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Celebrities Who Are Also Heroes in Real Life

essay about hero worship

Many actors play heroes in movies and on TV, which prompts many fans to see them as larger-than-life figures in real life. Unfortunately, some stars only go out of their way to help others on screen and don’t deserve that level of hero worship. However, some go above and beyond to be real-life heroes worthy of admiration long after the cameras have stopped rolling.

Some celebrities have actually saved people’s lives or helped them escape danger. One star even played a critical role in getting a fan a much-needed organ donation. Here’s a look at some of our favorite celebrities who deserve to truly be called heroes.

A man was about to jump from a 22-story building, and police were trying to talk him off the ledge. That’s when rapper T.I. offered to talk to the man and got him to step down. T.I. and the man talked for a bit before the would-be jumper was escorted to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.

essay about hero worship

If T.I. hadn’t been there during that crucial moment, who knows if the police would have been successful in saving the man’s life — maybe yes, maybe no. Sometimes, the wise, soothing words of a superstar can really come in handy.

Leonardo DiCaprio

For starters, Leonardo DiCaprio is a climate change hero who has used his influence and resources to try to save the planet for a long time now. Aside from that, he once saved a man’s life. The man had fallen from a cruise ship — yes, apparently, that can really happen — and had been treading water for 11 hours when DiCaprio came to the rescue.

essay about hero worship

He and some friends were on his boat near St. Barts when a message came over the radio that a man was overboard in the area. They immediately joined the search and found the man, pulling him out of the water and saving his life.

Sofía Vergara

Sofía Vergara and her friend saw a woman fall to the ground when they were leaving Bellagio’s Hyde nightclub in Las Vegas at 3:00 in the morning. Vergara had some medical training, so she rushed to the woman’s aid and took her pulse.

essay about hero worship

The pair stayed with the fallen woman until security and the paramedics arrived and took her to the hospital. It takes a certain kind of person to go out of their way to help a person in need, and Vergara is clearly that kind of person.

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling saved a woman’s life by preventing her from walking into traffic. The British woman was traveling in the U.S., and she looked the wrong way for oncoming traffic, as cars drive on the other side of the street in Great Britain. She would have gotten hit by a car if it wasn’t for Gosling stepping in to stop her.

essay about hero worship

After it happened, the woman tweeted about it, letting the world know that Ryan Gosling “literally” saved her life. The tweet got a lot of attention, and now we all know that Gosling is more than a hottie — he’s a hero!

Garth Brooks

Country music star Garth Brooks and a friend were driving in Oklahoma in 2003, when they came upon a grass fire that was moving toward a house. The two stopped the car, ran over to the house and pounded on the door. Two young brothers, a 14-year-old and a 10-year-old, were inside alone.

essay about hero worship

Brooks got them to evacuate immediately, and shortly thereafter, the house was overtaken by flames. If Brooks and his friend hadn’t stopped to alert them, the brothers could have been trapped and died in the burning house. They were true heroes for taking quick action to save lives.

Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford is known for being a hero on the big screen, but what many people don’t know is that he’s also a hero in real life. Two hikers were lost in the mountains of Wyoming and sounded an alarm as a cry for help. One was suffering from extreme dehydration.

essay about hero worship

Upon hearing the alarm, Ford took off in his Bell 407 helicopter, as he is on the sheriff’s department’s task force for rescue missions in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. He found the hikers and transported them to safety. What a real hero Ford is for actively volunteering to save people’s lives.

Zoe Saldana

When an elderly woman was injured in a car crash, Zoe Saldana witnessed the accident and came to her rescue. She helped the woman out of her car and called 911 right away. Then she stayed with the woman until the ambulance arrived.

essay about hero worship

An onlooker reported that Saldana not only got the elderly woman to safety, but she also picked up her handbag and sweater. High profile stars don’t often put themselves in the spotlight out in public, but Saldana readily put helping save someone’s life over her own privacy and convenience. That’s what real heroes do.

Dustin Hoffman

Dustin Hoffman was in Hyde Park in London when he noticed a jogger start to stagger and then collapse. Without hesitation, he rushed to the jogger’s side and called an ambulance immediately. Luckily, the paramedics got there in time to perform an emergency procedure and save the jogger’s life.

essay about hero worship

Quick action in response to an emergency isn’t always an easy thing to do. Many people panic in the face of a crisis, but not Hoffman. If it wasn’t for him and his urgency in dealing with the situation, the jogger would have died.

Danny Trejo

Danny Trejo commonly plays dastardly villains on screen, but he is exactly the opposite in real life. Trejo was driving in Sylmar, California, when he witnessed a car crash. One of the cars rolled upside down. He pulled over, and when he got to the rolled car, he saw a baby inside, strapped into a car seat.

essay about hero worship

That’s when Trejo stepped in and quickly removed the baby from the car. When interviewed at the scene, he told the reporter, “Everything good that has happened to me has happened as a direct result of helping someone else.” Truer words have never been spoken.

John Krasinski

After high school, John Krasinski moved to Costa Rica to teach English. One day at the beach, he saw a woman get taken out to sea by a riptide. Krasinski was the only one there, so he knew what he had to do. He jumped into the water and went after her.

essay about hero worship

That’s when he found himself in the crosscurrent with the woman and thought to himself that they both might die. However, he was able to grab her and get them both near shore. At that point, a few surfers saw what was happening and came to help.

Steve Buscemi

From 1980 to 1984, Steve Buscemi worked as a firefighter in New York City. When 9/11 happened, the city was desperately in need of firefighters, and Buscemi didn’t hesitate to volunteer. He went back to the Little Italy firehouse where he had worked and helped search the rubble for survivors.

essay about hero worship

No one wants to volunteer in those types of dangerous situations, and celebrities certainly don’t seem like the most likely candidates to do it. However, with his previous experience as a firefighter, Buscemi felt it was his responsibility to do what he could after such an enormous tragedy.

Just because Jamie Foxx played a supervillain in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 doesn’t mean he is anything like a supervillain off screen. Instead, he has proven himself to be quite the hero in real life. In 2016, an elderly man crashed his car outside Foxx’s house.

essay about hero worship

Because it hit a drainage ditch, the car rolled over and quickly caught on fire. Without giving it a second thought, Foxx ran to the scene and rescued the man from the burning car, carrying him to safety. Despite suffering head and other injuries, the man survived, thanks to Foxx.

Jennifer Lawrence

In the summer of 2012, Jennifer Lawrence and her mom were out walking her dog when they noticed a woman collapse on the grass outside their apartment complex. Lawrence, her mom and another bystander stopped what they were doing and rushed to help the woman.

essay about hero worship

They called 911 and waited for the police and paramedics to arrive, staying by the woman’s side all the while. Lawrence showed her true colors that day, going out of her way to help a stranger in need. That’s a quality of a genuine hero.

Clint Eastwood

PGA tournament director Steve John was at a volunteer party in 2014 when he suddenly choked on a piece of cheese. Clint Eastwood also happened to be at the same party and witnessed John start to choke. He rushed over and performed the Heimlich maneuver on the choking man, saving his life.

essay about hero worship

John was lucky someone nearby knew how to perform the life-saving method and was able to dislodge the cheese from his throat. He was also lucky that Eastwood was able to get the job done, given that he was 84 years old and John weighed 202 pounds.

In 2010, Chris Rock was at a mall in New Jersey when he stumbled upon a woman who had just gone into labor. Just like in the movies, her water broke in an elevator. Rock didn’t deliver the baby — how cool would that have been? — but he called for professional help. In the meantime, he did what he could to help soothe the woman.

essay about hero worship

Rock told her jokes to calm her down — which also entertained the rest of the people who had crowded around — and it really worked. Who would have thought humor could come in handy during the early stages of labor in a New Jersey mall?

Tom Cruise may seem a bit — or maybe a lot — crazy, but that doesn’t mean he’s a bad person. There’s proof that he may even be a bit of a hero. Once, Cruise saw a hit-and-run take place in Los Angeles. Without hesitation, he called 911 and then went to help the victim.

essay about hero worship

Cruise stayed with her while waiting for the paramedics, rode with her on the ambulance and even spent some time at the hospital. To top it off, he ended up paying her entire medical bill. While he may be weird, he has got some excellent real-world hero instincts, for sure.

The Haiti earthquake of 2010 devastated a lot of people. Two survivors of the quake, a woman and a child, may have Sean Penn to thank for their survival. He pulled both of them out of a pile of rubble after an aftershock caused even more damage.

essay about hero worship

Penn then drove them to safety at the University of Miami hospital camp and even stayed with them until he knew they had somewhere to go. What’s more, Penn stayed in Haiti for more than a month to help other survivors of the tragically impactful natural disaster.

Vin Diesel went from action movie star to real-life hero in a matter of moments after he witnessed a horrifying crash while riding his motorcycle. The situation escalated quickly when the car caught on fire. That’s when Diesel moved in to rescue all the passengers from the burning car.

essay about hero worship

Shortly after he got all the passengers to safety, the car exploded. If it hadn’t been for his quick thinking and action, all the passengers in the burning car wouldn’t be alive today. Instead, they all left the accident scene remarkably unharmed.

A thief in London who decided to steal a moped would have probably gotten away with it if Tom Hardy hadn’t stepped in to stop him. Hardy saw the crime and went after the thief in a dramatic chase, much like what you would expect to see on the big screen. The thief crashed the moped, and Hardy chased him on foot until he caught him.

essay about hero worship

Hardy, who has starred in both action and superhero films, must have been influenced by his roles to pursue a criminal like this. You don’t see those kinds of chases in real life too often, and you certainly don’t see action stars doing the chasing.

Demi Moore used social media to carry out a risky act of heroism to save a stranger’s life. In 2009, she got a Twitter message from a woman who told her she was going to use a sharp knife to cut into her own arm. Moore was so alarmed by the message that she decided to share it publicly to seek widespread help.

essay about hero worship

It was a tough decision to share the message, but because Moore felt the woman was a genuine threat to herself, she ultimately decided to do it. As a result, the woman was tracked down before she was able to injure herself.

John Malkovich

During a weekend tour for seniors in Toronto, Jim Walpole tripped and fell into scaffolding, which slit his throat. John Malkovich happened to see the accident happen, and he took immediate action by putting pressure on the wound to stop the excessive and dangerous bleeding.

essay about hero worship

During the incident, Malkovich told Walpole, “My name is John, and you’re going to be all right.” So, not only is Malkovich a hero, he’s humble too. It wasn’t until later that Walpole figured out that his savior wasn’t just any John — he was Oscar-nominee John Malkovich!

Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton was driving in Oklahoma when he spotted some men whose vehicle had gotten stuck in a ditch. He stopped what he was doing and immediately went to help them. First, Shelton tried to pull the vehicle out with his truck, but that didn’t work. He didn’t give up, however.

essay about hero worship

Instead, he went home and got his tractor, which certainly solved the problem. Afterward, he even posed for a photo with the grateful men, who undoubtedly felt Shelton was their hero. What a selfless act to take so much time and effort to help strangers in need.

Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet stayed on Richard Branson’s private island in 2011, and a very rare thing happened. The home caught on fire from a lightning strike. There were about 20 people in the $70 million property at the time, including Winslet’s family and Branson’s family.

essay about hero worship

Luckily, no one was harmed, partially thanks to Winslet herself. She was crucial in helping Branson’s 90-year-old mother get out of the house quickly and safely. The scene probably felt a little too familiar to the actress, as things like that generally only happen in movies, and she’s been in more than a few.

Kelly Slater

Professional surfer Kelly Slater saved an Australian woman and her baby boy in Oahu after a 30-foot rogue wave crashed over the road. Sarah White was pushing her son in a stroller when the wave crashed over them, sweeping them rapidly across the highway. Luckily, Slater was nearby checking out the ocean’s surf potential when it happened.

essay about hero worship

He saw the whole incident and immediately rushed to their rescue. The baby was strapped into the stroller and was found with his ears and mouth full of sand. If it hadn’t been for Slater, both mother and son could have drowned.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch watched in horror from his Uber as a delivery cyclist was assaulted by four men. However, he didn’t just sit there and do nothing. He jumped out of the car and into the fight to defend the victim, dodging punches all the while.

essay about hero worship

The Uber driver also got involved by pulling the attackers off the innocent man. Once they realized the odds were more even, the attackers fled the scene. Cumberbatch claims that he did it because he “had to, you know.” However, he could have called the police instead of jumping in. His decision to take immediate action at great personal risk makes him a hero.

Idris Elba was performing at a Manchester theater when a young woman in the audience began to have a seizure. Elba saw what was happening and jumped off the stage to help the woman, who it was later revealed had regular seizures that were ultimately connected to an undiagnosed condition.

essay about hero worship

The woman came out of her seizure and regained consciousness with Elba there monitoring her. He then helped get her to the ambulance. It takes a certain kind of person — a hero really — to leap off the stage in the middle of a performance to help a random person in need.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger plays the hero in a lot of movies, although he might not have imagined that he would have to be one in real life too. That all changed when he was in Hawaii in 2004 and saw a swimmer out in the ocean who looked like he was really struggling.

essay about hero worship

Without pausing to think, Schwarzenegger dove right in, swam out the 100 meters to the man and helped him safely to shore. It turned out that the man was having major cramps and was unable to swim because of them. Schwarzenegger saved his life.

Michael Rapaport

On a flight from Houston to Los Angeles, a man was trying to open the emergency exit door when actor Michael Rapaport saw him. The flight attendants were at the back of the plane, so Rapaport took it upon himself to pin the man against his seat, preventing him from opening the door.

essay about hero worship

The man claimed he thought the emergency door was the bathroom. While that certainly seems like a lie, what’s true in this situation is that if he had opened that door, it would have been deadly. Rapaport is undeniably a hero for taking action to stop him.

Donnie Wahlberg

Social media has more uses than simply being social these days, and Donnie Wahlberg is proof of that. One of Wahlberg’s fans desperately needed a kidney, so he did something truly remarkable to help save her life. He sent out a tweet to his massive Twitter following asking for help to find this fan a kidney donor.

essay about hero worship

It wasn’t long after Wahlberg’s tweet went out that a suitable kidney donor was found for her transplant. While it may seem like a small act to post on Twitter, in the end, he probably saved her life.

Mila Kunis helped save a man’s life after he collapsed in her home from a seizure. He was working in Kunis’ home when it happened. The seizure was so intense that the man bit through his entire tongue. When she saw what was happening, she rushed over, turned his head to the side and stayed next to him so he would be safe.

essay about hero worship

Kunis didn’t leave the man’s side until the paramedics arrived and rushed him to the hospital. He eventually fully recovered, thanks to Kunis’ care for him during his dangerous seizure.


essay about hero worship


Essay on Hero Worship

Students are often asked to write an essay on Hero Worship in their schools and colleges. And if you’re also looking for the same, we have created 100-word, 250-word, and 500-word essays on the topic.

Let’s take a look…

100 Words Essay on Hero Worship

What is hero worship.

Hero worship is when someone admires another person so much that they see them as a hero. This person could be a celebrity, a public figure, a family member, or a friend. People often look up to these heroes because they see qualities in them that they wish to have themselves.

Why Do We Worship Heroes?

People worship heroes because they inspire us. We see them doing great things and we want to do the same. Heroes give us hope and show us that it’s possible to achieve our dreams. They motivate us to work hard and be better.

Is Hero Worship Good or Bad?

Hero worship can be both good and bad. It’s good because it can motivate us to be better. But it can also be bad if we start to think that our heroes are perfect. No one is perfect, and it’s important to remember that even our heroes make mistakes.

The Role of Media in Hero Worship

The media plays a big role in hero worship. They often show us the best parts of our heroes’ lives, which can make us admire them even more. But the media can also show us the mistakes our heroes make, reminding us that they are human too.

In conclusion, hero worship is a natural part of human nature. It can be both good and bad, depending on how we view our heroes. It’s important to remember that while heroes can inspire us, they are not perfect. We should admire them for their good qualities, but also understand that they make mistakes just like us.

250 Words Essay on Hero Worship

Understanding hero worship.

Hero worship is when someone has extreme admiration for a person. They see this person as a hero. The person can be a celebrity, a sports star, or even a fictional character. This feeling is very strong. It’s like the hero can do no wrong in the eyes of the worshipper.

Why Hero Worship Happens

Hero worship often starts when a person feels a strong connection with the hero. They might see something in the hero that they wish they had. For example, a person might admire a sports star because they wish they could play sports as well. Or, they might admire a celebrity because they wish they could be as popular.

Effects of Hero Worship

Hero worship can have both good and bad effects. On the good side, it can inspire people to be better. They might work hard to be more like their hero. On the bad side, it can make people blind to the faults of their hero. They might ignore the bad things their hero does, or even copy them.

Handling Hero Worship

It’s okay to admire someone. But it’s important to remember that everyone has faults. Even heroes make mistakes. So, it’s important to not let hero worship blind us to the truth. It’s also important to remember that we can be heroes too. We just need to believe in ourselves and work hard.

In conclusion, hero worship is a powerful feeling. It can inspire us, but it can also blind us. It’s important to handle it with care.

500 Words Essay on Hero Worship

Hero worship is a term that describes the intense admiration or love that people have for a particular person. This person, known as a hero, can be anyone who has accomplished great things or shown exceptional qualities. Heroes can be found in many places, from history books to comic books, and from sports arenas to movie screens. We often look up to these heroes, admire their strengths, and aspire to be like them.

The main reason we worship heroes is because of their extraordinary qualities. These qualities can be physical strength, intelligence, courage, or kindness. Heroes inspire us to be better, to strive for greatness, and to overcome our own challenges. They show us that it’s possible to achieve great things if we work hard and believe in ourselves.

The Role of Heroes in Society

Heroes play a vital role in society. They act as role models, guiding us on how to behave and what values to uphold. For example, a child might admire a sports star for their dedication and hard work, and this admiration could motivate the child to work hard in their own life. Similarly, a teenager might look up to a successful entrepreneur and be inspired to start their own business.

The Dark Side of Hero Worship

While hero worship can be positive, it also has a dark side. Sometimes, people can become so obsessed with their heroes that they start to ignore their own identity. They try to imitate their heroes in every way, forgetting that it’s important to be themselves. Additionally, when heroes make mistakes or fail, their worshippers can feel deeply disappointed. This is because they have placed their heroes on such a high pedestal that they forget they are human too.

Conclusion: A Balanced Approach to Hero Worship

In conclusion, hero worship is a complex phenomenon. While it’s natural to admire and look up to people who have achieved great things, it’s also important to remember that everyone has their own unique strengths and weaknesses. We should admire heroes for their qualities, but not forget our own potential. We can learn from our heroes, but we should also strive to be the best version of ourselves. After all, each one of us has the potential to be a hero in our own unique way.

Remember, heroes are not perfect. They make mistakes and face failures just like everyone else. So, while it’s good to have heroes, it’s equally important to understand that they are human too. Hero worship should inspire us, not blind us. It should motivate us to strive for greatness, but not at the cost of losing our own identity.

That’s it! I hope the essay helped you.

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Happy studying!

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Hero Worship

Examples of heroism in the outsiders.

A hero is someone that shows courage and bravery and is admired for their actions. Sometimes, a hero is someone unexpected and would never have been thought to be a hero by anyone because of who they are, or what and where they come from. One example of unexpected heroism, is from three greasers, Dallas Winston, Johnny Cade, and Ponyboy Curtis from The Outsiders. Dally, Johnny, and Ponyboy can be considered heroes because of some actions and choices they made.

Compare And Contrast Batman And Theseus And The Minotaur

A hero is universally seen as a selfless individual who puts the needs of others before themselves. Heroes usually hold the same values; honor, nobility, integrity, and strength. Now what happens when a person does not hold those heroic values? What if their motivations did not have good intentions? These are the questions that will be answered using the deconstruction critical lenses. “Today, it is much harder to detach the concept of heroism from morality; we only call heroes those whom we admire and wish to emulate.” (Lebarge web) The Greek myth of Theseus and the Minotaur has evolved into the modern trilogy of Batman which, when deconstructed, reveals how the selfish motivations of

Why Heroes Are Important By Scott Lafollage Analysis

As time goes on and new generations come about, many of the ideals of former generations seem to become irrelevant. Scott LaBarge, a professor of philosophy, elaborates on this idea and others in his essay. “Why Heroes Are Important” is LaBarge’s pursuit to persuade others of his idea of heroes in today’s society. He claims that many of our youth do not know what a proper hero is and that former generations should be educating them. LaBarge begins his persuasion by describing his personal experience and credibility; then, he briefly describes the history of heroes to tie in his opinion on the definition; finally, he uses Aristotle’s idea of Kairos to explain how his opinion proves true according to current events.

The Thematic Paradigm By Robert Ray

The Thematic Paradigm, written by Robert Ray, shows that throughout America’s history, people are often attracted to heroes whose traits reflect those of the society at the time. Ray writes about how many American heroes are valued for their strong leadership and sense of community, but there are other heroes who are celebrated for their individuality and their ability to form their own moral laws. In The Thematic Paradigm, Robert Ray shows that the American people are drawn to those who embody traits of both good and bad values. By comparing common values and laws, showing a strong sense of individualism, and contradicting opposite views on America’s historical heroes, Ray is able to give a strong argument as to why Americans are drawn to certain characters in cinema and history.

Analysis Of `` Creating The Myth `` By Linda Seger

The concept of a hero has been around for many generations, and the meaning of a hero is defined in ways people grasp its idea. A hero can be a person who has a superpower and is willing to make a personal sacrifice for the benefit of others or can be an ordinary everyday person who just wants to help people out of his or her own heart. Linda Seger’s article, “Creating the Myth,” tackles the idea of a “Hero 's Myth,” and shows the ten steps of how heroes are transformed from an ordinary person to the Savior. On the other hand, Robert B. Ray piece titled, “The Thematic Paradigm,” emphasizes that in modern films, it is either having an “Outlaw Hero or an Official Hero,” which he uses three stages to demonstrates how they are different each other in the way they perform in the society. Further, the article, “Out of Character: Wonder Woman’s Strength Is Her Compassion - What Happened?” by Stevie St. John, explains how Wonder Woman was viewed as a compassionate woman in the 1940s and 1950s, and in the 2000s she changes into a more violent person. In this essay, I argue that a hero is subjective, and is defined by the villain or event that they had to adapt to suddenly.

Rhetorical Analysis Of Tim O 'Brien's Speech Heroes'

The term “hero” has many different interpretations for different individuals. In his speech “Heroes”, Tim O’Brien tells his audience how he views a hero and redefines the often dramatized term. He defines a hero as one who knows what a person needs and is willing to give that to them without question. O’Brien accomplishes sharing his argument of what a hero is through the use of appealing to Kairos, diction and syntax.

Essay Comparing Macbeth And Braveheart

Throughout humankind, many heroes have impacted world’s history. Some are true stories while some have become legends. These storied are retold over and over due to the hero, which shows a common

Ponyboy Is A Hero

Individuals don't need to spare the Earth to be considered a hero, a little demonstration of generosity still can take a gutsy signal like conquering the contrasts between two individuals like Ponyboy and Randy did. Gallantry in its own basic yet charming way being caring to others is likewise courageous. Ponyboy is a legend in light of the fact that no matter how enormous or little the demonstration of chivalry he submitted was, it spared, and inhabited.

The Thematic Paradigm

Historically American film have been centered on heroes. In Ray’s “The Thematic Paradigm” he states that heroes as have two preset archetypes with certain characteristics. These two archetypes are the family orientated “official hero” and the loner “outlaw hero.” In Segar’s “Creating the Myth” she states that heroes are made by the steps or events that they go through on their way to becoming a hero. This means that to Seger the heroes do not start out as heroes, but as normal people. However, Ray and Seger suggest different ways in which Americans relate to film heroes, they both agree heroes are popular through common experience and relatability.

Roger Benavidez Heroes

A hero is someone who is selfless and is courageous. They also are usually an ordinary person who later does something very heroic and great. They also don’t act like self centered when they get recognized for it. In the editorial “What is a Hero” by Art Green, he shares a story about a man who almost died saving others in battle. In this he says, “ In this case, Benavidez says that it was not he that was the hero; it was the faceless men who paid the ultimate sacrifice.” This evidence shows that Benavidez and heroes don’t “bask in the glory” and this impacts him because he knows that people died for their country and he also did two so he can’t take all the credit for saving the men. Roger Rosenblatt, author of the editorial “Man in the water”

Epic Vs. Modern Heroes Essay

Modern culture does not love only the anti-hero; modern culture loves nearly anything it finds praiseworthy. This encompasses a

Ancient Heroes Vs. Modern Heroes

Heroes are prevalent in everyone’s life. Whether someone’s hero is a living person or a fabled character from a movie, everybody has come into contact with some sort of hero. In fact, the concept of heroes has existed for hundreds of years, dating all the way back to Ancient Greece. Over time, heroes have drastically changed. As society has evolved, our heroes have evolved with it. Their goals and motivations have changed to coincide with the views of modern society. Modern day heroes have less selfish motives, better qualities, and are portrayed differently than ancient heroes.

Hero Myth Film Analysis

The idea of heroismhas been traced back to centuries of years throughout history. Greek Mythology is the father of this concept of heroism and this concept has continued to grow and develop through stories, writings, and films over the years. Humans have always been intrigued with the idea of heroism which is why many movies, books, and stories are written after this very idea. In Linda Seger’s “Creating the Myth”, she argues there are 10-points into creating every “hero myth”, using Luke Skywalker in Star Wars as her hero myth example; in the film Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Harry follows Seger’s 10-point system of creating a

Influence of Iliad to Heroes in Todays World

The classical hero is a timeless description of human beings all around the world. Not only is it part of some human’s nature; it is used as a source of entertainment for people as well. The classical hero is seen both in the Iliad, as we have discussed, and in today’s world every day and in most cases everywhere. Heroes are seen today in TV shows, novels, movies, sports, in politics, and on the news, etc. As an audience, we love to study the classical hero whether we’re watching something or reading a novel or story about one. It always seems to be exhilarating because it’s part of our nature. The story of the hero motivates individuals to want to be like that person and strive to help

The Prevalence Of The Anti-Hero Archetype In Modern Society

The changes thorough media have led to the decline of the traditional hero archetype. To relate to society throughout the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, television shows and film have had to conform to new standards. In the beginning, any film was

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English Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “Hero-worship” 350 Words Essay for Class 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 Students.


Hero-worship is the worship of some great men, endowed with excellent qualities of the head as well as heart. The masses are generally hero-worshippers—they select a hero—and then bestow all their affection and favour on him. Hero-worshipping thrives in those communities which are still ignorant and backward. It has definitely received a setback in our times when we refuse to accept anybody in fallible or a semi-God and when even an ordinary man in the street is outspokenly critical of his leaders and teachers. Hero-worship demands unfaltering and passive faith in some great personality which by some fair or foul means has managed to amass some power; but in our scientific and progressive century, such faith is difficult to have. Hero-worship is still strong in India where the masses, even hitherto, are static and illiterate and cannot think for themselves. Since they cannot stand upon their own legs and look after themselves, they seek a great consolation and relief in choosing a hero of a few superhuman qualities and bestowing all their praises on him. They wishfully think that the far superior ego and valour of the hero they have chosen is in fact their own ego and valour. But let us not forget that everybody is not elevated to the plane of a hero by the public, howsoever ignorant and foolish it may be. Only a few men of individuality, dash, and grit can be heroes. Hero-worship, it is now obvious, is unscientific and superstitious. Lytton Strachey, the modern writer of biographies, had no faith in the legend of an infallible hero and so he debunked all his heroes. In England, hero-worship is perhaps the minimum. Even a superhuman hero of the sort of the Churchill can be deposed when the discerning and critical nation thinks that he won’t suit the times. The creed of hero-worship is most popular in totalitarian states like Russia and Red China where a dictator is supposed to be an infallible personality and is looked upon with reverent awe by one and all.

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essay about hero worship

American hero worship is not necessarily nationalistic. Most Americans acknowledge Churchill as one of their greatest heroes, not only because he forged blood, toil, tears and sweat into victory, but because he seemed to embody, like a noble caricature, all the legendary qualities of the English. Not that pugnacity is essential. Americans see Pope John XXIII as a hero because he exuded love and managed to combine the saintly with the jolly. Many Americans would also accord the status of saint-hero to Albert Schweitzer, because they cherish the sentimental picture of the man who gave up the world in order to do good works in a dark corner of the globe. But Schweitzer perhaps lived too long. "Every hero becomes a bore at last," said Emerson.

In another context, giving up the world is an achievement to which Americans are profoundly drawn. All the great Western heroes from Daniel Boone on are revered and envied not merely for physical prowess but for attaining a free life, unfettered by civilization's rules. Today, the hero must find his niche very much inside civilization, and he will probably belong to the ranks of the specialist heroes. No intellectual can be a hero to those who don't read (except in France), nor any baseball player to a man who never goes to a game. But they have a common denominator—they expand the sense of human capability.

Athletes have traditionally been heroes in the human imagination. Men still dream of themselves as Samson, tearing down the temple around the mocking ears, or as Lancelot, cutting down all challengers and incidentally winning the lady. But the commercialization of athletics and pervasive publicity have altered the image of the "parfit knight."

Babe Ruth survived as a hero largely because his young admirers never realized that his private life was pretty disheveled. Today's sports hero is more widely known, but loses glamour when seen combing greasy kid stuff out of his hair. Americans like their heroes earthy, whether it is Ted Williams or Casey Stengel—but he must not be too loutish. Jackie Robinson is elected because he displayed grace under the pressure of breaking the color bar in baseball. Still, the arena is crowded; so many good athletes are on view that heroes, as distinct from mere record breakers, are scarce.

The U.S.'s newest heroes are scientists. Though inventors such as Eli Whitney, Edison or Bell have long been acknowledged, only Einstein among the pure scientists held a place in the U.S. consciousness until World War II. Today the roster would be long, studded with such names as Teller, Oppenheimer and Waksman. Another set of latter-day heroes are physicians, whose list would include Drs. Fleming, DeBakey, Salk and Paul Dudley White. Among businessmen, only Henry Ford has achieved anything like heroic dimensions, although such magnates as Astor and Carnegie were heroes to their day. The values of commerce, no matter how much they may accomplish, are the antithesis of the traditional values of glory.

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Hero Worship 4 Pages 886 Words

             When asked to conjure up descriptions of a hero or heroism, many people would imagine similar scenes. The firefighters pulling a family from a burning building, a soldier saving his platoon from certain death, rescue workers pulling a stranded mountain climber from a precarious ledge, and the Knights of the Round Table saving a damsel in distress, are all examples of the "common" hero. Many people display heroism in everyday life but are rarely recognized either by their peers or by the media.              Heroism can be traced back in time as early as mythology has been present. People of that era felt a need to worship super-beings who could solve their problems. Current examples reflecting that age are evident on television today. Both "Hercules" and "Xena: The Warrior Princess" are ever present to save the peasants from the evil and cunning warlords. Mythological heroes had their deeds exaggerated as the stories were passed by word of mouth from person to person. Storytellers have always felt a need to liven up their stories and as they passed them from generation to generation, the stories continued to grow.              Everyone knows what heroism is, but describing it can be difficult. Gallantry, valor, bravery, and courage are all traits normally associated with heroism. For the people who risk or sacrifice their own lives in an acts of selflessness, these words are accurate in describing heroism. Few would dispute that a person who pulls another from a burning flipped-over car ready to explode does show heroism.              The news media is always looking for acts of heroism as they make for captivating news. Just recently, a fourth grade boy grabbed the wheel of a school bus after it was involved in an accident. This boy may have saved the lives of the children loaded on the school bus by preventing the bus from careening out of control. Because of the unusual circumstances of this incident, the media rightly focused o              ...

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“ Hero worship never died and never will” (Carlyle‚ 208).The dreams of becoming a superhero‚ the desire for success‚ and the worship of heroic figures are deeply rooted in our hearts. My feelings about heroes are always triggered by the most pervasive form of modern art—films. Every time I watch a heroic film‚ I feel deeply moved by the strong personalities of the hero . In different films‚ he can either be a cowboy riding a horse‚ a warrior who fights for the independence of a country‚ a policeman

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character and personality. A child’s influences on how he/she perceives life will stay with them for the remainder of his/her life . Often‚ childhood experience’s affect people’s thinking and the way that they behave in their adulthood. Children are influenced from both the outside world‚ but ultimately a child learns right from wrong‚ good from bad from their parents. Though most people do not remember the first few years their life the experiences still influence them well in to adulthood. It is important

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essay about hero worship

A Zero Becomes a Hero!

A ZERO BECOMES A HERO ! Early this morning in Windrixville‚ Jay Mountain two Greasers named Johnny Cade and Ponyboy Curtis‚ showed great courage and bravery by saving young Socs that were trapped inside a burning church. The two boys asked the people around the church what was happening. Apparently the group of Socs around the area were having a school picnic and suddenly they saw the church on fire. A worried woman ran to the leader of the trip‚ Jerry‚ and told him that a couple of kids are

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Adolescent and Youth Reproductive Health in Bangladesh

ADOLESCENT AND EPRODUCTIVE YOUTH REPRODUCTIVE EALTH HEALTH IN BANGLADESH Status‚ Issues‚ Policies‚ and Programs POLICY is funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development under Contract No. HRN-C-00-00-00006-00‚ beginning July 7‚ 2000. The project is implemented by Futures Group International in collaboration with Research Triangle Institute and the Centre for Development and Population Activities (CEDPA). Photos selected from M/MC Photoshare at www.jhuccp.org/mmc. Photographers

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Theseus wanting to be a hero . Theseus wants to be as great as he cousin‚ Hercules‚ a man of great strenght and bravery. Theseus decides that he would set off on a journey and complete some great feats and tasks so that he may gain the rank and or title of being a hero . There are eight steps in most stories to becoming a hero and Theseus completes all eight. In the begining of Theseus’ story‚ Theseus sets off on a journey to a distant land where he hopes to become a hero . His parents told him to

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INTRODUCTION: Adolescent / Youth Health is an important public health issue. Adolescent and Youth are defined as 10-19 and 15-24 years old by the World Health Organization‚ respectively. Adolescent / Youth Age was accepted that the transition from childhood to adulthood age‚ generally. Adolescents and Youths experience some of the changes in the physical‚ psychological‚ cognitive‚ social and economic areas (1). The University students constitute an original group with their specific features among

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WORK IS WORSHIP ‚ WORSHIP IS NOT WORK Parminder Kaur Abstract: Work means action which involves effort and exertion; It is the essence of life . No action means no life . Worship means giving reverence to some power. All enjoyment‚ all achievement and all progress come from this magic word ’work ’. It is the primary thing around which whole life revolves. It also means the realization of God. Blessed is the person who has found his work and he needs no other blessings. Work spares us from evils

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celebrity worship

say the least. When we focus on such individuals‚ it ‘makes a great getaway from the normal world known as everyday life .’ ( Abanes 10 ). Celebrities have something about them that is so intriguing‚ natural and original. We will be drawn to them no matter what and we as a society are becoming overly preoccupied with celebrities. The media’s portrayal of celebrity life as that of glamour and success results in an infectious desire to achieve a position in the exclusive group of elites

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The Hobbit Writing Prompt: Three way that Bilbo becomes a hero.There is when Bilbo saved the elves from the dwarves.There is also when Bilbo saved them from the cave.Last but not least when Bilbo saved the elves from the dwarves.How Bilbo became a hero . First is when Bilbo saved the elves from the trolls.They were fighting and would not stop and so the trolls were right around the corner and got themselves caught.Some how Bilbo ran away before they saw him.So he followed them to their homes

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Hero Worship Essays

Hero worship.

Hero Worship When asked to conjure up descriptions of a hero or heroism, many people would imagine similar scenes. The firefighters pulling a family from a burning building, a soldier saving his platoon from certain death, rescue workers pulling a stranded mountain climber from a precarious ledge, and the Knights of the Round Table saving a damsel in distress, are all examples of the "common" hero. Many people display heroism in everyday life but are rarely recognized either by their peers or

Hero Worship: From Washington to Superman

When wars started, or disasters happened, people always hope that a hero can stand out and help them escape danger. Washington is one of the war heroes, who helped American win the war of independence, and became the first president of America. He was fully respected in his life time, and also be popular even now. When people are living in peace, when the world does not need a hero, they would write poems and stories to create a hero as their wish. Greek mythology was created between seventh and eighth

hearts of millions of American's, both white and black. This was a time when blacks were being discriminated against, the military was segregated, blacks were not allowed to play Major League Baseball. When he started boxing early in the 1930's hero worship was not achievable in any professional sports, there were none that were able to command the attention away from whites, however that would all change. Joe Louis began his boxing career at the Brewster Recreation Center. In his first amateur bout

The City of Tucson vs. Robert D. Kaplan

economic divisions between social classes and the booming America-bound drug industry that causes the division. Kaplan spends a great deal of time discussing the local historical significance of Coronado, Cortez and Compostela. He speaks of the hero worship the Mexican citizens display for these men in each city he visits, and then calls these men “crude zealots [who] massacred Indians, built Christian altars where they had smashed idols, and went mad at the sight of gold,” while he calls the white

Spirituality in John Greenleaf Whittier's The Worship of Nature

John Greenleaf Whittier's The Worship of Nature If man ever said that he could not experience God outside of the walls of a church, it is evident that he never read John Greenleaf Whittier. John Greenleaf Whittier was a Quaker who, like all Quakers, placed an emphasis on a simple life. Quakers believe in leading a life without artificial things. Because of his Quaker beliefs, he had a deep understanding of the spirituality of the natural world. In his poem, The Worship of Nature Whittier takes his

The Concept Of Worship And The Content Of Worship

Concept of Worship" and "The Content of Worship" What is worship? Worship defined as the structuring of time to help it fulfill its purposes. Martin Luther defined Worship as God Speak (rede) to us through the word of God and that in return we talk (reden) back to Him in prayer and songs of Praise. Worship began with obedience to God and a one on one with God. Praise is congregational confirmation. Worship according to John 4:24, God is a Spirit and they that worship him must worship him in Spirit

Sakat Chauth

life and Ganesha blesses his devotees with health, fortune and good children. Sakat Chauth vrat method: On this day, married women who are observing the fast get up early morning and take bath, after which they wear new cloths, clean up the place of worship and chant “Om Ganeshaaya Namah" mantra108 times. During the day devotees observe fast. However milk, tea and fruits are allowed. In the evening a Mandap is decorated in which Ganesha idol is placed. The idol is decorated with flowers and Doorva (grass)

Governments Used in Ancient Civilizations

Early Governments When humans first evolved, they evolved into a society that did not yet have a government. At first they lived without any rules or laws. This type of society is known as Anarchy. When people began farming and settling down in one place it quickly became difficult to live is a society without any authority. Therefore new types of governments emerged. The initial government was a Royal Theocracy, in which the society is controlled by religion. The highest ranked priests in such

How Rituals Permit the Practice of Worship in Hinduism

from Vedic religion.. There are two types of worship such as: temple worship and domestic worship. Therefore, within these types of worshipping there are rituals that are performed. Some of these rituals include prasad, darshan, and puja. Thus, A ritual function is a tradition that is used to practice of worshipping in Hinduism. First, a long time ago temples have become a figure and old tradition in Hindu worshipping. However, when these temple worships began is undetermined. Some forms of Hindus

Puja In Judaism

Puja, which means offering in Sanskrit and worship in Pali, is one of the principle rituals in Buddhism and is commended by Buddhists all around the world. Puja can be conducted anywhere but primarily, it is conducted either at home or in a temple. Puja has no specific time or rules rather it is up to the individual on how the ritual is performed. In spite of this, some aspects are deemed disrespectful during puja. These include wearing shoes and pointing the feet in the direction of the Buddha statue

Hindu Temple Observation

Antonio (HTSA) before the ceremonies in the main hall typically begin, so I had the chance to walk around the temple prior to the arrival of the devotees. I was hesitant at first when approaching the temple because I was not very familiar with Hindu worship services. However, my experiences visiting Radha Madhav Dham in Austin, in order to celebrate Holi with some of my close Hindu friends, gave me an idea of what customs I should follow. This included taking off my shoes before entering, and sitting

Yoruba Art and Culture

?Any work of art owes its existence to the people and culture from which it has emerged. It has a functional and historical relationship with that culture.? Michael W. Conner, PhD# Staffs are carried and danced with by priestesses and priest in the Sango cult, dedicated to Sango, the Yoruba deity of thunder and lighting. The female figure represents a worshiper of Shango. The majority of the Yoruba people live on the west coast of Africa in Nigeria, but can also be found in many other places

Hymn To Intellectual Beauty by P. B. Shelley

the ongoing figurative language involving it: "Ask why sunlight not for ever | Weaves rainbows o’er yon mountain-river". This shows how Shelley sees a divine being as integral in nature. And yet, he is despondent because humanity will not worship it. Stanza three is how Shelley attacks traditional views of the divine being or beings. It relates to the second stan... ... middle of paper ... ...ssive behaviour. He feels that, after the exuberance of young adulthood, where everything is

My Home Life

father. We worship the lord in common ways to do so with sermons and songs but our main source of worship is in discussion of Gods’ marvelous works of creation and nature. My father and I deeply acknowledge Gods’ work on the earth and we worship in squeezing an orange and tasting the sweetness of Christ, which may sound absurd to one who isn’t sensitive to things of the spirit. Recognizing and not taking for granted everything the Lord has provided for us is the true heart of worship. Christian living

Worship Without Sacrifice

does Gandhi intend to tell us by stating “worship without sacrifice” as one of the seven deadly social sins? This statement can be interpreted by first taking knowledge of what these individual words define. The word worship can be seen as being and doing in passion with our highest religious, spiritual, moral beliefs or principles. Sacrifice means willingly giving, surrendering or letting go of something for the sake of something or someone. Thus, worship with sacrifice is being willing to give or

Sacrifice Essay

The use of a sacrifice in rituals has been documented in many events throughout the world and in history. Sacrifices have been accustomed to various cultures depending on the meaning and purpose of the ritual. The basic meaning of a sacrifice as stated by the Oxford dictionary as:” An act of slaughtering an animal or person or surrendering a possession as an offering to God or to a divine or supernatural figure” (Oxford, 2014) The sacrifice can be used as an offering to the supernatural being of

Persuasive Essay On Prayer

Psalm 19: 1-4 can be a reference to state that instead of going to God with requests all the time, we should worship Him and His art, His handiwork and His creation which all echo the truth of His glory. In his book Crazy Love, Francis Chan states “We are programmed to focus on what we don’t have, bombarded multiple times throughout the day with what we need to

Compare Hinduism And Idolatry

their bible and pray as an act of worship to God, but in Hindu households they have a different way of worshiping. Some Hindus will have an image in their house which they will wake up in the morning and honor as a form of worship to a specific God. This act of worship is detested by Christians as well as other monotheistic religions. They call it idolatry. Although it is looked down upon by monotheistic religions idolatry is one of the main forms of worship for Hindus. When someone in a monotheistic

for forgiveness and to be cleansed of any sins, praise and worship, always be thankful, and be specific with your prayers. In key terms, they are called: adoration, confession, thanksgiving, and supplication. These are the most proper ways to pray to God and will make your prayers even more meaningful. The most important and essential element of prayer is called “Adoration.” This is how you allow God to know that you praise and worship Him. This is also the part of prayer that you are always supposed

Idol Worship in Today's Society

What is idol worship? There are many answers one might have to this question. Idol worship is anything that comes between a worshiper and God. It is anything that someone gives power or status to. Idol worship is the perishable while God is the imperishable. Arrogance towards God appears in the form of idol worship. In his writings, Muhammad says "I am forbidden to serve your idols, now that clear proofs have been given me from my Lord." (726) In our society, fashion, fame, sex, wealth,


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