower your Deviations

One of the greatest hurdles in leading a disciplined life is a wandering mind. Your mind and thoughts need to be collected and composed if you want to live in the discipline. You must, at any cost, overcome your deviations and infatuations if you ever want to succeed in life.

3) Set a Clear Plan

One of the most important characteristics of discipline is that it follows a clear route plan with clear objectives. You follow discipline because you want to achieve a specific goal in life by practicing discipline. On the other hand, if you don’t have a clear plan and objective then for you discipline holds no value.

4) Adopt Good Habits

Adopting to good habits is very essential for leading a disciplined life. Bad habits are a kind of disturbances; those will always pull you down from making progress. Unless you let good habits into your life and bad habits out of it, you won’t realize its significance. With good habits on your side, you will feel more composed and disciplined.

5) Stay Fit

Staying fit is another factor that is essential for leading a disciplined life. If you are fit and happy with your body and without any ailment, that you will be able to lead a disciplined life. You must exercise regularly and take part in sports or extracurricular activities to lead a disciplined and hence fruitful life.

Discipline in life is very essential for success and progress. If you just follow the above-stated methods, you will be able to instill discipline in your life, thereby setting your goals and making progress.

Discipline Essay 8 (500 Words)

Discipline is an attitude for keeping your life and conduct in control. It is a way of life in which a person diligently follows definite rules and time tables in order to achieve a certain objective in life. Some people take discipline seriously and are always watchful of their own acts and the activities they spend time on.

What is Discipline?

Discipline is a method to do your everyday jobs in an uncompromising way. A disciplined person decides on something for good reasons and sticks to the commitment no matter what. For example, a disciplined student will never bunk his/her class for insignificant reasons. Similarly, a disciplined employee will never give lame excuses to escape his/her official responsibilities.

Advantages of Discipline

Having a disciplined life has loads of advantages in one’s personal, social and professional life. Some of the advantages of discipline are stated below-

1) Better Control of your own life

When you chose discipline as a way of life, your life gets more composed and meaningful. By practicing discipline, you get full control over your own senses and desires and the strength to wave off the insignificant ones.

2) Infuses Confidence

Discipline makes you more confident and progressive towards the goal you have chosen. If you regularly strive to achieve the objective in a disciplined way, you will become confident in moving closer to the said objective every day. If you lead a disciplined life, not only you get confident but also others will confide in you.

3) Social Admiration

A person leading a disciplined life is always admired and trusted by the friends and family. People tend to like persons who are composed and disciplined. They set an example for the other to follow and get inspired.

4) Stability in Life

Discipline keeps you more stable in life and you feel more in control as never before. Discipline infuses confidence making you adapt a positive attitude and success in life. You deliver skills and earn money making you financially stable.

5) Helps you Stay Fit

Discipline help keeping you mentally and physically fit by keeping you away from temptations and diversions. It also induces zeal to exercise regularly and follow a strict disciplinarian diet in order to keep you fit and healthy. You religiously follow the schedule you have drafted for sports activities, exercise, etc.

6) Transforms you into an Achiever

With discipline, you get self-confidence and grit to succeed. You are transformed into a person who has goals and a well-structured path to achieve them. You know where to go and how to reach there. All in all, you are in full control of your life and destiny.

Discipline is a must for everyone either a student, professional or housewife. By adopting a disciplinary way of approach in your life, you will succeed and gain respect in your respective field, wherever you are whatever you do. A disciplined person is self-confident and also gains the confidence of others as well.

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Speech on Self-Discipline and its Importance

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Paragraph on Discipline – Long and Short Discipline Paragraphs

essay on value of discipline for class 7

Table of Contents

Paragraph on Discipline in English

In a concise paragraph on discipline , the focus is on how punctuality, organization, and perseverance form the core of disciplined behavior. Discipline in student life paragraph often emphasizes how discipline leads to academic and personal success. A paragraph on self-discipline reflects its role in lifelong learning and growth. When students write a paragraph on the importance of discipline in students’ life, it’s essential to recognize that discipline is not just about adhering to rules; it’s about self-improvement and setting the stage for a fulfilling life. Every discussion, whether it’s a paragraph on discipline in English or a paragraph on discipline in school, serves as a reminder of the fundamental role of discipline in shaping well-rounded individuals.

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Discipline is a basic manner that must be developed in a child from his/her childhood. Childhood phase is the time where we all learn values and morals; Discipline is one of the important lessons for a child that helps him/her throughout life. Punctuality, good manners , and attentiveness are some of the self-discipline things that should be followed by students.

The person who punctual always considered disciplined. Studying regularly and submitting tasks timely are should adopted by all. Irregular study patterns will create backlog like situation and a student may fail in the examination. For scoring well in classes one should always follow punctuality.

Long and Short Paragraphs on Discipline in English

Below, you’ll discover a collection of concise and detailed paragraphs on discipline, suitable for various word count requirements and check essays writing if you need to write essay on discipline . These paragraphs are designed to assist students in fulfilling their academic tasks related to this topic. They are crafted to enable children to easily write and recite paragraphs using straightforward language and brief sentences. Students can choose any discipline paragraph that best fits their specific needs and requirements.

Short Paragraph on Discipline

Write a paragraph on discipline 100 words, paragraph on discipline 100 words.

Discipline in student life is a cornerstone for success. A short essay on discipline reveals its importance in maintaining order and fostering a positive environment for learning and personal growth. A paragraph on discipline highlights how self-control and adherence to rules are crucial in achieving goals. To write a paragraph on discipline, one must understand its value in shaping character and instilling a sense of responsibility. The paragraph on the value of discipline underlines its role in forming a structured and focused mindset. A short paragraph on discipline can effectively convey how it is essential in every aspect of life, particularly in education, guiding students towards excellence and integrity.

Paragraph on Discipline 150 Words

Discipline is a fundamental virtue in everyone’s life, especially for students. It forms the backbone of a structured and fulfilling life, guiding one’s actions and decisions. In student life, discipline is crucial for academic success and personal growth. It involves adhering to school rules, being punctual, and dedicating oneself to studies and extracurricular activities. A disciplined student can balance their academic and personal life efficiently, leading to better performance and reduced stress. Moreover, discipline instills a sense of responsibility and self-control, which are essential for navigating various life challenges. The value of discipline extends beyond academic life; it shapes character, builds resilience, and fosters a respect for others and oneself. Therefore, cultivating discipline from a young age is vital for achieving one’s goals and living a harmonious life. It’s not just about following rules but about developing a self-regulated, focused, and balanced approach to life.”

Paragraph on Discipline from Class 1 to 5 (2ooWords)

Discipline paragraph for class 1.

Discipline is like a magical power that helps everyone. When we have discipline, we do good things. It means listening to our teachers, saying “thank you”, and playing nicely. It’s like waiting for our turn in games or doing our homework without being told. Discipline makes everything easier. With it, we don’t fight, and our parents are happy. When we have discipline, every day becomes a fun day. So, discipline is like a magic rule we should always remember.

Discipline Paragraph for Class 2

Imagine a world without discipline! It would be so chaotic. Discipline is a set of rules that guide our lives. It’s what tells us to finish our meals, clean our rooms, and be kind. It’s like the lines in a coloring book that guide where to color. When we follow these lines, our picture looks beautiful. Similarly, when we follow discipline in life, our days are joyful and well-organized. Discipline brings happiness and peace.

Discipline Paragraph for Class 3

Discipline is our life’s guide. It’s like a map that shows us where to go. When we wake up, brush our teeth, eat breakfast, and go to school, we follow a routine. This routine is discipline. It helps us be on time, respect others, and make our days smooth. With discipline, we can achieve our goals. For example, if we study regularly, we do well in exams. So, discipline is the secret to a beautiful and successful life.

Discipline Paragraph for Class 4

Why do we have bedtimes, study times, or playtimes? The answer is discipline. Discipline is like our life’s compass. It gives direction. When we follow it, we know what to do and when. It helps us make good choices. With discipline, we achieve our goals. It reminds us to be polite, do our homework, and be punctual. Discipline is essential because, without it, we might lose our way. So, it’s crucial to be disciplined to have a clear direction in life.

Discipline Paragraph for Class 5

Every tall building needs a strong foundation. Similarly, for a successful life, we need the foundation of discipline. Discipline is the practice of making the right choices. It helps us be responsible and focused. Whether it’s about managing time, studying for an exam, or helping at home, discipline guides us. With discipline, we can overcome challenges and reach our goals. It also helps us respect and get respected. Discipline ensures that our journey towards success is smooth and steady.

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Paragraph on Discipline from Class 6 to 10

Discipline paragraph for class 6 (25owords).

In every aspect of life, discipline plays a significant role. It is more than just following rules; it’s a way of life. Imagine a world where everyone does what they want without any order; it would be pure chaos! Discipline helps maintain this order. From the moment we wake up to when we sleep, our day is structured around it. It guides our actions, ensuring we stay on the right path.

Schools emphasize discipline because it’s essential for learning. A disciplined study routine ensures that we cover all subjects and excel in our exams. At home, discipline might mean doing our chores, helping our parents, or even managing our time efficiently.

As we grow, we understand that discipline is also about self-control. It’s the voice inside us that tells us to study when we want to watch TV or to save money instead of buying something impulsively. This self-control, rooted in discipline, is what leads us to success in later life.

In conclusion, discipline is the unseen force behind all achievements. It provides structure to our lives and teaches us the importance of responsibility. By embracing discipline, we pave our way to success and happiness.

Discipline Paragraph for Class 7 (30oWords)

Discipline is not merely following a set of rules; it’s a mindset, a commitment to oneself. As we grow older, we realize its importance more vividly. Every institution, whether it’s a school, a company, or even a family, functions smoothly because of discipline.

The value of discipline begins at home. Parents instill it in us from a young age. They teach us to wake up early, eat our meals on time, and be respectful to others. As we step into school, this value gets reinforced. We wear uniforms, follow a timetable, and adhere to school rules, all of which are aspects of discipline.

However, the true essence of discipline goes beyond these rules. It’s about self-regulation and making the right choices even when no one is watching. For instance, choosing to study for an upcoming test even when there are distractions or opting to help a classmate understand a difficult concept.

Moreover, discipline shapes our character. It teaches us patience, determination, and a sense of responsibility. These traits are invaluable as we navigate the challenges of life.

In essence, discipline is the pillar upon which our personal and professional growth rests. By embracing and practicing it, we not only enrich our lives but also contribute positively to society.

Discipline Paragraph in English for Class 8 (30oWords)

Everyone aspires to achieve success, be it in academics, sports, or life in general. But what is the common thread that binds successful individuals? The answer is discipline. It’s the cornerstone that shapes our actions, decisions, and ultimately, our futures.

From a young age, we are introduced to discipline. It starts with simple tasks like tidying up our rooms or finishing our homework. As we grow, the challenges become bigger, but the principle remains the same. It’s discipline that pushes an athlete to train every day, a student to revise thoroughly, or an artist to perfect their craft.

Yet, discipline isn’t just about rigid routines or strict rules. It’s about cultivating a mindset. A mindset that prioritizes long-term goals over short-term pleasures. For instance, when tempted to procrastinate, a disciplined mind would choose to stay focused on the task at hand, understanding the importance of time and commitments.

Discipline also plays a pivotal role in character building. It inculcates values such as patience, perseverance, and responsibility. When practiced consistently, these values become inherent traits, guiding us through the myriad challenges life throws at us.

Furthermore, in today’s fast-paced world, discipline is more crucial than ever. With countless distractions around, it’s easy to lose focus. However, discipline acts as an anchor, keeping us grounded to our goals and aspirations.

To conclude, discipline is not just a trait but a way of life. It’s the tool that carves out our future, ensuring we lead meaningful, successful, and fulfilling lives. By valuing and practicing discipline, we craft a better tomorrow for ourselves and society at large.

Discipline Paragraph for Class 9 (35oWords)

Discipline is often mistaken as mere obedience to rules, but in reality, it encompasses much more. It is the ability to control oneself, to stay committed, and to prioritize. It’s an essential quality that shapes our lives, driving us towards excellence and success.

In a world overflowing with distractions and temptations, maintaining discipline can indeed be a challenge. But those who master it early in life reap significant rewards. Whether it’s in academics, extracurricular activities, or personal goals, discipline is the key that unlocks potentials.

While rules and regulations in schools or at home give structure, true discipline comes from within. It is the inner voice that tells us to stay true to our commitments, even when no one is watching. It’s the force that propels a student to study regularly, an athlete to practice relentlessly, and an artist to hone their skills continuously.

Discipline also molds our character, teaching us virtues like patience, determination, and resilience. It helps us understand the value of time and the importance of making every moment count. Moreover, as we mature, we realize that discipline is not just about personal achievement but also about contributing to society. It teaches us responsibility, accountability, and the importance of maintaining social harmony.

In conclusion, discipline is not a restriction but a path to freedom. It allows us to break the chains of procrastination, laziness, and indifference, leading us to a life of purpose, achievement, and satisfaction.

Discipline Paragraph for Class 10 (40oWords)

As we stand on the threshold of adulthood, we come to appreciate the profound impact of discipline on our lives. Often overshadowed by talent or luck, discipline, in truth, is the unsung hero behind most success stories.

This powerful virtue does more than just keep us on track. It shapes our worldview, teaches us the importance of ethics, and instills a sense of responsibility. While talent can provide a head start, it’s discipline that keeps us in the race, ensuring consistent progress.

Every great achievement, be it in science, art, sports, or any field, has discipline at its core. It’s the unseen force that motivates an author to write daily, a scientist to persist in their research, or a musician to practice day in and day out. This dedication, rooted in discipline, transforms potential into excellence.

However, the beauty of discipline lies not just in achieving personal milestones. It plays a pivotal role in societal progress as well. A disciplined society, where individuals understand and respect boundaries, ensures harmony, cooperation, and collective growth. It prevents chaos, promotes order, and creates an environment where creativity and innovation thrive.

Yet, maintaining discipline is no easy feat, especially in today’s world of instant gratifications. It requires self-awareness, determination, and a strong moral compass. But those who embrace it, enjoy a life of clarity, purpose, and fulfillment. They are better equipped to handle challenges, make informed decisions, and contribute positively to the world.

In essence, discipline is more than just a virtue; it’s a way of life. It’s the compass that guides us through the maze of life, ensuring we stay on the path of righteousness, excellence, and true success.

Write a Paragraph on Discipline in Students Life

Paragraph on discipline in student life.

Discipline in student life is the cornerstone for success and personal growth. It is not just about adhering to rules but about self-control and responsibility. Students who embrace discipline develop better focus, which is essential for academic achievement. They learn to prioritize their tasks, manage their time efficiently, and persist in the face of challenges. Discipline also fosters respect for authority and peers, creating a conducive learning environment. Moreover, it instills values like honesty, perseverance, and dedication. Ultimately, discipline shapes students into well-rounded individuals, ready to face the complexities of life with resilience and integrity. This makes discipline not just a school necessity but a lifelong virtue.

Paragraph on Discipline in School

Discipline in school is a fundamental aspect that shapes the behavior and academic success of students. It refers to the guidelines and rules set by the educational institution to maintain order and a conducive learning environment. Effective discipline in schools encourages students to be responsible, respectful, and focused on their studies. It instills a sense of self-control and punctuality, crucial for their overall development. When students understand and follow school rules, it reflects in their personal growth and discipline in student life. Emphasizing the value of discipline through various school activities helps in nurturing well-rounded individuals. This short paragraph on discipline underscores its importance in shaping a student’s life and future.

Frequently Asked Questions on Discipline

Who introduced discipline.

The concept of discipline has ancient origins and is not attributed to a single individual. Various cultures and philosophies have emphasized discipline throughout history.

Does discipline equal punishment?

No, discipline doesn't always mean punishment. It's more about teaching and guiding behavior. Punishment might be a part of it, but discipline focuses on long-term behavior improvement.

Why is it called a discipline?

The term discipline comes from the Latin word disciplina, which means instruction or knowledge. It signifies training oneself to follow specific rules or a code of behavior.

What is a discipline student?

A disciplined student is one who demonstrates self-control, punctuality, and responsibility in their studies and behavior, adhering to school and class rules.

Is discipline a good quality?

Yes, discipline is considered a valuable quality. It helps individuals maintain consistency, achieve their goals, and lead a balanced life.

What is the aim of discipline?

The aim of discipline is to foster self-control, enhance productivity, develop good habits, and create a respectful environment, whether it's personal, professional, or educational.

What discipline really means?

Discipline refers to the practice of training oneself to follow specific rules or a code of behavior, using instruction, self-control, and occasionally, corrective measures.

Is discipline a skill?

Yes, discipline can be seen as a skill. While some may have a natural inclination towards it, many need to develop discipline over time through practice and persistence.

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Essay on “Value of Discipline” for Kids and Students, English, Paragraph, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 12, College and Competitive Exams.

Value of Discipline

Discipline means self-control. It requires a person to observe certain rules of conduct. It is necessary to lead a civilized life. Its absence creates disorder. No progress is possible without it. It is essential in every field of life. There can be no peace and justice without it. Without discipline man is nothing more than an animal.

Children learn discipline from their parents. Therefore it is necessary that first of all parents should be disciplined. Students learn discipline from their teachers. Only disciplined teachers can teach students to observe discipline. The fall in discipline results in the fall of academic standards. We can learn discipline from heavenly bodies. The sun, the moon and the stars move according the law of nature.

Discipline is the life-breath of an army. No army can be imagined without discipline. Without discipline an army is nothing but a crowd of people. Discipline is needed in political life also. If political leaders are not disciplined, they can’t deliver the goods. They will ruin the country. Discipline in the playground is no less important. No game is possible if the rules of the game are not observed.

There are people who don’t like discipline. They say that discipline 1’s their freedom. But such people are wrong. They should know absence of discipline means death and destruction. Discipline should not be imposed from without. It should come from within. Only discipline is enduring. Democracy can survive only if the people are disciplined.

Thus discipline regulates our life. It makes life worth-living. People should realize their responsibilities. They should perform their duties honestly. Discipline alone should govern their daily activities.

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Essay on Discipline

“Discipline” means obeying the rules or doing things properly. There are many good things that we often listen about. Since childhood, our parents try to teach us good habits. When we reach school, our teachers teach us good etiquette and manners. When we grow old, we try to grasp the good things around us. The one thing which is common in all the stages of life is “Discipline”. From a small kid to a grown-up adult, we always hear the word “discipline” a lot in our life. It never gets old because of its huge importance. Therefore, today we will discuss discipline in detail.

Short and Long Discipline Essay in English

Here, I’m presenting long and short essays on Discipline in English for students under the word limit of 100 – 150 Words, 200 – 250 words, and 500 – 600 words. This topic is useful for students of classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 in English. These provided essays on Discipline with proper headings will help you to write effective essays, paragraphs, and speeches on this topic.

Discipline Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) Discipline is a behavior that encourages us to obey rules.

2) Discipline is important in every phase of life.

3) It helps us to achieve success and fulfill our dreams in life.

4) Discipline helps to increase self-confidence in us.

5) Parents, teachers, and elders teach us discipline.

6) It helps us to stay focused and committed to our goals.

7) Discipline plays an important role in shaping a better future.

8) Student life is majorly affected by discipline.

9) Discipline helps to build a good personality.

10) A good and healthy life can only be achieved if we are disciplined.

Short Essay on Discipline (250 – 300 Words)


Discipline means being able to meet all the commitments on schedule and respecting all the rules. It refers to understanding how important time is, treating people with respect, and being thankful for nature. This trait helps a person to overcome problems and reach their goals. Discipline has a big effect on the lives of people.

Role of Discipline in our Life

Our lives revolve around discipline. From childhood to adulthood, discipline plays a vital role in every phase of life. School, college, and university are all places where discipline is important. Discipline is very important in student life. It helps to boost confidence and increase focus on goals.

It is important to concentrate on studies, obtain good marks, and prepare for the future. Parents should teach discipline to their children in the early stage of their life. It will help them to build a successful and happy future. Discipline keeps a person both mentally and physically fit.

A disciplined person has full control over his actions, thoughts, body, and spirit. People will also respect you more if you are disciplined. The first step toward success is discipline. One has to put lots of effort to be disciplined and follow it throughout the life.

It allows us to live a happy life without any stress. It motivates us to work hard and stay focused on our goals. A disciplined way of living opens the door to success and happiness. Not only does being disciplined help you reach your goals, but it also makes you feel good inside and out.

Having a successful life is almost impossible without discipline just like life is impossible on the earth without water and oxygen. Discipline plays a vital role in making human being, a social human being. We must follow discipline throughout our life to reach our goal and be happy.

Long Essay on Discipline (500 Words)

Discipline refers to following a proper order to do something. In other words, discipline is a way to keep yourself and your actions in check. It is a key part of becoming a good person and is important in everyday life. It also means meeting all of your deadlines and responsibilities on time. It is the way we act that helps us stay focused, dedicated, on time, and committed to our goals. Our family and schools help us learn what discipline really means. Discipline makes a human a better person in general.

Discipline: The path to success

Discipline is just as important to success as breathing is to life. Discipline is the first and most important thing you need to learn in life. It is the foremost of all the set of steps that lead a person toward success. Discipline makes you sure of yourself and helps you move forward toward your goal. A person can become more focused and self-confident with the help of discipline.

The person who is disciplined gets more chances and opportunities in life than those who are not disciplined. Many great men in history, such as Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Einstein, Swami Rama Krishna, etc were successful because they lived disciplined life.

Advantages of Discipline

There are many benefits to being disciplined. Everyone needs discipline if they want to live a smooth, successful, and happy life. When people don’t have the discipline or don’t follow it, it causes problems and difficulties. Whether you are a student, professional, or elder discipline is essential to carry out your work efficiently.

Discipline also helps to earn respect in society. Everyone loves people who are calm, disciplined, and have good habits. It helps us be on time, work hard, and stay focused on our goals. Moreover, being disciplined keeps us healthy and active.

Discipline in Student’s Life

When a person is in school, discipline is one of the most important things that determine how well they do in the future. It keeps students motivated, stress-free, focused, active, and dynamic. If you lack discipline in your academic life, you won’t be able to create goals for yourself or perform well in your studies. A good career begins with student life and a good student life requires well-discipline. It teaches students the value of time and its management. Teachers love the student who is disciplined.

It also helps you feel better about yourself, which is important for a student. A student can only do well in school and have a successful career if he is disciplined.

Everyone needs discipline more than anything else in their lives. Without discipline, we can’t live a life that has meaning. It helps people to attain every height of life. So, the need and value of discipline in our life cannot be denied. However, it is hard to follow discipline because it demands continuous effort, commitment and hard work. If we want success, we need to learn how to be disciplined.

I hope the above provided essays on Discipline will be helpful in understanding the importance of discipline in different aspects of our life.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Discipline

Ans. Lack of motivation, irresponsible, laziness, fear of failure, etc are the barriers to discipline.

Ans. Supportive discipline, preventative discipline, and corrective discipline are three different types of Discipline.

Ans. Punctual, focused, hard working, calm, well-managed, etc are some qualities of a disciplined person.

Ans. Craig Ballantyne is considered the world’s most disciplined person.

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  • Paragraph Writing
  • Paragraph On Discipline

Paragraph on Discipline - Check Samples for Various Word Limits

We all have our dreams and wishes to fulfil, and we are all fighting for those every day. Discipline is the key to achieving any kind of success. Being disciplined is an important part of every individual; it helps us to follow a successful path. Read this article to learn more about the importance of being disciplined and also how to write a paragraph on discipline.

Table of Contents

Paragraph on discipline in 100 words, paragraph on discipline in 150 words, paragraph on discipline in 200 words, paragraph on discipline in 250 words, frequently asked questions on discipline paragraph.

It is rightly said that being disciplined is essential in life. When a person leads a disciplined life, they set an easy path to success. They will develop an approach to happiness and a beautiful future ahead. Being disciplined is the practice of having a scheduled daily routine which helps an individual to be punctual and hard-working. An individual is taught what being disciplined means from the time they are young. Even though discipline takes a lot of effort, the advantages of a disciplined life make it a worthwhile endeavour.

Discipline is described as adhering to or obeying a set of rules. Our lives become more organised when we follow those rules. Working as per the rules is a lot of fun and makes everything normal and straightforward. That’s why there is a determined effort to maintain discipline in institutions like schools. A disciplined person is obedient to the proper authority and also has self-governing behaviour. Being disciplined is essential in all aspects of life and is required for every endeavour. This is necessary for everyone to collaborate on a project. If we do not follow our superiors’ directions and rules, we will face challenges, and our efforts may fail. Maintaining our daily routines like waking up early in the morning, having water as required and freshening up before starting our day – all account to leading a disciplined life.

Discipline refers to a collection of rules, limitations, and behavioural patterns that must be followed. When these factors are integrated and used, they assist in maintaining the social and personal order of events in life. Discipline can be developed at home starting at a young age. As a result, it spreads and develops, affecting various aspects of life. Personal discipline includes things like sticking to a regular sleep schedule, eating good food, exercising, pursuing a passion or interest, and participating in sports on a regular basis. Behaving in a certain way in social situations, meetings, or activities is referred to as social discipline. Professional discipline, on the other hand, mostly entails time management, meeting deadlines, greeting seniors correctly, and keeping healthy relationships, among other things. Discipline is an inextricable aspect of society, and its role begins in our educational institutions. People nowadays frequently lose sight of time and must make great efforts to maintain a disciplined lifestyle. Various ways to maintain a disciplined lifestyle are being aware of the rules and guidelines, coordinating with co-workers, keeping personal and professional lives separate and maintaining both, etc.

Human beings are the most important components of every social framework, and rules and laws are required for any system to function. A system or an individual is considered to be disciplined when these norms regulate human behaviour and create a sense of organisation. Every facet of human life, as well as other kinds of life, benefits from discipline. It instils a sense of accountability and credibility and encourages people to take responsibility for their actions.

Discipline may be found everywhere, from a sportsperson’s daily routine to a businessperson’s regular schedule or a child’s first steps. However, it is equally crucial to recognise that the same set of rules does not apply to everyone. A disciplinary regimen should always be constructed to fulfil individual requirements first, unlike “terms and conditions” that set out their own demands.

We frequently have to run so fast to keep up with the mob in the fast-paced lifestyles that we forget about our own plans. This causes problems like insomnia, anxiety, and, in a worst-case scenario, extreme mental turmoil. We must continue to push ourselves to remain in the competition, but prioritising our goals is essential. While ‘discipline’ has many interpretations and perceptions, its ultimate goal is to provide us with a clear understanding of life. The history of great individuals demonstrates the need for discipline in achieving goals. Discipline does not have to be something that governs every minute of our lives; it can take the form of modest steps that, one day, will result in a greater, better version of ourselves.

What is meant by discipline in simple terms?

Why is it important to be disciplined in life, leave a comment cancel reply.

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essay on value of discipline for class 7

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Essay On The Importance Of Discipline

Discipline is considered more important than studies. Discipline is the basis for every human conduct. It helps one focus on his life goals. A well-disciplined person successfully reaches their destination. One should always be disciplined about their habits, routines, and obedience. A disciplined person always finds a way to do what needs to be done. Here are a few sample essays on the topic ‘Importance Of Discipline”.

Essay On The Importance Of  Discipline

100 Words Essay On Importance Of Discipline

Every person has at some point of timed, heard of the word discipline, but only a few understand its true meaning, and only countable people actually practice discipline. Discipline is important to one’s life like radar is important to a ship. Discipline plays a crucial role in everyone’s life. . A well-disciplined person is supported and believed by most people. Discipline helps to have a clear view of life. Being disciplined helps a person to organise and prioritise life decisions. Discipline helps us have a positive attitude, which is one of the primary needs in life. Thus being disciplined fosters the development of a person in multiple ways.

200 Word Essays On Importance Of Discipline

Discipline helps a person to live a satisfying life. Being disciplined means being honest, motivated, hard-working and encouraged throughout the task undertaken. Lets us discuss a few merits of being disciplined:-

Being discipline pushes us to focus on only what is important and meaningful rather than letting us lose energy over insignificant things. Various benefits come with discipline.

A disciplined person is better able to manage their time and accomplish more.

Discipline helps one make better life decisions and smoothly achieve their goal.

Those who abide by rules and regulations, that is, be disciplined, feel a better sense of control over their lives.

Disciplined people will have more stability and structure towards life. A disciplined person is always respected. They become role models for their society. Their hard work is noticed and rewarded. Disciplined people are more likely to face challenges with strength and not get bogged down.This helps them have a calm mind even during crisis.

Work- Life Balance | A disciplined person has time for various things to do. They are well-organised and plan accordingly. Many people will need help to balance work and private life. That’s primarily because they lack discipline. But, a disciplined person will plan things to balance everything in his life. It is always important to have such positive habits for personal growth.

500 Words Essay Importance Of Discipline

Discipline is one of the most important personality traits anyone should have. Discipline is nothing but being consistent, and following rules and regulations, be it for a particular task at hand or in life in general. There are few basic unwritten rules at school, office, workplace, college, and even at the house. A disciplined person will follow written rules and these unwritten social rules. It is one of the most significant personalities one can possess. Anybody can have a goal, but only disciplined people can accomplish it. It is especially important in a student’s life.

Why One Should Be Disciplined

Here are a few reasons why being disciplined is helpful for the person themselves and others around them:-

A person with self-discipline will have control over life. They can structure or restructure their life according to their needs.

Their discipline gives them the strength to fight challenges and negativity.

Discipline helps overcome weaknesses and convert them into strengths.

Discipline is one thing that differentiates leaders from followers.

Discipline For Students

A well-disciplined student will easily manage time. They can make time to study, revise and practice. They will also have time for sports and fun activities. Disciplined students usually feel less stressed about studies since they’re consistent and keep complpeting everything in time. They have active study sessions and complete focus. With discipline, a student can gain success in any field of their life.

How To Be Disciplined

There are certain ways to inculcate discipline. Let us know a few.

Keep calm and use calm words and actions.

No matter how much you like something, set limits to everything and never go beyond them.

Do your best in anything that you take up, yet be prepared for all possible consequences and accept what comes your way before choosing to fight it.

Have strong willpower and never give up easily.

Wake up early in the morning and sleep timely.

Take care of your physical and mental health such that discipline becomes fuel to your overall growth.

How I Learned My Discipline

When I was young, I had a friend named Subreja. We were best friends, and we used to play a lot together. One day, our school announced a creative writing competition, and we were supposed to write our own. A total of 10 people from our class gave names and were eagerly writing our work. One evening I went to Subreja’s house to discuss her writing progress. I was really sad as I felt my work was average. I was shocked to see Subreja copying her writing from her elder sister. When I asked about it, she said, “ We can not write any work at this age. It’s impossible. And I am just taking help from my sister. ”

I asked my father about it. He said, “ Tanya, it is always okay to have someone’s help. But, remember, what Subreja did was not take help but steal someone’s work. I won't recommend you to do that. There are certain rules that we should follow. It is called discipline. These few unwritten rules must be followed to regulate and control our behaviour and actions. These are called self-discipline .” I took my father’s words to heart. I wrote my own work. And to my surprise, I won the competition as Subreja was easily caught as her work was written in a complicated language which could not be believed to be written by a student of our age.

Hence, discipline is a quality we all must try and inculcate in ourselves.

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  • Manufacturing
  • Information Technology

Bio Medical Engineer

The field of biomedical engineering opens up a universe of expert chances. An Individual in the biomedical engineering career path work in the field of engineering as well as medicine, in order to find out solutions to common problems of the two fields. The biomedical engineering job opportunities are to collaborate with doctors and researchers to develop medical systems, equipment, or devices that can solve clinical problems. Here we will be discussing jobs after biomedical engineering, how to get a job in biomedical engineering, biomedical engineering scope, and salary. 

Data Administrator

Database professionals use software to store and organise data such as financial information, and customer shipping records. Individuals who opt for a career as data administrators ensure that data is available for users and secured from unauthorised sales. DB administrators may work in various types of industries. It may involve computer systems design, service firms, insurance companies, banks and hospitals.

Geothermal Engineer

Individuals who opt for a career as geothermal engineers are the professionals involved in the processing of geothermal energy. The responsibilities of geothermal engineers may vary depending on the workplace location. Those who work in fields design facilities to process and distribute geothermal energy. They oversee the functioning of machinery used in the field.

Geotechnical engineer

The role of geotechnical engineer starts with reviewing the projects needed to define the required material properties. The work responsibilities are followed by a site investigation of rock, soil, fault distribution and bedrock properties on and below an area of interest. The investigation is aimed to improve the ground engineering design and determine their engineering properties that include how they will interact with, on or in a proposed construction. 

The role of geotechnical engineer in mining includes designing and determining the type of foundations, earthworks, and or pavement subgrades required for the intended man-made structures to be made. Geotechnical engineering jobs are involved in earthen and concrete dam construction projects, working under a range of normal and extreme loading conditions. 


How fascinating it is to represent the whole world on just a piece of paper or a sphere. With the help of maps, we are able to represent the real world on a much smaller scale. Individuals who opt for a career as a cartographer are those who make maps. But, cartography is not just limited to maps, it is about a mixture of art , science , and technology. As a cartographer, not only you will create maps but use various geodetic surveys and remote sensing systems to measure, analyse, and create different maps for political, cultural or educational purposes.

Operations Manager

Individuals in the operations manager jobs are responsible for ensuring the efficiency of each department to acquire its optimal goal. They plan the use of resources and distribution of materials. The operations manager's job description includes managing budgets, negotiating contracts, and performing administrative tasks.

GIS officer work on various GIS software to conduct a study and gather spatial and non-spatial information. GIS experts update the GIS data and maintain it. The databases include aerial or satellite imagery, latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates, and manually digitized images of maps. In a career as GIS expert, one is responsible for creating online and mobile maps.

Ethical Hacker

A career as ethical hacker involves various challenges and provides lucrative opportunities in the digital era where every giant business and startup owns its cyberspace on the world wide web. Individuals in the ethical hacker career path try to find the vulnerabilities in the cyber system to get its authority. If he or she succeeds in it then he or she gets its illegal authority. Individuals in the ethical hacker career path then steal information or delete the file that could affect the business, functioning, or services of the organization.

Treasury analyst career path is often regarded as certified treasury specialist in some business situations, is a finance expert who specifically manages a company or organisation's long-term and short-term financial targets. Treasurer synonym could be a financial officer, which is one of the reputed positions in the corporate world. In a large company, the corporate treasury jobs hold power over the financial decision-making of the total investment and development strategy of the organisation.

Product Manager

A Product Manager is a professional responsible for product planning and marketing. He or she manages the product throughout the Product Life Cycle, gathering and prioritising the product. A product manager job description includes defining the product vision and working closely with team members of other departments to deliver winning products.  


An underwriter is a person who assesses and evaluates the risk of insurance in his or her field like mortgage, loan, health policy, investment, and so on and so forth. The underwriter career path does involve risks as analysing the risks means finding out if there is a way for the insurance underwriter jobs to recover the money from its clients. If the risk turns out to be too much for the company then in the future it is an underwriter who will be held accountable for it. Therefore, one must carry out his or her job with a lot of attention and diligence.

Bank Probationary Officer (PO)

A career as Bank Probationary Officer (PO) is seen as a promising career opportunity and a white-collar career. Each year aspirants take the Bank PO exam . This career provides plenty of career development and opportunities for a successful banking future. If you have more questions about a career as  Bank Probationary Officer (PO),  what is probationary officer  or how to become a Bank Probationary Officer (PO) then you can read the article and clear all your doubts. 

Data Analyst

The invention of the database has given fresh breath to the people involved in the data analytics career path. Analysis refers to splitting up a whole into its individual components for individual analysis. Data analysis is a method through which raw data are processed and transformed into information that would be beneficial for user strategic thinking.

Data are collected and examined to respond to questions, evaluate hypotheses or contradict theories. It is a tool for analyzing, transforming, modeling, and arranging data with useful knowledge, to assist in decision-making and methods, encompassing various strategies, and is used in different fields of business, research, and social science.

Finance Executive

A career as a Finance Executive requires one to be responsible for monitoring an organisation's income, investments and expenses to create and evaluate financial reports. His or her role involves performing audits, invoices, and budget preparations. He or she manages accounting activities, bank reconciliations, and payable and receivable accounts.  

Investment Banker

An Investment Banking career involves the invention and generation of capital for other organizations, governments, and other entities. Individuals who opt for a career as Investment Bankers are the head of a team dedicated to raising capital by issuing bonds. Investment bankers are termed as the experts who have their fingers on the pulse of the current financial and investing climate. Students can pursue various Investment Banker courses, such as Banking and Insurance , and  Economics to opt for an Investment Banking career path.

Transportation Planner

A career as Transportation Planner requires technical application of science and technology in engineering, particularly the concepts, equipment and technologies involved in the production of products and services. In fields like land use, infrastructure review, ecological standards and street design, he or she considers issues of health, environment and performance. A Transportation Planner assigns resources for implementing and designing programmes. He or she is responsible for assessing needs, preparing plans and forecasts and compliance with regulations.

Naval Architect

A Naval Architect is a professional who designs, produces and repairs safe and sea-worthy surfaces or underwater structures. A Naval Architect stays involved in creating and designing ships, ferries, submarines and yachts with implementation of various principles such as gravity, ideal hull form, buoyancy and stability. 

Welding Engineer

Welding Engineer Job Description: A Welding Engineer work involves managing welding projects and supervising welding teams. He or she is responsible for reviewing welding procedures, processes and documentation. A career as Welding Engineer involves conducting failure analyses and causes on welding issues. 

Field Surveyor

Are you searching for a Field Surveyor Job Description? A Field Surveyor is a professional responsible for conducting field surveys for various places or geographical conditions. He or she collects the required data and information as per the instructions given by senior officials. 

Highway Engineer

Highway Engineer Job Description:  A Highway Engineer is a civil engineer who specialises in planning and building thousands of miles of roads that support connectivity and allow transportation across the country. He or she ensures that traffic management schemes are effectively planned concerning economic sustainability and successful implementation.

Conservation Architect

A Conservation Architect is a professional responsible for conserving and restoring buildings or monuments having a historic value. He or she applies techniques to document and stabilise the object’s state without any further damage. A Conservation Architect restores the monuments and heritage buildings to bring them back to their original state.

Safety Manager

A Safety Manager is a professional responsible for employee’s safety at work. He or she plans, implements and oversees the company’s employee safety. A Safety Manager ensures compliance and adherence to Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) guidelines.

A Team Leader is a professional responsible for guiding, monitoring and leading the entire group. He or she is responsible for motivating team members by providing a pleasant work environment to them and inspiring positive communication. A Team Leader contributes to the achievement of the organisation’s goals. He or she improves the confidence, product knowledge and communication skills of the team members and empowers them.

Orthotist and Prosthetist

Orthotists and Prosthetists are professionals who provide aid to patients with disabilities. They fix them to artificial limbs (prosthetics) and help them to regain stability. There are times when people lose their limbs in an accident. In some other occasions, they are born without a limb or orthopaedic impairment. Orthotists and prosthetists play a crucial role in their lives with fixing them to assistive devices and provide mobility.

Veterinary Doctor

A veterinary doctor is a medical professional with a degree in veterinary science. The veterinary science qualification is the minimum requirement to become a veterinary doctor. There are numerous veterinary science courses offered by various institutes. He or she is employed at zoos to ensure they are provided with good health facilities and medical care to improve their life expectancy.


A career in pathology in India is filled with several responsibilities as it is a medical branch and affects human lives. The demand for pathologists has been increasing over the past few years as people are getting more aware of different diseases. Not only that, but an increase in population and lifestyle changes have also contributed to the increase in a pathologist’s demand. The pathology careers provide an extremely huge number of opportunities and if you want to be a part of the medical field you can consider being a pathologist. If you want to know more about a career in pathology in India then continue reading this article.


Gynaecology can be defined as the study of the female body. The job outlook for gynaecology is excellent since there is evergreen demand for one because of their responsibility of dealing with not only women’s health but also fertility and pregnancy issues. Although most women prefer to have a women obstetrician gynaecologist as their doctor, men also explore a career as a gynaecologist and there are ample amounts of male doctors in the field who are gynaecologists and aid women during delivery and childbirth. 

Surgical Technologist

When it comes to an operation theatre, there are several tasks that are to be carried out before as well as after the operation or surgery has taken place. Such tasks are not possible without surgical tech and surgical tech tools. A single surgeon cannot do it all alone. It’s like for a footballer he needs his team’s support to score a goal the same goes for a surgeon. It is here, when a surgical technologist comes into the picture. It is the job of a surgical technologist to prepare the operation theatre with all the required equipment before the surgery. Not only that, once an operation is done it is the job of the surgical technologist to clean all the equipment. One has to fulfil the minimum requirements of surgical tech qualifications. 

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Radiation Therapist

People might think that a radiation therapist only spends most of his/her time in a radiation operation unit but that’s not the case. In reality, a radiation therapist’s job is not as easy as it seems. The job of radiation therapist requires him/her to be attentive, hardworking, and dedicated to his/her work hours. A radiation therapist is on his/her feet for a long duration and might be required to lift or turn disabled patients. Because a career as a radiation therapist involves working with radiation and radioactive material, a radiation therapist is required to follow the safety procedures in order to make sure that he/she is not exposed to a potentially harmful amount of radiation.

Recreational Worker

A recreational worker is a professional who designs and leads activities to provide assistance to people to adopt a healthy lifestyle. He or she instructs physical exercises and games to have fun and improve fitness. A recreational worker may work in summer camps, fitness and recreational sports centres, nature parks, nursing care facilities, and other settings. He or she may lead crafts, sports, music, games, drama and other activities.

An oncologist is a specialised doctor responsible for providing medical care to patients diagnosed with cancer. He or she uses several therapies to control the cancer and its effect on the human body such as chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiation therapy and biopsy. An oncologist designs a treatment plan based on a pathology report after diagnosing the type of cancer and where it is spreading inside the body.

For an individual who opts for a career as an actor, the primary responsibility is to completely speak to the character he or she is playing and to persuade the crowd that the character is genuine by connecting with them and bringing them into the story. This applies to significant roles and littler parts, as all roles join to make an effective creation. Here in this article, we will discuss how to become an actor in India, actor exams, actor salary in India, and actor jobs. 

Individuals who opt for a career as acrobats create and direct original routines for themselves, in addition to developing interpretations of existing routines. The work of circus acrobats can be seen in a variety of performance settings, including circus, reality shows, sports events like the Olympics, movies and commercials. Individuals who opt for a career as acrobats must be prepared to face rejections and intermittent periods of work. The creativity of acrobats may extend to other aspects of the performance. For example, acrobats in the circus may work with gym trainers, celebrities or collaborate with other professionals to enhance such performance elements as costume and or maybe at the teaching end of the career.

Video Game Designer

Career as a video game designer is filled with excitement as well as responsibilities. A video game designer is someone who is involved in the process of creating a game from day one. He or she is responsible for fulfilling duties like designing the character of the game, the several levels involved, plot, art and similar other elements. Individuals who opt for a career as a video game designer may also write the codes for the game using different programming languages. Depending on the video game designer job description and experience they may also have to lead a team and do the early testing of the game in order to suggest changes and find loopholes.

Talent Agent

The career as a Talent Agent is filled with responsibilities. A Talent Agent is someone who is involved in the pre-production process of the film. It is a very busy job for a Talent Agent but as and when an individual gains experience and progresses in the career he or she can have people assisting him or her in work. Depending on one’s responsibilities, number of clients and experience he or she may also have to lead a team and work with juniors under him or her in a talent agency. In order to know more about the job of a talent agent continue reading the article.

If you want to know more about talent agent meaning, how to become a Talent Agent, or Talent Agent job description then continue reading this article.

Radio Jockey

Radio Jockey is an exciting, promising career and a great challenge for music lovers. If you are really interested in a career as radio jockey, then it is very important for an RJ to have an automatic, fun, and friendly personality. If you want to get a job done in this field, a strong command of the language and a good voice are always good things. Apart from this, in order to be a good radio jockey, you will also listen to good radio jockeys so that you can understand their style and later make your own by practicing.

A career as radio jockey has a lot to offer to deserving candidates. If you want to know more about a career as radio jockey, and how to become a radio jockey then continue reading the article.

Talent Director

Individuals who opt for a career as a talent director are professionals who work in the entertainment industry. He or she is responsible for finding out the right talent through auditions for films, theatre productions, or shows. A talented director possesses strong knowledge of computer software used in filmmaking, CGI and animation. A talent acquisition director keeps himself or herself updated on various technical aspects such as lighting, camera angles and shots. 


Careers in videography are art that can be defined as a creative and interpretive process that culminates in the authorship of an original work of art rather than a simple recording of a simple event. It would be wrong to portrait it as a subcategory of photography, rather photography is one of the crafts used in videographer jobs in addition to technical skills like organization, management, interpretation, and image-manipulation techniques. Students pursue Visual Media , Film, Television, Digital Video Production to opt for a videographer career path. The visual impacts of a film are driven by the creative decisions taken in videography jobs. Individuals who opt for a career as a videographer are involved in the entire lifecycle of a film and production. 

Multimedia Specialist

A multimedia specialist is a media professional who creates, audio, videos, graphic image files, computer animations for multimedia applications. He or she is responsible for planning, producing, and maintaining websites and applications. 

Copy Writer

In a career as a copywriter, one has to consult with the client and understand the brief well. A career as a copywriter has a lot to offer to deserving candidates. Several new mediums of advertising are opening therefore making it a lucrative career choice. Students can pursue various copywriter courses such as Journalism , Advertising , Marketing Management . Here, we have discussed how to become a freelance copywriter, copywriter career path, how to become a copywriter in India, and copywriting career outlook. 

Careers in journalism are filled with excitement as well as responsibilities. One cannot afford to miss out on the details. As it is the small details that provide insights into a story. Depending on those insights a journalist goes about writing a news article. A journalism career can be stressful at times but if you are someone who is passionate about it then it is the right choice for you. If you want to know more about the media field and journalist career then continue reading this article.

For publishing books, newspapers, magazines and digital material, editorial and commercial strategies are set by publishers. Individuals in publishing career paths make choices about the markets their businesses will reach and the type of content that their audience will be served. Individuals in book publisher careers collaborate with editorial staff, designers, authors, and freelance contributors who develop and manage the creation of content.

In a career as a vlogger, one generally works for himself or herself. However, once an individual has gained viewership there are several brands and companies that approach them for paid collaboration. It is one of those fields where an individual can earn well while following his or her passion. Ever since internet cost got reduced the viewership for these types of content has increased on a large scale. Therefore, the career as vlogger has a lot to offer. If you want to know more about the career as vlogger, how to become a vlogger, so on and so forth then continue reading the article. Students can visit Jamia Millia Islamia , Asian College of Journalism , Indian Institute of Mass Communication to pursue journalism degrees.

Individuals in the editor career path is an unsung hero of the news industry who polishes the language of the news stories provided by stringers, reporters, copywriters and content writers and also news agencies. Individuals who opt for a career as an editor make it more persuasive, concise and clear for readers. In this article, we will discuss the details of the editor's career path such as how to become an editor in India, editor salary in India and editor skills and qualities.

Visual Communication Designer

Individuals who want to opt for a career as a Visual Communication Designer will work in the graphic design and arts industry. Every sector in the modern age is using visuals to connect with people, clients, or customers. This career involves art and technology and candidates who want to pursue their career as visual communication designer has a great scope of career opportunity.

Content Writer

Content writing is meant to speak directly with a particular audience, such as customers, potential customers, investors, employees, or other stakeholders. The main aim of professional content writers is to speak to their targeted audience and if it is not then it is not doing its job. There are numerous kinds of the content present on the website and each is different based on the service or the product it is used for.

Linguistic meaning is related to language or Linguistics which is the study of languages. A career as a linguistic meaning, a profession that is based on the scientific study of language, and it's a very broad field with many specialities. Famous linguists work in academia, researching and teaching different areas of language, such as phonetics (sounds), syntax (word order) and semantics (meaning). 

Other researchers focus on specialities like computational linguistics, which seeks to better match human and computer language capacities, or applied linguistics, which is concerned with improving language education. Still, others work as language experts for the government, advertising companies, dictionary publishers and various other private enterprises. Some might work from home as freelance linguists. Philologist, phonologist, and dialectician are some of Linguist synonym. Linguists can study French , German , Italian . 

Production Manager

Production Manager Job Description: A Production Manager is responsible for ensuring smooth running of manufacturing processes in an efficient manner. He or she plans and organises production schedules. The role of Production Manager involves estimation, negotiation on budget and timescales with the clients and managers. 

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A QA Lead is incharge of the QA Team. The role of QA Lead comes with the responsibility of assessing services and products in order to determine that they meet the quality standards. He or she develops, implements and manages test plans. 


A career as a merchandiser requires one to promote specific products and services of one or different brands, to increase the in-house sales of the store. Merchandising job focuses on enticing the customers to enter the store and hence increasing their chances of buying a product. Although the buyer is the one who selects the lines, it all depends on the merchandiser on how much money a buyer will spend, how many lines will be purchased, and what will be the quantity of those lines. In a career as merchandiser, one is required to closely work with the display staff in order to decide in what way a product would be displayed so that sales can be maximised. In small brands or local retail stores, a merchandiser is responsible for both merchandising and buying. 

Quality Systems Manager

A Quality Systems Manager is a professional responsible for developing strategies, processes, policies, standards and systems concerning the company as well as operations of its supply chain. It includes auditing to ensure compliance. It could also be carried out by a third party. 

Production Planner

Individuals who opt for a career as a production planner are professionals who are responsible for ensuring goods manufactured by the employing company are cost-effective and meets quality specifications including ensuring the availability of ready to distribute stock in a timely fashion manner. 

Procurement Manager

The procurement Manager is also known as  Purchasing Manager . The role of Procurement Manager is to source products and services for a company. Procurement Managers are involved in developing a purchasing strategy, including the company's budget and the supplies and as well as the vendors who can provide goods and services to the company. His or her ultimate goal is to bring the right products or services at the right time with cost-effectiveness.

ITSM Manager

ITSM Manager is a professional responsible for heading the ITSM (Information Technology Service Management) or (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) processes. He or she ensures that operation management provides appropriate resource levels for problem resolutions. The ITSM Manager oversees the level of prioritisation for the problems, critical incidents, planned as well as proactive tasks. 

Information Security Manager

Individuals in the information security manager career path involves in overseeing and controlling all aspects of computer security. The IT security manager job description includes planning and carrying out security measures to protect the business data and information from corruption, theft, unauthorised access, and deliberate attack 

Computer Programmer

Careers in computer programming primarily refer to the systematic act of writing code and moreover include wider computer science areas. The word 'programmer' or 'coder' has entered into practice with the growing number of newly self-taught tech enthusiasts. Computer programming careers involve the use of designs created by software developers and engineers and transforming them into commands that can be implemented by computers. These commands result in regular usage of social media sites, word-processing applications and browsers.

Computer System Analyst

Individuals in the computer systems analyst career path study the hardware and applications that are part of an organization's computer systems, as well as how they are used. They collaborate closely with managers and end-users to identify system specifications and business priorities, as well as to assess the efficiency of computer systems and create techniques to boost IT efficiency. Individuals who opt for a career as a computer system analyst support the implementation, modification, and debugging of new systems after they have been installed.

Test Manager

A Test Manager is a professional responsible for planning, coordinating and controlling test activities. He or she develops test processes and strategies to analyse and determine test methods and tools for test activities. The test manager jobs involve documenting tests that have been carried out, analysing and evaluating software quality to determine further recommended procedures. 

An IS Analyst is responsible for monitoring computer networks for security issues. He or she investigates security breaches and other cybersecurity incidents. The role of IS Analyst involves installing security measures and operating software to protect systems and information infrastructure.

Site Administrator

A site administrator is a person who provides administrative support to other employees in a team. Career as Site Administrator requires help in   implementing office procedures. His or her role involves regularly filing and maintaining documentation. In addition to being able to provide administrative support, a site administrator also has to ensure that the work environment is in compliance with company policies and regulations.

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    Students learn discipline from their teachers. Only disciplined teachers can teach students to observe discipline. The fall in discipline results in the fall of academic standards. We can learn discipline from heavenly bodies. The sun, the moon and the stars move according the law of nature. Discipline is the life-breath of an army.

  21. Essay on Discipline for all Class in 100 to 500 Words in English

    Discipline Essay 10 Lines (100 - 150 Words) 1) Discipline is a behavior that encourages us to obey rules. 2) Discipline is important in every phase of life. 3) It helps us to achieve success and fulfill our dreams in life. 4) Discipline helps to increase self-confidence in us. 5) Parents, teachers, and elders teach us discipline.

  22. Paragraph on Discipline

    Discipline refers to a collection of rules, limitations, and behavioural patterns that must be followed. When these factors are integrated and used, they assist in maintaining the social and personal order of events in life. Discipline can be developed at home starting at a young age.

  23. Essay On Importance Of Discipline

    Discipline plays a crucial role in everyone's life. . A well-disciplined person is supported and believed by most people. Discipline helps to have a clear view of life. Being disciplined helps a person to organise and prioritise life decisions. Discipline helps us have a positive attitude, which is one of the primary needs in life.