Dracula vs. Twilight Essay

dracula vs twilight essay

Dracula, The Mummy, By Bram Stoker

Mummy, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Dracula, all horrific images of the “Universal Monsters” created from the 1920s to the 1930s by Universal Studios. To the audience these monsters created panic and suspense that made leaving the lights on before bed a necessary precaution; they are what is seen as a true, scary, monstrous fiction. Many of these monsters did not begin their stories in cinema however; they began as novels. For Director Tod Browning’s 1931 Dracula, Bram Stoker is truly the mastermind

Essay on Dracula and the Modern Vampire

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teeth sharp; he’s Dracula, the original vampire. Bram Stoker’s famous novel Dracula, which was written in 1897, started the vampire craze that still lasts today. It has sparked numerous novels, movies, and songs across the world through the year, and its popularity is still growing. As times have changed, so have Dracula and his predecessors. Dracula is about Count Dracula meeting this human Jonathan Harker for business and Jonathan along with his friends learn that Count Dracula is a vampire. In

Comparing Sexuality In Stephanie Meyer And Twilight By Bram Stoker

vampire etiquettes, the novels Twilight by young adult author Stephanie Meyer and Dracula by 19th century gothic author Bram Stoker, both use of the matter of sexuality through characters actions and to help develop the good vs. evil based plot throughout the stories. Although there are no actual physical acts of sex done by the characters in either of the two novels, the lust and idea of sexuality is extremely present in the characters behaviors throughout both. In Twilight

Hollywood Vs. The History And Legends Of Vampires

Hollywood vs the History and legends of vampires. Has Hollywood represented the long and deep history of vampires in its motion pictures? Hollywood has turned how we view a demon blood sucking like creature into something so different in each of its approaches. Does Hollywood portray the way vampires appear in history? Or do they glamorize and exaggerate everything about them. It’s simple, you can break down the Hollywood vampire into three categories. The desirable vampire. That is beautiful, attractive

The Age Of The Vampire

The Age of the Vampire From Literature to Twilight, Vampires have been in the public eye for decades. The characteristics may change as will the looks but they have the same amount of popularity. It all started in 1897, the writings of Bram Stoker gave the world the story of Dracula. This story is considered the source material for all vampires to follow. Many of the characteristics laid out in Dracula can still be easily found in current vampire movies. Though there was never a “golden age” for

Bram Stoker's Influence On Dracula

In 1897, Bram Stoker took a risk in writing Dracula and become one of the most acclaimed and well-known authors in history. Stoker’s leap of faith help to lead to a whole new genre. Dracula was one of the first horror stories to ever be published. Another way that Stoker chose to be unique is the way that he wrote the stories in first-person journal entries which help the reader to better understand each character and their

A Tale Of Bram Stoker 's Dracula

socially in-tune creatures that they are now. The whole legend started from Bram stoker’s “Dracula”. Stoker had created a fictional character based on Vlad the Impaler or Vlad III. Who for several reasons was a perfect person to pick he was feared by many, was ruthless, killed his own, and got rid of all the sick and poor… burning them alive. ELI NIXON stated that “Historians put the deaths at the hands of Dracula at somewhere between 40,000 and 100,000”. And finally Vlad may not have sucked blood out

The Vampire Chronicles Vs. Twilight Saga

The Vampire Chronicles vs The Twilight Saga Do you prefer The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice or The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer? This question can lead into a huge argument due to the opinions of who answers the question. A person can guess the answer by the age of the people. The older generation would suggest The Vampire Chronicles because it tells the tale of the “true” vampires, such as the human blood suckers that only comes out at night. While the younger generation would

Portrayal Of Women In Dracula

Bram Stoker’s Dracula has been adapted into film version i.e Francis Coppola’s Dracula in 1992 which is claim as the faithful adaptation to its literary source. This film contains several scenes straight from novel; however in representing the main female character is differ. The portrayal of women in Dracula’s novel and Coppola has received a lot critical attention especially the main female character (Mina Murray). Thus, this ppresent research tries to reveal crucial differences in the portrayal

Social Representation Of Dracula

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figure with the publication of “Dracula” in 1897. The folklore of the vampire has come a long way since and can be found in today’s popular media more frequently than ever before. However, with due course of time, the representation of the creature has taken alternate routes and today’s vampires are noticeable different – socially and physically – from their predecessors. One effective path to trace this

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Compare And Contrast Dracula And Twilight's Vampire

Comparison of Dracula and Twilight’s vamps Characterisation of Dracula and Meyer’s vamps in these two books is entirely different. Through Stephanie Meyer 's novel vampires are illustrated as inhumanity attractive, powerful almost human creation. Her vampires have major advantages over Stocker 's they are described almost without any weaknesses. Despite of vamps ' reputation they can consume garlic and drink animal blood which is enough for survival, cannot transform into a bat or wolf but some of them have special talents as reading in others minds (Edward), steering emotions (Jasper) or see the future (Alice). Also they do not sleep in the coffin or burn in the sunlight. 'Twilight ' blood suckers do not sleep, in the sunlight they shine like diamonds. These characters seem to be normal forever young teens with bizarre feeding habits. In the same time Dracula is presented with some super powers as hypnosis, telepathy, shape shifting (when he changed into a wolf) and super strength. In the opposite to the ‘Twilight’ vamps Dracula has more then call of blood problems, he is sensitive to garlic, holy water, stakes and crucifixes. Also he is not able to stay alive over the sunny day because of the light which can …show more content…

Doubtless he created a model for the classical vampire which was developed by the ages. In 21st century Stephanie Meyer composed a romantic book using modificated vamp creatures. Mixture of classical personality of the villain and born in her dream figures of perfection. Described earlier differences present how vampires changed during time. In spite of all I cannot deny both ‘Dracula’ and ‘Twilight’ turned out to be World phenomenon. Why? They have some similar features as sucking blood, super-strength, or powers but they are not connected by any different kind of appearance or character. Why both became phenomenon as many heads, so many

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Argumentative Essay On Dracula

Vampires are a classic and incredibly versatile kind of monster across all kinds of media, certainly not just limited to videogames. A big part of that undoubtedly stems from how many cultures around the world have variations on the vampire present in their folklore – usually in the form of some sort of otherworldly something that swoops in and saps the life force of humans and/or animals before slipping off into the night when they've finished. Sometimes these beings are little more than monstrous animals, sometimes they're overdramatic goth fashion plates, and sometimes they're just regular people who like to chill out with a bloody mary every now and then. You can find a pretty diverse range of vampires in games of course. Maybe too diverse,

How Is Dracula A Hero

“From her throat trickled a thin stream of blood. Her eyes were mad with terror. “ As it is described in this scene from Dracula, the vampire was a monster spreading fear and terror, which is why he was celebrated as one of the most popular horror figures in the 20th century. His bite caused his victims to fall into decline until they died and while he afflicted them at night in their sleep, he had to rest in his coffin in the daytime. But considering the latest horror movies, the vampire is replaced by aliens, zombies, ghosts and even clowns, which are dominating the horror genre right now.

Desire In Bram Stoker's Dracula

The horror genre of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, combined with mild eroticism is able to draw in readers due to the fact that Stoker is able to intricately weave suspenseful sexual scenes/scenes of desire throughout the novel—making it clear that

Comparing Dracula And Sexuality In Idrakula By Bekka Black

The novel containing the most famous vampire that has ever existed is a product of its time. It contains elements of Victorian ideas on sexuality, the height of commercial and military expansion, Victorian medical practices, the struggle between science and religion, and the relationship between Bram Stoker and Henry Irving. Even though the classic story may be a part of its time the story of Dracula lives on even today because according to Thomas Foster a work “…that thinks about human problems, including those in the social and political realm, that addresses the rights of persons and the wrongs of those in power-…” (Foster, 117). In 2010, a modernized version of the classic tale called iDrakula by Bekka Black exists.

Summary Of Homosexuality In Bram Stoker's Dracula

The essay I chose to compare Dracula with was “Kiss Me With Those Red Lips: Gender and Inversion in Bram Stoker’s Dracula” by Christopher Craft. The essay explains the sexuality in Dracula, desire, gender, and even homosexuality. Craft mentions his essay gives an account of Stoker’s “vampire metaphor” (Craft 108). He highlights certain and very valid points in the story of Dracula that breaks the Victorian gender role, writing, “a pivotal anxiety of late Victorian culture.” (Craft 108).

Bram Stoker's Dracula

http://www.newworldencyclopedia.org/ is an informational website that provides insight on the history of Bram Stoker, a biography of his life, and an overview of some of the novels he has written. This article supplies crucial information into why Stoker wrote Dracula, the background of his work, and his life as a whole. “Bram Stoker” provides awareness about his journey of becoming a successful author and how his novel Dracula influenced different writers. Frank Kaufmann is the editor-in-chief and project leader of New World Encyclopedia. Dr. Kaufmann completed his doctoral studies at Vanderbilt University’s Graduate Department of Religion.

Comparing Carmilla And Bram Stoker's Dracula And Dracula

The first mention of vampires in literature seeped through from European folklore. In the mid-1700s, a vampire panic swept the Serbian countryside. Victims reported being visited in the night by their recently deceased relatives or neighbors, who throttled the life from them. Those struck by these visions died within days. When panicked townspeople exhumed the offending corpses, they found "tell-tale" signs of vampirism: hair and nails that continued to grow after death, blood in the mouth, a lack of decomposition.

Use Of Myths In Bram Stoker's Dracula

A myth is a false belief or idea. It is usually held within an old traditional story or it is a way to explain a natural or social phenomenon, typically involving supernatural creatures or events. Myths are stories of transformation. Many people are surprised to learn that ancient myth was often at least as violent, if not more so, than the mayhem of our modern fantasies. For example, The Godfather, and its companion, Godfather II, have been justly praised for excellence in such technical matters as acting and direction; their popularity is enhanced by less pleasant preoccupations: a lust for violence accentuated in recent years; an obsession with the details of organized crime; a cynical belief that only small distinctions separate lawless behavior from ordinary business practice.

Morality And Morality In Dracula

During the Victorian period in which Dracula was written, morals and ethics were often strictly enforced. Some of the morals that were upheld had to do with personal duty, hard work, honesty, as well as sexual proprietary. It was very important during this period that one was proper in their sexual behaviors and conventional in whom they had sexual relations with. However, during this period, many authors sought to challenge the ‘norm’ with ideas of reform and change and Bram Stoker was no exception to this. In his novel, Dracula, Stoker provides a critique of this rigidity in his portrayal of Dracula and Dracula’s relationship with Jonathan Harker.

The Importance Of Dracula In Stoker's Dracula

Gothic horror novel Dracula, the title character makes only several relatively short appearances, some of which are while in disguise. Throughout the novel, Stoker keeps Count Dracula in the shadows, both literally and figuratively. This essay will describe these appearances and analyze Stoker’s use of them to determine what effect they might have on the impression of the character and the novel overall. It will be claimed that by keeping his title character hidden for much of the novel, Stoker’s Dracula is made much more frightening to the reader. Human beings tend to fear the unknown, and by leaving Dracula to the imagination,

Science And Religion In Bram Stoker's Dracula

Try to think of a very famous vampire. Chances are the first vampire anyone would think of is some version of Dracula. This famous vampire was originally conceived in the mind of Bram Stoker in his novel Dracula, published in 1897. In Bram Stoker’s famous novel Dracula, many elements of the Victorian Era and his own life are prevalent such as the Victorians’ ideas of sexuality, the struggle between science and religion and the time period being the height of jingoism or extreme patriotism, commercial and military expansion, and the time period’s medical practices. Also, the novel contains an element of Stoker’s personal life-his relationship with his good friend Henry

Renfield In Bram Stoker's Dracula

Also, when the three female vampires appear before Jonathan, he characterizes them to have “dark, piercing eyes” and “ruby [red]” lips, which conveys that they are also among the evil in Dracula (Stoker

Vampire And Vampire Similarities

From the award winning Twilight series to T.V shows such as Vampire Diaries, and True Blood, Vampires have become a nationwide phenomenon, but how do they compare to Bram Stokers Dracula? Dracula was written in 1897, it became very popular back then, and later became a renowned classic. Vampires nowadays are very differentially portrayed then vampires back then. There are a lot of differences but there are similarities such as how the presence of blood effects them. They have some of the same supernatural powers, and also have different ones.

Dracula Movie And Book Comparison

The four pieces of literature to be compared in this comparison are Dracula by Bram Stoker, Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992) by Francis Ford Coppola, Nosferatu (1922) by F.W. Murnau, and Dracula (1931) by Tod Browning. In these works of fiction, there are answers to what it would have felt like to be a vampire, what it would have felt like to have a vampire in one’s life,

Analysis Of Dracula By Bram Stoker

The main inspiration for Mr.Stoker spark for writing Dracula was and essay written by Emily Gerald called “Transylvania Superstitions” witch had a lot of myths about vampires. After Bram Stoker had his ideas and mind set of what he wanted to write Bram Stoker had went on a 7 year crash course researching, taking notes, and reading about vampires and their mysterious ways. Now Bram Stoker had to name this ultra super powerful vampire so he came up with the name Dracula. The name Dracula had came from Vlad III Dracula or his other name “Vlad The Impaler.” Vlad the Impaler was the commander of Wallachia military for three separate terms from 1448 until his death in

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compare dracula and twilight

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makingnewmoviesandtelevisionshowsTwoofthemostpopularvampiremoviesoutareDraculaandthe Twilightseries.Everymoviehastheresimilaritiesanddifferencewhenitcomestotheirlooks,certainpowersthey have,andthetypesofemotionstheyfeel"Yourskinispalewhite,andicecoldYoureyeschangecolorand sometimesyouspeaklike-likeyou'refromadifferenttime."InthemovieTwilight,oneofthemainstarsofthe movieisEdwardCullen,avampirethateveryonefalls...


Mummy,CreaturefromtheBlackLagoon,Dracula,allhorrificimagesofthe"UniversalMonsters"createdfrom the1920stothe1930sbyUniversalStudios.Totheaudiencethesemonsterscreatedpanicandsuspensethatmade leavingthelightsonbeforebedanecessaryprecaution;theyarewhatisseenasatrue,scary,monstrousfiction Manyofthesemonstersdidnotbegintheirstoriesincinemahowever;theybeganasnovels.ForDirectorTod Browning's1931Dracula,BramStokeristrulythemastermind


InthisnovelDracula'sinteractionwithotherhumansisnotgreatbecausehenevergoesoutofhiscastleunlesshe hasanevilplanagainstsomeone.Draculahasbeendescribedinmanywaysasayoungmanorevenasanold grumpymanInthisbook,BramStokerdescribedDraculabystating,"Within,stoodallman,cleanshavensave foralongwhitemoustache,andcladinblackfromheadtofoot,withoutasinglespeckofcolourabouthim anywhere"Hedescribed


Draculahasbeendescribedinmanywaysasayoungmanorevenasanoldgrumpyman.Inthisbook,Bram StokerdescribedDraculabystating,"Within,stoodallman,cleanshavensaveforalongwhitemoustache,and cladinblackfromheadtofoot,withoutasinglespeckofcolourabouthimanywhere".Hedescribed...


unknowingsuspectssearchingforbloodisjustaspopulartodayasitwascenturiesagoWhileculturesallacross theglobehavedifferentvariationsonthevampirefolklore,theyallshareonethingincommon,theneedforblood. BramStoker's"Dracula"wasoriginallypublishedin1897andfromthenon,themaincharactersettheparadigm forthefictionalvampirestofollowVampirefictioncontinuesprogressingandbewitchingreadersdespitethe storiesbeingtakenfromanexpansivefolkloric...


characterthanhehadbeenineitherfolkloreorliterature"(Senf,pg3)AlthoughLordByronmightnothave shownsympatheticemotions,weseehimastheherobecausehetriestoresolvetheconflictsthathavearose throughoutthestoryThemovieTwilightdoesthisevenmorebymakingEdwardfighthissuperiorsforagirlhe hasfeelingsfor.Lastlywehavenoticedthatthevampireinmoviesoftenstartstohavefeelingsforagirlthathas becomemorethansexualattentionTheLilithfromStu

In2008,Twilightdebutedintheatersacrossthecountyrackinginawhopping$69,637,740injustthefirst weekendalone(imdb,2008).DirectedbyCatherineHardwicke,Twilightisamoviebasedonthefirstinaseries offourbest-sellingnovelsbyStephenieMeyerThemoviesmainfocusisonateenagegirlnamedBella(Kristen Stewart)whomovesfromPhoenix,ArizonatothetownofForks,WashingtontolivewithherfatherCharlie(Billy Burke)Onthefirstdayofschool,shemeetsEdward(Robert

insidetheirhome.However,theCullensarenotrepresentativeofallvampiresinTwilight,whichareagroupas diverseashumans.Bothhavetheabilitytoberighteousorvile,asthegroupofyoungmenwhofollowsBellain PortAngelesillustratesWhethertheywanttobegovernedbytheirthirstofbloodisadecision,andinadirect comparisonEdwardismuchmoreincontrolofhisurgesthanBella.InTwilight,vampirismdoesnotequalgreed, itisratherportrayedasasuperiorstageofhumanity


figurewiththepublicationof"Dracula"in1897.Thefolkloreofthevampirehascomealongwaysinceandcan befoundintoday'spopularmediamorefrequentlythaneverbeforeHowever,withduecourseoftime,the representationofthecreaturehastakenalternateroutesandtoday'svampiresarenoticeabledifferent–sociallyand physically–fromtheirpredecessors.Oneeffectivepathtotracethis...


researchbecauseitaddressesthevampireasaromanticcharacterwhichwomendesireanditgoesbacktomy argumentthatthevampireisthenewPrinceCharming.Mutch,Deborah."ComingOutOfTheCoffin:The VampireAndTransnationalismInTheTwilightAndSookieStackhouseSeries"CriticalSurvey232(2011):7590.AcademicSearchComplete.Web.17Nov.2012.Thisarticlesaysthatthemodernvampiregenrereflects currentissuesinsocietypost9/11Itexplainshowthevampiregenrerelates


DraculabyBramStokeristheoriginalvampirebook,theonethatstarteditall.Fromitderivedthenowsobeloved andfamousteen-romancevampiregenre,withnovelslikeTwilight.However,Draculaisnotremotelylikethe sparkle-in-the-sunlight,falling-in-love-with-mortalsvampireanymorethanHarryPotterisliketheWickedWitch oftheWest.DraculaisagothichorrornovelsetinTransylvaniaandEnglandduringtheVictorianEra.Letters, diaryentries,andnewspaperclippingsfromtheviewpoint


DraculabyBramStoker,istheoriginalvampirebook,theonethatstarteditall.Fromitderivedthenowso belovedandfamousteen-romancevampiregenre,withnovelslikeTwilightHowever,Draculaisnotremotely likethesparkle-in-the-sunlight,falling-in-love-with-mortalsvampireanymorethanHarryPotterislikethe WickedWitchoftheWest.DraculaisagothichorrornovelsetinTransylvaniaandEnglandduringtheVictorian EraThestoryistoldinletters,diaryentries,andnewspaper

MostpeoplewonderwheretheideaofvampirescamefromandhowdidthefirstonecomeaboutThenovel, Dracula,startsandwaswrittenin,thenineteenthcenturyduringtheVictorianeraTheVictorianpeoplehad certainbeliefsaboutChristianityandtherolesofmenandwomeninsociety.Womenwereallowedonlytodo certainthingsandwereexpectedtodospecificthingsinregardstomenTheVictorianpeoplealsohadtheirown interpretationofsuperstitions.StokerintroducedtheVictorian...


Vampires:HowTheyWereMadeMostpeoplewonderwheretheideaofvampirescamefromandhowdidthe firstonecomeabout.Thenovel,Dracula,issetandwritteninthenineteenthcenturyduringtheVictorianera.The VictorianpeoplehadcertainbeliefsaboutChristianityandtherolesofmenandwomeninsocietyWomenwere allowedonlytodocertainthingsandwereexpectedtodospecificthingsinregardstomenTheVictorianpeople alsohadtheirowninterpretationofsuperstitions.Stoker...


BramStoker'sDraculahasbeenadaptedintofilmversionieFrancisCoppola'sDraculain1992whichisclaimas thefaithfuladaptationtoitsliterarysource.Thisfilmcontainsseveralscenesstraightfromnovel;howeverin representingthemainfemalecharacterisdifferTheportrayalofwomeninDracula'snovelandCoppolahas receivedalotcriticalattentionespeciallythemainfemalecharacter(MinaMurray).Thus,thisppresentresearch triestorevealcrucialdifferencesintheportrayal...


RebeccaHollandVisualAnthropologyDraculaandFriends-LiteraryOrigins,CulturalRelevance,and DocumentaryTechniquesintheCinematicSpaceoftheAmericanVampireFilmBeginningwithadebutin Americancinemain1927(1),thevampirehasenjoyedalongandillustriouscinematicsojournthathastrackeda numberofchangesinhisorherappearance,demeanor,personality,styleofundeath,andrelationshipto humankindAtfirstanintimateinvader,thenasourceofterrortobeloathed TwilightEssay

TheMythoftheVampireinTwilightThemythofthevampireexistedinamultitudeofcivilizationsandcultures undervariousnamessuchisstrigoi(fortheRomanianterritory),Apotamkin,etcButnomatterthename, vampireswillalwaysrefertogothiccreaturesthatdrainthebloodofhumans,thusbeingmonstrous.Thefirst writertointroducethevampireinliteraturewasLordByronintheeighteenthcentury,butthemostsignificant writertodevelopthemythwasBramStoker.Heisthe...


HayleeMooneyhamEnglish1010099October3,2016Mrs.MillerProject1:Compare/ContrastBloodSucking RomeoWithHalloweenbeingrightaroundthecorner,childrenarepreparingforABC's"ThirteenNightsof Halloween,"parentsarepickinguppumpkinstocelebratetheCelticholiday,andtheurgeforagoodhorrorstory isemergingThemonster,suchasvampiresorzombies,istakingthespotlightandit'shardtoignoreFromDante's InfernotoMaryShelley'sFrankenstein,beingfrightenedhas...


thoughtheevilisverystrongThisthemeslowlyandsteadilygathersmomentumuntilitbecomesclearerinthe end.InDracula,BramStokeremphasizeshowasthedaylightends,thehorrorbegins,forfromthedepthsofthe swirlingmist,he(Dracula)appears,hispointedteethgleamingasheedgestowardshisvictimsThisisCount DraculatheKingoftheUn-dead-thedreadedvampire....


Themostfamousvampirehowever,isBramStoker's"Dracula",antagonistoftheeponymousnovelthatwasfirst publishedintheyear1897.SinceitspopularityinVictorianGothicliterature,theversatilecreaturehasneverlost itspositionasoneofthemostusedmonstersinfiction,notonlyrestricted...


Theproblemorquestionofwhatitmeanstobedamnedisdifficulttounderstandatthebestoftimes,itishowever allthemoredifficultwhenthesubjectinquestionisavampire.HowdoesavampirethathasdevelopedGod-like powersandwhoseonlywaytosurviveistotakehumanlife,redeemthemselvesintheeyesofGod?Thisisnot reallyanissueforLestat;asforthemajorityoftheVampireChronicleshebelieveshimselftobeaformofGod. WitheverylifethatLestattakesheiscommitting

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The Horror of Dracula: Twilight and the 21st-Century Vampire

by Megen de Bruin-Molé

This thesis compares the Gothic qualities manifest in the Count from Bram Stoker's "Dracula" with those of Edward Cullen of the "Twilight" series, as well as other 21st-century vampires. It utilizes concepts from both traditional and contemporary Gothic, and seeks to exemplify the ways in which contemporary vampires, while being superficially Gothic characters, now lack the element of horror and transgression with which they had previously been associated.

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Svitlana (Lana) Krys

2016, H-Russia, H-Net Reviews

With Andrew Malmquist. Review of Isabel Ermida, editor. Dracula and the Gothic in Literature, Pop Culture and the Arts.

Olivier Harenda

2016, Old Masters in New Interpretations : Readings in Literature and Visual Culture

The article examines how the figure of Dracula became the driving force of changes within the Gothic convention of the 20th century, how exactly the character became re-invented throughout the decades in the field of cinema, and what influences these transformations have on the present culture. The paper focuses on the origins of the Dracula novel and its main antagonist by presenting the major traditional and literary influences which led to the creation of the titular villain. Next, the character is juxtaposed with its Gothic predecessors along with the imaginings of vampires in local folklore beliefs. Finally, the article presents cinematic trends of adapting the vampire figure for the silver screen. The comparative analysis aims to show that 1) the character of Dracula derives from the classical canon of the Gothic fiction and 2) his uniqueness and embodiment of all stereotypical traits has a major influence on the creation and re-invention of vampires in modern popular culture.

Bram Stoker's Dracula : The Master of Terror and His Impact on Popular Culture

Shradha Kabra

Vampire in Transition: Tracing the Genealogy of Vampire Films with Reference to Dracula, Lestat and Edward Cullen

Norbert Spehner


Jonathan Elmore

2021, British Fantasy Society Journal

Bram Stoker's Dracula: A Handbook for Understanding the Inexplicable

Cecilia Lasa

2018, Palgrave Communications

The vampirisation of the novel: narrative crises in Dracula

Dejan Kuzmanovic

2009, Victorian Literature and Culture


John Edgar Browning

"Where to Buy: http://www.amazon.com/Draculas-Vampires-Other-Undead-Forms/dp/081086696X/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1240898693&sr=1-2 DESCRIPTION Since the publication of Dracula in 1897, Bram Stoker's original creation has been a source of inspiration for artists, writers, and filmmakers. From Universal's early black-and-white films and Hammer's Technicolor representations that followed, iterations of Dracula have been cemented in mainstream cinema. This anthology investigates and explores the far larger body of work coming from sources beyond mainstream cinema reinventing Dracula. Draculas, Vampires and Other Undead Forms assembles provocative essays that examine Dracula films and their movement across borders of nationality, sexuality, ethnicity, gender, and genre since the 1920s. The essays analyze the complexity Dracula embodies outside the conventional landscape of films with which the vampire is typically associated. Focusing on Dracula and Dracula-type characters in film, anime, and literature from predominantly non-Anglo markets, this anthology offers unique perspectives that seek to ground depictions and experiences of Dracula within a larger political, historical, and cultural framework. TABLE OF CONTENTS Foreword David J. Skal v Acknowledgments vii Introduction: Documenting Dracula and Global Identities in Film, Literature, and Anime John Edgar Browning Caroline Joan (Kay) Picart ix Part I Tackling Race, Gender, and Modes of Narration in America 1 Manly P. Hall, Dracula (1931), and the Complexities of the Classic Horror Film Sequel Gary D. Rhodes 3 2 The Dracula and the Blacula (1972) Cultural Revolution Paul R. Lehman John Edgar Browning 19 3 The Compulsions of Real/Reel Serial Killers and Vampires: Toward a Gothic Criminology Caroline Joan (Kay) Picart Cecil Greek 37 4 Blood, Lust, and the Fe/Male Narrative in Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992) and the Novel (1897) Lisa Nystrom 63 5 The Borg as Vampire in Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987-1994) and Start Trek: First Contact (1996): An Uncanny Reflection Justin Everett 77 6 When Women Kill: Undead Imagery in the Cinematic Portrait of Aileen Wuornos Caroline Joan (Kay) Picart Cecil Greek 93 Part II Working through Change and Xenophobia in Europe 7 Return Ticket to Transylvania: Relations between Historical Reality and Vampire Fiction Santiago Lucendo 115 8 Racism and the Vampire: The Anti-Slavic Premise of Bram Stoker's Dracula (1897) Jimmie Cain 127 9 The Greateful Un-Dead: Count Dracula and the Transnational Counterculture in Dracula A.D. 1972 (1972) Paul Newland 135 10 Nosferatu the Vampyre (1979) as a Legacy of Romanticism Martina G. L&uumlet;ke 153 Part III Imperialism, Hybridity, and Cross-Cultural Fertilization in Asia 11 "Death and the Maiden": The Pontianak as Excess in Malay Popular Culture Andrew Hock-Soon Ng 167 12 Becoming-Death: The Lollywood Gothicof Khwaja Sarfraz's Zinda Laash (Dracula in Pakistan [US title], 1967) Sean Moreland Summer Pervez begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting 187 13 Modernity as Crisis: Goeng Si and Vampires in Hong Kong Cinema Dale Hudson 203 14 Enter the Dracula: The Silent Screams and Cultural Crossroads of Japanese and Hong Kong Cinema Wayne Stein 235 15 Identity Crisis: Imperialist Vampires in Japan? Nicholas Schlegel 261 16 The Western Eastern: Decoding Hybridity and CyberZen Goth(ic) in Vampire Hunter D (1985) Wayne Stein John Edgar Browning 279 Index 295 About the Editors and Contributors 311"

DRACULAS, VAMPIRES, AND OTHER UNDEAD FORMS: Essays on Gender, Race, and Culture (Scarecrow Press, 2009)

focusing on the evolution and comparison of the vampires in Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1897) and Stepheine Meyer’s Twilight (2005) and their relationships between other characters



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Dracula Compare And Contrast Essay

Dracula Compare and Contrast Essay Over the years people have given new out looks on the original vampire, Dracula. He was a tall non-attractive looking man who would never come out during the day. Hollywood however has made new vampire stories such as Twilight, True Blood, and The Vampire Diaries/The Originals that have new ideas of a vampire. These novels/books all have differences, but some still have key characteristics of the original vampire. Similar to Dracula, Twilight’s vampires have many of the same characteristics. The vampires in Dracula and Twilight both are very pale. People in both books often mention how pale the vampires are. Along with pale skin their skin is usually very tough. This meaning that it is very strong and does …show more content…

First a major difference is sunlight does not affect the vampires in Twilight. The only thing the sun does to them is making them glow like glitter is on them. In Dracula the vampires are very weak when they get into the sun. Next big difference that you usually do not see in vampires is in Twilight they show up in pictures and mirrors. In Dracula it is shown when Jonathan was shaving that Dracula could not be seen in the mirror (29-30). The final difference between Dracula and Twilight is Holy items do not harm the vampires in Twilight. In Dracula however the items either burn the vampires, they just do not go near them. They usually just try to find an alternate solution around the object. This is shown when Draula used the wolf from the zoo to break the window open to get inside to suck on Lucy’s blood …show more content…

In the book Dracula the vampires would be killed by a stake to the heart, and then the removal of the head (411-12). In The Vampire Diaries however there was many ways to kill them. For example you could use a stake to kill them, but it would have to be a White Oak ash dagger or stake. Also instead of the decapitation you could also burn then to ash. However the easiest thing for the vampires to die from was a werewolf bite. To the vampires the werewolf bite was like a poison to them. Next in The Vampire Diaries they had some vampires called the originals. These vampires are the oldest, and they were the first to ever walk the earth. So if one of the originals were killed then everyone that they turned would also die along with them. This is because there blood has the DNA of the original. Finally we do not truly know how Dracula was created he was the very first vampire. Then over the many years he was alive he made new vampires by feeding off people. In The Vampire Diaries however we do know how they were created. A witch created the vampires in The Vampire Diaries. She later regretted the creation she made, and wanted to undo what she had already

In this essay, the author

  • Compares dracula with other vampire stories, such as twilight, true blood, and the vampire diaries/the originals.
  • Compares dracula and twilight's vampires. both are very pale, and their skin is tough.
  • Compares dracula and twilight's vampires, stating that sunlight does not affect them, and that holy items do not harm them.
  • Compares true blood and dracula in that the older vampires are in charge and the younger ones listen to what they have to say.
  • Compares dracula and true blood and explains the differences between the two.
  • Compares the vampire diaries/the originals to dracula. the vampires are immortal, but if they do not feed on humans, they become weak.
  • Explains that the vampires in the vampire diaries have more differences than similarities. in the book dracula, they would be killed by a stake to the heart, and then the removal of the head.
  • Opines that hollywood has made some vampire stories very different from the original, dracula. true blood, twilight, and other stories where vampires can walk in the sun without being harmed.

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Superstition And Entertainment Media In Dracula By Bram Stoker's Dracula

Vampires have been a successful and popular form of superstition and entertainment for centuries. The vampire legend began in Eastern Europe, although many forms have existed in several cultures all over the world. Bram Stoker’s Dracula was the first

Foreshadowing, Mood, Mythical Parallels, and Narrative Elements in Dracula

In the novel Dracula, by Bram Stoker, there is much evidence of foreshadowing and parallels to other myths.  Dracula was not the first story featuring a vampire myth, nor was it the last.  Some would even argue that it was not the best.  However, it was the most original, using foreshadowing and mood to create horrific imagery, mythical parallels to draw upon a source of superstition, and original narrative elements that make this story unique.

Vlad III Dracula And Dracul Vlad The Impaler

Bram Stoker’s Dracula has increased the number of vampires in media exponentially, partly because of one man: Vlad the Impaler. He, as well as other various sources, led to what is known as the vampire today.

Comparison of Dracula and Bram Stoker's Dracula

Comparing the 1931 version of Dracula, starring Bela Lugosi, with Frances Ford Coppola's Bram Stoker's Dracula 1993 version yields some similarities. Both films are of the same genre: Horror. Both films are set around the same time period. Also, both deal with a vampire coming to England and causing disruptions in people's lives. Beyond these few similarities are numerous contrasts.

Dracula Movie And Movie Comparison Essay

He is an undead centuries-old vampire who sleeps in a coffin in the basement, can assume the form of animals, control the weather and is stronger than twenty men, he cannot come into a house unless invited, he cannot walk in water and his favorite meal is human blood, which these traits are consistent with his portrayal in both the novel and the movie (Stoker). Although the novel and movie share many likenesses with Count Dracula’s character there are some unique qualities that are slightly different the book describes a shadow coordinated with Count Dracula’s body while in the movie his shadow works separately from his body movements (“Dracula (Universal Classics)”). Another feature of Count Dracula’s character in the novel is that he cannot be in or near the sunlight or it will kill him, but in the movie, he meets Mina in the daytime and it does not harm him (Bram Stoker’s). Nevertheless, in the book Dracula is a pure evil, terrifying blood hungry monster that wreaks havoc on anyone he meets and feels the need to take life or end life with his arch nemesis being with anyone who wants to preserve life (Stoker). But in the movie when he meets Mina on the streets of London, he pursues her, starts a courtship with Mina and he falls in love with her so when he

Otherness in Charalaine Harri’s Novel, Dead Until Dark

Since Bram Stroker published his horror novel Dracula in 1897, vampire stories have become popular. His novel is considered to be the main influence on writing vampire stories. Vampires are usual described as notorious creatures of the night that attack humans and drink their blood, and people fear and abhor them, connect them with Satan. Charaline Harris’s modified her vampires and made them live together with humans; the fear and the notorious reputation started to blush, “Ever since vampires came out of the coffin (as they laughingly put it) four years ago, I'd hoped one would come to Bon Temps” (Harris 1). They have rights, pay taxes, can own a bar (Eric, owner of Fangtasia), they want to be equally treated as humans and they do not have to drink human blood because the Japanese developed synthetic blood, although “I'd always heard that the synthetic blood the Japanese had developed kept vampires up to par as far as nutrition, but didn't really satisfy their hunger, which was why there were "Unfortunate Incidents" from time to time. “(Harris 3). Harris’s vampires could be seen as 21st century vampires, they have the abilities to glamor people, heal them with their blood, are fast “He made a vampire entrance; one minute he wasn't there, and the next he was, standing at the bottom of the steps and looking up at me.”(Harris 25) and they can be infected with Sino-AIDS if they feed from an infected human “but it left the undead very weak for nearly a month, during which time it was comparatively easy to catch and stake the...

Compare Dracula And Dracula

Similar to Dracula, Twilight’s vampires have many of the same characteristics. The vampires in Dracula and Twilight both are very pale. People in both books often mention how pale the vampires are. Their skin is not only pale but it is also very thick and tough. This means that it is very strong and does not tear very often without

A Comparison Of Bram Stoker's Dracula And Dracula

From Transylvania to Hollywood, vampires have transformed from unfamiliar, mysterious personalities to one of the most dominant monsters in the horror genre today. Vampires are one of the oldest and most noted creatures in mythology, with many variations of them around the world. Although the most famous version is Bram Stoker’s Dracula, many variants have come before and after telling of the same legend with their own added ideas and modifications to relate to their cultures. Today, there is a multitude of literary and film works that convey and resurface peoples’ fear of vampires. As gothic works like Dracula, by Bram Stoker and Scooby-Doo! and the Legend of the Vampire directed by Scott Jeralds share certain traits reflective of the genre;

What Role Did Dracula Play In Modern Society?

While vampires have been feared by humankind for centuries, due to their immortality and power, these same traits have also proven to be causes for envy as well. Vampires have made their way through traditional folklore into mainstream society through both cinema and movies, and their traits have evolved with the times. Count Dracula made his first appearance in 1897, in Bram Stoker's, Dracula, and he had many up and coming supernatural bloodsuckers following and making slight changes along with the changing times of modern society. This evolution is so marked by the differences between Count Dracula and Anne Rice's, Lestat de Lioncourt of the Vampire Chronicles, which are most notably, their appearance, sexuality, and means of obtaining food.

Monsters in Literature

The vampire genre is one that is so widely exploited because anything can be done with it. It can be made into a horror story made to induce nightmares, into a story that displays humans can be just as monstrous as the monster, or into a romance that proves that love conquers all. The mystery and sensuality that shrouds vampires allows for a vampire story to be anything and everything the writer or reader desires.

The Most Famous Vampire: Dracula Written by Bram Stoker

Comparing the vampires’ eating habits, sleeping habits, reaction to sunlight and professions clearly shows that a couple of hundred years ago stories about vampires were intended to shock people. The vampires were monsters you could best stay away from. Nowadays stories about vampires still have a little shock effect but the vampires are portrayed as creatures with a large amount of human characteristics. Therefore the vampire has evolved from ferocious villain to a wanted lover.

The Banshee Misunderstandings

There are many variations to vampire weather modern or ancient. Some can turn into bats or wolves while others can’t. Some can be killed with holy water and sunlight while others can’t. Some cast a reflection while others don’t. Though there are many variations to the vampire all drink blood and can be killed in some

Compare Dracula And Twilight

The biggest difference is the fact that unlike in the earlier vampire tales, modern vampires are perceived as inhumanly attractive. Afterall, Dracula is described as a “tall old man, clean shaven save for a long white mustache, and clad in black from head to foot, without a single speck of color about him anywhere.” (Dracula, 42). Whereas in Twilight, “Everyone of them was chalky pale… They all had very dark eyes despite the range in their hair...were all, devastatingly, inhumanly beautiful.” (Twilight, 18-19). Another dissimilarity is that Dracula does not have a reflection. While Jonathan Harker may be unable to see the Count in his mirror, in Twilight, Edward shows up in pictures and has a reflection. Lastly, another major difference between the two kinds of vampires lies in their sleeping habits. Twilight vampires do not sleep in coffins, in fact, they do not sleep at all. But in Dracula, Jonathan discovers the count sleeping in a

Blood Out BLood In

Bram Stoker's Dracula incorporates blood in many ways, making it a big theme throughout the book. Blood is seen as very sacred and valuable to vampires, because it is their source of nutrition and it keeps their bodies immortal. The Holy Communion is similar to the way that Dracula uses blood since Dracula uses blood as a source of life. Dracula's form of acquiring blood is also seen as a sexual act that causes the purity of the one whose blood was being sucked, to be taken from them. The importance of your blood line can be seen through the many ways that everyone is treated in Dracula along with the class everyone was in. The importance of blood in Dracula can be seen through the many ways that blood is used throughout the book.

Sexuality And Sexualism In Dracula By Joseph Bram Stoker's Dracula

Over the centuries vampires have been creatures of mystique and intrigue to our society. They represent danger, death, lust, and allure. They are immortal, and often sexualized beyond the bounds of the puritanical values that still guard modern society. Due to these traits they are practically irresistible to the reader and have fascinated society for centuries. While vampirism can take on multiple forms, with each form possessing its own specific set of traits that allow it to successfully prey on the living, the official definition for a vampire in literature is: “The vampire as ghost or revenant; as monster or deformity; and as reanimated corpse, revenge-seeking emanation of the dead. (Huggan, 192) Early mythological vampires date back centuries

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