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Dead Sea story

Dead Sea story

Last updated Monday , 13-11-2023 on 09:55 am

Dead Sea story , The Dead Sea has gained great importance due to its geographical location between Jordan, Palestine and Israel, as well as its unique chemical characteristics, being the lowest point on the surface of the earth and the lack of viability of living organisms that we know in ordinary seas due to the increasing concentration of salinity and other metals in water. All this information will be here in Dead Sea story.

We will offer you the paragraphs in a simple way to suit every student wants to write Dead Sea story in English .Here you will find all the information about The Dead Sea.

 The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is lowest spot on the earth; it is about 400 meters below sea level, and it drops about 33 cm every year. Its name derives from its lack of life because of its salinity and lack of food.

The salinity of the Dead Sea is approximately six times higher than that of the ocean, a very high degree where no living creature lives.

The reason for the salinity of the Dead Sea is that it is a closed sea and is not connected to any other sea. The Jordan River is the only source of water. The Dead Sea is located in a hole surrounded by mountains.

The high temperature increases the water evaporation, leaving the mineral salts behind. These salts increase over time, which in turn gives the water a very high density. The main source of salts is metal lions come from rivers and streams that pass through the nearby mountains.

Due to the high density of water, it is difficult for people to swim or dive, but their bodies float above the surface of the water. The high density of water makes the movement of legs and arms very heavy.

Its high salinity is harmful to eyes and skin, but the salts have positive economic effects. Potash and other mineral salts are used in various chemical industries.

The water of the Dead Sea is decreasing due to the farmers’ consumption of river water to a large extent before it is poured, leading to a decrease in the water level over time.

The Dead Sea area is not suitable for human residency. The temperature is very high and the rain is low. The arable areas are very few and confined to certain places. The suitable water for irrigating the plants is also few.

Roads are very difficult to transport because rocks and mountains surrounding the sea; which made the Dead Sea region a small population.

In this way we have presented to you the Dead Sea story in English ,and you can read more through the following link:

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General Purpose: To inform Specific purpose: The audience will know that the Dead Sea is devoid of all plant and aquatic life, why the sea is so salty and the health benefits. Thesis or central idea: The Dead Sea has a unique environment Main Points: a. The Dead Sea is one of the saltiest bodies of water anywhere b. The Dead Sea is devoid of all plant and aquatic life c. The Dead Sea area has become a major center for health research and treatment Introduction: You know why they call it the dead sea? Because absolutely nothing live in it. It is some of the salties water anywhere in the world. My love for geology grew out of an experience with a friend whos child was doing a earth science project on plate tectonics and needed help. I’ll never forget the name of the book “Earth in Motion” it left a lasting impression on me and led me to study more on this subject. I’ve been reading about this for approximately 10 years and am always amazed at the new material I find . My latest discovery was that the Dead Sea is one of the salties bodies of water anywhere, that it is devoid of all plant and aquatic life and that it has become a major center for health research and treatment. I. The Dead Sea is one of the salties bodies of water anywhere A. The Dead Sea is completely landlocked B. The Dead Sea is continually fed water from the rivers and streams coming down off the mountains that surround it. 1. No river drains out of the Dead Sea 2. The only way water gets out of the sea is through evaporation II. The Dead Sea is devoid of all plant and aquatic life A. The water in the Dead Sea is deadly to most living things B. Even though the Sea is deadly to most living things humans are remarkably adaptable to the seas salty conditions. Humans can swim is the Dead Sea, just like they swim in the ocean 1. Humans don’t really swim in the sea, instead they just “hang out 2. Because of th extremely high concentration of disolved mineral salts in the water its density is way more that that of fresh water, which means are bodies are more buoyant in the Dead Sea. III. The Dead Sea area has become a major center for health research and treatment A. The Dead Seas deep black clayey sediment, previously covered with water at times of higher sea level, are being mined for therapeutic purposes and for the preparation of cosmetic products under the name ‘Black Mud’.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the dead sea is devoid of all plant and aquatic life, why the sea is so salty and the health benefits.
  • Describes how their love for geology grew out of an experience with a friend on plate tectonics and led them to study more on this subject.
  • Explains that the dead sea is continually fed water from rivers and streams coming down from the mountains that surround it.
  • Explains that even though the dead sea is deadly to most living things humans are remarkably adaptable to the seas salty conditions.
  • Explains that dead sea bodies are buoyant because of the high concentration of disolved mineral salts in the water.
  • Explains that the dead sea's black clayey sediment is being mined for therapeutic purposes and for the preparation of cosmetic products under the name ‘black mud’.

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"Oceans." Opposing Viewpoints Online Collection. Detroit: Gale, 2014. Opposing Viewpoints in Context. Web. 8 May 2014.

Dea Sea Scrolls Imperfection

The Dead Sea Scrolls are a series of complete and incomplete scrolls containing biblical literature, as well as some other writings that have not been identified as parallels to any biblical books. Found in Qumran, located in the Judean Desert, these scrolls have been a controversial topic in an archeological sense as well as in a religious aspect. Apparently, the scrolls were copied from other scrolls and then stored in caves near the place that they are assumed to have been written. There’s been a lot of speculation as to the true origin of the scrolls, but common opinion has it that they were copied at Qumran, a settlement near the site that they were found, and then were stored in nearby caves surrounding the settlement.

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The sea is typically used in order to express strength, life/ death, and calmness. In The

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It is located in the Jordan Rift valley between the African plate and the Arabian plate, with Jordan to the east and Israel and Palestine to the west. One thing that makes the Dead Sea even more interesting is that it is earth’s lowest elevation on land. It is one of the saltiest bodies of water ever discovered. The Jordan River is the Dead Sea’s major source for water. The Biblical reference to the “Dead Sea” is salt sea, sea of Arabah, or the Eastern Sea. According to the Bible King David used the Dead Sea for refuge. Dwellings near the Dead Sea are recorded in the Bible as having taken place before the Israelites came to Cannan. Also the cities mentioned in the Book of Genesis that were destroyed during the time of Abraham are somewhere on the southeastern shore. Furthermore, “In Ezekiel 47:8-9 there is a specific prophecy that the sea will "... be healed and made fresh", becoming a normal lake capable of supporting marine life. A similar prophecy is stated in Zechariah 14:8, which says that "Living waters will go out from Jerusalem, half of them to the eastern sea (likely the Dead Sea) and half to the western sea (the Mediterranean)..." The Dead Sea today is a supplier of a multitude of products. The Egyptians use asphalt from the area to aid in mummification process. Also, potash to make fertilizers come from the Dead Sea, and the salt and minerals are often used to make make-up products. The medical

The Salton Sea

5. Kellert, S.R. and E.O. Wilson, editors. 1993 The Biophilia Hypothesis. Island Press, Washington, DC

Main Themes In Christopher Mccandless's Into The Wild

“The sea's only gifts are harsh blows, and occasionally the chance to feel strong. Now I don't know much about the sea, but I do know that that's the way it is here. And I also know how important it is in life not necessarily to be strong but to feel strong. To measure yourself at least once. To find yourself at least once in the most ancient of human conditions. Facing the blind deaf stone alone, with nothing to help you but your hands and your own head.” – Christopher McCandless, Into the Wild

A Rhetorical Analysis Of Kolbert's The Sea Around Us

There have been five mass extinctions over the last half-billion years while the sixth extinction is currently being examined by scientists around the world. Studies have shown that this is the most shocking and damaging event since the impact that caused the extinction of dinosaurs. This one is different from all others, because humans are the cause of this disaster to our current environment. If we don’t start to realize this issue and do something about it, eventually it will be too late to try to save the Earth and ourselves. I am going to analyze the sixth chapter, “The Sea Around Us,” for pathos, ethos, visual rhetoric and other related issues

The Awakenings Symbolic Significance Of The Sea

“The voice of the sea speaks to the soul. The touch of the sea is sensuous, enfolding the body in

Salt And Sand Separation

In the salt and sand separation challenge our salt and sand measurements were off because we used to many transitions. We lost 6.79% of our sand and gained 10.97% of our salt. This shows that our procedure had flaws in it and should have been revised before we conducted the experiment.

The Effects of Poverty on the People of Yemen

Yemen has historically has been plagued with severe health problems spanning a majority of the region. The inhabitants of the region are dependent on the Country’s ...

Deep Sea Fish Adaptions

The bottom of the deep sea exists in darkness as little light penetrates through the surface. Therefore most inhabitants have to rely on their senses to survive. The fish require light to survive; they ...

Final Essay

Vannela, Raveender. "Are We “Digging Our Own Grave” Under the Oceans?" Environmental Science & Technology 46.15 (2012): 7932-933. Print.

Reflective Essay On Public Health Education

At an early stage in my medical school in Iraq, I realized the great positive impact of public health on the community in health education orientation, disease prevention and health well-being as a general and what affirm it later, my clinical practice as a physician in Iraq first then Dubai later. The public health was a major integral block in my clinical practice to educate the people towards a healthier lifestyle and implementing the preventative screening measures necessary to get healthy well protected community.

The Aral Sea Disaster

The Aral sea used to be the forth largest inland body of water. It had a fishing industry that employed 60,000 people and it attracted thousands of tourists. Today the Aral Sea is biologically dead and has shrunk by approximately 75-80% in volume and 50-60% in area. (See Attachment 1. The chronology of the desiccation of the Aral Sea). Fishing towns such as Muinak are now 60 kilometers inland. Approximately 75 million tons per year of toxic salt from the exposed seabed are blown over thousands of kilometers of inhabited land increasing the already high level of salinity and worsening the environmental situation.

Salinity In The Ocean Essay

Salt is carried into the ocean by rain, rivers, streams, and underwater volcanoes (Office of Naval Research 3). Because of the multiple sources of salt, the levels of salinity within the ocean shoot up rapidly. The Office of Naval Research states, “Salinity is expressed by the amount of salt found in 1,000 grams of water” (3). Marine ecologist created an expression for the amount of salt inside a given area. If there is one gram of salt within 1,000 grams of water, then it is represented as 1 pound per ton (3). The oceans salinity varies between about 32 and 37 ppt (3). Most humans would not be able to live in an ecosystem with salinity levels being this high, however some organisms have adapted to surviving is such an environment.

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1. How did Solomon turn ancient Israel into a state? What happened after his death? Solomon became King of Israel and divided the kingdom into twelve districts.

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The author in “By the Waters of Babylon”, tells how he wants to find knowledge and how he will go and find the knowledge. The author would like to find the truth. The authors father is a priest and the author would also like to be a priest himself. He would like to follow in his father's footsteps. He wants to go into the dead place to find out knowledge and find the truth.

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By the Waters of Babylon Vs. World War Z  "By the Waters of Babylon" by Stephen Vincent Benet, and "World War Z" by Max Brooks are both different depictions of the future, but when you look closely they do share some similarities. Both are about a hero surviving in what has plagued their world, and going on a journey of self-discovery. They both have enemies to overcome and secrets to find.   "By the Waters of Babylon" and "World War Z" Both take place in different eras of civilization.

By The Waters Of Babylon: A Literary Analysis

Bradley In "By The Waters of Babylon" is trying to astablish more structure. It was presented as an organized state. It was open to new forms of government. The people of Babylon had temples to the gods where they made sacrifices to the gods.

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The Nile river was the source of life in ancient Egypt and still is today. The Nile is in the middle of two plots of land called the “Black Land” and the “Red Land”. The “Black Land“ as it is known for its fertile soils, hugs the Nile, and the “Red Land” is a desert area just beyond the Nile. There are 2 branches of the river called the Blue Nile and the White Nile. The Blue Nile begins at Lake Tana.

Pigeons In On The Waterfront, Directed By Budd Schulberg

On The Waterfront directed by Elia Kazan, and written by Budd Schulberg tells a story about a group of labor racketeers in Hoboken, New Jersey. Terry Malloy, one of the main characters, works for the union head and at the end of the movie is faced with a tough decision to either testify in court against his friends and become a so called “rat”, or do the wrong thing and disappoint his lover Edie. Terry portrays himself having a tough exterior, yet he is extremely conflicted and vulnerable on the inside. A common theme throughout this movie are pigeons and I believe they symbolize who Terry Malloy is as a character. Birds are known for being confined in cages and are restricted from spreading their wings to fly.

By The Waters Of Babylon Sparknotes

“By the Waters of Babylon” Paper In the short story, “By the Waters of Babylon” by Stephen Vincent Benet, the setting is post-apocalyptic and is about what Benet thought the world would be after the events of WWII. In this story, the world was destroyed and people forgot the important knowledge that was known during that time period. The simple knowledge they know now is how to hunt, and that there is a place where the gods live. When the main character, John, went to the Place of the Gods, which was forbidden, he discovered the truth of what happened during the Great Burning.

Mesopotamia Dbq Essay

Mesopotamia was a successful civilization because of it 's farming. I know this beause If they weren 't successful in farming, they couldn 't build up theire civilization. The text stated that the two rivers would bring in silt, which made rich farming land. This in turn, made them need less farmers, so people got other jobs.

Crossing The Red Sea Analysis

A journey is the movement to unfamiliar places. When a person takes on a journey most of the times there are faced with obstacles ahead of them. As travellers respond to the challenges ahead of them they extend themselves finding purpose and acquiring more knowledge about the world around them. This is shown in the film Rabbit proof fence (2002) by Phillip Noyce and Peter Skrzyneckis poem “Crossing the Red Sea” both show how a person can change throughout various times. Two of the composers use diverse types of techniques and features to show how journey can impact their

By The Waters Of Babylon Theme Essay

The interpretation of the theme – truth in “By the Waters of Babylon” In the short story “By the Waters of Babylon” the author Stephen Vincent Benét conveys the theme, “truth is a hard deer to hunt, if you eat too much of it at once, you may die of the truth” (Benét, 255). Which is a hyperbolic metaphor that means truth is like knowledge, hard to find. So, if too much of it is eaten at once, death is likely; as in truth is dangerous and hard to regulate among people if it is boundless. When the protagonist John was tired after travelling to the forbidden Place of Gods seeking knowledge, he fell asleep in one of the big dead-houses.

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The Forgotten Pharaoh Throughout the centuries people have wondered what life was like in ancient times, and how ancient people lived and how they came up with many things we still use today. Many famous people in ancient times started movements to better understand the world around us. Some ancient peoples, like ancient pharaohs of Egypt, shaped and made countries what they are today and are a big part of that country 's history. For example, the pharaoh Tutankhamun was a lost part of ancient Egyptian history.

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The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge is a detailed poem that explains to the audience the, Mariner’s journey in a secluded manner. Once reading this poem and analyse Coleridge’s message you will understand that all choices have consequences for which you must be responsibly for. This poem connects with the allegory of crime, punishment, redemption because of the Mariner’s action caused everything. This poem is a typical archetypal journey because by the Mariner personality has caused a sequence of events to happen that all lead up to one main focus.

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Pablo Neruda's choice of diction and literary devices combine to give off a very calm and soft tone. Neruda, throughout the piece conveys a sense of calmness using sounds and words such as: “sea”, “me”, and “waves . Each of these words fly off of the tongue with ease and grace, similar to how the seas waves are. Neruda creates the image of being near the sea by his diction by choosing words with smooth sounds such as: “me” ,”rose”, “foam”, and “vast”. These words create the soft sounds like what we would see at the sea and that was Neruda’s goal.

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The ocean looked like an enormous pool of wonder. It was exceptionally blue that day with a slight green undertone. The surface looked as though it was covered with millions of diamonds crashing with the waves and kissing the sand. I remember the sand in between my feet, like standing on a coarse cloud that I could just seep into. The water teasing my toes and running back into hiding.

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The Dead Sea Geochemical History Essay

Salinity of different water bodies vary based on myriad of factors. Globally, the most saline location is found on the water surfaces and shores of the Dead Sea. Interestingly, it is the deepest hyper-saline lake in the entire world with a depth of about 1,237 feet (Katz & Starinsky, 2009). It borders West Bank as well as Israel to the west and Jordan to the east. Most importantly, animals and plants can hardly survive and flourish in this saline sea due to harsh environment created by high percentage of salt. Being an endorheic lake, Dead Sea is located right in the Jordan Rift Valley with its only water source being the Jordan River. It has no outlet. However, it is imperative to note that around the Dead Sea, there are numerous perennial springs that create quicksand pits and pools. This area records scarce rainfall every year of about 4 inches in the northern part while in the south, it barely reaches 2 inches.

On the other hand, an area with the lowest salinity is the Arctic Ocean region. Its location is in the arctic North Polar Region in northern hemisphere. When considering the five major divisions of oceans, Arctic Ocean is the shallowest and smallest (Lique et al., 2011).

It is engulfed by North America and Eurasia. Due to the freezing and melting of its ice cover, it experiences variation of salinity and temperature. In fact, compared to other water bodies, it has the lowest level of salinity. Reports from the international Hydrographic Organization (IHO) points out that this is due to quite a number of factors that include limited outflow and connections from high saline waters from lakes that surrounds it, inflow from heavy freshwater streams and rivers as well as low evaporation. The top layer of the Arctic Ocean is relatively stable and has lower temperature and salinity (Lique et al., 2011). Its stability is attributed to the effect of temperature density which is lesser than its salinity effect. It obtains its fresh water from Canadian springs such as Mac-Kenzie, Lena, Yenissey and Ob as well as from Siberian springs.

Reasons for fluctuations

The level of variation of salt in salt water bodies is controlled by diverse factors such as differences in geographical location, seasons and climate as daily changes in weather and sea currents (Jacobs & Giulivi, 2010). The reason for fluctuation between the two mentioned locations is that Dead Sea has a different mineral content from that of the Arctic Ocean. The composition of its water varies with temperature, depth, and season. As such, the ionic species concentration on it surface (in g/kg) is high above 35.2 in Mg 2+ , 6.2 K + among others adding up to over 276 g/kg of salt content (Katz & Starinsky, 2009).

This indicates that the fluctuations in salinity in the Dead Sea that measure up to 31.5% are as a result of the density of concentration of salt species on its surface. On the other hand, the pattern of fluctuation in temperature and salinity in the Arctic Ocean is complex (Lique et al., 2011). The flow of fresh water into the Arctic Ocean makes the surface water less saline, but the deeper ocean water becomes saltier and denser. Arctic Ocean has a halocline that lies between the bulk of the ocean and the lower salinity area. Here, an increase in depth causes rise in temperature and salinity hence fluctuations (Lique et al., 2011).

Jacobs, S. & Giulivi, C.. (2010). Large Multidecadal Salinity Trends near the Pacific- Antarctic Continental Margin. Journal of Climate, 23 (17), 4508-4511. Web.

Katz, A. & Starinsky, A. (2009). Geochemical History of the Dead Sea. Aquatic Geochemistry, 15 (1-2), 159-194. Web.

Lique, C., et al. (2011). Evolution of the Arctic Ocean Salinity, 2007-08: Contrast between the Canadian and the Eurasian Basins. Journal of Climate, 24 (6), 1705- 1717. Web.

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IvyPanda. (2020, May 26). The Dead Sea Geochemical History. https://ivypanda.com/essays/the-dead-sea-geochemical-history/

"The Dead Sea Geochemical History." IvyPanda , 26 May 2020, ivypanda.com/essays/the-dead-sea-geochemical-history/.

IvyPanda . (2020) 'The Dead Sea Geochemical History'. 26 May.

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IvyPanda . "The Dead Sea Geochemical History." May 26, 2020. https://ivypanda.com/essays/the-dead-sea-geochemical-history/.

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Today we feature the Dead Sea, situated between Israel and Jordan, and forming part of the border between the two countries. The Dead Sea is fed mainly by the Jordan River, which enters the lake from the north. Several smaller streams also enter the sea, chiefly from the east. The lake has no outlet, and the heavy inflow of fresh water is carried off solely by evaporation, which is rapid in the hot desert climate. Due to large-scale projects by Israel and Jordan to divert water from the Jordan River for irrigation and other water needs, the surface of the Dead Sea has been dropping dangerously for at least the past 50 years. Environmental groups, led by Friends of the Earth, launched a "Let the Dead Sea Live" campaign in 2001 to preserve the lake and its unique environmental qualities. In September 2002 Israel and Jordan agreed to construct a 320-km pipeline that would link the Dead Sea with the Gulf of Aqaba, to slow down the process of evaporation of the lake's waters. If the shrinkage is allowed to continue, it is likely that the Dead Sea might disappear altogether by 2050.

These images acquired by the Landsat 5 and 8 satellites both acquired in October have a time window of acquisition (before / after) of thirty years and aim to show the difference of the coasts of the Dead Sea from 1984 until today. In fact the two images show how the lake, especially on the south coast, has suffered a significant reduction in the amount of water over the past thirty years.

Another aim of these images is to promote the opportunity to download Landsat data through the ESA portals, where images captured every day are made available in near real time to the users and the scientific community.

Landsat full resolution data products are freely available for immediate download at:

  • LANDSAT-8 portal
  • LANDSAT 1-7 portal

Dead Sea 2014

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English Essay on “Dead Sea” Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

Dead Sea is the salt water lake; it is the only sea of the world that is located at earth’s lowest point, it is situated at 408 meter below sea level with a depth of 330 meter and having a surface level of 1,020 square kilometer. It is the world’s second largest salt water lake after Lake Assail. Dead Sea is 8.6 per cent more salty than the oceans. A man does not get drown in the Dead Sea and nor boating is possible in the Dead Sea. Because of its salty nature here the environment is harsh for animals and plants to flourish. The water of this lake is very good for our body; this water consists of 35 varieties of minerals like magnesium, calcium, bromine, sulphur and iodine. By taking bath with this water the skin gets softer and several diseases like headache, arthritis, eczema, body pain and stomach pain, etc. can be healed.

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Dead Sea Scrolls Sparknotes

The Dead Sea Scrolls were written in three languages of Scripture. According to an an online article written by Ed Stetzer titled, A Closer Look: The Significance of the Dead Sea Scrolls, of the 941 scrolls that were found in the Qumran caves, 240 are biblical scrolls and 701 are non-biblical scrolls. Of the 240 biblical scrolls, 235 are written in Hebrew, 5 in Greek and of the 701 non-biblical scrolls, 548 are written in Hebrew, 137 in Aramaic and 5 in Greek. Flint says, “this means that at least

  • 5 Works Cited

The Dead Sea Scrolls In 1947 in a cave near the Dead sea in the Jordan Desert, a fifteen year old boy chased after one of his goats that wandered off. This boy's name was Muhammad adh-Dhib. While going after his goat, the boy stumbled upon perhaps the greatest religious discovery of the modern era. Inside the cave, he found broken jars that contained scrolls written in a strange language, wrapped in linen cloth and leather. These scrolls would later become known as the Dead Sea Scrolls. This

Yahweh's The Dead Sea Scrolls

What makes The Dead Sea Scrolls such a powerful text? Why does it hold such importance and influence in regards to the present? The Dead Sea Scrolls not only gives in depth content to the Bible, but most importantly, the texts give a different perspective and insight into a civilization that thrived in the regions of Qumran before the age of the Christ. In the scrolls, grand aspiration to an ideal utopian empire are clearly and carefully written. The discovery of the scrolls exposed a blue print

Essay Dead Sea Scrolls

Dead Sea Scrolls The Dead Sea Scrolls are a group of 800-900 manuscripts found in caves at Qumran east of Jerusalem and north-west of the Dead Sea. The first scrolls were discovered in 1947 by a shepherd-boy who wandered into a cave after a stray goat. The texts are believed to have been hidden in eleven caves for safe-keeping prior to the destruction of Rome in A.D.70. The scrolls are a collection of biblical and non-biblical documents comprising of the Hebrew Bible, (every book except Esther);

Verification of the Dead Sea Scrolls

authenticity of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Professor Albright, “There is no doubt in my mind that the script is more archaic than that of the Nash papyrus (a very small portion of the Old Testament dated between the second century b.c. and first century a.d.)… I would prefer a date around 100 b.c.…” Inside the archaeological community and the general public, Albright received critical acclaim. Although, Professor Albright’s most noteworthy work was working with the Dead Sea Scrolls, it was his innovative

Dead Sea Scrolls Research Papers

The Dead Sea Scrolls In 1947 in a cave near the Dead sea in the Jordan Desert, a fifteen year old boy chased after one of his goats that wandered off. This boy's name was Muhammad adh-Dhib. While going after his goat, the boy stumbled upon perhaps the greatest religious discovery of the modern era. Inside the cave, he found broken jars that contained scrolls written in a strange language, wrapped in linen cloth and leather. These scrolls would later become known as the Dead Sea Scrolls. This first

Dead Sea Scrolls Research Paper

The Dead Sea Scrolls have been called the greatest archaeological find of the 20th century. One of the most intriguing manuscripts from Qumran is the Copper Scroll, a sort of ancient treasure map that lists dozens of gold and silver areas. While the other texts are written in ink on parchment or animal skins, this document features Hebrew and Greek letters chiseled onto metal sheets. In late 1946 or early 1947, Bedouin teenagers were tending their goats and sheep near the ancient settlement of Qumran

near the Dead Sea and, throwing a stone in, he heard the crash of breaking. In this cave, he found almost seven complete scrolls held in protective clay jars. Soon after, archeologists and opportunistic Bedouin were on the scene looking for more caves and more manuscripts. Over the next ten years, 11 caves were ultimately discovered containing over 900 different manuscripts. These manuscripts, mostly fragments, were taken from this area of Qumran and have become commonly known as The Dead Sea Scrolls

the significance of the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls and how this important archeological find validates the canonization process. Briefly mentioned particular books of the Bible included in this important, modern-day discovery. 2.2d The discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, found in the caves bordering the Dead Sea, in 1947 further validates the historical witness of biblical inspiration. Qumran is where most were found. I think the Dead Sea Scrolls are the oldest known copies of Bibilical

The Dead Sea Scrolls: The Book Of The Old Testament

Before the Dead Sea Scrolls discovery, the most ancient whole text was written in Hebrew. It was the Masoretic text from the 10th century. The oldest complete biblical text, on the other hand, was known as the Septuagint also. It was the Greek translation from the 4th century (One for Israel, 2018). The Dead Sea Scrolls revealed manuscripts of many books of the Old Testament that were more ancient than any manuscript ever known. It was written a thousand years earlier before the time of the New Testament

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The Dead Sea Essay Sample

The Dead Sea Essay Sample

essay about dead sea


The Dead Sea is located in the Middle East between Israel and Jordan. The Dead Sea is found in the Syro-African Rift. 4000 mile mistake line in the earths crust. That the lake is at its lowest point means that the H2O does non run out from the lake. The Dead Sea (Yam Hamelakh-The Salt Sea) is approximately 1300feet (400 metres) below sea degree. It is 34 stat mis (55km) long and varies between 11miles (18km) and 12 stat mis (3km) in breadth. The sea is 1400 pess (430m) deep. The dead sea is deep in the Jordan Valley and 55km sou’-east of Amman. The surface of the Dead Sea is over 1300feet below sea degree. The really underside of the sea in the deepest portion is over 2300feet below sea degree.

The Dead Sea has the most saline H2O on Earth. every bit much as 35 % of the H2O is dissolved in salts. Daily. 7million dozenss of H2O evaporates populating the minerals doing the salt content to raise. The Dead Sea is besides known by many names which are as follows. Bahr Lut. Easter Sea. Lake of Asphalt. Salt Sea. Sea of Sodom and Gomorrah. Seas of the Arabah. Sea of the Devil. and Sea of the Plain. Sea of Zoar. and Stinking Lake.

This alone Sea is fed by the Jordan River; there is no escape and the exceptionally high rate of vaporization (high temperatures and low humidness) produces big measures of natural chemicals. These are extracted and exported throughout the universe to be used in medical specialty. agribusiness. beauty merchandises and in industries. As its name suggests. the Dead Sea is devoid of life due to its high salt content and minerals which gives its Waterss the celebrated healing powers. curative qualities and its perkiness recognized since the yearss of Herod the Great 2000 old ages ago. Because the salt content in the Dead Sea is four times that of other oceans in the universe. one can drift even without seeking. The dead sea is landlocked so it gets saltier with increasing deepness. The surface fed by the River Jordan is the least saline. This makes swimming a truly alone experience. One can besides lean back in the Waterss and read a newspaper.

Scientific Knowledge Of The Dead Sea.

Scientifically. the Dead Sea has approximately 35 minerals in its Waterss which are used medically and for the taking attention of the tegument. Thee minerals include Magnesium. Ca. K. Bromine. Sulfur and Iodine. They are known for alleviating strivings caused by arthritis. rheumatism. psoriasis. eczema. concerns and pes achings while nurturing and softening the tegument. These minerals besides provide the natural stuffs renowned for he Jordanian Dead Sea Bath Salts and Cosmetic merchandises marketed universe broad.

There is no seaweed or any living animal that can be found in the Dead Sea. this is because of its saline province. Any sea animate being that is unfortunate to acquire its manner to the Dead Sea is normally really luckless since it will decease immediately and its organic structure coated with salt chapeau acts as a preservative. What can be seen at

the sore line of the Dead Sea is the white crystals of salt covering everything. This is non merely any ordinary tabular array salt but mineral salt that are besides found in other oceans around the universe. The mineral salts are really extremely concentrated as compared to the narrative salts. This is why no life thing can populate in the Dead Sea.

The concentration of the salt in the Dead Sea Waterss has been for a long clip been known for its medicative value. Aristotle. Queen of Sheba. King Solomon and Cleopatra were all familiar with this sort of H2O as a medical redress. Even the medical physicians of the modern-day universe prescribe the Waterss of the Dead Sea to their patients with skin complaints and besides to alleviate strivings.

Biblical Concept of the Dead Sea.

In the Bible. the Dead Sea is known as the”Salt Sea” or the “Sea of the Arabah”. This inland organic structure of H2O is named suitably harmonizing to its high mineral content which allows nil to populate in it. Other station Biblical names for the Dead Sea include the Sea of Sodom. the Sea of Lot. the Sea of Asphalt and the Stinking Sea. In the reformer period it was called the Devil’s Sea. All these names reflect something in the nature of the sea.

The Dead Sea unlike the Sea of Galilee in the North is non conspicuously having in the Biblical narrations. Its most of import issue that was featured about the Dead Sea was as a barrier. barricading traffic to Judah from the East. An progressing ground forces of Ammonites and Moabites seemingly crossed a shallow portion of the Dead Sea on their manner to assail King Jehoshaphat. His was documented in the Bible. 2 neodymium Histories chapter 20. Prophet Ezekiel prophesied that one twenty-four hours. the Dead Sea is traveling to be a fresh H2O Sea and fishermen will distribute their cyberspaces along the shore. These are the small information that we can acquire about the Dead Sea in the Biblical position.

Although sparsely populated and serenely quiet. the Dead Sea has a religious and historical bequest of its ain. It is believed to be the site of five Biblical metropoliss; Sodom. Gomorrah. Admah. Zebouin and Zoar.

The Dead Sea as a Tourist Attraction.

The Dead Sea is a celebrated finish for visitants. The visitants are able to drift in the H2O due its high concentration of salt which s the highest in all the H2O organic structures in the universe. The air is highly dry and the temperatures are high throughout the twelvemonth. This makes the Dead Sea to be a good tourer finish throughout the twelvemonth. be it during winter or during the summer.

Visitors besides go to see the Dead Sea for it curative value of its minerals and mud’s. These can be used by people enduring from diseases such as arthritis and rheumatism and besides skin complaints such as psoriasis and eczema. The minerals and claies are besides used as natural merchandises for beauty merchandises. Most of the visitants who get to

utilize the minerals of the Dead Sea in this sought of manner are normally adult females. They get to be smeared with clay which is considered to move positively for all skin types or the minerals that are used to do beauty merchandises such as facial merchandises or manus picks and foot picks.

The visitants besides go to see this country due to some Biblical narratives that they get to here about the Dead Sea. People want to travel see this country that that they get to read some narratives about from the Bible so as to be able to associate it good with what they read. As a tourer attractive force. the Dead Sea has managed in its past old ages to gat a batch of good reappraisals and it is hence considered as a must travel finish.

Historical Perspective Of The Dead Sea.

Many archaeological ruins are scattered I this country. Many historical runawaies such as Jesus. David. Judaic Zealots and Christian Monks. found peace and safety around the Dead Sea. The country is besides best known for its Biblical towns such as Sodom and Gomorrah. South of the sea. on the manner to Eilat. is a stone salt formation that tourers are told is Lot’s married woman. Harmonizing to the Bible. Lot’s married woman ignored God’s warning non to look back at the metropoliss that He was destructing and was turned into a pillar of salt. This is found in the book of Genesis 19:26.

The Sunset and the Dead Sea.

Sunset touches the distant hills with threads of fire across the sea conveying about a sense of unreality to climax a yearss visit to this part. The Dead Sea is usually unagitated with hardly a rippling upseting its surface; at times the Dead Sea can be disruptive. However. during most yearss. the H2O plaies under the whipping Sun. Where the stones meet the imbrication edges. it is normally covered with a white sedimentation that gives it a unusual and phantasmagoric expression that attracts a batch of people’s involvement because of its beauty.

The Economic Side of the Dead Sea.

The minerals that are excavated from the Dead Sea are normally used as natural stuffs for merchandises that are used in the watering place by most of the adult females. the merchandises that most adult females buy to utilize as beauty merchandises. Most of these merchandises that are used for such instances are normally really expensive. By the purchasing of these merchandises. the economic system of the country is normally increased conveying the ability of the country to utilize the fundss got from the sell of the merchandises for development.

The minerals and the history of the Dead Sea bring the high trials from people of all walks. This improves the economic system of the country since it is a outstanding tourer finish. When tourer chooses this country as a site to see. they pay a batch to acquire to see the Dead Sea and its environing countries. By making this. they economic system of the country is improved which helps the locals

in general.

Due to its popularity as a tourer finish. at that place has to be hotels around the Dead Sea where the tourers stay when they go to see the Middle East to see the Dead Sea. These hotels get a batch of visitants throughout the twelvemonth who come to see the Dead Sea and besides acquire medical interventions. By supplying the hotel services. the Middle East besides gets plentifulness of fundss from the visitants hence enabling the economic growing of the country.

The Dead Sea has some other economic factors that can assist the community that lives around it. An illustration is the Dead Sea plants. a company that converts the sea’s natural stuffs. peculiarly phosphates into commercial merchandises. This sort of company works with the natural stuff that is at its disposal for the improvement of the economic position of the community and non allowing it to travel to blow. The phosphate that the Dead Sea Works company extracts from the Dead Sea is largely used for agricultural maps. The phosphate is used to do fertiliser that is helpful to all the husbandmans locally and besides internationally. This brings forth the fundss needed by the local people when they sell their fertiliser and besides they can utilize the fertiliser for their farms and subsequently on sell their green goods which will besides bring forth an income to the locals.

The Dead Sea is a really valuable to the modern-day universe; this is because of its history. its minerals and all that comes with it. Peoples should seek their best to at least acquire a visit to see the Dead Sea and be able to see its good. This should besides be a taught in schools so that the kids should acquire to cognize about it and besides what an of import topographic point it is. The Dead Sea is shriveling. but we sure hope that it will non all together disappear. We do non hold to worry much about it though since there is a prophesy states that the Dead Sea is traveling to be a fresh H2O sea. since we have non yet experienced its turning into a fresh H2O lake. we know that it still has more old ages to be about.

All should seek the best they can to travel and see the Dead Sea; this will be a true dainty to all. Particularly the thought of being able to drift in H2O and besides the curative value of the H2O and the clay. This will certainly do the trip for all to retrieve. Though with all the good that the Waterss can make. we are all warned. if one has an unfastened lesion. they should non acquire into the H2O. Because of its high saline province. it will biting really much.

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