Impact of Technology in the Workplace Essay

Professionalism and technology.

Technology provides a new level of professionalism into the world. Imagine walking into a meeting or a presentation, you see all your coworkers on their laptops making notes, or at least pretending to. Then there is you, stuck in prehistoric times, with a pen and paper. Wouldn’t look too good would it? In the workplace a certain level of professionalism must be met

The Positive Effects Of Technology In The Workplace

Technology has continuously advanced bringing with it different changes in the world, from how we communicate, to the way we handle everyday tasks. Technology affects all aspects of life. People are so used to it, and it is even unthinkable to live without it. Technology is like our second nature, like breathing, we feel we cannot survive without it. It affects the way things are done on the job, and this can influence a worker’s job performance, both in a positive and negative way. Even though the technology can have a positive effect on social networking, communication, and increased productivity, the use of technology in the workplace can have an impact on employee performance, and can cause privacy and security problems.

Delaying Gratification As A Process Of Scheduling The Pain And Pleasure Of Life

In today’s technological world, organizations have a significantly more difficult time with this tool than when Mr. Peck wrote this book. Electronic devices and social media have created a culture of instant gratification. There is no need to wait until one gets home to talk about the day. Thoughts and ideas are posted and instantly responded to by people around the world. Many work places have had to create policy about employees using electronic devices

Work Technology Research Paper

Technology is always around us everywhere we go and every day from checking your phone in the morning to driving to work technology has been something that has changed the way we live our daily lives. Although, technology has made our lives easier to manage it has its negative sides to it just like everything around us does. Furthermore, technology is something we all need nowadays because of it's a tremendous contributor to our lives. One way technology has made a great impact is in the work industry Technology is always around us every day from checking your phone in the morning to driving to work technology has been something that has changed the way we live our daily lives. Although, technology has made our lives easier to manage it has

The Cost of Computer Literacy

Take a look at the way we now communicate with our co-workers. We are merely feet from each other in the office, yet we no longer stand up and walk over to talk with someone face to face. Why? Is it easier to send them e-mail and await a response? We lose many forms of communication this way. We don't get that one-on-one interaction with each other, we can't see gestures and body language, and this may even be ground for miscommunication. To me it often seems that we can put aside many of the things that we would not be able to if there was some type of face to face meeting. We can say that we haven't received that mail, or that we haven't checked our mail yet. Computers are making communicating easier, but are they making it more effective? <br><br>Is there a cost to the technician working with no personal contact? Instead of calling on the phone to report a computer problem, there has been the advent of the e-form. This is yet another alternative to the phone call or talking with someone. The e-form is comprised of a template with data fields that give all the relevant information an administrator or technician would need to come and fix a problem or answer a question. This is a wonderful idea for 3 reasons: (1) You no longer need someone to answer a phone, (2) No lost information between the caller and the technician, and (3) you have the ability to log it in a database to keep track of problems which also allows you to analyze the data to prevent

Knowledge In Australia

According to Yigitcanlar, Velibeyoglu and Martinez-Fernandez (2008), there are a set of digital technologies which employers are seeking in order to improve on their outcomes and thereby maximize the stakeholders’ value. Among these technologies are those that are concerned with communication. Goode (2010) revealed that Australian employers have shifted from the traditional means of communication to the digital ones. Take an instance of electronic mails. Rather than writing letters to all employees to inform them about a given issue, Australian employers are now adopting the use of electronic mails, and this has increased the level of efficiency in the workplace tremendously. This is especially due to the fact that different types of resources including time and energy are saved. Another digital technology that has been applied within the Australian workplace is wireless network. A growing number of Australian corporate especially those that have a huge branch network are now communicating over long distances using wireless networks such as Wi-Fi. The same can be said about teleconferencing. Rather than holding the traditional meetings, Australian organizations are holding meetings and core sittings using what is called video conferencing. In general, managers and corporate stakeholders, regardless of their location, are using telecommunication technologies to communicate through simultaneous two-way

South Australian Ambulance Service

The Purpose of this assignment is to see what the different workplaces use in terms of technology and how they use them and what they use them for.

Impact Of Technology On The Workplace

Technology companies are still having a hard time implementing diversity within the work environment. Although these types of companies historically have not created an environment in which diversity flourishes. Current lawsuits for discrimination and harassment are causing technology companies to relook at their policies. Will these new policies and procedures be enough to diversify the technology world? As the article, Diversity: Tech companies need new strategies by Joelle Emerson , points out, even law firms, after 20 years of implementing diversity policies and procedures are still not diversified.

Article Summary on Work to Life Conflict of Communication Technologies

Over the last twenty years communication technologies have not only become a part of everyday social life, they are a third arm to an informal virtual office.

Technology In The Workplace Essay

Enabling your employees to collaborate as a unified workforce despite their geography is imperative to the success of your organization. This should no longer be shelved as a second thought if you want to continue holding a competitive advantage in your industry. Supporting the way your company operates, your culture, and business processes should be a technology solution that enables collaborative productivity no matter what time zone your employees work in.

Business Communication Trends

A few trends that I have seen in the workplace, just two years ago we used at a computer hooked up to the HQ mainframe computer continuously throughout the day this would this would print reams and reams of paper and periodically someone come and pull a piece off and read a report or something. That has been replaced, now key personnel have their own personalized emails (E-mail addresses is now your name) saves time and money. We have also incorporated hand held three way communication systems, e.g. Talk to text email.

The Benefits Of Technology In The Work Environment

Technology is a tremendous benefit nowadays within the work environment. Each technological advancement has been created in order to facilitate the work environment and has led us to become more efficient with the things we do. Because of it, the office environment is no longer the same as yesterday; it has made the general convenience of our personal lives more accessible in the sense that we no longer have to invest so much time in the work that we do. Time management and investment has been optimized, therefore, the efforts put into every-day tasks have been reduced. For example, within the design studio, technological tools such as a smart board improves the way people meet and share ideas. Essentially, this tool allows users to save and print notes, collaborate documents, share information and runs video conferencing across distances. Rather than having to print an important design for a presentation, students and faculty can visually obtain the attention of any audiences and simply e-mail notes to participants and share the work digitally. Some of the ways in which technology has modified and improved the modern workplace are in an increase in productivity, communication, and cost efficiency.

Information Technology On Work Organisations Essay

The Impact Of Information Technology On Work Organisations The impact of information technology will have significant effects on the structure, management and functioning of most organisations. It demands new patterns of work organisation and effects individual jobs, the formation and structure of groups, the nature of supervision and managerial roles. Information technology results in changes to lines of command and authority, and influences the need for reconstructing the organisation and attention to job design. Computer based information and decision support systems influence choices in design of production or service activities, hierachal structures and organisations of support staffs.

Impact Of Technology On The Business Setting Essay

QUESTION 1: In the white paper several things are discussed from consumer technology in the business setting to bringing your own device to work. With allowing consumers to bring their own devices to work it must be determined what platforms (Android Vs. Apple) to support and how many of the models to support (i.e. Samsung Galaxy’s, Motorola Droids, etc.) With the mobile devices exploding in today’s society the workforce is now flooded with new application concepts on a daily basis. These are created not only for the employees themselves but current and future partners as well. These mobile-based applications help reel in work from the employees and entice partners. Cloud computing helps with this venture as well, and the accessibility of the cloud makes things more price friendly and time efficient. Cloud computing cuts down so much cost due to its ability to get up and running with close to no cash needed. Cloud has helped development in the work force improve overtime and has given businesses the ability to scale projects over time. With the growth of the mobile enterprises companies are trying to figure out how to do business with the increasing complexity. Embracing the complexity however helps the businesses communicate with consumers, employees, partners, and other companies. Embracing this is more of a benefit then a negative. Embracing this age requires the company to determine how the platform will be built, used, and delivered. SAP has done so with their Mobile

The Influence Of Technology Essay

What can technology do for an individual or how can technology facilitate life for someone. As seen in today's real world, technology has come a long way. Technology has advanced in such a way that even people who are current with technology feel at times that they are outdated. From telephones that are portable to being able to send an actual machine rover to another planet such as Mars, we have seen an explosion of technology. Mainly all these benefits are technological advances which benefit our way of living. I can recall growing up and having to call my parents to ask for permission to go to a friend's house. I had to first find a public telephone and make sure I had enough coins to place the call. Now

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Importance Of Technology In The Workplace

Advancement in technology has really made an impact on every aspect of our lives, including our workplace. In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of technology in workplace.

Did you know that the dawn of technology was the moment man realized he can use tools to help him? Technology, man, and society have evolved so many times since the ancient human used the very first tool. With the development of technology the human race was also able to accomplish a lot of things.

Everything we have today is a product of technology and doing daily tasks would be much harder without our tools and gadgets. One of the motivations why man continues to develop technology is the desire to accomplish more, faster, and better .

How technology is important in the workplace:

Improved communication: Communication is essential in business. Being able to speak with customers, suppliers, and workers any time and even all at the same time means more revenue coming in. Being open to communication in every second of the day makes for an awesome customer service and makes businesses develop deeper relationships both with its clients and its suppliers. Communication is also essential for workers so that business operations will run smoothly all the time and everyone is working knowing what the common goal is. The development of technology when it comes to means of communication has definitely taken away the limitations that tied the workplace down before.

Efficiency: Speed is another essential element in business and technology has certainly made businesses accomplish so much more in such a short span of time. With improved communication an entrepreneur can cover a much wider ground when overseeing the business operation. This makes for accomplishing several tasks all at the same time. Speed is a critical factor in customer service too. Take note that your customer has several other things to do so they wouldn’t want to be delayed when for example they drop by to buy coffee from your store. Machines that help businesses work faster and better are very important for a merchant so that he can serve his customers better too. Being able to anticipate a client’s need before he even asks for it spells the difference between a good business and an awesome sale.

Making the world your office: Technology has surely impacted the workplace tremendously in a way that it has taken down walls, windows, and buildings leaving the vast open space of the entire world as anybody’s office. Thanks to the internet and mobile devices not only can a worker get more things done, he can finish his work anywhere he wants even outside from a real office. Technological advances like the internet, computers, and mobile devices can now make teammates of people who are oceans apart. Technology has made the word smaller but it has also opened doors of opportunity that are much bigger and wider.

Human resources: Of course the most important aspect that makes technology in the workplace very important is its impact on the workers. Technology helps in making the job of a worker easier and safer too. Machines can do the heavy lifting, it can be set to do precise drilling, and machines help doctors save people lives. These are just a few examples of how important technology is in the workplace today.

So, this summarizes the technology’s importance at workplace , do share your thoughts on this topic in the comments.

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Technology in the Workplace 4 Pages 1016 Words

             There are several different ways company's use technology to save time, money and overall simply make thing run more smoothly. The first of these technological advances include automating administrative functions. This includes computerizing employee work hours and the management of expense forms. This reduces time needed to collect, process and distribute information. This also reduces the margin of error due to manual input.              Second, companies are using computer networks for company wide information sharing. This allows company wide news and information to be distributed faster and more affordably than printed announcements or company meetings. This technology also gives the businesses the ability to respond quickly to market changes. Electronic archives of data also can be created, reducing the need to file and store some documents.              Third, businesses and management can use technology to share information sources. This gives managers the ability to access and Internet based schedules that who give him the ability to pick a meeting time that would work for the entire working team. In the past, this employee would have needed to consult each person individually about schedules and inform everyone when a suitable meeting tie had been identified.              Companies also use technology to communicate instantly and affordably. Computers allow workers to communicate with each other in real time via the Internet, regardless of their location without large expense. In the past, coordinating resources in multiple offices required administrative team, long-distance phone calls, and teleconferences.              Lastly, out of area workers can gather online in Internet-based conference rooms to edit documents or share presentations. For example, there are private Web sites that allow employees to work together on the same set of documents in a secure Web room. They can also set up document libraries and discussion boards. This procedure...

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The Use of Technology in The Workplace, Its Advantages and Disadvantages

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Published: Oct 22, 2018

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Table of contents

What is technology, present context, disadvantages, works cited:.

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The Use of Technology in The Workplace, Its Advantages and Disadvantages Essay

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essay about technology in work

Impact Of Technology In The Workplace Essay

The Impact of Technology in the Workplace

 Austin Jones

 University of Kentucky 

        The impact of computer technology in the workplace has been enormous within the past decade, both positive and negative. Distant communication through the use of computers and mobile devices have overhauled the office setting completely. Email, social networking sites and the world of the Internet have opened a whole new avenue of communication. Technology has changed the entire workplace environment, the relationships, and how things get done.

         Office workers and businesses are not limited to phone calls, meetings or mail to communicate with each other anymore. Electronic email can be used and not interrupt the recipient. The recipients can respond immediately or at a later time.Virtual calls and meetings allow for distant participation in meetings without everyone actually being physically present. Clients, business partners and employees can telecommunicate from their location of choice. The use of mobile of technology has eliminated the importance of an actual physical office space. Work can be done while traveling, across continents, or even from home. Even employees in the same office can chat, share projects, SKYPE to share screens and make group decisions without even being in the same room. Customer  Service Departments use technology to serve customers in a timely manner as well. Automated phone systems and email expedite customer service questions and issues. The volume of communication has increased but the length has decreased. Whatever comes up is communicated immediately.  However, information is broken into topics with multiple communications. There is little loss of time with the use of technology, meetings and communications can be picked up right where they were left off.         

         Technology is also credited for saving businesses money and time. Electronic files have reduced the cost of paper, printing, and postage. These items can now be emailed or shared electronically and received immediately. Years ago, the final draft of a document went through several stages. The first draft was typed on a type writer, edited for corrections and revisions were made. It took time for the document to be read and reviewed by several persons before all corrections and additions were made. Then, the final copy was re-typed with corrections. Through the use of computers, grammar, spelling, and punctuation can be corrected and changed within the document instantly as the person types. Mailing documents took time as well. Someone had to make a trip to the post office, purchase postage, etc. With the use of virtual meetings, money is saved by eliminating the cost of travel. Participants can be actively involved without leaving their own office or home. When there are problems or urgency, solutions and reactions can occur quickly. There is acceleration of decision making with the use of technology. Communication can occur anywhere at any time.

         Job applicants no longer actually visit businesses to complete an application. Resumes and other documents can be uploaded and easily accessible to the Human Resource Manager. Online postings, applications, and screeners provide applicants the luxury of completing this process from their own home. Likewise, businesses are able to obtain a great deal of information and select qualified applicants for further evaluation.

         With the absence of the traditional office, physical face to face communication is limited. Employees are more isolated. The Industrial Age concept of going to work to complete specific task has changed.  The welcoming, friendly environment with lots of personal interaction has begun to transform to a space with a phone, computer, and fax machine. Inside and outside of the workplace, relationships are less personal and productivity focussed. Employees become reserved and self centered due to the lack of sharing on non-work related information and personal relationships. Body language, facial expressions and gestures are not used with electronic communication like they are in a face to face conversation. The handshake and eye to eye contact have transformed into looking at a computer screen or camera to communicate.

         Teamwork looks much different because the camaraderie of the office is no longer existent. There is more of a globalization of organizations. Cross-culture teams from different areas of the country or even the world can now work together. This globalization allows for the sharing of a variety of perspectives and insights. Seventy-nine percent of people work on virtual teams (Puskar). The members of the team communicate through mobile devices and computers to work together on particular issues or subjects.

         Reliance on verbal and written communication using electronic devices within the workplace has impacted the nature or quality communication. Small keyboards on phones and other electronic gadgets have resulted in the use of shortened words, abbreviations, symbols, and texting lingo that does not adhere to traditional grammatical rules. These are becoming more accepted in the workplace and business world. Through the use of these, communication has become short and concise.

         Technology within the workplace opens the door to a variety of temptations and distractions for employees. With their phones and the Internet, employees can reach almost anyone or anything without their supervisors even knowing. Economics, politics, gaming, sports, and social networking sites are easily accessible using the Internet. Employees can access anything and everything of personal interest to them through their own mobile device or computer Some employers choose to allow this freedom while others use various monitoring methods, which may ultimately cause distrust. The use of personal electronic devices with work is becoming more common. There are privacy issues with this.

         The amount of time involved in completing a task has decreased because of advancements in technology in the workplace. Automated work processes with advanced machines has increased productivity.  Computers can do the work more efficiently with fewer mistakes than humans. For example, an assembly line with several workers putting together one product piece by piece has been replaced with an advanced automated machine that does this instead. The machine is much faster and more efficient than several people working to assemble the product. For this reason, computers have enabled fewer people to do the same amount of work. Technology can also be used to track the performance and productivity of employees. Employers collect data immediately. Information can be transformed into spreadsheets, charts, graphs at the click of the computer.

         Employers and their employees also use technology to create innovative and creative ideas to promote expansion and growth. Social networks like allow workers of similar businesses to share ideas and information while brainstorming about work related issues. Many organizations encourage this creativity to help expand their company. Managers no longer manage by seeing, now they foster idea development. Companies welcome ideas for improvements.

         The Internet opens the door to a wealth of knowledge for businesses and employees. In seconds, research and information on any given topic can be found. Research that used to take an enormous amount of time can be accessed almost immediately. Personal information, cutting edge ideas, and any information regarding a specific topic can be found simply by using the Internet and a search engine such as Google.

         The maintenance of technology can be expensive. A full time tech person can be costly. Many business look to monthly tech contractors, which carries a high price as well. Yet, if not maintained properly, the technological tools will not work effectively and their performance could impact productivity. The purchase of new devices is expensive. For businesses to continue to be competitive and grow, they need access and availability to technology. Updating computer systems and maintenance of those is a high priority.

         Spreadsheets, databases, and accounting tools could attribute to employee laziness. Calculating sales, inventory, and bookkeeping can be done with computer programs and apps. Employees are not challenged with solving difficult problems because the computer can do it for them. With mobile devices, there are a variety of apps, websites, and programs to help make employees more organized, efficient and productive. Prior to the use of technology, this work would take hours, days, and weeks to complete. Now, there are fewer errors while instant data, reports and information can be obtained. For example, think of the way taxes can be filed electronically now as compared to many years ago. The data is entered and calculated electronically, taking a minimal amount of time and effort as compared to hours of paper work.

         Technology will continue to impact and change communication within the workplace as  today’s students exit Universities. They have practically grown up with mobile devices in their hands. Technology is not something new to them at all. Texting, chatting, blogs, and mobile learning are a natural part of their world. These students have not transitioned to the use of technology, it has been part of their daily life. Their knowledge and skill level using technology eliminates apprehensiveness and attitudes regarding technology. These students do not know what it was like before technology. In their training, they have used SMART Boards not chalk boards for learning. Digital learning has been a huge part of their life. Google, Facebook, Snap chat and online resources replaced the encyclopedia and writing letters before they were born. They have created videos, presentations, used email, chatting and texting for communication, downloaded apps, used social media sites on a daily basis. Using the Internet for research and mobile devices for communication has been their way of life. As these students enter the workplace, they bring their background knowledge base of technology is well above those who entered the workforce years ago. At the same time, low level jobs are being eliminating with the use of technology in the workplace. Most students entered the workforce at a low level entry position and there were positions where they slowly advanced within their company or organization. Now, students are entering the workplace with high level skills and a technology background, they can start out high level positions.

         As you can see, the dramatic impact of technology on the workplace has been immense. Interactive, digital technology has changed the social setting at work and the relationships associated. The working environment and the whole way of doing things within the workplace have been transformed. Skills required within the job world revolve around technology and the advancements within the technological world. The physical work space incorporates technology and enhances immediate communication and networking. It will be interesting for me to experience the next decade of technological advancements while I enter the workplace myself. 

Works Cited

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(2011, 09). The Negative Effects of Technology in the Workplace. . Retrieved 09, 2011, from

essay about technology in work

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The Impact of Technology in the Workplace Essay

The Impact of Technology in the Workplace Essay

Today's workplace benefits immensely from technology. Every business, big or small with any number of employees can benefit from technology by using a software program to track its clients and document all its aspects of work. Technology has had an immense impact on the manner in which people work, how long they work, and from where they work including the efficiency of the work.

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Technology has completely changed the workplace ranging from the kind of jobs that have to be done to the skills necessary to do them. The speed and efficiency of the way people work have significantly increased because of the advances in technology (Carpenter 2013, p.128). Even the most basic tasks such as note-taking and the writing of minutes in a meeting have become innovative with technological advancements. Workers in factories as well should be able to handle the complicated machines used in production. However, automation is affecting employees as it increases the rate of unemployment since most organizations introduce automatic equipment that does the work people used to do (Everly 2017). Technology has made it necessary for today's workforce to be computer literate as well as flexible and with the ability to study new systems as technology evolves.

The interaction between the business and its employees has also changed over the years because of technology. Innovations in technology have changed the way people do business as it has enabled individuals to be anywhere they wish to be and have face-to-face meetings using innovations such as video conferencing with other platforms like Google chat, Go-To-Meeting, and Skype. Such technological innovations facilitate face to face interactions with business partners, team members, and even job seekers (Joyce et al. 2018). They speed up business processes and improve productivity. Technology has allowed people to be in more than one place at once significantly increasing the ability to interact and network with more individuals around the world.

The hiring process has also been drastically affected by technology. Many organizations nowadays use online interviews for recruitment before setting up the face to face interviews making technology significant in employee recruitment (Grindrod 2016, p. 41). Additionally, workplace security has improved due to technological innovations such as fingerprints and eye scans which enhance the business as well as employee safety. Technology via the heightened security systems, security enhancements, and better firewalls, continues to shape workplace safety.

Technology, on the other hand, affects employees especially since automation is slowly filling up the spaces initially meant for the workforce. Technology advancements are a threat to job security especially production jobs in factories which can be easily handled by machines (Smith & Tischler 2015, p. 72). The applications of technology also have impacts on social factors as technology-facilitated communication can result in the isolation of workers due to lack of face to face interactions (Smith & Tischler 2015, p. 74). According to Celestand (2018), it is vital for co-workers to spend as much time together as possible for teamwork and interpersonal skills to develop. Technology can in future bring about resource-efficient sustainable production through the use of robotics to factor into the way people currently make products and manage the delivery of services. Therefore, though it has a few disadvantages associated with it, is still beneficial to companies offering them leverage over their competitors. Hence, it is vital to stay updated with the advances in technology.

Carpenter, C. 2013, 'Advancements in Completion Technology Increase Production in the Williston Basin,' Journal of Petroleum Technology, vol. 65 no. 09, pp.127-129.

Celestand, J. 2018, 'The Impact of Technology in the Workplace,' Goodwill Industries International Inc.

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Grindrod, S. 2016, 'Mentoring Is Now Changing the Workplace through Technology,' Employment Relations Today, vol. 43 no. 3, pp.39-44.

Joyce, C. Fisher, J. Guszcza, J. & Hogan, S. 2018, 'Positive technology: Designing work environments for digital well-being', Deloitte Insights.

Smith, K. and Tischler, R. 2015, 'Electronic Monitoring in the Workplace', Employment Relations Today, vol. 42 no. 1, pp.73-79.-

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Essay on Impact of Technology on Jobs

Students are often asked to write an essay on Impact of Technology on Jobs in their schools and colleges. And if you’re also looking for the same, we have created 100-word, 250-word, and 500-word essays on the topic.

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100 Words Essay on Impact of Technology on Jobs


Technology has revolutionized the world, significantly affecting jobs. It has both created new opportunities and eliminated certain roles.

Job Creation

Technology has led to the creation of new jobs. For instance, roles like app developers, data analysts, and digital marketers didn’t exist before the digital age.

Job Elimination

Conversely, technology has made some jobs redundant. Automation and AI can perform tasks previously done by humans, like assembly line work or data entry, reducing the need for these roles.

In conclusion, technology’s impact on jobs is two-fold: it creates new opportunities but can also lead to job loss.

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250 Words Essay on Impact of Technology on Jobs

The advent of technology.

Technology has transformed our world, bringing about a digital revolution that has reshaped every aspect of life, including the job market. The advent of technology has significantly impacted jobs, creating new opportunities while also challenging existing ones.

Technology has been a catalyst for job creation. The digital revolution has led to the emergence of new sectors such as data analysis, digital marketing, and app development. These sectors were non-existent a few decades ago but are now major employers, demonstrating technology’s potential to create jobs.

Job Displacement

On the flip side, technology has also led to job displacement. Automation and artificial intelligence have replaced human labor in many fields, from manufacturing to customer service. This displacement has led to job losses, particularly among lower-skilled workers, and has raised concerns about income inequality and social stability.

The Need for Reskilling

The impact of technology on jobs underscores the need for reskilling. As technology evolves, the skills required in the job market also change. Continuous learning and adaptation are now a necessity for job security and career progression.

In conclusion, while technology has undeniably reshaped the job landscape, its impact is not wholly negative or positive. It is a double-edged sword that creates jobs while also displacing others. The key is to harness the positive aspects of technology while mitigating its negative impacts through proactive measures such as reskilling and education reform.

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500 Words Essay on Impact of Technology on Jobs

Technology has been a driving force of change in our society, influencing various aspects of our lives. One of the most profound impacts of technology has been on the job market. The advent of new technologies has led to the creation of new jobs, while simultaneously rendering some jobs obsolete.

Technology as a Job Creator

The first and most obvious impact of technology on jobs is the creation of new roles. The technology industry itself has seen a boom in jobs related to software development, data analysis, cyber security, and more. Furthermore, the rise of digital platforms has created jobs in digital marketing, e-commerce, and social media management.

In addition, technology has also created indirect jobs. For instance, the rise of e-commerce has led to an increase in jobs in logistics and delivery services. Similarly, the surge in data generated by businesses has led to an increase in demand for data analysts and data scientists.

Technology as a Job Disruptor

On the flip side, technology has also led to job displacement. Automation and artificial intelligence (AI) have replaced human labor in various sectors. Routine and repetitive tasks are particularly susceptible to automation. For example, manufacturing jobs have been significantly reduced due to the advent of industrial robots.

In addition, AI and machine learning algorithms are increasingly capable of performing complex tasks. They can analyze large amounts of data more efficiently than humans, leading to job displacement in sectors such as finance and healthcare.

The Future of Jobs in the Age of Technology

As technology continues to evolve, the nature of jobs will change. The World Economic Forum predicts that by 2025, machines will perform more tasks than humans in the workplace. This doesn’t necessarily mean mass unemployment, but rather a shift in the types of jobs available.

The future job market will likely require workers to have a different set of skills. As machines take over routine tasks, there will be an increased demand for jobs that require human skills such as creativity, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence.

The impact of technology on jobs is a double-edged sword. While it has led to job creation in various sectors, it has also caused job displacement. As we move towards a more technologically advanced society, it is essential for individuals and institutions to adapt and acquire the skills necessary for the jobs of the future. The challenge lies in ensuring that the benefits of technology are widespread and do not lead to increased social inequality.

In conclusion, technology has a profound impact on jobs. It is a powerful driver of change, bringing both opportunities and challenges. It is up to us to harness its potential while mitigating its adverse effects.

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Technology and Type of Powers on the Workplace Essay

In today’s world, technology has been growing fast and furious and its impact cannot be ignored, especially at the organizational level. The impact of technology on the stress levels in an organization can be said to be either positive or negative. This paper will focus on the technological impact on the organization’s stress levels and the type of powers involved in the workplace.

Forms of technologies in an organization can range from computers, mobile phones, radios, emails and other technical software. Such can be said to relieve stress in that, mobile phones for instance can be used as a means of communication when one is far away from their work. For example, a car can break down when one is in the field and with the use of a mobile phone, they can seek assistance. People working far from their family members can use emails and telephone calls to know the well-being of their members and this provides some form of relief. Surfing the internet can also be said to reduce stress as it offers a form of interaction with people in the outside world (Ramsay & Beirne, 1992)

On the other hand, technology can be said to increase stress due to the workload that may be associated with it. For instance, when using computers, there are various documents that need to be filed for safekeeping such as reports, bills, and orders and payslips. This could make one’s job so demanding and stressful. Frequent upgrades to the computer software have helped to make work easier but can also be said to have contributed to stress since they take a lot of time before they can respond appropriately (Ramsay & Beirne, 1992).

Some people think that the organization is concerned with employees’ levels of stress that would invade their privacy. However, this is not true since an employer should be concerned with how their employees work and relate as this would have an effect on their overall performance. Management should help employees learn skills on how to manage stress so that they can be able to cope in case they suffer from it. They can also provide counseling services for those who suffer from stress and at the same time try as much as possible to do away with or lessen the conditions that generate stress. Such could be things like noise and workloads (Griffin & Moorhead, 2004).

When assigning jobs, management should have in mind its possible impact on employee stress which could be negative or positive. In this case, negative stress, also referred to as distress causes one to be demoralized in their work. Positive stress on the other hand acts as a motivator to an individual since it creates some kind of challenge. Giving employees a lot of work with limited deadlines can make them feel overwhelmed and eventually lead to poor performance.

At the same time, under load can also lead to stress since many like jobs that are a bit challenging and competitive and lack of this would lead to boredom. Good performance is not only determined by assigning jobs in accordance with skills but also with interests since many people tend to have better results when they are interested in their jobs.

Time to market is the period between the initial introduction of a product in the market and the time this idea of intruding on this product was born. E-business can be used to reduce this time by making the manufacturing process easier and speedy as well as providing information on the process itself so as to make necessary changes.

As a trained and registered nurse working in a hospital, I have not been exposed to unethical use of power. However, coercive power can be termed as unethical since people are forced to do things that they may not be willing to do for fear of being penalized by those in leadership.

Positive politics in my workplace are related to employee motivation, where my employer has organized programs on how to motivate those who perform well. This has had a lot of impact on performance since it encourages people to work harder to meet the set goals. Negative politics on the other hand have also been prevalent especially where some of the employees do not cooperate with others so as to work as a team. Some even try to convince others to ignore duties assigned to them arguing that they are only paid for specific duties.

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