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Memories Essay – Prompts And Examples To Get You Covered!

memories essay

What would life be without memories? I guess it wouldn’t even exist, right? Both happy and worse are memories to keep. There is always a lesson to pick up from any memory that you have.

Guess what?

The brain, as small as it may seem, accumulates thousands and thousands of memories. Imagine the big servers stored in a data center – that is nothing compared to your brain.

A childhood memories essay is one most student enjoys when presented with to write. They quickly rush to recounting some of their experiences but forget one crucial aspect. When the deal is too good, then think twice.

Now let’s get down to some writing prompts.

30 Great Memories Essay Writing Prompts

My Childhood Memories Essay

  • What was your favorite game with your siblings
  • Can you recall a scary childhood memory?
  • How was your first walking experience like
  • Describe your first day in school experience
  • What was your best childhood snack?
  • Do you recall your first childhood friend? How did you meet?
  • Describe your first toy
  • What was your best childhood color?
  • Do you remember your first pet?
  • Describe your first school bag

My High School Memories Essay

  • What life lessons did you learn in high school?
  • How was your first experience in high school? Did you find it amusing?
  • What new things did you discover and learn in high school?
  • Did you send letters to your crush from other schools?
  • How was it like attending classes? Did you cut some lessons with your friends?
  • What did you feel about high school field trips?
  • How or what was your high school farewell song? Do you miss it?
  • What capabilities and talents were you able to discover in high school?
  • How was it like staying up late to study for exams?
  • How did high school change your perception of people and life in general?

Episodic Memories Essay

  • Describe your first job experience
  • How did you feel when you first visited the beach during summer
  • How was your first plane experience? Did you enjoy it?
  • Where did you first visit for your valentine’s date with your spouse?
  • How did you feel when you first participated in an election?
  • Where were you when the tragic September attack took place?
  • The movie you saw on your first laptop
  • Who was your first roommate on campus?
  • Which was your first country to visit overseas?
  • How did you feel the first time you moved in all by yourself?

Such memories can be a good start to writing a memories essay of your own. If you think you may not have all the details, don’t torment yourself. You can always ask around from your parents, old friends, teachers, and even neighbors.

An essay on memories should be handled with a lot of caution. Why may you ask? Such an article should be free from biases. It should be objective. And that is where the problem lies.

Luckily, the solution is simple. Learn more.

Structure of a Memories Essay

As of other essays, an essay on memories also has the same structure:

  • Introduction,
  • Conclusion.

Let’s briefly look at each of these sections.

The Introduction

It is the doorway to your essay. You start by establishing the context of your memories essay, which will act as a hook to your readers. A quote can do well in this case.

For example, “Cakes are special. Every birthday, every celebration ends with something sweet, a cake, and people remember. It’s all about the memories.” Buddy Valastro.

The quote above creates an interest in the reader’s mind and provokes them to poke further into the essay. An introduction ends with a thesis statement.

Example: “memories are truly add meaning to life.”

It carries the significant weight of the essay with supporting examples, facts, and even statistics. It is made up of body paragraphs directly relating to your memories essay thesis statement. The standard paragraph structure of a topic sentence, explanation, examples, and illustrations are followed.

Here is an example of a well-defined body paragraph:

“Those high school outings are my most treasured memories. I recall the moments we boarded the school bus and visit interesting places. I remember how amazing it was putting on my best shirt, set aside for that special occasion. Memories of how we would buy goodies in the mall before heading back to school still linger in my mind. That’s the best part of my school life. It never gave me a frown.”

The Conclusion

Here, you restate the thesis statement and make a summary statement of the memories discussed in the body. You can choose to also conclude with a quote such as the one below.

“Childhood is like being drunk. Everyone remembers what you did except you” Noor. H.

Memories Essay – You Need Help With That?

For you to write one of the best childhood memories essay, ensure that you include the most exciting events. Events, where you did funny or creepy things, are easy to recall. Go for such, and you will have a free course of ideas.

Can you recall a childhood memory and write a memory essay now?

In case you still have a challenge coming up with such an essay or would like custom professional writing assistance , our expert writers are here for you.

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Best Childhood Memories Essay Ideas: 94 Narrative Topics [2024]

Many people believe that childhood is the happiest period in a person’s life. It’s not hard to see why. Kids have nothing to care or worry about, have almost no duties or problems, and can hang out with their friends all day long.

Our specialists will write a custom essay specially for you!

An essay about childhood gives an opportunity to plunge into your memories. All you need to do is recollect those happy days and write a brilliant essay! In this article by Custom-Writing.org , you’ll find great tips and topic ideas to kickstart the process.

  • 🔝 Top 10 Topics
  • 💡 Coming Up with Ideas
  • 🧸 Childhood Memories Essay Topics
  • ✍️ Writing Examples & Guide
  • 🔍 References

🔝 Top 10 Childhood Topics to Write About

  • Your favorite holiday memory.
  • Your brightest memories of winter.
  • Your earliest school memory.
  • Your first visit to a farm.
  • What was your favorite toy?
  • Do you remember your granny’s kitchen?
  • Your childhood memories of your parents.
  • Your best childhood friend.
  • Things that you initially disliked at school.
  • Experiments with physics in childhood.

💡 Coming Up with Childhood Memories Essay Ideas

Perhaps you got lost in your memories and cannot choose the best one to describe in your essay. Or maybe you have a bad memory and cannot recollect something specific to write about. If that’s the case, here are some recommendations for you.

Childhood Memories List: How to Write

Don’t know where to start? Try creating a list of your memories to decide which ones you need for your paper.

The picture shows examples of  what to include in a childhood memories essay.

There are our top tips on making a childhood memories list:

  • Write down everything that comes to your mind. What are some significant memories from your childhood? Every little experience starting with your earliest memory matters. Of course, you don’t need all of this information for your essay. Still, it will help your brain to start working in the right direction.
  • Try to focus on specific things such as holidays, trips, or food. Everybody’s favorite childhood memories are often connected with them. Remarkable events also might include school, neighborhood, hometown, presents you received, and your achievements. Nostalgia is your best friend in this case.
  • Divide your memories into categories. Good childhood experiences such as receiving a dream present or adopting a pet belong to one category. Life-changing events, key achievements, and unfortunate accidents can go into other categories.
  • Try not to avoid bad childhood memories. It’s not the most pleasant thing in this task. But sometimes, writing about bad situations or challenges is a good strategic decision for your paper. It can also help your personal growth.

How to Remember Childhood Memories

What is your earliest memory? A frightening fall down the stairs? Or perhaps blowing candles on your second birthday? Whatever the content, it is probably short and vague.

Just in 1 hour! We will write you a plagiarism-free paper in hardly more than 1 hour

When we grow older, our recollections of early childhood become fragmentary . In fact, a profound memory loss occurs, which psychologists call infantile amnesia (you can learn more about it from the article “ New perspectives on childhood memory ”). Memories formed during early childhood are more fragile than those formed later in life.

That’s why it’s a great idea to write down our childhood recollections. This way, they’ll stay with us even after they lose their rich vividness and start to fade altogether.

Naturally, you can’t keep everything in your head. Some childhood memories will stay with you forever, while others vanish during your teenage years. Remembering something you have forgotten is not an easy task.

Here’s a way out: use this checklist to recall your childhood experiences:

Feeling completely out of ideas? Or maybe you can’t think of a specific topic? Keep reading to learn how to generate new ideas and write a great childhood memories essay.

Receive a plagiarism-free paper tailored to your instructions. Cut 20% off your first order!

🧸 Childhood Memory Essays Topics List

Favorite childhood memory ideas.

  • Meeting Santa at a mall
  • A gift you’ve created yourself
  • First time you stayed up all night
  • Your first visit to an amusement park
  • Your favorite children’s book or comic
  • Your best childhood camping memory
  • The craziest fact you’ve learned as a child
  • Memory about winning a school competition
  • What was the most fun school assignment?
  • Your favorite food at the elementary school cafeteria

Early Childhood Memories Essay Topics

Kindergarten is often the place where kids start socializing for the first time. Think about your experiences with friends and teachers, as well as with your family. These topic ideas will help you get on the right track:

  • The first day in kindergarten . Kindergarten is a new world for a child. It has an unfamiliar environment, new people, and rules. This essay can aim at discussing feelings and expectations that accompany a child on their first day.
  • Describe the first pet you had in early childhood. Almost all families have a pet that they love. Often pets are given to children as presents. This essay can relate the best moments spent with a pet when you were little.
  • A relative who was closest to you in early childhood. Every child has a family member with whom they enjoy spending time. It could easily be a parent, a grandparent, a sibling , or perhaps an uncle. Write about exciting moments related to your beloved relatives.
  • Your first childhood hobby . Most people had hobbies when they were kids. This initial interest sometimes determines one’s future occupation. Here, you can describe the activities you used to do as a little child. Focus on the events associated with your first hobby .
  • Festive events in kindergarten . During the whole year, people celebrate many holidays. Naturally, kindergartens hold festive events to amuse children. This essay can portray the unforgettable celebrations in kindergarten .
  • Describe family gatherings from your childhood.
  • A typical day in your kindergarten.
  • What’s the first birthday celebration you remember?
  • Activities or games in kindergarten .
  • Your first Halloween costume.
  • Things that you didn’t like in kindergarten.
  • Write about your relationship with nature in early childhood.
  • Describe a performance you took part in when you were little.
  • What was the best teacher in your kindergarten like?
  • Discuss the book or story you loved the most in early childhood.

Elementary School Memories Essay Topics

Would you like to look back at your elementary school days? This section is just what you need. Check out these ideas and get inspired:

  • How you met your first teacher. Teachers lead children through a complicated yet exciting path. That’s why we all remember our teachers, especially the first day of meeting them. This essay can recount the brightest moments associated with this event. Additionally, you might describe the teacher’s appearance and personality .
  • The most challenging lesson in elementary school . You can probably recall numerous lessons from your school years. This essay can aim at describing positive and negatives aspects of studies, as well as your favorite classes.
  • Memories about extracurricular activities in school. It could be sports, artistic pursuits, or activities related to specific subjects. Describe your personal preferences and say who inspired you to start doing them.
  • Celebration events at school. Celebrations create the brightest and most joyful memories. In this essay, you can share personal experiences about such events, be it school performances, shows, or games.
  • Who was your best school teacher ? Describe the personalities of your favorite teachers and explain why you liked them.
  • Write about a person who helped with school lessons .
  • What did your first school building look like?
  • Describe what you daydreamed about in school.
  • Wonderful hikes or trips organized by the school.
  • What were your plans for the future growing up?
  • Write about going to a museum with your class.
  • Memories of participation in school sports activities.
  • Recall your participation in writing for a school newspaper .
  • Did you take part in any important school activities or events?

Happy Childhood Memories Essay Topics

When writing about your childhood, you’d probably prefer recalling happy events rather than sad ones. But what if you don’t know which pleasant memory to choose? This list will help you make up your mind!

  • The best birthday party ever. Recall the most exciting details associated with it. For example, describe some beautiful presents and a celebratory atmosphere.
  • The day you’ve met your first love . Write about the impressions, feelings, and the most treasured memories associated with that day.
  • Recall the best day spent with your childhood friend. Recount the activities and events that made you happy.
  • The most significant achievement in childhood. Recall your achievements connected with the studies, sports, or arts. You can start by describing the task you’ve had, explain its importance, and thank the people who helped you.
  • The day you made somebody happy . This essay can describe the instances where you helped others. What were your motivations, and why did it make you happy?
  • Describe the best school gathering you can remember. Schools often organize parties where students can have fun. This essay can recount the circumstances and special moments related to such a party.
  • Recall a fictional character you liked the most in childhood.
  • Write about the best present you gave to someone when you were little.
  • Describe the best surprise made by friends or relatives in childhood.
  • The most wonderful journey or trip in childhood.
  • A sad event that changed things for the better.
  • What were the happiest summer holidays in your childhood like?
  • Chronicle the day when your childhood dream came true.
  • Write about your childhood fear and how you overcame it.
  • Tell about getting a good grade for an important assignment.
  • Describe the first home where your family lived.

Funny Childhood Memories Essay Ideas

Writing about a funny event is perhaps the best option you can choose. You’ll enjoy describing it, and your readers will appreciate you for making them laugh! Here are some prompts to kickstart the creative process.

  • Recollect your childhood actions that make your relatives laugh. Children often behave in interesting, comical, and amusing ways. This essay can detail some fun moments that your parents remember.
  • Amusing and funny moments in your favorite cartoons . You probably remember many great cartoons from your childhood. What made them funny? Do you still find them entertaining?
  • The funniest pranks you did at school. If you were a mischievous child, this topic is for you. Recall various funny, elaborate, or even failed pranks you did at school.
  • Describe the first time you rode a bicycle . Learning to ride a bike is a staple of many childhoods. It’s challenging, but once you master it, you will never forget how to ride it!
  • What tricks used to help you pass difficult exams ? Usually, students make cribs or copy someone else’s answers. You can describe more creative ways of passing exams.
  • Poking fun at younger siblings . If you have brothers and sisters, you probably tease each other. How do you feel about such activities? Do you both have a good laugh, or did somebody get upset?
  • Playing superheroes in childhood. Many children have favorite superheroes such as Batman , Spiderman, Ironman, and others. What were your personal favorites? Did you try to imagine you have superpowers?
  • Describe the most ridiculous haircut you’ve had when you were little.
  • Funny moments with your school teachers.
  • Did you have an imaginary friend? What were they like?
  • Trying to cook in childhood.
  • What tricks did you use to hide bad marks from your parents?
  • Attempts to renovate your childhood room.

Childhood Christmas Memories Topics

Christmas is the favorite holiday of many children. Were you one of them? Choose your essay title from this list on Christmas memories:

Get an originally-written paper according to your instructions!

  • What is the best Christmas present from your childhood? Describe the present, the wrapping, and your emotions related to it. Why did you want it so much? You can also try to remember where this present is now.
  • Describe a family Christmas trip that you enjoyed the most as a child. Answer the following questions. What were the new places you have seen? What were the new people you met? How much time did you spend there? Did you feel homesick? What did you feel when you returned home?
  • What was your favorite pastime during the Christmas holidays in childhood? For example, you can write about watching cartoons or playing with your siblings. Or maybe you enjoyed winter sports and walking with your friends.
  • Was Christmas your favorite holiday in childhood? Explain why or why not. Create a list of the things that you did and didn’t enjoy. You can also compare Christmas with other holidays. Find several arguments to defend your opinion.
  • Describe the best Christmas present you gave somebody in childhood . It can be something you made yourself or bought. Explain why you chose this gift and what was the recipient’s reaction. What did you want to show with this present? Was it your idea to give it? How did you choose it? Answer these questions in your essay.
  • What are your favorite Christmas memories ? You have a wide choice here. You can describe family get-togethers, receiving or giving presents, eating sweets, or having fun while resting from school.
  • Describe your favorite childhood Christmas photo . Explain why it is so valuable to you. Define the people or objects in the picture. Try to remember who took it and what camera was they used. Also, provide some information about the time and place.
  • Write about your family’s Christmas traditions .
  • Describe your favorite Christmas decorations in childhood.
  • When was the time you stopped believing in Santa Claus?
  • What was your favorite Christmas movie in childhood?
  • Write about the Christmas dishes did you enjoy the most as a child.
  • What was your favorite Christmas TV special ?
  • What were your favorite Christmas songs when you were little?
  • Describe the perfect Christmas Eve of your childhood.
  • Tell about the friends you liked to invite to your Christmas parties.

These recollections can form a great foundation for your essay. Because childhood is often the best time in a person’s life, writing essays on your childhood experiences can be a real pleasure. If you try to be creative and choose a unique topic, you are sure to succeed in writing an impressive essay.

✍️ “My Childhood Memories” Essay Writing Guide

Writing about your childhood is an exciting assignment that has some peculiarities. Let’s explore some of them.

Childhood Memories Essay: Dos and Don’ts

Your main task is to make the reader feel like they’ve experienced the memory you described. There are certain elements that you can include in your essay to make it stand out. Similarly, some things are better to avoid.

Keep these things in mind, and you will surely write a perfect composition.

Childhood Memories Essay: Step by Step

Follow these steps of the essay writing process, and you will see that writing a good essay on your childhood memories is not as challenging as it may seem.

The picture shows the main steps in writing a childhood memories essay.

Narrative Essay on Childhood Memories: Outline

Every essay must have a proper structure. That’s why it’s useful to make a short outline before you start writing. It will keep you from losing your way as you write your essay. It also saves you time! If you have a plan, you won’t miss any important points in your essay.

Your paper should include:

After you’ve finished writing, revise and edit your essay . Make sure your paragraphs are written in a logical order. Read your essay aloud so that you can see how it flows and determine where you need to improve it.

Try our memory-activating prompts and follow these writing tips to compose your perfect childhood memories essay! If you’re not sure that you can write a good paper on your own, you can always ask our experts to help you out.

Further reading:

  • School Days Essay: How to Describe a Memorable Event
  • Growing Up Essay: Great Ideas for Your College Assignment
  • Writing Essay about Someone Who has Made an Impact on Your Life
  • Excellent Remembering a Person Essay: Free Writing Guidelines
  • Life Experience Essay: How to Write a Brilliant Paper

🔗 References

  • The Fate of Childhood Memories: Children Postdated Their Earliest Memories as They Grew Older
  • Can You Trust Your Earliest Childhood Memories?: BBC
  • How to Start Writing Your Own Childhood Memories for Posterity: HobbyLark
  • 650 Prompts for Narrative and Personal Writing: The New York Times
  • Bright Side Readers Shared 14 Childhood Stories and We Plunged Into Their Memories Together: Brightside
  • Great Questions: StoryCorps
  • Introductions and Conclusions: University of Toronto
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  • Make the Most of Your Memory: 10 Tips for Writing About Your Life: Writer’s Digest
  • Childhood Christmas Memories: DNA Explained
  • What Do Your Earliest Childhood Memories Say about You?: The Conversation
  • Can’t Remember Your Childhood? What Might Be Going On: Healthline
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Childhood Memories Essay for Students and Children

500+ words essay on childhood memories.

Memories are a vital component of our bodies. They shape our personality as all our knowledge and past experiences are stored there. All of us have memories, both good and bad. You have memories from long ago and also from recent times. Furthermore, some memories help us get by tough days and make us cheerful on good days.

Childhood Memories Essay

Memories are the little things which help in running our lives smoothly. In other words, memories are irreplaceable and they are very dear to us. They help us learn from our mistakes and make us better. In my opinion, one’s childhood memories are the dearest to anyone. They help in keeping the child in you alive. Moreover, it also is a reason for our smiles in between adult life.

Importance of Childhood Memories

Childhood memories are very important in our lives. It makes us remember the best times of our lives. They shape our thinking and future. When one has good childhood memories, they grow up to be happy individuals. However, if one has traumatic childhood memories, it affects their adult life gravely.

Thus, we see how childhood memories shape our future. They do not necessarily define us but they surely play a great role. It is not important that someone with traumatic childhood memories may turn out to be not well. People get past their traumatic experiences and grow as human beings. But, these memories play a great role in this process as well.

Most importantly, childhood memories keep the inner child alive. No matter how old we get, there is always a child within each one of us. He/She comes out at different times.

For instance, some may act like a child on seeing swings; the other may get excited like a child when they see ice cream. All this happens so because we have our childhood memories reminding us of the times associated with the things we get excited about. Therefore, childhood memories play a great role in our lives.

Get the huge list of more than 500 Essay Topics and Ideas

My Childhood Memories

Growing up, I had a very loving family. I had three siblings with whom I used to play a lot. I remember very fondly the games we use to play. Especially, in the evenings, we used to go out in the park with our sports equipment. Each day we played different games, for example, football on one day and cricket on the other. These memories of playing in the park are very dear to me.

Furthermore, I remember clearly the aroma of my grandmother’s pickles. I used to help her whenever she made pickles. We used to watch her do the magic of combining the oils and spices to make delicious pickles. Even today, I can sometimes smell her pickles whenever I look back at this memory.

Most importantly, I remember this instance very clearly when we went out for a picnic with my family. We paid a visit to the zoo and had an incredible day. My mother packed delectable dishes which we ate in the zoo. My father clicked so many pictures that day. When I look at these pictures, the memory is so clear, it seems like it happened just yesterday. Thus, my childhood memories are very dear to me and make me smile when I feel low.

Q.1 Why is Childhood Memories important?

A.1 Childhood memories shape our personality and future. They remind us of the good times and help us get by on tough days. Moreover, they remind us of past experiences and mistakes which help us improve ourselves.

Q.2 What can be a common childhood memory for all?

A.2 In my opinion, a childhood memory most of us have in common is the first day of school. Most of us remember what we felt like on the first day. In addition, our birthdays are also very common childhood memory that reminds us of gifts and celebrations on that day.

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  • Childhood Memories Essay


Essay on Childhood Memories

Memories are one of the most crucial things we can cherish throughout our lives. They build up our personality as all our knowledge and previous experiences are stored there. Memories can be both good and bad. There are memories either from long ago or from the recent past. In our critical times, we may get some refreshment by recalling our memories. We can run our lives smoothly with the help of these memories. Memories help us in many ways. We can rectify ourselves from past mistakes. Childhood memories are treasured by all of us. They make us smile even in our old age. 

Importance of Childhood Memory:

Childhood memories are very significant in our lives. We can recall the best times of our lives. Childhood memories build up our future and way of thinking. People with good childhood memories are happy people. On the other hand some bad childhood memories also affect the future of an individual. 

The things a person learns during childhood remain as important lessons and memories for life. It applies to things like family and society values, morals, learning the importance of friendships and being respectful to adults. Without learning proper manners, people can become reckless and take unnecessary risks in life. 

Childhood memories are also strongly related to good habits such as proper discipline and cultivating the proper attitude in life. These values, which are very important for success in adult life, cannot be learnt overnight at a later stage. 

A childhood memory definitely does not define anyone but they play a pivotal role in one’s life. It is not necessary that a person with good memories always lives a prosperous life while a person with bad memories always lives a hazardous life. Sometimes, ghastly childhood memories make a man stronger. 

Nevertheless, it can be said that the inner child is kept alive by childhood memories. There is always a child inside every person. It may come out all of a sudden at any stage in life. It may also be expressed every day in the little things that we enjoy doing. 

Our inner child is especially seen when we meet our  childhood friends. Regardless of how grown up we think we are, we go back to kids the moment we are with old friends. Memories also take up the bulk of our conversation when we meet old friends after many years. The trip down memory lane is bittersweet as we long for a time we will not get back but also cherish its joy. 

Some may be excited about seeing swings, some may act like a child when they see panipuri. The reason behind the facts is we are reminded by our childhood memories every time. The same happens when we enter the children’s play park and are reminded of our favourite rides. It is even more so when we ate ice cream or our favourite ice candy when we were 5 years old.  Hence, childhood memories play a very vital role in our lives. 

My Childhood Memories:

I was born and brought up in a very adorable family. I have grown up with my elder brother with whom I used to play a lot. I remember each and every game we used to play together. Every moment is very precious to me. In the afternoon, we used to play cricket in our nearby ground. The memories of playing in the ground together are mesmerising. 

Another beautiful thing I can remember is flying kites. It used to be one of the most exciting things of my childhood. Even the older members of the family participated with us. We used to fly kites on our terrace. The kite-flying programme would last for the entire day.

Another beautiful thing I can remember is my visit to the zoo with my family. We made one zoo visit every year. They used to be those very simple yet fun-filled family picnic moments. We would carry packed food from home that my mother used to cook. My elder brother would click several photographs of us. When I look at those pictures now, the memories come alive. Today, so many things have changed but my childhood memories are still fresh in my heart. It feels so refreshing to relive them again and again. My childhood memories are very close to my heart and make me smile on my difficult days.

Perhaps the time I remember very fondly was going to swimming classes. I have always loved playing in the water, and swimming in clear pools was always an exciting activity. Even though I loved the water, at first I could not swim as I was not aware of the basics of the sport. Slowly, as I learnt to kick and paddle, it became easier to swim in shallow water. The big test was swimming in deep water as it was a terrifying thought and simultaneously exciting. I still remember the day I decided to let go of my fears and dived into the deep end of the pool. The instant I jumped into the water, the fear was gone, and I swam like a fish to the other end of the pool. That day also taught me a valuable lesson about taking the first step in any daunting task. 


We should all cherish our childhood memories as they can always be our companion, our “bliss of solitude.” Simple things hold grave meaning when they are from their childhood days. The days were free of complexities and full of innocence. Hence, they are so close to heart.


FAQs on Childhood Memories Essay

1. How to write a childhood memory essay?

The most important thing you will need to write this essay is about great childhood memories! You will have to look back in time and remember all the good and bad things that happened to you. As you get older, your memories will also change in their context as you change as a person. Like all essays, this should also have a steady narrative of the events from your childhood. You can choose to write only about the best memories you have or choose to write them as they occur. Some of the best things to write are topics such as your friends, your favourite games, and all the vacations you have been on and all the experiences you had in school.

2. How would you describe your childhood memories?

The older you get, the more the bits and pieces of your memory begin to fade or change. The best way to write about your childhood memories is to close your eyes and remember them. Then you have to start writing the events as they occurred without giving them context. Once the essay is written, the stories and events can be arranged as per the requirements of the essay. You can choose to describe your memories in any light you feel.

3. Why are childhood memories important?

Our childhood memories have a significant influence on who we are. People with mostly happy memories tend to be more relaxed with a positive outlook on life. People who have had traumatic memories tend to be more cautious and cynical in life. People can still change with positive or negative experiences in life. However, our childhood influences stay with us for the rest of our lives and can sometimes even come into conflict with the better choices we want to make. Therefore having childhood memories is a good reference to understanding ourselves and why we behave in certain ways.

4. What could be a common childhood memory for everyone?

Everybody remembers their “first-time” experiences in life. It could be things like the first day of school, the first time visiting a zoo, the first time taking a flight in an aeroplane, having a bad experience, etc.

Paragraph Buzz

Essay on Childhood Memories in 200, 300, 400, 500, 600 Words

Here are some beautiful essays on Childhood Memories in 200, 300, 400, 500, and 600 words for class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12. We have added an essay on 10 lines too. I hope you will love these essays. 

In This Blog We Will Discuss

Essay on Childhood Memories in 200 Words

Childhood memories are memories that we can’t forget ever. Some incidents are so bright in our minds that we recall it again and again. We all have tons of memories in childhood. These memories help us to build our character and personality, that’s why childhood memories are hugely important in our life. 

When people think or discuss these memories, then they feel very happy and delighted. That’s why we need to think and write about these memories. I have some really good memories from my childhood. I spent a long time in rural areas. 

I’ve completed my school from a village primary school. That was a very good experience for me. I can remember lots of incidents from there. I went to visit a village fair with my father and we bought lots of toys for me and my siblings. 

I still can feel the ‘Nagordola’, lots of people, colorful shops, and songs playing on loudspeakers when I close my eyes. These feelings and memories are priceless. I wish if I could go back to my past and see childhood again, that would be amazing. But I know it’s not possible. I miss my childhood a lot. 

Essay on Childhood Memories in 300 Words


Memories are some special visualization on our brain that helps us to recall some past incidents that happened to our life. It shapes our personality for the future. Sometimes we remember our long-ago past memories and it makes us happy. 

Childhood memories are the best example of that. We all have lots of childhood memories and these are golden. These memories are vivid in our minds always. I know some memories could be hard to remember but most of them are vivid in our brain.

My Childhood Memories:

I have so many memories that I can remember now. Most of them are related to my family , parents, and siblings. Because I have spent most of my childhood times with them. My father was a government worker then and he had very little time to spend with his family.

But still, he managed to spend a huge time with us. I loved his activities. He took us to different places for a picnic. My mom used to cook very delicious meals for us. I can remember, we were staying at a village in Bihar and it was the house of an uncle. We went for a long drive from there. 

There was an amazing side view on the road. I loved the villages of Bihar. The people were friendly. I spent an amazing time with my cousins there. These memories are very bright on my mind and I love to think about all those days. 


I know your childhood memories are also amazing and you love to think about these memories a lot. These memories make us happy. I love to think about these amazing days. 

Essay on Childhood Memories in 400 Words

Childhood is that time when we had nothing to worry about. We were free and only spent time with our fellow childhood friends. We could do anything. We had no limitation to do anything. 

I had an awesome childhood that I love to recall again and again. I wish I could get back to my childhood. That is a mind-blowing part of my life. 

When I think about my childhood, it reminds a few of my friends, such as Satish, Jay, and Ganesh. We lived in a rural area in Bihar. That area was very beautiful nature. I loved spending time with nature. When we were students of class 1 or 2, we used to leave school and go to the river. 

I caught lots of fish in the river. It was a very beautiful hilly river. I wish I could go back to that amazing place. It makes me very happy when I recall these memories. I loved to jump into the water and swim there. I promise I was an excellent swimmer back then. 

We also went to different places to catch birds and do different types of naughty stuff. Though I had to follow some strict rules at home, still I was super naughty. My father was strict but he loves us very much. 

My siblings were very good with me. I used to spend lots of time with them at home. We had different types of games to play together. I loved playing cricket and football mostly. 

First Day at School: 

The first day at school is the best childhood memory that I can recall. That was a tough day for me. I was not a good boy who wanted to go to school with his own wish. I did different things to not go to school. 

But finally, my father bought me some books, a school bag, and a school uniform and I agreed to go to school. The first day was full of scariness for me. We went to the headmaster’s room and he asked me some easy questions. I knew the answers but I was unable to answer due to lots of pressure going on in my head. 

I love to think about all of my childhood memories, these memories are my own and that’s what pushed me to create my personality and character. We all need to appreciate our memories in childhood. 

Essay on Childhood Memories in 500 Words

Essay on Childhood Memories in 500 Words

We all have lots of past memories in our lives. But I think childhood memories are the best memories that make us happy and delighted. You can’t deny that we all have some memories that are very special to us. 

I have some childhood memories too that I never can forget. Today I will talk about some of these memories here. 

Importance of Childhood Memories: 

Do some people think that childhood memories are really important? I think it is. Because these memories make a huge impact on our personality and lifestyle. It helps us to be that person that we want to be. 

We should never ignore our past memories. These are big lessons in our life. That’s why I think it has huge importance in our life. 

My Childhood Memories: 

I have some amazing memories. Most of them are with my family, my parents, my siblings, and my grandmother . I have three siblings and they are very close to my heart. We always had a great time together. I spent my entire childhood in a neighborhood in Delhi. 

I had lots of friends there. I am still connected with a few of them. We spent really good times together. I loved playing cricket in the afternoon. I have lots of good memories playing with them. I can remember the first day of school. 

It was very exciting for me. I always was an attentive student and I used to make good results in the class. My teachers loved me a lot for that. These memories are very sweet and I wish I could go back there and experience the same thing again. 

I used to visit my native village sometimes. That was another exciting journey for me. I spent an amazing time with my cousins there. We went for a picnic and did lots of crazy things. 

A Horrible Experience of Childhood:

Along with lots of good experiences I have some horrible childhood experiences too. When I was five years old, I didn’t know how to swim. And that time I was in the village. We were playing football and there was a pond near the field. 

When the ball went to the pond, someone went and picked it. A boy thought I might know how to swim and he pushed me to the pond. When I was trying to come out of the water but couldn’t he was laughing and thinking that I was making fun. 

But when he realized he jumped and took me off the water. That was a very shocking memory that I can’t forget. It could be worse. 

I love to think about my old childhood memories. These memories bring a broad smile to my face. I know it’s the same for everyone. These memories are very much cute and loving. It could be a topic of gossip too. People love sharing things about their childhood, I do. 

Essay on Childhood Memories in 600 Words

Essay on Childhood Memories in 600 Words

Childhood is the best stage of human life where they can spend time without any worry and pressure. We all have had that amazing time. The best part of childhood is spending time with fellow kids. We all have some good and some bad memories that we can recall from childhood. 

There are lots of memories that we have forgotten and some we can remember slightly. I am going to share some memories from my childhood that I still can’t forget. I think these are the golden memories and the time was priceless. 

I have been raised in a big family with lots of loving members. I have all the sweet memories with them. I especially want to mention my grandmother. She was an extraordinary lady. I have two siblings and we used to play in the garden in front of my home . 

My father bought us different types of toys and playing equipment. I loved playing cricket from childhood and still play that often. My little sister was like my assistant. She was always with me whatever I do and wherever I go. 

We used to steal pickles from the refrigerator that my grandma made. I still can feel the smell and taste of that pickle when I look back at the memories. My dad was a super busy person, but still, he spent enough time with us. I can remember a picnic at a zoo where the entire family went. 

My mom took some delicious food items there. I can’t remember what exactly the dishes were, but they were amazing in taste. That was an incredible day. We sometimes visited our native village and that was the best moment for me and my cousins. 

We got enough space to run, play football, and do all the stuff that we can’t do in the city. When I think about my childhood, that takes a large part there. Because I have so many amazing memories related to village life. 

My First Day at School: 

The first day at school is a beautiful memory that I can remember clearly. That was a very special event for me. I was very excited. I have been preparing for school and worked very hard for three months. My mother was also working very hard to teach me all the basic things such as alphabets and a few rhymes. 

I was pretty confident. I got my new uniform, school bag, some books, and new shoes. And the day came and they took me to school. That is quite a popular school in the city. My parents took me to the headmaster’s room. 

He was a gentleman and he greeted us properly. I can remember he asked me some basic questions and I answered them confidently. He called an assistant teacher and sent me to my classroom . A class was going on there already and I joined it. I found tons of boys and girls my age. 

I made some friends on the first day. I went back and found my parents waiting for me. That was a pleasant experience for me. I will never forget that day. My parents were very supportive and that’s why everything was easy for me. 


Childhood memories are very important in our life. We should remind ourselves of all the beautiful moments. When we think about our childhood it makes us laugh and we feel very genuine. 

That’s very important in our life. These little memories can shape our personality in the future. These are good times and they teach us how to overcome some problems in real life. 

10 Lines Essay on Childhood Memories

1. We all have lots of beautiful memories from our childhood that make us extremely happy.

2. This memory recalls are priceless and everyone loves to talk about them. 

3. I have some exciting memories of my own childhood. 

4. We were living in a village when I was a kid. I spent my entire childhood there. 

5. It was possible for me to experience lots of exciting things that a city kid can’t.

6. I learned swimming at the age of 5 and I used to swim in the nearest river with my fellow childhood friends. 

7. My parents had some rules to follow and of course, they were extremely strict. But still, we managed to find time for doing lots of naughty activities. 

8. I have most of my memories with my siblings and my cousins. 

9. These memories are priceless and I keep smiling when I think about these golden days. 

10. I love all these childhood memories and these are my base of personality. 

How do you write a childhood memories essay? 

To write a childhood memory, you need to look back to your childhood. It’s a very important topic for school and college students. By writing on this topic, you will get an opportunity to look back at your past memories. It is not hard to write about childhood memories. You need to think a bit and you will come with tons of beautiful memories. 

How would you describe your childhood memories? 

To describe your childhood memories, you need to write them first and then you can do some edits to make it look good. Here are some described essays on childhood memories, you can use them for your study purpose. 

Why is Childhood Memories important?

Childhood memories are very important for us because our memories help us to build our personality and make us the perfect human. It’s a huge lesson in our life. 

What can be a common childhood memory for all?

‘The first day at school’ could be a common memory for all. There are some memories that are related to our parents and siblings, they could be common for all too. 

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Childhood Memories Essay

Recalling childhood memories lead us to experience the feelings of our old days. These childhood memories are such that they last forever. Some memories help us to recall the pleasant moments of our life. But, some of the memories scare us because we have both good and bad experiences in our childhood. These childhood memories help us to go through the tough days of our lives in a happy and cheerful manner. They give strength to overcome difficult situations and fight against them. This essay on childhood memories will help students to write an effective essay. After going through this article, they can describe their childhood memories in a better way. For more CBSE essays , students must practise essay writing on different topics.

500+ Words Essay on Childhood Memories

We all remember our childhood friends, interesting incidents relating to them, our family members, relatives, and so many other things. Childhood is a lovely time that everyone remembers. It is the period that everyone cherishes as this builds our foundation when we are growing. In our childhood, we were carefree and innocent. We don’t know what jealousy is and have no complexes regarding ourselves and others. It was time for play, studies and vacations. We were gorging on our favourite food without any restrictions, playing pranks on our siblings, and supporting our siblings when we had to face the wrath of our parents. Those days won’t come back, but we can remember those childhood memories.

My Childhood Memories

I have a lot of childhood memories. Here, I will be sharing the one which is the most memorable to me. In my childhood, we used to go to my grandparents’ house at least once a year. We mostly visit my grandparents’ house during my school summer vacation. My grandparents live in a small village which is located near Kanpur city in Uttar Pradesh. I wake up early in the morning and go to the farmhouse. Near the farmhouse, we have farming land, where various crops are grown. By that time in the summer, the crops are ready to harvest. I love to see the harvesting process. In the farmhouse, I get prepared by taking a bath in the running water of the tubewell. I love that moment. The cold water and fresh air refresh my mind, and it starts my day full of positive energy.

My grandmother cooks the food in the traditional style by using the “Chulha”, a U-shaped mud stove made from local clay. I love the taste of cooked food. It’s so delicious and yummy. Also, during summer, my grandmother made papad, pickles of mango and green chilli. I just love eating them. We also have one cow and two buffaloes in the farmhouse. Due to this, there is a lot of milk and curd available in my house. It’s my duty to make Lassi, and we drink it every day after having lunch. At night, we sleep on the terrace to feel cool during summer. All my cousins gather at the terrace, and we enjoy it together. Everyone drinks a glass of milk before going to sleep.

Another naughty incident that I remember from my childhood was when I was studying at LKG. My parents had gone for a walk after having dinner at night. They informed me that they would be coming back soon, so I should not lock the door from the inside. I was watching the TV and said ok. After some time, I went to the kitchen to have a glass of water, and I locked the main door. I didn’t realise when I slept while watching the TV. My parents came, and they kept knocking on the door. I didn’t get up, and they had to be outside the home for the whole night. They went to the neighbours’ house and stayed there. In the morning, when I got up, I opened the door and called my parents.

Childhood is the best part of everyone’s life. Childhood memories give us different kinds of experiences. Whatever we have learned in our childhood lasts for a long time. Some experiences are joyful, while some help us learn lessons. These lessons give us the strength to stay positive in life even when situations are not in our favour.

Students must have found this essay on “Childhood Memories” useful for improving their essay writing skills. They can get the study material and the latest update on CBSE/ICSE/State Board/Competitive Exams at BYJU’S.

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Essay on childhood memories

Essay on childhood memories

Last updated Monday , 13-11-2023 on 10:02 am

Essay on childhood memories, this essay is one of the interesting topics that students find easy to write. This topic is interesting because it contains interesting sentences and information. Childhood memories are the most beautiful memories in a person’s life. Where a person lives his childhood years freely and happily. When a child comes out to life, he does not bear any responsibility, but only enjoys playing. Below we will talk in detail about childhood memories.

Each of us has beautiful memories that he lived and enjoyed during his childhood. And these memories differ from person to person. And in an essay on childhood memories, we will talk in detail about all kinds of memories.

Memories are of great importance in the life of each of us. A person who does not make good memories in his childhood will live a miserable life in the future. Childhood memories make life more beautiful later on.

What are memories?

Memories are what we are able to remember in the future because it was something special. And those memories might be certain actions we were doing. Or it’s our favorite days when we used to meet a friend or someone close to us.

When we do something special like a specific game or go on a beautiful trip, this work turns into a beautiful memory in the future. We may spend the days of feasts or go to a beautiful occasion and enjoy it, as it becomes a memory.

Why are memories important?

In an essay on childhood memories, I will talk about the importance of memories. Memories are important for all people in the future, as they become something beautiful that reminds them of the past. And when a person sits down to remember these old things, he smiles and feels happy.

But if a person does not have any beautiful memories, he feels sad, and this is because he is exposed to the pressures of life. When a person does not find something old that makes him happy, he feels lonely and sad.

How do we make beautiful memories?

Every one of us should make beautiful memories on a daily basis. Making memories is not an automatic process, but we must make a great effort to extract beautiful memories from the stress of life.

If a person is determined to make beautiful memories, he must focus on them. But if a person surrenders to life, he will not reap any good memories. And people who live a serious life miss out on the chance to make good memories.

How do we avoid bad memories?

Bad memories greatly affect all people, and they feel sad and frustrated whenever they remember them. This is why we should avoid bad things from happening in our lives by trying to do fun things whenever we can.

But if bad memories surround us, we must read an essay on childhood memories, in order to learn about the importance of good memories. And everyone, whether children or adults, should learn how to have good memories and get rid of bad ones.

What are the types of childhood memories?

During childhood, we find a large number of memories that the child collects on a daily basis, but there are many types of memories, as they are not limited to one type. Multiple memories provide more opportunity for everyone to get beautiful memories from them.

First: the different games that the child plays from a young age, as these games leave a good impact on the hearts of the children.

Second: Going on a trip or going out for a picnic with friends or family, as the child loves to go out and run freely without restrictions.

Third: All children enjoy the holidays, as they play with other children happily and receive beautiful gifts that make them happy.

Fourth: There are a large number of children who enjoy studying and going to school, as they collect wonderful memories from meeting their friends on a daily basis.

Bad memories

In the essay on childhood memories, we can write in the lives of all people bad memories that happened to them during their childhood. And these memories may be painful in the future whenever the person remembers them.

And these kinds of memories happen in different forms.

One of the bad memories is when the child is exposed to a traumatic accident, such as bicycle accidents and predatory animal attack.

There are other types of incidents that affect the child, including bullying and beatings from people stronger than him.

How to make memories

We should all learn an easy way to make memories ourselves and not wait for them to happen. In our essay on childhood memories, we will learn how to make beautiful memories.

These memories need to be specific, like choosing something easy and doable. Then we begin to leave everything that preoccupies us and prevents us from doing beautiful things and force ourselves to do the good thing so that it becomes a memory in the future.

A beautiful memorial model

I will tell you about a beautiful memory for us to remember together. I was eight years old when I went on a trip with my family. This trip was going to a beautiful coastal city overlooking the Red Sea.

We got up early and got into the car. My mom arranged the food and bags well. I brought beach clothes and beach toys. I was so happy when I saw the sea.

When we got to the beach, we found the place magical and the color of the water blue. We made a cute tent for us to use to change clothes and sleep. Once we arrived, we ate delicious food and went down to the sea.

I was very happy when I swam in the sea and played in the sand. My friends and I ran after each other laughing unbelievably. This day was one of the best days of my life and I will never forget it.

Bad memory model

In the essay on childhood memories, we can write about bad memories as well. Bad memories stay with the person throughout his life due to their sad effect on the person’s psyche.

As for the bad memory that happened to me, it was a dog attack on me while I was returning from school. I was walking down the road without looking around. While walking, I was surprised by a dog running towards me.

I never imagined that this dog would hurt me. Unfortunately, he attacked fiercely. At the time, I was very afraid, but fear did not help me, rather it weakened me even more. I tried to scream but no one heard me. When the dog bit me and knocked me to the ground, I didn’t feel a thing. I went to the hospital after the accident and woke up there.

After a long treatment, I started walking again. This incident was one of the worst things that happened to me in my childhood.

Memories related to accidents become like nightmares, as the child sees them during sleep and gets up from his sleep while he feels that they are real. Memories remain with a person for several years of his life.

My favorite memory is getting first place in a swimming competition. I learned to swim when I was four. I go to training 3 times a week.

At first I found swimming stressful and difficult, but with practice and time I started to like it and I excelled in it significantly.

The coach told my mom that I’m going to get the gold. Indeed, this dream came true and I stood on the podium to receive the gold medal. It was the most beautiful memory of my life.

Since that day, I have been working hard to swim a lot, and the dream that I intend to achieve this time is to travel abroad to participate in international competitions.

There I will be able to beat the world champions and write my name in the middle of history as a world champion .

Essay on childhood memories 160 words 

I will try to bring you childhood memories, where we used to run and play with our friends on a daily basis. Our house was five floors, and we knew all the neighbors and played with their children. In the first round I had two friends who liked to play football

On the third floor, I had a friend who liked to sing, so we used to gather in the evening for him to sing for us. As for the fourth floor, there were four children who liked to have fun and hold various races. On the fifth floor, grandfather and grandmother lived alone, so we used to go up there to listen to the old stories.

The stories for me and the other kids were the only entertainment, because we didn’t have a TV or go to any club.

The other kind of entertainment was playing in the street in front of our house some simple games like football and hide and seek.

Essay on childhood memories 140 words 

Childhood memories are all events that people experience during the early stages of their lives. What makes these memories special and a person does not find better memories throughout his life. He is without responsibilities, so he has fun all the time and has fun without getting distracted by the consequences. Therefore, we find that most people yearn for childhood memories and smile when they remember them.

Each of us has his own memories and are different from the memories of others.

I owned a small dog as a child and used to name it John, just like my uncle’s name.

He was a lovable dog and I would take him everywhere with me.

And when I was ten he disappeared and I couldn’t find him anywhere, so I grieved for him very sadly and I can’t forget him until now.

Unforgettable childhood memories essay

The events that the child is exposed to in the childhood years cannot be forgotten, whether they are beautiful memories or sad memories.

Therefore, parents must keep their children away from exposure to painful memories because they are unforgettable.

They must create beautiful memories for their children so that they will be engraved in their minds forever.

One of the bad memories that may happen to a child that he does not forget throughout his life is that his pet dies. When I was six I had a cat named Lucy. She was white and had blue eyes. I cared and pampered her. But she contracted a rare disease that affects cats. The doctor said she would die.

I grieved deeply and was trying to save her life in every way possible.Even though I was a six-year-old, I used to take her to all the doctors without hesitation.

I have been giving her medication regularly and spending time with her. In the end the cat died and left me a painful memory until now.

My favorite childhood memory essay

Each of us has favorite childhood memories that remain engraved in our memory and are not forgotten no matter how much time passes.

When I was five my dad bought me a new bike. I’ve been going out with it every day but haven’t been able to drive it properly.

One day I met my dad’s best friend who was determined to teach me to ride a bike. Indeed, he taught me until the evening. When I first rode the bike, I was so happy, and this memory was the best memory of my life.

Even though I have bought several bikes after this one, and have ridden the bike a million times, I still remember my first bike. And I’m not as happy riding a bike as I did with my old scooter.

When I miss my childhood memories, I open my old box in which I keep all my old photos. When I take out these pictures, I feel very happy and I feel that the event in the picture is repeated again and that time has gone back.

My Childhood Essay

My childhood was beautiful and has many special memories. I used to live in a big house with a garden around it.

In the garden there were some trees and plants. I used to like to plant roses to decorate the place.

We had a small pool in the middle of the garden. I learned to swim with my sister. And of course we had a pink hammock by the house.

On holidays, our relatives would come to visit us and we would play with my cousins ​​in the garden.

Among the games we used to play were soccer and running. I had great times in this house. So my childhood was unforgettable.

And as I told you about happy things, there are also bad things like accidents that happen to all children.

As for me, I was constantly falling off the bike, hurting my foot. I had been stitched several times because of the deep cuts, which were painful and bad memories.

Childhood experience essay

In childhood, the child comes out to life to learn a large number of experiences. And the child at this stage is like a white paper on which we write what we want.

So it is easy to teach him any experience no matter how difficult. If parents want to teach their child any skill or experience, they must leave the space for experiment while providing him with safety.

For example, if the parents want to teach the child a sport such as swimming, they must let him go into the water freely, but with a good coach and a safe place for the children.

With time the child will learn the skill that was new to him and was afraid of it. One day he may become a world champion in this skill and be able to fetch medals and win for himself and for his country.

But if the parents are those who fear for the child a pathological fear, they will not let him accept any skill, which will make him inexperienced.

And experiences are what make a person mature, regardless of his age. A mature person may be young, but his experiences are huge.

My childhood memories composition

A young child is a pure being who does not know lies or deception, so he behaves with his childish nature and laughs for the slightest reason. So when he does something simple or offers him a piece of candy, he feels very happy.

Unlike adults who feel sad and depressed and do not find anything enjoyable in their lives.

As we see around us that an adult is difficult to please, unlike a child who is happy with little things.

This is why childhood memories are so special and missed by everyone. Because the child had collected it during his early years when he was feeling free and indifferent to what was happening around him, he was able to play and run happily.

In childhood we have a large number of friends where we play and have fun freely and comfortably. Children do not know treachery or hatred, but they behave themselves. But as they grow up, their characteristics change and become more complex.

My childhood memories essay

I had a friend who lived right in front of my house, so we used to spend the day together in front of our house. All the good memories are about this friend, because she was so funny and made me laugh.

One day we were playing and we found an insect flying near us, and I was very afraid of insects. I couldn’t help myself from the horror so I ran fast and was screaming loudly.

But my friend did a funny thing, jumping up and holding the bug in her hands. It was a strange and funny act that I still don’t forget.

And another day we were going to buy ice cream. I bought mango ice cream and my friend bought chocolate ice cream.

As soon as we moved away from the vendor, something terrifying happened. A dog barked so hard that we were terrified and the ice cream fell off.

Short essay on childhood memories

Football was my favorite game during my early childhood years. I used to play with my schoolmates and with the neighbors. And my mother used to punish me for playing with long stings.

One day, while I was playing ball, I fell to the ground and broke my arm. So my friends carried me home, and when my mother saw me she said if you hadn’t broken your arm while you were playing ball, I would have broken it for you myself.

It was a painful and funny memory at the same time, because of my mother’s words. Despite my mother’s attempts to focus on my studies and stop playing football, I still play now.

Because of this great passion and love for the sport of football, I excelled in the game and joined a youth football club.

Narrative essay on childhood memories

From childhood memories that can not be forgotten when you are exposed to an embarrassing situation or a painful situation, the memories do not have to be all beautiful. One of the most difficult memories I will never forget is the day my grandfather died.

I loved him incredibly and would go to sit with him all night long, listening to the radio or talking to each other about many things about life in general and us in particular. He would listen to me and advise me what he thought was best for me.

One day the doctor told us that he was having a heart attack and that he had to go to the hospital. I was deeply saddened and felt that the house was dark and gloomy. He was in the hospital for 3 days and then died there.

Therefore, this memory became one of the most painful memories in my life, which I remember constantly and feel nostalgia for my grandfather and sadness because of his death. Even now, although many years have passed, I still feel that he died yesterday.

My best memory essay

Childhood days essay.

Childhood days had a large number of events, both good and bad. We used to go to school to meet and talk and play.

We used to play on the weekends either at home or with bicycles.

And at the end of the year we would go to the cinema and to the beach. We had special days, including the day I went to the beach with my relatives.

We were a big group of aunts and sons. We took with us several types of food and sweets. We sat on the beach all day. We played beach ball and swam in the water. And when evening came, we enjoyed the stories under the moonlight.

The reason for the beauty of such excursions is the presence of all family members in the same place. Although these trips may be simple and in places that are not special, the gathering of the family and the presence of the children together gives them a good opportunity to be able to play, have fun and create fond memories.

My favorite memory of my childhood is that I bought a bike. My father promised me that he would buy me a bike, but I had to pass the elementary school exams with a grade of ‘excellent’.

It was a tough situation for me because I didn’t like to study. But the bike motivated me to study my lessons well.

When my friends would come to play together I would remember the bike and tell them that I would study my lessons to get the bike.

Indeed, I was able to achieve success and my father went to buy the bike. This memory was the best memory of my life.

And I learned from this situation that if a person obtains a thing without an effort on his part, he will not appreciate the value of this thing and will waste it at the earliest opportunity. As for the person who obtains a thing after making a great effort, he appreciates its value and preserves it.

My childhood days essay

My childhood days were full of events, because my family traveled to several places, which enabled me to make different memories. I have traveled with them to a large number of countries such as Paris, Italy and Brazil.

At first I was sad when I knew that my father had moved to a new city or country, because of the loss of my friends after I had made a great effort to acquire them.

And I refused to travel and go to my grandfather and grandmother. But in the end, my father would come to pick me up and be determined to travel with him. In the end I traveled with him to all the places he went during his working years.

Each country has its own nature and different population from other countries. I learned a large number of languages ​​and had friends from various countries.

As for entertainment, I went to the most famous and most fun amusement parks. I skied and went to the beaches like it was a piece of heaven. I consider myself lucky because my childhood was special.

My childhood memories paragraph

I will tell you about the best memories of my childhood. I have been traveling with my grandfather on various hunting trips. He owned a hunting rifle and went out to hunt hares.

One day we were walking in the woods and saw a man screaming and lying on the ground. My grandfather rushed to save him, as he fell into a bear trap.

This was frightening because of the trap wound to the man’s leg. My grandfather was adept at opening this kind of booby trap. He freed the man and took him to the hospital. It was an unforgettable day.

But the advantage of traumatic memories and accidents is that they make a person stronger, as they gain the experience to act in difficult situations and not be afraid or stressed.

And you gain the experience of not escaping or abandoning the injured person because his life may be in danger and you are the only one who may be able to save him.

Childhood memory story essay

When I was in the nursery school, I used to go to the nursery by a shortcut because there was a circus here. My friends and I have been stopping to look inside the circus and watch the animals train.

The instructor was training the wild lions. They had a lot of monkeys of different sizes and shapes, but my favorite was a huge chimpanzee.

I watched an elephant playing with a ball and an ostrich dancing to the music. So these memories became some of the best memories of my childhood.

I remember the shape of the lion, its huge size, and the strength of its voice. Despite its frightening appearance, the trainer dealt with it with all strength and courage.  She was training all kinds of predators.

The strange thing is that she was training a large number at the same time, up to 5 huge predatory animals, without hesitation or fear.

My favorite childhood memory narrative essay

Memories are situations that a person experiences during the different stages of his life. There are many types of memories, not just one.

There are memories of success and excellence, such as excelling in studies or in a particular sport. There are memories of playing and spending time with friends.

There are also bad memories associated with accidents. Sad memories are related to the death of a relative or friend.

And all these kinds of memories are engraved in the memory and are not forgotten for a lifetime.

One of the saddest memories I still remember was when my brother fell off the horse and ran over him several times.

It was a painful accident that caused my brother to enter the operating room and perform a number of surgeries until he returned to the way he was before the accident.

My favourite childhood memory essay

It was a tough condition for me because I didn’t like to study. But the bike motivated me to study my lessons well.

In the essay on childhood memories, we talked about the importance of good memories in our lives. And we talked about bad memories that people don’t forget. And for this we must try to acquire good memories. And even if memories don’t come to us, we have to create them. We must teach children how to make good memories and teach them the importance of these memories in the future.

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My Best Friendship Memories Essay Example

My Best Friendship Memories Essay Example

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In your opinion, what makes a good friend? I think a good friend is loyal, trustworthy, honest, and kind. I also think that some friendships are bad. Still, most friendships are very good and healthy. One of my best friendships is like this or maybe even better, and I will tell you how it started.

When I was in preschool, my dad had a good friend named Russ. Every year, Russ had a Christmas party. We went every year, but that year he invited another family. Russ knew this family because they had worked together for a long time. The family had a mom, dad, daughter, and son. The son was very friendly, and we started playing.

At the party, they had games that we both enjoyed. Whenever we did team games at the party, we always

picked each other first and were on the same team. Little did I know that he would become my best friend. When it was time to go we said goodbye and I remembered that I had not introduced myself. I found out that his name was Andrew Sheets. My dad got a job where Andrew’s dad worked. Our families began to spend more time together. We started to become very good friends.

In fourth grade, we played basketball together and made another friend. His name was Cole Mathess. We all shared a lot of the same qualities. Even though Andrew, Cole, and I were all at different schools, we still were very good friends. One time Andrew was at my house and we got mad at each other. We did not talk for weeks. When we did see each other again

we became even better friends.

Our friendship actually got stronger. Even though I did not realize that then, I do now and that is very important. We have been better friends ever since. We even went on vacation to Universal Studios together last February. It was probably the most fun vacation I have ever had. We went everywhere and had so much fun. We went to the King Kong ride and the Harry Potter rides. We even rode The Jimmy Fallon ride and The Hulk ride. My favorite ride was Escape from Gringotts.

Andrew and I have been very good friends for a long time. We have built a very strong relationship. Even if your friendship isn’t very good, you can always make it better. But, if you have a good relationship, can you say it is as strong as my friendship with Andrew?

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