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Essay on Deforestation

List of essay on deforestation in english, essay on deforestation – essay 1 (150 words), essay on deforestation – essay 2 (250 words), essay on deforestation – essay 3 (300 words), essay on deforestation: causes and drawbacks – essay 4 (400 words), essay on deforestation: with causes and solution – essay 5 (500 words), essay on deforestation: introduction, impact, control and conclusion – essay 6 (650 words), essay on deforestation: causes and effects – essay 7 (750 words), essay on deforestation: with solution – essay 8 (1000 words).


Deforestation is the process of clearing trees and forest for other uses. Deforestation usually occurs due to city expansion. As habitats increase in cities, there is a need to create more space the for homes, organizations, and factories. This, however, has a damning effect on our environment.

Effect of Deforestation on the Environment:

Deforestation means fewer trees and more land. This has a serious adverse effect on our environment. On one hand, deforestation makes some animals homeless. Animals that survive in the forest might go extinct with less forest. On the other hand, deforestation is also the biggest cause of climate change around the world.

Preventing Deforestation:

Reducing or preventing deforestation is easier said than done. This is because trees are cut down because there is a pressing need to do so. Thus, to prevent deforestation we must try to reduce that need by making smarter choices in paper usage, city planning, migration, etc.


The essence of plant life in the forest is unquestionable. To ensure a greener environment we must all join the efforts in reducing deforestation.

Deforestation is definitely one of the most troubling of all problems which has plagued our environment. It is important more than ever to take care of the green cover or else it can jeopardize the existence of life on Earth. It is owing to the presence of green trees that we get the oxygen needed to breathe in.

However, because of excessive exploitation by humans, it has been seen that the trees are being cut down mercilessly. This act of cleaning the green cover is known as deforestation.

Educate people:

The best way to handle the problem of deforestation is by making sure that we educate the masses regarding the importance of green cover. When people understand as to how deforestation is leading to grave consequences, they will get the incentive to plant trees rather than uproot them.

Protect the Environment:

As we have continued to exploit the environment in a way that it is hard to get things back to normal, it is now important to immediately start protecting the environment. A lot of natural calamities are occurring these days because the ecosystem balance has been disturbed. Deforestation alone is responsible for a major amount of problems.

So, you need to understand as to how you can come up with ways to excite people about planting more trees and doing their bit for the sake of the environment. Think of your children and grand children. If we continue with our aggressive deforestation campaigns, they are not likely to have a healthy environment for survival. Is that what we really want?

Deforestation can be defined as the removal of trees and clearing of forests for the personal and commercial benefits of human beings. Deforestation has emerged as one of the biggest man-made disasters recently. Every year, more and more trees and vegetation are being erased just to fulfill the various needs of the human race.

Deforestation happens for many reasons. The growing population is one of them. Rising human population needs more area for residential purpose. For this, forests are either burned down or cut to make space for constructing homes and apartments.

Deforestation is also done for commercial purposes. This includes setting up of factories, industries, and towers, etc. The enormous requirements of feeding the human race also create a burden on the land. As a result, clearing land for agricultural purposes leads to deforestation.

Deforestation impacts our earth in several ways. Trees are natural air purifiers. They absorb the carbon dioxide from the air and release oxygen into the atmosphere. Deforestation results in uncontrolled air pollution. When there are fewer trees, there is lesser absorption of carbon dioxide and other pollutants.

Deforestation also disturbs the water cycle. Forests absorb the groundwater and release the water vapors to form clouds, which in turn cause rains. Roots of trees hold the soil intact and prevent floods. But when there are no trees, different kinds of natural calamities are bound to happen.

With deforestation, chances of floods, drought, global warming, and disturbed weather cycle all come into the play. Not only that, the disappearance of forests means the extinction of wild animals and plants, which are highly important parts of our ecosystem.

In order to curb these disasters, we must plant more trees. Restoration of existing vegetation is equally essential. Population control is another indirect method to save trees and forest areas.

Deforestation is the process of cutting down of trees and forests completely or partially for different reasons like manufacturing different products with various parts of the tree as raw material, to build structures and other buildings, etc. Deforestation in recent days has become the curse of our world that resulted in the destruction of nature and the environment.

Cause and Drawbacks:

Deforestation is mainly done for making better living assets for humans and this one side thought is the biggest drawback of this issue. Instead of doing only the cutting part humans should practice forestation along with deforestation. Whenever a tree or a forest is cut, another one should be planted at the same place or on other lands to promote the forestation.

Deforestation is the main cause for many natural deficiencies and the destruction of many animal, plant and bird species. If the practice of cutting down trees continues, then eventually even the world may get destructed along with the extinction of the human race.

It’s not like trees shouldn’t be used for any kind of production and urbanization or industrialization shouldn’t be done for the development, but the main factor is to compensate for every minus done. Through this, there will be a balancing between the reduction and plantation which will help, to an extent, in the rectification of problems faced by the world due to deforestation.

Deforestation has also affected the atmospheric air combination. The carbon content in the atmosphere has considerably increased over years due to many human activities like uncontrolled fuel combustion.

Forest has played a massive function of inhaling the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and exhaling oxygen during the daytime while they prepare food for themselves. This process is the reason for maintaining a balanced oxygen and carbon level in the atmosphere and that makes the life of us humans to breathe free.

Population growth is undeniably the major factor behind the increased deforestation level. The increased demand for more assets for better living has increased the need for deforestation as well. In such cases forestation should also be made as a follow-up process.

Controlling the overuse of assets can also help in reducing the deforestation rate. If humans start to use products that use a tree as raw material reasonably then it will help in avoiding deforestation as well. Deforestation not only is a life-threatening scenario for many animals and birds, but also the whole human species.

Deforestation refers to the elimination of plants and trees from a region. Deforestation also includes the clearing of jungles and plants from the region due to the numerous commercial motives.

Different Causes of Deforestation:

The below are the different causes of deforestation:

1. Overgrazing:

Overgrazing in jungles finishes recently renewed development. It makes the soil additional compact and invulnerable. The fertility of the soil also reduces owing to the devastation of organic substance. Overgrazing also results in the desertification and the soil erosion. Deforestation results in decreasing the overall soil’s productivity.

2. Shifting Cultivation:

Numerous agriculturalists destroy the jungle for farming and commercial motives and once productiveness of soil is shattered owing to recurrent harvesting, a fresh forest region is devastated. Hence, farmers must be recommended to utilize a similar area for agriculture and use some upgraded farming techniques and stop the deforestation.

3. Fuel Wood:

The maximum amount of forest is destroyed for the fuel wood. Around 86% of the fuel wood is utilized in rural regions in comparison to the 14% in urban parts and hence lead to more deforestation.

4. Forest Fires:

Recurrent fires in the forest regions are one of the major reasons of deforestation. Few incidents of fires are minor whereas the maximum of them are huge.

The industries related to the plywood and timber is mostly accountable for the deforestation. In fact, the huge demand for wooden things has resulted in the quick reduction of the forest.

6. Industry Establishment:

At times the industrial unit is constructed after deforestation. It means for a small achievement of few people, all other people have to bear a permanent loss. In this procedure, wild animals, valuable plant, and unusual birds get devastated. In fact, it adversely affects the quality of the environment.

7. Violation of Forest:

One more reason of deforestation is a violation by tribal on the land of forest for cultivation and other motives. Even though such type of land has a virtuous support for agriculture creation but still it creates environmental threats.

8. Forest Diseases:

Numerous diseases are instigated by rusts, parasitic fungi, nematodes and viruses that result in demise and deterioration of jungle. Fresh saplings are devastated owing to the occurrence of nematodes. Numerous diseases like blister rust, heart rot, and phloem necrosis, oak will, and Dutch elm, etc. destroy the jungle in large quantities.

9. Landslide:

The landslide lead to the deforestation in the mountains is a question of worry. It happened largely in the regions where growing actions are proceeding for the previous few years. The building of highways and railways mainly in hilly lands as well as the structure of large irrigation plans have resulted in enough deforestation and speeded the natural procedure of denudation.

Worldwide Solution for the Deforestation:

The jungle is an essential natural reserve for any nation and deforestation slow down a nation’s growth. To encounter the necessities of the growing population, simple resources might be attained only with the help of afforestation. It is actually the arrangement of implanting plants for food and food growth. Moreover, the nurseries have a significant part in increasing the coverage of the forest area.

Deforestation is the cutting down of trees. It is basically changing the use of land to a different purpose other than the planting of trees.

There are many reasons which have led to large levels of deforestation all over the world. One of the major causes is ever growing population of the world. With the growth in population, the need for more land to live has been rising. This has further led to cutting down of trees. Also, with modernisation, there has been a substantial increase in the requirement of land for setting up of industries. This has again contributed to deforestation.

Mining is another activity of humans which has led to large-scale deforestation in many areas. The need to build road and rail network in order to increase connectivity to the mines has led to cutting down of trees. This has altered the climatic conditions in these areas.

Deforestation has had a huge impact on the environment. Lack of trees has led to less release of water vapour in the air. This has, in turn, led to the alteration of rainfall patterns in different regions. India is a country which is dependent on monsoon rains for agriculture. Frequent droughts and floods caused due to deforestation have affected the lives of many in different parts of the country.

Moreover, trees absorb the carbon-dioxide from the air and help to purify it. Without trees around us, the presence of harmful gases in the air has been rising. This has also led to global warming which is again a major environmental concern. Also, the ever-rising pollution level, especially in many cities in India is due to vast deforestation only.

Additionally, trees bind the soil around them and prevent soil erosion. Deforestation has led to the soil being washed away with winds and rain, making the land unfit for agriculture. Also, trees and forests are the homes to different species of wildlife. With shrinking forests, several of the wildlife has become extinct as they were not able to cope with the changing conditions. Also, there have been increased man and wildlife conflicts in recent times as the animals are forced to venture in the cities in search of food. All these are severe effects of deforestation and need urgent attention by all.

The Perfect Example:

New Delhi is the capital of India. There was once a time when Delhi was a beautiful city. But with modernisation, increase in population, deforestation and mining in the nearby Aravalli hills, Delhi has been reduced to a gas chamber. Such is the impact the Delhi has become one of the most polluted cities in the world. What better example can be there to understand what deforestation has led us to?

There are many ways in which we can reduce deforestation. We must protect our forests. Moreover, we must mark adequate land for our farming needs. There are some laws already in place which prohibit people from unnecessary felling of trees. What needs to be done is the proper execution of the rules so that everyone abides by it. Also, stricter punishments need to be in place for violators so as to deter other people from disobeying the laws. Alternatively, people need to ensure that for every tree felled, equal numbers of trees are planted so that the balance of nature can be maintained. Summarily, it has to be a collective duty of all and just the governments alone, if we really need to reduce deforestation.

It is true that we all need space to live. With the ever-growing population and urbanisation, there has been more than ever need to cut trees and make space. However, we must realise that it is not possible for us to live without having trees around us. Trees bring so many benefits such as giving us oxygen, utilising the harmful carbon dioxide and so many products we need in our daily lives. Without trees around us, there would be no life on the earth. We should all do the needful to protect trees and reduce deforestation.

Deforestation is also known as clearing or clearance of trees. It can be said to mean removal of strands of trees or forests and the conversion of such area of land to a use that is totally non-forest in nature. Some deforestation examples are the converting of areas of forest to urban, ranches or farms use. The area of land that undergoes the most deforestation is the tropical rainforests. It is important to note that forests cover more than 31 percent in total land area of the surface of the earth.

There are a lot of different reasons why deforestation occurs: some tree are being cut down for building or as fuel (timber or coal), while areas of land are to be used as plantation and also as pasture to feed livestock. When trees are removed with properly replacing them, there can as a result be aridity, loss of biodiversity and even habitat damage. We have also had cases of deforestation used in times of war to starve the enemy.

Causes of Deforestation:

It has been discovered that the major and primary deforestation cause is agriculture. Studies have shown that about 48 percent of all deforestation is as a result of subsistence farming and 32 percent of deforestation is as a result of commercial agriculture. Also, it was discovered that logging accounts for about 14% of the total deforestation and 5% is from the removal for fuel wood.

There has been no form of agreement from experts on if industrial form of logging is a very important contributing factor to deforestation globally. Some experts have argued that the clearing of forests is something poor people do more as a result of them not having other alternatives. Other experts are of the belief that the poor seldom clear forests because they do not have the resources needed to do that. A study has also revealed that increase in population as a result of fertility rates that are very high are not a major driver of deforestation and they only influenced less than 8% of the cases of deforestation.

The Environmental Effects of Deforestation:

Deforestation has a lot of negative effects on our planet and environment.

A few of the areas where it negatively affects our environment are discussed below:

i. Atmospheric Effect:

Global warming has deforestation as one of its major contributing factors and deforestation is also a key cause of greenhouse effect. About 20% of all the emission of greenhouse gases is as a result of tropical deforestation. The land in an area that is deforested heats up quicker and it gets to a temperature that is higher than normal, causing a change in solar energy absorption, flow of water vapours and even wind flows and all of these affects the local climate of the area and also the global climate.

Also, the burning of plants in the forest in order to carry out clearing of land, incineration cause a huge amount of carbon dioxide release which is a major and important contributor to the global warming.

ii. Hydrological Effect:

Various researches have shown that deforestation greatly affects water cycle. Groundwater is extracted by trees through the help of their roots; the water extracted is then released into the surrounding atmosphere. If we remove a part of the forest, there will not be transpiration of water like it should be and this result in the climate being a lot drier. The water content of the soil is heavily reduced by deforestation and also atmospheric moisture as well as groundwater. There is a reduced level of water intake that the trees can extract as a result of the dry soil. Soil cohesion is also reduced by deforestation and this can result in landslides, flooding and erosion.

iii. Effect on Soil:

As a direct result of the plant litter on the surface, there is a minimal and reduced erosion rate in forests largely undisturbed. Deforestation increases the erosion rate as a result of the subsequent decrease in the quantity of cover of litter available. The litter cover actually serves as a protection for the soil from all varieties of surface runoff. When mechanized equipments and machineries are used in forestry operations, there can be a resulting erosion increase as a result of the development of roads in the forests.

iv. Effect on Biodiversity:

There is a biodiversity decline due to deforestation. Deforestation can lead to the death and extinction of a lot of species of animals and plants. The habitat of various animals are taken away as a result of deforestation.

The total coverage of forests on the earth’s landmass is 30 percent and the fact the people are destroying them is worrying. Research reveals that majority of the tropical forests on earth are being destroyed. We are almost at half the forest landmass in destruction. How would earth look life without forests? It will be a total disaster if deforestation is encouraged. Deforestation is a human act in which forests are permanently destroyed in order to create settlement area and use the trees for industries like paper manufacture, wood and construction. A lot of forests have been destroyed and the impact has been felt through climate change and extinction of animals due to destruction of the ecosystem. The impacts of deforestation are adverse and there is need to prevent and control it before it can get any worse.

Deforestation is mainly a human activity affected by many factors. Overpopulation contributed to deforestation because there is need to create a settlement area for the increasing number of people on earth and the need for urbanization for economic reasons. Recently, population has greatly risen in the world and people require shelter as a basic need. Forests are destroyed in order for people to find land to build a shelter and then trees are further cut to build those houses. Overpopulation is a major threat to the forest landmass and if not controlled, people will continue to occupy the forests until there is no more forest coverage on earth.

Another factor influencing deforestation is industrialization. Industries that use trees to manufacture their product e.g. paper and wood industries have caused major destruction of forests. The problem with industries is the large-scale need for trees which causes extensive deforestation. The use of timber in industries is a treat to forests all over the world. In as much as we need furniture, paper and homes, it is not worth the massive destruction of our forests.

Fires are also a cause of deforestation. During episodes of drought, fire spreads widely and burns down trees. The fire incidences could result from human activities like smoking or charcoal burning in the forests. Drought due to adverse weather changes in global warming is a natural disaster that claim the lives of people and living things.

Agricultural activities such as farming and livestock keeping also cause deforestation because of the land demand in those activities. Deforestation for farming purpose involves clearing all the vegetation on the required land and using it for and then burring the vegetation hence the name ‘slash and burn agriculture’. The ranches required for cattle keeping among other livestock require a large area that is clear from trees.

Impacts of Deforestation:

Deforestation has a great impact on the ecosystem in different ways. Climate change is influenced by deforestation because trees influence weather directly. Trees usually act to protect against strong winds and erosion but in its absence, natural disasters like floods and storms could be experienced. Also, tree are important in replenishing the air in the atmosphere. Trees have the ability to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release oxygen. Without trees, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will be increased. Because carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, it causes global warming.

Global warming is a serious environmental issue that causes adverse climatic changes and affects life on earth. Extreme weather conditions like storms, drought and floods. These weather conditions are not conducive for humans and other living things on earth. Natural disasters as a result of global warming are very destructive both to animate and inanimate objects in the environment.

Loss of species due to deforestation has negatively affected biodiversity. Biodiversity is a highly valued aspect of life on earth and its interruption is a loss. There is a loss of habitat for species to exist in as a result of deforestation and therefore species face extinction. Extinction of some rare species is a threat we are currently facing. Animals that live and depend on forest vegetation for food will also suffer and eventually die of hunger. Survival has been forced on animals of the jungle due to deforestation and that is why human wildlife conflict is being experienced.

The water cycle on earth is negatively affected by deforestation. The existence of water vapor in the atmosphere is maintained by trees. Absence of trees cause a reduced vapor retention in the atmosphere which result in adverse climate changes. Trees and other forest vegetation are important in preventing water pollution because they prevent the contaminated runoff into water sources like rivers, lakes and oceans. Without trees, pollution of water is more frequent and therefore the water will be unsafe for consumption by human and animals.

Solutions to Deforestation:

Based on the serious impact of deforestation, it is only safe if solutions are sought to end this problem. The ultimate solution is definitely restoration of the forest landmass on earth. The restoration can be done by encouraging the planting of trees, a process called reforestation. Although reforestation will not completely solve the impacts of deforestation, it will restore a habitat for the wild animals and slowly restore the ecosystem. Major impacts like concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere require another approach. Human activities that contribute to carbon dioxide gas emission to the atmosphere have to be reduced through strict policies for industries and finding alternative energy sources that do not produce greenhouse gases.

Another solution is public awareness. People have to be made aware that deforestation has negative effects so that they can reduce the act. Through awareness, people can also be taught on ways of reducing the population e.g., family planning. On World Environment Day, people are encouraged to participate in activities like tree planting in order to conserve environment and that is how the awareness takes place.

In conclusion, deforestation is a human activity that is destructive and should be discouraged. Environmental conservation is our responsibility because we have only one earth to live in.

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103 Deforestation Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Issues related to ecology require that you put more thought into essay writing than merely penning ideas that build up into a coherent argument.

Creating a good deforestation essay relies on achieving a superb structure that helps your audience apperceive your subject quicker and with a more sympathetic outlook.

Thus, recognizing the far-reaching effect of various events becomes an admirable attempt at drawing attention to possible future developments of a human impact environment. In this article you will learn the essentials of writing a deforestation essay, as well as 97 brilliant topic ideas for your paper.

📃 The Deforestation Essay Structure

🏆 remarkable deforestation topics & essay examples, ✍️ interesting deforestation essay topics, 🔖 good essay topics on deforestation, ❓ research question about deforestation.

Doing research is an essential aspect of pre-writing. It allows you to understand how you can best develop your central theme through the creation of a deforestation essay outline.

Writing a topic sentence for each of your planned paragraphs will help you gauge how much information you have for each sub-theme. In turn, doing so will demonstrate your coverage of the full issue.

Searching for appropriate and credible book and journal titles, as well as research papers and interviews with scientists, will allow you to form a comprehensive overview of a pollution issue.

Depending on your chosen problem, you may need to delve into a historical explanation of its creation, its development, and future implications. A sample outline may look like this:

  • An introduction, where you give the audience a brief overview and present a deforestation essay thesis statement;
  • A historical overview that helps you set the scene for your issue;
  • An outline of the on-going process, depending on your chosen approach to the topic;
  • A demonstration of its implications that relies on scientific studies and research predictions;
  • A conclusion, where you tie together all your previous arguments into one, which acts as an answer to your thesis statement.

You may divide and increase the number of paragraphs in a manner that suits your particular approach, but the basic structure necessitates establishing the problem’s continuity.

For example, if you are writing about the process of deforestation in the Amazon rainforest, you can approach it from an economic, sociopolitical, and even scientific viewpoint.

However, whichever you pick, you should always be ready to counterargument your readers’ thoughts, which is something you should keep in mind as you write.

A deforestation essay introduction and conclusion should mirror each other. In your first paragraph, you should present some possible inferences and interest the readers with a lack of specific answers, while the last one should leave no problem unaddressed. Initially, you should engage your readers; finally, they must be satisfied with the level of your conclusions.

If you still feel unsure how to start, you can look at examples of papers online. Deforestation topics are widely covered, and you can judge for yourself what structural approaches work and which ones are useless at effectively convincing the audience. Pay attention to the way these authors structure their issue and how they present its problem.

A title is another aspect of essay structure that writers often overlook. Compare “A Future with No Environment” to “Dustbowl: Who are the Losers of a Conservation Competition?”

Both titles serve a purpose, as the former hints at the conclusion of the paper, while the latter acts more as an introduction.

Understand what you want to achieve before writing out some deforestation essay titles and picking one that best suits your means.

Use IvyPanda to get more help on essay writing. Advice and tips for all kinds of students!

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  • Amazonian Deforestation, Its Causes and Trends The huge destruction in the rainforest happens disregarding the fact that the Amazon is the source of life to thousands of species and is oftentimes referred to as the lungs of the planet.
  • Over-Exploitation and Deforestation Effects With this goal in mind, the European powers were forced to look for wood supplies from different parts of the globe.
  • Environment: Tropical Deforestation Causes in Indonesia As indicated, one of the major causes of the deforestation in the Indonesian Sumatra rainforest is the logging for timber trade.
  • Central Africa Deforestation However, even though the rate of deforestation is relatively low in this part of Africa compared to other major forest regions in the planet, the trend poses serious threats to the well being of the […]
  • Environmental Stewardship of Deforestation Environmental stewardship refers to the act of protecting and conserving the environment. According to Aldo Leopold, environmental stewardship is promoted through the improvement of the relationship between humans and the environment.
  • Deforestation Issue in the Dominican Republic The difference is brought about by the actions the countries’ leaders and citizens took or failed to take to preserve the environment.
  • Physical Domain, Deforestation and Trends In the political domain there is conflict in the effort to conserve the forests since some say the industrialization and urbanization have to take place first before conservation until Brazil provides jobs for people who […]
  • The Effects of Deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest
  • Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation
  • Deforestation And Its Effects On The Climate, Wildlife, And Human Civili
  • Technical Efficiency, Farm Size and Tropical Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazonian Forest
  • Land Reform Policies, the Sources of Violent Conflict, and Implications for Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon
  • Investigating the Impact of Agricultural Land Losses on Deforestation: Evidence From a Peri-urban Area in Canada
  • What Deforestation Can Do To Our Environment
  • Deforestation and Minimal Logging Advantages
  • Why is Deforestation a Global Concern
  • The Role of Tenure Security and Private Time Preference in Neotropical Deforestation
  • Balancing Risks from Climate Policy Uncertainties: The Role of Options and Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation
  • The Impact of Settlement Design on Tropical Deforestation Rates and Resulting Land Cover Patterns
  • Exchange Rates, Soybean Supply Response, and Deforestation in South America
  • What Are the Consequences of Deforestation?
  • An Analysis of the Issue of Deforestation and Its Threat to Environment
  • Deforestation And Global Climate Change
  • Environmental Problems Of Deforestation And Environmental
  • The Effect of Deforestation on the Climate and Environment
  • Modeling Amazon Deforestation for Policy Purposes
  • Foreign Transfers and Tropical Deforestation
  • Creating Policies To Contain Unproductive Deforestation
  • The Impact Of Deforestation On Bird Communication Biology
  • The Negative Effects of Deforestation on the World
  • The Devestating Effect of Deforestation and the Alternatives for Helping Our Planet
  • Tragedy Of Deforestation In Brazil And Indonesia
  • The Effects Of The Land Change Made By Tropical Deforestation
  • How Deforestation Causes Global Warming And Negatively Impacts The Environment
  • The Two Major Issues of Deforestation, Its Causes and Effects to the Environment
  • Tropical Deforestation And Its Effect On Global Climate
  • The Role of International Law Concerning Deforestation
  • An Analysis of People’s Responsibilities for Rainforest Deforestation
  • Effects Of Deforestation On The Philippines
  • Global Warming, Deforestation, Nuclear Waste, And Pollution
  • Transport, Economic Growth, and Deforestation in the Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Causes And Effects Of Deforestation In Environmental Sciences
  • Poverty and Tropical Deforestation by Smallholders in Forest Margin Areas: Evidence from Central Sulawesi, Indonesia
  • The Role of Government Spending on Deforestation and Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Land Use Change
  • The Dangerous Global Issue of Deforestation and Its Impact on the Environment
  • Urban Deforestation and Urban Development
  • Modelling Land Use, Deforestation, and Policy Analysis
  • What Are the Biggest Drivers of Tropical Deforestation?
  • Why Tackling Deforestation Is So Important for Slowing Climate Change?
  • How Deforestation Causes Global Warming and Negatively Impacts the Environment?
  • How Does Deforestation Impact Birds?
  • Can “Fragile States” Decide to Reduce Their Deforestation?
  • Does Deforestation Increase Malaria Prevalence?
  • Does Free Trade Increase Deforestation and the Effects of Regional Trade Agreements?
  • Does Poverty Constrain Deforestation in Peru?
  • How Does Deforestation Lead To Frequent Floods and Droughts?
  • How Does Household Food Insecurity Experience Impact Deforestation in Cameroon?
  • How Does Deforestation Impact Wildlife and Biodiversity?
  • Who Initiated a Movement Against Deforestation?
  • What Are the Reasons Behind Deforestation?
  • How Does Deforestation Affect Living Things?
  • What Has Driven Deforestation in Developing Countries Since the 2000s?
  • Who Is Responsible for Deforestation?
  • What Forest Is Most Affected by Deforestation?
  • How Does Deforestation Affect the Plants?
  • How Is Deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest Affecting Biodiversity?
  • What Systems Is Deforestation Affecting?
  • How Has Deforestation Upset the Balance in Nature?
  • How Forest Loss Is Leading to a Rise in Human Disease?
  • Is Deforestation Necessary for Development?
  • What Is the Cost of Deforestation?
  • Does Deforestation Contribute to Food Insecurity?
  • Why Deforestation Is the Main Cause of Environmental Degradation?
  • Why Is Deforestation a Problem in Developing Countries?
  • How Does Deforestation Lead To Famine?
  • What Habitats Are Being Destroyed by Deforestation?
  • Why Does Deforestation Affect Animals?
  • Chicago (A-D)
  • Chicago (N-B)

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IvyPanda . "103 Deforestation Essay Topics & Paper Examples." March 2, 2024. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/deforestation-essay-examples/.

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Why deforestation matters—and what we can do to stop it

Large scale destruction of trees—deforestation—affects ecosystems, climate, and even increases risk for zoonotic diseases spreading to humans.

As the world seeks to slow the pace of climate change , preserve wildlife, and support more than eight billion people , trees inevitably hold a major part of the answer. Yet the mass destruction of trees—deforestation—continues, sacrificing the long-term benefits of standing trees for short-term gain of fuel, and materials for manufacturing and construction.

We need trees for a variety of reasons, not least of which is that they absorb the carbon dioxide we exhale and the heat-trapping greenhouse gases that human activities emit. As those gases enter the atmosphere, global warming increases, a trend scientists now prefer to call climate change.

There is also the imminent danger of disease caused by deforestation. An estimated 60 percent of emerging infectious diseases come from animals, and a major cause of viruses’ jump from wildlife to humans is habitat loss, often through deforestation.

But we can still save our forests. Aggressive efforts to rewild and reforest are already showing success. Tropical tree cover alone can provide 23 percent of the climate mitigation needed to meet goals set in the Paris Agreement in 2015, according to one estimate .

a melting iceberg

Causes of deforestation

Forests still cover about 30 percent of the world’s land area, but they are disappearing at an alarming rate. Since 1990, the world has lost more than 420 million hectares or about a billion acres of forest, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations —mainly in Africa and South America. About 17 percent of the Amazonian rainforest has been destroyed over the past 50 years, and losses recently have been on the rise . The organization Amazon Conservation reports that destruction rose by 21 percent in 2020 , a loss the size of Israel.

Farming, grazing of livestock, mining, and drilling combined account for more than half of all deforestation . Forestry practices, wildfires and, in small part, urbanization account for the rest. In Malaysia and Indonesia, forests are cut down to make way for producing palm oil , which can be found in everything from shampoo to saltine crackers. In the Amazon, cattle ranching and farms—particularly soy plantations—are key culprits .


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Logging operations, which provide the world’s wood and paper products, also fell countless trees each year. Loggers, some of them acting illegally , also build roads to access more and more remote forests—which leads to further deforestation. Forests are also cut as a result of growing urban sprawl as land is developed for homes.

Not all deforestation is intentional. Some is caused by a combination of human and natural factors like wildfires and overgrazing, which may prevent the growth of young trees.

Why it matters

There are some 250 million people who live in forest and savannah areas and depend on them for subsistence and income—many of them among the world’s rural poor.

Eighty percent of Earth’s land animals and plants live in forests , and deforestation threatens species including the orangutan , Sumatran tiger , and many species of birds. Removing trees deprives the forest of portions of its canopy, which blocks the sun’s rays during the day and retains heat at night. That disruption leads to more extreme temperature swings that can be harmful to plants and animals.

With wild habitats destroyed and human life ever expanding, the line between animal and human areas blurs, opening the door to zoonotic diseases . In 2014, for example, the Ebola virus killed over 11,000 people in West Africa after fruit bats transmitted the disease to a toddler who was playing near trees where bats were roosting.

( How deforestation is leading to more infectious diseases in humans .)

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Climbing into the secret world of an ancient Bornean rainforest

Some scientists believe there could be as many as 1.7 million currently “undiscovered” viruses in mammals and birds, of which up to 827,000 could have the ability to infect people, according to a 2018 study .

Deforestation’s effects reach far beyond the people and animals where trees are cut. The South American rainforest, for example, influences regional and perhaps even global water cycles, and it's key to the water supply in Brazilian cities and neighboring countries. The Amazon actually helps furnish water to some of the soy farmers and beef ranchers who are clearing the forest. The loss of clean water and biodiversity from all forests could have many other effects we can’t foresee, touching even your morning cup of coffee .

In terms of climate change, cutting trees both adds carbon dioxide to the air and removes the ability to absorb existing carbon dioxide. If tropical deforestation were a country, according to the World Resources Institute , it would rank third in carbon dioxide-equivalent emissions, behind China and the U.S.

What can be done

The numbers are grim, but many conservationists see reasons for hope . A movement is under way to preserve existing forest ecosystems and restore lost tree cover by first reforesting (replanting trees) and ultimately rewilding (a more comprehensive mission to restore entire ecosystems).

( Which nation could be the first to be rewilded ?)

Organizations and activists are working to fight illegal mining and logging—National Geographic Explorer Topher White, for example, has come up with a way to use recycled cell phones to monitor for chainsaws . In Tanzania, the residents of Kokota have planted more than 2 million trees on their small island over a decade, aiming to repair previous damage. And in Brazil, conservationists are rallying in the face of ominous signals that the government may roll back forest protections.

( Which tree planting projects should you support ?)

Stopping deforestation before it reaches a critical point will play a key role in avoiding the next zoonotic pandemic. A November 2022 study showed that when bats struggle to find suitable habitat, they travel closer to human communities where diseases are more likely to spillover. Inversely, when bats’ native habitats were left intact, they stayed away from humans. This research is the first to show how we can predict and avoid spillovers through monitoring and maintaining wildlife habitats.

For consumers, it makes sense to examine the products and meats you buy, looking for sustainably produced sources when you can. Nonprofit groups such as the Forest Stewardship Council and the Rainforest Alliance certify products they consider sustainable, while the World Wildlife Fund has a palm oil scorecard for consumer brands.

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223 Deforestation Topics for Essays, Research Papers, & Speeches

Nowadays, deforestation has affected landscapes all around the world. In the last 300 years, 35 percent of the world’s forests have been gone forever. Deforestation is a major problem contributing to the climate crisis and finding solutions is imperative to saving the Earth.

In this article, our expert team provides catchy essay topics and research titles about deforestation that you may use for your school or college assignment!

⭐ Top 12 Deforestation Essay Titles

✏️ deforestation essay prompts, 🔎 deforestation research topics, 💡 deforestation essay topics, 🗣️ deforestation topics for speech, 🪵 deforestation debate topics, 🍂 how to write a deforestation essay, 🔗 references.

  • Deforestation as the central issue of the 21st century.
  • How does deforestation affect wildlife?
  • The socioeconomic drivers of deforestation.
  • Who is responsible for deforestation?
  • Indigenous people’s solutions to deforestation.
  • How does deforestation alter bird migration patterns?
  • What must we do to protect forests?
  • Brazilian and Indonesian deforestation.
  • Viable solutions to deforestation.
  • Hidden medicinal treasures lost in deforestation.
  • The impact of policy on deforestation.
  • Are there any benefits of deforestation?

The picture shows possible topics for an essay about deforestation.

Have you ever found writing an essay on deforestation challenging? Then we have something for you! We’ve prepared deforestation essay prompts that may help you cope with this task.

The Cause and Effect of Deforestation Essay Prompt

Understanding the issue of deforestation requires paying attention to its leading causes and effects. In your essay, you can analyze the main factors contributing to this problem, such as climate change and logging .

This image shows the main causes of deforestation.

Deforestation affects all aspects of the ecosystem, including the cycles of nature that regulate life on Earth, human societies, and the animals whose survival depends on forests. The questions below may be helpful for you in writing about the effects of deforestation:

  • What are deforestation’s harmful impacts on the environment?
  • How do people get affected by deforestation?
  • How does deforestation influence animals?

Danger of Deforestation: Essay Prompt

Around 420 million hectares of forest have been destroyed since 1990. While deforestation has lessened in recent decades, it remains a severe concern. An essay on the dangers of deforestation can raise people’s awareness and save forests worldwide. For instance, you can take the following facts as the basis for your work:

  • Deforestation raises the possibility of new pandemics.
  • Soil erosion increases as a result of deforestation.
  • Deforestation has a significant negative economic impact.
  • Air pollution gets worse due to deforestation.
  • Forest loss damages biomass and exacerbates climate change.

Deforestation Solutions: Essay Prompt

Stopping deforestation is vital for our planet. It is also one of the quickest and least expensive ways to mitigate global warming. In your essay on how to stop deforestation, you can focus on the following solutions:

  • Recycling .
  • Implementing “zero deforestation” policies.
  • Promoting sustainable choices.
  • Reducing the consumption of single-use products .
  • Educating people on how our regular acts can affect forests worldwide.
  • Reducing meat consumption.

In your essay, you can describe each solution in detail or suggest your own ideas for stopping deforestation.

Problem of Deforestation: Essay Prompt

Forests are an essential component of life on Earth. Deforestation disrupts weather patterns, destroys habitats, and severely affects rural communities, resulting in food insecurity and irreversible damage to entire ecosystems.

To answer the question of how deforestation impacts the environment in your essay, use the tips below:

  • Find reasons why people need forests. These include obtaining raw materials (palm oil, fuel), manufacturing, and developing infrastructure.
  • Research statistics on deforestation.
  • Create a list of things deforestation may impact. For example, it can affect climate, soil pollution, weather, people, wildlife, and food security.
  • The role of deforestation in fostering global warming .
  • Deforestation as a damaging practice for agricultural expansion.
  • The effects of deforestation on soil pollution and the water cycle.
  • The biggest victims of deforestation — animals and plants.
  • Forest fragmentation and its risks for the environment.
  • Loss of watershed protection as one of the most significant consequences of deforestation.
  • Deforestation as a leading threat to our environment.
  • The rapid destruction of forests and its contribution to a decline in biodiversity.
  • Forests and the carbon cycle: the risks of deforestation for the climate.
  • Higher temperatures as one of the most severe adverse effects of cutting trees.
  • The influence of deforestation on increased flooding .
  • Deforestation and its role in intensifying climate change at a dramatic rate.
  • The loss of half of the world’s topsoil as a consequence of deforestation.
  • The issue of deforestation and methods of solving it.
  • Loss of habitat for various animals as an adverse effect of deforestation.
  • The contribution of forestation to famine .
  • The influence of deforestation on oxygen levels in the atmosphere.
  • Pandemics as a harmful result of deforestation.
  • Deforestation: consequences for the human population.
  • Cutting down trees and its contribution to species extinction.
  • The effects of deforestation on food security .
  • Deforestation and its impact on the migration of birds and animals.
  • Loss of medicinal plants as a potential consequence of deforestation.
  • Deforestation: the rise of pollution due to the loss of forests.
  • The issue of deforestation in countries of Europe.
  • Deforestation as a cause of natural disasters around the world.
  • The effects of deforestation on soil erosion and ecosystem resilience.
  • Forest loss and its role in soil fertility decline.
  • The problem of decreased rainfall due to deforestation and its risks.
  • The impact of deforestation on animals: starvation and loss of home.

Deforestation Research Questions

  • What is the economic aspect of deforestation?
  • How does overpopulation affect deforestation?
  • What are the consequences of deforestation for global food security ?
  • Why is agribusiness one of the leading causes of deforestation?
  • How does deforestation affect the structure of the labor market in local communities?
  • What are the difficulties in implementing deforestation laws and regulations?
  • What impact does political decentralization have on deforestation management?
  • How does deforestation affect the value of land and property in impacted areas?
  • Why is illegal logging a severe issue for international trade ?
  • What ethical issues result from deforestation?
  • What is the economic value of biodiversity loss due to deforestation?
  • How can sustainable ecotourism mitigate deforestation’s social effects?
  • What legal measures should be taken to limit deforestation?
  • How is corruption related to the increase in deforestation?
  • What are the social impacts of deforestation?
  • How do political decisions and policies impact deforestation rates?
  • What economic factors contribute to deforestation?
  • How does deforestation affect the cultural heritage of local communities?
  • What is the role of businesses and multinational firms in deforestation?
  • How does deforestation affect the prices of wood and other products?
  • How can public opinion influence deforestation policy?
  • What role does government regulation have in reducing deforestation?
  • How can social movements affect the policy of cutting down forests?
  • Why is increased desertification one of the most severe social impacts of deforestation?
  • How does the mining industry contribute to deforestation?
  • How can economic incentives reduce deforestation?
  • How does deforestation lead to social instability and land rights conflicts?
  • Why is foreign investment vital in decreasing deforestation?
  • How does the representation of deforestation in the media affect public perception?
  • How can communities mitigate the effects of deforestation?

Controversial Research Topics on Deforestation

  • What is the positive impact of deforestation on agriculture ?
  • Deforestation as a necessity for the economies and people.
  • Palm oil boycott and its value in protecting forests.
  • The efficiency of planting more trees in decreasing deforestation.
  • Why does deforestation mainly occur in underdeveloped tropical countries?
  • Developing alternatives to deforestation to decrease the need for tree clearing.
  • The role of national parks and reserves in the protection of forest resources.
  • How can using less paper protect forests from being cut down?
  • Deforestation as a way to build new roads and residential complexes.
  • The importance of international agreements in decreasing deforestation rates.
  • How effective is recycling in solving deforestation issues?
  • Deforestation: the global threat to the creation of medicines.
  • Buying certified wood products as a way to stop deforestation.
  • Deforestation and its role in economic growth .
  • How can agricultural technology and innovation help to stop deforestation?

Topics on Brazil Deforestation for Research Papers

  • The financial losses and social setbacks due to deforestation in Brazil.
  • Why does Brazil have the highest deforestation rate in the world?
  • Brazilian government reducing Amazon’s deforestation .
  • The key causes of deforestation of Amazon rainforests.
  • How does the production of soybeans contribute to deforestation in Brazil?
  • The environmental impacts of deforestation in the Amazon.
  • The removal of Brazil’s forests as a serious global issue.
  • The impact of deforestation on climatic patterns in the Amazon.
  • Mining as the leading cause of cutting down forests in Brazil.
  • How much longer will the Amazon rainforest deforestation last?
  • Land use and climate change risks in the Amazon due to deforestation.
  • Increasing production and slowing Amazon deforestation: methods and strategies.
  • How does deforestation in the Amazon affect the rights of indigenous peoples?
  • The international pressure on Brazil due to deforestation.
  • How does deforestation in the Amazon rainforest affect global CO2 emissions ?
  • The role of tropical forests in the global environmental system.
  • Burning season in Brazil and its role in the destruction of tropical forests.
  • How can Brazil forge its path for developing the Amazon?
  • The scientific approach to the deforestation issue in Brazil.
  • The impact of deforestation on local climate and biodiversity in the Amazon.
  • Why is deforestation of rainforests a global concern in the 21st century?
  • The impact of poverty on increasing Amazon deforestation rates.
  • The measures that people around the world can take to save tropical forests.
  • How effective are judicial measures in curbing illegal logging in the Amazon?
  • The long-term effects of deforestation in Brazil on wildlife .
  • What sustainable forest management measures can mitigate deforestation in Brazil?
  • Amazonian deforestation: causes and possible risks.
  • The efficiency of using satellite technology and monitoring systems to track deforestation in Brazil.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of UN Environment’s Interfaith Rainforest Initiative.
  • The harmful effect of urbanization on Amazon rainforests.
  • How do environmental organizations influence deforestation policy in Brazil?

This image shows the statistics about deforestation in Brazil.

Writing about forest clearance can help you better understand this environmental problem and formulate your attitude toward it. Below, you’ll find topics for your analytical and argumentative essay on deforestation.

Deforestation Argumentative Essay: Topic Ideas

  • The responsibility of protecting forests lies only on the government.
  • Are trees a limited resource in the modern world?
  • Deforestation is vital since it provides people with essential products.
  • Educational programs should raise public awareness of deforestation risks.
  • National parks and protected areas are crucial for maintaining trees and wildlife.
  • Should people be mindful of their consumption habits to stop forest clearance?
  • Deforestation makes room for more crops to be grown.
  • Sustainable forest management should find a balance between wood extraction and preservation initiatives.
  • Logging for valuable timber resources is a significant deforestation driver.
  • Should we refuse to buy products made from illegally sourced timber?
  • Climate change is partly caused by forest loss.
  • Is commercial agriculture a major driver of large-scale deforestation?
  • Deforestation is a chance for people to have more job opportunities .
  • Indigenous communities play a crucial role in forest preservation.
  • Reforestation initiatives should be implemented in the school curriculum.
  • Does illegal tree-cutting lead to significant environmental devastation?
  • Supporting sustainable products is a vital part of forest protection.
  • Indigenous people lose their homes due to deforestation.
  • Does deforestation without the consent of local forest communities exacerbate social conflict and violence?
  • Deforestation causes sedimentation in rivers and bodies of water.
  • Illegal logging involves corruption and may be linked to organized crime networks .
  • Voters should support political candidates who prioritize forest conservation.
  • Deforestation in the Amazon leads to disruption of ecosystems.
  • Minimizing food waste will reduce the need for expanding agricultural land into forests.
  • People should minimize paper usage to protect forests around the world.

Deforestation Essay Titles for Analytical Papers

  • The rates of Amazon rainforest deforestation due to fire-related causes.
  • The analysis of primary forest loss in Ghana.
  • How does deforestation affect the economy and social development?
  • The trends in agricultural practices and their impact on deforestation.
  • The annual tree cover loss in the 2000s in Australia.
  • The influence of climate change on deforestation.
  • How do deforestation trends differ among continents and regions?
  • The factors that contribute to the deforestation of tropical forests.
  • The influence of armed conflicts on deforestation.
  • The role of corruption in the deforestation process.
  • How does urban development affect the need to cut down forests?
  • The possible consequences of forest loss for locals in the affected areas.
  • The comparison of ecological consequences of various logging methods.
  • What modern technologies are used to monitor and prevent deforestation?
  • Analysis of the measures and programs for sustainable forest use.
  • The leading reasons for forest loss in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
  • The impact of consumer awareness on demand for deforestation-free products.
  • How can scientific research contribute to the preservation of forests?
  • The health threats that appear as a result of deforestation.
  • The prevalence and shifting patterns of illicit logging that lead to deforestation.
  • How do natural disasters influence deforestation rates?
  • The advantages and disadvantages of reforestation and afforestation trends.
  • The peculiarities of deforestation within protected areas and national parks.
  • How can deforestation affect climate phenomena such as droughts and floods?
  • The methods and strategies for solving the deforestation issue.

Delivering a speech on deforestation is your chance to raise public awareness of this issue and contribute to a societal shift to more sustainable practices . Below are some ideas for your persuasive and informative speech on deforestation.

Deforestation Persuasive Speech: Topic Ideas

  • The forest is the world’s largest organism that needs protection.
  • What can help to save the rainforest? Your used cell phone!
  • We are losing the lungs of the Earth!
  • Do you want to live a long, healthy life? Plant a tree!
  • The secret power of reforestation.
  • Every person must build a house, raise a child, and plant a forest!
  • Amazon rainforests are dying! Take responsibility now, not to regret it later!
  • Trees are the key climate regulators in the 21st century!
  • Humans, animals, and plants rely on the forests for survival.
  • Recycle! Reuse! Restore forests!
  • If you have been waiting for a sign to act, now is the best time to stop deforestation!
  • Why not protect forests to improve the lives of future generations?
  • Rainforests are great medicine sources.
  • The solution for addressing deforestation is to put a stop to it.
  • You are the one who is responsible for forest loss!
  • Stop deforestation, and it, in turn, will stop social conflict and violence.
  • Keep calm and save our forests!
  • We should grow trees, not pollution.
  • Let’s do our best to save the rainforest in Brazil!
  • How can one tree be a lifesaver for all human civilization?

Topics about Deforestation for Informative Speeches

  • The leading causes and consequences of deforestation in the modern world.
  • Agriculture and its contribution to deforestation in Singapore.
  • What would the world without trees look like?
  • The role of recycling in solving the deforestation problem.
  • How does deforestation contribute to climate change?
  • The role of forests in maintaining freshwater sources.
  • What are the modern methods of combating deforestation in Europe?
  • The importance of planting trees and restoring forests to combat deforestation.
  • The global scale of the deforestation issue.
  • The effects of wildfires in deforested areas.
  • What are some forest conservation organizations?
  • Top 10 actions you can take to save Amazon rainforests.
  • The importance of raising awareness about deforestation.
  • Where is deforestation happening around the world?
  • Chocolate and biscuits are major contributors to deforestation.
  • How does forest loss affect air quality and pollution levels?
  • The reasons why we should care about the loss of forests.
  • Top 12 things you should know about deforestation.
  • The influence of consumer choices on deforestation trends.
  • What are the economic and social consequences of deforestation?
  • Logging: a benefit to society or a threat to forests?
  • Are developed countries obligated to give financial aid to combat deforestation?
  • Deforestation: the driver of climate change or profitable job opportunity?
  • Is deforestation necessary for economic growth?
  • Combating deforestation: stricter regulations or recycling policies?
  • Are forest fires inevitable consequences of deforestation?
  • Deforestation: banned or legal around the world?
  • Is the issue of deforestation sensationalized in the media?
  • The greatest threat to forests: agriculture or urbanization?
  • The practical strategies of dealing with deforestation: reforestation vs. conservation .
  • Is deforestation a displacement of Indigenous rights?
  • Should governments implement forest taxation policies?
  • Does deforestation in one country impact the global environment?
  • Should big corporations implement a zero-deforestation policy in their supply chains?
  • Ecotourism: does it promote forest conservation or encourage deforestation?

We have prepared helpful tips on how to write a well-structured essay on deforestation. Some practical examples are also waiting for you below!

Deforestation Essay Introduction

First impressions matter in all aspects of life, including writing. Your introductions serve as a transition point for your readers, taking them from their daily lives into the world of your ideas and insights.

A compelling introduction includes the following components.

Deforestation Thesis Statement

A thesis statement makes an argumentative claim about a topic. It is one of the most challenging essay parts, so let’s look at how to write it in detail. Here are the steps you should take to create a solid thesis statement:

  • Choose your essay topic.
  • Identify your controlling idea — what aspect of the topic you’ll argue about.
  • Determine the purpose of the paper — what stance you’ll defend.
  • Write a rough thesis statement.
  • Polish your thesis statement if needed.

Deforestation Essay: Body Paragraphs

It is crucial to divide your text into logical paragraphs to help the reader understand the flow of your ideas. An effective body paragraph has 3 main elements.

Conclusion on Deforestation

Writing a conclusion can occasionally be challenging. Nonetheless, it is essential since it can significantly impact how the reader perceives your essay.

Follow the steps below to compose a perfect conclusion.

We hope our catchy essay topics and research titles about deforestation will aid you in achieving academic success! You can also try our online topic generator to get more ideas!

  • Deforestation: Facts, Causes & Effects | Live Science
  • Deforestation | National Geographic
  • Deforestation | European Commission
  • Then and Now: Why Deforestation Is Such a Hot Topic | BBC
  • How Does Deforestation Affect Biodiversity? | The Royal Society
  • Deforestation | Earth Data
  • Why Do Forests Matter? | UN Environment Programme
  • Forest Pulse: The Latest on the World’s Forests | World Resources Institute
  • Deforestation | My NASA Data

395 Democracy Essay Topics & Research Questions: Elections, American Democracy, and More

725 research proposal topics & title ideas in education, psychology, business, & more.

  • Entertainment
  • Environment
  • Information Science and Technology
  • Social Issues

Home Essay Samples Environment Deforestation

The Devastating Impact of Deforestation: An Argument for Conservation

Argumentative solutions to solve the problem of deforestation.

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deforestation argumentative essay

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Essay on Deforestation: 100 Words, 300 Words

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  • Updated on  
  • Sep 2, 2023

essay on deforestation

Deforestation means the widespread clearing of forests which has become a topic of global concern due to its severe environmental concerns. Deforestation as a topic is discussed and given as assignments to students for their better understanding. In this blog, we will learn the various facets of deforestation, its causes, consequences, and solutions. Also, there are some sample essay on deforestation to help students with their assignments.

This Blog Includes:

Causes of deforestation, consequences of deforestation, solutions to deforestation, sample essay on deforestation in 100 words, sample essay on deforestation in 300 words.

  • Logging – Trees are cut down to make furniture, paper, and other products.
  • Agriculture – Forests are cleared to make space for farming.
  • Urbanization –  Cities expand, leading to the destruction of forests.
  • Mining – Trees are removed to extract minerals and resources.

Also Read – Essay on Environment: Examples & Tips

  • Loss of Biodiversity –  Animals lose their homes, and many become endangered or extinct.
  • Climate Change – Trees absorb carbon dioxide, so fewer trees mean more pollution and global warming .
  • Soil Erosion – Without trees, soil washes away, making it hard to grow crops.
  • Disruption of the Water Cycle -Trees help to control water, and without them, floods and droughts become more common.
  • Planting Trees – People can plant new trees to replace the ones that were cut down.
  • Using Less Paper – If we use less paper, fewer trees will be cut for making paper.
  • Protecting Forest s – Governments can make rules to stop cutting down too many trees.
  • Supporting Sustainable Products – Buying things that don’t harm forests can help.

Deforestation is when trees are cut down and forests disappear. Trees give us clean air to breathe. Imagine if someone took away your home – that’s what happens to animals when forests are destroyed. It is a major environmental problem that has many negative consequences, such as climate change, soil erosion, and loss of biodiversity.

When we cut too many trees, it’s bad for nature. Animals lose their homes, and the air becomes dirty. When there are no trees, floods and droughts happen more often. We can help by planting new trees and taking care of the ones we have. Let’s protect the forests and the Earth!

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Deforestation is when people cut down a lot of trees from forests. Trees are important because they make the air fresh and give animals a place to live. When we cut down too many trees, it’s not good for the Earth. Animals lose their homes, and the air gets polluted. 

There are many causes of deforestation and one of the causes is Agriculture. Forests are cleared to make way for cropland and livestock grazing. Another reason is timber harvesting. Trees are cut down for timber, paper, and other wood products. Mining is also another cause and forests are cleared to access minerals and other resources. Even due to urbanization, trees are cut down to make way for roads, cities, and other developments.

Deforestation is the permanent removal of forests to make way for other land uses, such as agriculture, mining, and urban development. It is a major environmental problem that has many negative consequences. One of them is climate change. Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, so deforestation contributes to climate change. Another consequence is soil erosion, when trees are removed, the soil is more easily eroded by wind and rain which can lead to flooding and landslides. Loss of biodiversity: Forests are home to a wide variety of plants and animals. Deforestation can lead to the loss of these species.

There are many things that can be done to reduce deforestation. Such as we must plant trees, they can help to offset the effects of deforestation by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Secondly, reduce our consumption of wood products by using less paper, buying furniture made from recycled materials, and avoiding disposable products. Thirdly, by supporting sustainable agricultural practices that do not require the clearing of forests. Lastly, by conserving forests, we can create protected areas and support sustainable forest management practices.

Deforestation is a serious issue that affects the whole planet. But there’s hope! By planting trees, using less paper, and taking care of nature, we can make the Earth a better place for everyone. Remember, even though we are small, our actions can make a big difference.

Deforestation is cutting down trees and wiping out wide areas of forest. The major reasons behind these cutting down is because of human activities that are increasing the space for human usage like agricultural expansion, logging, agriculture,  expansion of infrastructure, etc.

Deforestation means the large-scale cutting down of trees or forests causing great concern and environmental hazards. It is predicted that if humans continue wiping the forest areas, we will no longer be able to breathe in a greener world. So, plant trees and make people aware of the concerns of deforestation.

There are many ways through which we can try to stop deforestation some of which are – planting trees, less use of paper, judicious buying, selling, and use of products, incorporating various recycling methods, aware and educating people, etc 

Hence, we hope that this blog has assisted you in comprehending what an essay on deforestation must include. If you are struggling with your career choices and need expert guidance, our Leverage Edu mentors are here to guide you at any point of your academic and professional journey thus ensuring that you take informed steps towards your dream career.

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Persuasive Essay Sample: Deforestation Should Be Stopped

“Unbelievably, over 200,000 acres of rainforest are burned every day. That is over 150 acres lost every minute of every day, and 78 million acres are lost every year! The latest statistics in the Brazilian Amazon show a 34 percent increase in deforestation since 1992” (Last name/ title). Seeing how much really takes place a day shows that deforestation has to stop. Also considering that the amazon has shown an increase in deforestation shows that we need to act to prevent this. Deforestation can be very harmful to the animals and plants that are home to the forest and it can also affect people on a global scale. Laws concerning deforestation of the Amazon rainforest need to be put in place and enforced to prevent its many negative effects.

Deforestation can have major negative effects on climate change and our environment. ”Deforestation reduces the critical water cycling services provided by trees. In Brazil, some of the water vapour that emanates from forests will be transported by wind to its Central-South region, where most of the country's agriculture is located [...] When rainfall reduction is added to the natural variability that characterizes rainfall in the region, the resulting droughts may lead to major environmental impacts” Considering how much the lack of water can affect industries as well as wildlife, this is one of the many reasons why we need laws that limit deforestation of the amazon. If droughts occur in the region that the amazon is in, it will cause a major disruption in the ecosystem surrounding it affecting plants, animals, and people. With the supply of water from the amazon gone, life surrounding the forest will diminish. The lack of water that is a result of deforestation will not be addiquet for plants and animals to survive. With how many different animals live in the forest, without drinking water or water to grow the plants could be detrimental to the species in the forest including endangered ones. ”Scientists are concerned that the Amazon is perilously close to a tipping-point creating conditions so hot and dry that local species could not regenerate. If 20-25 percent of the tree cover is deforested, the basin’s capacity to absorb carbon dioxide would collapse.” With the amazon rainforest being full of trees and plants that produce oxygen, the reduced capacity to absorb carbon dioxide could be very harmful. Also while the conditions of the forest and surrounding areas being so hot and dry, this could cause species to recede. The climate of the area changing is dangerous local to the area and is another reason to put laws in place to prevent this from continuing.  Having increased Co2 and a decrease in oxygen is harmful to animals as well as people. Having a lack of availability to hold carbon dioxide will result in having more of it in the air causing pollution and bad air quality. Co2 can also be harmful to people as it can cause severe health risks, a common one being Co2 poisoning. The amazon rainforest has many impacts on the environment as well as different species, and when it is deforested, it can cut off all of its benefits completely and even create some hardships.

 Laws need to be put in place towards the agricultural industry to decrease their negative impact. “Since the 1960s, the Amazon has lost about 20% of its forest cover to deforestation and fires. While fires and deforestation often go hand in hand, that has not always been the case, Enquist says. As climate change brings more frequent and more severe drought conditions to the region, and fire is often used to clear large areas of rainforest for the agricultural industry, deforestation has spillover effects by increasing the chances of wildfires.” A big motivator for deforestation is industry that uses the forest for land. deforesting the forest is not needed for these companies. Considering how big the percentage of the forest that has been lost, it is very important that we put in place some type of limit or law to prevent it, especially when it is inferred that the statistics will go up in the next couple years if we do not put an end to it. Placing laws that are directed towards the agriculture industry and enforcing them can prevent a lot of the deforestation taking place. A law that states that one cannot clear land from the Amazon for purposes of farming could be a way to possibly prevent the issues that the industry causes on the forest. ”Just over the border, in the Bolivian Amazon, 2.5 million acres have burned, largely to clear land for new cattle and soy animal feed plantations, in just a few weeks.” This clearly shows another example of how the burning of the amazon is one of its biggest impacts of deforestation. Companies in the agriculture industry are burning the amazon to create more land for farming. This however can be easily avoided by enacting laws that prevent this industry from deforestation. Laws need to be set in place to limit these companies from using the rainforest for land when it is not necessary. Countless other companies are deforesting the Amazon and there needs to be a stop put to it. Major soy traders have continued to drive deforestation in the Bolivian Amazon Basin, the Brazilian Cerrado, and the Gran Chaco of Argentina and Paraguay, creating a major incentive for the rapid deforestation in Bolivia in the last several weeks. Soy trading is just another example of the companies and businesses that are in relation to agriculture that are continuing the deforestation of the amazon. Again this can easily be stopped by placing laws and enforcing them on major agricultural businesses that are influencing and causing deforestation. Seeing how much of an impact this industry has on the deforestation of the rainforest, it is clear that placing laws and regulations as to the burning of the forest would be the obvious choice to fixing this problem.

Burning is one of the leading causes of deforestation in the Amazon and it needs to be prevented. “They found that since 2001, between 40,000 and 73,400 square miles of Amazon rainforest have been impacted by fires, affecting 95% of all Amazonian species and as many as 85% of species that are listed as threatened in this region.”

 The main type of deforestation happening in the Amazon is burning. Just focusing on this issue, greater enforcement of fire officials being present could greatly reduce this amount. Not only farmers like stated previously are starting them, fires are often started accidentally because the environment is so dry and they are easily started. Seeing how giant the percentage of animals that are affected by fires proves that laws need to be initiated to prevent this. It is important to protect the species of this environment, with some of them being endangered, especially when this dilemma is an easy fix. “burning will add enormous amounts of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, which will further strengthen global warming and produce more severe climate changes.” Following the effects on the animals, the burning will also affect global warming and climate change.  Considering how this could be  prevented with regulations, the globe should not be affected by the burning of the forest. Again, global warming is a huge negative effect that affects different species, ecosystems, and forms of life across the globe. This is a big motivator that we need to make laws to prevent the detrimental effects of global warming the burning of the amazon can be prevented with laws and better enforcement instead of affecting 95% of the species that live there and threatening the planet with rises in global warming. 

Previous laws that have been instituted to protect the amazon continue to be unenforced and do not help prevent the negative effects and more severe actions need to be made.  “This includes imposing heavy fines on companies with dirty supply chains, divestment strategies targeting key violators, publicized product boycotts and environmental campaigns shaming those involved in illicit activities. But all this requires better evidence, including more investment in the scientific detection of illegal deforestation and sustained enforcement of existing laws related to environmental crimes.” Old laws that have been put in place to protect the amazon are not being enforced strictly and continue to leave the amazon unprotected. There needs to be new laws and more strictly enforced laws to prevent deforestation in the amazon. Creating more strict laws will create an incentive for people not to deforest or burn the forest, preventing many of the negative effects that are clearly seen and felt today in the Amazon rainforest. With laws on the environment being better enforced, many of the negative effects from these crimes will cease, creating a more stable and less endangering environment to the many species that the amazon is home to. 

The deforestation in the Amazon rainforest is dangerous to plants, animals, and people which is why laws are necessary to prevent it. It can cause global warming, and can cause species to decline. There are countless agricultural linked companies that are the main source of deforestation. With all the negative effects of deforestation stated, there clearly are many reasons for laws.

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Essay on Deforestation for Students and Children

500+ words essay on deforestation.

Deforestation is the cutting down of trees in the forest in a large number. Deforestation has always been a threat to our environment. But still many humans are continuing this ill practice. Moreover, Deforestation is causing ecological imbalance. Yet, some selfish people have to fill their pockets. Therefore they do not even think about it once. So, the government is trying countermeasures to avert the harm to the environment .

Essay on Deforestation

The main purpose of deforestation is to increase the land area. Also, this land area is to set up new industries. And, this all is because of the increase in population. As the population increases the demand for products also increase. So rich businessmen set up these industries to increase profit.

Harmful Effects of Deforestation

There are many harmful effects of deforestation. Some of them are below: Soil erosion: Soil erosion is the elimination of the upper layer of the soil. It takes place when there is removing of trees that bind the soil. As a result wind and water carries away the top layer of the soil.

Moreover, disasters like landslides take place because of this. Furthermore, soil erosion is responsible for various floods. As trees are not present to stop the waters from heavy rainfall’s gush directly to the plains. This results in damaging of colonies where people are living.

Global Warming: Global warming is the main cause of the change in our environment. These seasons are now getting delayed. Moreover, there is an imbalance in their ratios. The temperatures are reaching its extreme points. This year it was 50 degrees in the plains, which is most of all. Furthermore, the glaciers in the Himalayan ranges are melting.

As a result, floods are affecting the hilly regions of our country and the people living there. Moreover, the ratio of water suitable for drinking is also decreasing.

Impact on the water cycle: Since through transpiration, trees release soil water into the environment. Thus cutting of them is decreasing the rate of water in the atmosphere. So clouds are not getting formed. As a result, the agricultural grounds are not receiving proper rainfall. Therefore it is indirectly affecting humans only.

A great threat to wildlife: Deforestation is affecting wildlife as well. Many animals like Dodo, Sabre-toothed Cat, Tasmanian Tiger are already extinct. Furthermore, some animals are on the verge of extinction. That’s because they have lost habitat or their place of living. This is one of the major issues for wildlife protectors.

Get the huge list of more than 500 Essay Topics and Ideas

How to Avert Deforestation?

Deforestation can be averted by various countermeasures. First of all, we should afforestation which is growing of trees in the forest. This would help to resolve the loss of the trees cut down. Moreover, the use of plant-based products should increase.

This would force different industries to grow more trees. As a result, the environment will also get benefit from it. Furthermore, people should grow small plants in their houses. That will help the environment to regain its ability. At last, the government should take strict actions against people. Especially those who are illegally cutting down trees.

FAQs on Essay on Deforestation

Q1. Why is deforestation harmful to our environment?

A1. Deforestation is harmful to our environment because it is creating different problems. These problems are soil erosion, global warming. Moreover, it is also causing different disasters like floods and landslides.

Q2. How are animals affected by deforestation?

A2. Deforestation affects animals as they have lost their habitat. Moreover, herbivores animals get their food from plants and trees. As a result, they are not getting proper food to eat, which in turn is resulting in their extinction

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The Worldwide Problem of Deforestation and Its Effects

  • Categories: Deforestation Environmental Issues Trees

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Words: 897 |

Published: Jan 28, 2021

Words: 897 | Pages: 2 | 5 min read

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deforestation argumentative essay


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    One of the most immediate effects is the loss of habitat of many species of animals. Thus, deforestation can alter the earth's biodiversity making a lot or rare species even more extinct. Deforestation also plays a major role in global warming and its also responsible to the contribution of up to 20 percent of the total greenhouse gases emitted.

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    of persuasive writing. Deforestation provides us with essential products, such as some of our paper and toilet paper. If deforestation continues at its current rate, there will be no rainforests on the planet in 100 years. In 2050, it is estimated that there will be 10 billion people on the planet. We need more space to live in and ...

  15. Essay on Deforestation for Students and Children

    500+ Words Essay on Deforestation. Deforestation is the cutting down of trees in the forest in a large number. Deforestation has always been a threat to our environment. But still many humans are continuing this ill practice. Moreover, Deforestation is causing ecological imbalance.

  16. The Worldwide Problem of Deforestation and Its Effects

    In addition, they absorb 2.5 tons of the world's carbon dioxide. Whereas, deforestation is responsible for 15% of those carbon emissions and for the release of toxic greenhouse gases such as methane, sulfur, among others into the air, thereby, into the atmosphere when forests are burned to the ground.

  17. Is Deforestation Worth It: Persuasive Essay

    Is Deforestation Worth It: Persuasive Essay. This essay sample was donated by a student to help the academic community. Papers provided by EduBirdie writers usually outdo students' samples. "80% of global warming comes from livestock and deforestation" -- Heather Mill an activist from England. One of the most discussed topics today is ...

  18. Essay on Deforestation for Students and Children

    We have provided below, a comprehensive 200-word short essay on deforestation for students to make use of, in school tests, exams, projects and assignments. Deforestation is purely man-made chaos in our ecosystem that has led to other chaos such as soil erosion, floods, famine, global warming and various other disasters in nature.

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    View our collection of deforestation essays. Find inspiration for topics, titles, outlines, & craft impactful deforestation papers. Read our deforestation papers today! ... As a recommendation for the argument, the legislative officials of the Federal government should review all environmental aspects that cover the issue on deforestation so

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    Persuasive Essay On Deforestation. Satisfactory Essays. 1125 Words; 5 Pages; Open Document. Deforestation is one of the most challenging problems we face in our world today. A problem that, if it continues, could have devastating consequences for all life on earth. Life on earth is a delicate system of checks and balances that keep everything ...

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    Composition 1-ENG 1113 40. October 10, 2017. Argumentative Essay. Even though young Americans are aware of the importance of protecting our environment, they still do not care enough to create the level of change that we need to avoid catastrophic worldwide consequences in our near future. When the choice comes down to what is truly better for ...

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    How to Prevent Deforestation: Persuasive Essay. This essay sample was donated by a student to help the academic community. Papers provided by EduBirdie writers usually outdo students' samples. Agriculture aims to supply food to our growing populations. In order to grow a lot of food, farmers need a lot of land.

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    Persuasive Speech on Deforestation. This essay sample was donated by a student to help the academic community. Papers provided by EduBirdie writers usually outdo students' samples. He will be like a tree firmly planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in its season and its leaf does not wither; And in whatever he does he prospers.