Right from my childhood, my dream was to become a civil Engineer - personal and/or academic goals

habeeb 2 / 2   Nov 28, 2016   #1 Provide a personal statement detailing your personal and/or academic goals and how your personal... Right from my childhood, my dreams was to become a civil Engineer, there was a time in particular when I was traveling with my parents along the river Niger bridge and as a kid I was wondering how possible it was for a massive bridge to be constructed above water. Continuing the journey, the road was very bad and we almost had an accident due to one of the deep potholes amongst many, later On I got to know the cause of the bad road which was the substandard work done by the contractors and I believed if I could one day become a certified engineer I would help save the lives of commuters travelling along the roads. This made me to begin to imagine how much more possibilities of engineering we can achieve in Nigeria and how I can realize my dreams of becoming a Engineer someday. Ever since then I had the goal of becoming a civil Engineer. Few years back I watched a documentary about the construction of the great BURJ AL-ARAB in Dubai at the beginning of the documentary i wondered how one of the world tallest buildings could be constructed on an artificial island and what was the process or theories which could bring about the building, after hearing from the Engineers and architect talk on the challenges they faced and how they could beat the imaginations of the engineering world and the accomplishment they made with their team of engineers. After watching the documentary I saw what possibilities of Engineering which provided the answer to my imaginations for years about how massive structures were built and I came to understand the capabilities of engineering and how it will help create a better world. This inspired my dreams to become an Engineer, Hoping one day my dreams will come through and help bring development to my country with world standard qualifications.

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My Aspirations To Become A Civil Engineer

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